Insufficient qi and blood have some signs to remind you

Insufficient qi and blood have some signs to remind you

When people bring up blood, people will think that it is a very mysterious thing, and Chinese medicine says that “the gas is full of blood”, the blood is turbid and turbid, running in the meridian, is the material basis of women’s menstruation, pregnancy, production, and milk.

If you run out of blood, it will easily lead to qi and blood disorders, affecting the rush, and even gynecological diseases.

What is the warning of the lack of blood?

The signs of qi and blood deficiency have a certain deterioration. If you have a black hair before, but the hair has deteriorated a lot recently, there are dry, yellow, broken hair, hair loss, then it may beCaused by insufficient supply of blood.

2 menstrual abnormalities are suspected to women, and whether the blood is redundant can be recognized from the menstrual period.

If you have a decrease in menstrual flow and symptoms of dysmenorrhea, you should pay attention to blood and nourishment, because lack of blood can cause blood and blood to be blocked, which will cause menstrual abnormalities.

3 people with dizziness, tinnitus and qi deficiency will have symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus. This is because the normal operation of the brain requires gas and blood to promote each other and work. If the body is not full of blood, the blood supply to the brain will appear.The problem, dizziness and tinnitus at this time is also the most common symptom.

4 Frequent fatigue, a friend reacts, I obviously sleep 8 hours a day, always feel tired?

This may be due to lack of blood.

Experts remind that lack of blood will make people feel that they have no spirit, vitality, and then they will feel more tired than ordinary people.

5 hands and feet cold in all seasons, hands and feet are always cold and ice must pay attention to the problem of blood, Chinese medicine believes that the hands and feet belong to the extremities of the extremities, if the body is not enough blood, then the blood supply to the body ends will have problems, the blood can not flow here,Naturally it will be cold and cool.

Insufficient blood will cause these injuries. 1 The heart is the most basic to maintain the health of the human body, but do you know?

Insufficient qi and blood can cause problems such as palpitation, palpitations, shortness of breath, etc. If the blood supply to the heart is problematic, people are also vulnerable to life threats.

At this time, people can eat more qi and blood food to promote the normal operation of blood and blood in the body, so as to avoid heart injury.

2 injured Chinese medicine believes that “hepatic main blood”, if the blood is insufficient, then the liver will also be hurt.

Studies have shown that the occurrence of excessive liver disease is related to lack of blood, then want to make the liver healthy, it is recommended that people pay attention to sleep at night, and raise blood and liver when sleeping.

3 If the person with impaired blood is insufficient, the liver will not be able to detoxify normally. The bilirubin can not be metabolized in time, which will lead to bilirubin blockage, yellowish hoarseness and rough skin.

Therefore, the first step in improving the skin is to make up the blood.

4 Injury and blood are like the sun, continuously conveying conduction and energy to the body, ensuring smooth blood, and people with blood deficiency can not get the energy given by blood. The body has formed cold and dampness, which can easily lead to qi stagnation and blood stasis., irregular menstruation.

In addition, breast hyperplasia, in fact, is insufficient blood.

There are a lot of meridians distributed on the breast. If you have insufficient blood, blood and blood disorders, blood stasis will be qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm and blood stasis will be trimmed into breast hyperplasia.

“Women’s Daquan Liangfang” once mentioned: “This is a liver and spleen anger, qi and blood rupture, the name of the milk rock”, clearly clarified that the cause of breast disease is also a blood problem.

The qi and blood diet treatment program black rice nourishing blood porridge everyone knows that black rice, longan and red dates are good things for qi and blood, and then with the high nutritional value of yam, the beauty and beauty effect is more significant.

  Practice: black rice into the pot and add appropriate amount of water to boil, turn to low heat to cook until eight mature, add longan, red dates, yam into a thick porridge, add brown sugar to taste.

Angelica red jujube ribs soup said that women are made of water, often drink soup and water, can maintain skin elasticity, glow and radiance.

  Practice: Add the ribs washed with blood to the casserole, add onions, ginger slices, angelica, medlar, red dates, turn to low heat after the fire is boiled, stew until the ribs are smashed, add salt, and season with chicken.

Double red pumpkin blood soup Many female friends have troubles of dysmenorrhea, in addition to maintaining a good mood, a reasonable diet can not be ignored.

This double red pumpkin blood soup can help you solve the troubles of the physiological period, often eat or supplement nutrient gas to make the face ruddy and maintain skin elasticity.

  Practice: Wash the chopped sweet potatoes, red dates, and pumpkin into the clams, add water and simmer until the pumpkin is cooked.

Other concentrated, with Angelica, Chuanxiong, safflower, Rehmannia, peach, Polygonum, Chinese wolfberry, Ejiao, Salvia and other traditional Chinese medicine and blood supplements such as red dates, longan meat, hawthorn, spinach, carrot, black fungus, black sesame, pig liver, pig blood, black chicken, brown sugar, etc., carefully and delicious medicated diet, a series of very good regulation of endocrine, nourishing effect.