Three tricks for porch decoration

Three tricks for porch decoration

The porch decoration has three parts of the entrance hall, also known as the entrance, the biggest role of the entrance is to block people’s sight.

Therefore, in this space, the coat rack, the shoe cabinet and the dressing mirror should be set up and appear in an extremely “art” image.

The porch decoration design condenses the style and mood of the whole design, and it can achieve the role of “outline”.

In the porch to the shape of the scene, the decoration is ever-changing, but the common ones are as follows:[express]is separated by the shoe cabinet.

“Going out of the shoes” has become a model of urban life today.

If the entrance is wider, a chair or a sofa can be placed in it, making it comfortable to take off your shoes or wear shoes, which also caters to people’s leisurely habits.

  [Hint]If the shoe cabinet is clearly separated, then replacing the different materials on the porch floor is the implied difference.

When people enter the gate to stand on the entrance, they may not find that the entrance floor is different from the living room, but when they step into the house, they will find the difference.

  [Hint]In addition to the shoe cabinet, the mirror is a common object of the entrance.

If the porch space is small, generally put a few wall mirrors inside the side-to-door to deepen the field of view to expand the space.

Sometimes, in order to strengthen the decoration of the floor mirror, put a small number in front of the mirror and place a pot of green plants to place the vitality of nature in the room.