The waiter was really surprised by Chen Xiu’s drinking method,Not talking for a long time,Chen Xiu thought he was afraid he had no money to pay the bill,Directly take the bank card。

“Bring a box first!”
As a fine dining restaurant,The basic service quality of the waiter still has,It will never be like a third-rate bridge section,Looking directly at the male protagonist’s clothes and clothes, Yunyun asked to pay first,Then the male lead dumped 1.8 million at a time,Slap in the face。
“Mr,That was not what I meant。”
“I know you don’t mean that,But we just want a box,A bottle of Portuguese juice,Not enough to drink。”
Portuguese juice……
Ok,Portuguese wine is past Portuguese juice,There is nothing wrong with it。
In a while,The waiter really brought up a box of wine。
“All opened。”
“Really open!”
The waiter’s eyes widened:“Can this be finished?”
“You can’t drink the best grape juice,Still a man!”
Good guy,Really don’t treat wine as wine。
Anyway, I have already paid,Open on!