Close range,There is only a half step between two and three,Xia Chenglong boldly pulled a strand of hair from the woman’s forehead behind her ear。

The moment I accidentally touched Murong Qianxue’s blanket,Both of them trembled slightly。
“Didn’t you let you wait for me at home??”
They never said anything like this,But after the double repair,Both parties seem to be able to faintly feel each other’s thoughts。
“I’m afraid you won’t be able to go to the imperial capital!”
amount……This woman is really!
But Xia Chenglong is used to Murong Qianxuefei’s way,So nothing,And what she said is true。
Without her appearance,Today I am afraid I will face three or four masters who ask God。
that,That woman didn’t refuse?
Naturally, the people on the steps did not hear what they said,It’s just that they saw Xia Chenglong’s frivolous action towards the fairy,The key is that such an iceberg woman did not refuse。
In fact, the two men in black robes are even more surprised,Because they know very well what kind of personality their eldest lady is,Now in front of everyone, that man is allowed to do this,It’s incredible。
Chapter VIII Divide the battlefield
What’s so good about this man?
Handsome or advanced?
Seems to be there,Ask about the level of the gods,You can say without words,Grabbed a handful in the imperial capital,Even if it’s not the other three big families,Someone chooses among those second-rate families。
The appearance of Murong Qianxue seems to have changed the direction of this battle again。