Want to grow tall, how to do calcium supplements to help you

Want to grow tall, how to do calcium supplements to help you

Recipe one, egg yellow powder porridge, fresh egg, cooked to remove protein, leaving egg yolk.

The egg yolk is finely ground, added to the cooked rice porridge and mixed well, 1 day per day?
2 times.

Egg yolk is rich in lecithin, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A, a variety of lipids, color and flavor, suitable for infants and young children.

Recipe 2, pig liver egg fresh pork liver 50 grams, fresh eggs – one, rice 100 grams.

First, rice is simmered in the pot to the degree of flowering.

Make the pig liver into a mud, stir fry with a small amount of cooking oil.

The egg is made into egg flower, and put into the porridge together with the hot chicken liver to form a porridge, to be warm, seasoned and eaten, once every other day.

Pig liver is rich in high-quality protein, which can be calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Eggs contain egg protein and egg globulin required for the growth of infants and young children, and calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts are also abundant, which is an ideal food for children.

Recipe three, pork bone spinach soup to take fresh pork spine 350 grams, 200 grams of spinach.

Wash the pork spine with water, chop it, add it to the casserole, add some water, first use the fire, then simmer for two hours; then put the washed spinach into the soup, cook for another 10 minutes, add seasoning, drinkSoup eats spinach.

Pork spine contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other inorganic salts. Spinach contains the corresponding enzymes, so it is better for supplementing inorganic elements such as magnesium, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Recipe four, chicken liver pig leg jaundice soup take 50 grams of fresh chicken liver, fresh pork leg bone 50 grams, 30 grams of astragalus, Schisandra 3 grams.

Cut the chicken liver into pieces for use; cut the pig’s leg bone into pieces and scutellaria, put the schisandra into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water, first boil with martial fire, then simmer for one hour, then filter the bone residue and medicineSlag.

Then put the chicken liver slices into the cooked pork bone soup and cook them. Add the seasoning according to the taste. After the temperature, eat the chicken liver and drink the soup.

Chicken liver is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus and multivitamins. Pig leg bones also contain calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium and other inorganic elements, together with scutellaria and schisandra, which are beneficial to protein, calcium and phosphorus.The absorption is very beneficial to the growth and development of children’s long bones.

Recipe 5, oyster broth takes 100 grams of fresh oyster meat, ginger style.

Put the oyster meat into the casserole, add a small amount of ginger, add appropriate amount of water, simmer into a thick soup with medium heat, add a small amount of seasoning, and drink oyster meat after warming.

Oyster meat is rich in protein, sugar, lipids and calcium, phosphorus and other inorganic salts and a variety of minerals, is a simple and feasible to promote the broth.

Recipe six, shrimp skin chopped egg chopped shrimp skin 5 grams, 50 grams of cabbage, 1 egg, seasonings and so on.

Wash the shrimp skin with warm water and soften it, then cut it to a very small amount; wash the cabbage slightly, then cut it to a very small amount; mix the shrimp skin, the end of the dish with the broken eggs, add less water; add some seasoningThe product is steamed on the pan or heated in a microwave for 3-5 minutes.

Shrimp skin is rich in calcium and phosphorus. It is a good food and should be accepted by the baby.

After the cabbage is boiled, it can remove some of the oxalic acid and phytic acid, which will be more conducive to the absorption of calcium. The benefits of eggs need not be said.

Such an egg tart can satisfy at least 30% of the whole-day protein requirement of the 6-month-old baby and 10% of the calcium requirement, which will add to the baby’s bone development.

Recipe seven, fish puree noodles to bone fish 20 grams, a bowl of chicken soup, half a tomato, 25 grams of dragon mustard.

Tomatoes are peeled and cut into small pieces, and the fish is salted and smashed; the hot bottom oil is fried, the tomatoes are fried, and then the chicken soup is added and seasoned; after the soup rolls, the noodles are placed, and then the fire is turned into small fish and slowly poured into the fish paste.When I saw it, I smelled the fresh flavor and turned off the fire.

Fish can make your baby grow taller, and it helps your brain develop and become smarter.

The ordinary noodles can also supplement the energy, vitamins and aunts that the baby needs for growth and development.

The child’s biggest bad eating habits are picky eaters and partial eclipse. Parents can’t rudely force their children to eat, but patiently introduce guidance, step by step, as long as they persist, so that children gradually change the bad eating habits of picky eaters.