Two medicated diets are recommended for more effective dehumidification

Two medicated diets are recommended for more effective dehumidification

Click to buy it is still winter, cold weather, the air blowing through makes people feel trembling.

For people with heavy body moisture, although the winter air is dry, it also needs to be dehumidified.

The moisture in the body is reduced, so that the body can be healthy, so do you know which medicated diet is better for dehumidification?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  How to focus on household dehumidification medicated diet: Use yam to cook medicines and use yam as a prescription. It can be used as food or Chinese medicine. It has a very good spleen and dampness effect., You can use yam and other ingredients to cook together, and some can refer to these family medicated meals.

  1. The main raw materials needed for lettuce mountain: 1 large yam with skin, 1 lettuce, preparing the right amount of onion and garlic.

  Cooking method: A. Wash the lettuce, cut it in half and cut into thin slices.

Then the skin of yam is scraped off and washed, because the larger root is recommended to be cut in half, and then cut diagonally into slices for use.

  B, select the root and whisker of the shallot, and cut it into small sections after washing. It is recommended to smash the white part of the onion before cutting it. It will be more fragrant after stir-fry.

Smash the garlic with the back of the knife, remove the skin and set aside.

  C, after the ingredients are ready, put the oil in the pan, heat up, put the shallots and crushed garlic into the pan and stir fry, and stir fry a few times before putting the lettuce slices in the pan.After a few times, pour into the mountain again and fry together.

  D. After continually frying for one minute, sprinkle a little water in the pot, cover the pot and simmer for two minutes. Finally, uncover the salt and continue frying for a while. After the ingredients are cooked, you can put the chicken seasoningAfter you have adjusted it, you can start to eat it in the pot.

  2, the main ingredients required for yam soup: 1 yam with skin, 50G of barley kernel, 40G of barley.

  Cooking method: A. Wash the coix seed and osmium separately, then put them into different pots, add water and soak for two hours for later use.

  B, then the yam is scraped off the skin, washed and cut into sections.

(It is recommended to buy skinned yam. The skinned yam often dries and is not fresh enough. Of course, if you do n’t buy skinned yam, you can use skinned yam instead.

) C. After the renren and tangshi have been simmered, put them into the pot separately, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook on the hottest heat, and then boil for half an hour on a low heat.

  D. Finally, put the cut yam pieces in a pot and cook them together. After all the ingredients are cooked, you can add salt to season and serve them out of the pot.

  The above two yam medicated meals are essential for families. Friends who want to dehumidify can learn how to do it.

Then insist on cooking and eating. After insisting on stopping, it will help you remove the moisture from your body and help you to strengthen your body.