Artificial intelligence technology innovation to accelerate and promote the construction of large scale intelligent model of industrial ecology

November 8 to 11, the party’s ninth plenary session held sixth in Beijing, which is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China an important moment in history, is the realization of a century-goal victory in the party and the people, building a moderately prosperous society , an important meeting is moving towards a critical historical juncture fully completed modern socialist country’s second century of struggle for the goal of the meeting. Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (hereinafter referred to Zhiyuan Institute) president Huang Tiejun, told Technology Daily reporters when talking about the learning experience of the spirit of the Ninth Plenum of six, ninth plenary session should be based on six proposed new development stage, implementing a new development concept, building a new development pattern to promote the development of high quality, promote scientific and technological self-reliance, 2035 among the forefront of innovation-oriented country’s strategic goal of important guiding significance to promoting my country. At present, the profound and complex changes we face in development of domestic and international environment, technological innovation has become the main battlefield of international strategy game, economic and social development and livelihood improvement solutions more than ever the need of science and technology. Accelerating scientific and technological self-reliance, the ability to determine the basis for the survival and development of our country, is building a new pattern of development of the most essential characteristics. Huang Tiejun said Zhiyuan Institute as a new R & D organization in the field of artificial intelligence Beijing, and actively practice the new era technological self-reliance development of ideas, the freedom to explore the establishment of scientific management mechanism and the combination of goal-oriented, and actively explore new era of centralized power to do big research organization model, adhere to talent development model to support young talent play the leading role when the main character, forming a pattern Zhiyuan China and Africa new type of R & D institutions, artificial intelligence technology to accelerate and promote innovation. On the one hand, keep a keen eye on major scientific issues in order to demand-oriented and problem-oriented layout of the major research tasks to build a large demonstration projects fast start mechanism, the formation of inter-agency, collaborative large, high-intensity research team, contains information and promote life model very large scale artificial intelligence model train platform construction, including, enlightenment large model made a number of leading international technology innovation, independent research and development and a cornerstone of the framework of the open source algorithm FastMoE trillion model, develop algorithms to enhance the small sample learning ability, R & D graphic generation pre-training model used to generate a clear picture and profile, performance is better than similar foreign models. By holding the top innovative application of competition enlightenment, enlightenment establishment of research funds, Zhongguancun Innovation Union initiative launched enlightenment intelligent models, etc., to promote large scale model of intelligent industrial ecological construction. On the other hand, not seniority on the use of personnel, do not look hat, dare to let young scholars led by ultra-large-scale intelligent model project, by allowing young talents experience in large projects, help its rapid growth. Huang Tiejun said the next step we will seriously study and understand the spirit of continuous ninth Plenary Session VI, for a new era, a new journey, show a new atmosphere, a new, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, hard thinking and innovation, constantly optimize the sound Zhiyuan mode research management mechanism to promote large scale artificial intelligence model training platform for the implementation of the core research tasks, nurture more original research and outstanding scientific personnel for my country’s scientific and technological self-reliance make an important contribution.

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