Chengdu Jinniu District: Government service is more comfortable to speed up the enterprise

"Let’s do a good job so soon, this efficiency is too high!" Recently, at Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center, Mr. Zhang, who took a new enterprise business license, like an outward. He told reporters that he originally thought that he had to wait for a few working days, and he didn’t expect to finish less than two hours.

Optimize the business environment and comprehensively improve the approval efficiency.

In recent years, Jinniu District promotes government service standardization, enhances online government service capabilities, and deepening "maximum reform, focusing on" Building a first-class business environment "and" approval and accounting ", continuous improvement of government service quality, continuous launch All approval reforms and convenience services have received the masses and enterprises. 2 hours of receipt 3 hours to complete the "Convenience Office" to shorten the waiting time in October 2019, Jinniu District Administrative examination approval bureau is the most concerned about the people of the company , The difficulties will start, vigorously simplify the process, compress the company to start. At present, Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center has realized a new business "2 hours to take care of, 1 hour engraving, 3 hours". In Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center, "Comprehensive Window "Service is fully implemented. According to the declaration needs of enterprises and natural people, the center will integrate the window to the integrated window, and then divide the functional service class, tax service engineering construction project, food medicine, personal affairs Integrated window, social affairs, economic affairs, etc. The seal is engraved, tax registration, corporate social security registration and tax invoice are integrated, providing packaging services to enterprises, allowing businesses to complete all procedures. Promote "Up to Running a Reform" "Golden Gold Supply" precision Service companies have high efficiency, and service is also intimate.

In order to shorten the company waiting time, Jinniu District Administrative Approval Bureau took the lead in introducing the bank account, free mail, gift seal, etc., maximizing the company’s processes, simplifying the procedures, improving the efficiency, cracked the company, operate After exiting the "pain point" "difficult point" "difficult point" "of the whole process," difficult "to achieve the" zero run "of the masses. In response to the needs of corporate demand, the Golden Niu District Administrative Apprarge and Appraisal Bureau plans to "Enterprise Service Guide" to create a "Golden Gang" government service brand. According to the "one thing" standard, the enterprise government service is involved, integrated optimization of the application requirements, village materials list, processes, processes, documents, matters, comprehensive construction, "," Precision service, linkage service suspected time-oriented service "excellent service system, enhance the convenience of enterprise work. Cloud Platform Helps Promotion Equipment Business Online Can operate 100% Focusing to focus on time, promote wisdom services.

In recent years, Jinniu District has advanced "Internet + Government Service" to approval intelligent, service self-help, and mobile phoneization, relying on the provincial integrated government service platform to promote government service platform to the street, community extension, improve online handling effectiveness.

Promote data fusion, wisdom application of each business system.

At present, Jinniu District has effectively integrated government microblogging, WeChat, innovation "smart leading" service, develop mobile phone number and personalized custom push service. At the same time, expand the "Tianfu City Citizen" Jin Niu online government affairs hall function, realizing "Pocket" "fingertips".

During the epidemic, the Golden Niu District Administrative Approval Bureau completed 26 topic, the system entry and system entry, built online and offline acceptance processes, relying on government service ‘Rongyi Office’ platform, providing "online office for office and the masses, immediately , In recentate, office "online processing services, enhanced the sense of enterprises and the masses. Focusing on the new time of Jinniu’s "three steps" strategy, constantly improve service quality, create temperature, efficient Taurus government service brands. The reporter learned that the Jinniu District will continue to be guided by the needs of enterprises and mass needs, launch Huimin Hui Entero, focusing on the problem of difficulties, slowing things, and the problem of work, so that the company and the masses are more convenient, faster, more Efficiency, activation market entities, optimize business environment, and promote high-quality development in the whole region.

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