Psychological health care during pregnancy


Psychological health care during pregnancy

The three months of mid-pregnancy are the psychological golden age for expectant mothers, but mental illness often occurs in the second trimester.

At this time, the freshness of pregnancy was gone. Although there was still time for childbirth, some expectant mothers who had been cheerful, confident, and assertive, suddenly became vulnerable and sensitive.
So he often loses his temper because of a little thing, so that the husband is at a loss.

  The pregnancy may potentially affect the growth of the baby, and the emotional changes of expectant mothers can be transmitted to the baby by causing certain chemical reactions.

Happiness, sadness, and baby will feel the same.

If the expectant mother is often in a bad mood such as nervousness, it will seriously affect the fetal development, so it is necessary to do good mental health care.

  In order to conceive a smart, healthy, and lively baby, expectant mothers need to give the baby in the abdomen the greatest love, learn to self-regulate, maintain peace of mind, and be good at controlling and relieving unhealthy emotions.

After dinner every day, you can go out for a walk with your husband, while walking slowly, talk to her husband, let your husband say a few words to the baby, and make him feel the happiness of being a father.

  Keeping a diary during pregnancy is a wonderful way to relax yourself.

Buy yourself a beautifully decorated diary, write a paragraph about your mood every day, and change the baby in your belly every day.

When the baby grows up, take out this diary and review these warm memories with the baby.

  A good living environment will also bring joy to expectant mothers.

To create a quiet, tidy and soft living environment for yourself, you can arrange the bedroom according to your preferences, such as placing some scented flowers or bonsai, and playing some beautiful and light music.

Music can completely promote the physiological development of the threshold, and the correction mother can also maintain a relaxing and relaxing effect and keep the spirit fully relaxed.

  In addition, you can also paste a beautiful baby pictorial above the bedside, while watching pictures in your spare time, imagine that your baby is as cute as this baby.

It’s also a good way to communicate with your baby.

Spend a few minutes a day whispering to your baby, such as “Baby, I love you.

“Wait, you can also say to your baby when you go out for a walk:” The weather is really good today, you and the mother enjoy the sun bathing together, the mother is really happy!