Guan Yun also didn’t expect Ye Shuangzhou, and now I started to take the way.。

Two people talk about it,Ye Shuangzhou, Li Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui, I will find the leadership.。
Although he has a background,But the high emperor far,His background is not really unable to use it.。
I sent away the Ye Double Boat,Li Hui Hui also arranged the house to Guan Yun and Cui Yongan.。
Others also gave it up.。
Day night,Li Hui Feng received a phone call。
As a question, Li Hui is in the courtyard,Ye Shuangzhou came directly。
And there is a peach roll of Taohua Village together with Ye Shuangzhou,Zhao Jiacun’s Zhao Pengyu。
There is also a Li Hui’s wind and doesn’t know.,But Xu Jiafu met a clear look that is very angry.。
Introduction to the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui said that the other party is the village head of Shenjia Village.。
There is also an acquaintance with Peni to come together.,That is the Taoist in the mountains of Shenjiacun.,Zhang Qi Ling。
How did Li speaks from the wind?,Zhang Qiling will follow the village head of Shenjia Village.。
It seems that it should be a pork processing plant.。
Li Hui Feng originally thought that only Ye Shuangzhou is coming.,I didn’t expect that the big night came so many people.。
This makes him very difficult。
“Leaf big brother,what’s the situation,How is it??”
Take advantage of no one’s attention,Li Hui quickly pulled the leaves to one side,Ask。
For tonight,I didn’t expect the leaves.。
He just let the secretary under the hand to inform the peach volume of Taohua Village.。
I didn’t expect so many people.,He knows that this secretary is definitely notified others.。
“Lee brother,I didn’t expect this.,I originally wanted to pull the peach volume with you to build the pork processing plant in their village.。”
“This is now,I am also the beginning.!”
Just in Li Hui, I want to open the mouth asked the leaves of the sect of the other villages.,Zhao Pengyu came with Pens to look at each other.,Also hurry to find it。
“Lee brother,We bother you this evening.,You won’t blame us.?”
“Mainly you are busy during the day.,If we come to find you during the day, it is not necessarily to find you.,So come to you at night.,Just have time,I didn’t expect to be so clever tonight.,All come。”
I heard Zhao Pengyu’s words.。
Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Zhao Da Ge,Where,Let’s hurry into the house.,Drink tea first,Drink while drinking。”
It is also to give people to everyone.。
After everyone left,The scene is also a silent,Some is just the sound of Li Hui’s falling water.。
After all, everyone to find Li Hui’s goal this evening is a good thing.。
But if this is, if you say it first,Then, whether it is to give Li Anti-style or give the leaves, there will be a not good impression.。
So everyone is waiting for someone to pick this mouth.。
Ye Shuangzhou is finally indulgent。
Face a group of old fritters,He can only open it first.,Otherwise, I will take it in the middle of the night.,These people are afraid that they will not say anything.。
“Coune a few old village heads,If you come to Li, I haven’t guess the wrong.,It should be a matter of pork processing plant.?”
It’s so born directly by the Ye Shuangzhou.,What are the other village director?,Xu Lai Fu is a bit an emergency。