“Silly boy!We can meet,This is chance。Since fifty years ago,I saw that since Hongchen returned to this mountain forest,I haven’t had much contact with outsiders,Seeing I am leaving this world,Can’t you let me take these things”Dao Chang Ziyi looked at the dark night sky with his eyes,Said emotionally。

Why did he return to the mountain forest,And stayed for more than fifty years,How can this kind of loneliness be endured by ordinary people?,Talk to the lips,Xia Jian swallowed again,he knows,Things people don’t want to say,He asked for nothing。
Daochang Ziyi suddenly got out of his pocket under the placket,Took out two books,Although the lights in the room are not very bright,But Xia Jian could tell at a glance,These two books are a bit old。
“child!These two books,One is the martial arts I taught you and how to use this steel dart,By your ingenuity,Not difficult to learn,And this is a selection of prescriptions,Can be considered as passed down from the ancestors,I hope I can shine in your hands”Mr. Ziyi said,Put the book on Xia Jian’s bedside。
Xia Jian is dumbfounded,The experience of these two days feels like a dream,He feels a little dazed,I’m afraid this is really a dream,Everything is empty after waking up from the dream。
Ziyi Daochang walked to the door,Suddenly turned around,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Although you and I don’t have the name of a master or apprentice,But there are real masters and apprentices,If fate,We can still meet。Tomorrow you will descend from here,Follow the mountain road to the edge of the Tao River,Wading past,Go west for more than ten miles,Where is a small train station。No need to call me in the morning,I’m afraid of parting”
Daochang Ziyi finished,Then turned and left,Xia Jiandong,He knelt on the ground,It’s late at night。
Morning light,Xia Jian was up,He changed into his own clothes by the bed,I carefully collected the things that Dao Master Ziyi gave him,Put it in a cloth bag,Then I left a few banknotes under the pillow,Although I heard that Daoist Ziyi doesn’t go down very much,But what he can do now,Just that。
Out of the room,Xia Jianchao knelt in the bedroom of Daochang Ziyi,Knocked his head,Bite,Get up and go。Chaos on the mountain road,Extremely hard to walk,But I can finally recognize the traces of the road,It seems that almost no one has come to this Ziyang View。
Take the morning to cool off,Downhill again,So Xia Jian went so fast,About an hour later,He heard the rushing of the river。
Take a few steps,A turn,Xia Jianxian has gone down the mountain,The front is the river beach,Taohe at this time,The ferocity of the previous two days is gone,Becomes like a narrow belt,Slowly leading the river to flow through。
Xia Jian took a breath,Strode over,he knows,At this time, the house may be a mess。
The entrance of Xiping Village,Lots of vehicles came early in the morning,In town,I heard there are still cities,Because Xia Jian’s memorial service is scheduled for today。
Yesterday at noon,When Heiwa and seven or eight exhausted security personnel returned,The only hope in Xia Zecheng’s heart was completely shattered。It’s been three or four days,No news,The probability of Xia Jian being alive is zero。
The old man’s very strong decision,Today is Xia Jian’s funeral,No one found,He wants Xia Jian’s clothes instead。As soon as the news spread,Almost everyone who knew Xia Jian came。
A mourning hall has been set up in the yard,There is also a coffin pulled back from the city。Directly above the mourning hall,There is a photo of Xia Jian that was washed out quickly,The corner of Xia Jian’s mouth is smiling in the photo,Good eyes。
Ouyang Hong,Fang Fang,Zhao Hong,And Guo Meili,The four of them stood in the mourning hall with solemn faces,Greeting people who came to mourn。