Long Zhanye single-handed with a sword,Holds Tu Shanming’s knife,But a leg is flying underneath,Go straight to the other side’s third road。

Tu Shanming’s kicking action at the sight of the dragon battlefield,Back quickly,Yelling:“Ouch!I’m a good boy!It’s really Boss Long, this old pen is back!”
Dragon Battlefield Closes Legs,Frowned:“What happened just now?”
The voice has not fallen,Everyone felt a violent shaking of the ground under their feet,Then I saw the ancient pan evil god in the middle of the lake moving again。
Know without thinking,It must be the will of the ancient pan evil god returned to his body,It has to use its own power,Kill all the ants underneath。
At this moment,Mi Xiaochong holding Gao Dajin,Tears gushing out,Crying so much。
Gao Dajin’s face is white,There were countless blood openings all over the body,Even the internal organs are all cracked,His life is dead,The gods can’t be saved。
“Don’t cry!Don’t cry!You should applaud me!Lao Zi Gao Dajin,Finally won the guy in the sky once!”
“Hehe!You all heard clearly,I am tall,Jail yourself,Imprisoned the avatar will of the ancient pan evil god in the body,Die with it!I’m much better than Wuhao this time!Haha!Finally beat him once!”
The laughter stopped abruptly,Gao Dajin is soft,The swinging arm fell feebly。
This fat businessman,Has always been with,He Shengliang to describe the relationship between himself and Wu Hao,Since I met Wu Hao,He was crushed everywhere,No matter what,None can compare to Wu Hao’s peerless style。
until today,He just raised his eyebrows,Jail yourself,Wiped out part of the will of the ancient pan evil god。
Although at the cost of life,But he did,By contrast,Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye were invaded by the evil spirits,Almost became an accomplice,But Gao Dajin, the fat man, actually killed the evil god will,Have to admit,He won!
but,Mi Xiaochong would rather never have been to this plane,I would rather give people a smile for the rest of his life,Grandson,I don’t want to see Gao Dajin die in my arms.。
Until now,The crowd of grassroots gang waiting,He died so that only Mi Xiaochong was left。
Huang Shaotian leaned down in silence,Patted Mi Xiaochong on the shoulder。
“do not Cry!He doesn’t like you crying!He always wants you to be strong,Become a real man!”Huang Shaotian doesn’t know what words should be used to comfort Mi Xiao Chong,She can only borrow Gao Dajin’s wish,Hope Mi Xiaochong can cheer up,Don’t be so sad。Love Book House