Baoding start "millions" of young talents gathering project

Original title: Baoding start "millions" of young talents gather implementation of the project "touch, look, lead, stay, education" path Baoding five start "millions" of young talents gathering project learned from Baoding and Social Council, as a clear talent introduction channels to attract more young talents to Baoding employment and entrepreneurship, build a platform for talented personnel, Baoding and social Council has launched "millions" youth gathering engineering excellence, the combined effect of releasing talent, talent to build new heights.

"We plan in the next two years, focusing enterprises, universities, youth talent development of the main categories, thousands of companies visited, docking 100 institutions, cited education 0000 people settled in Baoding, Baoding services, construction Baoding.

"Baoding and Social Council, responsible person, this project through" touch, look, lead, stay, education "the implementation of five paths, in advancing the process, will be" Baoding talent "as the theme of planning a series of different types . touch activities: research talent needs focused their attention on the industrial development of the city, around the "medical, car, electricity, the number of trips," five major areas of key enterprises, focusing employment needs, the number of job information, human resources professional distribution, carry out a comprehensive personnel needs. research, a talent demand directory, so clear base, Fang Xiangming, demand-driven precision cited before.

Find: Positioning cited only goal. Focus cited only demand, both inside and outside the docking depth class universities, prestigious universities, and other key specialty Hebei one hundred colleges and universities, college graduates understand the intentions and dynamic, accurate screening of matching professional distribution universities, introduction of talents target positioning. Cited: the introduction of foreign talent. On "four cited only" mode, multi-dimensional, comprehensive cohesion recruit young talent.

Recruitment cited only make full use of the advantages of human resources services agency resources, first start outside the province "campus" activities, by recruiting to attract talent; policy cited before the release of the policy effects talent "talent Baoding ten" and so on, with real money cited only; Bole cited before, and actively introduce docking well-known human resources agency or headhunter, to establish strategic cooperative relations, the introduction of high-level personnel at home and abroad; platform cited before, and well-known human resources agency website, and organized teacher entrepreneurial experience sharing, career guidance experts swordfight and other exchange activities, play online recruitment service platform advantages, to achieve all-round lead only to the pattern of recruitment. Stay: retain local talent.

Role of the government dominance, founded the organization known institutions in Baoding League university personnel to carry out Baoding (inaugural) League college students special recruitment, the institutions take turns as the home, systematic, large-scale college students special recruitment organization, with the truth, strong measures to push new tactics, encouraging college graduates to stay in Baoding in Baoding employment and entrepreneurship.

Yu: training skilled personnel. Economic and social development around the demand for talent, make full use of the city’s vocational education resources, with the social forces, build skills training platform, to build a database of high-quality skilled personnel, training industry in urgent need, a high degree of adaptation of skilled personnel for the city.

(Reporter correspondent Tian cold solution Tutu, Liu Jiwei, Shi Shan) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Long Super).

Blow the open spring breeze to share development opportunities

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 5th, China, China Newsletter reporters reported: President Xi Jinping attended the 4th China International Import Expo at the opening of the 4th China International Import Expo and published a chair.Overseas people said that Chairman Xi Jinping deeply summed up the experience of China’s 20 years of joining the World Trade Organization, showing the determination and responsibility of China’s unwilling to share market opportunities in the world, promoting high levels of openness, etc., to build an open world economy,Maintaining the world’s common interests into strong energy, in order to promote the recovery of the world economy and growth.

  French Chinese expert Lai Yasi said that the speech of President Xi Jinping made the world to see the determination and initiatives of China’s unswerving maintenance of true multilateralism and promoting high levels of openness.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that "China has always spent the letter, the routine" passes a clear information, and China has implemented the development and opening commitment in actual actions, and actively helps other developing countries while speeding up the green transformation. Malaysia Santoro, director of the International Relations Department of Brazili Region University, emphasized the "China’s expansion of the company’s determination to change" in China. " He said that China will open the new era background, and higher levels of openness means that China will contribute more to common interests in the world. The editor-in-chief of the "Kazakh Industrial News" said that this year is the 20th anniversary of China’s joining the WTO, China has become the world’s second largest economy, and China has become an important part of the global industrial chain supply chain. The Chinese market has also become a big market in the world.

The organizer of the Expo is another important initiative and proof of China’s expansion. The Expo has become an international procurement, investment promotion, humanistic exchange, and open cooperation platforms, and become international public products worldwide.

  Kenya International Scholar Kenz Adehir said that the President Xi Jinping once again put forward strong Chinese claims in the maintenance of true multilateralism and building an open world economy, causing the international community to resonate.

China overcomes new crown epidemic, promoting the development of foreign trade innovation, and simultaneously enables more countries and people to develop opportunities and benefits through the establishment of "a belt all the way".

China Program and Action In order to ensure the stability of the global industry chain supply chain, it promotes the important contribution of the world economic recovery.

  Li Yuxi, the Secondary School of International Trade, South Korea, believes that the speech of President Xi Jinping showed the world to expand high levels, strengthen international trade cooperation, and transferring China and other countries to develop together, mutual benefit. Unprincing, I believe that China will continue to provide development opportunities for overseas companies to create a stable and high-quality business environment. Sri Lanka International Business Council Chairman, Roquikler Marena, said that the speech of President Xi Jinping stressed that China will pay more attention to the import, believe that the Expo will allow more developing countries including Sri Lanka companies, Sri Lanka companies. SMEs Benefit.

  Faibrai, President and China’s Chief Executive Officer, and China CEO, said that the world has become unparalleled overall, open tolerance, mutual benefit, and cooperation is a long-term development of Kangzhuang Avenue.

Building a "double cycle" pattern, promoting international innovation and cooperation and global sustainable development, is a proof of China’s promotion of high levels of opening up, and world sharing opportunities.

  Europe’s largest software company thinking about the Global Executive Vice President, Greater China President Huang Chenhong’s impression of Xi Jinping’s discovery of international cooperation between China and participating in green and low-carbon, digital economy, and believes that digital technology will play in these areas. Great role, "We feel excited to the development opportunities in the Chinese market." Professor Bo Gemir Kovac, a professor of the University of Economics, Slovenia, said that China is becoming a major supporter of multilateralism. China has promoted world economic cooperation with practical actions to promote commercial openness and investment, and won the international community.

  Wamer A Blaimov, Chief Researcher, Institute of International Economic Relations, Finance and Economics, the Russian government, said that the global economy is a very active signal to the global economy, which is the Chinese market and expanded in China. Opportunity, the demand for high-tech products will further promote innovative development and create new prospects for the global economy. Huang Weixiong, Dean of New Zealand Business School pointed out that the new crown epidemic is a three-fold, the global economic recovery road is bumpy, this year’s entrance, the exhibition is held as scheduled, reflecting China ‘s China to be responsible.

China shares market opportunities with the world, in one-wayism and protectionism, and economic globalization is precious.

Into the Expo attracted all countries including New Zealand companies to participate actively, which will help promote the Asia Pacific region and the entire world economy. Tunisian political analyst Jama Jazimi said that the global business activity and logistics service began to recover, significant.

The Expo will force trade exchange between countries to provide important and diverse opportunities for many countries.

  Greek scholar Pellagia Cabasi Otaki said that Xi Jinping Chairman’s speech showed China’s responsibility and issued an important information to the world to achieve a win-win situation, and hit the world economic recovery. Brunei Senior Media Man Bay Renlong emphasized that "China will firmly maintain the world’s common interest", "thinking that China advocates and action boosts the global market confidence, and provides more development opportunities for the world, promoting the formation Global development pattern of mutual benefit.

  Oxus Demir, Associate Professor, Istanbul Business University, Turkey, said that President Xi Jinping suggests that China has further strengthened multilateral cooperation, and the determination of market opportunities with the world is very important to promote the recovery of the world economy.

A number of initiatives announced by President Xi Jinping will attract more foreign companies to China. Sande Encard, director of the University of Zambia, "One Belt" Joint Research Center, said that President Xi Jinping stressed that China will firmly move the market opportunities with the world, unwavering high level open, showing China’s determination and responsibility. China’s claims and actions will further invest strong kinetic energy in the world economy, and promote humanity to a better future.

(Participate in reporter: Tang Wei, Zhang Jiye, Xu Yongchun, Zhu Wei, Tang Wei, Xing Jianqiao, Peng Lijun, Zhao Wei, Chen Weihua, Lu Huiqian, Lu Rui, Du Bai Yu, Li Ou, Bai Lin, Wang Feng, Shadi, Yu Shuai , Zhao Yupeng, Huang Ling, Xue Fei) (Editor: Cui Implement Ge, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

China @ 四 川 | Agriculture can also be very new

  Drone sowing, cattle house automatic feeding, fruit and vegetable greenhouse water fertilizer integrated irrigation … More and more high-tech agricultural technology, bringing traditional agriculture to the earth-shaking change. "Dry Agriculture" broke through the traditional impression of "facing the rope of the loess" in his mind, or it can become more relaxed, even full of fun.

  At the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, visitors visited the "Fruit Factory" (photographing November 14).

Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, this is "Fruit Cuisine Factory" (photographed on November 14) in the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, photographed the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and staff inspected the growth of vegetables in the "Vertical Smart Plant Factory" (photographs November 14).

Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, this is "Fruit Cuisine Factory" (photographed on November 14) in the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

In the "fruit vegetable factory", water-soluble fertilizers are injected into the "base soil" through the water fertilizer integrated device to supply power to the plant.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Mengxin photo.

China and Old Mynchmate started the 111th Mekong River Joint patrol law enforcement

Original title: China and Old Mynch Thailand launched the 111th Mekong River Joint Patrol Law Enforcement November 16th, participated in the 111th China Old Myanmar Thai Mekong River Joint patrol law enforcement in the Chinese law enforcement boat in Yunnan West Double version of Natha, China Airlines, the 111th, the old, the old Myanmega Mekong River joint patrol law enforcement officially launched.

Before the action, Zhongxiao Thai four parties held a joint meeting of information exchange meetings and commanders in a video form. Common analysis of the prevention and control of epidemic situation in the Mekong River basin, and continued to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and strengthen strike all kinds of transnational violations. Specific cooperation between crimes will conduct consultations and reach a consensus. It is reported that in order to cope with the current epidemic situation, the four-party law enforcement department of the joint patrol law enforcement will continue to adopt non-contact joint action, Laos, Myanmar will send a law enforcement boat in Laos Meng Mo, Myanmar Tennam Landscape Form, jointly carry out joint patrol law enforcement actions. During the period, the Quartet will take a combination of segment patrols and cruise in the whole line, and jointly conduct joint patrol law enforcement actions in the key waters of the Mekong River, and fully ensure the safety and stability of the Mekong River Basin.

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Carbon-Carbon Carbon and Entrepreneur Forum

  On December 11th, the 2nd Poyang Lake International Watching Week The first forum – Carbon-Carbon Carbon Middle and Entrepreneur Forum held in Nanchang, the theme "to create a green Poyang Lake to promote zero carbon Yangtze River". Participants from the government authorities, research institutes, enterprises, industry associations, exchanged and sharing in the exploration of dual carbon roads on their respective fields.

  This session issued the "Yangtze River Ecological Protection and Repair Green Paper", established the "Alashan See Yangtze River Protection Project", established the "Zero-Carbon Yangtze River Qianlong Action Network", aimed to further promote and strengthen the Yangtze River Basin Ecology Environmental protection, stimulating and promoting multi-party actively participating in the protection and repair of Yangtze River, forming "policy lead, science and technology support, industrial transformation, enterprise development, project floor land" green low-carbon development pattern.

  On the forum, Qiu Shuo Wen, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Forestry Administration, said that Jiangxi has consolidated and enhances forestry carbon removal volume, and fully promotes forest head system, continuously carrying out special actions of violations of forestry resources, strengthen forestry disaster prevention and control, and strengthen forests , Wetland, grassland resources, stable existing forest, wetlands, grassland ecosystem solid carbon effects; carry out land greening operations, implementing forest quality improvement projects, promoting water ecological repair, and continuously enhances forestry carbon supply capacity. Realize low-carbon development, innovation is the core, and companies are the main force.

The representative of the meeting believes that realizing the high-quality development of the Yangtze River economic band, the core of promoting green transformation is through technological innovation to promote energy structure reform, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, and high quality development path. The Forum also released the "Declaration of Poyang Lake", called for more social forces to join the Yangtze River protection, boost the realization of zero-carbon Yangtze Rivers, and greater contributions to the high quality of the Yangtze River economy and sustainable development.

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Cognition history is inseparable from archeology (Today, Today)

  "Shocking, China Five Thousand Years of Civilization" "Sleeping for Three Thousand Years, a Wake-up" People’s gaze.

Gorgeous golden mask, beautiful dental car, the top of the top of the top, people in a picture of the cultural retrieval, a paragraph excavation video, experience the unique charm of archaeological work, feel the brilliance of Chinese civilization.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Archaeological work is an important task of displaying and building the history of the Chinese nationality, the Chinese civilization treasure. Cognition history is inseparable from the archeology.

"A archaeological discovery, there is only the brilliant achievements of Chinese civilization, and it is said that the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization are multi-element, the formation of the formation of the country is the development process. The discovery of silk remarks, expands people to" silkworm and fish " Cognition; clouds and feather microvites on the deabble, confirmed the frequent exchange of the ancient countries and the Central Plains; bronze gods, bird-shaped goldettes, etc., rich people’s imagination of people’s civilization. People Pay attention to Samsung, not only in the exquisite cultural relics, but also the source of Chinese civilization. The closer the archaeological results and the public distance, the deeper the cultural self-confidence.

These years, from the charter of the sediment, the "National Treasure" is popular, and then to the cloud museum flourish, the archaeological results are increasingly "flying into the usual people’s home", enriched the historical and culture of the whole society. nourish.

Further, the story of cultural relics, let the archaeological approach the public, this is the voice of the times, and the expectation of the masses.

De National Taiwan-Unie organiseert het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China om snel de geest van het leren en de implementatie van de 19e plenaire zitting van de partij te verlenen en de Partij te verlenen

[Lettertype:] Sluit de site op 12 november, de National Taiwan Union begroette het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China en luisterde naar de 19e plenaire sessie van de 19e China. Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van China, Secretaris van de Nationale Taiwan Union Party, President Huang Zhixian, lid van de Nationale Taiwan Party Party Group, Vice President Ji Bin, Yang Yi Zhou, Zheng Ping Tongtian Afdeling Niveau Party Lid Cadres om de persconferentie.

Nadat de Huang Zhixian-toespraak collectief keek naar de nieuwsconferentie live uitzending, Huang Zhixian in combinatie met zijn eigen deelnemende ervaring, implementeerde regelingen om de 19e plenaire zitting van China te leren kennen. Huang Zhixian wees erop dat de 19e plenaire zitting van de partij een belangrijk historisch moment is in onze partij om honderd jaar vast te stellen. In de eerste honderd jaar worstelen in het feest en mensen, is het volledig een goed-off-samenleving gebouwd. De tweede Honderd jaar strijd wordt gehouden in de belangrijkste historische kruising.

Het Comité beschouwt de "resolutie van het Centraal Comité van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van de Communistische Partij van China", die hecht aan het historische materialisme van het marxisme, en de juiste partijgeschiedenis, vat volledig de grote prestaties en de historische ervaring van de De 100-jarige strijd van de partij, benadrukt het 18e nationale congres met XI Jinping, Combade Xi Jinping, de belangrijkste prestaties van het nieuwe tijdperk van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken, als gevolg van het nieuwe begrip van de strijd van de Partij van de Partij, is een sterke historische, gedachten Macht, politieke mobilisatie Het maximale programma van marxistische primaire partijen is een politieke verklaring van de Chinese communisten in het nieuwe tijdperk, in gedachten dat de initi?le missie, hecht aan het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken. Het is gebaseerd op de geschiedenis van de Chinese natie, en realiseert de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie.

  Huang Zhixian benadrukte dat het Centraal Comité van de partij groot belang is om aan Taiwan te werken.

Taiwan-problemen oplossen om de volledige eenheid van het moederland te realiseren. Het is een historische taak van het onbereiking van de partij. Het is het gemeenschappelijk verlangen van alle Chinese kinderen en is een onvermijdelijke vereiste voor de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie.

We moeten zich houden aan de principes van China en "negen-twee consensus", en resoluut tegen het gesplitste gedrag van Taiwanse onafhankelijkheid ", resoluut tegen de interferentie van externe krachten, grijpt de belangrijkste en eerste rechten van dwarsstraatrelaties vast. Het netwerk van netwerkdiensten in Taiwan Compatriots, Verenigde De Taiwan-landgenoten, smash de splitsingskaart "Taiwanse onafhankelijkheid", die het verenigde proces van het moederland bevordert en samenwerkt om een ??betere toekomst van de Chinese natie te cre?ren.

  Ji Bin is vereist om relevante implementaties te organiseren, de sleutel te begrijpen, de combinatie te halen, de demonstratie vast te houden, de sleutel te begrijpen, de combinatie te halen, de demonstratie te begrijpen, het land te begrijpen en de 19e van het feest snel op te zetten en de 19e van het Vereniggen China plenaire zitting.

(Figuur / Liu Yingwen / Sun Yingpei) Sluit de scène.

AI versnelt de osmotische wildernis, hoe gaat het met de talent?

Originele titel: AI versnelt osmotische duizenden mensen, hoe gaat het met de talent? In de afgelopen jaren is kunstmatige intelligentie een van de meest geavanceerde technologische middelen van "volgend decennium". Het versnelt de infiltratie van duizenden bedrijf, waardoor bedrijven digitale transformatie behalen en digitale economische ontwikkeling bevorderen. Het wordt voorspeld dat kunstmatige intelligentie tegen 2030 China BBP zal rijden om 7 biljoen Amerikaanse dollars te verhogen en $ 13 biljoen in inkomsten te cre?ren voor wereldwijde economische activiteiten. Aan de ene kant versnelt kunstmatige intelligentie, aan de andere kant, er zijn industrie-insiders om institutionele gegevens aan te roepen, binnen de binnenlandse kunstmatige intelligente talenten van meer dan 5 miljoen mensen te bellen. Wat voor soort AI-talent ontbreekt in China? Hoe snel het talent-tekort te maken? Op 27 juli bekleedde Huawei Yun een TechWave-kunstmatige intelligentie-feestdag, Shenzhen City Artificial Intelligence en Robot Institute, Li Shipeng, Huawei, Huawei, president, president, president, Shayoli, etc., wordt besproken rond Talent Training en zijn aanverwante onderwerpen. Reporter: Wat kan ik doen met nationale en stedelijke economische transformatie en upgraden? Wat kan AI doen? Li Shipsg: Tijdens de epidemie lanceerde de staat een nieuw plan over "nieuwe infrastructuur", ik denk dat dit een belangrijke strategische betekenis is. Sterker nog, China wordt China geconfronteerd met digitale economische overgangen, er is behoefte aan nieuwe infrastructuur, evenals de ondersteuning van opkomende technologie?n zoals 5G, kunstmatige intelligentie.

Daarom moeten we een groot aantal fundamentele platforms dat alle geledingen van de samenleving kunnen dienen op te bouwen. In de toekomst zullen we de handen ineen met alle lagen van de bevolking aan verschillende kunstmatige intelligentie platformen uit te bouwen, door middel van deze platforms, om enplacement vervoer, luchthavens, weer, verkeer politie, medische, energie en andere gebieden. Reporter: Hoe werkt Ai beter in het productieproces link? Jia Yongli: AI moet diep ingaan op alle lagen van de bevolking, zijn er drie belangrijke punten voor het succes of falen: Ten eerste, de industrie beslissers moeten erkennen dat AI in staat is om het invoeren van de kern productie en kernapplicaties.

Veel bedrijven zien dat ze AI technologie hebben ingevoerd in het productieproces, maar ook voor kiezen om te bewegen, maar in feite heeft het niet de meest essenti?le en prominente tegenstrijdigheid in het bedrijf de productie systeem te vinden.

In feite, alleen vanuit de sector zelf kent alleen de industrie zelf, vond hij alleen de meest kritische tegenstrijdigheid in uw eigen productie-systeem, wat bevestigt dat dit niet met de Ai’s middelen om het op te lossen, om echt AI maken om het bedrijf in te voeren.

  Ten tweede is het een combinatie wijzen op de combinatie van kennis van de industrie en de AI te bereiken vinden. In andere gebieden, zoals industri?le, het mechanisme model is de theoretische begeleiding, niet louter opnieuw vertrouwen gegevensstation, zeer bepaald. Hoe een algoritme onder leiding van de bepaalde mechanisme en de betrekkelijk flexibele AI algoritme de data-driven algoritme implementeert de organische samenwerking, waardoor een hogere integrale nauwkeurigheid, meer interpretatieve, betrouwbaarder bereiken, is een zeer belangrijk landing AI in de industrie. Punt. Ten derde, de industrie moeten aandacht besteden aan de verwerving, de bescherming en de toepassing van belangrijke data. Onze verleden systemen zijn meer data, en er zijn minder data data. Dit is omdat we niet weten wat het proces gegevens worden gebruikt, dus er is geen verzameling, of een kern materiaal geeft u geen collect geven, is er geen verblijf. Echter, veel industrie?n eigenlijk willen doen Ai, in de eerste plaats, hoe deze kritieke gegevens, en hoe u het probleem te beschermen krijgen.

  Reporter: Hoe kan ik de huidige situatie van de huidige AI van mijn land? Li Shipeng: Onderwijs problemen kunnen het grootste probleem in de kunstmatige intelligentie industrie.

We weten, iedereen zei vaak drie elementen: data, algoritme volgers, maar heel weinig mensen zullen talenten te noemen. Maar persoonlijk denk ik dat de kloof van talenten kan zijn dat we nu het meest kritieke punt in kunstmatige intelligentie.

  Reporter: Hoe moet AI talenten komen te kweken? Li Shipeng: Op dit moment moeten we ten minste drie niveaus van talenten: het eerste niveau, is een beheerder met AI denken. De manager moet de basiskennis van kunstmatige intelligentie, met aithinking weet, is AI denken.

Op deze manier, als manager, als het je lukt, dan zal de huidige AI oplossingen en instrumenten te leren, zul je weten hoe goed en redelijk lay-out AI in praktische toepassingen. Het tweede niveau is een onderzoeker van AI-technologie.

Vergelijking managers, ze hebben een dieper na te denken over hoe het onderzoek naar algoritme wordt dieper na te denken over hoe de AI algoritme geleidelijk is toegetreden tot de grote afhankelijkheid van grote hoeveelheden gegevens. Sterker nog, ik denk dat er genoeg, genoeg, uitstekende AI onderzoekers, en een belangrijke factor in de toekomst van China in de kunstmatige intelligentie industrie meer ontwikkelde landen.

  Het derde niveau is engineers die een contract aan de industrie problemen op de AI platform op te lossen.

Dit is ook een zeer gebrek aan AI talent in mijn land.

Alleen engineers weten hoe u gegevens toe te passen in hun eigen industrie aan de overeenkomstige AI platform, om hun eigen industrie problemen op te lossen. Daarom is deze soort talent is onmisbaar in het proces van versnelling van de versnelling van AI alle rangen. Reporter: Huawei de teelt van de AI talent echelon, hoe doe je een aantal plannen? Jia Yongli: In feite, Huawei heeft altijd al een concept van Pu Hui Ai geoefend, dus het is zeer belangrijk om de teelt van AI talenten.

  Sinds 2018, Huawei komt bovendien AI "Volate Plan". Voor hogescholen en universiteiten, zijn er meer ontwikkelaars die hen beter en sneller te helpen door middel van training, laat iedereen gaan beter om AI toe te passen.

  We hopen dat er binnen 5 jaar, een aantal van de 150 scholen kunnen gezamenlijk uitvoeren van een aantal cursussen van AI. Op dit moment heeft Huawei gecombineerd met de Tsinghua Universiteit, de Universiteit van Peking, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Tongji University, Harbin University, dit jaar Ik schat dat meer dan 40 scholen een klasse van AI zou moeten hebben. Op hetzelfde moment, Huawei ook volledig oefent het vermogen van de "full stack", het verstrekken van de chip, software-infrastructuur en applicatie-ontwikkeling programma kader om de universiteiten, het begeleiden van college talenten om write tevreden met Huawei gereedschappen, en onderzoek doen innovatie.

We zullen ook het bezit van een aantal wedstrijden met hogescholen, en heb je een speciale truc voor studenten op het gebied van AI. Daarnaast ontwikkelen we ook talent training voor de meerderheid van de ontwikkelaars. Zo hebben we de cursussen en systemen voor AI voor de meerderheid van de ontwikkelaars in Huawei, en ontwikkelaars kunnen ervaren hoe het programma van de KI’s zal worden gemaakt; we zullen sommige Ai’s opstarten Wachten voor AI rechten.

  We hopen meer dan 1.000.000 ontwikkelaars te helpen in de komende drie tot vijf jaar, zullen ze AI gebruiken om AI te gebruiken.

  Southern Daily verslaggever Xu Wei (Editor: Zhao Chao, Lu Wei) Sharing meer mensen laten zien.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumers Association online game consumption education has achieved good social effects

Original title: Beijing-Tianjin-Heng Consumers Association online game consumption education has achieved good social effects Beijing-Tianjin-Heng Consumers online game consumer education to achieve good social effect online game topic consumer education short video playback volume reached 50.96 million summer is the peak of income online game consumption Expect. To this end, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Sanfei Construction Association has begun to start on July 23, through the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Rights League online publicity platform (shake, quick-hand search: jingjinji315), launch 11 online game topic consumption education short video content . Recently, after statistics, online game topic consumption education short video in Beijing, Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Rights Alliance online publicity platform reached 50.96 million times, netizens praised nearly 1.7 million times, has achieved good social effects. The special consumer education short video is assisted by a number of online games such as Heart, from the real-name authentication, account protection, dispute resolution, anti-addres policy and policies, and vividly explained a multi-angle explanation. It is designed to provide network game consumers to provide scientific consumption concepts, rights protection awareness, consumption skills, etc., to avoid damage caused by blind consumption. After the video is released, there are widespread concern, many minors and parents actively participate in the discussion of online game consumption activities, have issued views and opinions, with nearly 50,000 complaints, and the expected results of consumption education. In the future, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Sanfei Consumers Association will continue to rely on the online publicity platform of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumer Rights Alliance, and carry out consumption education work in various industries and track hotspots, providing consumers with scientific consumption concept, consumption knowledge, etc. Meet consumers’ pursuit of high quality life. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Line Expressway is open to traffic

Original title: Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Ring Expressway is open to the Car Dugu Expressway Yutang South Hub. Sichuan Daily full media reporter Wu Yu photo "three wind" small file ● Handed by Chengdaoji Senior from Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan 3 City, 3 cities (city) counties ● All-line cloth set 46 interoperability, and 13 have been opened to traffic radiochem expressway, Chengdu Metropolitan Ring Expressway is open to traffic activities in Germany Dubway Dujiangyan Service Area was held. On the same day, with the construction of the G0511 line Deyang to Dujiangyan Expressway, the Chengdoji raised, and the Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway in Chengdu, the Chengdu Metropolitan Ring Expressway was fully closed, and the whole line was implemented.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway is the third ring highway in Chengdu Metropolitan Circle, commonly known as "three windings" in Chengdu. High-speed service with the top two ring lines in Chengdu, the Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway "Circle" is larger, the node city, which is connected, covers the service area. The highway is 443 kilometers long and the two-way six lane standards are divided into 4 paragraphs, forming a first-end ring high-speed, serial in Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan 3 city 16 districts (city) counties.

The full line of 46 is interoperable, and 13 have been intersected from 13-way radiochumic highway, such as Chengdu, Mianmian, and Chengnan, which can be conveniently transported.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway is a high-quality promotion of the development of Chengde Mei, supporting the landmark project of Chengdu Urban Circular Breakthrough. After the highway passed the car, the "3 winding" "3 winding" in the "3 winding 18 shot" highway network, plus the 13-way ray highway built, Chengdu Metropolis Expressway The network is basically formed, achieving a 3-hour commutation, take a key step to the infrastructure with the same city.

Deputy Governor Cao Lijun attended the event and announced the entire line of Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wang Yuling) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.