SF sales service has an effect on risk and becomes an ideal choice for users.

According to the "China Economic Week" If you want to solve this problem as much as possible, you need to continue your efforts.

As the high-quality brand of domestic express delivery, SF is in improving the service sessions and minimizes the express accidents such as loss. It is also actively launched other services, providing protection for users, and the launch of SF sales service is the risk of such express accidents. Provide active help. With the rapid development of my country’s e-commerce and the express delivery industry, it is now increasingly moving items through online shopping and expressing items with express delivery, which brings a huge traffic to express businesses.

At present, my country’s annual total express parcel is very much, especially during the eleventh period, the traffic volume of express enterprises has increased, facing huge pressure.

In this case, there is a certain increase in the probability of losing, damage, and delays.

Once these conditions have, users who encounter courier accidents will suffer losses.

While minimizing express accidents, how to help users recover losses and safeguard users’ right to benefit, and all express businesses need to work hard. The launch of SF Cheap Services provides an ideal solution to solve the risk of expressing express accidents. According to the SF’s related compensation system, users only have to handle the protection service beforehand, once losses in the express accident, will be compensated according to the actual loss of loss. If there is no maintenance service, SF will not exceed 1,000 yuan depending on the value of the item, up to 7 times the courier fee. From these two compensation standards, you can fully reflect the value of SF price.

Therefore, the majority of SF users should actively use this service to develop a good habit of preparation for insurance preservation services.

Especially when mailing valuables, it is essential to handle SFR.

Only in this way can you deal with the possible risk possible.

SF passed the launch of the maintenance service, it can be said that it is the last piece of the company’s service system, which provides a perfect experience as much as possible. It is exportable service, SF has also become ideal for users to enjoy quality and low risk services.

In particular, many users who mail the valuables will give priority to SF to mail. In addition to the fast-time items sent by the enterprise, SF selling services are undoubtedly important reasons.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

The Emperor "Moon Manor" unveiled to create an immersive emotional healing space

  From September 11th to 12th, the Emperor "Moon Manor" appeared, attracting younger experience.

  Warm has planned three major themes in the "Magic Manor": "Magic Towns" and "Magic Playground" and "Magic Trich", combined with different kitchen electrical products characteristics and operational experience, to create an immersive fun Interactive, aiming to create a comfortable spiritual place for experience.

The theme exhibition area of ??the Emperor "Moon Manor".

Xinhuanet issued in the "Magic Amusement Park", and the experiencers can write troubles on paper after receiving the note in the "troubled exchange office".

Subsequently, these "negative energy" strips are converted to "positive energy" gifts.

  "Magic Dian Show" not only shows the wine performance, but also allows the experience to self-made a test tube drink.

"Magic Cure Hill" is a "indoor small desert" full of sunshine atmosphere and dryness, with small props such as mouse machine, venting ball, unzipped dog, and allows the experience to relieve emotions. In addition to the theme experience zone, the Huadi Mo Kitchen Electric Product is another big highlight of the Emperor "Moon Manor". The scenes in the manor are all extended around the functional characteristics of the Emperor’s magic sets and using the scene.

For example, the "Magic Playground" absorbed the Paper’s Emperor close to the cabinet hood, thickness of 215 mm, can release more space. In addition, "Magic Create Trill" is a strong dry sense, which is the presence of "Dry Aprofiliary Technology" of Emperor’s Exclusive Patent Technology. Washed in the sanctuary of Huardi, cooking and lamethaminated by high temperature, can be "washed, disinfected", row the inner gallblades, prevent bacterial odor to breed, and achieve 7 days infestorus storage.

  It is reported that the future Huasi "Moon Manor" will enter more cities, bring this immersive interaction space to more consumers. Huashan hopes that in the future, consumers can take care of all aspects of psychology, social, personality, and enjoy more life in the kitchen life. (Zheng Shuyu).

Swedish new community show future concept

[] Northern European countries’ new intelligent urban planning has been highlighted ecological, intelligent, sustainable features, and the Vallastaden new community project in Lin Xueping, in September, is a new.

40 new communities integrated with a variety of various residential buildings in five years of developers have launched a new type of residential way to publicly present future urban in the form of a fair. In addition to building energy conservation, environmental protection, sustainable, "standards", in architectural design and residence, the community has a more unique interpretation.

Entering the new community, first feel the organic combination of different types of residential buildings: one block, not only villas, townhouses, and apartment buildings, student dormitory apartments, and commercial space.

According to reports, such a mixed residence is conducive to the sustainability of communities in society, the environment, and economy; in order to achieve such innovative planning effects, the designers of each adjacent building are different.

  There is a highly flexible apartment called "Dream House" in the community.

The movable wall and floor space allow the apartment to change from 1 bed in 2 minutes to 5 bedroom: through the mobile curtain and the hammock in the roof space, the large living room is separated as a master bedroom and three second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second second secondary lying To meet the residential needs of modern new families; the surprised storage space of the floor can invisible the temporary table and chairs; the embedded bathtub is hidden under the two square meters of laundry room; the bathroom is directly embedded in the toilet At the same time, while saving space, the washing hand can also be used again to rinse the toilet; the top space of the porch can be stored … The concept of spatial transformation is embodied in this model apartment.

  In addition to various environmentally friendly, intelligent, high-visual impact, new student dormitory apartments reflect the revolutionary concept of "private living space minimization, maximize public space".

In these apartment buildings, each student apartment is designed as 200 square meters of social apartment dormitory.

There are 15 square meters of double bedroom in each dormitory: a bed and a small closet composition in a seating area, the lower layer is divided into a learning area and a shower bathroom; the rest of the part is public space, is divided into an open kitchen , Restaurants and living rooms are equipped with 4 public refrigerators and two public bathrooms. According to reports, the idea of ??this student dormitory apartment is derived from a local student design competition, which combines the public corridor space of the traditional student dormitory apartment with separate bedrooms, ensuring that students have private rest and learning space, create Maximize social space. In addition to innovative apartment design, the community’s infrastructure also includes technology elements.

For example, the "underground infrastructure integrated pipeline" exhibited is a giant underground pipe with a high diameter of one person. It is installed in the internal supply pipe, cable, broadband (optical cable), cell heating pipe, vacuum garbage pipe, sewage Pipelines, as well as lighting and warning lines.

In addition, its reserved pipelines also provide possible possibilities for innovative applications in the future more infrastructure. It is conveniently maintained and repaired in the pipelines that are highly integrated with the cell infrastructure pipe network in a pipeline that can be invisible, and the technician can easily maintain and repair the fault without repeatedly digging the landfill pavement. Not only that, this design also greatly saves the ground space. The relevant person in charge introduces that the pipelines per rice can save 4 square meters of ground space, which proposes an intelligent solution for urban space issues. Many innovative ideas exhibited in the new community in Swedish Lin Xiping City are direct challenges for traditional urban construction methods. Following the SC Hami Eco-city, Royal Port Wisdom New Town and other models of smart new city projects, the local people will be proud to be called "Vallastaden Mode" in Vallastaden’s new community and their planning and residential philosophy – a city planning New model. All the texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines such as "Economic Reference News" or "Economic Reference Network" are copyrighted by the Economic Reference News. Any form publishing and playing.

Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Street: Party Members "Five Course" lights up the masses "mentally"

Original title: Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Street: Party members "Five Course" lights up the masses "Wish" in Kang Jian Street in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and party members are docking the community residents a "mental wish". There is a "mental wish" in the Xinyuan residential area: It is best to monitor your blood pressure every day. After the party members of a Biotechnology Enterprise Party Branch in the community, they donated a new electronic sphygmomanometer for the elderly. Helped the old man said excited: "My wish I didn’t expect to be so fast, I feel very warm!" This is a common street in the central city of Shanghai in a common street in the party members "learning + practice" in the event. A small case.

Cheng Wei, secretary of the Congxian Street Party Work Committee, said "two studies", it is necessary to combine learning and thinking, practical and work, really reflecting "the foundation is learning, the key is doing".

The street party Working Committee combines the upgrade, design and development of "Leisure Engineering", the "Five Course", the "Five Course", the "Five Course", the "Five Class", the "Five Course", the "Five Class", Practical Class and Evaluation Class, and Educational Class. First of all, "micro-party class".

Party Working Committee Center, organ, residential area, "two new" organizations, strive to work hard from the retired party members to create a form of learning.

Short, small, fine "miniature" party classes say people think about it. At the same time, use the "WeChat" party class to "innovate", in WeChat public account, WeChat multimedia, WeChat group, learn to exchange. It is also necessary to "open lessons". At all neighborhood committees in the street, the experienced old secretary started from the case, explaining how to combine theoretical guidance and work practice.

At the same time, open the "Open Class" at the same time, organize party members to visit good experience, good practices, and communicate. It is more important to "demonstrate class", organize the demonstration point of the special organizational life meeting, revisit the party’s swearing ceremony, enhance party’s understanding in the party group meeting, and the party branch meeting to understand the development process. However, more critical is good "practice lesson."

In the street, the party members can say "courses, lessons, classroom homework", which can be said to be both specific and vivid in the "practice class". For example, in the impairment of the base, the "practice lesson" of the contradiction, Enhance the understanding and understanding of the people’s position; in the community family, there is a "practice lesson" in communication and coordination, enhance the responsibility consciousness of "walking hundred doors, solving the worries". "Two schools is doing" is not a wind, and the practice class does not have a result, but also "long-lasting results" on a long-acting platform. In Kang Jian Street, the party members know that "two students do" "five lessons", the last class is "Speaking Class", reviewing party members, reviewing the rectification situation, the purpose is to strengthen "position" Practice, improve the long-term platform of party members "Pioneer Action". At present, the street team leaders, the party members and cadres, and the district party representatives form a team, the monthly timing, the order, and the residential area "Resident Office", master the social situation, solve the social contradiction, and guide the grassroots autonomous, form a "resident point Practical position of direct linkage. In the residential group, the residential party members set up a service team, regularly convene the building committee, the public living office, strengthen the neighborhood communication, directly serve the masses, and do "small things do not go out, do not go out of the building", Form a "building group practice position". Building 29, Building 29, incorporates the elderly in the key service, and established the "Help" team. The 97-year-old residential people Zhu Apo, although I lived in the nursing home, but I was not alone, the party members and neighbors were taken 3 times every month, and chat with her, they sent them to the fruits, pastries, and Meat. The old man said, this kind of concern, I have forgotten my life. The public welfare of party members is further facing the demand for residents. It is condensed with the "nerve endings" in "Lightning and Wish".

(Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai October 17 TV Reporter Li Rong) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Chang Xuemei).

President Bulgaria: Powerful China will make the world more powerful

On December 6th (Wen / Rosen Preef Reell) Today, many Western politicians and public opinion manufacturers are talking about the new cold war between the United States and China. This view does not reflect today’s world. Complexity.

Today’s China has deeply integrated into the world economy, and is the world’s leading country, and it is also the world’s largest exporter.

Establishing a firm trade relationship with China is the primary goal of the world’s major economies. For example, the largest companies in the United States and Europe are urgently needed to enter the Chinese market; on the other hand, China’s manufacturing products are good, the price is fair, requires Europe and the United States Consumers to support their economic growth and development, China is the United States, EU, Japan, and all economies of all economies in the world. This is why the US government draws a deep boundary line in the international system, what is wrong, anti Come over is positive solution. Strong China will make the world more powerful, green China will also bring more green, more modern and more prosperous. (The author is former President Bulgaria, this is the author’s speech on the Chinese International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021. The manufacturers of Western politicians and public public opinion are talking about the new and cold war between the United States and China. This view does not reflect the complexity of today’s world. Today’s China has deeply integrated into the world economy, and is the world’s leading country, and it is also the world’s largest exporter.

Establishing a firm trade relationship with China is the primary goal of the world’s major economies. For example, the largest companies in the United States and Europe are urgently needed to enter the Chinese market; on the other hand, China’s manufacturing products are good, the price is fair, requires Europe and the United States Consumers to support their economic growth and development, China is the United States, EU, Japan, and all economies of all economies in the world. This is why the US government draws a deep boundary line in the international system, what is wrong, anti Come over is positive solution. Strong China will make the world more powerful, green China will also bring more green, more modern and more prosperous.

(The author is former President Bulgaria, which is the authors of the Chinese International Conference (Guangzhou) in 2021).

The 25 key projects of the "cloud signing" of the two rivers and the new area were 46.3 billion yuan.

"Cloud Sign" site. Zou Lewen People’s Network Chongqing August 18th (Chen Qi, Liu Min) 2021 Zhishui will open on August 23.

On the 18th, Chongqing Qijiang New District held a key project "Cloud Signing" activity in Zhibo, with a total of 25 total contracts, with a total amount of 46.3 billion yuan. According to reports, 25 projects involve electronic information, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, new energy, biomedical, high-end service industry, etc. Big data intelligent innovation has a deep development, and it is better to make a chain of industrial chain. Chongqing Daxie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. took the lead in successfully developing a COP process in the global video chip package industry, and the packaging efficiency was 3 times compared to traditional processes, and the test efficiency was increased by 4-20 times. The desired manual decreased by 4 times. The COP project landed in the two rivers and new districts will invest 1.2 billion yuan, build 30 COP seal test lines, form an annual output of more than 1 billion camera chip production capacity, and the largest image sensor high-end optical chip package of exceeding 10 billion yuan. Further improve the Chongqing chip industry chain. Focusing in the industry chain upstream, deep excavation enterprise potential, Guanjie, Jingdong and other leading enterprises also add code two rivers and new districts, new investment billions of backlight modules apply hot press light guide board projects will build production bases in the new district. Eight-dimensional Southwest Wisdom Parking Industry Table Project will revolve around the city-level parking resources in Southwest China, build a wisdom travel ecological industry ecotry circle, etc. in the two rivers. It is understood that in this signature project, it is not lacking the landmark leader projects such as headquarters base, regional center, and research and development center. It can play the leading industry chain gathering effect in the leading lead. For example, Sinwes, Southwest Center, will establish an operation center and R & D center, in the deployment of industrial Internet platforms in the two rivers, electronic, equipment manufacturing, combined with industrial enterprises, iterative development intelligent analysis, intelligent prediction and process renovation upgrade The ability to apply, relying on the self-developed video super resolution, image content creation and other technologies, providing intellectual ecological support for HD industrial development. In addition, Zejing Electronics will invest 800 million yuan, set up Zejing Electronics Southwest Region Headquarters and wearable product business in the two rivers New Zone; Oufes Group Headquarters project will be empowered for the procurement needs of the market entity; Investing 400 million yuan to build the Southwest Center, through the development and application of enterprise-class twins, integrate into Chongqing industrial Internet ecosystem; focusing on educational information system research and development innovation technology, Yunqi will set up headquarters in the two rivers New Zone. "This Zhibo will sign a project is a centralized display of our industrial chain investment." The relevant person in charge of China New District Merchants Group said that the two rivers and new districts will continue to focus on the development chain of the new district industry, constantly forging the growth plate, make up the short board, closely combined with the new area industry The ribbon, "chain long system" deployment, focusing on industry chain tricks, continuously promoting high quality development of industries towards depth.

Park morning practice, Zhenzhou City Administration: Reducing the sound volume

  Great Wall Network · 冀 云 客户 客户 (Reporter Chen Mei) Recently, Zhangzhou Netizens Zhang Mr. Zhang asked the Great Wall New Media Reflected, Zhangzhou Yunxiang Community Against Acrobatic Park has a team of Taiji every morning, and a group of elderly people Shoot your hand, disturb the people. There are 5 o’clock in the Yunzhou Yunhe District of Zhangzhou City. There is a group of people who practice Tai Chi began to practice, the sound sound is very large; there is a group of elderly people to shout the slogan, the disturbance is particularly serious, I will live next to the park The residential building, only a wall away from the park, and the people who were blocked by the morning were unable to sleep normally. Our residents contracted many times many times.

Mr. Zhang told reporters: The west of the west is the Lion City Park. I hope that the relevant departments can negotiate to let them go to the Shishi Park to exercise, so they don’t disturb the people. After receiving the problem, the Cangzhou City Administration has conducted a response: the Cangzhou City Administration has already remembered the problem of netizens, and the responsible personnel of the park have agreed to reduce or close the volume when they agreed to exercise, and did not affect the rest of the household. The fitness citizens who shouting the pauses have effectively strengthened their persuasion to persuade them to take the morning exercise in the park away from the residential area. Next, it will strictly control large audio equipment to enter, strengthen patrol, strict management. Now the disturbance of the people have been effectively alleviated, and the sound of the Taiji is very low, the morning practice team that shouts is also left in the park, and the nearby residents can rest normally. Mr. Zhang thanked the help of the politics.

The total economic volume of Xinyu City has doubled the goal of realization as scheduled

People’s Network Nanchang October 9th (Li Tui) 9th, this website learned from Jiangxi Province’s "comprehensive construction of a well-off society" series of press conferences in the news conference, in 2020, the new year’s economic total economy is 100 million yuan, realization The 2010 development goal; the per capita region is produced in total US dollars, ranking third. Xinyu Steel, there is 551 industrial enterprises, and the two major leading industries and photovoltaic, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, and tenet have been formed. Steel production accounts for%, and the production of lithium salt production Global%, national%, is a veritable industrial city. The urbanization rate of the city is as high as%, the province’s second, higher than the average level of%. 174 of all kinds of scientific and technological innovation platforms, and scientific and technological research and development intensity ranked third in the province for 3 consecutive years.

"Yingshan Red Action" has achieved remarkable results, and the leader of the lithium industry is more than 20 billion yuan in the city’s first place. The operating income of the steel industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the Jingdong Group was jointly completed into Jingdong (Xin Yu) Digital Estate Industrial Park, and the number of car lithium battery positive raw materials production base is the largest. All 17 provincial-level poor villages in Xinyu City exited, and the 8870 households were set up.

In the past 5 years, the new degree has been added. The reform of public hospitals has become a national pilot city, and the medical resources are more balanced. The service is more convenient, the per capita housing area of ??urban is above the national average square meter, with an average of 17 cars. In 2020, he was rated as a healthy city in China, and two years were selected in China. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.

Take wisdom and strength struggle to fight the new article

Take the history and create a future.

In the past few days, the city’s major party members and cadres learned in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Session of the Communist Party of China.

Everyone is unanimously expressed, we must deeply grasp the major achievements and historical experience of our party’s 100-year struggle. Vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice party, and don’t forget yesterday’s suffering. OK, from the history of the 100-year party history, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great revival. Hundreds of years, the wind, the struggle is justified.

Zhang Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Kingjin County Tea Township Township, said that the tea shop hometown will be combined with the work, and set off the spirit of learning and implementing the spirit of the spirit of the whole town; around the "four new" main attack "four", do 500,000 Sinopec Ton / year PGA project, Hongjiadu water-collected complementary project construction service work; do a good job in expanding the effective connection of the rural revitalization and the village revitalization, strictly implement the "four do not pick" requirements, implement normalization monitoring, resolutely prevent scale Return to poverty; strengthen the grassroots party building, in accordance with the requirements of "four left" requirements, and pay for the work of the "two committees".

Lu Jing, director of Dafang County Government Service Center, said that the Government Service Center as the window unit service department, pays more attention to service awareness, improves service quality, and familiar with business knowledge.

Specially around the 2021 annual business environment assessment "government service" index system, improve the six-type administrative power matters and public service online, according to the "one window reform" "2 + 2" mode set department "window", classification "One window", comprehensive "window" and package "one window", carry out no differential business; improve the "five-way" to handle the satisfaction of government service. "The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee is a milestone in the" two-year-old "two-year-old" struggle, the historical meeting of the intersection of the "Hymbiance," said Jinya, the Secretary of the Herbiongun Township Committee, said, will be serious Learn to understand, implement the spirit of the plenary session, promote the glorious tradition, continue to renew the red blood, and continue to strengthen the Chinese people’s ambition, bottom gas, qi, irreparable era, not loaded, The times together, and grow together with youth. "The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee is significant. For our future work." Chen Enheng, director of the Taojin County People’s Court Trial Office, said that as a party member cadre of a grassroots court, the current most important task is to put a plenary meeting. The spirit is good, good, do learning to understand, learn to use; continue to improve political judgment, political understanding, political law enforcement, strong cultivation, strong direction, strong implementation, strong implementation, strong enhancement The concept of service development and ecological construction, integrates the implementation of the trial implementation and ecological protection, social security, contradiction and resolution, and implement the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Director, Director, director of the Government Office of Guzhang County, said that we must vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice Party, whispering the red heart to the party, the pounds of the new era, and the ambition of the strong, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese nation The great revival of Chinese dreams are unremitting.

Guo Jing, the head of the party and government party and government office, the head of the Township Township, He Zhuang County, said that he will keep in mind the tenet of the people of the people, worry about the party, for the people’s syndrome; play the pioneering model of party members, do their jobs in the grassroots position.

Huang Wei, member of the Party Committee of the Grasshai Town, Weining County, said Huang Wei, deputy mayual, will continue to work in conjunction with the work, continue to do a good job in preventive and control, education and support, medical and health; Transform the results of learning into work. Wang Qun, Director Wang Qun, Director of Xingfa Township Culture Service Center, said that as a grassroots cultural worker, will fulfill his duty, preaching the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party; pioneering and innovating, striving hard, and be a qualified party member, Write a new chapter in an ordinary position. · The reporter reported by the reporter · Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee Network Office actively organizes party history learning education

According to the unified deployment of the Party Committee of the central and Tibet Autonomous Region, surrounded the history of history, the history of history, the study of history, the history of history, the goal of the history of the history, "the party committee of the party committee network, the party history of the Party", and the party committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region consciously put the party History learning education is incorporated into the daily, caught in the often, resolutely do the history, understanding of the idea, do practical things, and opening a new bureau. On the afternoon of March 12, the deputy secretary general of the district party committee, deputy director of the Ministry of Propaganda, Gu Shiyou, director of the Net Trunks, to "firm ‘four confident’ unswervingly followed the party" as the party, for the district network cadres as party classes Report.

Palace friends combined with party history, new Chinese history, reform and opening history historical background, contact "China’s rules" and "Western chaos", especially Chinese and foreign comparisons against neozoi pneumonia epidemic, including four Self-confidence, "I have an important reason for" four self-confidence "rich connotation, spiritual essence and important significance, and use a large number of cases to see the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the significant advantage of my country’s socialist system, and see the Chinese people and China. The great strength of the nation makes everyone further firmly firmly firmly "four confidence". Palace of Palace emphasized that firmly "four confidence", we must unswervingly walk with the party, adhere to the principle of party management network, strengthen the party’s centralized unified leadership of Netcom work, and consciously act on the party’s central government. Keep highly consistent, ensuring that the Net letter career is always moving in the correct direction. Through this teaching, you have deepened that everyone’s understanding of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, deepened the study of party history, new China history, Tibet, and the history of the motherland, firmly believe in Marxism, for socialism And the belief in communism, educate everyone’s awareness of political agency, with the party’s political construction as a leader, and create a new situation in the area of ??Netcom in the new starting point.

On the afternoon of March 10, the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region office took more than 180 party members and cadres to visit the History Museum of Tibet Military Region, accepted the revolutionary traditional education, inheriting the red gene, and stunned.

In the exhibition hall, everyone carefully watched the exhibition and listened carefully to the staff explained. A picture, a piece of real thing, a piece of video, brought everyone into Tibet in the People’s Liberation Army in 70 years, liberation Tibet, defends Tibet, and builds Tibet’s glorious history, deepening the "one is not afraid of bitterness, two are not afraid of death" The understanding and sentiment of lofty revolutionary spiritually, I realized that there is no happiness in the Communist Party without a socialist new Xijie and Tibetan people. He has received a history of Tibet and the history of the motherland, and the history of Tibet and the history of the 18th Army. educate. Everyone said that choosing to take the rooted Tibet, I chose to suffer, I chose the dedication, I chose the lofty; choosing the Net letter business, I chose responsibility and responsibility.

In accordance with the work ideas of the District Party Committee "Good Network, Build Network, Manage Network", focus on service guarantee "four major events", to achieve "four guarantees", and do a good job in network security and informationization. Excellent results celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 100th anniversary of the party and Tibet. At noon on March 16, the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region gathered in 17,000 party members and cadres in the Tibet Autonomous Region, gathered in the branch. The song praises the new era, praises the new Tibet. With costume props, dance beauty style, everyone with full enthusiasm and high songs, a high-quality chorus show, both highlighting the beauty of songs, the beauty of beliefs, the beauty of lofty, and also expressing hardships, listening Party words, confidence with the party. (Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee Network Information Office).