Si Xuan’s South Expressway Taihu Tunnel Realized Full Closure

Original title: Taihu Tunnel achieves full closing picture 9, Taihu Tunnel project CMC San Air Bureau CX-WX2 standard last section is successfully poured.

Correspondent Shi Rui Xin reporter Zhao Yaling took this newspaper (Reporter Mei Jianfei Zhu Wei) October 9 All the construction of the main structure of the road Taihu tunnel is complete, and the tunnel is fully closed. Suzhou Changzhou Expressway Changzhou to Wuxi Section is full of kilometers, of which Wuxi paragraph kilometers, Changzhou section, and the whole line uses the construction of six-lane highway standard. The Taihu Tunnel is the key control node of the Southern Expressway in the southern Soviet Changzhi, in the "one tunneling lake" in the Taihu Mei Lianghu water field. Since July 2018, the first floor concrete has been successfully poured. After more than 1200 days and night, more than 1200 days, gradually completed the first top plate pouring, the first retransmission operation, the tunnel embossed dragon, the bottom plate passed, the top plate closed, etc. Important node project.

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Prohibition of operators from concentrating according to law! Tiger’s teeth fight fish combined

People’s Network Beijing July 10 (Reporter Yang Yupo) reporter learned from the official website of the Market Supervision Bureau that according to Article 28 of the "Anti-Monopoly Law" and "The Interim Provisions on the Centralized Review of Operators" provisions, The Market Supervision State Council decided to ban the merger of Tiger (hereinafter referred to as Tiger Teeth) and Fighting International Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fighting fish), which prohibits this operator according to law.

It is reported that on January 4, 2021, the Market Supervision Administration declared the combined case of Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent) and the Fighting International Holdings Co., Ltd. According to the "Anti-Monopoly Law", the Market Supervise Law, comprehensive analysis of the market share of the participating business people in the relevant market and its impact on the market’s control, market concentration, concentrated on market entry and technical progress, focusing on consumers. And other factors such as the impact of the operators, and the effectiveness of the additional restriction commitments proposed by Tencent.

During the review process, the Market Supervision State Administration widespresequenially relevant government departments, industry associations, experts scholars, peers competitors and downstream customers, and listened to Tencent statements.

The review shows that the relevant markets of this case are China’s online online game operations market and game live market.

Tencent has more than 40% in the upstream online game operation service market, ranking first; Tiger teeth and fighting fish in the downstream game live market share exceeds 40% and 30% respectively, ranked first, second, and more than 70%. Currently, Tencent has a separate control of Tiger tooth and the co-control of fighting fish.

If the tiger’s teeth and fighting fish will make Tencent’s separate entities, further strengthen the dominance of Tencent’s dominance in the game live market, while making Tencent’s ability to implement closed-loop management and two-way longitudinal blockade in the upstream and downstream market, or may have Excluding, restricting competitiveness, is not conducive to market fair competition, possibly damage consumer interests, which is not conducive to online games and game live market regulations and sustainable development.

After assessment, Tencent’s additional restriction conditions commitment plan cannot effectively solve the aforementioned competition.

The new development concept has long been in a magnificent mountain

  Qilian Mountain Governance "It is not only a concentrated graphic color in the history of my country’s ecological civilization, but also to practice Xi Jinping’s economic thinking, let the new development concept really landed a vivid sample. Coco black mine hole is brought into Qing Cui Mountain, returning farmland to rest, and raises a record of wild birds, and the development of "scenery industry" to create a high-value highland. The ecological immigration is labeled "Happiness Qilian" … In the investigation of Qilian Mountain Ecological Governance, we look In the new development concept, a development change caused by people and natural harmony, and sincerely realized that the history of "Ecological Fashion" and "The happiness of the people is the cause of the Communist Party" "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan. The deep truth of Yinshan.

  The new development concept is from the reflection on extensive growth, and it is also an improvement of development models, and the transcendence of traditional industrial civilization. Among them, green development is to solve the problem of harmony between good people and nature. Human development activities must respect nature, adapt to nature, protect nature, otherwise they will be retaliated by nature, which is a law that can no resistance. Whether it is a major environmental public hazard event in the Western industrial revolution, or the lessons from the traditional growth model in my country, give us a profound revelation: the results of extensive development, the cost is huge and unsustainable; innovation, Coordination, green, open, and shared concepts lead to action, in order to have long-awaited the magnificent mountains. Taking Qilian Mountain Governance as an example, "the most strict" accountability storm in history has brought a revolution in the city and the entire Gansu of Hexi Corridor. In the meantime, it is necessary to deeply understand the new development concept, update the development value orientation, and set up the "strong man broken wrist", and need to use governance wisdom, resolve contradictions, and resolve stubborn, share and win.

Transforming development, adjusting the industrial structure, coordinating interests, promoting mechanism innovation, optimizing the rule of law environment, strengthening law enforcement supervision, encouraging social community to participate, forming a green production method and lifestyle … seek the foundation, facilitating long-term good things, protecting nature Repair the ecological real thing, do a good thing to treat the mountain, the mountain dew, Gansu Province has provided a reference and reference for similar highlights in the Yanlian Mountain. Qilian is a certificate, green water Qingshan, the iceberg snow mountain is also Jinshan Yinshan, Gobi Rander Beach can also become a silver beach. Since the party’s 18th National Congress, Xi Jinping’s connotation is constantly developing. A series of important discussion on high-quality development, such as "Protecting the ecological environment to protect productivity, improve the ecological environment is the development of productivity" "" green water Qingshan is both natural wealth It is also an economic wealth "" Green Water, Qingshan, is more beautiful, and makes Jinshan Yinshan "has become a consensus and action of the whole society. There is a scientific theory guidelines before, vigorously practice, why? Strengthening high quality development, not only promoting a large number of natural capitals, but also makes good ecological environments become the growth point of people’s lives, showing the strength of our good image, let the people breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat Food in love, living in a livable environment, effectively feel the real environmental benefits of economic development. Today’s China Dasi, from the Yellow River Basin to the Yangtze River Economic Belt, from the "China Water Tower" Sanjiangyuan to "Ecological Barrier" Qinling, Qilian Mountain, the sky is blue, the mountain is greenery, the water is clearer, and the more people are constantly being present. The world is in front of the world. Based on the new development stage, the new era of high quality development will also create more development miracles, write a new chapter of the Chinese nation’s sustainable development! .

People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch held a news ventilation meeting

People’s Network Harbin October 27 (Yang Xue Nan) On October 26In-depth advancement of "I have practical activities" for the masses "practice activities.

Since this year, the People’s Bank Harbin Center Branch puts the service entity economically in a more prominent position, give full play to the precision orientation of structural monetary policy tools, driving more credit funds to the small and micro enterprises, manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, rural revitalization andKey areas and weak links such as green development, create a suitable financial environment for the province’s economic high quality development.

At the end of September, Heilongjiang Provincial Financial Institutions, foreign currencies, balances, year-on-year, year-on-year.

The province’s financial institutions, foreign currency deposit balance, 33.755 billion yuan, year-on-year growth.

From the data, the total amount of loans in the first three quarters maintains a smooth and reasonable growth, and the advantages of small micro loans "increase, face expansion, price", the high-speed growth in the industrial medium, the growth of infrastructure construction is rapid, farmers The loans grow rapidly, the loan structure is continuously optimized, and the rhythm is flexible and moderate, maintaining the continuity, stability and sustainability of the entity economy.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch was based on the provincial and love of Heilongjiang Province. He actively applied to the People’s Bank of China to apply for the focus of Heilongjiang Province, meeting the manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, accommodation and catering, cultural tourism and foreign trade. Microcongges and individual industrial and commercial households financing needs.

In the first three quarters, the province’s accumulated loan billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; at the end of September, the province’s remannium has a balance billion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch took me more and promoted the financial benefits. Since 2021, the policies have been released for the province’s financial institutions to release the loanned funds for about 100 million yuan.

From January to September, the province’s legal person agencies have issued a large amount of deposit orders and the peer deposit orders from 100 million yuan. Further play the industry’s self-discipline management role in the price of self-discipline mechanism of the second-level market, the province and city, and increase the management of deposit innovation products, and provide strong support for loan interest rates.

Promote the unified conversion of bank deposit interest rate quotation, further promoting the actual loan interest rate downward. In September, the weighted average interest rate of newly issued loans in the province decreased a percentage point in December 2020. Among them, the newly distributed Puhui caliber micro-enterprise loan weighted average interest rate decreased by a percentage point in December 2020, which was significant.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch continued to promote the financial services of small and micro enterprises, promoting the implementation of financial support for small and micro enterprises to implement the implementation of landing, and practically taking advantage of business. Organize the implementation of financial institutions in the province to promote the work of "resident financial liaison", and create a "one entry and one member" to help the support mechanism, providing "one-on-one" "hand handle" "all-round" financial services for enterprises.

Since the beginning of the work, since the end of September, the province selected 3,345 financial liaisonists and 6,162 in the enterprise.

In-depth "lend small merchants, service big people’s livelihood" financial support for individual industrial and commercial households and small-and-medium-sized enterprises in the province, and increased the main credit loans of individual industrial and commercial households and small- and minimal enterprises.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank Harbin Center Branch combined with the development needs of the manufacturing industry chain of the province, fully promoted financial institutions accelerated product innovation, improve financial services to manufacturing industry chain supply chains, and promoted the growth of long-term loans in manufacturing. . Focusing on the company, aerospace and new intelligent equipment manufacturing, the dragon river key manufacturing industry chain builds a fund chain, promotes the establishment of 14 supply chain financial demonstration lines, and the supply chain core enterprises are entitled to design personalization of the industrial chain upstream enterprises. Integrated financial services products to help build advanced manufacturing industrial clusters. In-depth implementation of the 100 major project decision-making deputies in the provincial government of Heilongjiang Province, organized political and silver companies, and fully guarantee key enterprises, key project financing needs.

In the first three quarters, 4393 key lists of financing demand in the 8 industrial chains in the first three quarters were collected. The cumulative loans were 200 million yuan. Under the promotion of various initiatives, the growth of long-term loans in the manufacturing industry in the province is obvious. At the end of September, the province’s manufacturing loan balance billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. Among them, the long-term loan of the manufacturing industry is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth. In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch fully promoted the revitalization of financial services. The joint Heilongjiang Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau launched the 2020 annual financial institution serving rural rescue assessment assessment and guiding financial institutions to do a good job in the transition period, continuously enhance financial services rural resulinage. Focus on improving the quality of new agricultural business entity financing services, enhance financial services coverage and convenience. Carry out the "one county and one product" rural financial product innovation activities, guide the province’s financial institutions around the financing needs of all kinds of agricultural subjects, explore various rural and reclamation areas such as mortgage, living livestock poultry collateral, agricultural industrial chain, and land trusting areas. Featured credit products have effectively promoted the improvement of farmers’ credit innovation capabilities. In the first three quarters of 2021, the overall operation of the foreign exchange market in Heilongjiang Province was generally stable, and the foreign exchange market was expected to be stable and orderly.

The People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Sub-branch, the Heilongjiang Provincial Branch of the Forex Bureau launched the "Spring Action", collecting 4,424 foreign-related enterprises and individual business appeals, coordinating 215 issues through electronic questionnaires, and coordinating the resolution of 215 issues.

The People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch, the Forex Bureau Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau supports China (Heilongjiang) self-trade test area accelerates development, formulates 32 financial support policies and 9 foreign exchange innovation measures, and organizes financial institutions to introduce 110 惠 企 配. Those 35 high-quality enterprises in the trade-inspinement area are identified, and 3,963 cross-border RMB business for quality enterprises, and actually charge 200 million yuan.

Promote the pilot business of block chain service platform, 24 banks in the province, nearly 300 branches, joined the pilot ranks, and the service time is shorted from the line for 15 minutes.

The guidance of 6 capital is introduced, establish a resident counselor system, organizing a silver-enterprise symposium, a policy preaching, and carrying out policy coverage investigations, and continuously promotes the development of facilitation policy.

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Seven major reports in economic and social culture in Xi’an

Original title: Seven major reports in Economic and Social Culture in Xi’an (Reporter Li Ni) reporter learned from Xi’an 2020 Economic and Social Development Report Press Conference: "Xi’an Economic Development Report (2020)" Xi’an " Social Development Report (2020) "Xi’an Cultural Industry Development Report (2020)" Xi’an Talent Development Report (2020) "" Xi’an Media Development Research Report (2020) "" Xi’an Great Site Protection Utilization Research Report (2020) "and" Seven research reports such as Xi’an International Metropolitan Development Report (2020) "related to Xi’an economy, social, cultural industries, talents, large sites, etc., involving ten key tasks in Xi’an.

  Among them, the "Xi’an Economic Development Report (2020)" has strategic, global, and allocation of hotspots and difficulties in the development of Xi’an economy, including total report, industrial economy articles, hub economics, business Most of the environmental articles and financial innovation articles. The total report analyzes the status and characteristics of Xi’an economic development in 2019. Xi’an City faces complex domestic and international economic situation and continuous economic pressure, conscientiously implement the central, provincial party committee decision-making deployment, tightly chasing transcendence and "five Solid "requirement, adhere to the steady and advancement of the working tone, quickly advance the" Ten Key Work ", the economic structure is continuously optimized, the main economic indicators have been in progress, the momentum of chasing the transcendence is gradually increased, and the annual economic operation has maintained a smooth health developing. (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).

The report shows that the world’s coral 10 years 14% reduction

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network 5, released a report, affected by factors such as climate change, the global number of coral reefs between 2009 and 2018 decreased by 14%.

Reuters said that this is equivalent to about 11,700 square kilometers of coral reefs die.

This is the first Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network released six reports on the status of coral reefs of the world, since the first report in 2008.

Report Summary at Wan coral reefs worldwide in 73 countries and regions, nearly 2 million observations observation points between 1978 and 2019, for the first time quantitative analysis, come to these conclusions. Survey called the biggest scale in the same category. This report shows that between 2009 and 2018, the number of coral loss in different parts of the world are quite different, the smallest decline in East Asia, 5%, the Eastern Tropical Pacific is as high as 95%.

The report said, with sea surface temperatures rise, coral is facing a crisis of survival.

Author of the report, director of the Australian Institute of Oceanography Hades Paul Terry said: "Climate change is the greatest threat to global coral reef …… a marked decrease worrying trend, we can predict that as the climate continues warming, this trend will continue. "the report said that coral reefs are important marine ecosystems, although only covering% of the world’s sea floor, but at least 25% of marine species dependent on coral reefs survive, life associated with hundreds of millions of dollars. Goods and services provided by coral reefs annual valuation of $ trillion, including $ 36 billion reef tourism.

However, coral reefs are among the most fragile ecosystems respond to human factors on earth, where global warming caused by warming waters most affected, resulting in a large number of coral bleaching. The report notes that large-scale coral bleaching is the biggest factor in the destruction of the world’s coral reefs, "only the 1998 coral bleaching events has led to reduction in the number of the world’s coral 8%."

According to the report saying, marine pollution, overfishing, coastal development is not sustainable, also threaten coral reefs.

However, the report pointed out that in view of 2019 has increased the number of partial areas of coral, if mitigate threats to the survival of coral reefs, the number of coral is expected to return to past levels.

According to AFP, the world’s average temperature higher than before the industrial development Celsius increase, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change earlier forecast that if this figure reached degrees C, 70-90% of coral will die. (Wang Xin Fang) (designed Xinhua News Agency feature articles) (Editor: Su Ying Xiang, Yang Mu) share to allow more people to see.

R & D expenses plus the new government: ready to pay

Kabbu Baby Company is busy in modern production workshops. He Chunxia was informed that in order to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council incentives increased R & D and investment, optimized the deployment of the R & D cost plus deduction policy implementation, the State Administration of Taxation recently released the "issues related to further implementation of R & D expenses] Announcement (hereinafter referred to as "announcement"), clarify that enterprises enjoy the additional deduction discount in October 2021, just fill in the name and adding deduction amount in the prepaid declaration table, other related materials are retained.

Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Guizhou Taxation Bureau, the "Announcement" further simplifies the retained preparation information, which is adjusted to "1 auxiliary account +1 sheet summary table" by the original "4 auxiliary account +1 sheet summary table". The accounting information of the aided account and summary table, the taxpayers can also design aidedrate style according to the actual and habits of self-designation, and the amount of work will be greatly reduced, and the preferential policy will be more convenient.

The "Announcement" also adjusts the calculation method of "other related fees" limit in the R & D fees, and carries out a number of R & D activities in a tax year, and by the original calculation of "other related expenses" limit in accordance with each R & D project. Change to unify all R & D projects "other related fees" limits, allowing the use of "other related expenses" limited by the research and development projects to make companies maximize preferential policies. According to preliminary measurements, the policy will help Guizhou Province to enjoy the company’s income tax billion. Tax bonus is more timely, taxpayers have more feelings.

Zhang Jun, a finance staff of Guizhou Kab Baby Products Co., Ltd., said that "" In recent years, enterprises are affected by factors such as epidemic, the funds are large.

According to the new policy, the research and development cost plus in the third quarter of this year is expected to release the fund stream of around 4.4 million yuan. This is really a ‘timely rain.

With such a good policy, enterprise technology innovation and confidence in research and development is more enough! "(Wu Xue Ming, Sun Zhongpie) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.