The people on the deck suddenly panic——This top,I am afraid of being stranded,And your own big ship is a sea boat、A spools,It is possible to thoroughly report on shallow water.!

“Overcoming anger!We are a giant whale……”
“The boat is the Queen’s birthday,Too late。”
“I、I am a giant whale to help the old old Li Tiande,Please be too old、Chu Hexia,Moving boat!”
A panic shout,The Chu Deiren has left the room.,Just push it into slight strand、Not thoroughly anchoring the extent,Then lightly lift your foot,So on、Falling on the deck of the big ship。
Giant whale,This is a little bit of swing from panic,But but didn’t notice,The white woman in a half step,Light job seems to……Not weaker than the Chu Deirers too much。
Chu is a beautiful woman with a beautiful woman,Not a new thing is nothing。
Li Tiande, doing the Lord on the boat,I am busy playing forward.:“I am gangster and the old life.,Protecting the birthday,I don’t want to coll myself.,Rude……”
Although it is clearly a Chu Deirers,still is“Collide”Special force,But Li Tiande dares to distinguish。
By the way, Li De Tian also looked at the white woman.,Polite asked:“I don’t know, but I practice fairy.?”
Pity star,Li Tiande has already felt murderous……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 529 Bother
“Birthday?What do you want to send??”The Chu Deiren asked very much.。
Just being killed by pity,I have thrown Li Tiande,Immediately answer:“Benevolence,From last year,I took a batch of cotton,300,000 sets of winter clothes,Send to Fuyang Guo Taxia,Now we take back,It is the thin winter coat of the Yuxian Shoujun.。”
Chu Deiren heard,Looking at him surprised——Even if the Chu Deirers don’t understand this,It can also be some perceived.,The giant whale is helped to do this.……
“Ignorant”There is a bought, do not say,and……You“Thin winter clothes”bring back,Be the department of the soldier、Household is dissatisfied?
Li Tiande also saw the surprises of Chu Deirers.,I quickly explain:“Chu Hexia may not know,Recently, the household order,Encourage folk luxury labor,And these thin winter clothes,This is the tension of the court last year.,This is only,The official and too much worry is very worried about this matter.,Even officials,Last year, we will not wear thick cotton clothes.。”
Chu Deman:……
Chu Deirers suspect,This is also a god.——Can’t wait to want to want to do three thousand,Play a bigger role?
But this is no wonder the ship of giant whales.,Will be here。
The original Chu Deirers are still strange,Shouli of the giant whale,I want to come to the overseas talents,How can I get down from the big river?。
It’s going to go to Yangyang Laojun.,The so-called birthday,Be“Solve the winter problem of Yuxian Shoujun”!
“I heard that you are colluding with you.,Still assassination of officials and too late,Now it seems that the giant whale is helpless,There is no such thing.!”Chu Deiren a rural lake rumor、Insufficient material。
Li Tiande was shocked——Is this incident in a big internal sensation??How have you been in the rivers and lakes?“It is said that”Extent?
“Jiang、There are always some scheduling rumors in the rivers and lakes.,hehe。”Li Tiande laughs very embarrassed。
Chu Deirens look at him,Unlike a strange collusion,What is it is like a surprised you will know that he has colliled?!
And since Li Tianyi is still alive,I want to come to the ruling mountain villa’s investigation to giant whale to help but continue……
“Your ship is good,I don’t know how to chef on the boat.?”Just asked if the Chu Deiren didn’t have a purpose.。
Li Tiande Wen Yan said that although he is willing,But the mouth is still said:“The old man on the boat can be cooked for cooking crabs.!Meet the chance,I am now calling the people to prepare the dishes.,Drink in this river,Don’t have a taste,I don’t know if I will seek face.?”
“Hahaha,German is old here.,What to do?Since the old is a craft,After the Chu, I walked with you.!”Chu Deirers said,Also patted Li Tiande’s shoulder。
Li Tiande:……
This giant whale helped since ten years ago,Anchored ship,After that, I will put it on Shenhou.,Essence the internal traitor,I have always believed that outsiders,Nowadays“Family gang”,Helper、Associate,Most of the old age,All are Li surname relatives。
So usually call,Not called“Li Chang is old”,Otherwise no one is。
Chu Deirers are cool“German”After the invitation,I also called the little fish.,During the time, the little fish and Jiang Yulang were locked.,Let Li Tiande are curious。

“Clever,I also bought a book.。”

Candidates have touched the Fu Shangshu in his arms.,After comparing, I found out,Version actuallyTMDDifferent,Not from the same bookshop。
I really evil.,I can only say that it is the feet of the sky.,Two people are both officials,Leaves all eight all,One of the messages。
“hateful,Thus,Let’s have no advantage.!”
“If you can see the Fu everyone,Just ask a word.。”
“Don’t talk,You have a few money,Let the Fu everyone sells words to you?”
“Your business,How can I sell it?!”
Don’t blame the students to find ways,It is really a great job.,I know the importance of joining the main examiner。
This will try to host the ritual,Emperor Emperor Qi Sheng Tianril General Administration,Whether the candidates and the national sub-supervisor can be high school,Can you squeeze into 300 places?,Perform the last temple test,Want to watch his face。
Be talking about,I suddenly a burst of the hall,A book is full of mad run into the house,A slap in the table:“The gift is still a big man.,The sedan is parked at the door of our association。”
“No way,The ritual Shangshu came to our club.?”
“Which one is born out of date,Deliberately low-key,Stand out。If you have more sins before,Unspeakable,I hope to exhaust myself.,Lichunate Tonight,Please listen to the small song。”
No one answer,A group of people in the eyes,He said that the ancestral family is poor,Boots, no problem,And when chanting books,Selling Shangshi Fu to do a book, a shortcut is a shortcut。
After a while,Ding Road,Fu Tianril came in with two daughters.。
“studentXXXHave seen Fu everyone!”xN
A group of candidates try to report their names with their names,Why don’t you loud?,Therefore, Fu Tianril has not heard it.。
He frowned through the candidates,Nothing of temperament,Frown:“School,Which one is Cui Jin?”
Fujia sister shook his head slightly,They have seen my face,Very confident that Cui Jin。
Everyone is opposed to each other,One of them points to the lava:“Cui Xian brother is reading in the house,I shouted him out.。”
“Not necessarily,I have been looking for him in the past.。”
Fu Tianzer’s next clothes,Straight rushing hall inner house,Leave a group of sildury candidates,Heart thinking Cui Hong gradually,Actually, let the gifts are still willing to let their identity.。
Is it the emperor’s illegitimate child??
wrong,The ritual book is a teacher.,It is not necessary to see such a private child.,unless
understood,Cui Hua is a private child of a gift book.,Today, I’m looking for a relative.,By the way, the test questions are。
“You are Cui Jin?”
Fu Tianqiu looks at the Zui Jin,Slightly disappointment in the eyes,Not the person he wants to find。
Fujia sister is also full of disappointment,Unlike different people,Ate。
“Student Cui Hong,Meet Shang Shu adult。”
Cui Hong gradually put down the Fu Shangshu in his hand,I am in front of my eyes,Also read a fart,Just,Shangshu is so big,Nothing to come to him,It’s hard to be him or an emperor’s illegitimate child.?
Heart disappointment,Fu Tianril is not good to turn,I have a good time to study、Talent、I am optimistic about you.。
Fujia sister does not want to leave,Turning and wanting to leave,When passing by the door,It’s just a small frost that came in with tea.。
The latter is dressed in a book,Nai thin arm thin leg,Two or two of the chest are not tied,Let Fu Yuechi are quite frustrated,Horses:“This book,It seems that the poor is accompanied by a beautiful,Who is far more than that。”
A piece of embarrassment in the house,Fu Qingfeng got a selfish sister,Let her not say hello。
Character suffers,Especially in front of the main examination,Say everything else,Cui Hong gradually:“Miss misunderstood,Xiaofeng girl is 鬟鬟,But she is not my 鬟鬟,I took her to Beijing.,Is to help her find their own son。”
“Oh,Also in this kind of thing?”Fu Yuechi is interested,I want to listen to Cui Jin gradually say。
Half of it,Several people in the house,Noticeable。
“Liao Jie in your mouth,Is it a red sword with you?,There is also a mask on your face.?”

One air conditioner is less, there are thousands of pieces.,Such a good thing is just like a tart with the sky in the eyes of Liu Dafu.。

He can even guess why Li Hui is in Qin Su Yaji installed air conditioner.。
Nothing is the village head of daughter Xu Yingying,There is also a woman known as the fox essence.。
“Xiao Li.,Do you have time tonight??
Uncle feels a lot,But still there is a little unhappy.。”
Zhao Xiaoli, on the side, listened to this,Don’t turn over the eyes,Heartway:“Can we have strength,Did not stop for two consecutive nights,I still have an event this afternoon.,It is the man who is fighting.。”
However, these Zhao Xiaoli is also thinking about it.,She is definitely not mentioned。
“Li Hui, heard Liu Dafu, it seems serious.,The brow is not a wrinkle。”
“Liu Shu,impossible,Said the reason for two days,You have suffered such a big pain and stimulated your acupoints should be restored to your body.。”
“Xiao Li,Let’s take a look.,Uncle is really not lie to you。”
Liu Dafu said,Still matches the appearance of cough,Cough。
Li Hui Feng is also afraid.,After all, if you really have a life.,He has a unstractive responsibility。
When it is directly with Zheng Tiancheng, Zhao Wu, he said hello.,Settled out。
This time I came to Liu Dafu’s door.,But I found that Zhao Xiaoli waited at the door early.。
Today, Zhao Xiaoli wears a mid-term,This also let Li have a breath in his heart.。
Entered the house,I saw Liu Dafu lying in bed.,Face wax yellow,Lips whites。
Li Hui Feng, which is seen this scene is also scared.。
“Liu Shu,What is this??
The face is too bad.?”
“Didn’t do anything,Just feeling weak,Easy to sweat,It is really uncomfortable.。”
Li Hui said this,Hurry to Liu Dafu。
moment,He has a reason for Liu Dafu’s physical symptom in his mind.。
Especially seeing the life of the two consecutive days.,Li Hui Feng feels that he is not so crazy.。
“Liu Shu,You don’t want to be life.。”
Chapter 404 Red Snake
How does Li speaks from the wind? Liu Dafu will be so crazy.。
Look at the standing side,Zhao Xiaoli, full of worry about the color,Ruddy,Although the eyes are full of worried, it is the shot of the light color in the eyes.,This is obviously Liu Dafu’s credit.。
Liu Dafu saw that Li Hui’s face is satisfactory.,I can’t help but have a sudden sudden。
“Xiao Li,Do you have a doctor??”
“Um,Governance,But give you another time.,Don’t follow the scorpion at night.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng was so bluntly said.,Even if you think that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, very thick, is also a bit。

Yes,This huge golden planet was once the God Realm,It was actually destroyed?Why is it destroyed?Li Tianzhen’s mind is blank,Speed up to catch up with that Venus。

Unfortunately,The speed of the planet is too fast,He tried his best but he could only watch it go away,In the end it becomes a light spot like other stars。
Li Tianzhen suddenly understood how the Huoyan Temple in his head came from,I also understand what happened to the magnificent ancient temple complex on the sky,Lost home,But ran into his head to avoid disaster,What kind of absurd thing is this,why?
Li Tianzhen, who was floating in the air, lost all his energy,The whole figure seems to be emptied of the body of the soul in an instant,sluggish、Godless,Wander freely with the wind of the void、Aimlessly,I don’t know how long it has been floating,His body was taken apart、Crush,Then re-aggregate,over and over again。
that’s it,Li Tianzhen is so numb that he can’t feel the pain of being cut apart,It’s also difficult to perceive the body after reuniting,That kind of reborn pleasure,Until I came to the invisible curtain again,A violent temporal turbulence hits from behind,Shattered his body again,His erratic consciousness easily passed through the curtain,And witnessed it shattered into body particles the size of fireflies,Like wild bees gathered together,Swarmed across the curtain。
Can’t care about such a magical scene,After the body reunited, Li Tianzhi felt a lot different from before,Haunted brain is also active again,I was shocked to find that my god hiding space has expanded to an incredible extent,The sea of vitality turned into a small poor lake,The colorful light field seems to be farther away,Already close to the bottom of the sky,This series of changes seems to enlarge the original space disproportionately,It’s hard to say what this means。
right now,Li Tianzhen’s gaze was attracted by the vast black hole in front of him,It’s like an extremely large black tornado,Big shocking,The center is as dark as ink,Still spitting out landing blocks、Impurities and stars,The black matter around is tumbling,Like a whirlpool,Slowly rotate counterclockwise,As if it could stir the entire universe on one side of the curtain。
On the other side of the black hole, you should be able to see the truth of the captured world,After Li Tianzhen suddenly had this idea,I couldn’t bear to move around,He doesn’t know if there will be a mortal world in these dead worlds in the future,I don’t know how to stop such a tragedy.,But he wants to see the truth。
Li Tianzhen approached the periphery of the huge whirlpool cautiously,Constantly use spiritual consciousness to perceive the pressure of the surrounding space、temperature,And the void storm that may appear at any time,The black matter rotates counterclockwise to exhale matter,Then from the front of the other end, it rotates clockwise,Should produce extremely strong adsorption,This is just his imaginary
His body is already very close to the black matter,On the periphery of the giant whirlpool,This substance is still very thin,Like a mist,But it has made him feel unprecedented pressure,The slowly moving look gave him a strong sense of fear,It contains an indescribable breath of death。
Maybe this way of observation is too hasty,The mass of unknown black matter is like the star beast that swallows everything in the legend,Too close,Still too dangerous。
Li Tianzhi just had this idea in his mind,The body is like being stuck,There is an invisible pressure all over,Forcing him to move slowly with the thin black matter,This surprise is not trivial,He immediately tried to break free,But the limbs and torso can’t move at all,Fixed by that strange pressure,No matter how hard you try, it’s no use。
The speed of movement is slowly increasing,Li Tianzhen’s body has been glued to the black substance,His body shook,Immediately there are countless black particles pouring in from all directions,Invaded his limbs one by one、Body,All the way to the sacred space,These tiny particles that are hard to distinguish with the naked eye are very sticky,Very aggressive,Where,Li Tianzhen’s body tissues were quickly assimilated,Even the sea of vitality has become a black liquid like ink。
Suddenly dark clouds over the sky,Thunder and lightning,The door of the ancient temple opened impressively,Suddenly golden light,Countless gods and men flew out of it,The colorful trajectories are like rainbows all over the sky,These trajectories quickly formed a very large formation,There is an ancient god sitting on each node,At last,There is a thick beam of colorful light rising into the sky,That is a huge god,He stood in the center of the huge formation,It seems to be the eye and central command of this formation。
Li Tianzhen saw through his spiritual sense,This large array is in the shape of a six-pointed star,Similar to the formation created by the gods of the Huoyan Temple,But the scale is much larger,Rigorous formation structure,Brilliant atmosphere,Before the formation is working, it bursts out a very strong Qi of Heaven。
Six-pointed star array is nested,Li Tianzhi glanced roughly,At least forty-eight floors,There are a total of 289 nodes from the inside to the outside,The ancient gods came out,‘Big white hand’Wait for several gods who have dealt with are also in the big formation,They must have felt a serious existential threat,Will have such a fierce reaction。

Not to mention,Three people running around,I forgot to eat at lunch。Together they replenish some urgently needed department stores for Jia Lina’s shop,When all this is done,It’s night。

The three of them dragged their tired bodies into a Sichuan restaurant,This is Zhao Wuyi’s request,He said to treat。
The dishes are ordered by Xia Jian,But he knew,It is not easy for them to make some money,So he not only ordered less,And just pick the cheaper ones。The owner is a woman in her thirties,She glanced at the menu,said laughingly:“All vegetarian,Don’t add a halo?”
“Where’s another green pepper twice cooked pork,And Duo Jiao Fish Head“Jia Lina didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She rushed to say。
Lady boss smiling,Satisfied with the menu and left。
Jia Lina is sitting directly opposite Xia Jian,She smiled and said:“City people,Although we don’t make much money,But a meal is still endless,Busy day,Besides, you played a decisive role today,We can also make you go to bed hungry?“These few words of this woman,It’s very gentle and pleasant,Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at her more。
dish6Continued,The three of them ate。Eat with Jia Lina these days,Let Xia Jian be restrained to death。Today with Zhao Wuyi as company,He showed his nature,Gulping,I ate without consideration。
“Oops fellow,I think you are not young,Do things so well,Same words,The same reason,But how come out of your mouth seems a little different,It’s really hidden!“Zhao Wu said with a smile。
Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“People are a big dragon,I’m afraid the water in Wuying Town is too shallow to keep him?“
Xia Jian did not speak,Thought,What does this woman mean,Do you still want me to do small jobs for you forever?。
Just when they were talking and laughing,Four men came in from outside,The one who walks in the front is the 35-six-year-old,And the three people behind him,Are probably in their twenties。As soon as they come in,They sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at the person reflexively,I feel that these people are a bit wrong,But what’s wrong,He can’t tell。
The older one called the lady boss as soon as he sat down,Randomly ordered two dishes,Then I ordered another bottle of liquor,Four people drank,Not between them,Speak very little。
Maybe it’s the reason why you met the accent in a foreign country!Zhao Wuyi has a lot of words,He eats,Said with a smile:“Xia Hao!Wuying Town is not big,But the water is deep,Follow Boss Jia,Some things have to be careful,For example, you played five camps and three wolves this time,Most people in town cheer for you,Don’t you know what storms can be in private“
“Okay uncle,I know。Didn’t you tell me when I first came,Are the people in Wuying Town very nice??“Xia Jianyou couldn’t help but ask, did you ever ask?,In fact, Jia Lina has already answered this question,He just said it smoothly。
Zhao Wu sighed and said:“I didn’t say anything,I’m afraid you left early!I don’t think your situation was so good at the time,If you don’t find a place to rest for a while,I’m afraid there will be a problem“
“Damn!Don’t talk about these missing,There will be no sun tomorrow,I’ll know by tomorrow,You are unfounded worry,Worry about,Think about my business!“Jia Lina interrupted Zhao Wuyi’s words suddenly,Changed the subject。
As the saying goes,Wealth is not exposed,Especially in public。When Jia Lina is talking about business,Xia Jian found the four people who came in just now,Always look at them。
They definitely don’t look at Jia Lina’s beauty, There should be a problem。Away from home,It’s better to have multiple minds。Xia Jian thought of this,Shouted immediately:“Lady boss checkout“
“Which beauty with you guys has already ended“The lady boss said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Zhao Wuyi asked in surprise:“When did you knot,Didn’t you say that I will invite you?“

Zhang Yunfei is very angry at this time,this matter,He already knows very well。

So while seeing here,Zhang Yunfei was even more angry,Look far away,I can imagine the excitement in my heart。
“Humph,People are coming to our door now。”
“result,You only know now?”
When Zhang Yunfei’s words are finished,In the hearts of those around you,In fact, it is very wronged。
in fact,Such a thing,They don’t want to。
But what’s next,Such a thing,But invisible,Looks pretty bad。
See these,Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth and said。
“Since this is the case,Then next,Let’s solve them all。”
“Wang Teng,I really want to see,How much do you have!”
When Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth and said here。
Where are the people around,They are also looking towards this side one after another。
After all now,For them,Next,What should I do,Actually this,Already here is quite important。
And looking at it all,Now,The people around,Is also very direct。
“makes sense,So next,Actually, there is no need for us to continue to consume like this at all。”

But at least a barrier,Solve the door,Everyone is very embarrassed。

High into a deep breath,Swallow,Moving the hands and feet close to the window,Reaching out several times,Until big sweat,But I haven’t encountered it yet.jaa bit。
Happiness,Bartender,Amazing child!
Outside the door,Liao Wenjie sighed,He is a very fearful person,I didn’t endure my high.,There will be someone in the future.。
“No wonder people say that God is ruthless,Not ruthless,But there is too much to refuse.……”
Liao Wenjie,I saw a full-faced smile.。
“Mr. Liao,What is Master doing on the floor??”
Liao Wenjie is a little guilty,Beiba Road:“Talk about business,A few billion billions,Don’t bother him.。”
I feel slightly owed,Liao Wenjie is not good for this thin,Run your hand hooked the shoulders of Left:“Have you told you with your master and your brother?,I have a little thing that can be considered.?”
“fine,I will tell you now.。”
Liao Wenjie said:“Just got it for you,Your horse named the dream,Now people in the mainland,I tell you the detailed address.,You can find him。”
Instant,Zuo Xing tears,That is, Liao Wenjie stopped,Otherwise, he will show his most precious body on the spot.。
It seems to have a face of each left,No one can be in love this。
“In fact, the dream is hiding, you can’t see you.,It is because of her previous enemy.,Don’t want to bring trouble to you.,I still like you in my heart.。”
Liao Wenjie:“You want her to be with you with your heart.,Look at your own skills,As long as you protect her,She will not leave naturally。”
“Mr. Liao,Kindness without saying thanks,I don’t want my most precious thing.,Then I will send you three uncles.。”
Zuo Yushang seriously:“Home has an old,If there is a treasure,Plus me three uncles is a living treasure,Can be described as double happiness。”
“thanks,I already have a uncle.,Blessing,You stay yourself.。”
Liao Wenjie vomiting,Turned and greeted dragon five,Pull up Dragon Nine Leaving Villa。
Xuanzong door。
Liao Wenjie refers to the location of the living room:“A nine,The five brothers look weird,Is it a problem??”
“I am also thinking about this.……”
Dragon Nine aimed at a living room,Small channel:“Say you may not believe,My brother is in my prevalment you.,Is it very terrible?。”
“What is terrible,Be terrible!”
Liao Wenjie took a breath of cold,Wide-eyed:“Ambulance,Why didn’t you call ambulance?!!”
Chapter 529 It’s still good to protect your handsome appearance.
“Goose head,it’s me。”
Crushed stone road in the mountains,Steven·Zhou Picking the public call of open-air tea booth,I am giving my own black boss who knows in Temple Street.。

“No teacher has,That night, let’s go to the hotel.。”

Finish,Li Hui arranged a time,Place。
Li Hui Hui left the office directly to find the old principal.,Then let the old principal go to support tonight,By the way, some other people。
Chapter 143, Emperor
The old principal did not expect that Li Hui Hui will also invite him.。
Originally, he is somewhat unassured to Li.,But a moment of receiving the invitation of Li Hui Feng,He is relieved.。
Li Hui’s heart, if there is a ghost,I will not invite him tonight.。
This time,Li Hui Feng invited to be the old principal,Even those teachers, those teachers, also invited。
Since Zheng Tiancheng has cooperated with Li Hui,The grade of the Emperor Hotel is also an increase in one.。
Jiangsu invincible,Emperor Hotel is a best hotel in the city.。
Originally Zheng Tiancheng also wants to go to Li with the wind to play,By the way, see if you can still have any cooperation.。
If you can cooperate again,Zheng Tiancheng feels that his hotel can improve a grade。
But now this situation,He is also very satisfied。
Let him not think about it,Li Hui actually took the initiative to call him,And directly package。
If this is someone else,The cost of the package is also enough for the income of ordinary families.。
However, Li Hui Feng Package,He feels that the charge is all face.。
“Brothers,Can the Emperor Hotel tonight??”
“can,Must be able to,I will pay for this night, I have to promise you this request.,After all, there is nothing to ask me on weekdays.。”
Li Huihe heard Zheng Tiancheng to promise so happy,It’s also laughing.。
“Row,How many years are you talking directly to me?,I will turn over.。”
“Li brother,If you talk to me, don’t you have some injuries??
Is it necessary to talk about money??”
“certainly,If you like to talk about money, it is better to give me the vegetables in your village.,Give me the crab.,This will not talk directly.。”
Zheng Tiancheng is so joke,Li Hui is so happy。
After all, through this chat method,He knows that Zheng Tiancheng did not meet him.。
“Good,Waiting for me,I have to open a green channel for you.。”
After hung up the phone with Zheng Tiancheng,Li Hui said that the store is directly told by the classmates.。
When the students in the class heard that the Emperor Hotel,Everyone is stunned.。
If you say that the emo is before they don’t know where it is,So now they know that they don’t dare to go.。
Because there is the level of consumption,And the price of meals has reached a group of students can’t consume.。

Looking at Ye Ye,Also cold-cold:“Give me a forbidden,I don’t want to give me a mess in the evening.。”

“dad,I used it to drink too much last night.,And I should have no peace of mind.,So I am in danger.。”
“Humph,You also know that your classmates are not good.?
Now I understand what I said before.?
What trust is not trusted with me between people?,Everything is interest。”
“Why are you classmates?,do you know?”
Facing the words of your old age,Ye Yeno is also a little speechless:“how could I know,But don’t you ask??”
“hehe,You are really stupid, lovely,Your brain is not with me.,so stupid。”
Listening to my old man, I started to count myself.,Ye Yen is also a bit uncommon。
“All right,All right,I have to change my clothes.,You hurry out。”
This set of Ye Yeno,Ye Tiancheng is also no way。
Directly retreat。
Li Hui Feng is clearly clearing the dialogue of the father’s two people.。
I saw Ye Tiancheng boarded her face.,A gloomy,He also feels some funny。
Ye Tiancheng also saw that Li Hui Feng took the look and didn’t laugh.,It’s even gas.。
soon,Ye Yao came out。
Li Hui’s snow boughtTThe shirt is just highlighting the outbound body.。
Tight pants,Match the long legs with meat stockings,It’s even more than youthful.。
Especially a pair of snow-white sneakers,What makes the other party a bit of the youthful feelings。
“What look?
I haven’t seen enough last night.?”
Ye Yen said this exit,Li Hui is a bit embarrassed.。
Ye Tiancheng is even more eyes like a fire.。
Li Hui Feng is a feeling of being embarrassed.。
The state of the other party last night,How can he have a thought?。
“Beauty,I didn’t look at last night.,It is your own spit.,Then I will give you a drink,It is also for you to change clothes.。”
“Heaven and earth conscience,I slept outside one night last night.。”
“And the evidence on my mobile phone, you have also seen it.,You also know,You say this, I will be packed by Uncle.。”
Ye Yuo saw that Li Hui’s appearance of crying,Think about the front of the other party in front of himself in front of him.,Suddenly there is a kind of adorable。
“okay,I don’t say it.,Look at your scare。”
When I finished this,Ye Tiancheng’s face is very good.。
But Li Hui has a face that is not good.。
“Beauty,Be careful in the future,Otherwise it will be killed,When I gave you a dress this morning.,Almost being killed by Uncle,It’s good to run fast.。”
Mention this,Ye Tiancheng is also a bit of his face.。
Hurry up and stop the road:“Misunderstand,Boy,That is completely misunderstood,Don’t go to your heart。”
“And I already know that I will go to the dragon,You saved my daughter,So, our Ye’s benefactor,You said.,What kind of compensation wants,I have given you.。”
Li Hui said that this is also a glimpse.。
He rescued people did not want to return the picture.。
But see the other party’s confident look,He is some uncomfortable。