It’s hard to be difficult,Just spend time and heart。Not only Yang Su,Everyone in the city,It is very hard。

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This seat“Xiongcheng”,When I opened spring next year,Will ablation with ice and snow。But it will definitely leave a legend here.!
Because,here,It is the most critical pedal for Higao.!
Since then,He can be a sky.。
“Come from,Maximum military order。What commitments have Yang Su to give them,I doubled。Be sure to repair the city!”Gao Biyi said loudly。
NS1005Ice and snow(In the middle)
what?Where is this??
Section“Look back”Surrounded by,He knows this is a dream,But there is such a true。He can’t see yourself,However, the line of sight can pass everything,See everything。Duan Yu also know,Here is the mountain,East Wei West Wei,I have been a shocking place here.,Cry on the war。
Yutai,麾麾 精锐,Finally, it is broken almost all horses.!
Poor thinking,Finally, I started a vigorous national reform,Join the army to join the army to join the army,Eventually changed the political pattern。
It can be said,It is this war,Kuck open the prelude of the new era。For Duan Zhao,Everything here,Just like what happened yesterday.。
“He Xiu Hao Huan,I am breaking Huhe pulled win, I must kill you.!”
Duan Zhao saw a majestic armor,Riding a tall white horse,A middle-aged people who fled in front of the front。
he knows,That person is Gao Huan。
This back is very familiar with him.,then,As a good guard,Duan Yu is still like this,He is watching,Bloody battle,Finally, I became the column of the North Qi Qingtian.。
Seeing the long-awaiting of He Xiang Sheng to sprpen to the back of Gao Huan,Almost even the distance is not enough。If you are the horses below your ass slit slightly,It is estimated that it will be delivered on the spot.。
He is getting closer and closer.,Gao Huan killed the whole family,This hatred,Not both parties, it is so simple,Can“Meet a smile”。
That is a big hatred without dead,Two people,There will now be one person falling down。
And now,The person falling is very likely to be high.。
It is in danger,One member of the Yuanfang Camp,Merry,One arrow shooting the horse head!
The battle horse is actually very“Antipracball”of,It is easy to lose combat power because of an arrow.。However, this arrow is really too drilling.,But also vigorously,And in the middle!
The horse under the congratulations will not work immediately.,He glanced at the high joy in his eyes.,Helplessness。
Duan Zhao is far away,The young teenager is ourselves!Be right,It is myself。At that time, he Fenghua Zhengmao,Sharply,Almost more than Today’s Gao Biyi!
Since the life of life,Gao Huan will take him as the heart of the heart,Extremely trust,And entrust something at the end!
That battle,Should be the starting point of your own flying,He is the shoulder of the congratulation,Climbed up the initial,It is also the most critical step。
today,Destiny again,only,The position of the characters seems to be turned into the head.。
Today’s,More like a congratulatory winner that is doing his best but unable to achieve the purpose。Gao Bo Yi,It is like it’s a year.。
Do not,If it comes from the flower intestines,I didn’t match Gao Baoyi shoes that year.!
I woke up here.,Duan Yue slowly opened his eyes,He found that his cheeks wet,It seems to be tears。The oil lamp on the table is suddenly dark,Make people have a bad premonition。

Li Huihe heard this,It’s also laughing.。

“Can’t open,We can continue to cover the retro style.!”
“no,This is the peak season, so,The cost of investment may not be collected two or three years.,Unless the price increase,Otherwise I don’t recommend continuing to cover more。”
Say this,Ye Shuangzhou hesitated and then:“and,You are now covering now,The government should not nod,After all, let’s now have it.,Many things should take the lead.。”
“Village the village,Not allowed。”
Li Hui Feng did not consider so much。
“Hey-hey,Ye’s big brother can,I am actually understanding so much now.,This long time has adapted to the environment.。”
“but,Since we don’t let our cover,We can use other ways to enhance the price of the homestay。”
Ye Shuangzhou heard this, it is curious.。
“any solution?”
I heard this,Ye Shuangzhou immediately shook his head:“This is afraid that it will not,After all, stay in our homestairs must be registered with real name.,No one will buy tickets.!”
“I know,I am talking about selling tickets.,It is the same as it is,As long as you stay in a ticket for your stay, you can stay in.,Register again after check-in,I gradually let go of it.。”
Ye Shuangzhou is still not too understand。
“Then you have no price increases this ticket.,What’s the point?”
The first thousand three hundred and twenty-six chapters do not make sense
“Hey-hey,At the beginning, it does not price increase.,But don’t you say the full question of the B & B??”
“And also said that many people have to stay at a high price??”
Ye Shuangbaotou nodded:“Be right,But this is nothing to do with you.?”
“Why doesn’t matter?
The relationship is bigger.。”
“At the beginning,Check in after the ticket check-in,Next, we will increase our strength.。”
“Then there will definitely have a yellow cattle?”
Li Hui Feng said that the Yellow cattle party,Ye Shuangzhou seems to think about what, slowly understand Li Hui’s plan。
“What you mean makes the Bull Party stir up the price.,Then let’s take a compaction price.,But this crimp is higher than the previous price.,do you mean this?”
“Hey-hey,clever,Ya brother is smart,not only that,The Bull will also be our people.!”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Ye Shuangzhou is also deeply seen in Li with the wind.,Laugh:“Haha,Li Lao brother this method is really absolutely,I didn’t expect that even the Bull Party was lost in this ring.,It is also no。”
“Hey-hey,These are all learned,I don’t have a brain itself.。”
“okay,You said this,This kind of thing does not have a brain,Then you want to move your brain,Don’t you take off directly?!”
“but,You have to be careful about this matter.,Don’t be known,If you really have,Then I feel that I can cover the new boy.,After all, return to this fast。”
Have a double trip,Li Hui also nodded,Then talk again, I will go directly to the village.。
When I returned to the village,He found that the situation in the village is also large.。
Especially the ancient tomb of Jiang Taiyi discovered,I actually became a tourist attraction.。
The most critical collecting ticket,The ticket is a big mother in the village.。
Li Hui rushed and walked,Haven’t waited for him to open,It has already opened it first.。
“Xiao Li,When did you come back??”
“Hey-hey,aunt,I am coming back today.,But when is this time to start??”
“Harmful!Not long time,Only a week,This is not a command of the village,It is said that it is used here to build Lianhua Village.,This matter is also open to the national village conference。”
I heard this,Li Hui Feng is a little curious.。


“Pure consciousness bombardment!”Li Ming shook his head,Not disdain,It’s the instinctive reaction under the attack of the invisible consciousness。
Fantasyland,The test is consciousness and will!
After reaching the tenth floor,Although Li Ming’s will can still easily break the illusion。But the consciousness bombardment had a big impact on him。
That consciousness bombardment,It’s like a big mountain hitting my consciousness,This is purely a contest of consciousness intensity。
Of course the eighteenth fantasy island,Even if many immortal peak powerhouses,If your consciousness is hit hard, you will feel dizzy and confused,In the midst of vertigo, falling into a illusion, I have already lost without knowing it。
But Li Ming’s will is as strong as a rock,The bombardment of consciousness can slow him down、Can make him feel painful,But can’t hinder his footsteps。
Nineteenth floor,Twenty floors,21st floor。。。
If it is not for the Lord of Longxing to order the adherents of Fantasy Sea in advance, this information shall not be leaked.,I’m afraid that other universe masters in the human race have come out now and are willing to accept Li Ming as a disciple。
after all,A cosmic powerhouse,Will be comparable to the Universe。。。This is incredible。
Even said,The level of the Lord of the Universe even values those with strong wills more than those with quick comprehension.。
Strong willed,It means that they will continue to improve in practice,It also means that they will have the greatest chance of survival in any desperate situation。
Can keep improving,Not easy to die,This is more precious than the law of rapid perception。After all, as long as it becomes immortal,As long as you don’t die, you have unlimited life,The time for practice is unlimited,Faster, slower, the difference is not too big。
And represents the twenty-first level of the first step into the universe,Not Li Ming’s limit。

When Jingpu stared at the sky in a daze,The lady boss in front of me suddenly looked at Jingpo Road in front of me curiously:

“Son,what happened?”
Fortunately, Jingpu’s Dao heart is stable,After knowing this fact,I didn’t faint without a black eye。
No matter how,I wrote the promised words first.。
Jingpu smiled bitterly:
“Nothing,What word do you want?”
Looking at Jingpu’s sad look,This lady boss feels a little distressed for no reason,But after thinking about it, I’ll talk about business first:
“Pray for peace。”
No matter where it is,Ordinary people,What mortals think of first,Still safe。
Jingpu nodded slightly,Grab the brush,Start writing。
at the same time……
Ling An Anzheng and Chen Pingping rush back to the road of Shen Jianzong。
Chen Pingping is now looking excitedly at Ling An’andao, who has a cold face next to him.:
“Sister An An,The one-hundred-year Wanzong Grand Ceremony is chosen to be held in Our Excalibur,This is such a great thing。”
Ling An’an frowned slightly:“It’s a good thing,But there are many sects in the southern state,The strength of the Divine Sword Sect is just hovering in the middle,If you can’t get good grades,This time I was embarrassed at the door……”
Chen Pingping was taken aback,He pursed his lips and smiled:“No way,Didn’t there be Brother Yeolsun this time?,If Yeolsun is there,,At least 50 people,Still no problem。”
Ling Anan sighed slightly:“Let’s talk about it then,This kind of thing is not something I worry about……”

Black smoke,Attached to the light curtain,Climbing and twisting like a ghost,The light curtain immediately fought back,Very dim arc flashes from time to time,Make a popping noise,Although the black smoke is fading,But Li Tianzhen immediately noticed that the vitality injected into Fang Yin was also rapidly disappearing.。

“Magic mound!”Li Tianzhen found this evil thing in his memory。
“Not bad!Haha,Haha……”Pan Mang laughed,But didn’t plan to give Li Tianzhi any chance,While continuing to practice the black ball in his hand,The other hand volleys,It’s another black thing,Throw his hand and hit the light curtain,The area covered by Fang Yin began to shake violently,The space has also become dim and dark。
“Blood river,Do you watch the fun like this?”The proud Pan Mang yelled at Xiao Yanda who was standing still below,And Xiao Yanda turned a deaf ear,His eyes don’t know where they are drifting,Seems to be looking for the weakness of the Fangyin light curtain,It seems to be guarding something。
“If you can’t hold it up,Separate kills!”Li Xiucheng’s golden body has extremely rich combat experience,Li Tianzhen is holding Fang Yin so hard,And won’t let go,I just don’t want Pan Mang and Xuehe to escape,But in this life and death fight,He made a big taboo first,Weakness caught by others,Bite hard,Sooner or later will suffer。
Awaken the player,Li Tianzhen is ashamed,He and Jinshen have nothing to do with Pan Mang for the time being,There is a river of blood beside,I didn’t do anything at all,Seeing that the look is not a good idea,But there is a strange emotion in the eyes,If the mind is not clear at this time,It’s more than something to suffer。
Li Tianzhen gave a false shot,The body continuously swept backwards above the print,One hand strokes the head of the nine-headed Luanfeng on the handle,The splendid brilliance of Dayin’s body gradually faded,And Li Xiucheng’s golden body once again showed great power,As if,The golden body rushes towards Panmang with the leaf knife,Humming,Carry the Might of Thunder,Just rush to destruction。
Pan Mang can accurately grasp Li Tianzhi’s weakness,Li Xiucheng’s golden body can also accurately find the weakness of Pan Mang,This demon just escaped and ascended to heaven,Very pitiful,If it wasn’t for Li Tianzhu,‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,He definitely doesn’t want to be really desperate,And Panmang has a deep shadow on Ye Dao,Such a desperate fight,Was he willing to die in just a few minutes after seeing the sun??
of course not,Pan Mang not only spared his life,And always have lingering fears about Ye Dao Xin,I saw that green light flashed,His eyelids jump,The reaction is always a little bit slow,Suddenly forced to rush,The third volley caught and never caught again。
But Pan Mang still has a keen sense of Fang Dayin above his head,The first thought in my heart is to escape,Escape first,Go to Dala Mountain,Once you find the second head,He can try to restore his body,Come out again after enduring the limelight,The strength can be restored to the peak state of the year nine out of ten,Until then,Who is his opponent in the entire mortal world?Even‘Nirvana handkerchief’Not good。
The key is,He will not make wedding dresses for the blood,Pan Mang was extremely dissatisfied with Xuehe’s performance in particular,Let him go all alone,This bitch is watching the fun there like a fool,If we joined forces just now,He would not be so passive,Nineteen totems of what shit kinsmen,Wait for Lao Tzu to recover,Will come。
“Adults!”when‘Seal of God’s Punishment’When the brilliance under the envelope fades away,Xiao Yanda seemed to wake up suddenly,Drew the scarlet whip from his waist,Go straight to Li Xiucheng’s golden body,The posture of playing life is no less than that of the opponent,Naturally, I saw through Pan Mang’s thoughts at a glance,Such a good time,If you don’t kill Li Xiucheng,It will be extremely difficult in the future。
But half rushed,Xiao Yanda was forced to roll continuously by the big black spear coming from the diagonal stabbing,Have to deal with,Because Li Tianzhen who is holding a gun is also desperate,He just received‘Seal of God’s Punishment’,Backlash,Traumatized,But I didn’t let Xiao Yanda go without gritting my teeth,Guns and guns are all desperate cullings,Didn’t even think about defense,Since the beginning of this bizarre adventure,He has never been so crazy。
Black smoke,Away in an instant,Pan Mang really ran away with the opportunity of the light curtain faded,And ran thoroughly,Xiao Yanda furious,Inadvertently,Was shot in the chest,Even if he has a blood body totem protector,Also hurt,Especially the black dragon head suddenly rushed out of the gun flower and took a bite,Actually broke the totem he wore。

“Didn’t you hear?One more time,That guy is going to slip。”Facing the blank stares of mortals,Hei Qilin speaks again and urges,Try to maintain a majestic attitude。

Clinker,The players almost ignored the indisputable majesty displayed by the black unicorn,But very interested in it,If it’s not for the current enemy,Someone is going to fight it,The captain is very old and composed,No matter if this big black lion is screaming,But know that the attack just now is very effective,So he ordered his teammates to fire。
After the harsh scream,It’s another***Into the tunnel,With a bang, the whole tunnel was completely destroyed,The black unicorn roared in mid-air,Go straight to the ruins of the tunnel,That very short moment in flight,Body quickly becomes smaller,Finally turned into a plume of black smoke,Actually got into a pile of rocks。
“Pretty!”The black unicorn is unique in the eyes of the special forces,How can mortals have this ability,In any case, I can’t figure out how such a huge body turned into a smoke?of course,This is an outsider,Possess features of variation that cannot be explained by science,The team members are not engaged in scientific research,One by one with long necks waiting for the black unicorn。
Lao Hei did not disappoint the players,Guessing,After a terrible boom,The tunnel blasted from the depths,Gravel,The black unicorn has restored its body,Dashing out from under the ruins with something in his mouth。
Chapter Ninety Seventy Seven Dilemma
The black unicorn landed imposingly,The thing on the mouth was also thrown to the ground by it,The black-red appearance looks like a mass of rotten meat,Some blood dripping lala,Exudes an extremely intoxicating bloody smell。
The players come to observe,Rotten meat can’t see the shape,No obvious head and limbs,It looks like a giant octopus just caught from the sea,Many tentacles,But stout and short,Form a skirt with folds,The barrel-like torso has two huge eyes,One of the eyes is gone,Revealing black and red blood holes,Terrible。
“Completely dead??”A team member asked the black unicorn,I always feel that there are extremely evil and terrible things hidden in this pile of rotten meat。
The black unicorn sprayed a puff of black smoke from his nostrils,Didn’t respond to the players at all,But raise your head,I walked away proudly,This time I dare not go far,Take a rest on the hill closest to the ruins。
Almost at the same time that the black unicorn charged towards the tunnel,The two spatial fissures of Liuyun Temple and Xinglong Mountain also changed at the same time.,Old man Dong has already made careful arrangements,Heavy weapons cooperate with Terran practitioners for the first time in concert,I don’t know how many rehearsals,Finally demonstrated a strong combat effectiveness,After paying a certain amount of casualties,Destroy all the two bloody supernatural powers。
After the three places summarize the news,Old man Dong is very happy,Prove that the use of heavy firepower to cooperate with supernatural powers is successful,Workable,It also shows that Fansheng makes full use of scientific and technological means,Play to your strengths,I can find out more and more、Effective ways to defend against intruders,
Old man Dong unconsciously cast his gaze into the distance,In that remote Mobei,Li Tianchou、Zhong Sanpu is dealing with the strong blood,They are the main direction,May be suffering from unimaginable difficulties and dangers,But Old Man Dong can proudly say to them,You fight with all your strength,I won’t hold you back。

Listening to the deer people talking about her daughter,Mao Dongzhu also loosened,Originally she is expected,Although my daughter is very likely to be ruled,She also can’t say it.,But it will definitely be persecuted after the fake……

After the time being saved,I also heard that Jianning Princess is married to Pingxi Wangfu.,Mao Dongzhu is still worried,But these obviously can’t talk to Kangxi。
Now listen to this deer,Mao Dongzhu put a lot of half,What is afraid of Pingxi King and the court,See this relationship,It will not be difficult to build.?
Chu Deer did not think,I saw a good play I have.,Fool“Pick”To the red flag《Forty-two chapters》。
Now there are five fragments in your hands.,Just like Murong Jiu,You can put together the fragmentation of eight!
Chu Deer did not think,Just May 12,Murong Jiu has arrived at Beijing——Originally on May 15th,It is the estimate of Chu Deirers.、Murong 9 after the message,Days coming at full speed。
Looking at the Murong, the dust servant,Chu Deirers also feel,Human potential is really unlimited……
“With red flag,Is it found??”After Murong, I saw the Chu Deirers.,The first sentence asked the book。
“Clue,Sheepskin debris I have found it.。”Chu Debans truth。
“Why haven’t there a clue?……what?found it?”Murong Jiu Wen said with a highlight,I am busy making the Chu Deiren.,She wants to start fighting。
Chu Deirers will give her fragment first.,After that, Murongjiu is fighting,Chu Deirers asked:“if……I am saying that if,You got the Northeast Dragon,What can I do??After the clearance,The overall situation is from,Outside people don’t hide,Almost all are Manchurians,The family of Xiangbei people will not buy。”
“In the future。”Murong Nine does not lift,Simple and rude reply。
“Cough,In fact, I have a good way.。”Chu Deer said with temptation。
“any solution?”Murong nine did not take a sentence,Take a look,Afterwards:“Don’t touch my legs,Fight!”After the end of the finish and bowed。
“If the Dragon is successful,Can give me a big brother to absorb!”Chu Deiren’s tone is very constructive。
“Oh。”Murongjiu started not to pay attention,After that, he fierce:“what?”
“I think,If you can get a dragon pulse,That is still handed over to my big brother,Can play the effect……Side, even if you got the Dragon End,It is impossible to be invincible——Human time,If you are not convinced by Manchu,Even the enemy,Cannot be called outside。”
“Instead of you……When Nan Shaolin,You will go to your big brother,Now you still……no!”Murong Jiu resolutely opposed。
“I haven’t finished it yet.,Treasures in other dragon veins,We are definitely pulling it back.,And wait for the big brother to take the town of Manchuria……In fact, I still have other ideas.。”
Sure enough, Murong Jiu is the least admiring——In fact, if the Chu Deirers say they want to absorb themselves,Murongjiu may just be troubled,But let the outsiders can’t accept this.。
Chapter 1,192 Converge
May 13,Eastern unbeaten and invited month、Pity star has also arrived。
Sure enough, what is the unbeaten?,Otherwise she is close to,From the black wood cliff to the Man Beijing,Why shouldn’t you be with an invitation?、Pity star。
“So what have you do in these days??”Inviting the moon to see the sheepskin puzzle that has no contour,Can’t help but frown。
“This thing is even more beautiful than imagination.。”Chu Deirers are very serious and distressed。
These days, the Chu Deirers are not dry.,It’s hard to fight!
Nurhachi didn’t think,Is the possibility that the poster can’t fight??
“Humph。”Murong 9 snorted。

I heard this,The palace is even more hesitant.,Disgoes,If Liao Wenjie is to cancel the marriage,It is best to die this heart.。

He fights for life.,Death on the column,Will n’t let Liao Wenjie succeed!
Become a legend in Hong Kong
Chapter 467 I don’t want to come to a big sister.Pocky
“Tuang master,Come to you tonight,There is a very important thing。”Two cups of tea,Liao Jie put down the tea cup,Start enter the topic。
“It is really important”
Tongyong Yale looked at the luxury tea box,Sigh:“Mr. Kurosaki,I know what you want to say.,I also know that you don’t care if I agree.,But I still have to say that you are forgiving.!”
“No way,This important thing is refused,Thanks to your predecessor leader,There is no big view。”Liao Jieqi,Time to do so,Doubt this bad old man is a spy in Hellan inserted.。
“It is because of the predecessor leader of the demonstrator.,Departure from the overall situation,I will choose to refuse。”
The palace is ruthless:“Not just me,The current leader is also the same,Mr. Blackazaki doesn’t have to say,I can tell you very responsibly.,Retreat this thing is never possible。”
Liao Jie:`′;
It is also a big family that is inherited in the future.,Anuo gold,Say a few,So he doesn’t spit anything.。
Aiming on the tea box on your eyes,Liao Jie roughly understands what,Make a punch,Give yourself full of tea,Slowly:“Tuang master,Seven days no,Six days later is the whole eclipse,Regarding this matter,Do you have any wind??”
“I will listen to this.,Tomorrow, the magistrate family held an emergency meeting,The demonstrators of the decentralized neon areas will arrive at Tokyo headquarters,The specific situation is not in the phone.,Only mentioned the prophecy of the shallow witch。”
Speaking of which,The palace is ridiculous.,Test:“Mr. Kurosaki,What you mentioned,Is it about full-term etch??”
“What do you think?”
“Uh,I think this is never possible.。”
Two people have a big eye,Because the Tong Palace Yali is blinking,Born to occupy an advantage,Liao Jie’s eyebrows are so fast that,No-speechless:“seriously,Chatting with you, talking, you are really tired,A punctuation,You can write a reading understanding。”
“Mr. Kurosaki said。”
The palace is rushing to wipe the sweat name as embarrassing,Be very embarrassed。
Really Liao Jie belt gift,Monster,He can’t accept it for a while.,Think that Liao Jie is not well,This is only another place.。
“lets change a topic,Problem,The shallow witch who will predict”
Liao Jie is serious:“Is she pretty?”
“Very beautiful!”
Tongyong Ya Le nodded,Conscientiously:“When I was young,One thought she is the most beautiful woman in the world。”
“What,I will ask questions.,no other meaning,Don’t answer so serious。”
Liao Jie wiped the cold sweat on the head,road:“Seriously,No joke,What did this witch grandmother predict?,Meteorite?Cooperative universe pirate?Wang Dayin?”
The palace is unknown, so,Straightforward:“Phone says these unsafe,I am with Nair,See you in the headquarters as soon as possible,That again。”

Wang Youcai finished,Just withdraw。Chen Feng followed two steps up and said:“Boss Wang!Xia Jian in your village is back to Pingdu,Do you know this?”

“I really don’t know about it”Wang Youcai whispered,Actually he lied on purpose。He participated in the election for the mayor of Xiping Village,How could he not know if Xia Jian came back??
Chen Feng laughed as soon as he heard it:“I can tell you,Our chance is here,Now in Pingdu, my brother Chen Jiang has the final say。And the mayor of Pingyang Township,Privately, our relationship is also extraordinary。So as long as we two join hands,Isn’t it a trivial matter to clean up Xia Jian?”
“That’s a good relationship!Think about it first,Wait for a plan,Let’s work together again”Wang Youcai said,Just take two steps。As soon as he heard Chen Feng say that Pingdu City is now his brother,I can’t help but get confused。What happened to this??
Wang Youcai came out of the TV station,He couldn’t help but slow down。He couldn’t believe this Chen Feng,If he calls the police,Isn’t he a turtle in the urn?。
Wang Youcai, this thief,He walks a few steps,I got into an alley in a flash。Then drilled two more horizontally,Found no one behind,Only then slowed down。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,He knows all the streets。These twists and turns,When he walked on the road, he found out,Go by yourself,Crossing half a flat city。
Stand on the side of the road and take a look,Found this place is not far from where Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong live,Thought for a while,Wang Youcai thinks this place is temporarily safe for him。
Tossing down this week,It’s ten thirty。Wang Youcai still dealt with two people at Yao Chunni’s house at noon,Until this time,He felt thirsty and hungry。
There happened to be a small shop on the side of the road,Wang Youcai looked around,I found no one behind me,Then I walked in gently,He bought two bottles of beer,Asked for a box of biscuits,And two chicken drumsticks。This is his dinner,The restaurant came too late for dinner,Secondly, he was afraid of meeting acquaintances。
I walked to the gate of Chen Xiaoju’s rental house,Wang Youcai reached out and pushed,Found a lock on the door。It seems that these two women are out。
This is really hard,I wanted to sleep in a place here,It seems bad luck,He just thought of another way。Suddenly Wang Youcai’s eyes penetrated the gap in the door,I found lights on in two houses just west of。This means someone is inside!Why did you lock the door from outside??
Wang Youcai is a little puzzled,He lay on the gap in the door,Whispered inward:“Xu Lihong!Xu Lihong…”Wang Youcai yelled several times。
I just heard the creak of the west door,A figure came out in a flash,She whispered:“who are you?”
When Wang Youcai heard it was Xu Lihong’s voice,He said very happily:“Xu Lihong!I am your king brother。how?Don’t even know me anymore?”


Cheng Wenjing heard the words,Driving Tang Judi Girder smile,Didn’t put this sentence as really。
“Ager,You mention the gambling god,I suddenly remembered a thing,He has to play poker with the gambling king of Singapore.,The group I know is discussing this matter.。”Tang Judi said。
“Jude sister like this?”
“That is not,Occasionally play a mahjong,Cultivation。”
“That’s good,Gambling this kind of thing is still less,There is no good end.,Even if the gambling god”
Liao Wenjie dialect half,People are so unlucky,He doesn’t say the wind and the sky.。
Have a rich man,Tang Judi is very picky,Because of love beauty,Not a gourmet, she is absolutely not touching。
She is invited to a Chinese restaurant in a member.,No hall,Only separate private rooms,environment of grace,first rate service,Dispells are inertile,Square action when I get the card。
“How about it,I am not very handsome when I swipe.?”
“You should ask such a quiet sister。”
“This gimmick is crazy today.,The whole process will give you a eye,I haven’t allowed for a few days,You should send me a green hat.。”
“probably not,Wen Jing sister is intentionally。”
“how to say?”
“She is close to me,You are jealous,I am in this way, let you alienate me.,pity,A little eager to seek。”
“No bar,You can see this。”
Tang Judi widened,Troubled to take the car,Small channel:“Ager,Teach me two strokes,You understand the woman so much,There must be a stroke。”
“Jude sister,Your curiosity is a bit heavy,this is not good。”
“Pooh,I dare to tune。”
Tang Judi disdainfully:“Ager,Not you get enough,But my Tang Judi saw the big wind waves.,You have not enough。”
Liao Wenjie laughs,Straighteousness,Three people rushed to the next stop。
original,Tonight should be veryhappyRetake,Until the spicy man appears。
Night General 2nd Floor,Tang Judi with two major laws,Walking the pace of six pro,Far away,The end of the corridor,A burst of laughter。
“a ha ha ha”
Too magical,Be too familiar,Liao Wenjie can also guess Zhou Xingxing with toes,Look at the voice,really
Although a mold with Zhou Xingxing,But the corner of your mouth is a mole.,The look is more embarrassed。
Material is not bad,This person should be the husband of Tang Judi’s husband.。
“million,How are you here??”
Tang Judi face is ugly,Wang Million is holding a cigar,Left, hold two beautiful women,Obviously nightlife has just begun。
“I will ask this to ask.,What are you doing here??”
Wang Million won the cigar,Seeing Cheng Wenjing’s eyes,Look at Liao Wenjun:“so it is,With a small white face to find a heart,Say everyone all play,I will not bother you anymore。”
Say,Wang Million wants to open the road of Tang Judi。