“But you have to say is Korean,That will still be crushing。”

Li Hui Hui listened to this, and the frown was not frown.。
“Why is it to crush Korean??And why do they look at Korean??”
This is that Li Hui is a bit wondering.。
“N’t why,I can only say that Han’s luck is not good.,It is not working in their development,Then the persimmon picks soft pinch。”
“If this time it works with Han Jia,So very obvious thing turned into,Korean,Golden house,Li Jia is together,Then the emperor Li Jia must transfer anger to our side.。”
“So when you say this, we hesitated.。”
Li Hui said this,Still feeling an incredible。
“Li Jia wants to acquire Korean?”
“Um,It should be the medical company I want Korea.,After all, Li Jia also has a large company in this regard.,Especially many medicines are from Li’s hand.。”
“Even Li Jia also has a ancestral school,It seems to be a life-saving,But there is no one in the currently learning。”
“certainly,These are also rumors,What is going on?,I am afraid that only they know themselves.。”
Li Xianer said this,Don’t say more,Before she was suspected that Li Fah is a person who is the emperor Li Jia.。
Later, after a multi-point investigation, it was not found.。
Otherwise, she will not say so much.。
“Fairy sister,That Li Jia is so strong,You still dare to let Han family in shares with me.?”
“Yup,Why don’t you dare??We are not weak.!”
“it is good,Thank you, Jin Da Ge, Fairy Sister,I won’t let you down.,If Li Jia is really coming,I personally。”
Li Hui’s words gave Li Xianer and Jin Mingwu。
I feel that Li is like Li Jiazhi.。
“Lee brother,You have a relationship with Li Jia?”
“It’s ok,But I feel that I should have a relationship with me.,These things don’t say it first.,I am going to go to Han Jia.,Ask how do they think。”
When I heard this time, Li Hui is going to Wen Han.,Li Xianer is a speechless。
“You are crazy,At this time, ask,Han in the native fox must know what you know.,When you come, you cry in front of you.,You are your heart.,Don’t say it will help him。”
“Maybe he sold you and will help him。”
Jin Mingwu is also completely standing in Li Xianer.。
“Yeah, Li’s brother,I think,Let’s develop yourself first.,Then help him too late。”
“Fairy sister,In fact, there is a thing you have never understood。”
Looking at Li Hui’s confident smile,Li Xian was stunned.。
“Lee brother,whats the matter?”
“You are not curious, how can I develop so quickly?,Not curious about my medical skills,I am in all kinds of people?”
“I am going to Han Shu now.,Even if you really want to pit me,Do you feel that I am a good person??Things I feel soft, I feel that the golden brother should know what I treat some things.,Is there a soft。”
Have Li follow the style,Jin Mingwu also couldn’t help but think of some things。

This middle-aged man seems to have nothing special,Li Tianzhen temporarily lost interest,Glanced instead12Shop No.,Unfortunately, there is still only a big travel bag on the bunk,Its owner is a fashionable young man who is not tall,Only met one side when getting in the car,Never show up again,I don’t know where to stroll。

Li Tianzhen himself is13Shop No.,In fact, he has always used the opportunity to appreciate the scenery outside the window to observe the passengers walking beside him。The scene of the attack against Quanxingguo at noon is vivid,Plus Xu Wen’s wonderful arrangement,Can’t help but raise his vigilance。
13The lower bunk is an old lady,She didn’t travel alone,Hard seat car and family,Not long after driving, I went there to chat。
And the left12The upper bunk is a young girl,Lying quietly on the bunk and reading,The upper bunk on the right is also a middle-aged person,Black and thin,I’m a smoker and talk,Seems to travel frequently,Run the train,Catch whom to talk to,I went to the car joint to smoke now。
There seems to be nothing special about this group of traveling companions,The only exception is the fashionable young man,Drove for more than two hours,I only showed one side and I was gone,but,Except for the travel bag,There seems to be nothing more to pay attention to。
Li Tianzhi suddenly felt hungry in his belly,Busy to his shop and took the backpack Xiao Song gave him,A faint fragrance comes,It reminds him that this navy blue flannel backpack is something that Xiao Song often uses,I see her on my shoulders every time I move house。
The bag is almost full of food and cut fruits,Pack them carefully in a fresh-keeping bag,There is a bulging envelope at the bottom of the bag,Li Tianzhi opened it and took a look,It’s a stack of hundred yuan bills,There are four to five thousand yuan。There is a line on the back of the envelope:Time is too rush,Buy something for the family with this little money。
Li Tianzhi’s eyes are hot,Warm heart,I feel I owe Song too much,I once promised Uncle Geng,Take care of her,But joined“Ranger“Involuntarily,This dilemma has been torturing him,This is why Li Tianzhen’s proposal to Wu Fang has been vague.,One of the important reasons why it is difficult to make up your mind。
But after the trip to Qingshui,Li Tianzhen found his heart hardened a lot,Pan Wenjun’s slightly shaking corpse is always lingering in his mind。and so,Treat Pang Rong,He is very determined,Even thought of killing it。
Especially the shot that hit Pang Rong in the head,Li Tianzhu paid special attention to You Shilong、Zhang Wen and others are full of horror、Surprised look。As if in that moment,The fierce, bloodthirsty devil is about to jump out of the blood in his body,This makes him very restless and anxious。
This kind of transformation was unimaginable a year ago,Li Tianzhen can’t find the root cause,Maybe since I met Uncle Geng by accident,Or maybe the fate that corresponds to that nightmare。But this is unfair to Xiao Song,He can’t give her minimum safety,And peaceful life,thus,He had to make a choice。
In a daze,The moving train suddenly quieted down,Li Tianzhen turned his head and took a look,Actually arrived。Under the car window,13The middle-aged man in the upper shop is bargaining in front of a mobile vendor,It didn’t take long to hug a lot of food,Got on the train with joy。
quickly,The middle-aged man sat opposite Li Tianzhi with his food。The table in the corridor is narrow,The food on the man’s hand spreads over the tabletop,Except for a box of steaming braised pork feet,Others are some food encapsulated in plastic bags,Chicken wings、Pickled pepper chicken feet etc.。
“Come come,come together。”The man enthusiastically handed Li Tianzhi a pair of convenient chopsticks,He took out a bottle of two or two bottles of white wine from his pocket quickly,Unscrew it and take a sip。
Li Tianzhi quickly thanked,Without moving the chopsticks,But took out a box of fresh milk and a preservation bag,Inside is a very attractive sandwich ham bread,The char siu in the middle should be made by Xiao Song himself。
“This stuff is full?come,You’re welcome,All hard dishes,Authentic Cantonese Roast Meat。”Middle-aged man invites again,The hands and feet keep running out of oil。
“Ha ha,Dude, you’re welcome,I just have something light to eat at night。”
“Away from home,Be worthy of the stomach。I run out all year round,Just fancy this,Eat and drink enough to sleep,Here today,There tomorrow,Time is easy to pass。”

Qin Cheng left after breakfast。

The company’s internal security is the site of the black rabbit security,Naturally, he doesn’t need to follow。
What he said,President Wu arranged a special rest room for him on standby,When Wang Yufei needs to go out,Naturally someone inside will inform him,I have to say that the service is very caring,You don’t even need Wang Yufei to remember that there is a driver and bodyguard beside him。
“President Wu,Your company’s service has been upgraded again?”Wang Yufei asked with a smile。
Although I’m not used to having people around me suddenly,But Wang Yufei knows that Old Wu is also very embarrassed,Naturally, it won’t be like that on TV。
“no way,We also need to adjust our mission scope at any time to adapt to the situation。During this period of time, I have troubled Mr. Wang to cooperate with us。”Wu Guoqiang still has that serious expression,Answer stubbornly。
“Situation needs?Not so much?I can’t really be clamoring to assassinate me?”Wang Yufei asked suspiciously。
“Is this enough。But Mr. Wang, you really didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem.。Nothing else,Don’t you know the news of Bitcoin’s plunge?”Wu Guoqiang is more serious,Ask directly。
Wang Yufei nodded,Smart people don’t need to say much,A rhetorical question made him probably understand what Wu Guoqiang meant。
The emergence of quantum computers has moved too many people’s cheese,It may even ruin some speculative players,And people in extreme anger,God knows what will happen,In order to ensure that things that no one wants to see happen,Wu Guoqiang specially arranged a bodyguard beside Wang Yufei。
Not to mention the quantum computer itself is an anti-sky technology。
God knows how many coveters,In this situation,In case someone really wants to take the risk……
Think so,The bait thrown by Lu Yuxin,The effect is not as simple as dividing money,Maybe it helped him share a lot of pressure。I just don’t know if this girl did it intentionally,Still didn’t expect this。
But in Wang Yufei’s opinion,80% of this girl thought of it,Billy Yuxin’s mind is always meticulous。
“I know what you are worried about。But this is in China,And we have long banned various currency circles from operating in China?”
“There is never a shortage of speculators where there is interest。Can not fry domestically,There are many people who go abroad to speculate。Who can say good?In short, be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years。These services are not within the scope of our previously signed contract,It’s a free gift from our company。After all, we must not smash our famous black rabbit security sign on Mr. Wang。”Wu Guoqiang once again offered his unbeatable reason。
In short, the service is free for your own reputation,Don’t say too much。

Because of the lion’s madness in the arena, the entire arena is heating up sharply,The lion stared fiercely at Fuming,Then rushed directly to Fuming,A heat wave is coming。

No way,So fast,I haven’t waited for Fuming to respond,A sharp claw shimmering with icy light came oncoming,Fuming raised the God of Judgment Halberd to resist in a hurry,Block is blocked,But the tremendous power made Fuming a few steps back。
“So strong!”Fuming gritted his teeth and desperately resisted,A huge force came,Fuming was beaten out,Suddenly rolling in the air,Put the Godbreaker Halberd on the ground before stopping。
“Long Yuan,Do you know what happened to this guy?”
“I think someone moved their hands and feet,That made the lion’s power so strong!Kid,Don’t you really want to know where your power limit is?,Indulge yourself today!”
Fuming heard this,Smile from the corner of the mouth,Stand up and point the halberd to the lion“Hey,Today, I will try my limit with you!”
The lion seemed to be irritated by the act of ambush,Roar up to the sky,A burst of flame energy condenses in the mouth,Call directly at Fuming,Fuming directly deceive him,Easily avoided the attack。
“You just can?”
The lion roared and rushed towards his life,One man and one lion fight together,The whole ring is full of two guys,Sparks。
Fuming raised the broken god halberd and bumped into the claws of the lion,Suddenly the lion’s tail swept towards Fuming“Combat skills-Blast speed”Fuming directly activated combat skills and left the attack range,When it takes off,Fuming will get rid of the Divine Halberd,Just nailed the lion’s tail to the ground,Lion eating pain and roaring。
Hey,Fuming and continue to bully“Combat skills-Real Dragon Hand-Turn over the clouds”Hit the lion’s head with a punch,The lion fell to the ground。
Wang Yukun is still unlocking the program urgently,Seeing Fuming on the ring suddenly had an idea“This kid might really be able to defeat the fiery lion”
The lion’s face is full of blood,With the hideous expression on its face, it is even more terrifying,The breath of the lion shrank suddenly,Convergence of energy in the mouth,Fuming can feel how terrifying this energy is。
sudden,A beam of light rushed towards his life“Combat skills-Hurricane Dance-Eye of the storm!”Fuming dance with the broken halberd to launch combat skills“boom”Broken halberd collided with energy beam,The whole ring is facing a broken situation because of this huge energy。
Fuming not only has to face the impact of this energy,The heat is like melting him completely。
“Ah ah ah”Roar,The energy in the body pours out,With the dance of the halberd,Like an aperture around Fuming“Bang”The whole ring is broken,Dust and smoke,Make it hard to see what’s going on inside。
Everyone outside the ring is watching the ring nervously,But dust and smoke are everywhere,Can’t see what happened,a long time,A figure appeared,It’s Fuming!
At this moment, Fuming’s body armor has been completely shattered,The hand holding the halberd is also fighting slightly,A few blood on his face。

The former is now Magic,It is impossible to have this Yaxing,Huang Yi Youth Disciples,Also toolman,In addition to capable、Will not be fascinated by heaven and earth,One is no……

As for people who say no martial arts,Can’t be a happy master?
But now played,Obviously used internal force,And it is still high,How this Chu deer does not feel?
“I can’t think of the island.?”Chu Deee surprised。
“Chu League is actually available on time,That is to see several old people.,I believe that they will be very curious about two.……Them……Idle!”Zhang San said and shook his head.。
Chu Deirers wondered uncomfortable——Could this island,Normal person?
Then why didn’t they leave??
“go,Four brothers,Let’s go to see the insight。”Chu Deirers said,Greet the dog hybrid。
Zhang San is also followed behind,Anyway, he rewards the good, it is a nine——Working for a year、Rest for nine years,I am still idle now.。
Leave the stone sink,Going too far away,Behind the earth,Chu Deiren saw a group“Sunset”,More than a dozen old old lady,Blow up、Be all available,Even a gnome is accompanied by a song playing orangutan……
Not orangutan,Is a high horse,Middle-aged man who has a madman,At this time, I was played by a small elf.。
This little elf is not like a general gnome,It is like it is like Yu Huahai.,Dwarf figure,Only frequent people are half high,But the limbs、The scale of the skull is very well,No different from ordinary people,That is a few。
And the big man who is playing,Dance dance,Also known as“Extraordinary”,Seems to have no rules,Real definition high martial arts……
Although it is all different,But this style of Chu Deirers have seen!
Think more think about it.,This is not a coreland“Crazy one hundred and eight”NS?
exactly,This is not the trick of the coreland,But her is a mad lion warhouse……
Seems messy,And I have to fight.,However, there is a copy of it.。
Not only the offensive is like a river、Continuous,Let the martial arts are slightly lingering,Although it is more crazy,But the combat intuition will also be solemn!
Tiexinlan martial arts limited,Not completely suitable for this kung,So the level is limited。
At this time this person is used out,Although it is impressed by Chu Dee“Crazy one hundred and eight”To be more advanced,But the total style is the same,And make the sky……
Contact this person’s dress again,Chu Deirers also reacted——Ten eight nine,This person is Tiexinlan’s pit、Top ten wicked people’s mad lion battle!
《Double arrogance》In the original,The mad lion war is in many years ago,I heard that there is a group of martial arts in overseas.,So I decided to go to the sea to seek,Martial arts……
Ten wicked people in the iron level,This is because he is a“Mud”,Typical limbs developed、Simple-minded,Behavior is crazy,I have to compete for the opponent.,And often can’t stay,Cause people to disability!
Do so,The people who are 揍 揍 is all disasters,Naturally included in the top ten wicked people。
certainly,The iron war is often hiped by people.——After all, he is“Mud”,Not bullying,Forced to compete for objects,Also similar、Or is slightly stronger than your own master。
Before the sea,The iron war also knows how much you have,In order not to be disturbed,I will hand over the Treasures of Yannan Tian to the only daughter.,In this way, the attention of people in the rivers and lakes……
Say this behavior,Should be a cold and ruthless person。
But after he returns from overseas,But it is very moving to the daughter.、And the protection is very strong,Therefore, I can only say……This is really crazy,I haven’t worry about my head.,Do things also!
And he is in the original,The legacy of the iron war is also willing to pay,When returning from overseas,Martial arts,More than other wicked people。
Because he really found anhanka,Get the guidance of the hidden hidden people above one vote……
These high people,How much is?
More than ten people join hands,Can be jealous with the moon!
A group of people saw the moon of the moon nine,Don’t want to take the initiative to be difficult to,However, more than a dozen old guys join hands to discuss face to the moon.,Inviting the month, also scruples, no immediate shots——Invitation moon,If it is not very jealous,Can’t course it。
Although a bunch of old guys,Compared to the previous one“Young woman”,Some people do not have this matter,But if this person is inviting the month,Then it seems that these high people still have a colored!
Just the Chu Deiren did not think,Actually in the Heroes Island,Meet the madman battle,That……More than a dozen people around……
“Who is these old seniors??They have not been hiped by heaven and earth?”Chu Deirers curiosity to Zhang San。
“Charmed,But also adapt,At least once can coordinate eating every day、Sleeping and practicing,Also have idle energy practice instruments,Tao Yao。”Zhang San explained。

Isn’t this guy blind,How to find your position accurately,This eyeless evil dragon should also have no eyes,But I really want to see myself clearly。

I wish Minglang raise my sleeves,A flash of red sword light broke through the air,It quaked like a dragon and a phoenix crying。
The red sword light slashed towards the claws of the eyeless evil god under the control of Zhu Minglang,I saw those claws like giant earthworms scattered on the bloody ground,Then twisted like crazy,Worms have grown,Pounced on Zhu Minglang again。
Fortunately, I wish Minglang met the Hirudon before,Knowing that once it is separated from the subject, it will evolve into a living thing。
I wish Minglang retreat,Finger move,Leading the sword spirit dragon back。
The process of sword spirit dragon flying back to Zhu Minglang,Chop,Sword light crisscross,In front of Zhu Minglang intertwined into a red sword net,The claws of the leech dragons were immediately cut into meat foam!
Jian Wang is still,The sword spirit dragon has been suspended in front of Zhu Minglang,Its sword is straight,Sword fluttering,Like a fairy sword standing beside his master,Even if the owner closes his eyes,It can also kill all the threats around!
“Zhu Minglang!”Hao Xingsheng’s eyes are burning with anger like torches。
He is riding a purple dragon,Passing through the blood waves churning from the furnace,Pounce straight to where Zhu Minglang is。
“Hao Commander,You came just right,Cut this evil,This world is rewarded!”I wish Minglang see you,Hurriedly shouted。
Guo Chang on the evil dragon,I immediately laughed gloomily。
“Just rely on you,It’s so underestimated that we have no eyes to teach,I will kill your men first,I will skin you cramps!”Guo Chang suddenly pointed his finger at the commander of Hao who was riding the purple dragon。
The purple dragon is also a dragon,Fairly burly,But the eyeless evil dragon in the furnace pool raised its body fiercely,Bloody,I saw the sight of hundreds of blood scorpions taking off,The Eyeless Evil Dragon is completely an evil creature made up of thousands of leeches,With blood sucking and living body,It keeps changing,Constantly strong,Eventually incarnate as the evil dragon!
Its body is bigger than expected,The whole furnace pond is more like a crypt,And the cave is full of evil dragon leeches,When these leeches support at the same time、Swell、When dancing,Eyeless evil dragon is more like a towering castle made of leeches,Standing in this monument city,Even the monument wall looks small!!

Wang Youcai still knows a little bit about people like He Shigui,As soon as he said this,He Shigui is coming soon,He laughed:“Manager Wang can really play,Beauty International is a high-consumption place in our ordinary city,Where’s my sister heard that she looks like a fairy,Just…“

When Wang Youcai heard what He Shigui said,,He was so angry that he almost scolded。Still a company boss,Just ask a little girl to accompany you?Look at this bitch to stingy,It’s really a lice。
“Mr. He is too worried,Beauty International’s mummy is my Wang’s friend,She will give us the best service tonight,As for the consumption, I will book the venue,Mr. He can’t miss such a good opportunity“Wang Youcai said like this,I have begun to scold the ancestors of the He Shigui family。
Men are basically the same,Especially upstarts like He Shigui,They are generally more concerned about money,I don’t have any problem with my own consumption,But I want to share a little with others,It’s worse than cramps。
But when I hear it is cheap,These people usually rush up。When He Shigui heard that Wang Youcai was a party,Suddenly came the spirit,He laughed and said:“Manager Wang is so bold,If i don’t come again,That’s too interesting。You wait,See you in ten minutes“
He Shigui finished,Hung up。Wang Youcai holding the phone,Swear coldly:“Son of a bitch!I knew I took advantage of Laozi,I will ask you to double the repayment“
Wang Youcai’s words just fell,Tian Wa and Wu Wu opened the door and walked in。When Wu Wu saw Wang Youcai,He said with a smile on his face:“Wang Ge!It’s hard for you to come。This time you can play with ease,I will ask the brothers to let the wind out,There is a turmoil,I will personally come to inform you“
“Did the police check it out the last time??“Wang Youcai asked coldly。
Wu Wu approached Wang Youcai two steps,Lowered his voice and said:“This matter has been found out,Chen Feng, the bastard policeman,But nothing happened,Fortunately, everyone’s preparations are well done“
“Wang Ba Lao Zi,Really fucking villain。It seems that Pingdu has him but not me,Have me without him“Wang Youcai gritted his teeth,Said viciously。
Tian Wa glanced at Wu Wu,Whispered to Wang Youcai:“Wang Ge!A small leak will sink a great ship。Chen Feng dare to fight against us,That’s because his brother supported him,We have to endure“
“All right,Don’t talk about this dead star,He Shigui will come here in a while,Tian Wa is guarding at the door。Wu Wu personally watched downstairs,Put the eyeliner farther,When the wind blows,Call notification immediately“Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,Someone started knocking on the door。
Wang Youcai scolded coldly:“Tortoise son’s hearing has an advantage,Running pretty fast“
Door opened,The one who walked in is the potbellied man He Shigui。When he saw Wang Youcai,Smiles on my face。He walked in,Laughed:“Mr. Wang, this is polite,Mr. Hu and I are friends“
“is it?I really don’t know this“Wang Youcai is playing haha,Secretly cursed:“What a costumeB’S stuff,If Hu Huiru wasn’t for the little money in your pocket,,Knowing you is a fart”
Tian Wa hurriedly greeted He Shigui,So I pulled up Wu Wu and left。Before going out,Wu Wu looked back at He Shigui,There was an indescribable horror in his eyes。
He Shigui couldn’t help but tighten,He lowered his voice and asked Wang Youcai:“The two people who just went out,One i have seen,The other one is a bit unpredictable,He is also your friend?”

This is not just referring to the yin and yang of the three realms,But a division of everything in the world。

Yin and Yang are two instruments,Light and dark,Minghui too,Turbid!
Divide everything,Is the two instruments。
Comprehend with your own yin and yang,with《Light and Dark Mandala Collection》Fusion of light and dark array,Li Ming finally found his own way of life and death。
and,Still quite powerful,Daojun is divided into four classes,From the strongest way of integration,The ordinary way,But Li Ming’s Liangyi formation can be ranked third,Second only to the strongest way。
In the chaotic space of Li Ming’s deity,Above a road tree,representative‘Minghui’‘Light and dark’The branches and branches related to the two instruments have all disappeared,But it merges into a particularly strong branch,The top pieces of leaves on this stem change from yin to yang。
“My two ways!”Tap between Li Ming,The chaotic airflow is divided into four groups。
“Can also be divided into Minghui formation、Turbid formation、Virtual reality、Light and Dark Array,Any thorough completion can step into the Taoist level,The combined two yi formations can be considered small,But it’s not complete enough。”
“If complete,These two yi formations should be able to reach the strongest level!”
“It seems,Still have to go to the chaotic world,Learn more about yin and yang,Make your own foundation more solid,Some insights into the Tao of the unity of opposites between the two instruments!”
Comprehend the Tao of this life and death Taoist level,Make Li Ming’s strength extremely strong。
The clone of the second soul drifting outside,Re-cultivation and recovery of clones during the break。
Every additional clone is integrated into,Li Ming’s clone is not only more powerful,Stronger mind,The more complete the true spirit makes the blue and white mist stronger。
Clone now,Mana、Sixteen quilts with mental strength reaching the normal world,And the power of the blue and white mist is close to Daojun,Plus many territories,I have the opportunity to buy some god sand,Also make this《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Mystery practice has been getting higher and higher。

“Self-defense?Self-defense will seriously hurt people?”Officer Shen snorted,“You guy is very dishonest,I want to fool around with me on the construction site。What the hell is in your heart?what?Speak,What’s your motivation for making trouble?”

“Police officer,Am I assisting in the investigation or being questioned?”Li Tianchou also sneered。
“presumptuous!”Smiling tiger slapped the table,“it’s here,To assist in the investigation is to be interrogated,You’d better keep your attitude,Don’t play with me,Otherwise, don’t blame me for not reminding you。”
What do you mean?Is it possible that you still want to torture a confession?Li Tianchou is angry,But know that you must not be impulsive at this moment,He tried to calm his mind,After a moment he laughed,“Good police officer,I have a correct attitude。”
The smiling tiger’s face eased,Tapped the corner of the table with my finger,“Then tell your question honestly。”
“What happened is like this,At dinner,My colleague and I ran into two workers who were beaten by a gang of hooligans at the gate of the construction site,They are holding machetes and other weapons,My colleague is unarmed,Face covered with blood,Serious injury,Reminiscent of some time ago,Workers get beaten almost every week,We have all reported the case,But no results,So this time we are forced to defend ourselves……”Li Tianchou takes the trouble,Luo Li started to talk about what happened。
Police Officer Shen’s face becomes uglier the more he listens,I can’t help it in the end,He slapped the table again,“Are you correct attitude?Why did you bump into the gangster?Are you deliberately looking for something?I keep saying that I am defenseless,Why did witnesses see you carrying shovels、Pickaxe?Plan tomorrow morning,But full of lies and sophistry,Crime plus。Advise you,Lad,Stop playing。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Face kung fu
Li Tianchou suddenly understood that Officer Shen was not biased because of preconceptions.,Is actually intentional,As for the reason,still not clear。
He deliberately wanted to tease this smiling tiger,Although it is likely to suffer from immediate losses,But Li Tianchou doesn’t want to compromise,“shovel、Pickaxe is our tool for work,Take self-defense when beaten,What’s the problem?Didn’t the person who reported the crime tell you that the gangsters have machete in their hands、Murder weapon?”
Fatty Shen’s face is suddenly uglier than a hanged ghost,He stood up quickly,Pointing at Li Tianchou,“I’m asking your question,Why are you talking to me?You kid avoid the weight,Fabricate facts,I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry。”After he finished speaking, he winked at the young police officer beside him。
The police officer knows,One notebook,Take a peek at Li Tianchou,That means you ask for more blessings,Then quickly got up and went out。
Blink of an eye,The door opened again,Two round-waisted zone defense players came in,Looking at Fatty Shen without saying a word,Obviously waiting for instructions。
“Close the door。”Fatty Shen gave an order,Started to unbutton the shirt。Li Tianchou immediately realized what they were going to do next,Tengran on fire,But the ambivalence made him pressure and pressure the fire,Shook his head vigorously,Calm down and calm down。
Li Tianchou wonders if other workers have also suffered the same treatment,But he swears he will make this Fat Shen regret running out of his mother’s stomach。

“A hundred years ago I found the magic weapon to deal with the second generation,I’ll use it for Chen Xiu,We are not without chance!”

Zhu Huiwei said in shock:“You mean that magic weapon!”
“It’s just that the thing is too restraining our zombie spirit,I have never dared to stay by my side。I have always been supervised by the three mortals on Australia Island。”
“We will return to Australia tomorrow night,I took that thing,Let’s go to Centipede Ridge together!”
“You leave such an important thing to mortals to take care of!”
Zhu Huiwei said in surprise:“You are not afraid that they will lose things!”
Zhang Haibao said with a smile:“Do not worry,Although that thing is important to us,No use for mortals at all。And I was desperate to protect the thing for the three of them。
Has given them great wealth for decades,Thirty years ago I promised to give them a chance to live forever,Lured by interest,The three of them will take good care of me!”
Next night,Chen Xiu originally practiced crane control skills in the garden,Suddenly there was a roar above my head,A military transport helicopter landed directly。
When he was surprised,Zhu Huiwei didn’t know when he arrived。
“Let’s go。”
“Hui’ao Island。”