Xia Jian nodded,He raised his voice and said:“good morning everyone!I am Xia Jian, a professional consultant of Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,Fortunately to sit with everyone for this meeting。Mr. Wang just said the theme of this meeting,So everyone will speak the language,Discuss and solve problems together”

“President Xia!The second phase of the Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort in Qingshan County has been completed,It is the trial operation period。But from the overall situation analysis,Business results are not ideal,I don’t know if Mr. Xia has any good solutions?”A familiar voice rang in the venue。
Xia Jian took a closer look,It was Ruan Lingna, the project leader of Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort。When the venture group project was acquired by Dongsheng Group,A large part of the staff still stayed,Ruan Lingna is one。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He said with a smile:“This question raised by Manager Ruan has already appeared in my plan”Xia Jian turned on the computer。
He found the project plan for Hongchuan River,Clicked and said:“The second phase of Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort,Targeting high-end consumer groups。From the current point of view,Existing development in Qingshan County,Not enough to make this project immediately catch on”
“Then make a long-term sales plan。Laiping City Promotion,Handle member discounts。Waiting for the formation of the commercial circle of Qingshan County,You don’t need to promote elimination here,Business must be hot。of course,This is the marketing plan we did before,Share today,For your reference”
Wang Wei finished listening to Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Mr. Xia just said so good,The most critical issues are mentioned,So Manager Ruan,A good summary,Form written materials and report to the group,If once approved,Execute immediately”
“Ok!I know Mr. Wang”When Ruan Lingna answered this,,But always look at Xia Jian。The expression on this woman’s face is a bit complicated,Can’t tell it’s happy,Still angry。
These projects currently done by Dongsheng Group,Xia Jianfei is familiar,And there is a whole set of information on his computer。Since I want to cooperate with Hu Huiru,Then he can only open his mind,What you know,Tell them all。
Although Hu Huiru is a typical businesswoman,In her eyes, money is not only money。But he has grown a heart!So Xia Jian is not afraid to cover her。
Next meeting,Very lively。Because of Xia Jian’s enthusiasm and knowledge,Plus others are prepared,So everyone at the conference likes to communicate with him very much。
One morning,It did solve a lot of problems。At the end of the meeting,Wang Wei happily grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,He smiled and said:“President Xia!Thank you so much。this afternoon,No matter what you say,We all have to have a meal together”
“This is my personal invitation,If you don’t go,Just look down on me Wang Wei”Wang Wei has said everything for this purpose,If Xia Jian speaks again,It seems that he is not on the stage。
Wang Chuan invites Xia Jian,He only invited Lu Xiuli,The other person to accompany is Feng Yan,This is something Xia Jian didn’t expect。
For convenience,Wang Wei booked a private room near Donglin Square。Xia Jian came to this place for the first time,But the private room environment is still very good。
A few dishes on the table,Xia Jian understood at a glance,The dishes in this place are quite tasteful,Small amount but very delicate。Every dish is like a work of art,Looks like you can’t speak。
Wang Wei suggested drinking two glasses,Xia Jian is not polite。Four people asked for a bottle of liquor,Take care of other people and go to work this afternoon,So Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore。
Full of wine。Wang Wei said with his wine glass:“President Xia!I won’t say anything extra,Talking too much is hypocritical。Manager Feng said she knew you,So I specifically asked her to come over”

“it is good!You know,You go down immediately,Say hello to your little boss,Let everyone leave here first,This time tomorrow,Make sure everyone gets the wages owed“Xia Jian stared at Li Papi and said。

Li Papi rubbing his hands,I’m a little worried“No proof,I said I’m afraid they won’t listen“
“Tell you the truth,ANo. Landmark Our Venture Group Acquisition,Remaining project,Completed by our venture group,If you still want to stay and contract the project,It’s better to get this done first“Xia Jian said,Took out a business card of myself,Into Li Papi’s hands。
Li Bapi looks flattered,He hurriedly stood up,Keep talking:“I will go down right away,Must persuade everyone to go back,But don’t forget Xia,Must work for me“
Xia Jian responded,Watching Li Papi running outside,I don’t mean to be happy。
Li Papi really has two brushes,For a while,The crowd at the door retreated like a tide,He Wei’s face,I slowly became happy。
She said with a smile:“Thank you, Mr. Xia!Otherwise, this matter really can’t be received today“
When Xia Jianzheng wanted to talk,The phone on He Wei’s desk rang quickly,Electric display,He Wei’s face is covered with dark clouds again,She gently picked up the phone,Whispered:“Hey!Hello there!Beiwei Group He Wei“
Who is this?Can be so powerful,Let the boss of Beiwei Group be so low-pitched,Just when Xia Jian was full of doubts,He Wei said with a smile:“Sorry mayor lan,This is bothering you,The key is that our overseas business capital chain is broken,That’s why the current situation,Okay,CEO of a startup group,Right here,They want to take over“
Xia Jian was taken aback,It turned out to be the deputy mayor of Bucheon.,No wonder He Wei sighed,He seems to be the master,Just when Xia Jian was muttering in his heart,He Wei passed the phone over,And whispered:“Mayor Lan,He asked you to answer the phone“
Ouch mom!Call the mayor,Really the first time,Xia Jian will inevitably feel a little nervous,He answered the phone,Lowered his voice and said:“Hello!Mayor of Lan,I’m Xia Jian from Venture Group“
“Hahahaha!Young people can!ThisANo. Landmark Your Venture Group takes over,I’m relieved,Please mention if you have any difficulties,Where our policy allows,Will definitely support you,Your Manager Xiao,We are familiar,Have a chance to sit in my office,Let me know you young man“A loud baritone voice,It came from the microphone very nicely。
Xia Jian hurriedly said:“Thank you Mayor Lan for your concern,I must visit you if I have the opportunity“After hanging up,Xia Jian has an unspeakable beauty in his heart,I can talk to the mayor,If you say it in Xiping Village,Would envy a large group of people。
“How about this!President Xia,You helped me a lot today,I invite you to dinner,Let’s eat and talk“He Wei smiled and said to Xia Jian,People stand up。
Xia Jian looked straight,Busy talking:“No no no,Eating is a small matter,Let’s talk about big things,Or the money won’t be available,They will come tomorrow,It will definitely be worse than today“
“Also good,Then you offer a price,Let’s get together,If appropriate,I notify the person to sign the agreement immediately,I’m He Wei, too”He Wei said,Sat down again。

Xu Wan smiled lightly,“I didn’t ask you how many rolls of bamboo slips are。”

Dealing with smart people,Don’t be too blunt,Li Hongyan immediately understood what Xu Wan meant,I have to see Zhujian to share her food。
“But i’m still hungry。”
“I can advance a pack of compressed cookies for you。”
This is a portal similar in shape to the underground entrance discovered by Gan Yifan,But much smaller,Two women have to bend over to get in,I can straighten up inside,Walked a dark and narrow aisle,Came to an underground yard。
This yard is also small,Probably only one-third as large as the one Gan Yifan found,No pond,There is only a small puddle full of green algae,No pavilion no tree,There is a small piece of soil like a vegetable field,But only weeds on it。
Xu Wan can calm down,Carefully studied the surrounding environment,Then followed the impatient Li Hongyan into the stone house。
“Is that wall,There is a hole,Now blocked by slate。”
Xu Wan glanced,Did not speak,His eyes fell on the dusty stone table,There are traces of something being taken away on the stone table。
“You took a lot of things,This should be bamboo slips,This trace……And this one,Is it a hairpin??what about this……”
“You don’t need to care about these,Xu Wan,Mingren don’t speak secret words,Only open this slate,You can get half of what’s inside。”
Xu Wan did not state,Walk to the wall and observe,Knocked on the slate,The voice is extremely dull,Can imagine the thickness of this slab,She frowned slightly。
“I only need one thing inside,But I have to choose。”She turned around and said。
“That’s impossible。”Li Hongyan refused on the spot,“I choose first,One piece per person,But i can promise you,If there is one extra piece for you。”
Xu Wan disagrees:“I think it is necessary to remind you,Compressed biscuits,The remaining half can only last one day at most。So the decision is mine。”
Li Hongyan was taken aback,airway:“Here is what i found,I brought you here,I have already said it in the above,What’s inside divides you half,You suddenly change your mind now,Threaten me with food,Really,I didn’t expect you to be such a person,I knew it,I’d rather be angry with Gan Yifan than bring you in。”
Xu Wan was silent,It may be that Li Hongyan’s attitude at this time is very similar to Gan Yifan’s that day.,She touched her heart,Open the backpack,Take out all the food from inside。

Leo also took a deep look at Gantt。

As a general-level strength Gantt is not surprisingly domineering。
And it’s not just armed,Able to cover the armed color on his bird feathers in an instant,It can be seen that Gantt has also awakened to see and hear domineering。
Maybe the level of domineering is not high,But absolutely exists。
Gantt stared at Leo,Didn’t talk much,Although surprised at Leo’s displacement ability,But the devil fruit has countless abilities,Devil fruits with displacement ability are not uncommon。
just,This displacement speed is a bit fast。
Even relying on seeing and hearing and being domineering is just a reaction,If he hadn’t seen and heard the domineering,I’m afraid Leo will pierce the armed color before it can be used。
Gantt looks around,Enough for hundreds of bubbles floating around。
“This guy seems to use these bubbles to move,Such a fast displacement speed,The distance should not be too long!”
There is no unsolvable ability,Since the speed of displacement is fast,Then the use interval or displacement distance must be limited。
The sea is fair。
Ok,Because in front of the sea,Everyone is brother。
First44chapter Moshang Yuege(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Took a closer look around,Gantt quickly discovered,Actually he is surrounded by a huge bubble。
“His ability should be within this range,Otherwise this displacement ability will be invincible!”Gantt secretly analyzes Leo’s ability。

He quickly observes with the light of his eyes,Groaning in my heart,The narrow road outside the fence is full of police and armed police soldiers,There are also more than 20 people,Although a few were injured by his stones,But more people are holding guns and watching。Unexpectedly, this jump jumped into the circle。

Under Li Tianchou’s heart a few times,Realized that I couldn’t run anymore,Otherwise it will definitely be labeled as a hornet’s nest。He raised his hands above his head and slowly got up。At this moment,He suddenly felt flustered。far away“boom”A gunshot,The bullet should be directed at him,But only slightly off,Hit the wall tiles,Flying stone chips。
Almost at the same time the policeman shot,Another policeman in the diagonal stabbing suddenly flew and knocked him to the ground,“I drafted mom,The suspects have raised their hands,You fucking shoot?!”Sound familiar,Li Tianchou saw Liu Qiang cursing,I haven’t had time to warm up,He was thrown to the ground by four or five policemen around him,Five flowers tied in a moment,And was put on a black hood。
Li Tianchou’s mood is unusually calm at the moment,Do not regret anything,The only worry is Peng Weihua,I don’t know if he ran out,I can only wait for the opportunity to ask Liu Qiang。
Back to the former criminal police detention room,I saw Zhao Yong’s round face with a smile。It’s just that Li Tianchou has really bad luck this time,Not only did I not see Liu Qiang,And he only spent one night in the criminal police team,After simply treating the gunshot wound on his shoulder, he was taken into custody。Because he is a serious criminal,Went straight inSZSpecial prison in the city detention center。
A very inconspicuous corner of the detention center,A row of ordinary concrete houses are lying there,Looks very different,Wrapped with barbed wire all around,Seems to be a separate quarantine area,This is a prison dedicated to detaining serious criminals。
The building is full of gray tones,Whether it’s interior or exterior,Even the prisoners’ uniforms are gray。This is a place that makes people boring to see,A place that survivors would not want to mention all their lives。It has an alias——City Kan No. 1。
All the serious prisoners held in No. 1 are criminals,Murder and arson、House robbery、Psychopaths and other evils。There are three types of prisons,Death row、Normal warehouse and closed warehouse。
The death row barn, as the name suggests, is the place where death row prisoners are held,They will wait here for the final approval result,Maybe here they will spend the last time of their lives;In the ordinary warehouse, the detainees have not yet been tried.,The confinement warehouse is a special prison for punishing prisoners.,Li Tianchou was locked in a confinement warehouse。
The confinement cell is small,Like a pigeon cage,Lying down,The legs cannot be straightened,Very uncomfortable。There are three cells in the cell,All in solitary confinement,Each pigeon cage is almost completely enclosed,Only one window of the slap is left,Easy to deliver meals。The prisoner’s food and drink are all solved inside。
At this time, Li Tianchou was sitting in the cell with a heavy torture instrument,I’ve been motionless in a daze for several hours。Because the light inside is too dim,Barely reach out,So it’s day and night outside,Li Tianchou no longer has this concept,He only knew he was arraigned twice after he came,Ate five meals in total,It should be breakfast twice,Steamed bun porridge is still easy to distinguish。It should be almost two days since we counted in。
I’m afraid this time is over,Suspected of intentional homicide,And wanted,Take away arrest,It’s full of bad luck to get together。Li Tianchou is no longer angry,He knows what is waiting for him。Although dispelling some unrealistic illusions,But he still retains a faith,That is to do everything possible to live。
The guards here are very tight,Difficult to find opportunities and loopholes,The magical Liu Qiang is beyond his reach at the moment,I’m afraid I can’t help。Everything depends on yourself,Although hope is slim,But he is not depressed,But also very patient,Observation opportunity,Wait for the time。
Li Tianchou is an optimist,And don’t take the initiative to torture and embarrass yourself。He wants to start,Also know how to adapt and relax。While quiet,He calmly sorted out all the things that had happened since working,ups and downs、The joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are really compensated,It’s a pity that I didn’t make a big splash。
Maybe Uncle Geng is right,I lack a sense of domineering,And mother-in-law,End up hurting others and yourself,Hard to do。Although Uncle Geng is forced to entrust big things,But it also has his intentions,If I can think about the problem more from his perspective,Then it won’t be that simple、Impulsive。
It can only be if,There really is no regret in this world,If I can go out alive,I will never reject Uncle Geng’s trust,Doing something vigorously is better than waiting here for a thousand times、Ten thousand times。
“Bang。Bang,Bang”The wall panels of the cell next door made another dull crash,That is a serious prisoner similar to him,Allegedly involved in serial killings,Came two days earlier than Li Tianchou。
It is estimated that this Xiongtai has a problem in the pigeon cage,It’s okay, I like to hit the wall with my head,To prevent the criminal from committing suicide,The inner wall of the pigeon cage is cushioned,No matter how hard the impact is, it will kill you。Just a dull voice,Annoying,So I can always attract the guards,Yesterday I took him out and asked the doctor for a checkup,There was no mental illness,But after returning。

Leo has two people here,Want to learn domineering,That’s double the military merit。

“Both domineering are five levels,The first level of 100 million military merits,Second level 200 million military merits,The third level 500 million military merits!”
Zefa looks at Leo,Smile on my face。
Leo couldn’t help his scalp tingling。
The first three levels are better,One billion is needed for the fourth level,And the fifth-level domineering practice method,The navy never tells。
Only generals above lieutenant generals can learn。
Actually the fourth-level training method is not spread out,Just because they are candidates in the elite camp,This is the qualification to study。
The same goes for the large life essence。
As for the super large life essence, only the lieutenant can exchange it。
Precisely because the cost is huge,So when he first met Hancock, he wondered if he could learn part from Hancock.。
Only then he gave up,This vital inheritance cannot be handed to him。
Didn’t you see Luffy and didn’t learn it??
“Hey,No amount of military power is enough!”Leo sighed。
Zefa smiled:“Mainly you are improving too fast,Otherwise military merit can be accumulated slowly!”

Chen Xiu let out a sigh of relief,I thought it was the biggest secret in my body that he pierced through。

Although they know that the dragon jade pendant is one of their exorcism,But the dragon jade pendant is also the foundation of one’s own foothold。
Chen Xiu never thought of handing over the dragon jade pendant,Besides, except for the zombie who attacked him last night,He also has no hostility towards zombies。
In his eyes,Zombies are just another way of living humans,Although it sucks blood for a living,But human beings eat meat, except for monks。Especially Chinese people,Almost all of them have been eaten to extinction!
Humans are at the top of the food chain,This is just the law of nature。
The emergence of zombies,It’s just that they treat humans as food again。
Sounds like this,Chen Xiu may be indifferent to humans。But since zombies have existed for almost two thousand years,Still living with humans,His existence naturally has his reason。
And even if it is really a disaster,In fact, there is no need for him to come out to defend justice。
The war between mankind over the past two centuries has resulted in continuous upgrades and advancements in weapons。
Chen Xiu believes that Ge Hong is even better,It is estimated that it can not withstand the explosion of a missile。
Humans can always dominate the entire planet,Naturally there is his reason。
But for this《One Exorcism Sutra》Chen Xiu is still interested,After all, the person who created it was also the holder of the dragon jade pendant,Maybe you can learn more from the dragon jade pendant that you haven’t mastered yet.。
Turn to the first page,Above is the preface written in dense small letters,Mainly tells the origin of oneself and the purpose of creation。
“It turns out that the Tao Tongdao number next to Ge Hong is‘Taiichi’,No wonder this book is named《One Exorcism Sutra》。”

This is still the top,Pangu Chaos World can definitely rank in the top ten supernatural powers。

More supernatural powers!
but,These are the by-products of his method of creating reincarnation,Not worth mentioning,Not worth mentioning!
“or,I will be so biased towards the secret technique of killing《Blood world》Pass it to him!”
“but,Teach this bloody secret technique to a future monk,It seems a little bit too much。”
“or,Put mine again《Candle Dragon Eye》Pass a little bit to the monkey?”
Li Ming is not a bad guy,Or kneel and lick some people who have heard the legend。
joke,In Panlong universe、Eating the starry universe,His high status,Already passed this stage。
first,Is his little taste。
Second come,Invest in these members of the westbound team,Also entangled some cause and effect。This causal entanglement,Is the direction of his current enlightenment。
If you can comprehend successfully,The law of reincarnation will also be perfected,Then it will be his reincarnation time!
Chapter 22 Reincarnation
Outside Chang’an City,Jiang Liuer drank the wine with his native land,Farewell to King Tang,Bring Avalokitesvara to present three treasures all the way westward。
now,No one knows yet,The night before the Shamen monk, Jiang Liuer, left Chang’an,But had a weird dream。
Dream,The Lord Buddha taught him a method。
But don’t know,In fact, this is the powerful candle dragon secretly passing a method to this Sanzang mage。
The westbound road officially opened。
Second day,He embarked on the westbound road。

Xia Jiangang got off the taxi,The big iron door of Wang Yihua’s house squeaked and revealed a gap。Xia Jian stepped in,I saw Wang Yihua standing at the door wearing a coat。

The two did not speak,Wang Yihua smoothly locked the door,Two people just walked into the living room。same,Just entered the living room,There was a clicking sound of locking the door behind him。
When Xia Jian turns around,,Found that Wang Yihua had taken off her coat,What stays on is a silk like silk,Pajamas thin as cicada wings。Because the fabric is too thin,Under the light mapping,The private parts of her body are looming。
Xia Jian took a look,I can’t control myself,But things are different tonight,He can’t just think about having fun。This is what makes Xia Jian different from others,Maybe his success has an inevitable relationship with his style of doing things。
“You tell me,Did you give them the 50,000 yuan??”Xia Jian tried his best to control his emotions,He said coldly。He doesn’t look at Wang Yihua,He was afraid he would lose control。
Wang Yihua didn’t say a word,Suddenly rushed over,This is what Xia Jian did not expect。Wang Yihua hugged Xia Jian’s neck tightly with both hands,Pressed her sexy and warm lips。
“do not worry,The money was given out in the name of our company,I wanted to do a good thing,Unexpectedly messed up,It’s all because of the greedy county head Liu,Not done well,The money didn’t refund。Now also involved me”Wang Yihua panting,She twisted her body,Whispered。
Xia Jiangang wants to talk,I saw Wang Yihua kissing Xia Jian’s face wildly,Said hurriedly:“Don’t say anything tonight,I want you to be with me”
Wang Yihua said,Her little lips kissed Xia Jian’s cold and thick lips。this moment,Xia Jian only feels like ten thousand horses running in his body,He doesn’t care about anything。
Plop,The two fell on the sofa。The quiet night loses its tranquility at this moment,There was a gasp of mixed men and women in the living room。
The sky is getting bright,A ray of sunlight came in through the gap in the curtain。Shot in Xia Jian’s face,He woke up suddenly,The scene in front of him surprised him。
It turned out that the two of them slept on the sofa last night,Didn’t even go back to the bedroom,No wonder it’s so crowded。Xia Jian pushed Wang Yihua, who was curled in his arms, and said:“Getting up soon,Is your babysitter coming?”
“She won’t be back,I have fired her”Wang Yihua said,Put your arms around Xia Jian’s neck again。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and asked:“She did a good job,Why are you quitting her?Sometimes you need someone to take care of you alone”

The guard will not let go,Zhang Yong went to negotiate。When Zhang Yong reported that Xia Jian came to the curator Niu,Which middle-aged man hurriedly shouted to the guard:“Hurry up”

The car drove into the gate of the museum,I found a spot by the wall and stopped。Xia Jiangang got off the car,The middle-aged man greeted me。
He asked with a smile:“I’m Mr. Xia who called me, right?!I am the curator Niu here”Middle-aged man laughing,Chao Xiajian stretched out his hands。
Xia Jian hurriedly reached out,Shook his hand and said:“Curator Niu!I think you understand what I said to you on the phone?”
“Fully understand,Let’s go to the meeting room first,Fill in some relevant forms,Media reporters will be there in a while。do not worry,This time tomorrow,Guarantee to letGZThe vast majority of people know,You donated your baby to the city museum”Curator Niu said,Made a gesture to someone in his body。
Everyone immediately gave way to Xia Jian,Let him go to the forefront。Can receive such courtesy,Xia Jian’s heart is still somewhat balanced。
When going up the stairs,Zhang Yong caught up from behind。He asked softly:“Should I pick up Ali??I don’t know where she is now?”
Xia Jian stopped,He thought about it seriously and said:“no need,You just wait in the car,Ali comes,Bring her to see me immediately”
Zhang Yong is very professional,I went without saying more。Xia Jian followed Curator Niu into their reception room。Immediately someone came over to give him tea,In short, everyone is very enthusiastic about him。
Xia Jiangang drank two sips of tea,Curator Niu suddenly lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mr. Xia!Can you let me see it first?”
“Curator Niu,I was watched,They followed me all the way。For safety reasons,Those who really bring the baby will rush over”Xia Jian lowered his voice and told curator Niu truthfully。
Curator Niu stared at Xia Jian and asked:“Mr. Xia!A bit presumptuous to ask,This baby really belongs to you,still is…?”Curator Niu hesitated but stopped。
Xia Jian glanced at this person,Whispered:“It’s my own,Don’t worry about this”
“Mr. Xia is so bold!How can you give such precious things to others?just in case。I said in case I was taken away,then you…”Curator Niu felt unimaginable about Xia Jian’s approach。