Looking at Ding Haijun,Chen Gengdao:“Did you pass the ditch with the minibus this time difference??The minibus can accept to wait four to five years or even longer?And I’m clear about it,The trainer we cooperated with the Soviet Union,The final price is definitely higher than this trainer produced by Hongdu Factory。”

“Brother,What you said,Hongdu Factory told the minibus,You think Hongduchang doesn’t want to eat alone、They really want to cooperate with you so happily,”Ding Haijun smiled and shook his head:“But after knowing that I had the opportunity to get in touch with the latest jet trainer of the Soviet Union,,The minibus ate the support,I would rather use the current air force training for a few more years,Also cooperate with you,and so……”
“understood,”Since Hongdu Factory and the country have all the conditions、The pros and cons are explained to the minibus side,The minibus still eagerly wants to participate,What else to say,Isn’t it good that there are customers before the project has started??He nodded:“Since they know everything themselves,Then I have nothing to say,I have no objection in principle,But can we achieve cooperation?,It depends on the results of the communication between the two parties……I’ll put the ugly words first,The minibus wants to get the same conditions of cooperation as the Hongdu Factory,It must be impossible。”
“understand,Who made your boss Chen not short of money?,”Ding Haijun breathed a sigh of relief:“Have money in your pocket,The waist is hard……correct,I read the media reports in the US,The cash reserves of several companies in your hand add up to more than100One hundred million U.S. dollars,seriously?”
Ding Haijun can’t imagine that the cash reserves of Cheng Yin’s industries exceed100What is the concept of billion dollars,How much is China’s foreign exchange reserves?How much did China’s military spending last year converted into U.S. dollars??
When I saw the report from the American media,Even the senior leaders were terrified:Know that Chen Geng is rich,But is this guy so rich??
The first reaction of many comrades is“American media brag”,or“Chen Geng sprinkled money,Let the American media help him brag”,As for why Chen Geng did this,Isn’t the reason obvious?,In such a severe stock market crash,Tell investors that I have money in Chen Geng’s hands、Have a lot of money,In fact, it is stabilizing investor confidence——It turns out this is useless,AMCcar、The stocks of data research companies and other listed companies under him still fell sharply。
But Ding Haijun thinks this situation is not right,I have known Chen Geng for so many years,I have known him since the diplomatic relations between China and the United States were the liaison office.,What kind of person is this guy,I know very well in my heart,With Chen Geng’s pride,He should disdain to do such a thing,just……
That’s100Billion dollars,Ding Haijun can’t imagine a company……Ok,Several companies……How could I have so much cash in my hand,If the bank knows that Chen Geng has so much cash in his hands,These banks must not go crazy?
Chen Geng smiled slightly:“Actually a little more。”
Ding Haijun was stunned。
“Probably120Billion dollars,”Chen Geng continued:“In addition, this time I also made a little profit during this economic crisis,and so,The funds in my hand are probably260100 million dollars。”

“You really want to hear?”Fu Xiaoyi asked with a smile。

“Isn’t it good to sell Guanzi?,This feeling,just like,Two people……”Qin Feng said,There was a pause,Looking at Fu Xiaoyi’s expression,I don’t seem to understand,So continue to say。
“When the woman was about to,The man stopped suddenly,You say it’s not uncomfortable?”Qin Feng finished,I observed Fu Xiaoyi’s expression again。
Although she drank a lot of alcohol,But Qin Feng could tell from her eyes,Fu Xiaoyi understood what he was referring to。
Looking closely,Originally due to the effect of alcohol,Already flushed face,At this time it is red and transparent。
“Qin Feng,you……”Fu Xiaoyi blushed,I don’t know what to say。
“I,What’s wrong with me?Am i wrong,This is very appetizing。”Qin Feng retorted。
“it is good,Don’t you want to know,I’ll tell you,Actually I’m talking about you。”Fu Xiaoyi pretended to be serious。
“What does it have to do with me?”Fu Xiaoyi’s seriousness,Qin Feng listened carefully。
“You look good too,Unfortunately……”Fu Xiaoyi lowered his head and glanced at Qin Feng。
“What do you want to do?”Watching Fu Xiaoyi’s expression and actions,Qin Feng subconsciously covered his lower body with his hands,Look at her with eyes wide open,Looks like a frightened little white rabbit。
“I said are you that place,Flawed?”Fu Xiaoyi looked at Qin Feng,Asked very seriously。

A nurse left and cleaned Chai Jinxiong’s body,Another nurse pushing a wheelchair,Follow Tu Qinqin,Out of the ward。

It seems that they have become accustomed to the grassroots lives here,Used to it。
The wheelchair was pushed out of the ward,The air outside is fresh and humid,Full of the unique breath of vegetation。
Lu Menglin looked at the scenery that appeared in front of him,Can’t help being stunned。
“What the hell is this place?Am I no longer on Hong Kong Island?wrong!It doesn’t seem to be domestic!How long did I faint in this coma??Where was it taken again?”
No wonder Lu Menglin will have repeated questions,Because what appeared in front of me was a jungle,Typical tropical jungle。
The presence of this large piece of rubber forest in front of us is very telling。
Now Lu Menglin finally knows,Why did you hang coconut water for yourself in the ward?,This place is in the deep mountain and old forest,Birds don’t shit,Off the beaten track,Simple conditions,Where’s the medicine?
Even the so-called small hospital behind,It’s just a temporary ward built by a few slab houses.。
The three followed the path,Through a rubber forest,A huge hole about ten meters in diameter appeared in front,A few dilapidated mine carts piled up at the entrance of the cave,A group of ragged workers are gathering at the entrance of the cave,Ready to enter the hole。
It looks like this is a big mine,I just don’t know what mine was mined,And Lu Menglin can clearly see it,The mining conditions here are very bad,Not as good as domestic black coal kilns。
Except for a very simple wooden bracket at the entrance of the hole,To prevent cave-in,Hardly any modern machinery can be seen here,There are only tools such as mine carts and the spade in the hands of workers。
This scene,It reminds Lu Menglin of mining in the legendary game,And the famous mining song。
“Noon on hoeing day,Mining is really hard,Planed all copper,Purity is five。”

“Shopkeeper,Let’s burn the knife,What kind of fruit wine is too weak!”Tu Shanming fears that the world will not be chaotic,Tao。

Liu Wenzhang frowned slightly,Said:“Old paint,Just burn the knife!How can the girl drink such strong wine?”
Didn’t wait for Tu Shanming to answer,Xiaojuan said lightly:“What’s wrong with the girl?Can’t drink hard liquor?Can’t make a sharp knife?joke!Just drink and burn the knife!”
Liu Wenzhang helpless,Had to go with her,This girl Xiaojuan has such a big tone,Should also be a hero in wine,I don’t need to worry too much。
quickly,The shopkeeper of the inn brought three kilograms of good spirits and knives,There are also some side dishes for wine。
They want to drink,It’s hard to serve food!Because the Princess Huanhai has already packaged the entire inn,Chartered service,Isn’t that doing my best??
“Come,Come on!I will do it first!You are free!”When Tu Shanming saw a good wine,It’s like a bug in my belly,Alcohol addiction,Exclaimed。
He raised his neck,Poured a big bowl,There are enough small three-two burn knives,Red appeared on the face immediately。
Liu Wenzhang first poured a small bowl for Xiaojuan,Then I filled myself with half a bowl,Bumped with Tu Shanming,Drink it all。
That maid, Xiaojuan, really dare to drink,Not much to say,A neck,Drink a little bit of wine in the bowl。
then,Three people just like that, you toast me a bowl,I toast you a bowl,Drank three catties of burning knives very quickly,There is nothing left。
Maid Xiaojuan’s face flushed,Even more pretty。
“Miss Xiaojuan,You drink slowly!”Liu Wenzhang was born in a big family,Understand etiquette,And also think that the two big masters,In case the little girl gets drunk,What’s the matter then?!
“Don’t care about it!Mother-in-law!”I didn’t expect Xiaojuan not only to not appreciate,Gave him a white look。
Tu Shanming looks unexpected,Actually, I’m so crazy!He didn’t plan to do anything to the little girl,Because this place is not up to him at all,He is a little brother who follows others,How dare to do that ridiculous thing,He is pure good wine,As long as there is good wine,Someone to drink with,He’s satisfied,Whether you are a girl or a guy!
“boss,Another three catties!”Sister Xiaojuan really does not let her beard,The more I drink, the more vigorous!
The shopkeeper is of course happy,Then came a jar full of six-pound burning knives,Said with a smile:“Just have fun,This altar counts mine,No money!”
no way,They opened a shop,I like the store’s lively and popular,Don’t watch you guys book the venue,But the place is deserted,The shopkeeper felt aggrieved,Saw someone drinking and punching,Of course happy!
Three people have done a big bowl of stomach,The maid Xiaojuan suddenly lay on the table,Wow crying!

He doesn’t want to return home!

in China,He is treated very well,Back home,Can you continue to university,Is already unknown,It is impossible to have this kind of enjoyment。
For a time,This Vietnamese boy finally couldn’t help suffering,Tearful。
The Vietnamese Embassy under pressure,Can only declare,Yuan Hongwu is purely personal,Dealt with him,Will be repatriated soon。
National Universities,As long as there are international students,Started to be cautious。
High profile at this time,That is death,Even the top universities in China,I don’t dare to sing the opposite at this time。Did not see,Did the leader who said that more than 100,000 scholarships for foreign students are too few??Has been sprayed too hard to come out,The eighteenth generation of ancestors has been greeted countless times by netizens。
If this is dead,How to meet the eighteenth generation of ancestors?Won’t you be choked to death?
They are Populus,Did not expect,One of my own actions,Actually caused such a big storm。of course,This is all funeral。
at this time,After Hu Yang handed over the matter to Jiangnan,Continue to stay with Huazai and they visit the antique market,What happened just now did not happen。
Mainly Populus euphratica is assured of Jiangnan,Something like this,If he can’t figure it out,I’m not embarrassed to say that I am the super rich second generation of Demon?
Sexy boss,Learned about the second-hand Chanel perfume that was sold,Actually worth tens of thousands,Mentality is a little broken。
She finally understood,This guy who keeps calling her sister,Is a master of appraisal。That bottle of perfume is of course worthless,Valuable bottle,Is custom made by crystal,Has artistic value。
Hu Yang told her,Collection of glass products,Not popular in China,But abroad,That is one of the mainstream collections。
“Brother Hu met before,Custom glass wine bottles,Also very valuable。”Wah Chai Open Road。
still remember,The bottle that wood can get,The value is also very high,Much taller than this perfume bottle。At that time,Many viewers in the live broadcast room are lamenting Mu Yi’s luck。

That look is like the look from hell,I just looked at Xiao Fan just now,I was trembling with fright。

Lin Yang doesn’t believe in evil,I want to raise my head and look at Xiao Fan again,But I tried it for a long time,I didn’t lift my head up。
“roll!”Xiao Fan gave a light push,Lin Yang left Lin Feng’s side。
When Lin Yangai faced Xiao Fan’s sudden push,I thought I would fall to the ground after a while。
But Xiao Fan didn’t know what kind of strength he used,Lin Yang actually staggered after a few steps,I didn’t fall down。
After Lin Yang truly stands firm,Lin Yu has also come to Lin Yang。
Lin Yu has never seen Lin Yang so embarrassed,What kind of people in my family have never seen,But in Lin Yu’s opinion,Who saw his father,When it’s not at all, it’s polite。
but,It happened to be Lin Feng and his family,Not only dare to speak out to insult the Qiao family,Now he’s so bold enough to do it with Lin Yang。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Sever relationship
This is how Lin Yu can bear this tone。
Lin Yu came to Lin Yoona,Said viciously:“Lin Yuna,This is your good husband,Inferior and inferior,I even dared to do something with my elders。”
“Or say,An illegitimate child is an illegitimate child,Child born,The in-laws I’m looking for are all such families without tutor。”
“Our Lin family has really suffered from blood mold for eight lifetimes,He’s actually related to people like you。”
“I bother!”
What Lin Yu said right now,Compared to what Lin Yang said just now,The degree of unpleasantness is even worse!

Looking longingly at Chen Limu’s words,I hope I can stay for a while。

I hope Chen Limu can answer,And can answer,Language like you live here,If the relationship goes further, just say,Ke Lan likes you so much,It would be better to stay as my daughter-in-law。
But this is Xie Lisu’s imagination,Chen Limu didn’t rush to answer,Just the corners of the mouth rise slightly,A fixed pattern with a smile。
See Chen Limu silent,Break the silence。Xie Lisu continued to say that the room was reserved for her before Chen Limu。
When she turned her head, her hair was flowing up,Very charming,Asked with a bright smile:“really?Can i live?”Soft and soft babble,In the empty hall,Like a wonderful trickle,Cleanse people’s hearts。
A world away from the truth inside。
“of course!”Chen Limu smiled Kendi’s strengthening language。
With Chen Limu’s words,Xie Lisu was relieved。Excited like a child,Facing Chen Limu and walk back,When I think of it, I will meet with Ke Lan, who is in my heart.,The face can’t restrain the yearning for a better life。
Chen Limu told Yang Zi to wait a while and help Xie Lisu organize her luggage after dinner.。
After meal,Chen Limu went to Futang to meditate,I don’t know when every day at this point she will recite the Heart Sutra,This has become a habit。
Yang Zi followed Xie Lisu to the room,Yang Zi asked softly:“Sister Lisu,Is there anything I can help?Although inform。”
Yang Zi, who also has a beautiful face and figure,Different lives,But it’s a profession of serving people。
Yang Zi’s heart is not convinced, this kind of low voice work。Long time,Already compromised with life。
Will you fly to the branches one day?,She also looks forward to,Higher spirits,But hide your true self very deep。
Yang Zi knew that the room had been cleaned regularly by a housekeeper,Already packed up,Just the placement of items。

“I only have time on weekends,Best be able to come back on Sunday night,So I can’t go too far,Alas, it seems to travel far away with everyone。”

Of course Wang Mengmeng does not go to shopping countries like Japan and South Korea.,It’s just that I can’t find like-minded companions every time,I feel a little lost,the most important is,Every time her father accompanies her to travel, he will leave early before half of the time.,Because the Wang Group’s affairs can’t be left behind。
It’s Su Rou’s side,Very few trips abroad,But she also has her own passport and can go abroad anytime。of course,This was done by coincidence when participating in foreign competitions,Otherwise, she really wouldn’t be able to walk around。
“Then where are we going?”Su Rou has no idea。
In fact, when a bunch of women get together, they feel helpless,Because women don’t like to make their own ideas as long as they are not strong。But the same,If your advice is not good,They won’t accept,Women are such a strange creature。
“that,Or go camping?”In the end, Wang Mengmeng was the most positive speaker,“I read the news yesterday and said,Tonight atGCity has a meteor shower,And it’s a rare meteor shower in a century。”
To know,Even if there is a meteor shower,That’s not something you can see in any city。butGThe city is also in Jiangbei Province,It takes about two hours to drive there。
Going to that city is not a problem,The issue is,After going there?Which place to choose?
And the most troublesome thing about camping is to set up a tent,These girls certainly don’t,In other words,This burden will eventually fall to Qin Feng’s side。
The latter is somewhat depressed,Because he is a fellow male,Must be betrayed。
Su Rou nodded and murmured,“It seems not bad,GAfter all, there are many famous mountains and rivers in the city,Let’s find a mountain that is a tourist attraction as a camping site,Then bring some barbecue tools,In this way, you can visit the mountains and play and get close to nature,Seems good。”
“Sister Yan, what do you think?”Wang Mengmeng and Su Rou both looked at Jiang Yan。After all, Jiang Yan made the final decision on everything before.,Naturally now is no exception。
“I can do it!”Jiang Yan’s mood is out of the child’s age,So playfulness is actually not that heavy,But she would not dislike hanging out with people who live with。
Besides,She felt that after a week of staying up all night,She needs to relax。
“Ok,Then you go shopping and prepare,I can lie down on the bed and rest。”
Finished,Jiang Yan yawned and went back to her room。Although she got up very early today,But for work,I can only get up。

Arrived4month,McDonnell Douglas officially announced theirMD-12Super Plane Project,With the announcement of the entire plan,The entire global aviation community was shocked:In such a bad financial situation,McDonnell Douglas dared to push this super risky model,The confidence of this mystery is really……Simply!

But the insiders watch the doorway,Layman watching the excitement,Aviation fans and the media are quite excited:Because this is the world’s first super aircraft with a complete second-story all-pass cabin!
Boeing747Is it a two-tier airliner??
Do not!
Boeing747Can only be regarded as a layer and a half,Layout with the upper and lower two full decksMD-12compared to,Already have20Boeing for many years747Just like an ugly duckling,Many media began to clamor“The owner of the Jumbo jet needs to change!”
under these circumstances,The media and aviation fans naturally ignoredMD-12The global investment plan released with the project:McDonnell Douglas plans to take outMD-12aircraft49%Ownership,To replace67%R&D funding……
Although McDonnell Douglas has packaged this fundraising plan very well,What kind of global resource allocation is something that people feel inexplicably tall,But something embarrassing for McDonnell Douglas:inMD-12One month after the plan was released,McDonnell Douglas did not receive oneMD-12Orders!
Don’t talk about the confirmed order,I don’t even have an intention order……
As for the intended partner,Little McDonald’s previous reverie“Wan Youlai Chao”Did not appear,only4VTaixiang Aerospace Industry Group expressed interest……
This is really embarrassing!
Reminiscent of what Chen Geng said to him before,Little Macdonald doesn’t knowMD-12The plan is really suspended?For alwaysMD-12For the young McDonald who planned to see McDonnell’s turnaround,This situation is absolutely unacceptable to him,and so,Little Macdonald can’t sit still anymore,Personally rushed to New York to ask Chen Geng for advice。
But the insiders watch the doorway,Layman watching the excitement,Aviation fans and the media are quite excited:Because this is the world’s first super aircraft with a complete second-story all-pass cabin!
First1018chapter Take the opportunity to eat meat
“This one……”

Maybe it’s the identity of Zhou Ziyi on this express train,Xiangyang and their team have also become strong and powerful under the control of Ling Yun,Several shareholders including Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao,You can also see the share of the account increase every month。

It’s the same problem that makes Bai Lu at a loss,It seems that I haven’t used the knowledge learned,Ling Yun and Yan Xiaoyi fulfilled everyone’s expected amount,And still in excess。
Bai Lu can clearly realize this,After taking over,What height will the starting point be,So knocking at the library became Bai Lu’s daily check-in,Even if Xiang Chen repeatedly persuaded,There is no way to stop Bai Lu’s learning spirit。
What comforts Xiang Chen is that Bai Lu’s mother finally accepted Xiang Chen,Also willing to move into the apartment Xiang Chen prepared,This is also after Bai Lu’s father left,Bai Lu and her mother are not alone in a new year。
Warm spring after the Spring Festival,It seems that everyone has a different happiness。
Of course there is only one person who has been suffering from joy and loneliness,That’s Zheng Ziling。
Due to the stake in Xiangyang Studio,Originally, Yu Ling gave her son the money to pick up girls,Now also has interest,And it’s still an upward trend。
In Zheng Weiwei’s view,This is a good thing,But in Zheng Ziling’s heart,Not necessarily so good。
Invest in Xiangyang’s studio,It’s not that I have a unique vision,Zheng Ziling knows this very well,And he knows better,As long as Xiangyang hasn’t married herself one day,The one named Ling Yun has always been his underestimate,My rival is helping Xiangyang make money,But besides appearing by Xiangyang regularly every day,I can’t seem to do anything for her
Zheng Ziling is a bit lost,And this loss has been going on for a long time,So that Zheng Ziling would be alone in a daze every morning,As if not connected to this world,And this world is for Zheng Ziling,Also like a passerby,Just stayed in his sight for a moment,Nodded at him and left。
“Our pigs are a bit weird recently!”
As Zheng Ziling’s mother,Yu Ling, after Zheng Ziling liked to be in a daze every morning for a month,The first to find something wrong with his son。
The first day of a long holiday,My son doesn’t eat breakfast or go out,Yu Ling wondered if his pigs were upset when they gave the cabbage。Some worries,But still didn’t put down the chopsticks in my hand。