Adhering to the idea that leaders are stupid,Yao Yao interacted with the girls on the wine table again,Girls have different minds,But talk to Yao Yao about some fashion gossip,It’s always better than being with grandpa。

So there are only Xiang Chen and Han Fulai who skillfully beat each other,But this situation did not last long,There is a person,Directly bring the atmosphere of Xiang Chen’s table to another height。
His name is Wu Weihua,He has an industry in Wanghai called Home from Home。
Chapter Ninety Nine Wu Fei
The place where Zhu Shiyao was at the wine table was the most deserted at first,But when Han Fulai brought in his grandson Han Genji,,The gaze projected in the air looks a little different。
Although many people still don’t know how sacred Han Fulai is,But watching him sit at the main table with the protagonist tonight,Identity is not easy。
In this land of China,The front waves are often chased by the back waves,But this never meant that the so-called front wave was really suppressed by the back wave,most of the time,The front waves chased on the sea swallowed the back waves,Then it became its own heritage。
and so,The old people on the theme all look amiable,But everyone knows,The existence of cannibalism in those stories,Is the real experience of these old people。
The old people with Zhu Ruzhi and Han Zhili will inevitably slander,Everyone has reached a tacit understanding before,The success of the younger generations depends on their respective chances,But what do you mean by Han Fulai,It’s more than just pulling down his face to show his grandson as a beacon,And went to talk in person。
I’m afraid it’s everyone present,Except for the few people on Zhu Shiyao’s wine table and Han Fulai,No one knows the true identities of those two weirdos。Contempt for Han Fulai’s shame,I can’t hold back my face and do the same thing with him,Besides, the identities of those young people are unclear,Everyone still chose to watch the changes tacitly。
All the old people still have smiles on their faces,This land under your feet,Most of the plots are strong dragons can’t beat local snakes!
But some people’s pride did not last long on their faces,As someone came to Xiang Chen’s side,Rao the old people are used to the storm,Still can’t help but let out a surprise。
The old people on the theme are so,People in other positions are even more curious about the identity of Xiang Chen, Yao Yao, and Xiang Yang。
“My name is Wu Weihua,I don’t know if I can have a drink with you。”
The middle-aged man standing in front of Xiang Chen doesn’t seem to be special,But this does not affect his dazzling。
His name is Wu Weihua,His appearance is not the same as his name,There is no look that makes life feel scared,Just that feminine temperament,It won’t make people comfortable to go there。
When Wu Weihua was talking,Han Fulai looked up at him,And Wu Weihua looked back at Wu Weihua with a smile。
“As you please,On this table,The old man himself is a guest。”
Han Fulai smiled,At the same time, there are some doubts in my heart,It seems that there are still some errors in some links,Some people noticed Xiang Chen’s identity,Even if these people don’t have many,But still not optimistic。

When Xiang Chen spoke,Put his thumb on Zhou Ziyi’s throat,The serious expression has not diminished。

“I’m not good at strategizing calculations,I don’t know much about business wars,But I am very good at beheading!”
Xiang Chengzymt.Speak very calmly,No exaggerated display,But it makes people afraid to question whether what he said is true or not。
Looking at Xiang Chen now,Cai Kunpeng really wants to tell him that you are bluffing!But recalling Zhou Ziyi’s evaluation of Xiang Chen,Cai Kunpeng did not dare to bet on the authenticity of his own judgment。
It suddenly occurred to me that there was a bodyguard arranged by myself,It stands to reason that Xiang Chen should not be allowed to come in so easily,Think carefully,Cai Kunpeng had to warn Xiang Chen in a soft tone,“Don’t mess around!”
“Are you trying to use me as a sharpening stone for your girl?”
Zhou Ziyi’s face doesn’t change,Even though it seems that his life is already in Xiang Chen’s hands,He still doesn’t mean to be soft。
“Not a girl!My daughter is also the shopkeeper!Is a wife!”
Xiang Chen smiled and patted Zhou Ziyi’s ass again,Then before Qu Tianyi falls into his position,Already jumped to the door。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Five arrangement
Xiang Chen jumped to the door,Looking back at Zhou Ziyi, who was still lying on the bed,The smile on my face seems to be saying:Qu Tianyi can’t protect you,It’s not easy to take your life?
“Remember to be honest,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise, the three old men will gather together,I can’t protect you!”
Hearing the voice, Xiang Chen has ran far away,The voice floats far away,Let Zhou Ziyi hold the sheet in front of him。
The last slap left by Xiang Chen,So Zhou Ziyi’s painful tears came out,Uncontrollably raised his head and chased Xiang Chen to curse the street,But look around,Where is Xiang Chen’s shadow?
Silently cursed an international common language,In the end, Zhou Ziyi resisted all the pain alone。
Qu Tianyi stood beside Zhou Ziyi,The old man’s face is ashen,I have my own seat here,Was also taken advantage of by this Xiang Chen,How can we not make people feel indignant??

Pause time,Many people can’t help but turn their eyes back to Master Wuhao。

“These three pieces of equipment,Master Wuhao traded it to us!”Zhao Liezhu shouted。
There was an uproar in the audience!Sure enough!Master Wu Hao already has the magical ability to change equipment attributes,This is the true meaning of Dragon God’s favor!
The Jialuo priest has ashes,He couldn’t think of it anyway,Wu Hao has created miracles,Or,He himself is a miracle proof!
Ability to change the attributes of equipment,Such miracles will undoubtedly change the historical course of the entire God nation!
In front of such miraculous facts,He no longer needs to provide any proof。
Priest Jialuo put his head down,Not say a word,Head down and walk outside the hall。
“Guard,Take Garo!I declare,Deprived of Garo’s priesthood,Send him to the guillotine,The charge is blasphemy!”Priest Lei Jiji finally spoke。
He couldn’t tolerate any grit in his eyes,Seize the opportunity,Condemned Gallo as a blasphemer,And the priest Garo was found guilty,The great priest behind him,Reputation will be damaged,Under the circumstances,He will soon be ineligible to be a competitor to the priest Lei Jizhi。
now,All the giants present have surrounded the Wuhao masters,Everyone can’t suppress enthusiasm,Asked him all kinds of questions。
“Master Wu Hao,What kind of top equipment do you have?We want it all!”
“Master Wu Hao,Will you accept equipment customization?How long does it take?”
“Master Wu Hao,His Royal Highness wants to invite you to dinner,Then you can talk about cooperation。”
I saw many giants surrounded by Wu Hao,His Highness the Sixth Prince just sat in the table with a smile,Did not come forward,But showed a satisfied expression。

“Chairman Ouyang,Do not misunderstand,What i mean?Not that you can’t handle it here,only,This is some personal matter between Chairman Ouyang and I,and so,I think it is more convenient to ask the old chairman to come out。”Wen Tianli said。

Ouyang Xiahua didn’t expect that his fleeting thoughts would be noticed by Wen Tianli.。
It seems,The reason why the boss of this article was able to have such a position in just a few years,It’s really true。
Ouyang Xiahua smiled awkwardly,Said:“Ok,I’m going,Please wait a moment here。”
Wen Tianli smiled,No more words。
Ouyang Xiahua went directly upstairs。
Ouyang Wuji’s room on the second floor。
“dad,People from Xihai Auction Company,They want to see you。”Ouyang Xiahua said。
Ouyang Wuji squeezed out the cigarette in his hand,Said:“see me?What does it mean,I haven’t asked them to settle accounts yet?Did they settle the bill to me in advance??”
“dad,After they came,Always polite,In my opinion,They didn’t mean to settle accounts。Do you think they might be here to apologize to us?,After all, Jianfeng today,Lost so much face at the auction。”Ouyang Xiahua said。
“Humph!”Ouyang Wuji sneered:“Shouldn’t they think this,Just a simple apology will do it?”
“dad!I think you should go down in person,This time,Boss Wen, the boss of Xihai Auction Company, also came in person!”Ouyang Xiahua said。
Ouyang Wuji heard this,The whole person was taken aback,He did not expect that this matter was actually related to the big boss of the Xihai Auction Company,In this way,This matter seems not so easy to handle。


Lin Yoona smashed her rice bowl on the table,Said:“mom,Do you know what you are talking about?I already said,I won’t divorce Xiao Fan,Now it’s you who ruin your daughter’s happiness for the rest of her life,It’s you,do you know?”
Liu Chunlan saw Lin Yuner’s waste for Xiao Fan,Dare to talk to her so loudly,Also said desperately:“What’s so good about this waste,I think you are wicked!”
Lin Yuna turned around,I pulled Xiao Fan who was still eating nonchalantly,Said to Liu Chunlan:“At least the waste in your eyes will not harm me,Won’t harm the Lin family,Will not threaten me to do anything I don’t want to do,You know what the Fang family has done,I can still say this,I have to wonder if you have been caught by something evil!Let’s go back to the room,Don’t eat。”
Finished,Pulling Xiao Fan’s hand and walking towards the room。
Until Lin Yuner and Xiao Fan entered the room,Closed the door,Liu Chunlan was sober from the huge consternation。
She couldn’t believe it,My daughter, who has always been docile, had such a bad temper with her today。
What did you do wrong,She just wanted to find someone worthy of her for her daughter,Why did you do it wrong,And provoke her so much unhappiness。
Correct,It’s all Xiao Fan!
It must be that trash secretly gave Yoona some Ecstasy,That led to my daughter becoming like this。
Thought of here,I rushed to the door of Lin Yuner’s bedroom,Speak loudly:“Xiao Fan, let me tell you,No matter what insidious tricks you use for my daughter,I will find a way to get my daughter out of your clutches。”
Listening to Liu Chunlan’s clamor outside the door,Lin Yuner smiled helplessly at Xiao Fan,Said:“Don’t take what he said to your heart!”

Ask yourself,I have never done anything that goes against the studio。

Back to the editing room,Tian Lu reflects deeply,Secretly encourage myself:Only in adversity can we grow better,Come on!
First167chapter Hope
The manuscript was not written on the day、Choreography、After review,I went back to my residence and worked overtime,Get used to that day’s things。
After Tian Lu is busy with the manuscript,Stretched,I saw the light in Maza’s room still on,Sound inside。
this late,Why is there still talking in the room?Come close and listen,Can’t hear anything,Knocked on the door,After Mazza opened the door,Tian Lu asked in surprise:“Very late,Maza, what are you looking at?”
Mazza handed over the phone,Excitedly introduce Tian Lu。
It turned out that a shopping platform was broadcasting a live broadcast of new clothing products,The best-selling items inside are perfectly promoted by the live broadcast,Maza now knows a lot of words,Except can’t speak,Other expressions are no different from humans。
She typed something:I have been watching the live broadcast of clothing shopping for a long time,Already grabbed a large coupon,Bought a light blue double-sided pure wool coat。
Tian Lu open the page,The anchor inside is clever tongue,Every body is a natural clothes rack,Whatever clothes look good,Beautiful appearance,Patient professional training,Interaction with netizens,Take the trouble to introduce and dress up。
After watching for a few minutes,I roughly understand what’s going on。Live clothing shopping,Probably extended from various emerging software platforms,These people are really business-minded,Able to gain popularity,Have a customer base,At least you don’t have to work hard to promote。
Slippage,All kinds of live broadcasts abound on homepage Weitao,Fish and dragon,Talk about the goods in your shop,If there is no discernment,I’m really not allowed to be fooled,But the products promoted in some live broadcast rooms are indeed of high quality,Beautiful price。
Tian Lu returned her phone,Ignore not interested,Said dismissively:“I hope not to be fooled,Dear mazza,Rest early。”

only because!These items!From low to high price,Everything!Including all the things in this world!

The highest price is the big clock,value8Ten million points!The next is,Divine Body,Phantom,value5About ten million points!
Next level,Is the fourth generation of gods,value3Ten million points,And these are all 50% off prices as the group leader。
Apart from this,Each item has purchase instructions,Such as the divine body,You need to reach the fourth generation of gods to be able to use it。Four Generations of God Body,You need to reach three generations of gods to use,Layer by layer。
As for the Five Dynasties,Tianzhu Engine,Wu Xing did not see,This made him think of a possibility,That is the chat group is probably an item created in the background of the original super god universe。
He is just a traverser into the super-god universe,So not in the ranks,This will explain why his exclusive merchandise is not available in the mall。
Wu Xing who knows this,Not too careful,Start browsing other world products。
Commodities from other worlds,also the same,As long as there is something in that world,Can be seen in the mall,Can buy!
But unfortunately,The mall does not recycle the original items of each world,Unless it is a product that is not available in the mall,Such as his exclusive fifth-generation divine body,Tianzhu Engine!
How can Wu Xing sell these to the mall??
Flower pity:Wow,The enhanced function is great,I can lift it now500Catty stuff。
Jiu Shu:I strengthened my Maoshan Taoism,I feel a lot better。
Tyrant:Hey,The old man’s points are not enough to strengthen the three-point return。
Yun Yun:Sent a red envelope。
Ding:Congratulations to Shen Ziyao for grabbing a random red envelope sent by Yun Yun。

PS:Cough cough……Ashamed,I just said yesterday that today’s three changes,I slapped myself in a blink of an eye,Only more2more,But please rest assured,Now that the millennium is updated overnight,And then it’s tomorrow morning8Point release,4000word!Please forgive me brothers。

Brothers sorry,Please wait a few minutes。
Of course Chen Geng understands,He didn’t try to ask Anthony clearly and pretending to be confused.·Why doesn’t Fokker allow me to send Chinese employees,But frowned,Staring at Anthony·Fokker:“But in the future this aircraft will be produced in China,I let Chinese employees participate in the design,There are already considerations for them to serve as Chinese trainers after they are put into production,If my Chinese employees are not allowed to participate in the design of the aircraft,Increasing training costs in the future,Do you bear it?”
“This one……This one……”
Anthony·Fokker is a bit silly,I don’t know how to answer for a while,Because Chen Geng’s reasons are very powerful:I arrange people to participate in the design,This is to make my people familiar with this aircraft、After the design work is completed in the future, I will serve as the Chinese training supervisor、Cost-reducing,You don’t allow Chinese employees to participate in the design,The cost of muscle gain caused by this,Who is responsible?Are you responsible?
Chen Geng did not let go of this opportunity,Step by step:“Mr. Fokker,I understand your concerns,But i am a capitalist,I have to consider the cost,And IMHO,Your worries are completely unnecessary,What do you think is China’s current level in the civil aviation industry,Can steal the core technology of your Fokker aircraft?”
“This one……”
Anthony·Fokker’s stuttering speechlessness。
Actually tell the truth,Anthony·Fokker also thinks this decision of the board is quite stupid,What can I do to be stupid?After all, this decision is a specific decision of the board of directors,Even if he Anthony·Fokker is chairman of Fokker Aircraft Company,It is impossible to overturn the collective decision of the board of directors。
First661chapter Enter Europe(4000word)
Anthony·It takes some time for Fokker to communicate with the board,Chen Geng is not in a hurry,It’s not because he knows it’s in a hurry,But he wasAMCThe sales situation of the last month just calculated is shocked……
“120089Vehicles?!”It stands to reason that Chen Geng should not be surprised long ago,But look at Jack·The latest statistics on the information sent by Welch,Chen Geng was still surprised and beyond words:“Is this number listed or wholesale?”
last month,AMCFinally broke through the capacity,Chen Geng expects the final sales to be about10.5Wanzhi11.2Between ten thousand,If optimistic,Probably reach11.5Ten thousand,But let him make a bold guess,I didn’t expect the final sales to exceed12Ten thousand。
You asked for this kind of report and sent it by fax,Why jack·Welch, the chairman and general manager of the group, personally delivered it?The reason is too simple,Celebrate Chen Geng、By the way, I would like to express to my boss that the company’s performance is booming under my management.、I didn’t choose the wrong person。
One sentence,Jack·Welch almost showed his merits to Chen Geng through this。
“Is the number of cards,The wholesale quantity is more than this number,”Jack·Welch casually explained,Excited:“boss,Compared with last month’s sales,Year-on-year sales growth40%,Compared with the same month last year,Our month-on-month growth is as high as160%!”
“Ha ha……Not bad!not bad!”Although Jack·Welch’s way of showing off his achievements is very earthy,But Chen Geng is still very happy,But Chen Geng didn’t mention the reward,I have already said that I will take some of my dividends as a reward,What about myself?Can’t he Jack·Welch will reward himself once for his achievements?Turn the topic,Chen Geng asked:“How about the other three companies?”

So it’s totally fine。

Fernandez·Chen,Bring a letter from President Lee Geun,And said that he would invite Gorbachev to go to the United States to discuss the reduction of the nuclear weapons arsenal between the two sides through a public speech on television.,From this perspective,The United States is very sincere,But so far,The Soviet Union did not show its sincerity。
Gorbachev became silent。
International diplomacy has its own set of rules and methods for international diplomacy,Americans have expressed their sincerity in this way,If the Soviet Union really wants to reduce its nuclear weapons arsenal、Reduce the pressure on the economy from the huge nuclear weapons arsenal,Then please show your sincerity。
That won’t work。
Any actions that are not sufficient to prove your sincerity,Can only prove one thing:On this matter,You are not sincere。
A moment later,Gorbachev finally spoke:“What kind of sincerity do you want?”
“According to the intelligence held by the United States,The Soviet Union seems to have developed and equipped a powerful、Enough to match the AmericanF-15‘eagle’Heavy fighter,”Chen Geng said:“But so far,The West has never seen the appearance of this fighter,Why not let this fighter shine,how is it?”
Gorbachev hasn’t spoken yet,Valentin·Stalyevich couldn’t help it.:“Mr. Fernandez,Your request is very excessive,The fighter you mentioned is a highly military secret of the Soviet Union,It is absolutely impossible for us to reveal any secrets of this fighter……”
“Mr. Stalyevich,I don’t think America’s request is excessive,”Chen Geng shook his head,Expressed disagreement with Valentin·Stalijevic’s statement:“First of all,I believe that the Soviet governmentF-15‘eagle’Type heavy fighter already has a certain understanding,Our request is only a request based on the equivalence of some kind of information;
Secondly,The United States did not ask the Soviet government to provide us with the fighter jet I mentioned.,I just hope that the Soviet government can make this fighter show up in some suitable way.,that is it——Like nuclear weapons,Sometimes show up in public,Let your opponent know that you have such a piece of equipment,Actually, it might be a good thing,Right?”

Old Bai’s tone Xia Chenglong doesn’t like,This way of saying goodbye is too sensational,It seems that they won’t be able to meet after this time。

“rest assured,Utilization is mutual,Before you use it,I won’t use you。”
With use,That’s why I risk my death to get the medicine for the other party,So you won’t be afraid of danger,Who would believe that there is no love in this。
The conversation is really boring,Make the time to wait for the stone ball to break especially long。
The old gentleman waved his sleeves casually,Xia Chenglong’s injury is healed,But he still feels very empty,It seems to have lost an important thing。
He didn’t understand until afterwards,What i lost,If I knew it would be like this before,May not come here。
There are some feelings that are not necessary to express,Mr. Bai is finished,Then naturally back to waiting。
As long as the stone ball is broken,Nothing changed here,That is the best result。
The old man introduced a formation into everyone’s mind,Only after careful induction,It turns out that this underground actually responds to this formation。
In Xia Chenglong’s life,He has seen many powerful magic circles,Keep on,Universe Profound Realm,Kajia,Even Yu Dan Qiusheng……
They are very good,But compared to the array in my head at the moment,Not a class at all。
In other words, the formation that appeared in his body at this moment is the most perfect of all formations。
I’m afraid with this,The people present have already benefited a lot。
This is underground,Can’t see the outside scene,In fact, the outside at this moment is very beautiful。
Yun Xiaowen looked at God,The twinkling stars in the sky and the emerging moon shadow bring light here,Occasionally, a few distant beasts are barking,Looks quiet and long。
“Miss Yun,Put on a dress,It’s cold here。”
Dai Tianbao knew that the other party was injured,It’s midnight again now。
“Thanks a lot!”
Dai Tianbao nodded,Sit beside each other:“Do not worry,Brother Long will definitely be fine。”