Chapter Two Hundred and Fifty Seven Heart evil

After Madam Taiyi heard his disciple’s serious words,Come back,Watching my disciple,Said with a smile,He wouldn’t let his disciples sit and watch the sky like him,Go out to see the outside world,Good for my own disciples。
After Maomaru Nezha heard that his teacher was going to take him to the song,Can’t help but smile,Chen Tangguan has long been boring,You can go to Chaoge to see and see,Also suits him。
“Mrs. Lee,Then I will take Zhaer to Chaoge for a long time。”
Master Taiyi looked at his happy disciple,Said with a smile,For his disciple,His teacher as a teacher really sacrificed too much,But no way,Who made him accept the magic pill Nezha as his disciple??
“Zhaer,Don’t make trouble along the way,Listen to real people。”
After Madam Li heard Taiyi’s words,,Gently exhort my son,This is the first time my son has left her,Although it won’t be long,She is still worried,But since my son has such ambitions,She won’t dissuade。
“mother,Don’t worry,I will not make trouble。”
After Maomaru Nezha heard his mother’s instructions,,Happy to say,Finally leaving Chentangguan,He looks forward to what Chaoge will look like。
“Then, Mrs. Li, I took Zhaer to Chaoge。”
Real Taiyi said with a smile,The voice falls,Madam Taiyi drove the magic weapon to take him and his disciples to Chaoge,He really envied Nezha and his teacher’s methods,It’s a pity he won’t,So I can only fly slowly with magic weapons。
“I must return safely,Zhaer。”
Mrs. Li standing in the small courtyard,Looking at the light in the sky,Whisper,She never thought about what her son could do,She just wants her son to live her life peacefully, that’s enough。
Subsequently,Mrs. Li turned and left the courtyard,She is going to tell her husband that Zah’er’s Heavenly Tribulation Curse has dissipated,Their son will no longer be in danger。
at the same time,An ordinary world,A bronze gate suddenly appeared in the air,After a breath,The bronze gate opens,A black man walked out of the bronze gate,Then the bronze gate dissipated。

“how about it。”Song Litao asked。

“boss,I asked clearly,Same as you said,Someone is really making a ghost。”
There was a pause on the phone,Grumbling voice came over,Should be drinking water,Then said:“After the news broadcast this morning,Someone took the recorded video to find these elderly people who bought health care products,Encourage them to come。”
While they are angry,But he didn’t lose his reason,Feel troublesome,Can’t beat us,Not willing to come。
“But those people told them,There is a shuttle bus,And as long as people come,Treat it as work,150 yuan per person,Fifty in advance,Give one hundred after the event。”
At the same time there is a high temperature subsidy,So people like them are here as long as there is nothing special。
Song Litao finished listening,Head blown up。
Who is this person,How much hate him to do such a thing!
“boss,What should we do now,These people have been shouting to return the goods and money,Do you want to retreat。”
Confidant staff finished talking,Did not hear the boss respond,Took the initiative to ask,After all, he is on the scene now,He is in charge。
This kind of cost,And it’s a big money thing,He can’t be the master!
“Back off!”Song Litao was in anger at this time,“How can there be so much money back,If you quit, the company will go bankrupt!”
“that……What to do then?”
The confidant has no idea:“These old people are blocking the door now,Must rush in,The security can’t stand it anymore,In case you bump into it,Then something big will happen!”
Song Litao was surprised,Fell silent immediately。
Yes,His mother didn’t know who came up with this trick,These old people whose bodies are half buried in the soil,In case something happens,So Song Litao can’t hold him even if he is covered by Sun Yongli!
A moment later,He spoke:“Put them all in,Refund them。”
“what?Refund?”Confidential employees directly confused。
The boss was still yelling back,How did it change in an instant,This too……

Translated into the vernacular, everything starts from nothing,Born without possession,Do something but don’t hold on to merit,Only when facing deeds with a mentality of not being proud,Will not lose。

simply put,Just“Create without possessing,Success without pretension。”
The body in front of me,Unconscious,Muddled,Ignorant,Is actually“no”status。
Its heart rhythmically absorbs external energy,And then transmitted to the limbs,Until the Dantian Baodan,Is to create but not to possess,Precisely because of this non-possession,In return for the overall vitality。
And after holding Dan compressed,Refining and purifying energy,And then feedback to include the heart and the whole body,Is to succeed without pretending to be。
Swallow and suck,Between practice and vomiting,Contains the wisdom of life。
Lu Menglin understood this,That’s why I was so intoxicated,Can’t extricate themselves。
The energy movement and transformation in this divine body,Contains the big secret of life evolution,In the eyes of different people,Naturally have different interpretations。
The first person who came into contact with it was A Jianglong,He naturally looked at this divine body with the eyes of a practitioner,Think this is a perfect soul-changing body,Can give oneself a second life。
but,Although A Jianglong is proficient in head drop technique,But not a real warrior,He sensed that although this divine body can carry divine souls,Without any spell fluctuations,It’s like no mental power,If you change your soul,,All spells,So he is not a last resort,Unwilling to turn soul easily。
But in the eyes of Lu Menglin,This divine body is basically a top-level textbook,More useful than any famous teacher question bank,If you use the college entrance examination as an analogy,It’s simply missing questions in the college entrance examination,Let him see the nature of martial arts evolution。
In fact,If Ah Jianglong really uses the way of looting her soul,Transfer the soul into this body,But just lost“Create without possessing,Success without pretension”The essence of,When he injected consciousness into the divine body,It is tantamount to depriving the divine body of the divinity,Bring it back to human form,It won’t be so perfect。
now,A clear path has been simulated in Lu Menglin’s mind,This is an evolutionary path towards higher life。
He has cultivated Gang Jin to spread all over his body,Every inch of skin is extremely sensitive,Can be vigorous,The next step is to compress Gang Jin into the Dantian Qi Sea,Baodan becomes a saint。
But if this assumption is true,Then Master Li Shixing’s martial arts path is wrong,Or put the cart before the horse。
Wudang Unique Learning to Catch Toad,Gas into silk,Control by God,Endless changes,Of course it is extremely powerful,But this way of tempering energy is more of a combat technique,And it’s not good for your own life evolution,It’s going to be different,Practice further。
If the strength of the energy in the body is tempered and compressed,Successfully hold Dan at Dantian,Then stimulate the whole body with Dan Jin,Give back to the heart and brain,Moisturize the internal organs,It is possible to transform life,On the path of evolution to super life。
unconsciously,Lu Menglin stood foolishly between the cylindrical crystals for more than two hours。
Until he feels dizzy,Relax a little,Just released from this state of epiphany。
Completely absorbed thinking,It was originally a matter of extremely exhausting physical and mental energy。

“Brother Long,Don’t panic!I Tu Shanming came to rescue you!”

On the entire battlefield,I heard Tu Shanming’s weird calls again and again。
This is his way of fighting,As if there was only constant yelling,Will make him full of power,I can’t use up my strength。
Long Zhanye is the opposite of him,Silent,Just know to kill,Continue to kill the enemy,As if taking a breath,Vow to kill all the dark races in front of you。
There are these two killers in front,Attract all the attention of those black maggots,Make the rear extremely safe,Not even a black evil maggot was released。
Seeing that the heat is almost there,Gao Dajin gave an order,Six experienced level forty-two veterans kill the insects together,Another concealment,Take Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye back。
Wait till they all return to the city,The four gate bridges are re-opened,Sandstorm City has become a closed fortress。
Just entered the city,Tu Shanming just sat on the ground,Fatigue,So tired that I don’t even have the strength to blink。
Long Zhanye’s image is a little better than him,Chose to sit cross-legged,Close your eyes and rest。
Two healing magic arts immediately enveloped the two of them,Help them regain their strength。
The six old warriors of the god nation,Including strictly guarding copper,They all looked at them with admiration。
Just hit the worm circle just now,They have already felt the tremendous pressure coming from all directions,If it hadn’t been for the team’s defensive skills to strictly guard the copper, it would be too good,The six may not be able to fight off the insect tide,Cover the two successfully retreat。
And these two guys,Can only attack but not defend,Kill all quarters in the worm tide,Supported for so long!
Such a brilliant record,How can it not be admirable?
This first battle against the dark race,Played the majesty of Sandstorm City,Played a morale boost,More importantly, thousands of light pattern equipment were returned,Able to arm the military and civilians in the city,Become a real combat power,This can be said to be the smoothest result。
And at the moment,Lu Menglin is alone,Sitting on the east wall,Look far,Did not participate in the cheering of victory。
He is in a spiritual dialogue with the King of Destruction Seed。

Listen to what Brother Hu said,Ye Mei and others secretly wrote down the appearance of the seal,Maybe you have luck in the future。

In the following time,Ye Mei and others have small gains,Worth tens of thousands,Even thousands of things,Never let go。Everyone found,It’s not that the antique market has no treasures,But the eyes that really didn’t find。
The happiest one is undoubtedly Ye Mei,Till now,She has accumulated nearly but the funds,It’s two days of hard work。I always heard,Some unbelievable female classmates go out fooling around and make money,It’s easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month。Can follow Brother Hu,More money than selling。
unfortunately!Brother Hu won’t stay long in Suzhou。otherwise,She thinks she can be a rich woman。
“Go have a meal,Prepare to participate in charity auction in the evening。”Hu Yang told everyone。
More formal indoor charity auction,Hua Zi hasn’t seen it,The audience in the live room is equally curious,What is it like。It should be different from the outdoor one last time, right??
in fact,Everyone encountered a charity auction before,It was the time I met a Korean guy,It’s just not very formal。
It is said that,This time participating in the auction,There are many celebrities,For example, the richest man in horse who is keen on philanthropy。
therefore,Not so much everyone is looking forward to the next charity auction,Rather than expect to see the richest man in Ma。Not only the audience in the live broadcast room,Even Huazi is no exception。
At present, the audience in the Populus live broadcast room has exceeded 1.5 million,Everyone expects,When it comes to charity auction,This number may increase by hundreds of thousands,Probably it is the largest live broadcast in the history of Populus。
before this,Guild boss Yang has already called and discussed with Hu Yang,Tell Huyang platform is also actively cooperating with the recommendation。
Hu Yang still couldn’t help but say something,When letting them promote,Don’t use the richest man in horse as a gimmick。I am not familiar with others,Use other people’s fame to make yourself a fan,Populus does not feel good。
After eating,Still time,Hu Yang went to the hospital,I met Zheng Xinyan again,Chat with them for a while。

Chief Engineer Cheng Xingming gave a light cough:“Mr. Chen,In addition to motorcycle cooperation projects,Our Jialing factory has another project we want to cooperate with you。”

“Another project?”Chen Geng was a little surprised:“Tell me。”
“Can you use that one350ccParallel twin-cylinder engine,Design a tiny car?”
Chen Geng thought hard for a while,I understand what Cheng Xingming’s remarks mean,Suddenly surprised:“Your Jialing plant is planning to start the car project?”
In my own memory,It seems that Jialing Factory has never planned to launch a mini car project, right??
“Is a mini car,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to ask,Cheng Xingming took the initiative to explain:“When my grandson and I went to Yugoslavia to inspect motorcycles,I saw a very small car on the streets of Yugoslavia,The appearance and structure look a bit like our jeep,But much smaller,The length is just over three meters,The width is only about one meter four,Although there is an engine cover,But the engine is not there yet,But is installed at the back of the car……”
Without waiting for Cheng Xingming to finish,Chen Geng knew what car he was talking about:Fiat126P!
Fiat126PIt is a model with considerable influence in the history of private car development in my country,From84my country introduced the first batch of Fiat from Poland in the form of compensation trade in126Pafter that,until87year,Our country has successively introduced more than 30,000 Fiats from abroad126P,Because this car is too small,Not suitable for leadership,So this batch of Fiat126PIt was the only car in China that encouraged private purchases,It can be said to have created a precedent for domestic private purchases of cars。
And these Fiat126PAlmost without exception are the socialist countries in Eastern Europe(Mainly Poland)produced,This car is very popular in many countries in Eastern Europe,Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng came across this car during their inspection in the socialist country of Yugoslavia,It’s normal,but,Why did they suddenly think of wanting to launch this kind of mini car project??
Chen Geng is curious。
“Because your engine is more powerful than the one we used in the car we saw in Yugoslavia,The car we saw in Yugoslavia,Use is one23Horsepower594CCDisplacement gasoline engine,We just wondered,Since that23A horsepower engine can drive a car,This one350CCEngines with displacement35Horsepower,Bringing a body of the same size will definitely be even more okay。”Cheng Xingming’s reason is very strong。
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Standing in front of Chen Geng,Dorothy smiled openly。
Looking at the eyebrows in front of you、Just write on the face“Praise me,Praise me quickly!”Dorothy,Chen Geng smiled:“Ok,Look at you,It seems that the bidding process went smoothly?”
“Not very smooth,Is very smooth!”Dorothy stood out proudly,Why did she come to Denmark from America so far?Isn’t it because I came here to ask my boss for credit?:“Because our purchases are huge,Compared to last year,Our prices are lower20%to35%Vary,And considering that the price of electronic products is falling fast,We can re-negotiate the price with the spare parts supplier in less than three months。”
Speaking of which,Dolucy can’t help it anymore,Laughed happily:“from now on,Our profits can increase at least15%。”
“15%?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows。
The price of spare parts has fallen,This means that data research companies have greater and more flexible space for pricing strategies and promotional methods,But it is guaranteed to increase15%Profit,Still make Chen Geng very happy。
“Is at least15%,”Dorothy corrected seriously:“In addition,We also successfully held Intel12.33%Shares of。”
Although before, Dolucy called Chen Geng to report and explain the situation as soon as he bowed to the data research company in Crawford.,But she doesn’t mind showing off her credit to the boss again at this time。
As for this share ratio,Is also the result of repeated consideration,Although Chen Geng said before that Intel would not take out20%I won’t even talk to them,But actually such a high share ratio is impossible,Meat can be cut,Just remove one leg and there is no way for the other party to accept it,finally,After integrating various factors,Chen Geng gave11%to14%Holding range,How much can I talk about,It depends on Lucy’s ability。
12.33%Not a lot of shares,But it can be regarded as cutting off a piece of meat from Intel.,But this is not the most depressing Intel,What depresses Intel most is,The data research company has not paid for this part of its own shares。
of course,It’s impossible not to give money,But Intel is very“Considerate”The allowable data research company is now in a critical period of development,and so“initiative”Lending money to a data research company,Then let the other party buy their own shares,This operation is really not ordinary coquettish,But who let Intel do it before?,Now and then,Now it’s Intel begging the data research company to play with it,Of course you can only play according to the rules drawn by Chen Geng。
“Not bad,”Chen Geng is very satisfied with Dolucy’s performance,Although there are data research companies that are already the world’s number one microcomputer manufacturer.,But Dolucy’s ability is absolutely indispensable:“such,Give you a vacation,One week,You and Gary take a good rest……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Dorothy quickly asked in surprise and joy:“boss,You really want to give me and Gary a week off?”
“Is this still false?”Chen Geng smiled:“Speaking of,Your husband and wife haven’t had a good rest since you joined the company, right??”
“Great!I will call Gary,”Lucy was busy taking out her big brother,A short while,She happily said to Gary Kiridale on the other end of the phone:“Gary,Good news for you,bossGave us a vacation,Let’s have a good rest……Yes,bossBy my side……I never lied to you,Where do you want to go……Denmark?Ok,Then Denmark,I like Andersen,Like fairy tales……Ok,Then it’s settled。”
Seeing Dorothy who turned from a business woman to a little girl in an instant,Chen Geng couldn’t help but put on a smile on his face。
Speaking of,The Gary Kilidares are definitely models of American model workers,The kind that can get the May 1st Labor Medal,Since the couple was fooled by Chen Genglian,,Because the company is in a period of rapid growth、Because of too many things,They didn’t take a serious vacation and had a good rest,right now,The company’s development is on the right track,Also give these two a good vacation、It’s time for them to take a good rest。

First1142chapter Stir the wind and the rain

Chen Geng publicly stated,After he officially took office,Will promote legislation,Establish a law to supervise union management in Detroit?
Supervise the management of the union in the form of law,As soon as this news comes out,The whole United States is a sensation!
be honest,In the U.S,It is no secret that the union management has serious corruption problems.,It’s just that the union often leads workers to strike,No one can stand it,Regarding the corruption of the union management,Everyone will not see it……Whose butt is much cleaner than who?
But this time is different,Chen Geng expressed his attitude so clearly,The key is that he is so rich,Suddenly all the unions in the U.S. were rumbling.——Everyone is scared!
Although this law can be a question mark,Even if it becomes,Nothing but a local law,The scope of execution is limited to Detroit,But everything is afraid to set a precedent,Detroit has a law that regulates union management,Do you want New York??New York has,The workers in Los Angeles are capable?
No one likes to put a rope around their neck,Especially this rope is still being held by someone else’s hand,For a time,Various unions across the U.S. began to condemn Chen Geng and demonstrate demonstrations.,These denunciations and demonstrations have the same meaning:Corruption is only a rare case,Fernandez·Chen’s method is to stop eating because of choking。
at this time,The advantages of having its own media platform and voice channels are revealed,Chen Geng publicly stated in the media:“All members of the Cabinet, including the President of the United States, must be supervised,What rights does the union have above all the American people,Ask yourself to be unregulated?I think,Unregulated unions,Most of them have problems with the management。
Let me ask the members of these unions,You hope that the dues you pay will become a fund to help yourself and your peers,I still hope that these membership fees will become money in some people’s pockets?If you also think the union management should be supervised,Please stand up,Express your demands loudly!”
This is to publicly encourage workers across the country to march and protest。
Chen Geng’s life follows his radio station、TV stations and newspapers spread across the United States in an instant50Multiple states,See this statement,Countless union managers who wished Chen Geng to die before,Trembling already,Because according to what they know,The members of their union have not only begun to withdraw,And ready to march and protest。
Because of the corruption incident in the North American Auto Workers Association,Now union members in various industries are skeptical and scrutinizing the management of their own union,Now listen to what Chen Geng said,People from all walks of life took to the streets to march and protest,Support Chen Geng。
The reason for these people to march and protest is also very simple:what?Our union opposes Fernandez·Chen’s proposal to supervise the union management?I’m rubbing!It must be corruption in the management of our union,Did not run!
For a time,National Vibration!
So that even President Bill called Chen Geng……
“Fernandez,You gave me a problem。”On the phone,Little Bill smiled bitterly。
The two are already familiar,Chen Geng doesn’t talk nonsense with Little Bill,Said with a smile:“exactly the opposite,I think this is your chance。”
“My chance?”Little Bill was shocked:“How to say?”
Chen Geng did not answer directly,But asked little Bill:“This term,You have been working for a few years?Do you have any ideas for the next term?”

“Hey,my girlfriend,Why call me free,Do you miss your boyfriend??”Qin Feng answered the phone,Said jokingly。

“Come out to drink with me。”Fu Xiaoyi is on the phone,Said lightly。
“where are you?”Qin Feng heard Fu Xiaoyi’s tone not quite right,He should have already drunk a lot。
Fu Xiaoyi finished,Qin Feng drove there immediately,The bar where Fu Xiaoyi is located。
Indulge in Utopia,Look at the name,Qin Feng shook his head,Walked in。
Don’t know if you don’t go in,When Fu Xiaoyi called,Qin Feng thought he had heard it wrong,The bar during the day,Will they be open??
But I only found out when I came in,Not only in business,And also very hot

On the dance floor, men and women are dancing with passion.,There are many single men and women,Looking for your own“prey”。
Although there are many people,But as long as Qin Feng wants to find,No matter how many people,Not hard to find,Next second,Qin Feng is in a corner of the bar,I saw Fu Xiaoyi’s figure。
“beauty,Is anyone here?”Qin Feng pretended to be a stranger and asked。
“roll。”Fu Xiaoyi didn’t recognize Qin Feng’s voice,So he cursed。
“Yo,The little girl has a good temper!”Qin Feng still teased。

Because this kind of thing is also normal,Even if he knows these things,I will always ask。

“This kind of thing,I think you can’t save it?Because sometimes,I don’t want any trouble。”
Qin Feng looked at them and said,Because he knows,Once this thing is certified,Then you can。
Actually,According to the rules,That must be preserved,But the reality is that they can’t get Qin Feng’s trust.。
Because this ginseng is so old,Less to say, it starts with a few million,And it’s not necessarily that low price。
“You can take this away by yourself,But do you have a way to protect your things?”There is something in Huang Zhihua’s words,If possible,He really doesn’t want anything to happen to Qin Feng。
Heard this,Qin Feng said with a smile:“If I can’t protect my things by myself,Then how am I messing up?Don’t say the extra,Look at this thing,Is it worth the price,You say it yourself。”
“Ok,Is the price,This matter is also proper。”
Old Chen nodded,He didn’t cut it down for identification,Some things can be seen at a glance,Especially this ginseng is already human。
It can be said that if a period of time passes,It’s hard to say whether it might become human。
of course,Old Chen has never seen this situation,So he can’t judge。
If Qin Feng knew Mr. Chen’s guess,He just knows
Because the ginseng in front of him was tampered with,Directly erased the follow-up spiritual wisdom,In order to avoid such things。
After qualifying for admission,Qin Feng also got more specific news,This place is just an identification place。
The real place,Qin Feng will be notified three hours before the start,Qin Feng’s mobile phone keeps communicating,In this urban area。
Qin Feng also knew they were doing this for safety,Because these actions are more or less illegal。
For example, there will be some mysterious antiques,Those antiques follow the normal rules,That can’t be traded,But how many people in this world will follow this rule?
But once the government finds out,That must be a lawsuit。
This is also their protection for themselves?