A person who can be recommended to everyone by Chai Jinxiong,How could he be a simple character??

At this moment,Chai Jinxiong laughed,Shook his head:“Liang Tsai,You don’t know that!Xiaojiang join us
,Old guys like us support him,A legendary film,Wouldn’t it be easy to get it??”
Liang Tsai was Liang Chengshuang’s mixed number when he was young,When he was a young man,Often follow Chai Jinxiong,I was called by Liang Zai Liang Zai for most of my life,Old age now,I heard this name suddenly,Inevitably bring back memories。
“That’s true!It’s rare that Lao Chai can afford him,We all contribute together,It’s not easy to want to fly?”He Saizhong smiled and joked。
“Ha ha,It depends on whether young people know how to seize opportunities。”Chai Jinxiong grinned,Patted Jiang Qizhi on the shoulder。
Jiang Qizhi doesn’t talk much,Skilled start shuffling,Stack of cards,The style of a veteran country gambling。
This person is neither arrogant nor rash,At first glance, it is determined,Unshakable。Several old rivers and lakes present commented on it in their hearts。
Mahjong played a few laps,Four people win or lose each other。They are not betting big,In other words, these people’s minds are not on the bet at all,But by playing cards,Chat with one another。
Jiang Qizhi is very stable on the poker table,Also seems very comfortable,In the meantime,Not obtrusive,Easy to blend in。
suddenly,The phone on Chai Jinxiong’s hand rang。
Chai Jinxiong picked up the phone and looked at it,Threw it to the son aside。
Chai Shao holds his father’s phone,Walked to the corner of the room to answer。
quickly,Chai Shao’s face changed drastically,Stride to Chai Jinxiong’s side,Bowed his head and said something in his father’s ear。
Chai Jinxiong frowned suddenly,The 80,000 in hand hovering in mid-air,Can’t fight。
At this moment,Lai Shengchao, who was sitting in the hall tasting wine, suddenly stood up,Headed towards Chai Jinxiong。
“Lao Chai,Stop for a while,problem occurs。”Lai Shengchao said。
What he said,The big guys at the scene stopped the activities at hand,Cast his eyes on him。
To know,Can tell from the chief of police“problem occurs”Three words,Know without thinking,It must be something big。

And Lu Menglin was also in this series of explosions,Secretly cursed“Really amazing!”

Fortunately he is alert enough,Fight with toad fishing vigor wire,And did not choose to carry,It’s because of those spirit guns that fell from the sky,All are equivalent to a psychic bomb,If it falls on,Suddenly hit by so many mental bombs,Even if people are not crazy,I have to be burnt,Dizzy。
And this kind of self-destructive attack that specifically hurts the soul,Will greatly damage one’s mental strength,Usually used by the surgeon to die with the enemy,Banned move,I didn’t expect that shikigami
So cunning,It would make such a shameful method。
I blocked the chance by fishing toad,Lu Meng rises from the ground,Finally broke。
He is angry,Naturally no longer show mercy,Meditation《Zhenwu Powerful Jue》,Under the spiritual strength,The dharma body of Emperor Zhenwu took shape rapidly,Shrouded above the head of the gods and demons。
This real body of Emperor Zhenwu imagined by Lu Menglin,Baoxiang solemn,Mighty and majestic,Comes with a sense of righteousness。
Mind moved slightly,Lu Menglin looks like a warrior,Threw a punch。
And the real body of Emperor Zhenwu above his head is also in the same posture,Threw a punch。
This punch is hitting the chest of the troll god,A crisp buzz,Beat that troll god back again and again,Lingbo collapsed a lot,An empty piece appeared on the chest。
Lu Menglin knows how to hit a snake with a stick,Do not relax at all times,A few more punches,Drive Zhenwu Dharma Body,Beat that troll god,Shaky。
Seeing Mr. Lu show his power,The teachers and students of Beibu University in front of the screen looked fascinated,Intently。
Especially Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu,Before seeing the teacher,They never thought that the battle between the strong could be like this?This scene in front of you,Has completely subverted their perceptions。
This is just a fight between gods!body、Wu、spirit、God,Strange tricks,All show their magic!As long as one of them is poor in cultivation,Weak,It’s very possible to be restrained by the enemy and don’t even know how to die。
The two in the battle,Obviously not even a mutant,But it’s more exciting than the battle between mutants.!
For a time,Even those silver-clothed instructors have been deeply attracted,Fascinated。
Actually these people don’t know,Whether it is Beiwu teachers and students,Or these silver clothes,They were able to witness the confrontation between the two top ten in the world,For their future practice,What a great guiding role。

Long Zhanye single-handed with a sword,Holds Tu Shanming’s knife,But a leg is flying underneath,Go straight to the other side’s third road。

Tu Shanming’s kicking action at the sight of the dragon battlefield,Back quickly,Yelling:“Ouch!I’m a good boy!It’s really Boss Long, this old pen is back!”
Dragon Battlefield Closes Legs,Frowned:“What happened just now?”
The voice has not fallen,Everyone felt a violent shaking of the ground under their feet,Then I saw the ancient pan evil god in the middle of the lake moving again。
Know without thinking,It must be the will of the ancient pan evil god returned to his body,It has to use its own power,Kill all the ants underneath。
At this moment,Mi Xiaochong holding Gao Dajin,Tears gushing out,Crying so much。
Gao Dajin’s face is white,There were countless blood openings all over the body,Even the internal organs are all cracked,His life is dead,The gods can’t be saved。
“Don’t cry!Don’t cry!You should applaud me!Lao Zi Gao Dajin,Finally won the guy in the sky once!”
“Hehe!You all heard clearly,I am tall,Jail yourself,Imprisoned the avatar will of the ancient pan evil god in the body,Die with it!I’m much better than Wuhao this time!Haha!Finally beat him once!”
The laughter stopped abruptly,Gao Dajin is soft,The swinging arm fell feebly。
This fat businessman,Has always been with,He Shengliang to describe the relationship between himself and Wu Hao,Since I met Wu Hao,He was crushed everywhere,No matter what,None can compare to Wu Hao’s peerless style。
until today,He just raised his eyebrows,Jail yourself,Wiped out part of the will of the ancient pan evil god。
Although at the cost of life,But he did,By contrast,Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye were invaded by the evil spirits,Almost became an accomplice,But Gao Dajin, the fat man, actually killed the evil god will,Have to admit,He won!
but,Mi Xiaochong would rather never have been to this plane,I would rather give people a smile for the rest of his life,Grandson,I don’t want to see Gao Dajin die in my arms.。
Until now,The crowd of grassroots gang waiting,He died so that only Mi Xiaochong was left。
Huang Shaotian leaned down in silence,Patted Mi Xiaochong on the shoulder。
“do not Cry!He doesn’t like you crying!He always wants you to be strong,Become a real man!”Huang Shaotian doesn’t know what words should be used to comfort Mi Xiao Chong,She can only borrow Gao Dajin’s wish,Hope Mi Xiaochong can cheer up,Don’t be so sad。Love Book House

“Twenty years ago, Mr. Wu Wenjie was the Wall Street ace trader who dominated the world’s financial situation.,He has accumulated huge wealth by virtue of his excellent trading methods,Including the four major consortia in Southeast Asia and7000Billion dollar‘Diplomatic bond’,In fact, they are all the wealth of Mr. Wu Wenjie!”

“Speak bluntly,In front of Mr. Wu Wenjie,Wu Minghao is more like a worker,At best, it’s just a pug next to Mr. Wu Wenjie,That is to help Mr. Wu Wenjie run errands、The role of spreading。”
“The leakage of the secret plan will cause unmeasured losses to Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth.,Even the wealth that Mr. Wu Wenjie has accumulated over the years will be wiped out。”
“Therefore, Mr. Wu Wenjie has no reason to disclose the secret plan to the Arrow Sakura organization.,Help the Arrow Sakura organization trap itself in an impossible place。”
“But Wu Minghao is not,Although he is Mr. Wu Wenjie’s nephew,But he is just a collateral relative of Mr. Wu Wenjie,He is not the legal heir of Mr. Wu Wenjie in law。”
“So even if Mr. Wu Wenjie mixes well,,No amount of accumulated wealth,It’s not directly related to Wu Minghao,Whether Wu Minghao can inherit Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth is no one can say。”
“And if Mr. Wu Wenjie never intends to let Wu Minghao inherit wealth from beginning to end,Wu Minghao is more motivated to act as an undercover agent,Go with the Jian Ying organization,Let’s deal with Mr. Wu Wenjie together。”
“So obviously,If there is a traitor among Wu’s uncle and nephew,That traitor must be Wu Minghao, no doubt,No doubt!”Michelle said with great certainty。
After listening to Michelle’s explanation,Qiao Tianyu admitted that Michelle made a lot of sense,And Qiao Tianyu really thinks so。
And if this matter is kept as usual,Maybe Qiao Tianyu will firmly believe that Wu Minghao is a traitor without hesitation!
First0478chapter You have to be a brother
But since the melee in the British Virgin Islands,Qiao Tianyu encountered the conspiracy and trick,I deeply feel that the current world offshore financial market is shocking every step、Pits everywhere,It made him feel a little jittery。
Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao have laid out for many years, calculating the British and American factions,Wu Minghao betrayed his uncle again,Together with Jian Ying organization calculation Wu Wenjie,And Kobayashi Yamaki set up many traps in the British Virgin Islands, waiting for Qiao Tianyu to drill。
As the investigation progresses,More and more unthinkable insiders pounced on,And many news are far beyond Qiao Tianyu’s expectations,Subverted many previous cognitions of Qiao Tianyu,Beat Qiao Tianyu’s mind,Really overwhelmed。
I really don’t know as the investigation continues,Will there be more insider information exposed?,So this time Qiao Tianyu really didn’t dare to extrapolate。
Besides,,Even if it can be determined that Wu Minghao is a traitor,Knowing that Wu Minghao works with the Arrow Sakura organization and the Americans,In the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”Deploy a world network,Waiting for Qiao Tianyu to vote,But what can?

Many of them even regretted borrowing less pesos,If I could borrow more pesos before smashing it out,They can earn more after the peso exchange rate plummets!

Many of them started to take out“Big Brother”,Do everything possible to see if I can borrow more pesos,Before the peso exchange rate completely collapsed。
Just as everyone celebrates victory,Qiao Tianyu and Sato Junji received a message at the same time on their phones。
Qiao Tianyu’s message is extremely simple,Only one word,“do
At the same time they were fighting a currency war,Qiao Tianyu makes David,Has successfully rescued Lily。
Qiao Tianyu’s expression eased after watching,The heart that has been hanging is finally let go,He can finally finish this financial battle without distraction!
In contrast, Junji Sato,After reading the information,But his face was pulled down,Obviously he knew the same result。
He gave Qiao Tianyu a vicious look,But at this time Qiao Tianyu has closed his eyes,Brewing for the final blow!
“what happened?!”
Takuya Yuichiro stared at the computer screen,Suddenly yelled。
Everyone quickly look at the screen,The shadow of Huaxia Bank suddenly appeared in the foreign exchange market。
I saw Huaxia Bank suddenly replaced the role of Bank of Mexico,Started to eat pesos in the foreign exchange market。
HSBC Bank,China Franchised Foreign Exchange Bank,Representing the Central Bank of China in foreign exchange transactions in the international foreign exchange market。
The sudden intervention of Huaxia Bank,Like a sap,Hit everyone a little confused,Don’t know what happened。
And the market reacted in the same way,Single pesos in the foreign exchange market stalled.
First0058chapter Jedi strikes back
“Is China!”
Sato Junji responded extremely fast,Soon know what happened。

“This one only costs five thousand yuan。”The shop owner said to a lady,I saw the root carving she was holding,Can’t help but promote。

Liang Yu,I’ll put it back right away。Five thousand yuan,For her,too expensive,Bags over one thousand yuan,She is not willing to buy,Don’t talk about this kind of handicraft。
Populus is beside,Reminded:“Five thousand yuan,Worth starting。”
I heard what Hu said,Liang Yu immediately changed his mind,Happy to pay。Their pedestrian,Are centered on Populus euphratica,Never questioned the ability of Populus。He said it was worth starting,Then it must be profitable。
If you don’t know how to pay,,I deserve to be poor all my life。
Others are a little envious,Guess Liang Yu will definitely make a fortune。really,Follow Brother Hu to have meat!
Looked in the store for a while,Hu Yang took everyone out,There’s nothing worth shooting。
After going outside,Someone asked Hu Yang,How much is the root carving that Liang Yu got。
“Precisely,It is not a root carving,It’s a handicraft carved by tree knots。”Hu Yang told them。
prior to,Populus euphratica explained to everyone about tree tumor,Just like a human tumor,But this disease,Has become a good material,Crafted crafts,Often the price is not low。
“and,It’s gall wood,It’s more valuable。”
It is not surprising that local wood has tumors in general,But a few precious woods have larger tumors,Some even the whole tree grows into a hollow core,All nutrients are concentrated on the nodules,The fibrous tissue inside this tree tumor has changed,Form a variety of beautiful patterns,We call it“Gall wood“。
“This one,Three to fifty thousand should be requested。”
Liang Yu was surprised,Predict that I will come out to see Brother Hu this time,Will gain something,I didn’t expect it to happen so soon。Only started at five thousand yuan,Turned over several times at once,Even ten times。

And Liuyun Cthulhu’s punch hit the sky,Fist as sword,In fact, it is not weaker than《Open Sky Slash》stunt。

Only the few top powerhouses present can understand the level of his punch,Surprised Mo Ming。
Because in this punch of Liuyun Cthulhu,It actually contains one of the strongest combat skills in the warrior profession.《Swordsmanship》Jiantian Jianyi,Power is not inferior to《Open Sky Slash》Magic。
Sun Sword Skill vs. Open Heaven Slash!This is the ultimate showdown of fighters’ strongest skills!
I saw a fire dragon rising into the sky,Tooth and claw,Hit the huge ice blade that fell in the air head-on,Two energy hedging bursts with completely different attributes,Earth-shattering。
Sun Chasing swordsmanship is based on fire energy,Main attack damage,But Open Heaven Slash is the path of cold energy,Has an action to block the enemy,The miraculous effect of direct attack。
These two are rare warrior skills,No one thought that they would shine in this seed contest,Exposed in front of everyone。
The faces of the seeded team players present are as earthy,They finally saw Wu Hao’s true strength,Won first place by such a guy,Indeed deserves its name,It’s hard not to be convinced。
Just seeing that he can fight a forty-third level fighter like Liuyun Cthulhu without showing defeat.,Has surpassed all the younger generations present。
One ice one fire,The two energies are still in fierce confrontation,Ice melted into fire,Produces a lot of vapor,The fog is getting bigger and bigger,Gradually enveloped the ring。
Liuyun Cthulhu maintains a stable energy output,A calm and relaxed look,But I was shocked。
What he marveled was not Wu Hao’s Open Heaven Slashing power,But it feels a little weird,Because only maintain this high intensity energy output,In order to maintain the power of magical skills,But this intensity,For the body itself,Will have an extremely heavy burden。
Liuyun Cthulhu is already at level 43,He even stepped into the legendary forty-fourth-level sanctuary,So this kind of physical burden is for him,Not much。

Yes,She suddenly wanted to get married!

The boss gave a wry smile,I’m at this age,I thought about getting married again,I don’t know my age anymore,I don’t know if anyone is willing to marry himself?
Thought of here,A figure suddenly appeared in the head of the boss,he,Will you still wait for yourself in place??
In the room。
Lin Yoona felt like Xiao Fan had returned,So not long after Xiao Fan sat beside him,I opened my eyes leisurely。
really,Lin Yuner opened her eyes,I saw Xiao Fan looking at him affectionately。
“Yoona,you’re awake?”Xiao Fan asked nervously。
“Ok,we,Where are we?”Lin Yuner asked weakly。
As soon as Lin Yuner woke up, she looked around her room,She found out that this is not a room in her hotel。
“This is the bride’s bridal shop。”Xiao Fan said。
Lin Yun’er frowned,Asked nervously:“Why are we in the boss’s bridal shop??Why not hotel,Is the hotel unable to go back??”
Xiao Fan frowned again when she saw Lin Yoona,Hurry up and reach out,Gently flatten Lin Yun’er’s frowning brow,Comforted:“Is not,Is not,Don’t be nervous。When i was just now,Went out to deal with some things,I’m not worried about leaving you alone in the hotel,and so,I put you here,Have her take care of you,I can rest assured!”
Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,Then he blinked clearly。
Subsequently,Drops of tears slipped out of Lin Yoona’s eye sockets without warning.。
Xiao Fan sees it,My heart hurts after another,Xiao Fan took a tissue,After drying Lin Yoona’s tears,,Asked nervously:“Yoona,Where are you uncomfortable?If you are uncomfortable,You tell me,Let me find a way!”
After Lin Yoona heard what Xiao Fan said,,First shook his head,Then he said to Xiao Fan in an extremely aggrieved tone:“Xiao Fan,do you know?I thought,I thought I would never see you in my life,You know when i was just now,How scared are you?”
“I know,I know,I know!Sorry,Sorry,It’s my fault,I came back late,Scared you。”Xiao Fan held Lin Yun’er’s hand tightly and said。
“Do not,Do not,Do not,it’s not your fault,Blame me,If i listened to you,If I go back to the hotel with you,Then I won’t meet Ma Binghao and Lan Yingying,Later, I will never meet the beast of Ouyang Jianfeng!”Lin Yuner cried and said to Xiao Fan。
“what did you say?This matter and Ma Binghao、Lan Yingying is related to these two people?”Although Xiao Fan said he saw Lin Yun’er cry,Somewhat emotional,but,But still caught the key words in Lin Yuner’s words。
“Yes,The two of them saw me alone,So come here to find me,But they said I’m fine,The two of them even said you in front of me,And you don’t know how bad the words of the two of them are,and so,So I couldn’t help but slap Lan Yingying!”When Lin Yuner’s words come later,,The sound has become very low。

Close range,There is only a half step between two and three,Xia Chenglong boldly pulled a strand of hair from the woman’s forehead behind her ear。

The moment I accidentally touched Murong Qianxue’s blanket,Both of them trembled slightly。
“Didn’t you let you wait for me at home??”
They never said anything like this,But after the double repair,Both parties seem to be able to faintly feel each other’s thoughts。
“I’m afraid you won’t be able to go to the imperial capital!”
amount……This woman is really!
But Xia Chenglong is used to Murong Qianxuefei’s way,So nothing,And what she said is true。
Without her appearance,Today I am afraid I will face three or four masters who ask God。
that,That woman didn’t refuse?
Naturally, the people on the steps did not hear what they said,It’s just that they saw Xia Chenglong’s frivolous action towards the fairy,The key is that such an iceberg woman did not refuse。
In fact, the two men in black robes are even more surprised,Because they know very well what kind of personality their eldest lady is,Now in front of everyone, that man is allowed to do this,It’s incredible。
Chapter VIII Divide the battlefield
What’s so good about this man?
Handsome or advanced?
Seems to be there,Ask about the level of the gods,You can say without words,Grabbed a handful in the imperial capital,Even if it’s not the other three big families,Someone chooses among those second-rate families。
The appearance of Murong Qianxue seems to have changed the direction of this battle again。

The quiet little boy slowly raised his head,At the same time, the teacher from Warm Heart explained from the side:“His name is Zi Qian,He didn’t know anything when he first came to us,I know my name is Zi Qian。”

I saw Qi Tianqi hugged the little boy with trembling hands.:“child,I found you,Do you remember dad?”
These words surprised everyone,Madam Qi is the most surprised。It turns out that the previous Mrs. Qi had a child,I don’t know what’s wrong,This child is lost,For this reason, Qi Tianqi has been searching hard for a long time and has not found it.。
I didn’t expect to find it in Nuan Xin Jia Yuan today。
“Mr. Qi?What do you mean?”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。
Chapter Three Hundred and Six Frightened child
I heard Xiao Fan’s question,Qi Tianqi said to Xiao Fan very excitedly:“Tell Mr. Xiao,My child was lost five years ago,We searched for a long time,But didn’t find it,I divorced my ex-wife because of this,but,I didn’t expect that I would be in this place,Met my child。”
Qi Tianqi’s face is full of excitement,He never thought about his lifetime,I can even find my child。
You know when the child just lost,I found a lot of places,Used a lot of relationships,But this child seems to have evaporated from the world,I can’t find it anyway。
but,What Qi Tianqi didn’t expect was,For the sake of the Shen family,Just barely come to attend such a charity party,I was able to meet my lost child for many years here。
What Qi Tianqi didn’t even think of was,His lost child for many years,I have always been so close to me,But I never found him。
If I came into contact with the warm home one day earlier,Participate in public welfare a day earlier,Did he find out his lost child for many years?。
Qi Tianqi really hates that,He hates himself why when he lost his child,I didn’t put my love for my child on other same poor children immediately,If that’s the case,Have you already found your own child?。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner looked at a man as big as Qi Tianqi,Especially the head of the Qi Group,When I saw Zi Qian,Can cry like a child,The two of them didn’t know this time,What should I say to Qi Tianqi?。
It seems that both people feel that what they say at this time is superfluous,After all, they lost their children for so many years,Found it suddenly,but,Excitement should and should be,It’s reasonable too。
Qi Tianqi is here with excitement and tears,Madam Qi on the other side doesn’t know what to do。
Because just now,She still cares about that kid,I thought the other party was just an ordinary orphan,Just like her eyes are above the top,I want to clean up his orphan。
but,What Mrs. Qi never expected was,This child turned out to be his husband’s child,I really stabbed a hornet’s nest now。
How important is this child to Qi Tianqi?,Madam Qi knows that better than anyone else,But when I was just now,But scolded that kid,It’s really terrible!