When two lively and cute little girl characters appear on the screen at the same time,Everyone watching around actually felt a faint murderous aura。

Athena manipulated by the beauty takes the lead,Launched a tentative attack。
But Lu Menglin’s Athena actually didn’t move,Just shake back and forth slightly,Seems to be still familiar with tricks。
Beauty gritted her teeth,Directly launched the Phantom Charge。
Her tactical intentions are straightforward,You have to eat the opponent directly with the speed of your hand,Airdrop at the moment of Phantom Sprint and body,Then one after another,Kill each other in one go。
boom!Athena on the screen was interrupted to sprint,fall。
This moment,Everyone’s pupils can’t help but dilate for a moment。
What happened just now?
Who is the fallen athena?
Oh my god!The one controlled by the beauty,How could she be knocked down?
Including beauties in peaked caps,No one recovered。
Because just now,The Ma Palace Athena controlled by Lu Menglin did not show much awesome operation,It’s just a squat and sweep leg that looks very common,So he swept the opponent away。
“This,also?”As a master, Xiao Siyan was stunned,He can’t understand,Why can this leg sweep the opponent easily?It’s like a beautiful woman who took the initiative to join in,This is not scientific!

The power of the electromagnetic gun is entangled at close range,Hard to make a difference,Just hesitate,Several times the number of venomous bees drilled from the ground,Threw them down。

The intelligence of these dark poisonous bees seems to have increased dozens of times,They become cunning and cruel,The damage caused was much higher than before。
Hum!A black venomous bee broke through the sand,Appeared in the middle of the area where the tank is.。
The scariest thing finally appeared,Bees and insects broke through the sand one by one,In an unmistakable position,Appeared in the rear team of the 19th Battalion。
At once,The 19th Battalion was completely messed up,The chaos on the battlefield turned into a pot of porridge,Dark Venomous Bees spring up everywhere,And the soldiers who fought to the death with bees and insects。
The ten tanks have strong armor,Not affected temporarily,But they face such chaos,Also no way。
Because if the tank fires bombardment,,Not to mention the life and death of those bees,Most of the soldiers entangled with them can’t survive。
in fact,The situation on the battlefield is ever-changing,The fleet is fleeting,If the stunned commander sitting in the chariot is more decisive,More experience,Harder-hearted,If you directly order the tank to fire at your comrades,,Maybe it can cause some damage to the bee colony。
Unfortunately he didn’t,of course,Even if he did,It can only delay the time of defeat。
Because when the clone of the king of destruction, Ah-Zhong, took over the command of this dark bee colony,Everything is destined to be unchangeable。
Fully rolling in IQ,Sometimes only a small tactical change is needed,Can turn the tide of battle immediately。
Seeing that the number of soldiers of the 19th Battalion outside the tank is decreasing,There are not many people who can still stand。
And the other half rushed to rescue the infantry soldiers,Have all been lost in the quicksand,The battlefield over there is completely silent,That the battle is almost over。
“It’s really vulnerable!Weapons alone,No mind,Paralyzed,Will all die!Ok,They are all very good ingredients。”The clone of Akin lying on the head of the queen bee said to himself。
In a blink of an eye,Great changes on the battlefield,The infantry and pilots were almost destroyed,Only the ten tanks are left relying on heavy armor,Still maintaining combat effectiveness。
The commander of the 19th Battalion sitting in one of the tanks took a deep breath,Trying to calm down my mood,And then make a calm judgment。

That guy named Dazechang,In addition to being a power mutant,At the same time, he is still a strong warrior,Gang Jin trained the upper body thoroughly,The bones and muscles are all a little hot,With his strong blood,Just connect the severed arm,It will be able to recover in two or three months at most。

And in what Daze Chang said just now,Revealed several important messages to Lu Menglin,The most critical,It’s the same sentence as Lu Menglin,They have maintained the purest human bloodline in the era of red fog,This sentence is clear enough,That means that the master of Songzheng School is the same as himself,Cultivated to the alchemy,Entered the mysterious realm of not being bad,So it won’t be affected by the red mist energy,No mutation,Naturally the purest human blood。
“Who of you knows what kind of game is that?”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Suddenly asked。
Of course Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu would not know,Cao Wen also shook her head blankly,These things are too far away from her life。
Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen have both stayed in Shocking Valley recently,And they don’t know martial arts,I don’t know what’s in these martial arts circles。
“grown ups,I know a little。”Just when everyone shook their heads,From the East University student camp,But there was a timid voice saying。
The speaker is that beautiful swordsman and Yueyingzi,She has a respectful expression on her face,The gift of discipleship,Soft channel:“The Dragon and Tiger List is led by the US intelligence agency,A list jointly released by the intelligence agencies of various countries,Listed in the list of the strong mutants of various countries,And strength ranking。The official rankings announced at midnight last night。”
“Oh!No wonder we don’t know,I only announced it last night。”Lu Menglin nodded and said。
He has never been interested in such things,Don’t believe,There must be more than one strong person in the world,But every top powerhouse is like himself,Possess an unknown hole card,So the strength ranking among them,It’s just trying to catch the wind,Just guessing。
Anyway, Lu Menglin would not believe this list。
“Little sister,How can I see this list??I want to know where he ranks!”Kim So Yeon came to the edge of the duel stage sometime.,Smiled and asked at He Yueyingzi。
He Yueyingzi quickly said:“Available online,Just enter the authentication number of the strong mutant,Go to a dedicated service website,Can see。If you have time,You can come to our Dongda library,I will help you。”
Kim So Yeon smiled slightly,Blinked at Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled bitterly,Tao:“Row,Go see if you want!I really don’t care。”
No one thought,Exchange with Dongda,It turned out to be like this in the end,I can’t continue to fight,It’s really okay for both parties to communicate。
Do not know why,Since the silver clothes instructor of Matsushige Academy appeared,On the contrary, the students of East University feel a lot more friendly to this group of teachers and students from China,Not only because He Bu and Wei Xiaoxing joined forces to save Kanhachiro,Even more because their teacher Lu Menglin turned out to be a strong man alongside the master of Songzheng School,And also teased Dazechang,It’s so happy!
For the strong,The people of the East have always worshipped,Just like treating the flourishing Tang Dynasty thousands of years ago,Dongyang is a country very good at learning,They worship the strong,Work hard to learn the strengths of the strong,To have the current state of affairs。
And once they are identified as the object of the weak,They will trample it without hesitation,Crazy plunder,Just as ruthless and cruel when Osawa Masao dealt with Kanhachiro,No mercy。
This is the temperament of Oriental country,It’s also the habit of the people of Oriental countries。The island nation’s resources are extremely scarce,Heavy natural disasters,So that there is both humility and arrogance in their character,Easy to go from one extreme to another。

Just as they continue shopping,Not long,Sister Fang’s phone rang,It’s a call from the police station。

but,Phone content,Not about the case just now,It’s that some of them are involved in danger and beating foreigners,Need to go to the police station to be investigated。
“I’m going。”Wen Wenhao is a dare to act。
“Let’s get together!Save some people prefer foreigners。”Hu Yang said。
Sister Fang, they also nodded,Agree,Wen Wenhao will never be punished alone。
Audience fryer in the live room,Oh shit!Really under investigation,Obviously done a good thing。
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Five Unpleasant way of handling cases
Xiao Gao and they are very depressed,I wanted to go shopping,But I went to the police station,Make people speechless。
After arriving at the police station,Sister Fang first asked about the kidnapping case,The police officer told everyone,The case has been transferred to the city bureau,So I want to know the details of the case,Go to the city bureau。
The audience in the live room understands,This is the people above begin to pay attention。This is what everyone wants,Can guess,The gang inside is huge,This kind of case cannot be solved by a small police station。
After asking that,Hu Yang and others set their sights on the angry foreigner。
Wen Wenhao is also simply,Directly recognized:“Yes!I played this African guy。The little girl’s injury just now,You guys saw it too,Is caused by this guy。”
Receiving Populus,There are two police officers, one man and one woman。Male police officer,Weird face,And the female police officer didn’t hold back,Laugh out at once。
Hu Yang and others are a bit confused,Is this funny?
Male police officer lowered his voice:“He is korean。”
“I said that black man。”Wen Wenhao added。
The male police officer rolled his eyes:“I mean him,What they took out is the Korean passport,Nationality is Korean。”

Hui’s family will go home today。

Chen Wenjin had breakfast,The phone rang suddenly,It’s Abao,He got up really early。
He will inevitably be very excited today,Because he expected to win the prize today。
Chen Wenjin is also a little curious,The Leopard now,Will you be willing to divide half of his bonus as promised??
When buying lottery tickets at noon,A Bao is very excited,Bought many groups at once,Invested a lot of money。His own money is not enough,Chen Wenjin sponsored。
“You lend me to buy lottery tickets,You tell me the number,All the money belongs to me,Gold you are really good brother!”A leopard smoking a cigarette,Feel so good,He couldn’t even think about it in the past,Now it really happened。
“Stop talking,Good things were said by you,Feel like a big fool。”Chen Wenjin wondered if what he bought right now would not be,I have to wait until the evening to start the lecture, and then use the material reverse motion force to return to this moment,Then,From next to night,Try to be as simple and fast as possible,So I said:“Since I’m a fool,Then I’ll lend you money to ask me to loosen my bones,Pass the time before the draw。”
“no problem!”Abao asked worriedly after speaking:“Is Big Brother safe to take with you??Will it be stolen?”
“Put in the car。”Chen Wenjin knows that Abao has pressure on that kind of place,I imagined being an adult,But really went,A leopard should find out,Most of them look normal,Just for fun。
but,When I really went,Chen Wenjin looked at the hair salon in front of him speechlessly。
The loose bone he thinks is not here,but,The pine bone in Abao’s heart is here。
“I mean……”Chen Wen didn’t finish talking today,Abao said quickly:“do not worry!There are serious ones here too!I know you won’t do things to sorry Hui,How could you pit you?”
Leopard said,Pulled the collar,Straighten your hair,That look,Seems to be the goddess about to see a date。

Nezha looked at the new group member Sanqi,Said with a smile,or,Different from his talent,And the reversal time of the ruthless boss is different,This new group member is really an ordinary little girl,but,Nezha would love to hear someone call him Nezha。

“Haha,Nezha boss?Really funny,Nezha, you are so arrogant, do you know your teacher Xu Xian??”
Sedum originally wanted to introduce herself,Or first introduce the little girl to the chat group leader,After hearing the confident words of Nezha,,Leaning on the chair,Said with a smile。
Sedum is really unexpected,Such arrogant words will come out of Nezha’s mouth,Are you trying to laugh at him??The weakest group members in the chat group are probably already Tier 3,Nezha’s third-tier peak strength,I can only bully and bully new members and don’t understand anything。
and,If you let Mr. Xu Xian hear this,,I’m afraid Mr. Xu Xian will definitely end his tour immediately,The world where Go Nezha is,Teach Nezha what is self-knowledge,And keep a low profile,modest。
“Who are you?where is this place?Where’s A Niang?I want a mother。”
Sanqi opened his eyes in confusion,I looked at where I was in doubt,This is not where she lives,and,There are so many bad guys,Make the young Sanqi shrunk,Cringely said。
“Three Seven Group Members,Do not be afraid,We are not bad guys,There is no danger here。”
“Your strength is too low,therefore,Unable to receive chat group information,Let me introduce to you next。”
Jingtian looked at the new group member 37, who was about to cry,Mildly,His Sedum’s character is not as bad as Monkey King,For group members,His choice is within his ability,Help。
“This big brother,You smell so good,Sanqi is hungry。”
Sanqi heard someone talking to herself,Looking up at the celebrity man who just talked to him,Swallowed,Said silly,She has always been like this,I want to taste it after seeing delicious food。
“This member of the 37th group did not seem to understand his situation。”
After Sun Wukong heard the undisguised words of the new group member Sanqi,Said in a leisurely tone,A trace of murder flashed in his eyes,Staring coldly at the new group member Sanqi,The boundless tyrannical killing intent instantly enveloped Sanqi。
This terrifying killing intent made the originally confused Sanqi wake up instantly,Looking at the short man who just spoke,Cover your head with your hands,Shrink the whole body on the chair,Dare not speak,A-niang is not around,She is afraid。
“This member of the 37th group does not seem to be a human race。”
Nezha asked curiously,He doesn’t like to scare people as much as Monkey King,He just heard the words of the new group member Sanqi,In an instant, it was speculated that the new group member Sanqi in front of him did not seem to be a human race.,But the creatures of other races。

Even without seeing the battle scene,Everyone can still remember what happened!

Xia Chenglong appears again,Zhang Shengyi smiled,Came a bear hug。
After these time,Zhang Shengyi has become a lot more active at this moment。
Seeing these friends who lived together again,Naturally, I don’t have the kind of emotion that the needle tip has towards the wheat,On the contrary, there is a sentiment that an old friend has not seen for a long time。
“Amazing,I don’t know what state Elder Xia is now?”Yue Ling’er asked。
Xia Chenglong pursed his lips and smiled::“Miss Yue is also very good,In just a few months,Is also the pinnacle of extraordinary,It seems that it will not take long to enter the Holy Land!”
Yue Linger is speechless,She shouldn’t compare with this perverted guy,Because this is looking for abuse!
Everyone communicated during the rest,Especially those students who have never seen Xia Chenglong,An expression of excitement appeared in the eyes after seeing the real person。
no way,Xia Chenglong’s reputation is too big in the academy,Those records that no one has broken yet,Has long become his symbol。
Even more surprising is,The famous master of the underworld,Despite being a student in the inner courtyard,Is their senior。
Tell me about this,It must make them arrogant!
This moment,Xia Chenglong understood the whole process of the whole incident。
It seems there is no need to exist in this world。
“Has your inner courtyard mission been completed??”
Speaking of this,Zhang Shengyi scratched his head helplessly,Originally, Zhang Shengyi and Yue Linger took this task,The students I brought are also disciples who joined them。
I’m afraid that I won’t be able to finish,So I asked Muye out。
Who thought when they arrived,This task is higher than imagined,and so……
The mission requirement is the crystal core of a golden winged tiger,It’s just that this spirit beast is different from other spirit beasts,100% of the body will not condense crystal nuclei before level 5。

“That one,I might go down here for a while,Do you want to be together?”

“of course,want,If you die inside,I can also take your body to get rewards!”Tu Cancan raised his chin,Said quite imposingly。
Xia Chenglong nodded,He only heard the first sentence,Skip directly behind。
“What I will do next is indeed dangerous,Or I don’t know what will happen,So I’m afraid it’s hard to take care of you。”
“Hey,What do you mean,Am i not strong,Still need you to protect?”Woman akimbo,A look of dissatisfaction。
Xia Chenglong just reminded the other party,As for how to choose, it’s up to her to decide。
But it’s okay to go on,He is really a little worried about leaving the other person on it alone,After all, this place is too weird,What unexpected problems might arise。
Actually they can’t go down first,But to find Zong Xueqin。
But this choice Xia Chenglong decisively gave up。
First of all,The environment here is not familiar,What will happen next is unpredictable,If the woman didn’t catch,Even the Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom is lost,Then some play。
So first use the environment here“Tianyuan Finger”Successful practice,It’s better to decide to find Zong Xueqin。
Moreover,“Tianyuan Finger”There are three layers,He doesn’t need to learn it all,Just need to get started,This shouldn’t be too rare。
With this plan,The two jumped directly inside,I thought it was a short distance,But when they came to the stone platform with a thousand-year-old dragon’s blood mushroom,I feel the magnificence here。
The round table here includes the red-burned stone wall in the distance,Same circle,A huge round tripod with a diameter of two hundred meters。
Yes,This is like a medicine pot,And their position at the moment is in the medicine cauldron。
The bottomless magma exudes a hot breath,If it wasn’t for them to attach to the whole body with aura,I’m afraid it will be wiped out in an instant。
Very strange,Such a terrible temperature can’t be transmitted,The geography here has terrible magic power,Seems to be able to curb energy loss。
Everything is absolutely perfect for Xia Chenglong,I feel all this is for him。
Want to practice“Tianyuan Finger”,In addition to these important things,Also need a lot of medicinal materials,This requires a strong alchemist。

“Do you want to fight if you can’t?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。

Zhou Xingchi nodded,Actually smiled a little shy。
Because he has a good impression of the guy who suddenly appeared in front of him,The reason why this guy would stand in front of him and ask this question,Explain that the other party can understand oneself。
There are many wine and meat friends in the world,Friends but hard to find。Zhou Xingchi did not expect that when he was about to make this decision that everyone could not think of,I will meet someone who understands himself。
“So?I’ll fight this for you, OK??”Lu Menglin smiled in a negotiating tone。
Do not order scrap
In the cheers of the audience,Tony the Muay Thai King from afarFeng rises slowly,Strode to the ring。
The moment he got up,Successfully attracted the attention of the audience,The cheers around me gradually weakened。
I saw TonyFeng walked to the big table next to the ring,Dip the ink pad with my fist,Then a bright red fist mark was printed on that piece of rice paper。
Followed by,He stepped onto the ring,I came to the disciple Xu Xiaohu。
“stand up。”TonyFeng said in a deep, thick voice。
Xu Xiaohu struggled twice,Try to prop up his arms,Kneeling on the ring。
He looked up at TonyFront,My eyes are full of crazy admiration。
“Waste is waste!Was actually knocked down by such a soft fist。”TonyFeng said coldly。
Xu Xiaohu shook his head,Shout,Stand up straight again。
The audience was shocked,Even Master Ye Tian was shocked。
When did Muay Thai’s fighting ability become so strong?

“Level 35 or higher,Each person can receive a set of Zuma equipment!”Lu Menglin’s words came in midair。

The voice just fell,Mao Yongfei has taken his men,Open all those big boxes。
Wow!At once,All the strong people present were stunned!
Because in those boxes,Is a box of weapons and equipment,All of them are produced in Shenmin Mainland,The kind with light energy attributes。
These light-stripe equipment seem to be the enemy nemesis of the dark race,Although they burst out when the dark monster died,But it has natural lethality against dark monsters。
This box of equipment,Can at least arm thousands of people,With these equipment,He Chou can’t deal with the Dragon Army?
The whole human world,Once again, I was deeply shocked by Lu Menglin’s wealth!
So many weapons,Means that hundreds of thousands of dark monsters have been killed,Have a chance to fall,Maybe this number will only be higher。
The strong humans dare not imagine,These are all spoils collected by Lu Menglin and his guards。
But anyway,He can at this critical moment,Take out so many light weapons and equipment,It’s really exciting,Things to boost morale。
And also proved one thing from the side,Lu Menglin and his army,Really powerful,Stronger than everyone thinks。
quickly,The boxes of weapons and equipment were divided among the strong human races present。
They are very tacitly based on their strength,Select equipment,No one dare to have any greed at this time,Because there is an army like the Guards,No one is stupid enough to do stupid things at this time。
A large number of strong human races are armed,But there are more sub-level human powers with nothing,They watched as the boxes of light-stripe weapons and equipment were divided up by the stronger people.,I feel immense hatred for my weakness。
National disaster,Because of my weakness,You don’t even have a chance to work hard??
however,Not like this!