The more trustworthy the cheekbones are

The more trustworthy the cheekbones are

According to British media reports, American psychologists recently discovered that people can determine whether the other person is credible at the first sight of a stranger, and the key factor is to look at the person’s face shape.

We believe in those with high raised eyebrows and high cheekbones, rather than those with narrower eyebrows and sunken cheekbones.

This research highlights, for the first time, the nature of first impressions.

However, there is currently no evidence that those with trusted facial features are truly credible, and some believe that it depends on appearance.

New York University psychologists have found that there is a region in the human brain that determines whether we believe in a person or even before we know others.

The brain only takes 33 milliseconds (3/100 seconds), or one-tenth of a blink, to decide whether to trust a person.

And once we feel that the other party can’t trust it, the brain immediately becomes alert.

The findings were published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Article by Jonathan Freeman, an assistant professor of psychology at New York University: “The brain automatically determines whether it is trustworthy by our faces before we know each other.

The results of this study and another human body study show that we do not judge others by our consciousness but by intuition.

“Applying the findings to public figures, we found that certain trusted figures, such as actor Angelina Jolie and Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby did have raised eyebrows and high cheekbones.

Conversely, those who have been condemned by the public for dishonesty, such as former US President Richard Nixon and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, have squeezed cheekbones and locked eyebrows.

The researchers showed ten groups of volunteers with 300 computer-generated faces and then asked them how much they trusted each face.

It turned out that those with high cheekbones, raised eyebrows, and smiling were considered the most honest.

At the same time, the researchers also showed the groups of volunteers the faces of real strangers, and the same facial features were considered trustworthy.

In the second set of experiments, the researchers provided photos of “trustworthy” and “untrustworthy” people to the new 37 groups of volunteers, but these photos only appeared for a moment and then were immediately replaced by neutral photos.The brain cannot process the previous information.

Volunteers’ brain activity was monitored during this period.

Scientists have found that the area called the amygdala in the brain can be activated 33 times for processing social and emotional essence, even the moment the picture appears.

“The findings show that we can quickly assess the credibility of another person by unconsciously looking at the face, and the amygdala plays an important role in this process.

According to Freeman’s guess, one possibility is that the face information will be quickly identified and tracked by the amygdala area, which will change other brain progress and quickly adjust the impression.

Yoga meditation: health tips

Yoga meditation: health tips

Meditation is a valuable heritage in traditional traditional health.

Through meditation, the body can balance yin and yang, clear the meridians, and smooth the blood and qi, thereby achieving the purpose of prolonging life.

Nowadays, this ancient oriental culture has been injected with new vitality, and the meditation health of a healthy body is taking the world by storm.

  Indian-American physicist Mahalich combined ancient Indian yoga (equivalent to relative meditation) with the unified field theory in modern physics, and created a new method of self-adjusting physiology-transcendental meditation.Favored by the world.

He said: “People learn to enter a state of superconscious consciousness, their hearts will become calm, their thoughts will become productive, and they can send a brisk and coordinated wave to the environment.

Scientists have carried out experimental research on methods and found that when the human body is transcendental meditation, muscles relax throughout the body, heart rate, breathing and brain waves are slow, highly ordered, oxygen consumption is reduced, basic metabolic rate is reduced, immune function is enhanced, and the whole body is smallVasodilation, the decrease of epinephrine and other stress hormones in the blood, the cerebral cortex is in a protective inhibitory state, the synchrony of cortical functions is enhanced, and the coordination of neural functions are biologically and physiologically changed, which are very beneficial for strengthening the body, preventing diseases and delaying aging.

  Practice meditation, when pushing forward to the literary giant Guo Moruo.

Guo Lao studied in Japan in 1914. Due to his intense study and overuse of the brain, he suffered from severe neurasthenia, stayed up all night, sluggish all day, and healed in various ways. In 1915, he accidentally purchased the Quan Ming agent “Wang Yangming” in an old bookstore.”Complete Works”, which contains a chapter of “meditation”. Guo Lao will follow this exercise every day. After two weeks, a miracle will occur: he will fall asleep all night, his dizziness and heart palpitations will disappear, his memory will return to normal, and his stubborn disease will be cured.

As a result, the young Guo Lao did research on meditation and traced history. He believed that meditation penetrated the two ancient civilizations of the East-China and India.

  Since ancient times in China, meditation has been inseparable for guidance, meditation, vomiting, qi, button, qigong, etc. Its originator is likely to be Peng Zu, a well-known health-career in ancient times, and will become a Confucian in the future.

According to Biography of Lixian: “Peng Zu, Doctor Dian also.

At the end of the summer solstice Yin, more than 800 years old, often eat Guizhi, good guidance, good manners.

“The 800-year-old is of course an extremely exaggerated legend, but he must be an elderly star, which is recognized.

  Indian meditation yoga is a school of ancient Indian philosophy. It is also sitting with eyes closed, relaxing throughout the body, controlling breathing, and achieving a state of meditation.

  Guo Moruo pointed out in his article “The Secret Kungfu”: “Sitting the Kungfu, in the Song and Ming dynasties, Confucianism was very important. Most commentators thought that it came from Zen, but I think it should be traced to Confucian disciple YanHui, because “Zhuangzi” has Yan Hui sitting and forgetting (that is, meditating).

This is indeed the case.

Not only is the meditation recognized by the Buddhists and Taoists for the sake of epiphany, the ancient Confucianists also knew meditation, saying that “Jing can produce wisdom.”

“It also made meditation a compulsory course of science, and even required the disciples to read the book half-day and meditation half-day.

For example, Zhu Xi, a great Confucianist in the Song Dynasty, warned his disciples, “When you meditate and contemplate, you mainly observe and understand the truth.

Practice has proved that meditation has a good effect on mental workers in correcting neurotransmission, headache, insomnia, hypertension, coronary heart disease and ruling out psychological disorders.

Recently, it has been proposed that meditation can also enhance digestive function, cold resistance and moisturize the skin’s beauty effect.

  The specific method of sitting: sitting on a chair, a bed or a sofa, with the thighs flat, the lower legs straight, two feet apart, relax the belt, the head and neck straight, the chin is slightly closed, the back straight, the shoulders are drooping, the whole body is relaxed,Close your eyes and close your mouth, put your tongue against the upper palate, put your hands on the abdomen, put your thumbs on the belly button, cover your palms under the umbilicus, and then eliminate the thoughts (it is difficult to eliminate them during the initial training, and the thoughts will gradually disappear in the future, and you should not be too hasty).With abdominal breathing, try to slowly inflate the lower abdomen for deep inhalation, and then exhale slowly to restore the abdomen to normal.

At the same time, focus your consciousness on the palm under the umbilicus (on the Dantian acupoint). In this way, you can achieve the “three combinations” of body adjustment, heart adjustment, and breath adjustment.Nothingness, this is the so-called “into silence,” meaning that you feel very relaxed and comfortable all over your body.

Do it twice a day, morning and evening, 30 minutes at a time.

After the end, rubbing the heat with both hands, massaging the cheeks and eyes to activate the qi and blood. At this time, I feel refreshed and light, and the body is actually activated and burst out, which can strengthen the body’s healing effect.

  Meditation is one of the methods of health, the role is to calm the mind, but also combined with other sports to play the role of health to achieve the body, to achieve the purpose of alternating movement and quiet, health and mind.

Instead of sitting full of food, sitting still and doing nothing.

Let me conclude with a passage from Guo Lao: “Sitting on cultivation is really effective. I very much agree with my friends.

We use meditation instead of meditation as a means that is not incompatible with aggressiveness.

Winter and Spring Alternate Cold and Ginger Jujube Tea

Winter and Spring Alternate Cold and Ginger Jujube Tea

During winter and spring communication, people are susceptible to colds due to repeated temperature.

When you have a cold or cold, you may wish to cook a cup of ginger jujube tea. Ginger and red dates have the effect of warming up and dispersing cold, which can help to treat and prevent colds.

Today I will make this cup of ginger and jujube tea with everyone.

Warm body red ginger jujube tea ingredients: 500 grams of red dates, 100 grams of ginger, the right amount of brown sugar, the right amount of water practices: 1. After washing the red dates, cut the dates with scissors, cut the seeds into strips after pitting, and remove the ginger.Cut the shreds for use after peeling; 2. Put the jujube pieces into the pot together with the shredded ginger, add an appropriate amount of water, and the water needs to pass through all the ingredients. After the high heat is boiled, turn to a low heat and slowly cook, while stirring continuously; 3, boil until the amount of water is significantly reduced, add brown sugar and continue to boil until thick, remove the boiled ginger dates and put them in a clean sealed container to save, drink hot water when brewing and use.

Ginger can relieve cold, and it is most commonly used for colds and colds. Ginger is a seasoning commonly used in people, and it is also a traditional Chinese medicine. It is a typical representative of dual use of medicine and food.

The aliases are ginger root, spicy cloud, hook finger, indigoxin, hot and cold kid, fresh ginger, etc. The rhizome (dry ginger), suppository (ginger), and leaf (ginger leaf) are similar to medicine.

Ginger Weixin, sexual lukewarm, returning to the lungs, spleen, and stomach meridian, has the effect of relieving colds, relieving vomiting, warming the lungs, relieving cough, and detoxifying. It is commonly used for colds, spleen and stomach colds, stomach vomiting, and lung cold coughs.Anti-fish and crab poisoning embolism.

However, ginger helps the fire to hurt the yin, so people with heat and yin deficiency should avoid taking it.

Ginger is used to relieve the form, mainly for the spread of cold, and is often used to treat colds. The decoction and brown sugar are taken while hot, which can often be relieved by sweating, and can also prevent cold medicine.

Ginger has a weak sweating effect. It is often used in conjunction with ephedra and cinnamon sticks. As a supplementary medicine for sweat resolution, it can enhance sweating power.

However, ginger can only be used as a preventive and auxiliary function. It cannot be completely relied on to cure colds. Ginger should not be consumed too much, so as to avoid the spicy ingredients in the digestive tract.

Can ginger really help lose weight?

Due to the warm nature of ginger, the human body has the effect of increasing body temperature after eating and often can promote slight decomposition. Therefore, some people think that eating more ginger can help lose weight, and the reason is probably similar to eating more peppers to help lose weight.

However, in fact, ginger has limited functions for improving the body’s mildness and promoting slight decomposition. If you want to lose weight, you must start honestly with “hold your mouth and open your legs”.How can it be possible to take a car instead of eating and drinking at the dining table and hoping to achieve weight loss?

Even if you eat a ton of ginger every day, you can’t achieve such a weight loss effect.

Therefore, superstition ginger to lose weight, appropriate to stop.

Women love and childlikeness that excellent men like

Women love and childlikeness that excellent men like

Women like good men, but good men like some kind of woman?

When looking for a partner, a man is just as entangled as a woman. He is entangled about what kind of woman can spend his life with him. It is worthy of his sincerity for her.

So, what kind of women do contemporary good men like?

All these seven points, maybe you understand!

What kind of woman does an excellent man like, a woman with thought and charm breaks herself and hurts, and also refuses to see her helpless and vast old.

Women who love will realize that they can improve the quality of life of their families and their personal quality of life and aesthetic taste.

Therefore, you must not underestimate her wisdom and strength.

  She will always have time to take time out of her busy work and housework to learn English, do SPA, and watch dramas. She deeply understands that no matter what a woman loses, she cannot lose her thoughts and pursuits, but a woman without herselfNot only is not cute, but happiness and love are lost.

Therefore, she must strive to cultivate and enrich herself, improve her quality, and advance with the times.

  Second, fresh, mysterious and smart, she knows that in the ordinary and boring marriage life, properly add some spices, inject some sparks of passion, and let the lover’s tension reignite.

  She also knows that sometimes it ‘s too easy to coexist with the relationship, and the attraction between lovers is more mysterious from the other side, so she knows to keep some personal secrets and has her own social circle.Know how to keep a proper distance from each other, if you are away, you will bring some unexpected surprises in this alienation, and you, as her husband, have to declare that you have to know her again and again, yoursAs a result, love has been continuously sublimated.

  Third, independence and strength. First of all, you have to believe that it is the power of love that has made her strong enough to let her bid farewell to the tender and helpless girl of her girlhood, and become the backbone of your family.

  Although she is not the kind of aggressive woman who is afraid of outsiders, she is independent and can deal with category problems independently. She is not accustomed to facing others, not to mention trivial matters.Call to cry to you and dissipate your energy.

  Fourth, although personality and temperament can not require every woman around us to be born beautiful and attractive, beautiful appearance is born, but elegant temperament is dependent on the acquired training.

Good temperament is the permanent charm of women attracting men.

If you speak softer, with a warmer and softer context, walk with your head upright, and consciously cultivate and shape your temperament, then even if your appearance changes over time and gradually fades, your temperament will make you feel better.Points for the overall impression.

  Fifth, carefulness and responsibility. Attentiveness is a certain quality peculiar to the female body. A careful woman always makes people feel kind and she has a keen observation.

She always hides her secrets and won’t help you with everything in one hand, but she often needs her care in some details.

A cup of warm milk handed over at the desk in the middle of the night, and an umbrella she quietly put in the bag on a rainy day. Once in urgent need, she can take out the money to survive the crisis.A trick is always convincing.

  Six, listening and sharing. In fact, men are sometimes very vulnerable. They bear more social pressure and responsibilities than others. Even the strongest men need someone to share with him and share the hardships in life.And fun.

  Seven, love and innocence The love here does not mean her love for you alone, but also for your parents, for the weak around her, and for all humankind.

A woman with soft and loving hearts is not too bad, and she with an innocent childlike heart can always bring you unexpected surprises and fun in the long days together.

With her, you will not feel the cruel years, because the innocent smile on her shoulders has left the footsteps of time.

  Everyone will age, and only those women who are caring and childlike will never grow old.

In general, a good woman knows how to withstand the hard work of her life, and maintains and renews the love that belongs to you from time to time, so that you can thrive in the love network that she has never leaked.

  After sharing a certain kind of woman above, it is worth letting men give all their tenderness and true love, female friends will have to work hard to improve their inner soul in order to meet a good man to spend the rest of his life.

Learn how to judge the hunger of a newborn baby

Learn how to judge the hunger of a newborn baby

It is incorrect to judge whether a baby is full only from the length of time the baby has been breastfeeding.

Because some babies will continue to inhale for 10 minutes after inhaling milk, and some babies just like to suck and play.

It is not possible to accurately determine whether a baby is crying or not, because babies often cry for other reasons.

At least, the baby’s pregnancy can be judged from the following aspects: 1 It is more reliable to use the baby’s weight gain and daily behavior to determine whether the baby is full.

If the baby is awake and in a good spirit, happy, and gains weight day by day, it means that the baby is full. If the baby continues to grow slowly and excludes the possibility of certain diseases, then it usually means that the baby is not considered to be fullFull.

2 When breastfeeding, the baby is pregnant and does not leave the breast. After breastfeeding, the baby is crying, which is a sign that he is full.

3 The baby can sleep quietly after breastfeeding and will not cry until the next breastfeeding.

Or sometimes sucking for a while, spit out the nipples and cry, without gaining weight, this is a manifestation of the baby’s insufficiency.

4 If you are struggling with milk, you will fall asleep soon after sucking, less than 1?
Waking up and crying for 2 hours, or sometimes sucking milk, this is a sign that the baby is not full.

5 Stools are abnormal, and constipation and diarrhea appear.

Normal stool should be yellow ointment.

When the milk is insufficient, the stool will become secretive, thin, green, or increase in frequency with less discharge each time, which is a manifestation of the baby’s insufficiency.

Cobblestone fitness is not for everyone

Cobblestone fitness is not for everyone

I don’t know when it started, the cobblestone road fitness method became popular.

Cobbled roads are paved in large and small parks and even in residential areas.

Every morning or evening, people waiting to go even queue up.

Some people with better living conditions also paved a cobblestone path in their patios.

Following the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, proper stimulation of acupoints on the feet can promote the circulation of qi and blood throughout the body, thereby achieving the effect of fitness and disease prevention.

However, not everyone is suitable for fitness in this way, and blind use can cause physical harm.

  Patients with foot diseases should not walk away with cobblestone body injuries (including joint swelling pain, strains, sprains, etc.), and people who have not recovered from injuries (including long bone spurs and aunt pads) should not perform cobblestone fitness.

Heel bone pain, toe osteosphitis and cysts have occurred. Podiatric patients with toe bone fractures must wear padded shoes to reduce friction even walking. It is also not advisable to walk on cobblestone roads, otherwise they may increase foot injuries.

For such patients, it is not necessary to say that foot massage cannot be performed, and some manual or electric massagers can also exert good fitness effects.

  In addition, the exposed stones are inevitably stained with dust and various bacteria, so people with injuries to their feet should avoid walking barefoot to prevent germs from entering the wound and causing infection.

For people with foot infections, such as athlete’s foot, it can cause some skin damage. If bare feet walk on the stone, it is likely to be infected with other bacteria and cause some secondary infections.

Obviously, even people who have no problems in their feet should wash their feet immediately after walking, otherwise, if the skin is not scratched, the bacteria will invade immediately, causing local infection, lymphadenitis, and lymphadenopathy.

  Because the cobblestone road in a park or a community is a public exercise place, and some individuals are infected with some infectious diseases of the foot, cross infection is prone to occur.

Therefore, it is best not to exercise barefoot, wearing a pair of cotton socks and walking can effectively sterilize the spread of bacteria, powder and other microorganisms.

After exercising, you should change your socks in time to keep them clean.

  Elderly people with osteoarthritis have particular attention to cobblestone roads, and those with osteoporosis and degenerative diseases of bones and joints should pay attention to controlling the time of cobblestone roads.

This is because the decrease in bone hardness caused by osteoporosis is low. Walking on hard stones can easily cause damage.

The degenerative fractures of bones and joints are mainly osteoproliferative, including soft tissue degradation (such as ligaments, loosening of the joint capsule) and degeneration of the tibia. Walking for too long will exacerbate the abrasion of these tissues, leading to swelling and expansion of the knee joints andpain.
Because the elderly generally have varying degrees of osteoporosis and joint degenerative deformities, the time to walk the cobblestone road should be controlled at about 15 minutes each morning and evening.

It is important to remind exercisers that at the beginning of walking the pebbles, the feet will be more painful, and should not be forced to walk very continuously, and the exercise time should be gradually increased.

The elderly will concentrate their weight gain on the pavement when walking to avoid serious sprains and injuries caused by waste and dispersion.

You can also stand on your feet and lift your toes, which is both safe and aligned, and has the same effect as acupoints.

  It is autumn, and the cobblestones are cold in the early morning. If you get cold, you may cold your joints and make your pain worse.

Should try to choose around 9 am, when the cobblestone has been exposed to light, there is a certain temperature, at this time the exercise effect is better.

Of course, you should try to avoid exercising in the afternoon, when the road is too hot.

Wash your feet promptly after exercising, and then use a dry towel to wipe your feet to heat, which can improve microcirculation.

Refrigerators used in summer to prevent refrigerator food poisoning

Refrigerators used in summer to prevent “refrigerator food poisoning”

In the summer, the number of patients with acute gastroenteritis in the hospital began to increase, especially the number of children with minor illnesses soared. Many children developed poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and fever due to eating food taken directly from the refrigerator.
The doctor emphasized that in the summer, household refrigerators should be cleaned and organized once, food should be stored separately, and it is best to use fresh-keeping boxes made of PC, PE, PP and tempered glass.
  From June to August, there is a high incidence of “refrigerator food poisoning” every summer from June to August, which is a high incidence season of “refrigerator food poisoning” in children.
In summer, the external temperature is high, and the frequency of opening the refrigerator door increases again. The temperature inside the refrigerator cannot be maintained well, and the probability of bacterial reproduction increases. In summer, the frequency of children taking food from the refrigerator also greatly increases.
The temperature of the refrigerator freezer is generally between 0 ° C and 7 ° C. This temperature has a significant inhibitory effect on the proliferation of most bacteria, can delay the time of food deterioration, but will not kill the bacteria.
Among them, some bacteria that like the cold environment, such as E. coli, typhoid bacteria, and Staphylococcus aureus, are still active in the refrigerator. They continue to multiply and accelerate food deterioration.
In addition, raw food, even when placed in the refrigerator, will continue to metabolize, producing toxic metabolites.
  Some children’s snacks can be stored in the refrigerator without storing all the food. After buying, it is best to sort and treat them separately, and then put them in the refrigerator after packing and sealing.
  In addition, different foods have suitable storage temperatures, and foods of the same storage temperature should be put together.
She exemplified: meat, such as pork, beef, should be stored at -18 ℃, if refrigerated at -2 ℃ ~ 5 ℃, meat can be stored for up to a week; green vegetables should be kept at low temperature (not lower than0 ℃) Environment preservation. The optimal storage temperature for cabbage, celery, onion, carrot and so on is about 0 ℃; the optimal temperature for storing potatoes is 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, and the suitable storage temperature for cucumber, eggplant, and tomato is 7 ℃ ~Between 10 ° C, pumpkins are suitable for storage above 10 ° C. The optimal temperature for storing sweet potatoes is above 15 ° C. The storage temperature for bananas is about 13 ° C. The storage temperature for oranges is 4 ° C to 5 ° C;1 ℃ ~ 4 ℃; mango is 10 ℃ ~ 13 ℃; papaya is 7 ℃; litchi is 7 ℃ ~ 10 ℃, so bananas, mangoes, litchis, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, etc. should not be stored in the refrigerator.
These are also snacks that children love to eat, and you can buy them fresh in small quantities each time. Do not put them in the refrigerator.
  Do not use PVC food preservation film. Food preservation requires three factors, temperature, humidity, and gas.
Putting food directly into the refrigerator guarantees temperature, but not humidity and gas.
Zeng Jing advised parents not to keep food in ordinary plastic bags. “Many plastic bags and plastic containers are not food-specific. For example, PVC food cling film is very harmful to the human body because of its ingredient ethylhexylamine (DEHA)It is easy to precipitate, and after entering the human body with food, it has carcinogenic effects and endangers human safety.
“It is best to use high-quality fresh-keeping boxes for refrigerator-packed food to avoid cross-contamination and reduce the possibility of infection.
When choosing a preservative box, pay attention to confirming the materials used in the preservative box. Select preservative boxes that are harmless to the human body such as PC, PE, PP, and tempered glass.
At the same time, it is recommended to choose transparent and translucent materials. You can easily confirm the contents of the box without opening the box when using it.

Adhere to the Four Principles

Adhere to the Four Principles

Urban life is always busy and stressful. If stress accumulates for a long time, it will affect our physical health, so more and more people now start to pay attention to health, because only with health can we have everything and the body.Is it the capital of the revolution?

In recent days, there has been a sharp drop, many cold diseases such as colds are about to move, making people more able to overcome the period of TCM health, but how can TCM health in winter, in order to keep your body healthy and not sick?

  When TCM health care needs to be supplemented symptomatically, winter supplementation, in order to make the stomach and stomach have a process of adaptation, it is best to do supplementation first, which is to lay the foundation.

Usually, you can replace the beef stew with red dates, peanut kernels and brown sugar, and cook some ginger jujube beef soup to eat, which can adjust the spleen and stomach functions.

  If you often feel weak in your limbs, tired, speaking quietly, and sweating when you move, this is mostly qi deficiency.

Ginseng, Codonopsis, Radix Ginseng, Schisandra, Astragalus, Atractylodes or Codonopsis ginseng, Ginseng flower ointment, etc. are optional; foods include soybeans, yam, jujube, chestnuts, carrots, beef, rabbit meat and so on.

People with yellowish complexion, pale lips, dizziness, weak heartbeat, insomnia, and tinnitus and palpitations are mostly blood deficiency.

Optional gelatin, longan meat, angelica, cooked ground, white peony, Shiquan Dabu pills and nourishing cream and other blood-saving drugs, foods include jujube, longan, litchi, grape, black sesame, beef liver, sheep liver and so on.

  Health selection is important to the method: in many places above, there is a proverb like “eat radish in winter, eat ginger in summer, and prescribe medicine without doctors”.

Radish has a strong air-lifting function, can also relieve cough and phlegm, remove dryness and promote fluids, cool and detoxify.

Zheng Banqiao also mentioned radish and tea in one of its health and health care associations: “green radish shallow rice, earthen pot chrysanthemum tea”, and the health, health, and medicinal effects of radish are compatible with tea.

  Health-care families suggested that eating hot porridge in winter health should be more.

For example, the above folks have the habit of eating red bean porridge in the winter solstice and “lata porridge” on the eighth day of the first month, and eating this kind of porridge often has increased transformation and nutritional functions.

In addition, often eat wheat porridge that has the effect of nourishing the heart and troubles, sesame porridge with Yijing Yangyin, radish porridge with digestion and phlegm elimination, walnut porridge with Yangyin solid essence, Poria porridge with spleen and stomach nutrition,Jujube porridge and so on.

  Eat a healthy autumn and winter, a variety of nuts appear one after another, usually eat a little more, it has a good tonic health effect.

Due to the largest yields, the most widely distributed areas, and excellent nutritious taste, hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, and cashews are outstanding among all nuts, and are known as “the world’s four largest nuts”.

  Regular ventilation for cold weather in winter. Some people like to close the windows and doors or cover their heads to sleep. This is a very bad habit.

In addition to opening doors and windows during the day to allow air convection, a small transom should be opened at night for ventilation.

Human cells secrete high concentrations of cyclic adenosine monophosphate during the day to enhance cell function; at night, they secrete high concentrations of guanosine monophosphate, which attenuates and inhibits cell function.

In the middle of the night, the human body’s resistance decreases, and those who are weak or sick should strengthen their monitoring and observe whether breathing and pulse are normal, so that timely measures can be taken for treatment.

  Winter health is very important, because after experiencing the three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn, people need to nourish in winter. As the saying goes: “Nourishment in the next nine months and no pain in winter” is the obvious nature of winter health.

Office workers often eat blueberries to relieve dry eyes

Office workers often eat blueberries to relieve dry eyes

In the modern information society, watching the computer and television for a long time and neglecting the eye hygiene has made more and more urban people’s eyes in a state of fatigue.

A health census found that 54% of urban white-collar workers said that they often felt blurred vision, decreased vision, dry eyes and itching.

There are many reasons for this, but excessive use of computers is the most common and direct cause of disease.

Computers commonly used in the office emit rays, and these rays are often uneven and constant, which can easily cause eye fatigue; the constantly changing content on the computer often attracts people’s eyeballs, significantly reducing the number of blinks, which also reduces eyesSelf-protection.

  Blueberry, an internationally popular eye protection recipe. To relieve eye pain and prevent various eye diseases for office workers, in fact, you can try to eat blueberries, and timely supplement the eye nutrition due to excessive use of the eye, which can greatly help dry and tired eyes.

In foreign countries, eating blueberries to protect eye health has become a very popular lifestyle.

  Blueberry is a potential blue replacement of high-grade anthocyanins. Its fruit is almost round, its pulp is delicate, and its sweetness and sourness are moderate.

In addition to sugar, acid and vitamin C, it also supplements anthocyanins, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1, arbutin, protein and other special ingredients rarely found in other fruits, as well as rich traces of iron, zinc, manganese, etc.element.

Among them, it contains high anthocyanins, which is very helpful for eye health.

Especially the Australian wild bantam blueberry, which grows in the air and has more pure water on the island of Dokdo. It is less polluted, full and clean, and is pure blue from peel to pulp. It is called “sapphire” by Native AmericansIts anthocyanin content is particularly high, which can help regenerate rhodopsin, which has great potential for eye health of office workers.

  Eye fatigue is dry. Try to eat blueberry anthocyanins in blueberries can help to regenerate rhodopsin on the retina.

The human eye can see objects due to the presence of rhodopsin on the retina. Rhodopsin decomposes opsin and retinal chromogenic substances under the stimulation of light, and produces neurotransmitters to the brain, thereby producing vision.

The anthocyanins in blueberries can effectively promote the activation and resynthesis of rhodopsin, thereby improving the visual acuity of the human eye, and also improving vision, which has a good health effect on penetrating computer eyes that are irradiated.

  As an antioxidant, anthocyanins in blueberries can resist the oxidative damage caused by free radicals to lens cells, help the eyeballs restore elasticity, relieve vision loss, and feel relaxed when using the eyes.

At the same time, regular consumption of blueberries can also help to strengthen the elasticity of the microvessels in the eyes, promote blood circulation, maintain normal eyeball pressure, prevent eyeball fatigue, and stay away from dryness and soreness.

  In addition, lutein, carotene, grape seeds, millet grass, marigold, vitamins, EPA and DHA are also good for the eyes. If you take blueberries while supplementing these nutrients, you can improve various eye problems for office workers.

Sophora honey, laxative osmanthus can honey to nourish the stomach

Sophora honey, laxative osmanthus can honey to nourish the stomach

Honey is considered one of the best health foods in the world: The “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” lists honey as a top grade that is good for people; the ancient Greeks considered honey as a “gift from heaven”; India’s “Vedas”Said that honey can prolong life.

  The world is drinking honey for health, but now there are many types of honey. How should we choose in order to make better use of health effects?

The “Life Times” reporter interviewed Gao Maolin, president of the Chinese Bee Products Association.

  Generally speaking, honey refers to natural honey. Due to the expansion of different nectar sources plants, it is divided into various single flower nectar, such as litchi honey, locust honey, astragalus honey, and rapeseed honey.

However, most honeys often contain pollen or nectar from several types of plants. For example, longan flowers are followed by longan flowers at the end of the period and rapeseed flowers are bloomed at the end of the rapeseed period. Therefore, longan honey contains the ingredients of litchi honey.Zuni honey has a small amount of rapeseed honey, but the pollen ratio of the nectar source plant in the single nectar still has the absolute advantage.

There is also a kind of nectar or hundred nectar, which is the honey obtained by many plants blooming at the same time. The pollen ratio of various nectar sources is even.

In addition, people also divide honey into spring honey, fu honey, autumn honey and winter honey due to different production seasons.

Spring honey (mostly nectar of acacia, orange blossom, pear flower, rapeseed, etc.) has a large viscosity, and has a clear fragrance, sweet taste, and good quality. Fu honey (mostly sunflower, nectar, and other nectar) has a large viscosity, delicate, and delicate fragrance.Sweet taste and average quality; autumn honey (mostly cotton, buckwheat and other nectar) is slightly fragrant, slightly acidic, sticky, opaque, and has the worst quality; winter honey (produced in the south, mostly laurel, longan, litchi and other nectar)) The best quality, among which the wild osmanthus nectar is the top grade and has the reputation of “the king of honey”.

  Because the sources of honey collected are different, the therapeutic effects of honey are also different.

Hundred flower nectar is collected in a hundred flower bushes. It gathers the essence of a hundred flowers and is a collection of a hundred flowers. It is usually transformed by mixing more than five types of honey. The fragrance is sweet and moist.

If you want to drink honey for laxative detox, the best effect is Huaihua Nectar, Lime Tree Nectar, and Date Nectar.

Those who are easy to get angry should drink Coptis lutea appropriately, and its anti-fire effect is very significant.

If you want to nourish your stomach, drink osmanthus nectar.

Osmanthus honey is known as the “king of honey” and has a good stomach nourishing effect. It can lose weight with vinegar and moisturize with milk.

Lung is bad, drink wolfberry honey.

The honey has a deep amber color and a fragrant fragrance, and has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, nourishing lungs and aphrodisiac.

Middle-aged and elderly people can drink more ginkgo biloba.

Ginkgo biloba contains medicinal ingredients such as gingko ketone and ginkgolide, which can treat cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.

  In the end, Gao Maolin reminded that boiling water or boiling the honey at high temperature caused serious damage to the nutrients in the honey and the inactivation of the enzymes in the honey. Therefore, it is best to use warm or cold water below 60 ° C for consumption.