Stay up all night and hurt your skin. Eat more vitamin C for dinner.

Stay up all night and hurt your skin. Eat more vitamin C for dinner.

Everyone knows that staying up late can hurt your skin, but sometimes you have to stay up late for night shifts or parties.

How to solve the skin problems caused by staying up late?

Dermatologists and experts call.

The doctor said that when staying up late, the indoor air should be kept clear and humidity.

At dinner, you should add some vitamin C-containing fruits (or take 1 tablet of vitamin C orally), or supplement some collagen-rich foods, which will help the skin restore elasticity and gloss.

But eat less spicy foods, because the skin will increase the excessive evaporation of water, sensitive skin should try to eat less seafood.

And beauty experts said that in terms of skin cleansing, it is important to remove the old waste keratin accumulated by the metabolism at night, so that the skin can better absorb the skin care products.

For people with better skin conditions, clean water and towels are sufficient. For keratin and oily skin, you can choose refreshing and moisturizing, and cleansing products containing salicylic acid.

The cleansing is completed. The third step requires a lot of hydration.

Experts suggest that you can first make a whitening application mask to quickly remove the yellow gas from the skin due to staying up late and increase the skin’s moisturization.

Because staying up late, the skin loses water quickly, and the amount of oil increases sharply. In order to avoid the development of acne, it is best to choose a moisturizing essence with less oil and use a refreshing lotion instead of a cream.

In addition, eye care massage can greatly reduce the appearance of “Panda Eyes”.

Experts suggest that after applying eye cream that soothes the skin of the eyes, gently tap the skin around the eyes with a piano to help promote local blood circulation. Then, put your fingers close together and gently press the skin under the eyes with your fingers.

The doctor said that after staying up late at night, they can brew wolfberry tea, which can nourish liver and kidney, and has anti-aging, skin care and beauty effects.

Adding a bit of red dates and white chrysanthemums completely can reduce the fire qi, soothe the eyes and calm the eyes.