Hubei’s Top Ten National Day Tourism Attractions Ranked in the National Day of Hubei Province

Hubei’s Top Ten National Day Tourism Attractions Ranked in the National Day of Hubei Province

Where can I travel in Hubei National Day?

What are the fun attractions of Hubei Eleven Tourism?

Hubei National Day tourism mainly focuses on mountaineering, the Three Gorges Tour, the colorful Qingjiang River, the hot spring health, the country tour, and the parent-child tour. Here, you will organize the top ten National Day holiday resorts in Hubei, including Wudang Mountain, Shennongjia, Pingbaying and other mountain climbing.There are beautiful scenery in the autumn, including the Three Gorges family, the Three Gorges Dam and other Three Gorges scenery, as well as Changyang Qingjiang Gallery, Enshi Grand Canyon, East Lake, Tenglong Cave, Qingliang Village and other natural landscapes of Hubei, as well as Happy Valley, Huanghua Mulan Ecological Tourism Zone, etc.Hubei parent-child tour, and Tangchi Hot Spring, Chutian Yaochi Hot Spring and other Hubei hot springs health tour, let us have a look.

Hubei Top Ten National Day Tourist Attractions Rank 1, Shennongjia Scenic Area, Shennongjia Tourism Area, Hubei Province: World Geopark, National AAAAA-level tourist attraction, National Geopark, National Forest Park, National Wetland Park, National Nature Reserve, World Biosphere Protection Network.

Shennongjia is located in a high mountainous area with a cluster of peaks in the western part of Hubei Province. It is located between the Yangtze River and Hanshui, with a radius of 3,250 square kilometers. It is said that Shennong, the ancient god, took the name of the mountain.

The peaks of the scenic spots are all above 3,000 meters above sea level, which is called the “Central China Ridge”.

A forest eco-tourism area with the theme of green and subalpine natural scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

2, Wudang Mountain, Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot, Hubei Province, Taoist Holy Land, located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

Wudang Mountain is also known as Taihe Mountain, Xie Luo Mountain, Shenshan Mountain, and Xianju Mountain. It is known as “Taiyue”, “Xuanyue” and “Dayue”.

In the Ming Dynasty, Wudang Mountain was enshrined as “Da Yue” by the emperor, and “Jing Shi Xuan Yue” was honored as the supreme “Royal Home Temple”.

Wudang Mountain is famous for its fascinating fascination with the “Five Great Mountains and the Five Kingdoms of the Five Kingdoms”.

Wudang Mountain is one of the world cultural heritage sites announced by the United Nations. It is a national key scenic spot in China and a national AAAAA scenic spot.

Wudang Mountain is also the birthplace of Taoist famous mountains and Wudang martial arts. It is called “the unparalleled victory of the ancient times and the first fairy mountain in the world”.

3. The Yangtze River Three Gorges Scenic Area The Yangtze River Three Gorges is the general name of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge.

It starts from Baidi City in Fengjie County, Chongqing, and is completely reversed in Nanjin Pass, Yichang City, Hubei Province, across Fengfeng, Wushan, Badong, Zigui, Yichang, five counties and cities, about 200 kilometers.

It is a famous famous scenic spot in China and abroad.

It is the essence of the scenery of the Yangtze River, the treasures of the landscape of Shenzhou, and the glory of the past and the present.

The magical and quaint rivers of Daning River, Xiangxi and Shennong River in the third section of the Yangtze River make this world-famous landscape gallery a memorable one.

The mountains and waters of the Three Gorges, a scene and a thing, are all picturesque, accompanied by many beautiful and moving legends.

4. Three Gorges Renjia Scenic Area, Three Gorges People’s Scenic Area, Yichang City, Hubei Province, national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, the first batch of civilized scenic tourist areas in Hubei Province, the top ten scenic spots in Hubei Province, the demonstration base of ecological civilization construction in Hubei Province, and the opening and opening up of Hubei Provinceunit.
The Three Gorges family, surrounded by mountains and waters, picturesque: the traditional Three Gorges hanging foot tower is dotted between the mountains and rivers, the long-lost ancient sailing ship, the awning boat quietly parked in front of the Three Gorges family, the stream side girl waving a stick in the cleaning clothes, the river surfaceThe leisurely fishermen are fishing in the net. The customs and customs that have been circulated for thousands of years reflect the simple hospitality of the people of Xiajiang.

The magnificent Yangtze River has nurtured the Three Gorges culture, where Bachu culture blends, multiplies and develops.

When Boda and mystery became attached to each other, and the glory and thick marriage, the Three Gorges people are destined to be the legend of the Three Gorges tourism.

5. Yichang Qingyang Gallery Scenic Spot Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is located in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, surrounding the dam of Geheyan Hydropower Station to Yanchi Hot Spring, Shuibuyu Town, Badong County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province.All tourist attractions and attractions along the Qingjiang River.

Focus on the creation of the Qingjiang ancient city, the inverted shadow gorge, Xianrenzhai, Wuluo Zhonglishan and other attractions.

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is a provincial-level scenic spot and tourist resort in Hubei Province. It is also one of the four Grade A tourist scenic spots in the province named by the National Forest Park approved by the State Forestry Administration and the Hubei Provincial Tourism Bureau.

On December 19, 2012, the Changjiang Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Resort in Yichang, Hubei Province received a letter from the National Tourism Administration’s Landscape Quality Rating Committee, confirming that Qingjiang Gallery has become a national 5A-level attraction and is a national geological park.

6, Wuhan East Lake Scenic Spot, Wuhan East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area, referred to as Donghu Scenic Area, is located in the downtown area of Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, a national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site, and the first batch of national key scenic spots.

East Lake is located in the eastern part of Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, hence the name. It is now one of the most extensive waters in China. It is the largest scenic spot in Central China; one of the most beautiful red maple spots in Wuhan, every autumnThe maple leaves on the mountain turn from green to yellow, and their final beauty is blooming. Donghu Moshan, the “Tenli Moshan, Ba Li Fragrant” Donghu Moshan, has always been a great place for the general public to enjoy the Gui.

7, Wuhan Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone Huanghua Mulan Ecological Tourism Zone was changed to Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, about 18

6 square kilometers.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone is a national AAAAA-level attraction, including Mulan Mountain and Mulan Tianchi.

Mulan Grassland, Mulan Yunwu Mountain four major attractions.

I want to see the mountains, there are national geological parks, millennial religious sites Mulan Mountain; want to see the forest, here is the beautiful scenery of the valley, the romantic landscape of the National Forest Park Mulan Tianchi; want to see the grassland, there is the grassland customs area Mulan grassland; want to see flowers,There are 10,000 mu of rhododendrons in the Mulan Mountain, and there are 100,000 wild cherry trees in the Mulan Qingliang Village.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the clouds are foggy, vast and innocent, and the realm of the gods; the winter season, the fog and the wild, the Wanshu hanging jade, crystal clear, it can be said that Mulan Mountain has a good scenery all year round.

8, Mulan Qingliang Zhai Qingliang Village is located in the northwest of Caidian Street, Huangpi District, Wuhan City, and is one of the eight scenic spots in China.

It is now a national 4A level attraction.

Wuhan Tourism Bureau selected “one of the top ten attractions in Wuhan in 2017”.The unique geographical and climatic conditions of the Qingzhai Village due to the difference in altitude and the temperature difference between day and night, the scenic spots of “Feng”, Wanfeng, Wujiaofeng, Qijiaofeng, octagonal maple and other maple trees, as well as ostrich and eucalyptusThe autumn red leaf tree species reaches more than 3,000 acres, and the most beautiful place of the red leaves is the “Fenglin Bay on the drunken lake”. It is a good place to climb and enjoy the feeling of “parking and sitting on the love of Fenglin night”, enjoying the red leaves and taking the red leaves.

Wuhan has the highest altitude, the best water body, the latest air, the best, the most abundant resources, the oldest village, and the most primitive ecological leisure of the folk customs.

9. Hubei Enshi Tenglongdong Grand Canyon Geological Park Hubei Enshi Tenglongdong Grand Canyon Geological Park is a national geological park in China. It is located in Lichuan City, Enshi City, and belongs to geological and geomorphological geological parks with a total area of 223.

94 square kilometers.

It extends 48 east-west along the Qingjiang River Valley.

It is 37 kilometers wide and has a width of 5-8 kilometers from the Qingjiang River Valley and the Qingjiang River. It is divided into 6 scenic spots: Tenglongdong Park, Longmen Park, Heidong Park, Xuezhaohe Park, Qixingzhai Park, Enshi Grand Canyon.There are 4 parks in Lichuan and 2 in Enshi City.

The area of the Lichuan Park in the Grand Canyon Geological Park of Tenglong Cave is 107.

80 km2, the geological relics and landscapes in the park are mainly caused by karst and Qingjiang erosion.

10. The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area of the Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province. It was officially opened to the public in 1997. In 2007, it was named the first batch of national 5A tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration.

The tourism area is based on the world’s largest water conservancy project – the Three Gorges Project. It displays engineering culture and water culture in all aspects, providing visitors with multi-functional services such as sightseeing, science, education, leisure and entertainment. It will bring modern engineering, natural scenery and humanities.The combination of landscapes makes it a destination for friends from home and abroad.

The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area is located in the middle of Xiling Gorge, Sandouping in Yichang City, Hubei Province, 38 kilometers away from the downstream Yichang Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project. It is the largest water conservancy project in the world today.

Single woman black men most afraid of psychology

Single woman black men most afraid of psychology

1. The tail of youth cannot live in this youth-loving society and make itself look younger. It has become the tireless pursuit of every woman. A market survey shows that more than 70% of women are most worried about wrinkles.Climb up to Pang without knowing it, losing weight, beauty, bodybuilding, SPA aromatherapy . all of this is because we are afraid of leaving marks and losing charm.

  2. The family of feared babies is afraid that Dangdang will no longer only have the meaning of succession, will it be born?

When will you have children?

With whom?

These problems have become a problem that disturbs modern women. Many women are afraid of having a child at an inappropriate time, and they are afraid of becoming a yellow face when they have a child. They are afraid that everything will change when they have a child: appearance, body, work, Husband, and hope for life.

  3, how far is it forever to “find love to the end” is the voice of all women, therefore, women are afraid of being truly disappointed.

However, in this material age, love will be impacted by many things, rewritten, and encountering an affair is a direct consequence.

In short, the paradise of marriage’s “fire” requires men and women to rescue them together.

  4. A marriage without money is like root grass. If you are not a woman pursuing success, you may put your life poker on a man. “Marrying a rich man” is actually the dream of every girl. Who does n’t want toMaterially rich life?

Therefore, women are afraid that they will marry a junk stock instead of a stock of superior stocks or potential stocks. The so-called “loveful drinking” is just a narcotic drug to comfort themselves!

Rich marriage is treasure.

  5. There must be no independent fulcrum. Although the era has become more likely for women to develop independently, women are still afraid of losing their independent fulcrum: career-type women are afraid of career difficulties, and there is no fair competition rule; womenThey are afraid of losing their career, fear of occupational pressure, age, the impact of growth on their careers, harassment and difficulties of their boss, and fear of becoming a numb housewife after 35 years old.

  6, lonely high heels Zhu Deyong called them “astringent girls”.

“One person is afraid of loneliness, two people are afraid of disappointment.” This is their dilemma. They both have their own lives and careers. They no longer depend on men. They modify the definition of home to: “Buy a house, justIt is equivalent to having a home.

“However, as Yang Lan said,” Life is more important than success. “What about success in the workplace?

  7. Do n’t let disease knock on you. “Do n’t suffer from what you eat, do n’t have any disease.” Although the world is changing too fast, the blood relationship will never be broken. We do n’t want to be attacked by the disease ourselves, or to watch.To bear the pain of my loved ones, I am more afraid of losing my loved ones. On the other hand, as the only child, we must bear both parents. In fact, we are responsible for the health of the family.

  8. I am most afraid of being asked . I don’t want to ask, I start thinking about everything .

It is very effective to eat bananas to supplement energy on the first day.

It is very effective to eat bananas to supplement energy on the first day.

When the day is stuffy, people will sweat a lot, feel tired, limb weakness, loss of appetite, and even severe collapse.

However, eating bananas before going out can alleviate or avoid this phenomenon.


hzh {display: none; }  专家指出,这种现象多与缺钾有关。Potassium is an important nutrient in the human body and an important electrolyte in the human body.

Potassium is mainly stored in human cells. Its main function is to maintain and regulate the volume and osmotic pressure of intracellular fluids, maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids and the transmission of nerves, and play an important role in the normal metabolism.

Potassium can also enhance the excitability of the human nerves and muscles, reduce the excitability of the heart muscle, and thus maintain the normal function of the nerves and muscles, especially the normal movement of the heart muscle.

  The normal concentration of potassium is 3.


5 mmol/L, less than 3.

5 mmol/L is hypokalemia.

The most prominent manifestation of hypokalemia is the weakness of the limbs. Through the aggravation of hypokalemia, systemic muscle weakness, diaphragmatic muscles, respiratory muscle paralysis, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing, severe suffocation, and muscle necrosis, fiberShrinking and so on.

In addition, low potassium can cause damage to the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and urinary systems.

  Experts advise that there is more sweating in summer, and you should pay more attention to eating potassium-containing foods such as bananas, lean pork, squid, peanuts, kelp, etc.

Bananas also replenish energy quickly, and the sugar is quickly converted to glucose, which is immediately absorbed by the body and is a fast source of energy.

The concentrated magnesium in bananas also has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

  Bananas are good, but not for everyone.

People with acute chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency should not eat more bananas, limited to half a root.

Bananas are cold, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be careful to avoid diarrhea.

Diabetic patients must also pay attention to the limit, should be ingested from the staple food, remove a small amount, so as not to increase blood sugar.

These 5 health rumors have made too many people recruit!

Hurry forward to the home crowd!

These 5 health rumors have made too many people recruit!
Hurry forward to the home crowd!

Do you have a lot of sweat in the three days to detox?


Many people think that Sanfutian is a good time to detoxify. In addition, when they are sweating, they are deeply imprisoned in detoxification. Naturally, they produce sweat and sweat, and the poison can be discharged.

However, whenever you sweat too much, your body will become dehydrated and even harm some of your body’s functions.

Especially when the weather is hot, the body temperature of the body has been in a high temperature state. The body temperature will be higher when you exercise a little, and the sweat will be enough when you are not exercising. If you step on the exercise, the body will drain too much.Salt loss in the body is too large, resulting in imbalance of electrolyte balance.

Therefore, in the days when the temperature is too high, you should avoid too correct exercise, unless you love sports, you should try to choose aerobic soothing exercise.

Xiangzhengqi water can be taken as a summer heat medicine?

In summer, the advertisement of Huoxiang Zhengqi Water is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many people use it to repeat the heatstroke prevention function after use. Therefore, in the summer, there will be a lot of sputum at home. I want to take a bottle to drink immediately.

Don’t forget, Huoxiang Zhengqi is a proprietary Chinese medicine, and it is not specifically for the treatment of heat stroke, so there will be problems if it is used indiscriminately.

Normal water is originally used to treat colds in the summer, but not all colds are suitable for eating. If it is caused by excessive coldness in the body, it is suitable for treatment with cold water.

However, the cause of the cold in summer is more complicated, and it is usually replaced by multiple cold symptoms. If you treat it with just water, it will only make the disease unhealed for a long time.

If the temperature is too high, you can’t exercise?

Too much sweat on the body will be very uncomfortable. In the summer, even if you don’t exercise, you will often get a sweat.

Some people do not exercise for the whole summer in order to keep their body fresh.

This practice is wrong. Daily sweating is not equal to detoxification. If you do not do some exercise in the summer, it will cause the toxins to accumulate in the body and lay the groundwork for the fall.

If you hate doing intense sports, you can do the following small sports.

If you have nothing to turn your eyes, you can improve your attention and prevent presbyopia.

Stride after the meal, walking has a good strengthening effect on the heart and lungs, and more walking, but also promote digestion, let the belly of the inflation gas out.

The bare feet are comfortable and can always be barefooted at home!

The weather is too hot, children especially like to play barefoot at home, the cool feeling of the floor can be passed from the soles of the feet to the whole body, very comfortable.

But long-term barefoot is not only easy to catch cold, but also makes the body easy to enter the cold.

The spleen of our soles and the body is figured out. Once the feet are exposed to the cold, they will be directly transported to the spleen and stomach. Therefore, many people usually have spleen and cold problems, which is caused by not keeping warm in the feet.

Especially nowadays, many households are all tiled, which makes it easier for cold air to enter the body. Children should be weak in resistance. Parents should pay attention to this. At home, pay attention to children wearing shoes.

If the child really does not like to wear shoes, then they should also wear cotton socks, which can overlap the cold to some extent.

Everyone can make mistakes in mung bean soup!

Mung bean soup is a kind of summer food that everyone likes. In the summer, the family has not cooked mung bean soup?

However, this kind of summer food is not something humans can eat. People who combine blood vessels and chronic blood diseases are not suitable for carrying mung bean soup.

If the elderly at home are taking Chinese medicine every day, it is not suitable for eating green beans. If it is too hot, control the amount of food, and take more than 2 hours to drink after taking the medicine.

Mung bean is very cold, has body cold, easy to cold hands and feet, pale lips, people with diarrhea should not drink too much, cold and cold is easy to cause other diseases.

How many things have you done in the above?

How can the elderly survive and retire after retirement?

How can the elderly survive and retire after retirement?

Wang Bobo is 76 years old and retired from cadres.

I am healthy when I retire, but I can prevent colds because I feel less contact with people. I often stay at home and don’t want to move around.

Three months after retiring, Wang Bobo began to feel his legs weak and stubbornly believed that weakness in his legs was a sign of serious illness.

As a result, Wang Bobo became the hospital’s long-term illness, and gradually gradually increased to the extent that he needed someone to feed him, dress, and get on the bed.

  Old people who are retired, if they can’t adapt to a new life as soon as possible, passively stress, it is very likely that they will be surrounded by danger because of “psychological cold.”

Wang Bobo is a situation in which the retirement of “soft landing” failed.

  The retirement period of the elderly is at the maturity of the transition, and the juniors are no longer dependent on themselves as they used to.

This not only brings the family’s empty nest, but also the feeling of loneliness and loss.

Modern society is changing with each passing day. The speed of knowledge update of the elderly is no less than that of young people. The channels for obtaining information are relatively narrow. At the same time, the concept of “self-aging” is strengthened, and it is easy to feel that the body function is declining.

To face a new social environment, integrate new social interactions, and reposition the social roles that have long been used to, so retirement is also called another major turning point in people’s lives.

To truly achieve a safe “landing”, it will inevitably require a certain psychological preparation and adjustment time.

  In fact, retirement does not mean the end of a temporary life, but can be seen as the beginning of another wonderful life.

The children left their own space to give them a free life. In the days when they regain their freedom to control their lives, they will locate new life points, find interest, and avoid excessive attention to their old and weak in the value-added of self-worth.Provide a powerful buffer for a smooth “soft landing” after retirement.

How to deal with menstrual pain during menstruation?

How to deal with menstrual pain during menstruation?

Drinking brown sugar and brown sugar is a hot food, which can not only replenish the blood lost in the body, but also can warm your body well and effectively relieve the symptoms of stomach pain.

Be sure to keep warm during the warm days, especially when the weather is cold, remember not to be cold, rain and snow are more important to pay attention to, if there is a black block when coming to old friends, it means that you may be inadvertentlyIf you are cold, pay attention to keep warm and nursed back to health.

I can stay in bed, although there are not many female friends, but Xiaobian has seen a few friends who need to rest in bed in those days. Every time they meet old friends, they have abdominal pain, they must rest in bed, and they will be warm.The water bag placed on the lower abdomen will relieve the pain.

Should not be overworked. If there is nothing particularly important, you should let yourself relax, especially if you don’t get overworked, because the body’s resistance and immunity have dropped significantly over the past few days. If you are overworked, you may have other problems or even trigger.Low back pain or abdominal pain.

Pay attention to fasting during the menstrual period, be careful not to eat some food, in addition to cold food cold dishes, but also pay attention not to eat chocolate, do not with coffee, tea, cola, etc., these foods will aggravate the pain.

Try not to wash your hair as much as possible during the menstrual period, because water will enter the body through the capillaries of the head, and the hair will not dry immediately after shampooing, so that it will be cold if you don’t know it, it is not suitable to relieve pain, or even not wash.In the case, it is quickly dried with a hair dryer and keep warm.

There are 3 bad habits to be careful about coronary heart disease

There are 3 bad habits to be careful about coronary heart disease

Introduction: In life, many people will inadvertently develop various bad habits. Everyone knows that habits are harmful to health, but the following bad habits are most likely to lead to coronary heart disease.

Chinese medicine reminds that there are 3 bad habits, be careful about coronary heart disease!

  1, excessive drinking and heavy drinking can lead to extreme metabolic disorders, elevated blood lipids, leading to atherosclerosis, damage to the heart and liver.

  2, there are 3 in smoking cigarettes.

More than 1,000 kinds of harmful substances, the most harmful of which are: smoke tar, benzopyrene, nicotine, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and acrolein.

When these harmful substances enter the blood, the blood oxygen in the blood is suddenly reduced, resulting in edema of the mucosa of the arterial wall, excessive synthesis of submucosal fat, reduced release of prostaglandins, and atherosclerosis with the participation of platelets.

  3. Insufficient exercise A recent large-scale study in the United States has shown that lack of physical activity is one of the major causes of cardiovascular disease.

  Therefore, bad habits are not good for human health, or cause coronary heart disease.

There are 3 bad habits, be careful about coronary heart disease.

In order to be healthy, pay attention to bad habits.

Let us enjoy the skinny spring and summer

Let us enjoy the “skinny” spring and summer

Just after the Spring Festival, and then Valentine’s Day, Lantern Festival, the excuse of the delicious food family can be described one after another, those who need both body and food MM really suffering – holiday is really a big “public enemy” of fashion women.
Seeing that the weather is getting warmer, there is no heavy winter clothing to cover up the “rich state” for yourself. How can it be distracting?
Fortunately, there are at least two months from now on to get an emergency workout. Come and join the reporter with KEEP FIT.
  Choose one to see which fitness method is right for you.
  Goal: Lose weight Aerobics: 4-5 days a week for jogging, skipping, cycling, etc.
Train for 30-60 minutes each time.
  Endurance training: Do systemic exercise twice a week; each part of the body is trained separately, 4 times a week.
For each training, choose an appropriate strength, weight, weight lifting, neck press, fitness equipment, etc. . 8-12 times each group, do 2-3 groups.
In order to prevent a stagnant state, the training program and intensity should be constantly changed.
  Other attempts: skating, weightlifting, dancing, walking.
  Goal: Subtract the small belly. Aerobics: Yoga This method allows your abdominal muscles to contract individually in a new way.
First, the front arms and knees support the body, the elbows are the same width as the shoulders, the knees and the hips are the same width, and the toes are bent.
Next, put the shoulder down and contract the abdominal muscles.
Transfer the weight of the upper body to the forearm.
Slide your foot to the back, the legs gradually straighten, and keep a straight line from head to toe.
Evenly balance the weight on the hands and toes, keep the back straight, while abdomen, hold for 30 seconds, hold the arm for 1 minute, and repeat 3-4 times.
  Other attempts: dance, rowing, weightlifting.
  Goal: Don’t “big elbow” Aerobics: Boxing Boxing can help you eliminate muscle relaxation in your body, especially your upper limbs, with clear muscle lines in your arms.
Use the hooks, straight hits, side swings, and other punching positions to punch 25 times each, and the left and right hands alternately.
Change the order of the poses each time you exercise.
At the beginning, the toes are slightly outward and the heels are off the ground so that they can be rotated.
Bend the elbows against the ribs.
The fist is placed under the cheek.
When punching, the left foot stepped out, the hip turned to the right, and the left shoulder moved forward. At the same time, the left arm began to be hit at the height of the cheek, and the fist heart quickly retracted the fist, returned to the original position, and then the right fist.
  Other attempts: rock climbing, taekwondo, judo, gymnastics training.
  Goal: Slim legs, strong buttocks Aerobics: Gymnastics training To make you more fit and powerful, you may wish to try a trial, leg training.
Stand with your legs together, jump to the right with one foot, hold your feet all the way to the ground, and then jump back to the left with a little balance.
After slowly jumping 12-15 times, gradually speed up the pace.
At this time, quickly jump to the left with one foot, then jump back to the right, then jump up with your feet, do your best, the higher the better.
Repeated training 10-12 times.
  Other attempts: leapfrogs, ball games.

Insulin pump brings convenience to sugar friends

Insulin pump brings convenience to sugar friends

The insulin pump is a shape that is only the size of a BP machine and is continuously infused into the body through a hose connected to the human body.

It mimics the physiological pattern of human healthy starch-secreting insulin.

Commonly known as “artificial starch.”

Inside is a drug dispenser with a short-acting insulin, a display and buttons for setting up the pump, and a sensitive drive motor that slowly pushes the injection from the reservoir through the infusion catheter into the skin.

  Infusion catheters vary in length and permanently connect the pump to the body.

  The basic use of the insulin pump is to simulate the secretory function of starch. The insulin is continuously injected into the skin of the user according to the dose required by the human body, and the blood sugar is stable throughout the day to achieve the purpose of controlling diabetes: (1) simulating secretion function,Good control of blood glucose, improve HbA1c levels; (2) use short-acting insulin, continuous infusion of small doses in the same site, overcoming the conventional injection method.

Many people choose the abdomen as a part of the high blood pressure. This part has complications, and the insulin absorption is stable. It can also replace the chest, the outside of the thigh and the deltoid muscle.

  Advantages of Insulin Pumps Director of Department of Endocrinology, First People’s Hospital of Foshan City, Department of Endocrinology, in the interview with family doctors, pay attention to: First, you can precisely control the dose of injection, if the injection hit the skin, too much dose, it will lead to low blood sugar,If the dose is too small, it will cause excessive blood sugar. Now, if the amount of insulin can be precisely controlled, the blood sugar level in the body can be well controlled.

  The second advantage is to avoid the pain of the skin of the patient who has multiple subcutaneous injections of insulin.

The insulin pump is connected to the skin through a hose for continuous injection, avoiding the need to inject insulin once before each meal.

  The third advantage is that the drug solution is saved due to the precise control of the amount of insulin injected.

In the past, if the blood sugar is too high, a needle will be taken, but if it is excessively high, it will lead to hypoglycemia. If it is used less, it is not enough. Now, with the continuous input of the syringe pump, the dose can be precisely controlled, and the amount of control per hour can be controlled.In general, it can save more liquid than injection injection.

  The insulin pump also has shortcomings. The first one is that although it can be carried around, it is not convenient in some sports, such as swimming, or once sports. Second, the injection site will have redness due to long-term needles buried under the skin.The third possibility is that there is a problem with the microcomputer program, the motor stops working, or the hose is clogged. At this time, the liquid medicine cannot be input, and the patient may cause a deficiency without knowing it, causing some complications.

The six-part of the workplace without pressure

The six-part of the workplace without pressure

The workplace has been a arena for the weak meat since ancient times!

The pressure of competition is naturally too small.

Here are some ways to make you a stress-free person in the workplace.


Do you want to list the pressures in your life, one, two, three, four. Once you write it out, you will be surprised to find that as long as you “break through”, these so-called pressures can graduallyResolve.


Use words and imagination to relax through imagination, and train thinking to “walk around”, such as “under the blue sky and white clouds, sitting on the boat and friends playing in the blue waters of the sea”.

Relax and rest in a short time, let yourself get a little mentality, you will feel serene, quiet and peaceful.


Put on your old clothes and put on a pair of old pants that you usually love, and then put on a loose shirt. Your psychological pressure will be relieved without knowing it.

Because people who have been wearing clothes for a long time recall the feelings of certain time and space, people’s emotions are also rising.


I want to cry and cry. Medical psychologists believe that crying can relieve stress.

Psychologists have measured blood pressure in some adults. As a result, 87% of people with normal blood pressure say they have occasionally cried, while those with high blood pressure mostly say that they never cry.

It seems that it is more beneficial to let emotions burst out than to be deeply buried in the heart.


Embracing the big trees In some of Australia’s parks, too many people see the trees every morning.

This is one way they use to relieve psychological stress.

It is said that embracing the big tree can release the happy hormones in the body, which makes people feel refreshed.


Watching horror movies There are experts in the UK who suggest that people feel pressured by their work because of their sense of responsibility for their work.

At this point they need encouragement and spirit.

So with the help of relaxation techniques to overcome stress, it is better to motivate yourself to face stressful situations, such as watching a horror movie.