“What secret!?”

“as far as I know,Shanghai Special Class Class Lesson, Changzhu, Yunzi, is good!”
“Good relationship!How is it good??”Rui Rui made very interesting,
“If we want to kill the clouds,Several she has already died!So I feel that they are not http://www.tianchifang.cn general,Have a period of time, but always stay together,Maybe there is that relationship between them。”
“what!?You are saying that the length of the bamboo and the talents are raped.!?”
“I don’t mean this.,Just say she knows well,Maybe she has a way to inquire about rumored news。”Xiaoyi to Bai Lang wants to hurry to send three times to You Feng,He doesn’t want to mix and kill the gods.。
NS692chapter Su San Province, you are a dog
In Shanghai Special Class I found a bamboo,After the intention,Asked Qi Rui:“Also ask the pedigree in the bamboo to talk about it in detail with me.。”
Look at the eyes of the three ends,Zhuneng Yunzi understands that he is misunderstanding and has a relationship,Hurry:“Three tail,Not me not to help you,I swear I know more than you know.。”
“I am trying to know this time, I don’t know.,But the http://www.szusootltbrxis.cn people around him,Such as Qingshan Yamei,That is, now the Lingxue of the Killing Troupe,There is also ten parties to pass Song Jian,Yizhi Boyou Tang Rui,Fei Yong Tan Lin。”
Rui Rui wants to see how much devils know,There is not much value on the information you can see.。
“Three tail,I know that Ling Xue can’t see any flaws.,I always thought that she was a warm Japanese woman.,Why didn’t I think she is the gun method around the god, such as God’s powdery,I want to think about it now.。”
“Three other people?”
“Three tail,Song Jian and Tang Rui are two double sons in the Gemini Plan of the College.,Because Jiulijun is a student of near Guard seniors,So Matsumoto Relegation President handed these two people to him.,Who once thought that these two people were all qi, I used to use the way to buy it.,Two of them have used http://www.njspwl.cn the super killer training for more than ten years.!Strong strength。”
“I know this,What is the flying, the brave is too??”
“I don’t know this.,He suddenly appeared,It should be a Chinese,Is a member of the killing action group,Rui Rui is to protect Ling Xue。”
“Is there anything else??”
“I don’t know much about it.。”
“But I heard that you have a good relationship with him.!”
Zhuneng Yunzi listened to the scary and quickly explained:“Three tail,This is very well played,How can I know that he is killing God at the time?,It is not normal to do a good job with yourself.。”
“He must have obtained a lot of information from you here.!”
Zhuneng Yunzi was scared again.:“Three tail!no,We are the students of Tufeng General,Know your responsibilities and discipline,It is impossible to say that we can’t say.。”
“Bamboo talents,do not worry,I am here to ask for guilty.,But I want you to help。”
“I know these,Others I really don’t know anything.。”
“It’s ok,Your answer is also among my expectations,It’s also troublesome, and I will take me to a special agent headquarter.,See if there is any Chinese who can help us?。”
“Three tail,Recent agent headquarters came to personal,This person is called Su San Province,Original Qi Lianna’s hand,Shanghai Jun Station Deputy Webmaster,Now I have already put it on the headquarters of the agent,He is now eager to work,I feel that he is more appropriate。”
“San Sanyi Province!it is good,Let’s go find him now.,See if he is not suitable。”The dead dog has finally appeared,He is in the TV series, the traitor of Li Xiaoyu,It turned out that Qi Lunna is his harm.,This time I just killed him.!
Came from 76,I heard that it is three times.,Wang Tianmu and Liang Zhongchun are all coming out to join the team.。
Like the Three provinces,He found that Feng Manna and Zhou Yuhao are also in the team of the person in charge.,It seems that no one can use 76.,They also have diverted two。
“I don’t know that the three tails are driving,Please forgive me for the greece!”Wang Tianmu said sorry to say,
“Rank visit is my rude,Please forgive,I have something to help.,Let’s go to the meeting room.。”Cooperate without any emotions,It is completely a false courtyard of the three tail.。
Come to the meeting room,Rui Rui listened to the clouds in the bamboo,This is said:“The dispatched army’s commander has something to ask for 76,This is a top secret!Director of Wang,Director of Liang,You are not the first thing to see who stay here.。”
“Do you have a top secret?!Then we are really going to discuss。”
Wang Tianmu and Liang Zhongchun have said a while,Then I am preparing to put the captain and the captain’s job.,Su Shi Province is also。
Three ends of Youfeng stop:“I heard that you have new people named Su San Province.,Is it a deputy station for Shanghai Armine Station??”

Luo Yi suddenly laughed:“Dad!You can’t hold your breath too!Xia Jian hasn’t proposed to you yet,Good for you,I will admit this son-in-law first”

“Hi!My daughter stayed with others for so many days,That’s not a son-in-law what else?My old Luo is straightforward,I don’t like things。That’s it,When will you be married,Let me know when you have set a good date”
“I’m cheaper, you kid,But from tomorrow,You get our group to work。I have an important job to arrange for you”Luo Jun finished,Turn around and leave。
The fog in Xia Jian’s http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn head,Where did he stand stupidly。Luo glanced at Xia Jian,Hurriedly chasing her father away。
Ali smiled and said:“Mr. Xia!Does this happiness come a bit too suddenly?,You can’t accept it for a while?”
“You are right,I really can’t accept it”Xia Jian recovered,Sighed,A little helpless sitting on the sofa。
Ali made a cup of tea for Xia Jian and brought it over,She smiled and said:“You’ll know after a long time。Uncle Luo,Always clean,Without any muddle”
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,I saw Luo Yi walk in quickly。She smiled and said:“This old man,Don’t know how to put on airs,That’s like him,Rushing to push her daughter out”Luo Yi’s words,Amused Ali。Xia Jian also thought it was funny。
But he can’t laugh,I heard Luo Jun’s tone just now that he wanted him to work in Longdong Group,How does that work?This is something he and Luo Yi said in advance,He will never participate in any affairs of Longdong Group。
Luo Yi saw Xia Jian’s thoughts,She laughed and said:“You just think too much。Before I went to your house with you,My dad and me,And Ali,According to grandma’s last words,Analyzed your stay”
“what!The result?”Xia Jian really didn’t expect,People are so caring about http://www.mydmould.cn his affairs。Still meeting to study,And it’s Grandma Luo’s last words。
Luo Yi sighed and said:“Grandma is right,Your roots are in your hometown,At this point,You won’t change for anyone。If i like you,I have to sacrifice my own interests to make you perfect,That is to follow you”
“But this is impossible,Dad will never allow it。In the end, the result of our discussion is the same as you thought。My business is still in Longdong Group,But home is on both sides,Where do you like to live,Live there”
Xia Jianyi listen,I couldn’t help but breathe out:“It’s really hard for everyone,It’s just that your dad just said he wants me to work at Longdong Group tomorrow,How do you say this?”
“Don’t change your words!You called dad just now,Now he’s your dad again”Luo Yi pointed to Xia Jian’s nose,An arrogant look。
Xia Jian had to be soft,He said http://www.dreamhorsetoys.cn quickly:“I’m wrong,It should be our father just said”Luo one by one,Only then said with a smile:“My dad said,You are the son-in-law of our old Luo family,Must have a position in the group,But no specific work。You must help him when you have time,This is the lowest expectation a father-in-law has for a son-in-law”

“and,I also have a grasp,Can completely http://www.fxccmy.cnsolve this matter!”

When Lin is light snow, he suddenly said in front of him.,This,It is a very funny feeling that Shen Xuan’s more funny.。
despite this,But from now on。
Such problem,In fact, it is in a strict sense.,It is a kind of illusion。
That is what is currently facing,In fact, think about it.,It is never bad things.。
This,Forest light snow,Other tolerances?,It is very excited.。
“Still Shen Mr. Shen,Actually, I solved the things that let’s take a headache.。”
“That’s right,Is this still used?,Who is our Mr. Shen?。”
“Everyone is my own.,otherwise,In the future, Mr. Shen came to us.,Even the counsel can be hanging up here.。”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
obviously,Such a thing,In fact, from now on,It has been fully placed。
As for next,I should start working from what respect to what.。
Lin light snow at this time,Then a blank line forehead。
“This,Are they rebellious??”
do not know why,Lin Liangxiao suddenly somewhat awkward。
But think about it again.,It seems that there is no Shen Xuan.。
So a thoughts,In fact, for this,Inversely, it is the root,I don’t think anything。
“Shen Xuan,Thank you this time.,At that time,All in action。”
“Before this,Thoroughly solve this matter!”
When Lin Gangxue does not have a suspicious voice,It is even more about those around the tolerance.。
After all, when dealing with the business,In fact, they are still very focused.。
And Shen Xuan,Also slight smile。
Anyway, here,These things have been processed,So for Shen Xuan,But it is fundamental,It’s not enough to see it.。
And just when Shen Xuan is still dark in front of him.,not far away,A voice sounds。
“Come to help,The guy is going out.。”http://www.lygshaiwang.cn
what’s the situation?
Former,The sudden sound of this sound。
It is even more exciting.,More sensation is very curious。
here,what’s going on?
For the current,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,It is inevitable that there is a little doubt in your heart.。
“Is a prisoner,Some tricky,Since China,Since you have come,Then just help together.!”
Lin lights around me look into Shen Xuan,I don’t forget。
This,With the words of Lin Xiaoxue。
obviously,In fact, for this,It looks in Shen Xuan.,Don’t think it all at all。
“fine,Anyway, it has come.,It’s good to see if you look at it.。”
Shen Xuan, I really want to know,This person,How can I be so arrogant?。
Chapter 405,No effort
When Shen Xuan arrived with many tolerances,Seeing not far,A body is not very high。