Talk,Fladder,It is also a pillow on the face.。

Jin Youlong is going to cry,One in the heart,Flourish。
He finally understood,This guy is a madman in front of you.,At all not care about his http://www.open3dnet.cnbackground。
No matter how you answer,Come less than a mad shoot。
Until now,He didn’t realize,Like this kind of thing, he is not dry on weekdays.,Poster a high person and one right gesture,Humiliate others。
Even if you encounter some arrogance,Will also be scared by his background,Or let the bodyguard hurt a pain,Then leave a long-awaited laughter,Growling leaves。
This is the life of Jin Youlong from a small to big.,It is also the first time.。
“Do you know who I am?”Summer is overlooking,The face is a proud posture。
Jin Youlong shook his head。“You just need to remember,My name is summer day.!”
NS329chapter My name is summer day, you are called Liu Tiantian.
Summer voice,It is very clear in Noba’s office.。
His face on his face,It’s more full of proud、Disdain、Tall,睥睨 睥睨,唯我独尊……“小子,我知道你颇有来历,但日天家不怕,你只需记住,老子名叫夏日天,你若是感觉有实力与我玩耍,日天不介意奉陪到底,也许你不知道,在这华夏,日天有无数种方法让你生不如死……哼,别逼日
周文略也不慢,一双熊猫眼怪异的看了一眼 夏天,转身就走。
她本就是个高冷艳大美女,很少这样开怀大笑,Tale,Eyebrows,Visible in the summer,Continuous devour。
Take note of his pig’s appearance,Liu Qingqing can’t turn over white eyes。
I know that he is deliberate,But the corner of your mouth can’t stop smiling.。
Life is not as good as it is ten,Liu Qingqing although the cause is,But the more experience,True is really happy.。
But since I have learned from the summer.,Although this bastard is often ridiculed,I will always turn better.。
“Old willow,You laugh so good。”Summer flower is staring at her。

He even thought about it.。

“Go to Tianjian Mountain……”
The plain of Tianjian Mountain,Sword light,In that place,In addition to sword light 诀,It is the space law that is not displayed.。
Think here,Summer push the door,Working with a remaining shadow towards the back mountain。
At this time,The voice of the master is coming over the villa.。
“Eighth pole,Here is the East to the Villa,Hello。”
“East,Incidentally,Eighth rude,Holy King,Give,Do not,In the future, please ask the master.。”
A flooded perish shrouded the whole east to the mountain,A people appeared in the air。
The moment of this person,Football。
An energy is a big hand,Upper down pressure,Seems to be very slow,Facts completely enveloped the summer,How fast is his speed?,God has no way,Nothing。
Summary in the speed of speed is difficult to calm,Death shadow。
The swords in his body are running to the ultimate,Thunder in the body。
Just when the huge palm is about to turn down the top,Summer portrait broke out a ray,The whole humanization is white and white.。
The energy behind him makes the space between the world unstable,音 音 音。
Summer mouth is stuffy,Horn angle spilled blood。
Just swept this breath, let him hit it.。
It’s a cold snoring in the world.。
Eight pole holy king face is a bit ugly,I didn’t expect that the summer actually had the ability to escape from my own palm.。
Press the palm of the palm。
The huge palm behind the summer,那 扭 成 白色 白色 白色,Creating a day,It seems to pass through space,Beyond time, generally sweep forward。
Summer head,The sweat of the whole body is set.。 Under anxious,啵,Shaped。
Next moment,He appeared in dozens of men。
“Space law?”
Outside the mountain,Stocked in the half-empty eight-pointer,Constance。

The tender voice is a trembling and fear of suppressing。

Ou Jing looked deeply at him.,Put the blue clouds on the ground。
Waiting for ambulance,Far out of the fightening of the ambulance。He looked down at the face of red blues.,Deep,Lips do not speak。
Mu Zi looked on the people around him,Like just fly like:“Walk away,All walk,What to watch here,What can be seen??”
Everyone looks at,Dissatiscipate, Mu Zi,Tutoring。
Mu Ziyoung,I saw Gu Yi, who is still standing in place.。
Mu Ziyi has some unbelievable look at Gu Yi,Be asked:“Gu Yi,This thing will not be you do.?”
Gu Yi, this will nod.,Looking at Mu Zihao,A look that is not lost:“It’s what I did.,how?Do you want to fight for her??This thing is white.,It is because Lu Hao Cheng,An An does not dare to tell the truth,I am wronged to apologize.。”
“Wronged”Mu Ziyou looks like a big joke,He is a moment of laughing,The white teeth have some crystals in the sun.。
He can’t keep itself.,Looking at Gu Yi, I was smirk and smiled.:“Gu Yi,Gu An’an, she feels grievances.,Then this Blue Xin must not be wronged home.,Don’t you know the insider??Gu Yi Lin did not clear this matter and you??There is a video surveillance to the time。Blue Xin did not pursue Ai’an at all,It’s her own fall.,It is to calm Blue Xin.。Your eyes are blind.?what,A girl,You also got this hand?”
Mu Zi’s thrills are not breathing,Gu Yi, this is straightforward,To put it bluntly is straight,It is stupid that it is stupid.,Others have a few sentences,He is really in his heart.。
Gu Yi was clear and looked at the Blue Xin, who was in Europe.,I still believe in peace in my heart.,after all,Anan is their household,Will not take such a thing to cheat him。
He looked at Mu Zizi:“Muzi,You talk less than her,But it is a woman who is unmarried.,What are you doing this one??She wronged,Don’t my sister are not wronged??”
I heard a few words of unmarried students.,Lan Wei Handsome,Look at the eyes of Gu Yi。
“younger sister?”Mu Ziyi heard these two words,Looking at him in an instant,“Gu Yi,Do you have Gu Anan’s sister?,I have forgotten that you still have a sister.?What she said, what do you believe??You are really stupid enough?”
“Muzi,Don’t be too much。”Gu Yi suddenly screamed。
In his heart,He has never forgotten。
“Excessive?”Mu Zizi froth with nose,Take Gu Yi upstairs,“You have a brain guy,Today, come here to make trouble.,Is it that Gu Anan has blows you a lot of rainbows.?”
“you shut up!”Gu Yi angry looking at Mu Zihao,Double full of giggling,That face is obviously the expression of people,People are some fear。
Mu Mu Zi Hui Gu Yi is also a known person。
To say this guilty,Compared with his brother,It’s not as good as his younger brother.,He is a child who is spoken by Mrs.,After all, it is the eldest son.,It is also coming out of golden scoop.,This temper is naturally, where is it?。
And Su Sei Ming has a kind of feeling。
Mu Zizheng suddenly thunder anger:“The shuttered person is you,Walk away,go back,Tell your brother this matter,Your brother will definitely tell you to teach you.,A big man hands on a woman,Are you so embarrassed??you?”
Mu Zi’s honors waved their waving like Gu Yi。
NS506chapter:Why do I hit me?

NS506chapter:Why do I hit me?
At this time,The ambulance has come over,Ou Jing, did not say anything,Holding Blue Xin past。
Lu Yun’s eyes, I looked at Gu Yi.,Turned and followed the ambulance。
Mu Ziyou shouted at the back of the European:“European,Go to the hospital to call me a call.,We will come through。”
Ou Jingqi did not speak,Holding Blue Xin, I got a ambulance.,Blue 梓 Jun also climbed up。
The ambulance is very fast.。
Mu Ziyi has time to take out the phone to give Lu Haozheng。
Gu Yi,Sneer:“Do you have to tell Lu Hao Cheng??”
Muzi’s action made a phone call,Narrow:“Gu Yi,What happened to Lan Xin??You will regret it in this life.。”
“Ha ha”Gu Yi,Look at Mu Zihao,“Muzi,Why do I regret??This woman is just the fun of people in tea every day.,During this time, I was tired of turning over the rush of rushing, and the woman who was rolled out.。What is she worth remained for a lifetime??”
Muzi lifted his head,This Gu Yi,It’s hard to save medicine.。
Mu Zizi:“Gu Yi,Where is your family’s cultivation?,Where is your aristocrat??do not forget,Your house,Can always be a legendary presence,One drop in ink falls in a cup of water,Can ruin your home。”


Sun Ting somewhat doubtful to Sun Chenghai,Just now, my grandfather said anything.?
Very appreciation Shen Xuan,Is it serious??
Sun Ting didn’t know,But Sun Chenghai put his hand:“Let’s take a look again。”
After all, now,But not to say these。
Now look at,These things,Haven’t I resolved yet?,Make more。
And this time,Zhao He Mountain suddenly smiled:“Don’t think that there is a green branch to support you,You can do whatever you want。”
“I Zhao He Mountain is so long.,Your little role,I haven’t placed it yet.。”
Zhao He Mountain finished,Those people in his hand,Also connected to the head。
This is where they admire Zhaohe Mountain.,That is the so domineering。
Follow with such a boss,It is the one of them.。
But the next moment,Shen Xuan shook his head:“I am the head of the green wood division.,Do I also need the green wood branch to support me??”
After Shen Xuan’s words,Behind,Chinese people,It’s even nearby.。
Those people around watch this scene,Some silly。
“Don’t make a mistake.,He is actually the leader of the green wood division。”
“This can be faced.,Suddenly, I can’t accept it.。”
“But the people of the green wood have come,Is there a fake??”
These people have gaze their eyes,Don’t forget it here。
But this time,Zhao Heshan quickly recovered。
I want to blow him this level.,That is absolutely impossible。
so,When Zhaohe Mountain looked at Shen Xuan,Zhao Heshan said directly:“Sun’s rule,But the place of inheritance,Must be good at Dragon Nine Transfer。”
“you,Will Meilong nine turn??”
Dragon nine turn?
Hear here,Shen Xuan is very confused。
And Sun Chenghai whole people brow a wrinkle:“Even my current strength,It doesn’t have the dragon to send it.,how about you?”
Sun Chenghai has the body of these years.,So there is no way to show the dragon nine turn。
And Shen Xuan,It is very curious.:“What is Deliven??”
Shen Xuan,I really don’t know。
And people around Zhaohe Mountain,Look at Shen Xuan,It’s even a taunt。
Even Dragon Nine Turn don’t know,Actually, dare to run out to compete for the master’s position?
Shen Xuan,Is there this qualification??
at this point,They really want to say。
But treat these,Shen Xuan is very calm。
He just don’t know,Does not mean,He won’t.。
Zhao Heshan see Shen Xuan,Leading up and talking directly。
“In this case,Then I will tell you directly.,What is Deliven?。”
“It is also flying out of the nine darts.,This nine darts,At the same time。”

Two people constantly collide,High-speed attack,Flying handsome。

Such a scene of the scene,Many people’s faces have revealed complex colors.。
Especially Monica and Dark Parliament。
Foreigner,Their shock is even more。
Not shocking in summer,It is shocked and Huezhi’s strength。
Hipite is not only three elders,It is a tiang Knight.,It is also the most trusted person of the throne Mike……His strength is naturally unquestionless。
At this moment he shows the war,Except for everyone’s expectations。
It is actually possible with the summer battle.,Even the autumn autumn。
this……Although the dark parliament is known,This may be the power of the power of the condition,It is also enough to make many people tongue。
“boom”Summer once again smashed the light of death,Cold channel,“I have a little smashing you.,But if just this,It’s ready to die.!”
Hip Di is a deliberate air hairstyle,Arrogant,“Kill god,You are just so,I haven’t shown my real power.。”
Hour time,He is involuntarily to send a black fog。
At the same time,“Now give you a chance now,Leave a respected ring,I let you leave,Otherwise,Let you die today!”
“Today, you。”
Summer black hair dance,Shot。
Body-shaped,Reach,Lift your legs,They all seem to have the sound of the thunder because of him.。
A small crack is like broken air,It seems that the demon of the half-air invisibility opens the narrow eyes。
The air is emitting a ghost-like torn sound。
Black spider is full of death。
Seems to be very slow,Also very slow。
One moves between,Bringing a visual impact of unparalleled。
God,This is the secret of understanding from the respected ring.。
Usually used as the bottom card and tricks。
He has reached the seventh order of the virtual,It is much stronger than that of this record.。
A knife,Percussion,As if we want to sweep everything,Break all shape。
All people have changed color。


“I want to be squad leader.……”
“I think……”
Class event this kind of activity?,Responsibilities are organizing committees and lifelices,Life members are only responsible for economic aspects。And members and organizational members are502。
The big pig hoops are very excited.。
Zhou heard half a day,I have a homemade to the honest Liu Zhengming.,He can’t mention the sentence:“Who is I sitting??Can you arrange a few men?,I don’t want to sit with the woman.。”
Zhou I don’t like to talk,Sitting with girls。
Chang Xiaoxiang and Liu Zhengming look at the eyes,Very difficult:“You don’t pay attention to us……”
Zhou Siles。
I don’t ask if I don’t ask.。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 88 This old demon hand is true
The sky is gradually dark,Night fall。
Outer cold air burst。
The classroom applied by the Fantry Demon is in a relatively remote teaching building.,Surrounded by trees,Wall crawling vines,I will not have a sense of Chinese during the day.,I only feel quiet and cool.,But combined‘Ghost story’topic,If you have more horrible。
President is satisfied with the environment。
Who can think of,The reason why he applying for this classroom is just because it is not because of the remote classroom.? Unfortunately, this is the new campus.,Although many buildings have a sense of historical precision in design,Can be new。The wall in the classroom is also clean、The table bench is new。If you can have an old house,It’s more feeling.。
The fantasy society is still active in the active old agencies.,Today is mainly hosted by the President and Deputy Socialist。
They have come very early,Sitting inside, etc.。
Newmen have arrived。
President reads,I feel still more satisfied。
These days have just started,Everyone has a lot of things to do,But I also have more than ten people.。
Different people,Most of them have expressed regrets to him.。
This proves that his idea is correct——First use low intensity activities,Gradually cultivate socialists’ love and resistance to terror,If he can hold more more interesting activities,Rebate the opportunity to make a propaganda,Do the spiritual society。
For this reason, he has been chasing a school newspaper reporter.,Low voice is long,It’s coming.。
The president also aimed at the corner of the classroom。
The little couple with a very high value is also arrived.。
very good。
Waiting for his Fantry agency to board the school newspaper,He let this pair of teachers in the cover。
Mounting the university peak refers to the day。
Reached a predetermined time,Number of members,Said that people who come are coming.,There is a swing.。He closed the light point on the candle.,Only use candlelight lighting,The light in the classroom becomes very weak.。
Everyone has a strong sense of feelings.,Although nothing,It seems that there is already a atmosphere.。
President is close to candlelight,The face is reflected in the face,Eyes reflect the fire:“This world is very wonderful,We gathered together because of the same interest,It is also a very wonderful thing.。”
“Today’s strangess will start by me,At the end of the deputy president,In the middle of everyone, you can draw a lot.。”
“Human exploration is also very shallow for this world,There are a lot of things that are scientific explanation.,The next thing I want is a truthful story.,When I was young,In our village……”

“What’s that name?You say……”Zhang Song was unhappy after his proposal was refuted。

“Can you make a memorable name,It’s better to have some symbolic meaning……”Anna Cao said。
“Ok,I will post the name of the team to the e-sports community to ask,Look at the opinions of a few friends who were not there……”Feng Xichuan threw the match information from Haruno Sakura to the group together with the team naming question。
really,In a while,20The esports community here is like explosives thrown into a fish pond,The divers were all blown out。
“NBwhat!President,Our e-sports agency dominates the country just around the corner!”
“President,When did you report your name?!We don’t know。”
Feng Xichuan typing reply:“It was a thunderstorm night,I turned on a broken computer with a snowflake screen,An envelope stained with bloody ink flies over from the dark window,I opened it and saw it was a competition invitation……I thought it was fake,So I threw it aside,result……”
“What happened?”
“result……Of course I picked it up again and filled out the form!Could it be its own name??Hahaha!”Feng Xichuan laughed。
“President, no wonder you are so short,All retribution!”
“Reincarnation,Who has God spared!”
“Don’t say it’s useless,Think about the team name!E-sports center is waiting for it!”Feng Xichuan returns to the topic。
“‘Reincarnation’Team,how about it?”A social friend replied。
“Talent,Unfortunately, we are not shooting‘Full-time master’,Be careful when someone sue you for infringement!”
“‘kitchen knife’Team,how is it?”Another social friend sent a message。
“‘kitchen knife’Team……Chopper team,How do you feel that we are a group of rascals advertising for choppers?”
“not good,not good,All bad……”

Is it a pro?

Pull her to a kilometer high,Xiaoyu open his eyes,Scared, hurriedly hug right arm。
Lin looked too lazy for her,The giant pyth below actually has a hidden dragon。
It’s a lot more than him with Dragon Ball.。
So boldly guess,It should be the reason for the keel.!
I didn’t expect a Lai Pei snake.。
Such a chance has not been wasted in it.,Not as good as letting come out。 Alone Better Together。
Female cultivation and courageous,Now that the location is high to her feel that I can faint at any time.,In order to overcome the fear,Want to transfer attention,Ask:
“Are you a forest??”
“it’s me?Do you know me?
“you,You don’t know me.?”
“Be sure to know??”
“It is not。But where have you been in these years??Your mother is looking for you for a few years.,Not long ago, I will write to me trust I help.。”
Lin ring a mist。
Is there a bore from the body that traversed??Don’t remember!
Recall it carefully when you are in Yizhuang,Determine you are orphan!
Women see him confused,Not like loading,Try to ask:
“You don’t remember?”
Lin Yong shook his head:
“Will it be a lady, you see that my strength is high intentionally?If so,Say directly,I can also consider consideration。”
“Don’t say,I,I。That is my master,She is going to die,dying。”
Women’s words are half,After seeing the situation below,Sound of screaming:
(Thank Zhou Yungui1666Reward)
Chapter 148 seizes dragons
Lin rang is not the death of those people。
However, it is good to have the woman’s sleeping means.,I actually escaped from Shekou.。
But you should pay a small price。
Be full of breath。
Paled face。
Now in terms of forest,Is the best time。
Women’s repair heard the words in the mouth,It is strange what he is doing?。

“How is so fast??”

Qinling is coming,“I will go back in the morning.,Worship my parents,Then the ticket is coming over.,Amiable?”
“Uh……”Summer speechless。
Imagine,In fact, it is not surprising.。
Qinling parents have passed away,And he has no feelings about Qin Jia.。
“correct,You didn’t tell you, I am coming.?”
Summer smile,“Not。”
Qinling suddenly revealed the color,“That’s good,I want to give her a surprise.,correct,Let me go to a city.,I want to buy a gift。”
Next,Is the Qinling crazy shopping time。
about this point,She did not change。
Or until 5:30 pm,Both people drive back to the old house。
The father and Li Laozi saw two people carrying a big bag.。
The eyes also fell on the Qinling Mountain at the same time.。
Qinling is very big in front of,Greet the identity of the junior and the two old people,“Grandfather,http://www.hzyjhwhz.cnYou become more and more young.。”
“you,You are……You are Qin Tou?”
The father of Li arrived in Qinling until this time.,An old face is full of surprises,“How is it so big?,So big.……”Father’s true love。
Liu Qingqing is elementary school in Chang’an,But in secondary school, I follow my parents to Jinling live.。
Starting from middle school,The two are classmates.。
Then in high school together,Go up college,Also go abroad。
During this period,Qinling is completely a wild hoe in no one.,I often follow the Liu Qingqing to Changan.。
Just arrived later,Two people have become chairman,After a president,I rarely went.。
Qinling also shouted with Liu Qingqing with Liu Qingqing。
“It was just a thirteen year old girl.,It’s so big now.……”The father of Li is on the Qinling,“These years of the young girl return to Changan every time,I all asked you.,Qincao,You are okay these years.。”
The color of the Qinling face also revealed the color,“sorry,Grandfather,I didn’t visit you these years.,At that time my family……”“I know。”
Mr. Li swayed,“I have already listened to my peak.,It’s very good now.,Very good。”
The eyes of the Qinling are not red。
And the grandfather on the side smiled and looked at it.。
He naturally knows Qinling,Just have seen。
Liu Qing[ ]clear、Qinling、Su Xiaoxiao……When Xia Xueyou, he told his father.,This is the three daughter-in-law she chosen for the summer.。
at this time,Suddenly came to a trembling voice。
I only see two people in the hospital.,It is Li Po and Liu Qingqing。

Dinqin people know,This year’s spring,Their Qi Zong, the most powerful North Shijun, and his only apprentice left Double Qin Zong.,I don’t know how to go。

Time is a sway for six years.,Hour,Yunqin has already grown into a big girl。North Sea,No one knows that it is going。
Seven flames,Composed of seven major people,Be named。
Today’s seven flames are particularly lively,Because,The Black Yao Auction in China is famous for the annual anniversary auction.。
this day,The launch of the Black Yao Auction Walk is from the quality,Cherish the extent is still good from the price。
Several years of this day,Whether it is from it, it is a powerful background,Will fight the head of the Black Yao Auction in this day。
Because even if there is no strength to shoot something you want,It can be beneficial to open your eyes in the Black Yao Auction.。
The last two days left is left,People who have already got tickets are naturally happy,but,Did not get tickets,It’s very sad.。
in,No family gotting tickets,One of them。
Grandeur,The whole is filled with a slight breath。
Just in this downturn,A hurriedly flying figure broke the whole family of iconic atmosphere。
“husband,lady~Not good!”Shengjia Big Person’s Frowning Run to the House of House,Brewing。
Host,A wrinkled face is uncomfortable,Horizontally。
“Noisy,What do you do??!Didn’t you see the lady??!”
Pantry,Hear,Wipe the sweat between the balance,Think of you just see,Where is it at this time?‘Humble’,Rush:“Feng Mom,I have to see my lady.,I will report it to me.!”
“What big event,It is worth you so urgently?!”is called‘Feng Mom’The old people doubtful,Obviously, don’t think that the housekeeper really has any urgents.。
Since 13 years ago,Mrs. Shengfu size affairs,The family has never been there anything that can make the housekeeper so good.。
“Hey!Feng Mazu is reported!Establish a big event,Lady,I can’t keep you!”Households threatens。
Feng Ma follows Sheng Mrs.,So many years,Whether it is not very faceless in front of the family?,At this time, I was said to be said.,I really have been scared.。
react to,Feng Mom glanced at the house,road:“Waiting!”
Say,Sleeve,Go in and reported。
soon,The housekeeper has been exchanged in the hall。
Inner hall,Sitting with a 30-year-old woman,Beauty, fine willow leaf eyebrow,The corner of the corner hooked at the end,little cherry mouth,The end is a charming like a soul.。
See the housekeeper,Eyes pass around,Extremely strong。
“housekeeper,Does the lady don’t let you go out to ask the Black Owander auction??!how?What news is heard??!”
Mrs. Sheng opened,Tone,A housekeeper,A shake of the next consciousness,Obvious,Mrs. Sheng is in a great majesty。
The housekeeper is swearing,A respectful,This is only back:“Lady,Slaves really dedicated to exploring the blacks of the Black Aucer.,Don’t want to ask,Accidentally see one person,It is really scared.,This is in a hurry to come back to report!”
Narrate,Sheng Daughter,Beplayed,Don’t take the tea,抿 口 口,road:“This seven flame city,The lady didn’t know,Who can have this thing so cheerful??!”
“housekeeper,I think you are, the more live, the more you go back.!”
Obvious,Mrs. Sheng is very unhappy.,Think the butler is like this,Really violated‘Everyone’s style’。
Side of Feng Mu’s mouth,Obviously, the encounter of the housekeeper is fortunate.。
The housekeeper immediately squatted,Trembling path:“lady!Not a slave slave,Yes,It is a slave to see a person who is not still still in this world.!”