Just like http://www.dsilearning.cn this middle-aged woman,Even now is now,Give the summer a deep feeling。

At the beginning, he and the middle-aged woman killing five elements.,Haven’t stayed yet。
Can now be promoted to the cave,Instead,,Middle-aged woman occasionally flows,Sharp and sharp。
“what’s up。”
Just when summer thoughts,Middle-aged woman faint。
“Three years ago,Some people pretend to be me,I happened to be encountered,We are fighting,Do you still remember?。”
Middle-aged women’s eyes flashed a variety,“Remember。”
Ji Bao bottle looks in summer,“Heard it.,I didn’t lie to you.,At that time, the man was exactly the same as my dress.,White yarn cover,Even she didn’t know。”
It seems that the Ji Bao bottle really did not lie to him.。
But in the summer, I feel missing.。
And the attitude of the Ji Bao http://www.scpsc88.cn bottle,Some strange。
At that time, he just questioned a few words in the comment.,Ji Bao bottle can’t take him to prove that it is innocent.。
I feel too deliberate。
“senior,You don’t know who is that person??”Asked in summer。
“Young master,Calling my crime。”
The language of middle-aged women became gentle,“At that time, the person did even scam.,Even standing in front of me,Talk to me some past events,Her voice is exactly the same as the Ji Bao bottle,After the Ji Bao bottle appears to fight with her,Later I thought about it.,The other party knows me,I am afraid that I am trying.。”
Toned,She also,“I don’t know the identity of this person.。Young master,You meet her.?”
Summer nodded,“Not long ago I told about……”
He once again tells the matter。
Finally,“She is very strong,And from her words can http://www.htdxkeji.cn be speculated,She has reached the team of Union。”
Middle-aged woman is not surprised,“Our Huaxia Winhu Tiger Dragon,But it will not take a super master.,Maybe the other party is a long-lived person.。”
“I don’t think it’s not。”
Summer straightforward,“If it is a long life,No need to conceal,I just got to live in front of me.。”
The ear next to him can’t help the interpretation,“Isn’t she? Who is she?,At least,She seems to have no hostility on us.。”
Ji Bao bottle does not agree,“Have no hostility,Can not be determined,Know people know that,if not,Why is it in this year?。”
Several people pay much attention to the black woman。
Not asking them。
But a inexplicable super master suddenly comes out,Definitely affect the situation。
It’s just a few people.,Still can’t find clues。
Can only give up temporarily。
finally,Summer greets with three people,Walking towards the building,Prepare to visit leaves and gentle children。
“I will walk casually。”
The ear sustaining sin seems to have something to say to the Jihuai bottle,I also found an excuse to go.。
River side,There are only two people left。
Crime,“I just didn’t say a word.。”

NS251chapter Historical inertia.Trough

Soil hospital。
The Qing Palace is anxious in front of the operating room.,Beside him,Fang Chuan’s platycodon sitting quietly。
At the moment I arrived in the Qing Dynasty,In fact, it is still late.。
Despite the Qing Dynasty, a punch will take it out.,The position of the shot has occurred,But his bullet is still shot.,Make the Qing Palace vomiting blood,Still like inertia,Hit the head of one pass。
After the anger, the Patho Jamshan kicked out directly.,The Qing Palace is going to carry a party to find the soul of the soul to treat,At this time,The car of Fukugawae http://www.renchenghualang.cn is also arrived.。
Despite the other super-powers in the urban city, it is very surprised.,But now the crisis,The two still cooperate with the tacit understanding of the party and the final work to the hospital。
“Although it is very popular,”In front of the operating room,Fang Chuan’s maylona suddenly said to the Qing Palace,“But is that child is not a hostility??why”
“Why save him?”Qing Palace heard this sentence,Stop the action,“Even if the hostility is hostile relationship,but,Do not affect me to save him。”
“why?”Yanchuan’s asculents,“Is there any special reason??”
“maybe。”Qing Palace is sighing,“In fact, the guy is very similar to me.,He did not feel good for researchers,me too;He participated in this experiment,me too;He is the same as the orphan.。”
Fang Chuanolan scallops,she knows,Next, what she http://www.fun525.cn heard,Perhaps it is a secret that she can’t think of it in her lives.。
“when I was young,Once an experimenter of a research institute。”The Qing Palace is slightly sat down,Look up and look at the ceiling,“But I am different from him.,I am not born, there is so powerful power.,that time,My ability is onlylevel 1,I don’t know how many times have experienced the extent to this extent.。”
“But I am lucky than him is,I met the old man in the institute.。”Qinggong smile,“He protects me for a long time,Let me grow smoothly.,Not to be used as a small mice。”
Fangchuan is quietly listening quietly,I didn’t say a word.,At this time she is just a listener。
“later,Old dead。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“In order to protect me,Killed by the dean of the institute。I escaped from the Institute,When walking, there is no way,Escaped http://www.longshengxieye.cn to this hospital。”
“Uncle has taken me.,And let me have the courage to continue。”Qinggong smile,Looking at the surprised Fangchuan,“No need to surprise,The darkness of the urban city, you should know much more than me.,Single is the plan of the sister, you can see the nausea of those researchers.,But you are better。”
“Later, I killed the dean.。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“Even his research institutes ruined with his ambitions,That is the only one I have killed so far.。”
Fang Chuan’s platycodon has some unbelievable look at Qing Palace,This is leading the municipality of the school city.owletTeenager,Actually so far,Just kill one person?
“Nothing is impossible。”It seems to read the horror in the eyes of Fukugawa,The Qing Palace is faint,“My organization never killed tasks,Although I don’t have any tasks, I can’t control them.,But it doesn’t mean that I am so roundabout.。”
“I have said that the guy is actually a type of person.。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“Even if we have been enemy,But does not affect my appreciation to him。”
“‘I killed 10,000 sisters.,But it doesn’t mean that I will see the rest of 10,000 sisters.’。”The Qing Dynasty said softly,“What he said,Can see,Although he has been known as a villain and bad egg,But his essence, I still see clearly.。”
This sentence,In fact, it is not the one-party close-up of this world.,Instead, the past life is in the past after being defeated by Patho.,It is desperately to block the last time.,Although he did not say this because of his arrival of the Qing Palace.,But his actions have shown the same thing.。
“I am from his body now.,See the possibility。”The Qing Dynasty said softly, A Fangchuan is can’t understand.,But he himself is very clear。
Once in the alley,He said to one party。
The lamp of the operating room becomes green,Then the door opened,The earth is chasing the soul.,The first of the Qing Dynasty rushed。
“How about it,Uncle?”Asked in the Qing Palace,“His injury is no problem.?”
“I remember that you seem to be an enemy.?”The old man is slightly strange to watch the Qing Palace,“rest assured,Do you think who is moving??”
“He won’t affect what is the ability because of his head injury??”The Qing Palace is slightly sighful.,But there is still no worries。
“what?”It is completely surprised to the soul of the soul.,“how do you know”
Qing Palace suddenly felt a boy dizzy。

Uncle of the enemy?lt;/Pgt;

Isn’t this attitude?!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao Yi pressure under the heart of the heart,Some arrained arched ceremony。lt;/Pgt;
Both people cautious,There is no happening in the case where you meet.。lt;/Pgt;
In fact, Gao Bo Yi doesn’t know.,Amaranth is under the shadow of Big Brother’s light。If he is not a brother of the Light,It is also a big name in history.。lt;/Pgt;
Because there is a brother’s aura,Devils will be http://www.juzishuxia.cn particularly low-key,Because no matter how he toss,It is impossible to exceed his big brother.。lt;/Pgt;
Again,The Raw World is the son of the light of the light,Not the son of the robs。And this military action,I have to rely on Gao Baoyi.。lt;/Pgt;
Why do you have some chicken fry?,I don’t have a good time to find yourself.?lt;/Pgt;
“Maximum military order,Rencheng outside,Not disturbed people。”lt;/Pgt;
Billow is shouting。lt;/Pgt;
“Army,Why don’t you see you ride this time??”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bi is in the city,Asked。lt;/Pgt;
http://www.fgkeo.cn lt;/Pgt;
“Hostess,This,Talk at night,I also have something to ask you.。”lt;/Pgt;
Second understanding!lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bo Yi does not move。lt;/Pgt;http://www.yx-sc.cn
A group of people shook a circle in the city,Enter the government。lt;/Pgt;

Gu Yuan face『color』Difficult:“You fight with your fight,What to attack?”

Xing Cingsan is more embarrassed。
He hid the sword of the rock,When you pull the distance, your fingers will come to Yanzhi.:“All use swords at the same time『Medicine』NS,This is more despicable than sneak attack.?”
Gu Yuan coldly:“You have it to resist it.。”
Xing Xifan:“……”
Hey『force』Landly this sentence a few seconds,During the http://www.yifeng8.cn period, the two swords were chopped by Baisheng.,There is no teammate in one time.。
There is a team member’s 枝 给 裴 裴 星 萧 萧 约 约 灵 灵『Medicine』,Also give yourself fed two,Suddenly I received a gloomy gaze,There is no need to give yourself。
“The devil has already started layout.。”
Xiao Yao’s voice pulled back to Gu Yuan’s attention,“Zhangzhou,You want to swallow the Hua Zong?”
How is Gu Yuan now not pleading Xiao?,Every time I think in my mind.“Never like him,only you”,Anger is full of anger。Of course,Just he is more cold and disdainful『color』:“You have not avoided the devil,Will it be a wilder,These turnover is nothing but I want to discuss someone.。”
Hirings in Xiao Yan,Still:“who is it?”
Pull out two words in Gu Yuan,In Xiao Yandue, more condensation,His words clearly repeat,“Branch,The devil is now withdrawing。”
Zhen Xing Said on the http://www.sxdfzj.cn left『color』Whitish,Can’t help but『Insert』talk:“Respect,If you really dismiss,What should we do??”
I am not waiting。
Xiao Yage bite the teeth:“You want to think!”
Yan Fengxing looked at it at this time.。
The journey of the head of the head is about to close,Two people’s gaze,At the same time,Put out“Flatland”——This trick is the inside door of Huawang.,Everyone can learn,Give playing with personal qualifications;At the same time, it can also be a trick.,Can play more than ten times。
Yan Fengxing Xiao Jie does not point this sword to Gu Yuan as a place.,Attacking Xing Cings, who was behind the stars, blocked by Yan Zhi Feijian,The three people rushed to the neatline, and they were squeezed out.。
Gu Yuan, under the city wall, fierce, spit out a blood。
Xing Qifan stands not far from,Why is it good?,Don’t die before:“This、Do you still continue to chase??”
“……Have http://www.stdz158.cn this effort,People run early。”
Gu Yuan rubbed the blood of the lips,Sir, cough,“Cangzhou layout is not perfect,Character will only fight the snake。”
Xing Qi Sail:“That takes to reinforce the city defense、Recharge?”
Gu Yuan did not refute,This is a recognized meaning。He stands straight,Go to the junior city that has been closed:“Since the conspiracy to win Hua Zong is already a guess,Why don’t we sit in some sitting?。”

Three people who have successfully ran out have not seen how good。
枝 is the best,Although it is exhausted,Body shirt,But it is just a few shallow trauma that is barely taking the weakness of the body.。Xiao Yu is almost kneeling,The sword in the hand is getting off,Yan Zhi left him recently,I quickly reached out to help him.:“Brother, you support!”
Pull out the remaining Dan from the storage bag『Medicine』,All is to help reply、Treatment of internal injuries。
Doubt『Confuse』Why didn’t you have no sound?,Look back,裴 逢 星 捂 头 头 下 下,Face『color』Blunt,Eyebrow。
Branch『color』,“Teacher, you also support.!”
Branch is busy。
Xiao Yao has swallowed a few『Medicine』pill,Even if this is good『Medicine』I can’t eat it.,Put on,Sound fuzzy:“Hurry,Previously,Just like this……You don’t have to worry。”
Motion of Yan Feng,Also:“This is not all injured.,Xing Wan can’t hurt。”
He has aroused the demon『sex』,Stress immediately,God。
Silent moment。
Xiao Jie also:“Can feel,Gu Yuan did not play all,He seems to be hurt。”
Hear this,枝 枝:“What is the relationship between Xiao Shi brother and Gu Shi?,I always feel that you are more wider.?”
Xiao Yao,Even if it is normal and Gu Yuan?,I will also read the same door friend.。even so,Branch is still,Xiao Johi is just no『sex』Sub can replace Quan Yuan,Still abnormal。

“rest assured,After we take this time,Escape into the depth of greed,If it is promoted to a realm,These semi-holy blends were put by me!”Lin Feng heard the proud laugh。

Chapter 1333 Regeneration change
NS1333Chapter regeneration change
“wipe,Boy,Tone is too tone。”Santao people heard the words directly despised the following Lin Feng Road:“Furthermore, the realm can say promotion.。”
“Other people can’t,But I can。”Lin Feng Road,In fact, he has realized the true meaning of the star.。
For a period of time,It is enough to enter the star。
Once you enter a star,His strength enhances a realm,But the attack has changed the earth-shaking changes.。
Just like Torsemic and others speculated,A hand of a heavyweight hydrogen bomb,This kind of attack is suitable for the group。
Sandao people heard the look of Lin Feng’s look:“it is good,Daoye believes this time,Let you look at the means of Daoyu today.。”
“Then hurry up.,I will not take them away again.。”Lin Feng hurriedly urged,It’s entered.52Half-level person,Everyone is the strong hand of the hand-eyed level.。
“Hey-hey,rest assured,They won’t be so fast,There is still danger inside,The old nest of the greedy wolf can be easily invaded?”Sandao people show mysterious smiles:“This guy is sinister,Extremely ferocious!”
“What’s the meaning?”
Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“You will wait for a good show.,Daoyang’s Pingpeak Tomb Tomb Countless,Can you understand good luck??”Santao people smiles:“You thought I didn’t come here.?Really let me feel the crisis is not a greedy to kill the star,But other dangers。”
“Other danger?it is good,Let me see。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,indeed,This guy in front of him once being killed by half.,The saints are threatened to be destroyed。
But now I am still living,I am sure to master some means of pre-knowledge.,Otherwise, see a group of half-holy to see a group of characters.,I have been anxious.。
“Let it go,Let’s take a look at it.,Remember that you can’t disclose your breath!”Sandao people heard the entrance road of the Greedy Palace。
“This assured。”Lin Feng heard a little bit,His body rises up a gas stream,Wrap the figure of the two people in it。
After walking into the entrance to the Greedy Palace。
The entrance channel is a flame passage,Just stepped into it,Inside the horrible power fluctuation。
Deep a deep palace is located in the depths of greedies。
The ancient palace is still close to the door,In terms of strict sense, it is the gate entrance to the greedy palace.。
This door bronze color,The above is engraved with ancient dragonfly texture,Give people an quaint heavy,Mysterious feeling,The center of the gate has a huge wolf head,Wolf head double paint black,It’s like a black hole.。
A group of half-holy level strong standing at the door,Each body is flashing,Holds the main hall of the greedy palace,These rays gathered28road,28Tao light 击 on the gate。
These rays bombarded out the huge sullen sound,However, these strengths have not spread,It is disappeared.,It is like mud into the sea.。
A righteous http://www.shhongxiang.cn response,A magic map rises,Zhu Tian magic map floats in the void,Extend a big hand with death,This big hand is pressed on the gate of the greedy palace.。
Suddenly gone from the door,The door trembles,But not opened,The huge power of this stock disappeared on the door。
Blood nine floors,That Tiandu is also floating on his head,Stop attack。
“Blood nine floors,You run so fast,Why can’t you open??How is the Magic Magic??”The voice of the arrogant arrogance。
“I have lost a lot of the gods.,Ladied wife。”Bloody nine floors with a brunette。
“Less one is hard,You have this thing to open。”Leader arrogant:“Don’t you have a magic map??”
“Leader arrogance,You are here to squeeze me here.,One sentence,Join hands to open,Again。”Blood 9th floor pointing at the Gateway of the Greedy Palace:“This door is very quirky,It http://www.bcaofan.cn should be sealed by a greedy saint.,Unless the saint,Do not,The saints can also be able to open,Only injecting your strength into the magic maps。”
“Ha ha,it is good,Blood nine floors,You really have a powerful,I will cooperate with you.。”Leader arrogant。
Blood nine floors big sleeve,That Tiantian’s vague,Directly float in many holy sky。
“Allocate,Put together,Inject strength into the Tiantian Magic。”Leader is proud of the half holy road behind,His eyes include a lot of meaning。
Autumn lack,Ice cone,The half-domain of the three domains of the magic cliff,When their figure is going to the Tiantian。

The black man’s voice turns into a woman’s voice,As if,“Kill god,Don’t you want to know who I am??”

“Oh?then who are you?”
“You kill my father,Kill my brother and sister。”The voice of the woman is like a ghost,Tremorism,“Do you say who I am?!”
Summer opening,Suddenly smirked two times,“Don’t tell me what turning the turtle,As long as you can kill you,I am willing to pay any means!If it is not the damn guards disrupted my plan,I still don’t show up.!”
Summer 心流 流,Narrow,“God Tarato?When did he have a daughter??”
“What http://www.tutechangdaogou.cn you don’t know?。”Woman is smirking,“I am afraid that you have never thought that I will become a new overlord.。”
Summer faceless expression,“Then how do you have courage now to die??”
“Die?Hehehe,Ha ha ha ha……”
Women sharp laugh,Sound from the night from the night,“Even the guardians in your country can’t kill me.,What’s more?,There is enough nonsense.,Die!”
Voice is just,She is like a ghost general.,At the same time,“Deathlight!”
Night color,A dark light tear dark,Summer sweep。
This is a very rare exotic……Not qi matches,Instead, like a sickle, it is generally dark as ink.,Once you are hit,Specially destroyed internal organs。
Summer does not hesitate to make a knife,If you don’t think about it is a knife.,Suiry is shot out。
Both rapid collision,But there is no sound,But the black and white two light in the half-air http://www.yqytly.cn is like boiling water.,Sizely swept the eight parties。
Don’t look at the two people,But no one is doing。
This record is under the collision,The powerful waves fly out of the two people.。
Summer adjustment center,Slightly frown。
He didn’t expect that the other party could have hard to fight hard and did not fall.,I want to know that he will break through the two orders.。
Various ideas flash in the mind,But his movements are dissatisfied,The whole person is shaped,Handheld snake knife to break heavy gas waves,Go straight。
A remember a knife far away,气,Creating a hustle maturity,It seems to be a woman’s striped shoulders。
NS1171chapter repel
Whole ,The fastest update person!
NS1171chapter repel
In fact,If you can,The woman really does not want to face the summer。
Her father and her sister are dead http://www.zsocms.cn in the summer.,Treatment of God is also removed。
Not exaggerated,Summer 悍 record,I have already left an indelible shadow in the woman’s mind.。
Even if she has become a new hegemony。
So I have been secretly using a variety of conspiracy calculations to kill the summer.。

“what!”Cheng Li Snow:“What?”

“You listen to me first.,Very much change in fifteen years,Some changes are good,But some are not necessarily you accept.。”
Cheng Li,Indicates that you can understand。
“first,Captain of the Snow Wolf Team,TopicSLevel female Wushen Si Silia perhaps,This is also the opportunity of Durisa Academic Length to establish a Justice of Santa Reeda College。”Han Jiang slowly said。
The last second is still in the restraint of Cheng Li Xue,The next second face is full of impossible。
“The reason why I said maybe,That’s because Seliia may have the same situation as you have.。”
“The Snow Wolf Brigade is covered in the second collapsed battlefield,But you are now living here.,So don’t be http://www.ibaoo.cn misleaded by something known now.。”
“The captain is so powerful,How can I die??Even if the second law, Xilin is not necessarily victorious.,So she must in the quantum!”
“What is the fact is like this,Even if she is like you, she is in the quaint sea.,Quantum sea is so big,Countless world bubble,Not to mention, there are other parallel time and space.,How do we find?”
“I want to know most now.,After you come back,What else wants to go,Continue to return to Heaven’s headquarters??”Han Jiang asked。
Cheng Li nodded,I shaken my head again.,She is tangled。
Returning to the sky is going to fight against collapses.,But she once horny,I am back from the sea from the quantum.。
So huge forces,It is necessary to say that a little bit of research on the quantum.。
I am afraid that I am going to explore the secret of quantum.,Waiting for yourself is endless experiment。
“I have a good proposal.。”
Cheng Lixue looked at Han Jiangyi,Signature he continues to say。
“How is it??Integrate the strength of China’s internal,Antibody。”
“It is also against collapse,Fight in the heart,And to fight for China,Not all the same??”When Han Jiang said,I have an expectation in my eyes.。
If the relationship between San Fufer, the relationship is if,Unclear,The most important thing is that Fuhua is here.!
Cheng Lixue saw his master,But I found that the master forgot her.,Is this not affecting the mood??
Originally,It’s hard to spend a little.,Strength improvement,Will you still stimulate her every day??
Hanjiang’s ideas are very simple,Just want to let Cheng Li go back to Shenzhou,Develop your own forces。
There are many words left by the last era.,There are a lot of remains and retrogractive entropy.,So large sites in Shenzhou, can’t find a few?
Fuhua is easily lost because of his injury memory.,So don’t go to do this。
When hundreds of years ago, the mistake was to be a bad time.,She doesn’t pull seven apprentices.?
Although it is a seven white eyes,But the representative Fuhua itself has this will wish。
Now Y Hua’s most loyal apprentice Cheng Li Xue is,Let her encourage the power of Shenzhou,Don’t mention Rapida to catch up with the strength of life,It’s okay or the other party.。
“what do you mean,Let me in turn?”
Cheng Lixue looked at the big boy in front of,A little daren, I don’t want to imagine that the other’s brain is 啥,Is the model that God and the destiny now are not very good??
“啥 啥 出 天 天,See what you said?”Han Jiang is white in white。
Cheng Li Xue has been working in the life,Can you think so too?。
“I now ask you a question.,What is the peeling mode of life and Shenzhou??”Han Jiang asked。
“Cooperate,Shenzhou’s own strength,So I need to help to fight against collapse。”
Han Rong hit a referring,Continue asking:“What is the premise of cooperation??”
“Strength peer。”Cheng Li Xue said with a stay,I thought a lot of this moment.。
The reason why it is willing to protect God,Someone is in secret。
Don’t say it now,Just say the second crash,There are two days old.SLevel female Wushen,How many small countries are directly attributed to God,It is a command to listen to it.。
But Shenzhou special,The position of both parties is standing on a line。
“how old are you?How many years old?”Cheng Li Xue found himself only http://www.32912999.cn thought of strong self,Pursuit of master’s recognition,How much is ignored?。
“17。”Han Rong is true。

I believe Chen Si will not refuse。”

I see!No wonder before Gao Baoyi said that Chen Chang goes to Yangzhou.“Cradle”,I have long thought of this.。Chen Hao is definitely sitting like a needle felt in Yangzhou.。Received Gao Baoyi,I am afraid that I am already happy.!
How to choose grunge and royal,Is this also used??Grain grass is Chen Guo,The throne is your own,Anyone has a book in your heart。
If Chen Hao does not open,I feel that Chenchang doesn’t matter if it doesn’t return China.?
Yang Su suddenly thought of this problem,But did not say exports。Gao Biyi saw his expression,I guessed what he was thinking.。
“People are full of danger from the mother.。Don’t come in your mother’s stomach,It’s easy to die when you are childhood.,Growing up and have a variety of war and military disasters,I encounter my own expensive,Let you kill you,Danger is not dangerous?
Since this,Then why still want to live??”
Gao Bao。
Yang Su has no words,This is the same as the eunuch.,Life is indeed full of accident and danger everywhere.。
“For Chen Wei,I still have some understanding.,I am afraid that there are seven eighth of grasp。If you don’t do this,That simply got a river,Anyway, living is also tired。”
Gao Biyi pointed to the rolling of the river。
“The main public said,Yang Su is taught。”Yang Su, respectful。
As for another two major gifts?,Yang Su did not ask,I want to be great.。
South Gate of Nancheng,There are more than a dozen people being bundled on the wooden shelf.,It attracts people who enter the city gate to warmly onlookers。
Yucheng people are like this,Flush,Lively,Compare new things,Golden,However, you can’t bear hardships.。Like watching this kind of thing,I have always been a reservoir show that they like.。
“Ordinary ban,Commercial road to Jinyang,No staff!Can,Objective of the court,Actually smuggling food to Jinyang!Crime!
Pengcheng Wang Gaozhi took a booklet,The panel is looking to the book:“tell them,What is the crime?!”
It is said that it is tied to those who are bundled.,It is better to say that it is said to the people of the onlookers.。
Young book does not say a touch of emotional color:“Return to Wang,Stealing food and grass to Jinyang,Stone or more,capital offense。Below,no matter how much,Thirty stick,Ten years of prison。”
I have a thirty stick and then take the ten years.,That is not dead?
Onlookers, you will take a breath.!This is too embarrassed.。
“All heard it.,You said that you are dead.!Come from,Execution!”
Gao Qi big hand,If the wolf is like a rope of these people,Twisted on the wooden pile on the ground,Directly beheaded,Fierce and cruel!
Along http://www.hongye663.cn with the voice of crying shout,There have been more than ten bodies on the ground.。Gao Wei doesn’t move the sound, frowning,Pans and send hands to drag the body away,Don’t hinder eye。
“All see it.,Smuggling materials to Jinyang,This is the next。Do you want to be mistaken?,How much can you earn?,Also have a life to spend!otherwise,Just following one of these people!
Be scattered!”
After the crowd scattered,Leave another topic。I believe that these topics can give the city people after the tea meal.。
Gao Wei is sighful,儆 especially,Today’s murder,Is for less dead people,Although he understands this truth,But truly do,It is still a bit uncomfortable.。
Gao Bo Yi is a block of Jinyang,Is it really serious?!
I can’t help but feel excited.,This year,For survival,The person in the trouser belt is all about,More http://www.xsd-space.cn than a dozen people killed,Isn’t it attracted by the high-priced food you came from Jinyang??
Unfortunately,Gao Biyi has long known that people will,So in some key pass,The hidden team is embedded, etc.!
They are not the people of the Han people in the north,Because the family has reached an agreement with Gao Boyi,This time I want to starve to death Jinyang Xianbei。Since it is called“Household”,That doesn’t kill you?
“Autumn harvest,Probably see。”
Gao Yu is not a known woman,He is still very understanding for the DPRK。As an older, big, high-ranking, old five,Be larger than high performance,He did not support the truth of Zhao Zhaojun,This is obvious!
His mother is Daljan,Obviously, it is not a mortuary in Xiangyang.,No background can be treated。As long as the brain is not broken,Gao Yi will not throw it http://www.coilnail.cn into Jinyang and Zhao Zhaojun to help people mix together。
not to mention,His lady lady,It is Fuyang Zheng’s born,It can be said that everyone is intended to persuade him to stay away from Jinyang.。
Gao Hao has never considered a mixed with high performance,He is worried about there is one problem.:What should I do if I don’t stay in the city??
this problem,I am afraid it is not his one person.,But the problem of many people in Yicheng。They are not necessarily a Gao Boyi opponent,Some are even sitting on a boat。
only,Willing to support Gao Boyi is a matter,I believe that the other party can play the Xianbei, Jinyang Six Town,It is exactly another thing.。

It’s really helpless to catch up.,It is not straightforward without straightness.,Even the self-defense is not a bottom gas。

Although this face is not right,But all the links are barely.。
“You jeally?What is it worthy of you??”Xiao Jie is not allowed to hear her words.,Or is the trust of her,“Heroism,Unspeak,Home world,Which is you??”
Yan Zhi was asked:“All jealousy。”
She avoids Xiao Jie sight,Piped:“Because I am not,I can’t get it.。”
This seems to have touched Xiao Yao against scales.,Eye gods reached the extent,Lost the spirit of the past:“Do you know what is really not getting?What is original in front of you,http://www.shenghuizhipin.cn but you must not regret it.?If you really want me to kill,,Your eyes are put on me at the moment.,How to make me die for a moment?!”
I am very good.?
Born, why is it so clear that the arrogance is so clear??
What you can’t get?
Yan Branch jumped quickly,Now Xiao Jie gave her a sense of great threat.,The pre-sensing premonition is foresee of the fact that the end of the poor,She finally can’t help out the spiritual power,The handy man who was imprisoned。Xiao Yage reacts extremely fast arm to block,The distance is not kicked out from the distance.,竹 趁 着 微 微 不 道 道 道 道 相 剑 相 相 相。
This sword is like a blast,Hit the sword sword sheath,The two people bring a burst of airflow to the collision.。
Xiao Jie holds the sword handle, obviously more,Hand back,The aura is around him。
http://www.hnsewingmachine.cn Water sword out of sheath,Two sword sword blades friction out and not pleasing,Jian Feng’s interlaced pressure,The two people who are confused from the cockroaches are rigid.。
Xiao Yao whispered:“You have a truth about me.?”
Yan Zhi hesitated。
She is unclear in front of Xiao Yao.。
Even early in your heart,When I saw the branch of the branch,Xiao Jie is a short-lived,Wan Brain is hit,The expression is blank.:“what……Sure enough。”
Xiao Yao didn’t go back to two steps under the feet.,So that branches do not have to expect the sword.。
This lightweight action is like a switch that touches a valve.,Xiao Yao hit the wooden table in the house,The table is with the ground rubbing a dull sound,It is difficult to restly lean against the table,Very bright『color』From the lips,Drop on the ground。
Yan Zhi looked at this scene,Can’t take care of the brach and shoulders,I looked at the sword in my hand.。
……She vomiting Xiao Yu?
NS73chapter Chapter 73, this is to me
It’s so gently open., Can hurt Xiao Yao into this?
This model,It should be that Xiao Yao affects the old injury.。
枝 顾 顾 交 交 交 交 手,Three steps to Xiao Yu, Hold him to rush。
Xiao Jo is probably resistant to her, After she encountered her, she was stiff., It is unable to do it without lifting the blood of the lips.,Only she will help her own。
Yan Zhi took Pat to wipe it clean,I poured a glass of water to his lips.,The sound is very slow,I am afraid that the voice can be stimulated deeper.:“Brother,Drink water。”
Xiao Yao looked at the reflection of branches through clear water in the cup.,She is smilling, Look at yourself in the appearance。
Since all all fake, This worries are concerned,Who is it??
“Brother……Are you still listening to me??”Branch is careful that the sound is close to the ear,“I will first ask the warm teacher.。”
Xiao Yao has no words。Him『chaos』Be numb, Not out,The sharp emotional emotional emotions with anger and ridicule is too intense., Shake him as a fundamental day machine。

How is the bastard?。

Even if I come to a phone call.。
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First1456Chapter Start
First1456Chapter Start
Orchard Road,Absolutely the most prosperous zone of Star Island。
Not only is the famous tourist shopping street,It is also the assembly place of fashion trend.,Belonging to the central shopping area of Star Island,It is also the place where tourists will go。
The next morning,Xu Meizhen can’t wait to pull the summer to go to http://www.sxshengshi.cn Wuquan Road.。
This street is extremely prosperous,Street two sides of the street,Various restaurant bars and entertainment centers,More people from all kinds of skin colors around the world。
Summer and Xu Meizhen in the crowd,Enter a variety of famous brand clothing stores,Jewelry store,Leather shop,Perfume shop……I only don’t buy it.。
The last two entered a gift shop,Xu Meizhen bought a lighter that is not too expensive.,When a gift is given to the summer。
“Brother,Give you,All,When you get smoking in the future,Remember……Remember to use this lighter……”
Xu Meizhen is very happy,The round goose face is somewhat,“Then……So you won’t forget me.……”
Summary is a little pity, caught her brunette,Take over the lighter,Laugh,“Don’t think so much,Just I am leaving here.,We can also contact us often。”
http://www.tjb-art.cn Xu Meizhen nodded hard,Re-bloom a smile,It looks very sweet。
But the more she is like this.,The more you feel pity in the summer.,He feels that this little girl seems to have matured many nights.。
Next,The two continue to go shopping。
Summary at the same time。
Although most memories,But he always feels some of the important information.。
For example, what is the feeling of gas in his body??
And his strong skill,Those moving skills have not been related memory。
Also, the inexplicable snake knife。
How is he missed?
A lot of。
I thought a lot along all the way.,Detained,He thinks that it will be unbearable.?
This thought will make him feel a little difficult to believe in a life.。
Noon,The two enters the largest Tesan shopping mall in Orchard Road,And then up to the second floor,It is an http://www.freelin.cn unclear number of famous brand luxury goods.。
Xu Meizhen joked a sound,The front runs in front of time, I hope to my favorite goods.。
And the summer is leisurely walking outside,Looking at Xu Meizhen, who is running jumping,Positive youthful age,It looks so pleasing。
This leisurely has been interrupted.。
Fladder,One store door on the left is pushed away,And Xu Meizhen happened to go there。
I don’t know how much power is used.,Xu Meizhen called,I was hit by it.。
Tight it out of a group of people。
First, it is a young man who has a body shape.,Dark-skinned,A pair of eyes bright,Being next to him is a pretty woman,Wearing exposure,Extremely enchanting。
Several people next to them are young people who are temperament.,Wearing seemingly simple and expensive,It’s not ordinary people at first glance.。
Dun solid youth just came out,Xu Meizhen, who fell on the ground,,Not only do not help people,Didn’t apologize,But anger,“You are blind?”