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Ruan Tian only thought Chen Xiu was scared,Even more proudly:“Don’t worry about this,The town naturally has a team of appraisers,Then you can make them fair、Fair appraisal of who is more valuable!”
Chen Xiu looks at Wu Yuanjia,Otherwise, he nodded and said:“The appraiser team here is still very fair,Will not cheat!”
“Row,Then let’s start!”
Speaking of which Chen Xiu hasn’t drilled the stone for a long time,It’s also a temporary itch。
“and many more!”
Chen Xiu looked at Ruan Tian suspiciously,Just listen to what he said:“Our gambling agreement also has to write a sentence,Otherwise!”
Chen Xiu doesn’t care,Anyway, I have a perspective eyeUG,Betting on rocks、Or go to Australia Island to bet,These are hard for him to lose!
Chen Xiu and Ruan Tian signed the paper,Each signed and handprinted。
Seeing Ruan Tian carefully collected the paperwork,Chen Xiu said strangely:“You are not afraid that you have won me thousands or millions,I have no money to lose to you?”
“Hehe……On my site,You lose to you me,I have a way to make you slowly earn it back to me!”
Ruan Tian is even more proud,Thought to myself:“I’m really not afraid you have no money to lose!If you lose,I’ll use your girlfriend as a mortgage when that happens,100,000 per night,To the old Zhuhuang and then sell it to the market;If it’s not enough,Your kid is fine skin and tender meat,Sell you to the night market。Always earn it back!”
The stone betting game officially begins,Chen Xiu is not in a hurry,First, I watched it,First, you don’t need to see through the eyes to choose the stone,But based on my own experience, I spent one hundred thousand to buy two large rough stones。

really,When the crescent moon looms into the clouds,The triangular stone platform has changed,A red light burst out from that hidden cave,Fall on the stone platform,Red light gradually condenses into substance,Just like molten iron just poured out,Overflowing from the platform,Then infiltrate along the three sections,The black stone platform gradually turned red,Suddenly remembered the dry and unpleasant sound in the sky,It seems that someone is reciting a scripture or mantra,Chanting,I seem to be singing some songs on and off。

The wasteland suddenly blew,The dark clouds in the sky gather more and more,The clouds above the stone platform began to rotate slowly,With an extremely eye-catching red light rising into the sky on the triangular stone platform,The rotating clouds are going crazy,Amidst the rapid rotation,Then,A huge black sphere condenses in the center of the vortex,The red light inside is rolling and roaring like blood。
Such a terrifying sight,Make Xue Qifeng’s scalp numb,Faintly feeling my mind、The soul is stirred by this huge vortex,Then dragged,He suddenly realized that he had been locked by this strange triangular stone platform,From the moment he stayed here in the afternoon,But he didn’t notice it at all,Actually dare to go to the cave to check,Even if it was hit hard,Still overwhelming。
at the moment,Xue Qifeng is soberly aware,By his power,Don’t say seal and destroy the stone platform,Even fleeing becomes a luxury,I regret calling the same door,So he resisted this terrifying gravity,Write down this brief experience with the secret method of the sect,Condense into a flying sword with thought power,Escape quickly,The intention is to warn the same door not to come again,Avoid it。
Two days later,The talents from the sect found the flying sword left by Xue Qifeng in the wasteland,Already bleak is about to annihilate,But didn’t heed Xue Qifeng’s warning,Stayed on the wasteland for three full months,But never looked for the triangular stone platform and cave described in Feijian,Naturally did not find Xue Qifeng。
This secret story was later recorded by Xue Qifeng’s apprentice,Coexist in the sect‘Yijiantang’Inside,Non-direct disciples cannot read,Nearly 300 years have passed since Li Hao saw this rumor。
Li Hao was extremely impressed by the adventures and unsettled cases of the ancestors,He has even seen the pattern of the triangular stone platform painted by Xue Qifeng’s disciple repeatedly,It is very similar to the blood triangle under Xiao Yanda’s body,Ordinary people cannot see with naked eyes,It’s hard to perceive the energy fluctuations in it,But Li Haoneng,He even heard a terrifying sound,Like a heavy object fell and bounced,Or the heartbeat of some behemoth。
Chapter nine hundred and fifty three Change of Liuyun View
And with that shocking voice,In Li Hao’s perception, I saw the ripples on the blue plane of the space fissure.,Although insignificant,But it’s no coincidence。
Should be cut off,Li Hao who left quickly,Like a demon,He wanted to see what happened,The things hidden in the triangular stone platform are very attractive,Whether the devil or the monster,It’s like the scene that Master saw 300 years ago,Will repeat itself today。
Li Hao was not disappointed,A terrifying head appeared above the triangular stone platform in the phantom,Bloody,It looks like the skin has just been stripped off,Blood vessel、The muscles are entangled with the bluish-white fascia,Daunting,Including eye holes、The nostrils and many other places are constantly leaking blood,The upper and lower jaws of the skull are moving,As if to tell something,Ghastly。
The head is slowly turning,Li Hao felt dangerous,The violent shaking of his quiet body uncontrollable by the real crisis,But his strong curiosity drove him to look up at his head,So the head also glanced at him,Hollow eyes except for the deep black,Nothing,Li Hao’s head was suddenly exploded,Blank。
Rainy night without stopping,When Li Hao woke up,The sky is already bright,He feels weakness in his limbs,Terrible headache,Suddenly remembered the cold last night,He sat up suddenly,Found myself lying on the single bed。
How is this going?Li Hao’s thoughts suddenly fail to connect,I clearly remember that I went out last night,Seems to have gone up the back mountain,I saw a terrible mountain ghost,He hides in the cold haystack and observes,But got caught in the rain for a long time,then……No more,Should have gone to sleep,But I don’t know who brought it back to the dormitory。
The single bed next to is empty,The bedding has been stacked neatly,Junior brother went on duty early in the morning,Could it be that he found himself in the back mountain?It seems logically impossible,Or maybe other comrades found themselves?
Li Hao feels incredible,Although there are sentries in the back mountain,,But he remembered that after deliberately avoiding the opponent last night,Got into the grass nest with a deeper angle,No reason to be found,Not a mobile whistle,Or sleepwalking,Walked back to the dormitory by myself?
But it’s always good to come back safely anyway,The cold and terrifying breath last night,Li Hao doesn’t want to endure it again,It’s a pity that the mountain ghost looks like,He can’t remember,Sitting on the bed holding his head for a long time,What surprised Li Hao,Except for the cold grass nest,His memory is really fragmented。
Big night,Why leave the dorm?How to get to the back mountain?What do you see in the grass nest?I don’t know,Li Hao even suspected that he was sleepwalking,Don’t say he has practiced for nearly 20 years,As a boy,I have never had such a disease。
Li Hao is sick,Fever to 40 degrees,Very serious,Many comrades come to visit,Including Shen Wenyu、Xiao Yanda is here,Everyone discussing,If the high fever continues,Must send him down forcibly,Go to hospital for treatment。

“Do not talk!”Flying Wolf shouted。

Qin Hao was surprised,What does this mean?
“This robot does a good job?Can still know our names……”
“Why is this Professor Mei?,Who is not good to be a robot like Qin Hao。”
Hear their talk,A black thread on Qin Hao’s forehead。
Dare you to treat me like a robot,I am alive。
At this time a voice rang。
“Come come,My new smart robot,After three days and nights of continuous improvement,Out。”
A voice came from behind Qin Hao,Bring a robot。
immediately,Everyone stared at Qin Hao again,not talking anymore。
Chapter Eighty Seven Mystery Investigation Bureau intervenes,How to stop?
At this moment,They know,This is real Qin Hao,Not some robot。
“Qin Hao,You really came back?We thought you,”Flying wolf stepped forward,Hold Qin Hao’s hand tightly and don’t let go。
“Brother Hao,Really you,I said you can’t just hang on the battlefield like this,”Huang Xiaoding came over and said,Excited。
Huang Xiaoding never believed that Qin Hao died in the Heiji Mountains。
Qin Hao is the backbone of Huang Xiaoding,If it really happened to Qin Hao,Huang Xiaoding didn’t know what to do for a while。
“Just come back,I’ll be fine again,Professor Liu Shiqiang has returned home smoothly,This time you made a great contribution。”
Flying wolf patted Qin Hao’s shoulder heavily。
“I brought this back to Professor Liu Shiqiang,Qin Hao took out the box。”

To nurture the spirit,Xia Jian fell asleep on the train,He sat up almost in Pingdu。What happened yesterday,It’s like dreaming in a trance。Xia Jian can’t believe it until now,Beautiful and charming,And Jones, who has huge wealth, did such a job。

Six a quarter in the afternoon,The train arrived on time。Xia Jian carrying a small bag,When walking out of Pingdu Railway Station,He couldn’t help taking a long breath。He thinks the air is still fresh in the ordinary city,Breathe much smoother。
Come to the railway station square,When Xia Jian was about to call for a taxi,Suddenly a taxi came from a distance,As soon as the car stopped,The door opens,I saw Gao Qiaoli get out of the car。
“What a coincidence, old classmate!”Gao Qiaoli laughed and greeted me。
Xia Jian saw it was Gao Qiaoli,Immediately said with a smile:“I am going to find a car,It seems I don’t need to find,It’s you。how about it?have time?”
“Old classmate,If you have no time, you have to be free。But I have a small request,Let’s sit together tonight,I’ll send you back when I’m done,how about it?You won’t even give up this face!”Gao Qiaoli said,Laughed again。
Xia Jian hesitated,It’s hard to refuse。He repeatedly promised Gao Qiaoli,Ask a few classmates to sit together,This time they took the initiative,He can’t say he can’t go!Besides, he is not in a hurry at this time。
“OK!Then call a few more。Which place is suitable for you,Let’s go now,But let me explain in advance,I’ll pay the bill tonight,You can’t know this,How about not grabbing?”Xia Jian smiled and said。Among these classmates,Xia Jian thinks,In terms of money,He is still somewhat superior。
Gao Qiaoli sighed and said:“You pay the bill every time,A bit too embarrassed”
“All old classmates,What are you polite”Xia Jian said,He opened the door of the taxi and got in。
After Gao Qiaoli got in the car,So I started calling the classmates I could reach。Hit this circle,It’s not that people are not here,I just can’t come to my family。In the end, only Liu Qiang from the Animal Husbandry Bureau could come,The other is Cai Li。Cai Li can promise to come to the party,This somewhat surprised Xia Jian。
“How to do?Just the four of us”Gao Qiaoli asked Xia Jian awkwardly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What is this,Four people are four people!Fewer people,I think it’s better。This is how society is now。classmate reunion,Do not come,Too poor come,The rest are those of us who can get by”

“As for other things,Actually, there is no need to do this anymore!”

When Zhang Yunfei looked away a little bit,obviously,How to deal with these things。
In fact, let’s not talk about other things for now,But the more so,Actually here,Zhang Yunfei’s heart,Even more eager to try。
Other questions,I don’t think about so much for now。
But here,How to solve it,Actually these things,You really need to prepare well。
And at the same time,Other things,Don’t think about these for now。
But here,When Zhang Yunfei saw this,I don’t forget to speak directly here。
“All right,Next,Actually, we don’t have anything to worry about right now。”
“As for the next,How to deal with these things,Let’s not say so much for now,At least here,We still have to deal with this!”
When Zhang Yunfei looked at him subconsciously,The more so,In fact, it makes the people around you,The more I think about it, the more I feel excited。
But for now,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to keep on struggling。
As for the next,Where should I start?。
this problem,Zhang Yunfei is very clear。
at this time,Wang Teng is very indifferent。
After all, I had already predicted all this。
So now it looks,Why does Wang Teng think there is something??
Not only that,Even in Wang Teng’s look,Such a thing,itself,In fact, it can’t bring any threat at all。
But looking at these,at this time,Actually for Wang Teng,Next,How to solve such a problem,Just these things,In fact, it is very clear。

“Your kid only learned this year that you still have a home?”Xia Zecheng sitting in the car,Blaming Xia Jian。

Sun Yuejuan didn’t like it,She whispered:“Slippery road,Kid is driving,You just shut your mouth,Just say a few words?“But what Sun Yuejuan said is true,He dare not relax his guard at all。Has changed,The car will sometimes slide up。
Sometimes things in this weather are so magical,Anyway, Xia Jian didn’t feel how strong the sun was,But the snow on the ground has flowed like a river。
When Xia Jian arrives in Pingdu,,Snow on the streets and people sweeping the sun,The melted flower is almost done。Xia Jian found a place near the department store,And stopped the car,Then he took out two thousand yuan from him and said:“mom!Arrived at the supermarket in a while,Buy whatever you want,If the money is not enough,Whatever i want“
Sun Yuejuan didn’t give up this time,She took the money from Xia Jian,Turn around and say to Xia Zecheng:“Old man,Hard work,The son gave us money again,No flower“
Xia Zecheng smiled,Carried a bag,Follow Sun Yuejuan。
First1000chapter stimulate
The twenty-eighth lunar month,No matter where it is,Should be the most lively。
Xia Jian sitting in the car,Seeing the old man walk into the mall happily,His mood is extremely comfortable。He has passed the age to join in the fun,I don’t want to squeeze in the crowd,So he chose this tranquility。In fact, in his heart at this moment,Not quiet。
Looking at the men and women passing by the car window,And old people and children,Xia Jian couldn’t help thinking of him a few years ago,I live out because I make a living,I have never spent a good year with my parents。I remember the first year he came back from Bucheon,Parents are so happy,Which year ago it was pretty good。
But later because he was competitive,Arranged with Wang Youcai for the Lions Competition,As a result, which year passed in chaos,Not only did he stay in the hospital,Still involved many villagers。Thinking about it,Xia Jian felt extremely guilty。This year anyway,I can’t do this kind of thing anymore。
Just when Xia Jianzheng remembered the past,Xia Zecheng and Sun Yuejuan have walked towards the car with big bags。Xia Jian has a look,Hurriedly jumped out of the car,Took the big bag from dad,Put it in the trunk。
“How are you buying?”Xia Jian was carrying things,Asked while smiling。
Sun Pengjuan smiled and said:“Enough is enough,Actually there is not much to buy。I just got some beef and lamb,As for vegetables, don’t our village have them?,Go and buy whatever you want,And it’s all fresh”
“All right!Let’s go back!I’ll freeze on the road soon,The car won’t go”Xia Zecheng said,Pulled the car door and got in first。The old man likes to sit in the vice-drive position,Maybe it’s because it’s convenient to sit and look outside.!
The sun just hung on the top of the mountain,There is already a thin layer of ice on the road。When the big rush passes,Make a clicking sound,It’s good to hear what Dad said,If this is later,Really hard to go。Although there are snow chains on the tires,But it doesn’t seem to work well on ice。
The car stopped at the entrance of Xiping Village,A few villagers who are close to Xia Zecheng gathered around,Which Zhang Er,He giggled:“Old Xia!I’m in my son again?What good stuff did you buy??”
Xia Zecheng walked down from the car,Smiled:“What is the light of Zhan Son,This is what he should do。Don’t forget,I am his old man”

Xia Jiangang got off the taxi,The big iron door of Wang Yihua’s house squeaked and revealed a gap。Xia Jian stepped in,I saw Wang Yihua standing at the door wearing a coat。

The two did not speak,Wang Yihua smoothly locked the door,Two people just walked into the living room。same,Just entered the living room,There was a clicking sound of locking the door behind him。
When Xia Jian turns around,,Found that Wang Yihua had taken off her coat,What stays on is a silk like silk,Pajamas thin as cicada wings。Because the fabric is too thin,Under the light mapping,The private parts of her body are looming。
Xia Jian took a look,I can’t control myself,But things are different tonight,He can’t just think about having fun。This is what makes Xia Jian different from others,Maybe his success has an inevitable relationship with his style of doing things。
“You tell me,Did you give them the 50,000 yuan??”Xia Jian tried his best to control his emotions,He said coldly。He doesn’t look at Wang Yihua,He was afraid he would lose control。
Wang Yihua didn’t say a word,Suddenly rushed over,This is what Xia Jian did not expect。Wang Yihua hugged Xia Jian’s neck tightly with both hands,Pressed her sexy and warm lips。
“do not worry,The money was given out in the name of our company,I wanted to do a good thing,Unexpectedly messed up,It’s all because of the greedy county head Liu,Not done well,The money didn’t refund。Now also involved me”Wang Yihua panting,She twisted her body,Whispered。
Xia Jiangang wants to talk,I saw Wang Yihua kissing Xia Jian’s face wildly,Said hurriedly:“Don’t say anything tonight,I want you to be with me”
Wang Yihua said,Her little lips kissed Xia Jian’s cold and thick lips。this moment,Xia Jian only feels like ten thousand horses running in his body,He doesn’t care about anything。
Plop,The two fell on the sofa。The quiet night loses its tranquility at this moment,There was a gasp of mixed men and women in the living room。
The sky is getting bright,A ray of sunlight came in through the gap in the curtain。Shot in Xia Jian’s face,He woke up suddenly,The scene in front of him surprised him。
It turned out that the two of them slept on the sofa last night,Didn’t even go back to the bedroom,No wonder it’s so crowded。Xia Jian pushed Wang Yihua, who was curled in his arms, and said:“Getting up soon,Is your babysitter coming?”
“She won’t be back,I have fired her”Wang Yihua said,Put your arms around Xia Jian’s neck again。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and asked:“She did a good job,Why are you quitting her?Sometimes you need someone to take care of you alone”

He is a master of magic,The one who received the soft spot just received the deposit,Now the hottest super-rich in the entire God City,For Master Wu Hao,Throw out fifty thousand jade yuan,It’s really not too difficult。

“Can’t find it?This is a bit difficult!Forget it,keep the change!Excess jade yuan,Think I donated it to the Expedition Hall!You can use this jade yuan to maintain these monuments!These are precious legacy,It is also important historical evidence,Really shouldn’t fight here,If you damage these antiquities,The sin is serious!”Lu Menglin talked freely。
No one thought,Master Wu Hao could say such a thing,And still so calm,Deeply agree。
And everyone can see,Master Wu Hao didn’t just talk casually,But really think so。
What he expected is the same thing,But people really want to protect these monuments,So knowledgeable,Is indeed superior。
At once,Just compare everyone present,Not to mention that General Yingyang,It’s almost as low as the dust,Even gone。
and also,You two!After this mission comes back,You come to the expedition hall to clean for seven days,Have a good feeling。”Lu Menglin casually ordered。
Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye looked at each other,I nodded at the same time。
At this moment,The priest Yang is finally determined,This Mr. Wu Hao is a true favor of Dragon God,Because only one has high moral character,To make such a move。
Although he is greedy for money,But stayed in the expedition hall for a long time,Still have feelings for this place,I saw someone respecting this palace of history so much,Inevitably awe。
“Sorry!Please forgive me for my recklessness!Great Dragon God’s favor,I shouldn’t ask you and your subordinates for compensation。”Old priest Yang surrendered,Handed the jade ticket back with both hands。
Of course Lu Menglin won’t reach out to pick it up,But nodded,Smiled:“It’s ok,Whether it is compensation,Donate,This jade yuan will stay in the Expedition Hall。Time is almost up,We are ready to start the ceremony?”
The priest Yang respectfully saluted Master Wu Hao,Speak loudly:“Thank you for your kind donation,You and your subordinates,Will be blessed by the heroes of the Expedition Palace,Wish you all the best,Take down the new plane as soon as possible!”

“Twenty years ago, Mr. Wu Wenjie was the Wall Street ace trader who dominated the world’s financial situation.,He has accumulated huge wealth by virtue of his excellent trading methods,Including the four major consortia in Southeast Asia and7000Billion dollar‘Diplomatic bond’,In fact, they are all the wealth of Mr. Wu Wenjie!”

“Speak bluntly,In front of Mr. Wu Wenjie,Wu Minghao is more like a worker,At best, it’s just a pug next to Mr. Wu Wenjie,That is to help Mr. Wu Wenjie run errands、The role of spreading。”
“The leakage of the secret plan will cause unmeasured losses to Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth.,Even the wealth that Mr. Wu Wenjie has accumulated over the years will be wiped out。”
“Therefore, Mr. Wu Wenjie has no reason to disclose the secret plan to the Arrow Sakura organization.,Help the Arrow Sakura organization trap itself in an impossible place。”
“But Wu Minghao is not,Although he is Mr. Wu Wenjie’s nephew,But he is just a collateral relative of Mr. Wu Wenjie,He is not the legal heir of Mr. Wu Wenjie in law。”
“So even if Mr. Wu Wenjie mixes well,,No amount of accumulated wealth,It’s not directly related to Wu Minghao,Whether Wu Minghao can inherit Mr. Wu Wenjie’s wealth is no one can say。”
“And if Mr. Wu Wenjie never intends to let Wu Minghao inherit wealth from beginning to end,Wu Minghao is more motivated to act as an undercover agent,Go with the Jian Ying organization,Let’s deal with Mr. Wu Wenjie together。”
“So obviously,If there is a traitor among Wu’s uncle and nephew,That traitor must be Wu Minghao, no doubt,No doubt!”Michelle said with great certainty。
After listening to Michelle’s explanation,Qiao Tianyu admitted that Michelle made a lot of sense,And Qiao Tianyu really thinks so。
And if this matter is kept as usual,Maybe Qiao Tianyu will firmly believe that Wu Minghao is a traitor without hesitation!
First0478chapter You have to be a brother
But since the melee in the British Virgin Islands,Qiao Tianyu encountered the conspiracy and trick,I deeply feel that the current world offshore financial market is shocking every step、Pits everywhere,It made him feel a little jittery。
Wu Wenjie and Wu Minghao have laid out for many years, calculating the British and American factions,Wu Minghao betrayed his uncle again,Together with Jian Ying organization calculation Wu Wenjie,And Kobayashi Yamaki set up many traps in the British Virgin Islands, waiting for Qiao Tianyu to drill。
As the investigation progresses,More and more unthinkable insiders pounced on,And many news are far beyond Qiao Tianyu’s expectations,Subverted many previous cognitions of Qiao Tianyu,Beat Qiao Tianyu’s mind,Really overwhelmed。
I really don’t know as the investigation continues,Will there be more insider information exposed?,So this time Qiao Tianyu really didn’t dare to extrapolate。
Besides,,Even if it can be determined that Wu Minghao is a traitor,Knowing that Wu Minghao works with the Arrow Sakura organization and the Americans,In the pound exchange rate prevention and control system and“Diplomatic bond”Deploy a world network,Waiting for Qiao Tianyu to vote,But what can?

“how about it。”Song Litao asked。

“boss,I asked clearly,Same as you said,Someone is really making a ghost。”
There was a pause on the phone,Grumbling voice came over,Should be drinking water,Then said:“After the news broadcast this morning,Someone took the recorded video to find these elderly people who bought health care products,Encourage them to come。”
While they are angry,But he didn’t lose his reason,Feel troublesome,Can’t beat us,Not willing to come。
“But those people told them,There is a shuttle bus,And as long as people come,Treat it as work,150 yuan per person,Fifty in advance,Give one hundred after the event。”
At the same time there is a high temperature subsidy,So people like them are here as long as there is nothing special。
Song Litao finished listening,Head blown up。
Who is this person,How much hate him to do such a thing!
“boss,What should we do now,These people have been shouting to return the goods and money,Do you want to retreat。”
Confidant staff finished talking,Did not hear the boss respond,Took the initiative to ask,After all, he is on the scene now,He is in charge。
This kind of cost,And it’s a big money thing,He can’t be the master!
“Back off!”Song Litao was in anger at this time,“How can there be so much money back,If you quit, the company will go bankrupt!”
“that……What to do then?”
The confidant has no idea:“These old people are blocking the door now,Must rush in,The security can’t stand it anymore,In case you bump into it,Then something big will happen!”
Song Litao was surprised,Fell silent immediately。
Yes,His mother didn’t know who came up with this trick,These old people whose bodies are half buried in the soil,In case something happens,So Song Litao can’t hold him even if he is covered by Sun Yongli!
A moment later,He spoke:“Put them all in,Refund them。”
“what?Refund?”Confidential employees directly confused。
The boss was still yelling back,How did it change in an instant,This too……