Dongfeng shares (601515): 2018 performance increased by 14.

7% concerned about progress in pharmaceutical packaging and industrial marijuana

Dongfeng shares (601515): 2018 performance increased by 14.

7% concerned about progress in pharmaceutical packaging and industrial marijuana

The 2018 results were slightly higher than the expected 2018 results announced by Dongfeng: operating income33.

28 ppm, an increase of 18 in ten years.

76%; net profit attributable to parent company 7.

48 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

69%, corresponding to a profit of 0.

67 yuan, slightly higher than our expectations.

By quarter, Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 revenue increased by +7 twice.

4% / + 14.

0% / + 9.

2% / + 45.

6%, net profit attributable to mothers increases by +3 each year.武汉夜网论坛

1% /-2.

8% /-17.

0% / + 89.

8%, the fourth quarter performance improved significantly, due to increased investment income.

At the same time, the company announced a price of 2.

Acquired 75% equity of Guizhou Chiba, a pharmaceutical packaging company (43X in 18 years, 29X for pro forma) for US $ 5.9 billion, and plans to issue convertible bonds as the source of funds for the equity acquisition.

Development trend 1. The main business of cigarette labels is steadily improving, and the non-smoking label business is rapidly increasing.

1) Tobacco label main business: conventional revenue 27.

580,000 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

59%, mainly benefited from the rapid growth of the industry’s “small, medium and short burst” tobacco innovation category and the company’s export of tobacco label business; 2) Non-smoking label business: the growth of dairy product revenue increased by 169.

84%, which is due to the improvement of production and operation efficiency of Australian dairy factories and the development of internal sales channels in China; the revenue of non-smoking standard consumer business increased by 137.

29%, benefiting from the social packaging and printing production base in the southwestern region officially started operation; PET base film and functional film product revenue increased 42.

02%, affected by the overall market improvement and product quality and brand enhancement, external sales increased rapidly.

2. The profitability of production cost growth is under pressure in 2018.

The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 fell by ten years.

24ppt, mainly due to the increase in raw materials, rising labor costs and green energy expenditure expectations; during the period, the expense ratio fell by 0.

94ppt, the cost control ability has been strengthened.

3. Pay attention to the progress of mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical package industry and industrial cannabis business.

1) The company acquired Guizhou Chiba Fatli Pharmaceutical Packaging to broaden its downstream industry; 2) The joint-stock company Yunnan Hanxin Fatli industrial cannabis market has a synergistic effect with the heating and non-burning smoking utensil business, and observes the subsequent application of new products in the field of tobacco.

Earnings forecast is based on a pick-up in downstream industries, raising 2019 / 20e earnings forecast by 6% / 5% to 0.


75 yuan / share.

Estimates and recommendations currently correspond to 19 / 20e 15.


1x P / E.Maintain recommendation level and raise target price by 9% to 12 based on profit forecast.

9 yuan, corresponding to 20e 17.

2x P / E, 22% upside.

Risks Price fluctuations of raw materials; increased industry competition; policy risks.

SF Holdings (002352): Net profit increased by 27% in 19 years, epidemic boosted online consumption and boosted demand for express delivery

SF Holdings (002352): Net profit increased by 27% in 19 years, epidemic boosted online consumption and boosted demand for express delivery
Net profit for the year 19 increased by 27%, and the epidemic boosted online consumption and increased demand for courier services. Event: The company disclosed its 19-year performance report: 2019 revenue of 1121.9.3 billion, an increase of 23 previously.37%, net profit attributable to mother 57.970,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.24%, performance is in line with expectations.By quarter, 4Q achieved revenue of 334.23 trillion, an increase of 30 in ten years.69%, net profit attributable to mother 14.86 ppm, a decrease of 2 per year.78%, mainly due to the promotion of preferential e-commerce pieces or the unit price of at least 16% to 19 per year.77 yuan, coupled with peak season vehicles, increased labor costs, etc. have led to an improvement in gross profit.  At the same time, January business data was released: January revenue totaled 116.2.8 billion, an increase of 14 in ten years.4%, of which the express delivery business revenue was 111.500 million, an increase of 10 in ten years.64%, business volume 5.6.6 billion pieces, an increase of 40 in ten years.45%, single ticket income temporarily reduced by 21.23% to 19.7 yuan, up 2 from the previous month.07%, budget, revenue from supply chain business4.7.8 billion.  4Q business volume grew faster than expected.The company cut into low-end e-commerce express in 19Q2. Since the introduction of special e-commerce parts, the business volume has continuously increased (Q1 / Q2 / Q3 / Q4 were 7%, 11%, 30%, 49% respectively).In January 2020, the company first proposed that the Spring Festival should not be closed, and the business volume in January was 5.6.6 billion pieces, an increase of 40 in ten years.5%.Based on the estimated 4 billion express delivery services in January by the State Post Office, the company’s January business volume accounts for about 14 of the industry.15%, during the epidemic period, the company resumed work at a higher rate, the scope of distribution expanded, and the business volume growth rate remained high.At present, SF,, and China Post have basically resumed work, and the rate of return to other express delivery companies has reached 66.7%, the company’s 南京桑拿网 business volume is expected to continue to grow rapidly in the first quarter of 20 years.  4Q peak season business expansion caused increased costs.With the arrival of the 4Q e-commerce promotion season (double 11 / double 12), the express delivery industry has entered a peak season, and the company’s business volume growth rate exceeded expectations, especially the double 12 business growth rate reached 55%.It is required that the company’s temporary increase in capacity, transit sites, staffing, and operating costs increase, but the company’s business volume continues to grow, capacity is released, and scale effects are transferred. It is expected that operating costs will be well controlled in the future.  The epidemic spurred increased demand for express delivery, and the direct sales model was larger and more capable of resisting risks.During the epidemic, online consumption 上海夜网论坛 surged, driving demand for express delivery. As one of the three normal operating express delivery companies designated by the State Post Bureau, SF Express significantly increased its brand influence and replaced the direct delivery model of the company when the combined express delivery company could not fully resume work.With remote end-of-line control capabilities, diversified business layout capabilities, resource guarantee capabilities, and cost control capabilities, the company has the operational flexibility and anti-risk capabilities of its operations.In addition, during the epidemic, land transportation was blocked, and the advantage of the fleet was restored. The 58 cargo aircraft owned by the company significantly improved its transportation capacity, guaranteed the company’s increase in the growth rate of aging parts, and boosted profit growth.  Profit forecast: We expect the epidemic to drive online consumer demand. The company’s multi-level products and quality service quality are conducive to the increase in business volume and the enhancement of brand effects.At the same time, from 2/17 to the end of the epidemic prevention and control work, toll roads throughout the country are exempted from vehicle tolls. The company’s transportation costs have been saved and transformed. The state has introduced policies that courier companies are exempt from compensation and corporate insurance unit payments are reduced.The impact of delicate epidemics on enterprises.We expect the company to achieve a net profit of 67 in 20 and 21 respectively.800 million, 78.870,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17%, 16%, and EPS are 1.54 yuan 1.At 79 yuan, the current sustainable corresponding PE is 30 times and 26 times respectively, maintaining the investment recommendation.  Risk warning: business growth forecast, fierce price competition, new business development than expected, etc.

Angie Yeast (600298) Third Quarterly Report Review: Gradually Improved Management Expects Performance to Continue to Rise

Angie Yeast (600298) Third Quarterly Report Review: Gradually Improved Management Expects Performance to Continue to Rise

Investment Highlights Event: 2019Q1-3 The company achieved operating income of 55.

60 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.

49%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

6.6 billion, down 1 year.

21%; net profit after deducting non-return to mother 6.

27 ppm, a decrease of 1 per year.


Among them, 2019Q3 achieved operating income of 18.

460,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

43%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

76%; net profit after deduction of non-return to mother1.

91 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.


In the third quarter, the company’s operating situation gradually improved. The combination of the third quarter of 2018 with the production restriction and relocation stopped production led to a low base. The profit growth in the third quarter of 2019 significantly improved.

  The business units grew steadily, and the revenue from the sugar business accelerated.

The average growth rate of the company’s major business units exceeded 10%, of which the growth rate of health products, brewing business, and YE was 杭州桑拿网 above 20%.

Wind shows that the annual growth rate of spot sugar contract prices will increase to about 10% since 2019Q3. Benefiting from the rebound in sugar prices, the company’s sugar business sales accelerated.

The proportion of the company’s sugar business income in 2019H1 is 4.

6%, 2019Q3 revenue share increased by 4.

Four to nine.


By region, the proportion of foreign income in the first three quarters was 29.

1% means that the growth rate of yeast export income of products is slightly faster than domestic, reaching 12%, which is mainly due to the depreciation of the RMB to promote the growth of export income.

The gross profit margin of 2019Q3 decreased slightly by 0 in the short term.

11 pct to 33.

72%, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of low-margin sugar business revenue in the third quarter alone.

  During the period, the cost rate was under pressure and the retina expanded.

2019Q1-3 The company’s sales / management / R & D / financial expense ratio is half a year +0.

82 / -0.

05 / + 0.

86 / -1.

17 to 11.

48% / 3.

31% / 4.

34% / 0.


  The increase in the sales expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in sales staff due to the two-ticket system for drugs; the management expense ratio was flat but the amount increased, mainly due to the increase in management personnel and the increase in operating costs of overseas companies; the increase in the R & D expense ratio was due to the increase in R & D investment and the increase in intermediate trial trial production costs; The decline in the financial expense ratio was mainly due to the appreciation of the US dollar and the appreciation of the Egyptian pound and the ruble to generate exchange gains.In addition, the company expects growth in Q1 201952.

94%, mainly due to the increase in earnings of joint-stock companies and Russian companies.

  The chairman will not change the target of 10 billion, and actively promote the relocation and expansion of production capacity.

The new chairman, Mr. Xiong, officially took office, and the company still maintains its goal of 10 billion yuan in 2021.

The company plans to relocate the Yili factory to fundamentally solve environmental protection issues and is expected to be completed within 2 years.

Russia’s second-phase expansion project, as an important project in the company’s internationalization strategy, is gradually accelerated.

The company’s long-term development takes efficiency as the first priority, and pursues progressive development, which will further strengthen cost rate control.

The new employee shareholding and incentive directions remain unchanged. The new chairman is recommended by major shareholders, and communication with the SASAC level is promoted more smoothly.

  Profit forecast: The company’s revenue for 2019-2021 is expected to be 76.

16, 87.

60, 100.

610,000 yuan, the net profit attributable to mother is 9 respectively.

29, 10.

82, 12.

7 billion, with EPS of 1.

13, 1.

31, 1.

54 yuan, corresponding to PE is 25 times, 21 times, 18 times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk reminder: food safety risks; channels sink below expectations; new product promotion fails to meet expectations

Taigang Stainless (000825) Interim Report Comments: The two moving averages of stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel have significantly improved Q2

Taigang Stainless (000825) Interim Report Comments: The two moving averages of stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel have significantly improved Q2

Investment Highlights The company released its 2019 Interim Report: the company achieved revenue of 347 in the first half of the year.

0.6 billion, down 5 every year.

61%, net profit attributable to mothers11.

6.6 billion, downgraded 58 years ago.


Among them, 2019Q2 achieved revenue of 176.

3 billion, an increase of 3 from the previous quarter.

24%, realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.

21 trillion, an increase of 138.


The profit levels of 2019H1 stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel have overlapped for half a year.

The company achieved 539 crude steel output in 2019H1.

33 Initially, the year increased slightly by zero.

57%, but the sales price of main products stainless steel and ordinary carbon steel has dropped significantly many times. In the first half of the year, 300 series and 400 series stainless steels (304 / 2B cold rolled stainless steel coils in Taiyuan, Taiyuan, respectively) were used.

5 * 1219mm and 430 / 2B cold rolled stainless steel coil 0.

8 * 1219mm at least) respectively 535 less than 2018H1.

89 yuan / ton and 1126.

45 yuan / ton, at least -3.

49% and -11.

61% of 武汉夜生活网 ordinary carbon steel (Hot rolled coil Q235 in Taiyuan area).

0mm initially) is 229 lower than 2018H1.

58 yuan / ton, at least -5.

64%, so the company’s revenue in the first half of the year has increased every year.

In addition, the prices of stainless steel raw materials, such as stainless scrap, are relatively strong. The company’s ordinary carbon steel is mainly composed of hot-rolled coils. The corresponding major downstream automobile consumption is sluggish. The profitability of stainless steel and ordinary steel businesses has significantly exceeded.-5.


And -5.

54 points.

On a month-on-month basis, Q2’s performance improved significantly compared to Q1, mainly due to a month-on-month improvement in ordinary carbon steel’s profitability.

According to our industry profit calculation model, the average gross tonnage of hot rolling in the second quarter of 2019 increased by 33 yuan / ton compared with Q1. Considering the raw material inventory factor, the large increase in iron ore prices in June or fully reflected the cost of Q2The improvement of Q2 ordinary carbon steel profitability is expected to be more significant.

Actively carry out preliminary integration of the industry and enhance the advantages of raw material guarantee.

The company plans to acquire Linyi Xinxinhai New Material Co., Ltd.

Linyi Xinhai New Material is mainly engaged in the production and sales of nickel alloys. In the past few years, a 120-inch high-nickel-based material production line was built in Lingang Industrial Park.

If the asset reorganization can be successfully completed, the company is expected to further open up the supply of upstream nickel raw materials and consolidate the cost advantage of raw materials.

Lowered the company’s profit forecast and made a profit and forecast for 2021. It is expected that the EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.

46 yuan, 0.

55 yuan and 0.

65 yuan, corresponding to the current total (August 30) PE is 8 respectively.2 times, 6.

8 times and 5.

8 times, maintaining the company’s “prudent overweight” rating.

Risk warning: stainless steel demand growth; raw material price rises and changes; asset restructuring progress is less than expected

The more trustworthy the cheekbones are

The more trustworthy the cheekbones are

According to British media reports, American psychologists recently discovered that people can determine whether the other person is credible at the first sight of a stranger, and the key factor is to look at the person’s face shape.

We believe in those with high raised eyebrows and high cheekbones, rather than those with narrower eyebrows and sunken cheekbones.

This research highlights, for the first time, the nature of first impressions.

However, there is currently no evidence that those with trusted facial features are truly credible, and some believe that it depends on appearance.

New York University psychologists have found that there is a region in the human brain that determines whether we believe in a person or even before we know others.

The brain only takes 33 milliseconds (3/100 seconds), or one-tenth of a blink, to decide whether to trust a person.

And once we feel that the other party can’t trust it, the brain immediately becomes alert.

The findings were published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Article by Jonathan Freeman, an assistant professor of psychology at New York University: “The brain automatically determines whether it is trustworthy by our faces before we know each other.

The results of this study and another human body study show that we do not judge others by our consciousness but by intuition.

“Applying the findings to public figures, we found that certain trusted figures, such as actor Angelina Jolie and Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby did have raised eyebrows and high cheekbones.

Conversely, those who have been condemned by the public for dishonesty, such as former US President Richard Nixon and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, have squeezed cheekbones and locked eyebrows.

The researchers showed ten groups of volunteers with 300 computer-generated faces and then asked them how much they trusted each face.

It turned out that those with high cheekbones, raised eyebrows, and smiling were considered the most honest.

At the same time, the researchers also showed the groups of volunteers the faces of real strangers, and the same facial features were considered trustworthy.

In the second set of experiments, the researchers provided photos of “trustworthy” and “untrustworthy” people to the new 37 groups of volunteers, but these photos only appeared for a moment and then were immediately replaced by neutral photos.The brain cannot process the previous information.

Volunteers’ brain activity was monitored during this period.

Scientists have found that the area called the amygdala in the brain can be activated 33 times for processing social and emotional essence, even the moment the picture appears.

“The findings show that we can quickly assess the credibility of another person by unconsciously looking at the face, and the amygdala plays an important role in this process.

According to Freeman’s guess, one possibility is that the face information will be quickly identified and tracked by the amygdala area, which will change other brain progress and quickly adjust the impression.

Winter lungs drink snowdrop pear sugar water


Winter lungs drink snowdrop pear sugar water

The winter weather is dry, and the windy and foggy weather is like a withered flower. Generally I can not refresh my spirits. Today, I recommend you to replenish water and sugar, and use snow lotus seeds to stew pear soup instead of hydrating the lungs and hydrating!

Ingredients for Snow Lotus Seed Pear Soup: 10 grams of snow lotus seeds, 2 pears, the right amount of rock sugar, and the right amount of waterInto the pot, add water and boil on high heat. Add rock sugar and cook until it melts. Turn to low heat and continue to cook for 30 minutes.

First, the pear has a rich amount of plasma, which can moisturize the lungs and quench thirst. The pears are delicious, the meat is crispy and juicy, the sweetness is sour, and the pears have the effect of clearing the lungs and nourishing the lungs.

People who eat more pears are far less likely to have a cold than people who do n’t eat or eat less pears, so some scientists and doctors call pears “a full range of healthy fruits” or “general practitioners.”

Pear fruit can also be processed to make dried pears, preserved pears, pear cream, pear juice, canned pears, etc. It can also be used to make wine and make vinegar.

Chinese medicine believes that pear flavor is slightly acidic, cool in nature, enters the lungs and stomach meridians; has the effects of refreshing, moistening, clearing heat, reducing phlegm, and relieving alcohol. It can be used for dry cough and thirst caused by fever, yin or deficiency., Constipation and other symptoms can also be used for internal heat-induced thirst, cough, yellow phlegm and other symptoms.

From a nutritional point of view, pears are supplemented with water to reduce sugar content and can be eaten by people with diabetes.

In addition, pears also have the expected fiber, which can help people reduce plasma levels and help lose weight.

Studies by American nutritionists have found that each pear contains 10 grams of dietary fiber that lowers cholesterol. Eating more pears in winter not only clears fire and moisturizes, but also prevents constipation caused by eating too much hot food and insufficient water.

Second, not only drinking water in the winter can replenish water. Many people think that drinking water in the winter is drinking water, but in fact, eating more vegetables and fruits in the winter can also replenish a lot of water.

300-400ml of the daily water intake of people is provided by food. As long as you eat a small amount of fruits and vegetables, you can take about 400ml more water, and then drink some tea, boiled water, etc. in winter.Worried about not getting enough water.

These cereal-rich foods include cucumber, pear, peach, apple, winter melon, kiwi, grape, cantaloupe, white radish, Chinese cabbage, persimmon, etc. Of course, it should be noted that you must eat fresh vegetables and fruits to get hydration.Efficacy!

Spine Yoga improves bone symptoms


Spine Yoga improves bone symptoms

Action essentials: start kneeling on the ground with both knees.

Keep your knees apart from your feet and shoulder width.

Inhale, support the waist with both hands, send the lumbar joint forward, exhale, support the right heel with your right hand, and shrink your left arm backwards. Hold for 3 to 5 breathing times before inhaling.

The raised hand slowly retracted to support the waist, and the right hand also retracted.

Relax sitting hero sitting position.

  Efficacy: It greatly shrinks the muscles of the legs, abdomen, complications, etc., stimulates the spinal nerves, promotes blood circulation in all parts, adjusts and massages the waist and internal organs of the abdomen, effectively promotes the pectoral muscles, breast fullness, and helps eliminate headaches, shoulder acidity and insomnia.


Half-moon (variant) action essentials: Put your feet together and slowly lift your right leg back.

Grasp the raised leg from the back with your right hand, inhale, and slowly lift your left hand to move your body forward and down to the ground, exhale, relax your body, and hold for a few seconds.

Breathe in, lift your legs down, lower your body slowly, exhale and relax.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the strength of toes, thighs, shoulders, waist and abdomen, shrink the shoulders, tibia, spine, gluteal groove and heels, enhance the sense of balance, improve concentration, relieve stress and improve digestion.


Tips for strengthening sideways movements: appropriate mountain style, with both thighs wide open, turn your right foot to a full 90-degree angle, turn your left foot about 75-degree, and turn your torso to the right.

Inhale, intersect behind your hands, exhale, with your torso forward and your hands raised forward until your head touches your right knee.

  Efficacy: Fractured spine, relaxation of hip joints, strengthening of leg muscles, contraction and strengthening of tibial organisms, promotion of shoulder joint relaxation and flexibility.


God monkey-style action essentials: first kneel the left leg to the ground, and bend the right leg into a lunge.

Hold your hands on the sides of your thighs, push your upper body weight onto your thighs, and straighten your left leg to the ground.

The center of gravity of the upper body is retracted, the back of the spine is perpendicular to the ground, the body is reassembled back to the side of the body, the hands support the ground, and then the right leg is slowly straightened to the ground.

Breathe naturally and keep this asana for 5 breaths.

Then he knelt up.

  Efficacy: Compression strengthens leg muscles and ligaments, lengthens leg lines, and keeps legs slim.

  The first time I saw Mr. Liang Yufang was at the establishment meeting of the Vegetarian Culture Advocacy Committee of the Guangdong Humanities Association.

Mr. Liang, from Nanning, Guangxi, is 54 years old. He always feels quiet when talking and acting.

According to Teacher Liang, she began to use yoga as a lifelong choice after she began to contact yoga more than a decade ago.

The introduction of Guangzhou this time is to bring the yoga experience and ideas of Guangdong back to Nanning through exchanges with Guangdong yoga instructors and coaches, so that yoga can also grow and develop in Guangxi.

Regarding yoga movements, Teacher Liang believes that spine exercise is very important in yoga movements. When the spine exercise is done, it will greatly improve the whole body’s bones.

White-collar female beautiful legs pedal exercise

White-collar female beautiful legs pedal exercise

The pedals for pedal exercise are generally 100 cm long, 35 cm wide, and 8 cm high.

The height of the pedal can also be adjusted according to the level of exercise, pedal technology, and knee flexion.

The most basic movements of pedal exercise are upper board and lower board. Do it at least 3 times a week, with a period of 3 months.

The pedal exercise is suitable for women who have been sitting in the office for a long time, lack of exercise in the legs, and people who want their legs to become strong, healthy and change their sagging hips.

  (1) Exercise preparation: ① Stop eating 1 hour before exercise (if necessary, eat a small amount of easily digestible fruits and vegetables, liquid food).

  ② Wear light, breathable sportswear.

  ③ sufficient warm-up exercise.

Since the main actions of the two pedals are upper board, lower board, turn board, springboard, etc., it is necessary to focus on warming up the thighs and feet, and to fully contract.

  ④ A certain amount of water (preferably boiled water).

Half an hour before exercise, can you drink 200?
500 ml molecular weight.

Because the dual pedal exercise is a large amount of exercise, it will inevitably cause a lot of sweating. The athlete must replenish the water in time to ensure that the human body has sufficient water.

  (2) Precautions: ① Pay attention to the center of gravity when moving up and down the board.

  ② It is recommended to drink a small amount of glucose every 15 minutes during the action.

  ③ After exercise, fully contract, especially fractures of the legs and hips.

  ④ Wear elastic clothes, preferably cotton or lycra.

Of course you should also wear sports shoes, air-cushioned sports shoes are better, so as to overcome the buffer effect.

  ⑤ should be done at least 3 times a week, 3 months as a cycle.

  ⑥ If there is uncoordinated movements caused by leg fatigue, obvious pain or dizziness, tachycardia, etc. in any part of the body, exercise should be stopped immediately and rest reasonably.

  Many women worry that pedaling exercises can make their legs thicker. In fact, this worry is unnecessary.

The pedal exercise is a continuous, medium-to-low intensity exercise performed under excessive oxygen supply, which will not make the muscles develop.

Angelica Goji Berries Soup


Angelica Goji Berries Soup

The hot bowl of mutton soup is very hot in winter.

Angelica medlar and red dates are the perfect combination. It will look beautiful when you drink it!

Come, let me give you a bowl-Materials: 1 kg of lamb leg meat (with bone), 2 slices of angelica, several red dates and wolfberry, 1 turnip method: 1. Cut the lamb leg into small pieces and add radish pieces to the waterTo taste, wash it and put it in a casserole (discard the radish) 2. Put the red jujube angelica and wolfberry soaked in warm water into the casserole, add water and rice wine, green onion and ginger, boil over high heat and simmer for 1 hour.

Hubei’s Top Ten National Day Tourism Attractions Ranked in the National Day of Hubei Province

Hubei’s Top Ten National Day Tourism Attractions Ranked in the National Day of Hubei Province

Where can I travel in Hubei National Day?

What are the fun attractions of Hubei Eleven Tourism?

Hubei National Day tourism mainly focuses on mountaineering, the Three Gorges Tour, the colorful Qingjiang River, the hot spring health, the country tour, and the parent-child tour. Here, you will organize the top ten National Day holiday resorts in Hubei, including Wudang Mountain, Shennongjia, Pingbaying and other mountain climbing.There are beautiful scenery in the autumn, including the Three Gorges family, the Three Gorges Dam and other Three Gorges scenery, as well as Changyang Qingjiang Gallery, Enshi Grand Canyon, East Lake, Tenglong Cave, Qingliang Village and other natural landscapes of Hubei, as well as Happy Valley, Huanghua Mulan Ecological Tourism Zone, etc.Hubei parent-child tour, and Tangchi Hot Spring, Chutian Yaochi Hot Spring and other Hubei hot springs health tour, let us have a look.

Hubei Top Ten National Day Tourist Attractions Rank 1, Shennongjia Scenic Area, Shennongjia Tourism Area, Hubei Province: World Geopark, National AAAAA-level tourist attraction, National Geopark, National Forest Park, National Wetland Park, National Nature Reserve, World Biosphere Protection Network.

Shennongjia is located in a high mountainous area with a cluster of peaks in the western part of Hubei Province. It is located between the Yangtze River and Hanshui, with a radius of 3,250 square kilometers. It is said that Shennong, the ancient god, took the name of the mountain.

The peaks of the scenic spots are all above 3,000 meters above sea level, which is called the “Central China Ridge”.

A forest eco-tourism area with the theme of green and subalpine natural scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

2, Wudang Mountain, Wudang Mountain Scenic Spot, Hubei Province, Taoist Holy Land, located in Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

Wudang Mountain is also known as Taihe Mountain, Xie Luo Mountain, Shenshan Mountain, and Xianju Mountain. It is known as “Taiyue”, “Xuanyue” and “Dayue”.

In the Ming Dynasty, Wudang Mountain was enshrined as “Da Yue” by the emperor, and “Jing Shi Xuan Yue” was honored as the supreme “Royal Home Temple”.

Wudang Mountain is famous for its fascinating fascination with the “Five Great Mountains and the Five Kingdoms of the Five Kingdoms”.

Wudang Mountain is one of the world cultural heritage sites announced by the United Nations. It is a national key scenic spot in China and a national AAAAA scenic spot.

Wudang Mountain is also the birthplace of Taoist famous mountains and Wudang martial arts. It is called “the unparalleled victory of the ancient times and the first fairy mountain in the world”.

3. The Yangtze River Three Gorges Scenic Area The Yangtze River Three Gorges is the general name of Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge.

It starts from Baidi City in Fengjie County, Chongqing, and is completely reversed in Nanjin Pass, Yichang City, Hubei Province, across Fengfeng, Wushan, Badong, Zigui, Yichang, five counties and cities, about 200 kilometers.

It is a famous famous scenic spot in China and abroad.

It is the essence of the scenery of the Yangtze River, the treasures of the landscape of Shenzhou, and the glory of the past and the present.

The magical and quaint rivers of Daning River, Xiangxi and Shennong River in the third section of the Yangtze River make this world-famous landscape gallery a memorable one.

The mountains and waters of the Three Gorges, a scene and a thing, are all picturesque, accompanied by many beautiful and moving legends.

4. Three Gorges Renjia Scenic Area, Three Gorges People’s Scenic Area, Yichang City, Hubei Province, national AAAAA-level tourist attractions, the first batch of civilized scenic tourist areas in Hubei Province, the top ten scenic spots in Hubei Province, the demonstration base of ecological civilization construction in Hubei Province, and the opening and opening up of Hubei Provinceunit.
The Three Gorges family, surrounded by mountains and waters, picturesque: the traditional Three Gorges hanging foot tower is dotted between the mountains and rivers, the long-lost ancient sailing ship, the awning boat quietly parked in front of the Three Gorges family, the stream side girl waving a stick in the cleaning clothes, the river surfaceThe leisurely fishermen are fishing in the net. The customs and customs that have been circulated for thousands of years reflect the simple hospitality of the people of Xiajiang.

The magnificent Yangtze River has nurtured the Three Gorges culture, where Bachu culture blends, multiplies and develops.

When Boda and mystery became attached to each other, and the glory and thick marriage, the Three Gorges people are destined to be the legend of the Three Gorges tourism.

5. Yichang Qingyang Gallery Scenic Spot Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is located in Changyang Tujia Autonomous County, Yichang City, Hubei Province, surrounding the dam of Geheyan Hydropower Station to Yanchi Hot Spring, Shuibuyu Town, Badong County, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hubei Province.All tourist attractions and attractions along the Qingjiang River.

Focus on the creation of the Qingjiang ancient city, the inverted shadow gorge, Xianrenzhai, Wuluo Zhonglishan and other attractions.

Qingjiang Gallery Scenic Area is a provincial-level scenic spot and tourist resort in Hubei Province. It is also one of the four Grade A tourist scenic spots in the province named by the National Forest Park approved by the State Forestry Administration and the Hubei Provincial Tourism Bureau.

On December 19, 2012, the Changjiang Qingjiang Gallery Tourist Resort in Yichang, Hubei Province received a letter from the National Tourism Administration’s Landscape Quality Rating Committee, confirming that Qingjiang Gallery has become a national 5A-level attraction and is a national geological park.

6, Wuhan East Lake Scenic Spot, Wuhan East Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area, referred to as Donghu Scenic Area, is located in the downtown area of Wuhan, Hubei Province. It is a national 5A-level tourist scenic spot, a national civilized scenic tourist area demonstration site, and the first batch of national key scenic spots.

East Lake is located in the eastern part of Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei Province, hence the name. It is now one of the most extensive waters in China. It is the largest scenic spot in Central China; one of the most beautiful red maple spots in Wuhan, every autumnThe maple leaves on the mountain turn from green to yellow, and their final beauty is blooming. Donghu Moshan, the “Tenli Moshan, Ba Li Fragrant” Donghu Moshan, has always been a great place for the general public to enjoy the Gui.

7, Wuhan Huanghua Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone Huanghua Mulan Ecological Tourism Zone was changed to Huangpi District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, about 18

6 square kilometers.

Wuhan Huangpi Mulan Cultural and Ecological Tourism Zone is a national AAAAA-level attraction, including Mulan Mountain and Mulan Tianchi.

Mulan Grassland, Mulan Yunwu Mountain four major attractions.

I want to see the mountains, there are national geological parks, millennial religious sites Mulan Mountain; want to see the forest, here is the beautiful scenery of the valley, the romantic landscape of the National Forest Park Mulan Tianchi; want to see the grassland, there is the grassland customs area Mulan grassland; want to see flowers,There are 10,000 mu of rhododendrons in the Mulan Mountain, and there are 100,000 wild cherry trees in the Mulan Qingliang Village.

In the autumn and winter seasons, the clouds are foggy, vast and innocent, and the realm of the gods; the winter season, the fog and the wild, the Wanshu hanging jade, crystal clear, it can be said that Mulan Mountain has a good scenery all year round.

8, Mulan Qingliang Zhai Qingliang Village is located in the northwest of Caidian Street, Huangpi District, Wuhan City, and is one of the eight scenic spots in China.

It is now a national 4A level attraction.

Wuhan Tourism Bureau selected “one of the top ten attractions in Wuhan in 2017”.The unique geographical and climatic conditions of the Qingzhai Village due to the difference in altitude and the temperature difference between day and night, the scenic spots of “Feng”, Wanfeng, Wujiaofeng, Qijiaofeng, octagonal maple and other maple trees, as well as ostrich and eucalyptusThe autumn red leaf tree species reaches more than 3,000 acres, and the most beautiful place of the red leaves is the “Fenglin Bay on the drunken lake”. It is a good place to climb and enjoy the feeling of “parking and sitting on the love of Fenglin night”, enjoying the red leaves and taking the red leaves.

Wuhan has the highest altitude, the best water body, the latest air, the best, the most abundant resources, the oldest village, and the most primitive ecological leisure of the folk customs.

9. Hubei Enshi Tenglongdong Grand Canyon Geological Park Hubei Enshi Tenglongdong Grand Canyon Geological Park is a national geological park in China. It is located in Lichuan City, Enshi City, and belongs to geological and geomorphological geological parks with a total area of 223.

94 square kilometers.

It extends 48 east-west along the Qingjiang River Valley.

It is 37 kilometers wide and has a width of 5-8 kilometers from the Qingjiang River Valley and the Qingjiang River. It is divided into 6 scenic spots: Tenglongdong Park, Longmen Park, Heidong Park, Xuezhaohe Park, Qixingzhai Park, Enshi Grand Canyon.There are 4 parks in Lichuan and 2 in Enshi City.

The area of the Lichuan Park in the Grand Canyon Geological Park of Tenglong Cave is 107.

80 km2, the geological relics and landscapes in the park are mainly caused by karst and Qingjiang erosion.

10. The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area of the Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province. It was officially opened to the public in 1997. In 2007, it was named the first batch of national 5A tourist attractions by the National Tourism Administration.

The tourism area is based on the world’s largest water conservancy project – the Three Gorges Project. It displays engineering culture and water culture in all aspects, providing visitors with multi-functional services such as sightseeing, science, education, leisure and entertainment. It will bring modern engineering, natural scenery and humanities.The combination of landscapes makes it a destination for friends from home and abroad.

The Three Gorges Dam Tourist Area is located in the middle of Xiling Gorge, Sandouping in Yichang City, Hubei Province, 38 kilometers away from the downstream Yichang Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project. It is the largest water conservancy project in the world today.