Cheng Wenjing heard the words,Driving Tang Judi Girder smile,Didn’t put this sentence as really。
“Ager,You mention the gambling god,I suddenly remembered a thing,He has to play poker with the gambling king of Singapore.,The group I know is discussing this matter.。”Tang Judi said。
“Jude sister like this?”
“That is not,Occasionally play a mahjong,Cultivation。”
“That’s good,Gambling this kind of thing is still less,There is no good end.,Even if the gambling god”
Liao Wenjie dialect half,People are so unlucky,He doesn’t say the wind and the sky.。
Have a rich man,Tang Judi is very picky,Because of love beauty,Not a gourmet, she is absolutely not touching。
She is invited to a Chinese restaurant in a member.,No hall,Only separate private rooms,environment of grace,first rate service,Dispells are inertile,Square action when I get the card。
“How about it,I am not very handsome when I swipe.?”
“You should ask such a quiet sister。”
“This gimmick is crazy today.,The whole process will give you a eye,I haven’t allowed for a few days,You should send me a green hat.。”
“probably not,Wen Jing sister is intentionally。”
“how to say?”
“She is close to me,You are jealous,I am in this way, let you alienate me.,pity,A little eager to seek。”
“No bar,You can see this。”
Tang Judi widened,Troubled to take the car,Small channel:“Ager,Teach me two strokes,You understand the woman so much,There must be a stroke。”
“Jude sister,Your curiosity is a bit heavy,this is not good。”
“Pooh,I dare to tune。”
Tang Judi disdainfully:“Ager,Not you get enough,But my Tang Judi saw the big wind waves.,You have not enough。”
Liao Wenjie laughs,Straighteousness,Three people rushed to the next stop。
original,Tonight should be veryhappyRetake,Until the spicy man appears。
Night General 2nd Floor,Tang Judi with two major laws,Walking the pace of six pro,Far away,The end of the corridor,A burst of laughter。
“a ha ha ha”
Too magical,Be too familiar,Liao Wenjie can also guess Zhou Xingxing with toes,Look at the voice,really
Although a mold with Zhou Xingxing,But the corner of your mouth is a mole.,The look is more embarrassed。
Material is not bad,This person should be the husband of Tang Judi’s husband.。
“million,How are you here??”
Tang Judi face is ugly,Wang Million is holding a cigar,Left, hold two beautiful women,Obviously nightlife has just begun。
“I will ask this to ask.,What are you doing here??”
Wang Million won the cigar,Seeing Cheng Wenjing’s eyes,Look at Liao Wenjun:“so it is,With a small white face to find a heart,Say everyone all play,I will not bother you anymore。”
Say,Wang Million wants to open the road of Tang Judi。

Wang Youcai still knows a little bit about people like He Shigui,As soon as he said this,He Shigui is coming soon,He laughed:“Manager Wang can really play,Beauty International is a high-consumption place in our ordinary city,Where’s my sister heard that she looks like a fairy,Just…“

When Wang Youcai heard what He Shigui said,,He was so angry that he almost scolded。Still a company boss,Just ask a little girl to accompany you?Look at this bitch to stingy,It’s really a lice。
“Mr. He is too worried,Beauty International’s mummy is my Wang’s friend,She will give us the best service tonight,As for the consumption, I will book the venue,Mr. He can’t miss such a good opportunity“Wang Youcai said like this,I have begun to scold the ancestors of the He Shigui family。
Men are basically the same,Especially upstarts like He Shigui,They are generally more concerned about money,I don’t have any problem with my own consumption,But I want to share a little with others,It’s worse than cramps。
But when I hear it is cheap,These people usually rush up。When He Shigui heard that Wang Youcai was a party,Suddenly came the spirit,He laughed and said:“Manager Wang is so bold,If i don’t come again,That’s too interesting。You wait,See you in ten minutes“
He Shigui finished,Hung up。Wang Youcai holding the phone,Swear coldly:“Son of a bitch!I knew I took advantage of Laozi,I will ask you to double the repayment“
Wang Youcai’s words just fell,Tian Wa and Wu Wu opened the door and walked in。When Wu Wu saw Wang Youcai,He said with a smile on his face:“Wang Ge!It’s hard for you to come。This time you can play with ease,I will ask the brothers to let the wind out,There is a turmoil,I will personally come to inform you“
“Did the police check it out the last time??“Wang Youcai asked coldly。
Wu Wu approached Wang Youcai two steps,Lowered his voice and said:“This matter has been found out,Chen Feng, the bastard policeman,But nothing happened,Fortunately, everyone’s preparations are well done“
“Wang Ba Lao Zi,Really fucking villain。It seems that Pingdu has him but not me,Have me without him“Wang Youcai gritted his teeth,Said viciously。
Tian Wa glanced at Wu Wu,Whispered to Wang Youcai:“Wang Ge!A small leak will sink a great ship。Chen Feng dare to fight against us,That’s because his brother supported him,We have to endure“
“All right,Don’t talk about this dead star,He Shigui will come here in a while,Tian Wa is guarding at the door。Wu Wu personally watched downstairs,Put the eyeliner farther,When the wind blows,Call notification immediately“Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,Someone started knocking on the door。
Wang Youcai scolded coldly:“Tortoise son’s hearing has an advantage,Running pretty fast“
Door opened,The one who walked in is the potbellied man He Shigui。When he saw Wang Youcai,Smiles on my face。He walked in,Laughed:“Mr. Wang, this is polite,Mr. Hu and I are friends“
“is it?I really don’t know this“Wang Youcai is playing haha,Secretly cursed:“What a costumeB’S stuff,If Hu Huiru wasn’t for the little money in your pocket,,Knowing you is a fart”
Tian Wa hurriedly greeted He Shigui,So I pulled up Wu Wu and left。Before going out,Wu Wu looked back at He Shigui,There was an indescribable horror in his eyes。
He Shigui couldn’t help but tighten,He lowered his voice and asked Wang Youcai:“The two people who just went out,One i have seen,The other one is a bit unpredictable,He is also your friend?”

Wang Yuanling stabilized her figure,But the look of panic remained unchanged,She glanced at Li Tianchou,Looked at Hua Yun again,Seems urgent,It’s not easy to speak。

“Just say anything,All my own。”Hua Yun frowned,Never seen Wang Yuanling so flustered,It’s definitely not because I saw Li Tianchou suddenly,Something must have happened。
Li Tianchou a little thought,Walk to the door,Reached out and closed the door。
“I received a call as soon as I got downstairs,Something happened on the construction site,Killed。”See this situation,Wang Yuanling is no longer evasive。
Hua Yun Wen Yan,Face pale suddenly,She calmed down,“Make things clear,What’s going on。”
original,Wang Yuanling found boss Zhang of the demolition company immediately after the meeting,And communicated the two requirements of the emergency meeting in time。
Boss Zhang has a good attitude,First expressed my apologies,Indicates that the cause of the conflict will be quickly identified,An explanation to Pantech and the relocated households。And promise to improve working methods as soon as possible in the spirit of long-term cooperation in the future,And repeatedly promised to fulfill the two requirements carefully。
Thus,Wang Yuanling is relieved,She finally made an additional request,When renegotiating with the demolished households,People from Pantech must be present。It is said that this request is a bit excessive,Obviously doesn’t trust Boss Zhang,It was also deliberately proposed to put pressure on the demolition company,If boss Zhang is tough,Wang Yuanling will not impose on others,Just mean it。
But what I didn’t expect was that Boss Zhang happily patted the table and agreed,This made Wang Yuanling unexpected,I always feel something is wrong,But I can’t tell。
Chapter One Hundred Ninety Seven Chaotic scene
The two agreed on a time to renegotiate with the demolition households,Wang Yuanling got up and left,She declined Boss Zhang’s good intentions to invite dinner,I settled for dinner at the snack street and hurried back。
Unexpectedly, when I got into the elevator, I received a call from the construction site,Something happened at the construction site,A two-story building was torn down by a bulldozer,Casualties,Angry people nearby surrounded the demolition office,And smashed construction vehicles,The scene should be in chaos at the moment。
While talking,Hua Yun’s phone rang,Is the phone number of the site project manager,The report is basically what Wang Yuanling just said。
“Go to the scene immediately。”Hua Yun’s face is like frost,Never had such a serious expression。
Everyone is preparing,Even Shen Yingjie changed his laziness and cynicism just now。

It is definitely faster to smash the king of the sea with the overlord color than to rush to resist with the body,But Shanks, who was close to the level of the Four Emperors, actually sacrificed a hand?

Even Baibeard can’t believe that Shanks will lose his arm in the East China Sea,Is it intentional or intentional?,Actually very clear。
and so,It was a scam from the beginning?
“how could I know,You kind of ask Shanks!”Raleigh has no good air。
Of course Leo dared not ask,Maybe by ShanksaoeShocked,I can’t run away by then。
“Do not worry,Whether intentionally or unintentionally,This event is an indelible event for Lu Fei,It’s no longer a fact that the mere voice can be changed!”
Even if Leo exposes it,,Luffy will not stop going to sea,Because sometimes the goal is just an incentive,Maybe one day we can forget this inducement,But never forget the goal of your heart。
Luffy at this moment has long been determined to be One Piece。
“My purpose here,Actually I want to discuss with you Lao Lei,What time do you have time every day?”
Lao Lei?
Raleigh didn’t know when he had another title。
“You need to ask me about this kind of thing?”Lei Li said coldly。“I want to say i don’t have time every day,Would you agree?”
“Of course not agree!”Leo bared his white teeth。“I want to kill you,You thought i would promise you?I’m just discussing with you to fix a time,This is conducive to my improvement,Then kill you as soon as possible!”
Leo speaks casually,But both Lei Li and Xia Qi knew that Leo was not joking,But really want to kill Raleigh。
Raleigh doesn’t care about this kind of thing,Not afraid of death,But you kill me and I kill you on the sea,Nothing strange。
There are not 10,000 or 8,000 who want to kill Raleigh,What’s so strange。
but,For Raleigh,Leo might kill him in the future。

Alice said with a smile:“Your savvy,If you study hard,Learn well soon,How about this!You putSKPOpen,We talk on this every day,We use English to communicate,I believe it will improve soon“Alice said,Take out your own laptop,Made a cast for Xia Jian。

Xia Jian silently wrote it down,This is really a good way。The three people chatted for a while,There are endless topics。These two women may have lived abroad for a long time,This occasionally come back,Met friends in China,Extraordinary affection。
Everyone talked until seven o’clock,Xia Jian said with a smile:“Two change clothes,I invite you to dinner tonight,Order whatever you want“
When I heard that Xia Jian was going to invite them to dinner,The two beauties jumped up happily,In a while,Changed clothes,On the way Xia Jian came,I’ve been optimistic about where to eat,So I just drove the car in。
Drove to eat,It will naturally attract everyone’s strange eyes,Maybe jealous,Maybe also envy,Anyway, Xia Jian doesn’t care,Walked into the land of abundance with two sexy beauties。
The waiter greeted him immediately,Take them to a small place by the window and sit down。A lot of people come here to eat,And at first glance, they are all white-collar workers or bosses。
Xia Jian gave the menu to Alice,This woman is not welcome,She ordered four or five of her favorites,And gave the menu to Ruth,Ruth just ordered two。Out of politeness,Xia Jian bite the bullet and ordered two,There are only three people anyway,This adds up to almost ten dishes,Can you finish it?
The food in the big restaurant is different,It can be said to be like ten minutes,This dish began to serve,Two beauties shouting hello while eating。They are bold and beautiful and sexy,Soon it attracted the greedy eyes of a group of men。Xia Jian didn’t deliberately go to see,But he has discovered this phenomenon。
First0620chapter Vigorous Alice
It seems to bring beautiful women out for dinner,Face is gained,But the lining will definitely have,Xia Jian found something wrong,So he hurriedly smiled and said to Alice and Ruth:“Eat fast!I also want to go back to the hotel and have a good chat with the two“
“Oops dear!Let’s talk while eating, OK??“This is a hidden woman,It’s not so easy to walk away。
Xia Jian looked at the way Alice and Ruth were eating,He both wondered where the stomachs of these two men grew,Doesn’t look fat,How come you have such a big appetite。
It’s coming anyway,He can’t say anything,Just bite the bullet and wait for them to finish eating。Just at this time,Two twenty-seven-year-old lads came from the opposite side,They dress well,But the clothes are more uniform。The two are fatter,One can be slightly thinner。
These two walked up to Alice and the others,The thin man smiled and said:“Two ladies,Our boss would like to invite two over for a drink,As the saying goes,Look at you,Not even a glass of wine“
“Sorry two,Tell you boss,We don’t know him,Besides, we have something to do after eating,Thank you!“Xia Jian didn’t wait for Alice to speak,Hurriedly said。

He quickly observes with the light of his eyes,Groaning in my heart,The narrow road outside the fence is full of police and armed police soldiers,There are also more than 20 people,Although a few were injured by his stones,But more people are holding guns and watching。Unexpectedly, this jump jumped into the circle。

Under Li Tianchou’s heart a few times,Realized that I couldn’t run anymore,Otherwise it will definitely be labeled as a hornet’s nest。He raised his hands above his head and slowly got up。At this moment,He suddenly felt flustered。far away“boom”A gunshot,The bullet should be directed at him,But only slightly off,Hit the wall tiles,Flying stone chips。
Almost at the same time the policeman shot,Another policeman in the diagonal stabbing suddenly flew and knocked him to the ground,“I drafted mom,The suspects have raised their hands,You fucking shoot?!”Sound familiar,Li Tianchou saw Liu Qiang cursing,I haven’t had time to warm up,He was thrown to the ground by four or five policemen around him,Five flowers tied in a moment,And was put on a black hood。
Li Tianchou’s mood is unusually calm at the moment,Do not regret anything,The only worry is Peng Weihua,I don’t know if he ran out,I can only wait for the opportunity to ask Liu Qiang。
Back to the former criminal police detention room,I saw Zhao Yong’s round face with a smile。It’s just that Li Tianchou has really bad luck this time,Not only did I not see Liu Qiang,And he only spent one night in the criminal police team,After simply treating the gunshot wound on his shoulder, he was taken into custody。Because he is a serious criminal,Went straight inSZSpecial prison in the city detention center。
A very inconspicuous corner of the detention center,A row of ordinary concrete houses are lying there,Looks very different,Wrapped with barbed wire all around,Seems to be a separate quarantine area,This is a prison dedicated to detaining serious criminals。
The building is full of gray tones,Whether it’s interior or exterior,Even the prisoners’ uniforms are gray。This is a place that makes people boring to see,A place that survivors would not want to mention all their lives。It has an alias——City Kan No. 1。
All the serious prisoners held in No. 1 are criminals,Murder and arson、House robbery、Psychopaths and other evils。There are three types of prisons,Death row、Normal warehouse and closed warehouse。
The death row barn, as the name suggests, is the place where death row prisoners are held,They will wait here for the final approval result,Maybe here they will spend the last time of their lives;In the ordinary warehouse, the detainees have not yet been tried.,The confinement warehouse is a special prison for punishing prisoners.,Li Tianchou was locked in a confinement warehouse。
The confinement cell is small,Like a pigeon cage,Lying down,The legs cannot be straightened,Very uncomfortable。There are three cells in the cell,All in solitary confinement,Each pigeon cage is almost completely enclosed,Only one window of the slap is left,Easy to deliver meals。The prisoner’s food and drink are all solved inside。
At this time, Li Tianchou was sitting in the cell with a heavy torture instrument,I’ve been motionless in a daze for several hours。Because the light inside is too dim,Barely reach out,So it’s day and night outside,Li Tianchou no longer has this concept,He only knew he was arraigned twice after he came,Ate five meals in total,It should be breakfast twice,Steamed bun porridge is still easy to distinguish。It should be almost two days since we counted in。
I’m afraid this time is over,Suspected of intentional homicide,And wanted,Take away arrest,It’s full of bad luck to get together。Li Tianchou is no longer angry,He knows what is waiting for him。Although dispelling some unrealistic illusions,But he still retains a faith,That is to do everything possible to live。
The guards here are very tight,Difficult to find opportunities and loopholes,The magical Liu Qiang is beyond his reach at the moment,I’m afraid I can’t help。Everything depends on yourself,Although hope is slim,But he is not depressed,But also very patient,Observation opportunity,Wait for the time。
Li Tianchou is an optimist,And don’t take the initiative to torture and embarrass yourself。He wants to start,Also know how to adapt and relax。While quiet,He calmly sorted out all the things that had happened since working,ups and downs、The joy, anger, sorrow, and joy are really compensated,It’s a pity that I didn’t make a big splash。
Maybe Uncle Geng is right,I lack a sense of domineering,And mother-in-law,End up hurting others and yourself,Hard to do。Although Uncle Geng is forced to entrust big things,But it also has his intentions,If I can think about the problem more from his perspective,Then it won’t be that simple、Impulsive。
It can only be if,There really is no regret in this world,If I can go out alive,I will never reject Uncle Geng’s trust,Doing something vigorously is better than waiting here for a thousand times、Ten thousand times。
“Bang。Bang,Bang”The wall panels of the cell next door made another dull crash,That is a serious prisoner similar to him,Allegedly involved in serial killings,Came two days earlier than Li Tianchou。
It is estimated that this Xiongtai has a problem in the pigeon cage,It’s okay, I like to hit the wall with my head,To prevent the criminal from committing suicide,The inner wall of the pigeon cage is cushioned,No matter how hard the impact is, it will kill you。Just a dull voice,Annoying,So I can always attract the guards,Yesterday I took him out and asked the doctor for a checkup,There was no mental illness,But after returning。

He has no time to hurt now,The work of the hospital matters!

Waiting for Fang Yu to return to the hospital,I found a lot of people in the department。
Very noisy,And he speaks foul language,Crude!
sound,It seems something happened.
I saw the chief physician look depressed,The family members of the patient cursing next to him,Aggressive!
Fang Yu went over and took a look curiously,I saw the patient twitching,Seems to be dying!
The chief doctor saw Fang Yu who was looking at the patient,Suddenly thought of something,Point to Fang Yu and say,
“it’s him!The patient he is in charge of,Has nothing to do with me!
Must be him,You see his hands are shaking,It must be when changing the patient’s medicine,something is wrong!”
“You are the one who healed my father?You unscrupulous doctor……My father is not in danger now,Can you bear the responsibility!”
At this moment,The patient’s family came over,Yelling at Fang Yu!
“I do not have……”
Fang Yu shook his head repeatedly,He just came to see the situation!
“Return my father!”
The family turned to Fang Yu with his head down,Another cold drink!
It stands to reason that the patient is very normal when he takes the drip,He confirmed it before leaving……
But now……
“Really not me……”

Such an atmosphere is very rare,Liu Meng thinks he should cooperate with his boss。

His boss has a cold face every day,It’s rare to see such a boss today。
Besides, he also thinks such a boss is very cute。
He has followed his boss for so many years,I really have never seen his boss so easy-going。
It’s so rare。
While admiring his boss in his heart,,I am finally happy。
His boss is finally a normal person。
He grinned silly。
Xiao Fan saw this and followed him for many years,And always stay true to myself,There are many times,He always endured a lot of his bad temper and habits。
He is really grateful to his friend。
He feels very lucky,I met the woman I love most in my life,And got married。
His wife is cute and kind。His employees will never leave themselves,Loyal。
He is really grateful to God for his care and love for him。
He is a very emotional person,Although on the surface it seems that I don’t care about anything。
But his heart is still very soft,He longs for perfect love,Yearning for the company of family。
Longing for the company and care of friends,He will willingly guard the people he wants to guard and protect。
Although Liu Meng is his subordinate on the surface,,but,These years of getting along has already upgraded their relationship。
Their relationship is now more like friends,Or it’s a feeling that transcends loved ones。
Comrades in arms,Colleagues。In short,They are willing to protect each other。

First278chapter Demon’s son

“Yo West!This is what Chen Geng designedCamrywhat,Really beautiful……”
“Jiamei is very beautiful,But I still prefer this onecentury,atmosphere、dignified、luxury,This is what a luxury car should look like。”
“When will our Dongying designers be able to design so beautiful、Such a futuristic car would be fine,But then again,Your Excellency Chen Geng’s ability is really admirable,You really deserve to be Lord Chen Geng……”
Surrounding the Gamay、Standard axis version of the new century and long axis version of the new century,Honda’s designers and executives have eyes on、Tut praise,With emotion, Your Excellency Chen Geng is worthy of being the world’s top industrial designer,Only he can accurately grasp the pulse of the times,Design these two perfect intoxicating artworks in front of you。
The designers in the Giugiaro design studio are not much better,Before they were halfway through Chen Geng“Love”I still feel a little dissatisfied,But now,They were also amazed by the three cars in front of them,Besides, Chen Geng was just lucky enough to design one or two better products,Even they can’t convince themselves……This is disrespect for one’s own profession。
Garethio who came to China to see these three cars in person·Giugiaro is completely convinced by Chen Geng’s ability in car design:“Fernandez,Dongying people are right to choose to cooperate with you,In addition……”
He tentatively said:“If it’s not because you are the owner of a big company,Not short of money,I must do everything possible to convince you to join the Giugiaro Design Studio,Even if you pay half of the shares for this, you will not hesitate。”
Chen Geng understands,The real meaning of these words by Giugiaro is not a pity,But said to Chen Geng euphemistically“If you Chen Geng are willing to come to my Giugiaro design studio,I can consider sharing part of your shares”——It expresses the appreciation of Chen Geng’s talent,At the same time, if Chen Geng is not happy,I’m not too embarrassed。
Chen Geng smiled and shook his head:“Forget it,It is not a good thing for multiple major shareholders in a company to come out,But we can also cooperate, right??”
Facing Chen Geng’s Decline,Georgia Rohaha laughs:“Haha……That’s also,Fernandez,I decided to withdraw from this Honda project。”
“Ok?drop out?”Chen Geng was taken aback。
“Yes,drop out,”Giugiaro pointed at the three cars in front of him,Said:“Before I saw these three cars,I can also shamelessly think that Giugiaro Design Studio can play its role in this collaboration,But after seeing these three cars……Fernandez,You are also a car designer,You should know,Out of the dignity of a designer,I can’t do anything to write my name on such a perfect work。”

Listen to what Brother Hu said,Ye Mei and others secretly wrote down the appearance of the seal,Maybe you have luck in the future。

In the following time,Ye Mei and others have small gains,Worth tens of thousands,Even thousands of things,Never let go。Everyone found,It’s not that the antique market has no treasures,But the eyes that really didn’t find。
The happiest one is undoubtedly Ye Mei,Till now,She has accumulated nearly but the funds,It’s two days of hard work。I always heard,Some unbelievable female classmates go out fooling around and make money,It’s easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a month。Can follow Brother Hu,More money than selling。
unfortunately!Brother Hu won’t stay long in Suzhou。otherwise,She thinks she can be a rich woman。
“Go have a meal,Prepare to participate in charity auction in the evening。”Hu Yang told everyone。
More formal indoor charity auction,Hua Zi hasn’t seen it,The audience in the live room is equally curious,What is it like。It should be different from the outdoor one last time, right??
in fact,Everyone encountered a charity auction before,It was the time I met a Korean guy,It’s just not very formal。
It is said that,This time participating in the auction,There are many celebrities,For example, the richest man in horse who is keen on philanthropy。
therefore,Not so much everyone is looking forward to the next charity auction,Rather than expect to see the richest man in Ma。Not only the audience in the live broadcast room,Even Huazi is no exception。
At present, the audience in the Populus live broadcast room has exceeded 1.5 million,Everyone expects,When it comes to charity auction,This number may increase by hundreds of thousands,Probably it is the largest live broadcast in the history of Populus。
before this,Guild boss Yang has already called and discussed with Hu Yang,Tell Huyang platform is also actively cooperating with the recommendation。
Hu Yang still couldn’t help but say something,When letting them promote,Don’t use the richest man in horse as a gimmick。I am not familiar with others,Use other people’s fame to make yourself a fan,Populus does not feel good。
After eating,Still time,Hu Yang went to the hospital,I met Zheng Xinyan again,Chat with them for a while。