Cognition history is inseparable from archeology (Today, Today)

  "Shocking, China Five Thousand Years of Civilization" "Sleeping for Three Thousand Years, a Wake-up" People’s gaze.

Gorgeous golden mask, beautiful dental car, the top of the top of the top, people in a picture of the cultural retrieval, a paragraph excavation video, experience the unique charm of archaeological work, feel the brilliance of Chinese civilization.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Archaeological work is an important task of displaying and building the history of the Chinese nationality, the Chinese civilization treasure. Cognition history is inseparable from the archeology.

"A archaeological discovery, there is only the brilliant achievements of Chinese civilization, and it is said that the Chinese nation and Chinese civilization are multi-element, the formation of the formation of the country is the development process. The discovery of silk remarks, expands people to" silkworm and fish " Cognition; clouds and feather microvites on the deabble, confirmed the frequent exchange of the ancient countries and the Central Plains; bronze gods, bird-shaped goldettes, etc., rich people’s imagination of people’s civilization. People Pay attention to Samsung, not only in the exquisite cultural relics, but also the source of Chinese civilization. The closer the archaeological results and the public distance, the deeper the cultural self-confidence.

These years, from the charter of the sediment, the "National Treasure" is popular, and then to the cloud museum flourish, the archaeological results are increasingly "flying into the usual people’s home", enriched the historical and culture of the whole society. nourish.

Further, the story of cultural relics, let the archaeological approach the public, this is the voice of the times, and the expectation of the masses.

Chinese people’s anti-Japanese military and political universities ? painful choices

The anti-big school migrates the North China enemy to run, just like an arrow into the enemy to fight heart, especially after the success of the five anniversary, the anti-big political impact is getting bigger and bigger, May 21, 1942, Japan Yan Zhan’s Barbarous "pull-screen big sweep" anti-agricultural school is one of the important goals of their encirclement. At that time, the anti-large girls lined up long-term rules were willing to be bonded, followed by the 6 male comrades of the anti-Taiwan hospital in a class, and the rushing of the rivals kept in the night, with the enemy circle.

One day they got rid of the troops, hidden in a cave, and the enemy came out of the cave. At this time, the history of the history is pale, the head is sweating, she understands that the child may be born, the child is born What should I do, I have a harmful to the mountain. If the child is born, they will immediately fight someone in the mountain, and 7 lives here will not be guaranteed.

How to do? But the new life is not reversible. As a painful pain, the child has born, but even the first voice is crying, it will leave the mother forever, this great mother makes The most painful choice in her life. Without the joy of birth, did not let the child look at this world, in order to protect the comrades, she ended his child’s life. (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.

Crossing 50 years: Tibet University – Youth Bloom in the plateau

Tibet University is the largest comprehensive university in the Tibet Autonomous Region, has formed a discipline system that covers 10 universities of economic, law, physics and medicine.

It is also a "211 Project" key construction university, "China ‘s university basic capacity building project".

In May 2013, China and Western Higher Education Revitalization Plan was included. July 2013 was successfully approved for the Ph.D. to grant the unit, marking Tibet higher education entered a new stage of development.

The school’s predecessor is the Tibetan Cadre Training Course established in 1951, passed through the Tibet Military Region, Tibet Literate, Tibet Administrative Division, Tibet Normal School, Tibet Normal University and other development period. In July 1985, Tibet University was formally established. Since 1999, Tibet Autonomous Region Art School, Tibet Medical College and Tibet National College Medical Department, Tibet Autonomous Region Finance School, Tibetan Farming, have incorporated into Tibet University.

Tibet University is divided into Lhasa Campus and Linzhi Campus. The Lhasa Campus holds an old campus, a new campus, a medical campus and a college campus.

Photography cross-border gameplay: Interview "Take pictures" planner Hong Kong

  This time, we break the time and space barrier, find you with real love photography, and find a different scenery in your city, explore the true meaning of depth image expression.

  On August 15, 2019, in China’s photographed circle, especially the young photographer, the new season "photo bar" came to an end.

Hundreds of outstanding works show the unique observation perspective and enthusiastic and unrestrained photography concept. "Photographing Boys" event planner, Sina picture Director Yan Hong Kong said in an interview with, planning such an activity, the most important purpose is to build a more professional Learning the exchange platform, by the professional teacher, in one-to-one, more ways to guide photography practice, and quickly improve the level of photography of the students.

  It is understood that the "Photographed Bijiel" has been held in 2014, which has become one of the photographic activities of young college students for 6 consecutive years. The integration of the online attention of the event attracted tens of millions of photographers, and directly participated in the number of contributors more than 100,000, and the excellent students selected were nearly 100. While photographed the eye, this activity has also been commercially successful, and some big brands have participated in sponsorship or title.

  The meaning of this activity and the secret of success is from Yan Hong, has a tireless pursuit of photography. The reporter learned that before Joined, Yan Hongnang is the head of a traditional media. He has served as a senior picture editor of Xinjing News and a number of magazine pictures director, responsible for magazine image style positioning, and special picture shooting ideas; The planning and editing of the "witnesses" column of China’s extremely influentials, with an excellent job in the New Beijing News, got the Golden Lens 2010 Best Picture Editor Award. After the Sina Network in 2013, Yan Hong has just been responsible for the operation of the image content, and is responsible for the overall planning of the picture planning, activity creativity and other work.

  The photography activities of Sina pictures are mainly surrounded around the "New Wave Love" photography platform, bringing hundreds of photography competitions, photographers can log in to the platform, pass the photographic work to their own space, share the works; if you find yourself like yourself The photography competition can also be submitted directly.

  "Born in the street", "Hello World", "Looking for City Light" and other photography competitions is the long-term planned activities of, accumulating more than 100,000. In addition to these competitions, the Chinese Photographers Association, some local governments, and photographic agencies will also be centered on Sina’s love platform. In these photography activities, the most featured is to "take pictures of teenagers".

  The fifth quarter of the "Photographed Book" is a photography exhibition site.

  "Take a photo," is a workshop paying attention to the young photographer.

It advocates cross-border integration of different photographic types, and every season’s mentor, is held by photography in different fields.

Many art photographers, fashion photographers, documentary photographers, commercial photographers participate, and serve as mentors. Every season will be selected from the national sea election, and then the instructor will conduct photography guidance. The instructor will arrange the photography task according to the characteristics of the students, requiring it to complete creation within the specified time.

During the period, a documentary or real show will also be photographed to enhance the popularity of the activity.

  红, said, with other photographic workshops, "Photographing Bijier" very emphasizes practical, interactive, and even entertaining.

During the promotion of workshops, Sina pictures also invited Li Chen, Yao Chen, Huang Lei, Lin Yihe, Li Guangjie and other stars to help out.

"Every event, whether it is a tutor, or a student, many people feel interesting, fun, but also high strength, concentrated a concept broke out, he said. director Hong Kong (right 2) and "Take pictures of the teenage" third quarter of the introduction of the work together.

  It is understood that "Photographer" is the largest photography activities in Sina pictures, and the single season is in the highest investment of nearly 10,000 yuan. Hong Kong introduced that the cost of this activity is the highest than documentary shooting and offline exhibition.

All of the activities of all funds support is part of Sina market, and some from business sales.

"A public welfare project can obtain sustainable development, in addition to the audience’s enthusiasm for his enthusiasm, in order to achieve a good loop of public welfare projects, you must pay more efforts." Sina’s series of photography activities It has always encouraged the participation of young photographers, and also witnessed China’s photography in recent years. The arrival of the digital image era, making photography simpler, promoting the scale development of national photography. Yan Hong Kong said: "The threshold for photography is getting lower and lower, but in addition to technology, more ideas are needed, this is also an embodiment of photography. For example, humanival, advertising photography, meeting photography, fashion photography, all develop good .

Especially mobile phone photography and mobile internet appearances and open a new chance window for photographers.

"From the traditional film to digital imaging technology, as a senior media photographer, what suggestions do you have for young photography enthusiasts? Yan Hong Gang said:" Photography is inseparable from practice, only through more than a lot of practice, constantly accumulating the image Cognition, diligent thinking, multi-reference, can constantly cross the new level. "In addition, he also believes that photography skills are the easiest way to imitate and copy, but the unique view of the image is personal." Learning photography, after skilled, it is necessary to gradually dilute techniques and skills. Think more, in a normal scene, it is good at discovering, capturing a picture that can touch the soul, and condense them into an eternal picture, for history. "

  "’Taking pictures, you have a slogan, the slogan is’ here, epiplactic photography’, I hope that students in each season can have an update to photography in the process of tutor, and other students." At the end of the interview, Xiao Hong just said. (Shao Xuxin) [Editor: Panti].

Build a full-scale terminal to help the system, such as fish, water curtains, and systemified achievements

In the past few years, most of the soft companies expanded to the main competition with running horses, the core strategy is to quickly develop dealers and quickly occupy the market.

In the high-speed development phase of the industry, this can be said to be the best strategy for the company. However, after the running, the entire industry is slow, leading companies have basically completed the national market layout, which means that the key points of the industry have undergone fundamental transformation: from seeking speed to seek stability, from demand quantity to quality From rapid expansion to cultivate business. Enhance brand internal strength, enhance the strength of dealers, and become the key to the future of soft companies through the establishment of standardized processes, systems, and all-round help.

The new mode is broken, and the big business is critical to the soft-pack of the industry. The head curtain brand is like a fish. It is officially proposed this year. 1 + n + new retail model will be used as the layout point of the next upgrade breakthrough in the next three years. New retail that integrates in the online market in this broad market space, making experience and efficiency greatly increased in this vast market space. Among them, 1 large business is an important basis for the successful implementation of the entire strategy. There is no powerful business support, and any strategy is difficult to present. Dafa is self-evident in the importance of soft-packing companies and distributors, which is mainly reflected in three aspects: enhance brand image, occupying highlands and driving the whole. Effectively enhance brand image: Da Shang’s most prominent advantage is that more interested in investment, which usually means better, larger store, richer, better marketing activities, more standard, more intimate after-sales service, Many resource investment, create excellent business, enabling effectively enhanced brands in the local market.

Grab the high level to establish advantages: For dealers, become big business is equal to establishing a competitive barrier. The resources in the regional market are limited, and the big business can seize the highest quality part of the limited resources, occupying the regional market, such as the best store, the best advertising, the best team, the best word of mouth, etc. The advantage is difficult to break the later, and it is possible to establish a long-lasting competitive advantage. Establishing a model to drive the whole: Dalergers can play a considerable way to drive the dealers, through the sharing of large business model demonstrations and successful experience, can drive all the dealers’ progress and improve, thus producing the overall pulling effect on the company . Continuous empowerment, such as fish, well-stripping, large business, for soft, in order to ensure the advantage of their market competition in their own system, in order to win the future of the industry.

If the fish, the water has been committed to creating a cargo atrium company in China, using professional knowledge, all-round empowering training has created countless outstanding stores and dealers.

In mid-October, successfully held "distributor communication camp", 39 dealers from all over the country, 39 dealers from all over the country, gathered together, participated in the training of two days and two nights, and realized stores The management, marketing and service system standardization, boost team changes, and enabellifying store performance growth.

In this training, such as the focus of the fish water marketing director, the focus of "Dafu: A Hand Project", bringing everyone to develop a deep study in the system. Realize standardization management, enhance team execution, look for team objectives, accurately grasp the big business development system, multi-dimensional, systematic, help everyone become big business.

Vivid and lively content, full of dry goods, order the dealers in the scene expressed their gains. Keep up with the times, such as fish-watery output new operational ideas curtain market competition is fierce, terminal stores need professional teams and business levels, need to master all aspects of products, services, advertising, marketing, big brand support, such as fish to get from store site location And renovation, opening activities and usual daily operations, providing comprehensive help, often organizing training conferences, teaching sales, operational skills, etc.

First-class teams output first-class service, first-class service to achieve first-class stores. Such as the training camp to the business school training camp, realize the content of the content of small whiteization, operational systemization, training results, so that all dealers can get zero-foundation, and have enriched mature practical experience, many dealers said that after headquarters System training, the store quickly harvested customer trust, and the transaction rate can even achieve more than 90%.

In today’s soft market, the dealer wants to develop long-term and robust, and must focus on sales of market demand and change, and cannot rely on the past to fight the price war, provide rough service. Business store. In this empowering training camp, such as fish-waters, the dealer’s demand, the dealer needs to lect out, Q & A, from the professional perspective, the problems faced by the store operation and breaking the way, providing new ideas for terminal store operations, new ideas method. Cultivating big merchants are not one, but through wrapped advertising, brand experience store construction, stereo activities planning, market supervision system construction, etc. Business, even supercharies. The fierce competition, only those dealers who follow the innovation of corporate innovation will be more competitive.

After years of development, the industry’s head brand has been developed. It has established a complete training system. The future will lead more and more, with the company’s strategic objectives, and family members who have ambition and big profit, we will have a brilliant life. ! Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Strictly requiring more standards to promote new effectiveness in Dianchi protection

Original title: With higher standards, the new achievement of Dianchi Coat Protection Management has achieved new achievements on December 6, and the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Kunming Municipal Party Committee, Liu Hongjian, resulted in the team to investigate the treatment of governance.

He emphasized that all departments at all levels in the city should study and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping’s Ecological Civilization Thoughts and Xi Jinping’s General Secretary to investigate the importance of Yunnan’s important speech. The standard is more stringent to promote the new achievements of Dianchi protection governance. Liu Hongjian first came to the wetlands of Xinghai Peninsula, and founded the Water Quality of Pan Longjiang to enter the water quality of the Lake, and investigated the wetland of the ring pool, and the construction of Dianchi green road. Liu Hongjian emphasized that the general secretary of the Top Secretary to investigate the spirit of Yunnan, in accordance with the concept of lake in Lake Lake Lake, strengthen comprehensive management, system management, source governance, strictly implement the long system of the river (lake), and put Dianchi Protective management work is better and more deeper.

It is necessary to resolutely implement the important instructions for the important instructions of the General Secretary of Dianchi, and completely do a satisfactory answer to the Party Central Committee and the People’s Central Committee and the People’s Central Committee and the People in the Central Committee and the People in the Central Committee of the Party.

To do a better and effective initiative to do a good job in the protection of Dianchi, let the "Plateau Pearl" will play a brightening. It is necessary to promote the construction of Dianchi green road in high standards to ensure that the construction task is completed on time. In the seventh, eighth water purification plants, Liu Hongjian understands the distribution of water quality purification plants in the main urban area, the construction of interception pipe network, the ranking of tail water. In the Panlong District Golden Avenue – Beichen Avenue Rain Diversion Diversion Project, Liu Hongjian also investigated the implementation of rain-saving shunting. He emphasized that in accordance with the deployment of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, combined with the urban update and transformation, improve the interception pipe network, and promote the implementation of rain and pollution, and focus on the contamination load of Lake River Road and Dianchi.

We must scientifically lay the main city water quality purification plant, speed up the transformation of tail water, strengthen operation scheduling, and improve sewage treatment.

It is necessary to grasp the remediation of the Lake River and pay attention to maintaining the ecological function of the river, and create the ecological landscape belt of "water clear, shore green, river, and beauty". Liu Hongjian also went to the Songhua Dam Reservoir Dam, and founded in the ground to understand the city water supply and rural drinking water safety work and water source protection. He emphasized that we must focus on the future development needs, focus on long-term, system planning, comprehensive policy, and efforts to solve seasonal, engineering water shortage, and continue to enhance urban water supply security capacity, provide sufficient water supply for Kunming’s sustainable development.

It is necessary to strengthen the protection of water source area, do everything possible to protect and improve the lives of the water source area, and guide them to jointly protect the water, protect the beautiful homes. Liu Shenshou, Sun Jie, Liu Yonglu, Zhao Xueong participated in the investigation.

(Jia Xi Pei) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Science and Technology Safeguard Agricultural Product Safety and Nutrition The 3rd Agricultural Open Day of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences started in Beijing

  Tang Huajun suggested that the scientific and technological workers of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences should keep the country’s scientific research, continuously carry forward the spirit of scientists and the spirit of the agriculture, to improve the scientific literacy of the whole people, help the masses to learn technology knowledge, master scientific methods, establish science Thoughts, make the innovation intelligence that contains the middle of the hundreds of millions of people fully exerted, and the innovation power is fully released, and the strength of the construction of world science and technology.

  Tang Huabao emphasized that all units of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will further strengthen popular science work, fully combine the disciplines, and continuously innovate methods, and plan to carry out more scientific activities with exemplary effects and propaganda. This opening day surrounds the topics of "Safety and Nutrition of Science and Technology Protection Agricultural Products", "Off" is the main way, "online" is carried out. The launching ceremony also held an exhibition product.

The 18 studies of the hospital have concentrated on the technology and products from the soil to the table, from the production to processing, from planting to farming, from breeding to management; existing net red products "lipid oatmeal ", Fragrant" banyan cooked ", novelty, two-color watermelon, other high-quality beef, more nutritious 7D rapeseed oil, strange tea mask, a beautiful moon and peony, Fire Mae Brewing beer, fine new Xinjiang cotton, sweeping with mobile phones to complete various pesticide residues in the samples such as tea fruit vegetables, also have drone, plant protection radar, wisdom farm … from the food To health products and drugs, from cotton, oil to hydroponic vegetables, melons and group cultivars, from rapid testing technology to high-tech equipment, there should be all.

  It is understood that the opening day, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences also formed a team of science workers who covered all units of the hospital, the first batch of 91 people, to further improve the popular science work, form The new style of the national science work has laid the talent foundation.

  After the launching ceremony, the 34th court units of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences will open the district from May 27 to 30, and all units will combine their own research characteristics, focus on popular science interpretation, laboratory visit, hands-on experiment, interactive experience. Waiting for colorful activities.

At that time, a group of national key laboratories, test stations, test devices, etc. will be open to the public.

Shandong: Huimin students promote the development of human resources and social security careers

Recently, the People’s Network, July 22, recently, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Shandong Province issued the "Shandong Provincial" Human Resources and Social Security Plan "(hereinafter referred to as" planning "). According to the overall arrangement of the national human resources and social security career, combined with the actual work of Shandong, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, the active service new development pattern, "Plan" to the province’s human resources and social security career during the "14th Five-Year Plan" Quality development makes system planning and overall deployment.

Planning According to the "14th five-year planning of the National Economic and Social Development of Social Development and the Outline of the Outline Objective" and the National "Human Resources and Social Security Business Development" 14th Five-Year Plan ", mainly grasp in the process of preparation three aspects.

First, in the new development stage as the "coordinate system", the development of the development of human resources and social security careers.

Planning to prepare the historical coordinates based on the new development stage, and find the positioning of high-quality development of high-quality development in the new era of modern power province construction, consider the good development trend of careers, actively grasp the opportunity conditions, and firmly confidently planned new Breakthroughs; it also considers the current stack of contradictory, risk challenges, and maintain a clear mind, enhance your sense of worries, prevent and resolve various risk challenges. Second, with the new development concept as "baton", the development of human resources and social security careers will develop new leaps.

The new stage of the new era must implement the new development concept, which is the fundamental follows of the next five years and even longer.

During the planning process, consciously consciously plan, lead, promote development, to promote quality first, efficiency, and to promote the whole process and all aspects of human cooperatives, promote higher quality, more efficient, More fair, more sustainable, safer. Third, with the new development pattern as "big stage", show new as the human resources and social security career development. "Planning" is closely surrounding the mission and task of accurately grasping the social security of human resources in building a new development pattern, from achieving more and more quality employment, improving multi-level social security system, stimulating talents innovative entrepreneurial vitality, optimizing income distribution, etc. A number of measures have been made to deepen supply side reforms, smooth the domestic circulation, and consolidate the power of intensive domestic demand.

"Planning" mainly clarifies the overall idea, development goals, main tasks and major initiatives of Shandong Human Resources and Social Security, and is an important guidance of the development of human resources and social security careers in the next five years. document.

Divided into three parts: The first part is the planning background and overall requirements, brief summary of development foundation, analyzing opportunities challenges, clear guiding ideology and basic requirements, put forward the six major development goals and 21 quantitative indicators in 2025, proposed 2035 Vision goal.

The second part is the main part of planning, from achieving more and higher quality employment, improving multi-level social security system, stimulating talent innovation and creative vitality, optimizing enterprises and payment, building a harmonious labor relationship, and enhance human service capabilities and quality Six aspects put forward task initiatives, and 11 columns have been specifically described in terms of key projects and major planning arrangements.

The third part is to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan to ensure planning through rule of law, investment, monitoring, publicity, team construction. (Song Cui Fang Hongyan) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

Seven major reports in economic and social culture in Xi’an

Original title: Seven major reports in Economic and Social Culture in Xi’an (Reporter Li Ni) reporter learned from Xi’an 2020 Economic and Social Development Report Press Conference: "Xi’an Economic Development Report (2020)" Xi’an " Social Development Report (2020) "Xi’an Cultural Industry Development Report (2020)" Xi’an Talent Development Report (2020) "" Xi’an Media Development Research Report (2020) "" Xi’an Great Site Protection Utilization Research Report (2020) "and" Seven research reports such as Xi’an International Metropolitan Development Report (2020) "related to Xi’an economy, social, cultural industries, talents, large sites, etc., involving ten key tasks in Xi’an.

  Among them, the "Xi’an Economic Development Report (2020)" has strategic, global, and allocation of hotspots and difficulties in the development of Xi’an economy, including total report, industrial economy articles, hub economics, business Most of the environmental articles and financial innovation articles. The total report analyzes the status and characteristics of Xi’an economic development in 2019. Xi’an City faces complex domestic and international economic situation and continuous economic pressure, conscientiously implement the central, provincial party committee decision-making deployment, tightly chasing transcendence and "five Solid "requirement, adhere to the steady and advancement of the working tone, quickly advance the" Ten Key Work ", the economic structure is continuously optimized, the main economic indicators have been in progress, the momentum of chasing the transcendence is gradually increased, and the annual economic operation has maintained a smooth health developing. (Editor: Gu Yan, Deng Nan).

One air conditioner is less, there are thousands of pieces.,Such a good thing is just like a tart with the sky in the eyes of Liu Dafu.。

He can even guess why Li Hui is in Qin Su Yaji installed air conditioner.。
Nothing is the village head of daughter Xu Yingying,There is also a woman known as the fox essence.。
“Xiao Li.,Do you have time tonight??
Uncle feels a lot,But still there is a little unhappy.。”
Zhao Xiaoli, on the side, listened to this,Don’t turn over the eyes,Heartway:“Can we have strength,Did not stop for two consecutive nights,I still have an event this afternoon.,It is the man who is fighting.。”
However, these Zhao Xiaoli is also thinking about it.,She is definitely not mentioned。
“Li Hui, heard Liu Dafu, it seems serious.,The brow is not a wrinkle。”
“Liu Shu,impossible,Said the reason for two days,You have suffered such a big pain and stimulated your acupoints should be restored to your body.。”
“Xiao Li,Let’s take a look.,Uncle is really not lie to you。”
Liu Dafu said,Still matches the appearance of cough,Cough。
Li Hui Feng is also afraid.,After all, if you really have a life.,He has a unstractive responsibility。
When it is directly with Zheng Tiancheng, Zhao Wu, he said hello.,Settled out。
This time I came to Liu Dafu’s door.,But I found that Zhao Xiaoli waited at the door early.。
Today, Zhao Xiaoli wears a mid-term,This also let Li have a breath in his heart.。
Entered the house,I saw Liu Dafu lying in bed.,Face wax yellow,Lips whites。
Li Hui Feng, which is seen this scene is also scared.。
“Liu Shu,What is this??
The face is too bad.?”
“Didn’t do anything,Just feeling weak,Easy to sweat,It is really uncomfortable.。”
Li Hui said this,Hurry to Liu Dafu。
moment,He has a reason for Liu Dafu’s physical symptom in his mind.。
Especially seeing the life of the two consecutive days.,Li Hui Feng feels that he is not so crazy.。
“Liu Shu,You don’t want to be life.。”
Chapter 404 Red Snake
How does Li speaks from the wind? Liu Dafu will be so crazy.。
Look at the standing side,Zhao Xiaoli, full of worry about the color,Ruddy,Although the eyes are full of worried, it is the shot of the light color in the eyes.,This is obviously Liu Dafu’s credit.。
Liu Dafu saw that Li Hui’s face is satisfactory.,I can’t help but have a sudden sudden。
“Xiao Li,Do you have a doctor??”
“Um,Governance,But give you another time.,Don’t follow the scorpion at night.。”
I heard that Li Hui Feng was so bluntly said.,Even if you think that Liu Dafu, Liu Dafu, very thick, is also a bit。