Wang Youcai finished,Just withdraw。Chen Feng followed two steps up and said:“Boss Wang!Xia Jian in your village is back to Pingdu,Do you know this?”

“I really don’t know about it”Wang Youcai whispered,Actually he lied on purpose。He participated in the election for the mayor of Xiping Village,How could he not know if Xia Jian came back??
Chen Feng laughed as soon as he heard it:“I can tell you,Our chance is here,Now in Pingdu, my brother Chen Jiang has the final say。And the mayor of Pingyang Township,Privately, our relationship is also extraordinary。So as long as we two join hands,Isn’t it a trivial matter to clean up Xia Jian?”
“That’s a good relationship!Think about it first,Wait for a plan,Let’s work together again”Wang Youcai said,Just take two steps。As soon as he heard Chen Feng say that Pingdu City is now his brother,I can’t help but get confused。What happened to this??
Wang Youcai came out of the TV station,He couldn’t help but slow down。He couldn’t believe this Chen Feng,If he calls the police,Isn’t he a turtle in the urn?。
Wang Youcai, this thief,He walks a few steps,I got into an alley in a flash。Then drilled two more horizontally,Found no one behind,Only then slowed down。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,He knows all the streets。These twists and turns,When he walked on the road, he found out,Go by yourself,Crossing half a flat city。
Stand on the side of the road and take a look,Found this place is not far from where Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong live,Thought for a while,Wang Youcai thinks this place is temporarily safe for him。
Tossing down this week,It’s ten thirty。Wang Youcai still dealt with two people at Yao Chunni’s house at noon,Until this time,He felt thirsty and hungry。
There happened to be a small shop on the side of the road,Wang Youcai looked around,I found no one behind me,Then I walked in gently,He bought two bottles of beer,Asked for a box of biscuits,And two chicken drumsticks。This is his dinner,The restaurant came too late for dinner,Secondly, he was afraid of meeting acquaintances。
I walked to the gate of Chen Xiaoju’s rental house,Wang Youcai reached out and pushed,Found a lock on the door。It seems that these two women are out。
This is really hard,I wanted to sleep in a place here,It seems bad luck,He just thought of another way。Suddenly Wang Youcai’s eyes penetrated the gap in the door,I found lights on in two houses just west of。This means someone is inside!Why did you lock the door from outside??
Wang Youcai is a little puzzled,He lay on the gap in the door,Whispered inward:“Xu Lihong!Xu Lihong…”Wang Youcai yelled several times。
I just heard the creak of the west door,A figure came out in a flash,She whispered:“who are you?”
When Wang Youcai heard it was Xu Lihong’s voice,He said very happily:“Xu Lihong!I am your king brother。how?Don’t even know me anymore?”

For this test machine,Also specially selected auspicious hours,10point58Start on time。

I don’t want to start the test machine earlier,The main thing is that a group of people arrive at the company at nine in the morning,Simple welcome ceremony plus visiting Xiaozhi,It took more than forty minutes,Then Wang Yufei responded to Pan Wenyue’s request,It took another hour to redesign the algorithm and program。
But the problem is not big,Absolutely impossible to delay lunch。
Although Xiaozhi is far from reaching the best performance,But according to Wang Yufei’s estimation,The factorization of integers above ten thousand digits may take a long time to calculate for classical electronic computers.,It’s a real problem,But for Xiaozhi,Just a little test,The first batch of results should be reported in no more than two minutes,It’s absolutely impossible to delay the sumptuous lunch that has already been prepared。
so far,For Wang Yufei, eating is still the most important position,A young and energetic body needs more nutrients to meet the needs of a strong metabolism。
Okay,There is still a while before eating。
Pan Wenyue standing in front of the transparent glass window,In the line of sight is Xiaozhi’s attractive figure wrapped in transparent,There are young people who can see from the corner of the eye。
There are only two of them in the room。
After all, he is most familiar with Wang Yufei,So you can enter the most confidential control room。
For Wang Yufei,He has a lot of emotion。
Science is simple to write,But it’s great to learn。
Even high-level talents engaged in scientific research,Ninety percent of the people in the middle have toiled for a lifetime,It’s only a lifetime that I can touch the threshold of the word science.。It’s incredible,A young man less than eighteen years old walked ahead of everyone。
But his performance has always been very indifferent。
This is not a humiliation?
“Cough……”Pan Wenyue subconsciously coughed twice,This is a habit he has developed during his years of teaching,Skills to keep the voice in its best condition before officially speaking,Can first use this method to attract students’ attention。

“Xiao Lang,Xiao Lang,No,Never。”At this moment,Aunt Bai Xin rushed over,Hurriedly grabbed Zhu Minglang’s hand,Motion him to release。

“What a jerk,Even assault here!”The half-bearded man was furious,He patted Zhu Minglang with his palm。
His palm,A huge print appeared,Like a blazing door。
In the door, a purple dragon full of flames opened its mouth,Bit on Zhu Minglang’s body。
Bai Xin sees it,In a hurry to stand in front of Zhu Minglang,But Zhu Minglang stopped Bai Xin with one hand,A pair of eyes suddenly flashed with red glow,The momentum skyrocketed in this instant,Like a shaman!
“Sword spirit dragon。”
Come in one channel,Just watch a sword break through the space,I can only see the gorgeous phantom flashing out,It slashed towards the blue dragon with purple flames without everyone reacting.。
That purple flame blue dragon was shocked,Originally wanted to bite and swallow Zhu Minglang,But for a moment he dared not get out of that door,Escape back to the spiritual realm like an earthworm。
“Xiao Lang,Xiao Lang……”Bai Xin once again discouraged。
And at this moment,Everyone in the gate looked at here,Watching Zhu Minglang pinching the black young man’s neck。
“Isn’t that wishful thinking????”
“Is Zhu Tianguan’s son,Is the sword repaired so bright??”
“Isn’t there a rumor that he is dead??”
“Zhu Minglang was once the little demon of the imperial capital,Even the children of the royal family have been cut off by him,Hao Shaocong, Zi Zonglin’s major disciple, might be out of luck。”

Yang Yong returned to the store,I thought about Zhang Siwei’s suggestion for a long time,The development of life needs opportunities,Maybe this is really an opportunity for myself。

I’m just an ordinary person,Didn’t read too many books,No specialties,No capital yet,Now take the child again,It’s really not easy to make money,I want to break everything I want to make money every day,this time,What if it’s an opportunity,Why bother to think about it every day?
“what happened to you,Dejected,Just fine。”Yang Yong saw Cen Cheng sitting on the ground,Unhappy,Then asked。
Cen Cheng has been here for several days,And Yang Yong are also familiar,Just complain,“Mr. Zhang doesn’t seem to like me,She used to be very warm to people,Not the same now,Speak coldly,Smile without smile。”
Yang Yong enlightened her,“This is normal,She is a boss,Impossible to be enthusiastic to everyone,She said just now that I only know to sleep a day,The face is also cold,The boss is like this。”
Cen Cheng disagrees,Think I’m different from Yang Yong,Shouldn’t be the same treatment,“You just drive,what can you do,It’s normal for her to be cold to you。”
Yang Yong Haha twice,nod,“Yes indeed,I’m just driving,But I don’t care about the attitude,After all, they are wage earners。”
Cen Cheng is still downcast,Whisper,“Actually I don’t want to do it anymore,No matter how hard you try, it’s useless,Not recognized。”
252 Not by chance
“Nope,Xia Shuyue thinks you worked hard,This is enough。”
“She thinks it’s useful for me to work hard,She is not the boss,Mr. Zhang is the real boss。”Cen Cheng shook his head,Squeezed mouth。
“cough,You little girl,Mr. Zhang, she doesn’t come every day,As long as Xia Shuyue recognizes you,She will like you sooner or later。”
“Not always,Sister Xia is going to have a baby,Won’t be back soon,I don’t know who will manage this time,so annoying。”Cen Cheng still looks sad。
Yang Yong comforted her,“Don’t worry,as far as I know,Mr. Zhang didn’t plan to transfer people over,The photography is hosted by Chen Dan,You are responsible for enrollment,You are also responsible for store promotion。”
Cen Cheng gave Chen Dan an unconvinced look,“Just her,Can also manage this shop?Many people won’t listen to her。”
“Regardless of her business,It’s someone else’s business,We can ignore those,I think you should work hard while Xia Shuyue is away,Make the training class prosperous,Mr. Zhang will definitely look at you,This is a good opportunity for you to perform。”
“How easy it is,too difficult。”Cen Cheng still can’t lift up a bit of energy。

The patient’s nutritional demand is satisfied,The pancreas are not disturbed,It can be described as two。

Start,Zhao Xiaoying began a difficult journey of constant blood.。
Four blood purification,The process is very difficult,every time“Change blood”For Zhao Xiaoying, it is a big challenge.,The harmful substance of the body is reduced again,Everything is moving in the direction。
The days have passed every day.,This is the Zhao Xiaoying insisted on the anticoagulant scheme.,A few blood purification,The purpose is to eliminate thrombosis,Let Zhao Xiaoying can breathe freely as soon as possible.。
Ten days later,Zhao Xiaoying’s abdomen is gradually become,Different previous pain intensities and number of incidence,Bloating、The number of abdominal pain and pain are slowly reduced。
Pain reduction,Face is not so bad。
Zhou Yewu also found that abdominal muscles were so stiff like admission.,It is not so obvious that Zhao Xiaoying’s pain is not so obvious.。
Her color has also become a lot.……
But the skin is still like a passion,A face of illness。
Zhao Xiao’s breathing status is gradually become,The oxygen concentration of the ventilator is also lowered every day.,I believe that the ventilator can be taken soon.。
Here,Zhou Ye can be full of expectation。
Li Hua is still a dayICUOutside the ward,Zhou Niwu will also communicate with him from time to time.,Tell him the latest situation of Zhao Xiaoying。
ICUThe treatment cost is still quite expensive,one day4k,I don’t know if I have already spent it.3Million dollars。
And Zhao Xiaoying is not a newGWard,Just ordinary patient,It is not to live with newGPatient with isolation ward,So I can’t reimburse it all.……
Here,Li Hua is nothing:“It is a good illness that can use money.,If Xiaoyan is not good,I don’t use it more.。”
Li Hua is a middle-level employee of state-owned enterprises.,Less than a year40More than 10,000,So there is not much to spend money.。
Subsequent days,Zhao Xiaoying’s various physical indications are also slowly improved,Restore normal level,Everyone saw the dawn of cure。
Probably only two weeks later,A few days of indicators to develop good,Zhao Xiaoying took away the ventilator,Take the tracheal intubation,Can breathe freely。
Before you get sick,People can probably understand free breathing and satisfaction,I have walked from the ghost door to Zhao Xiaoying’s deep understanding。
Now she is still weak because of treatment of the body.,But you can open your eyes and look at the ward.,Can speak a few words with Zhou Ye,What is good to look at the previous thing?。
“thank you,doctor。”Zhao Xiaoying looked at the Wild, I suddenly said in the ward.。
Zhou Yewu is also a cold behind it.,Even busy:“Do not talk,have a good rest,You are still oxygen in oxygen,Underwent。”
Although Zhao Xiaoying although these days have been mad。
But she can still hear the sound around the bed.。
I know what happened in myself these days.。
I also know that Wanyi will run for himself.,I don’t know how many days and nights on the side of the bed.。
soon,New reviewCTTime,Doctors did not find the trace of thrombosis,It seems that the pulmonary embolism is already good.。
Factual prove,Antiocoagonal treatment solution is effective,Most of the thrombosis is dissolved.,Pulmonary artery flow recovered smooth。
Even if some small thrombosis does not matter,Will not cause a significant impact,Will be met with people naturally。
After the unremitting efforts of Zhou Yewu and Li Tianci,Also because Zhao Xiaoying’s tenacious life will,17After the day,Zhao Xiaoying leftICUWard,Go to Grease Medicine to continue treatment。

Manager Zhang nodded and said:“Good manager Xia”

When passing a shed,Xia Jian suddenly found a familiar figure,I saw him shake,No more figure,He beckoned,The security guard on duty rushed over,Young security guard,Very polite,Just don’t know Xia Jian,He smiled and asked:“Does this gentleman need any help??”
Manager Zhang takes the first step,Angrily said to the security:“Didn’t your leader tell you??This is President Xia of our group”
Young security guard,Immediately put your feet together,Gave Xia Jian a standard etiquette:“Mr. Xia!Xia always needs help”
“Are there many people living in the shed??Someone seems to be walking where I just saw,What do they do?”Xia Jian nodded,Asked softly。
The young security guard pointed to the workshops to the west and said:“Just three,And workers are working,The rest went home,What you just saw,Should be the cook in the cafeteria”
“it is good!You all go to work!I just walk around,Fang Fang doesn’t have to follow,Waiting for me in the car”Xia Jian finished,And walked towards the sheds pointed out by the security。
Where I have struggled,Have unforgettable memories,Xia Jian walks in this empty workshop,What familiar smell,He seems to have seen the days when he was sweating here before。
The sound of banging banging came from the last shed,Xia Jian could hear,This is someone rolling the dough,Such a cold day,This side is not good。
Looking for voice,Xia Jian walked over,The door is closed,Only this sound keeps ringing。Open the door gently,What you see is a familiar back。
Floral quilted jacket,Army green pants,With a light red headscarf,The woman rolls her face vigorously again and again,Maybe it’s too cold,This side is a bit unobedient。
Suddenly a strong wind blows,The woman who rolled the dough turned her head,When she saw Xia Jian standing at the door,Screamed in surprise。
“Sister Cuilian!”Xia Jian stepped in,In the room,A little warm。
Liu Cuilian saw Xia Jian,Hurriedly wiped his hands on the apron,Asked excitedly:“Didn’t you go back to your hometown??”
“who said it“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Liu Cuilian looked happy,She laughed:“It’s not like Li Papi heard it from outside,Say which place you went,Resigned by the group,But you don’t think this face is from the old home”Liu Cuilian beat Xia Jian from top to bottom,Lest it be true。
It seems that this good thing does not go out,Bad things spread thousands of miles,This is really true。Xia Jian smiled awkwardly and said:“Nothing,It’s all made up by people with ulterior motives”
“No matter what!Hurry up and sit down,This bed is a bit messy”Liu Cuilian said,Let Xia Jian sit on the edge of her bed。Business as usual in the house,Xia Jian feels as familiar as before。
The two chatted for a while,I feel like I have endless words,Xia Jian suddenly changed the topic and asked:“The other workers on this site have all gone home for the New Year,Why didn’t you let go?You are not going back?”

Zefa once told them,Devil fruit is a tool for the weak,Or the means of attack,But actually the devil fruit is the treasure of the sea,The real meaning is to increase the talents of creatures,Give creatures stronger power。

This power is not to manipulate steel、The power of wind, thunder, water and fire,But to increase the talent cap。
The green bull whined several times,Xiaodan held Leo’s arm,Constantly shaking and acting like a baby。
“Don’t don’t,Shameful to be cute!”Leo clutched his forehead。
Green bull,Still shaking Leo’s arm。
“OK,Green Bull,Don’t forget that you are already a baby of five years and six hundred months!”
According to the meaning of Green Bull,He should be fifty-five or six years old,A huge baby。
“After I go back, I will ask them to help find,But you also know,Want to increase enough talent cap,That kind of fruit is very rare,Not easy to get!”
According to Zefa,I want Green Bull to have the same talent as Leo,Then you must find an animal devil fruit,And the minimum requirement is ancient species。
I’m afraid that ordinary ancient species won’t work,Must be a high-level ancient species,Close to mythology。
of course,The best choice is to find a devil fruit of an Eudemons,Let Green Bull get some of the talents of mythical creatures。
Unfortunately,Even if it is as strong as the dragon,There are only eleven kinds of Devil Fruits of Eudemons。

Any small omission on the battlefield can lead to death,Besides, the mob at such a critical moment,But missed the bullet。

Yu Zhe chases after victory,One step has reached the position behind that person,A simple forehand holding knife,Cut the man’s throat directly。
The mob killed instantly,The body fell softly but was hugged by Yu Zhe,The left hand holds the corpse of the mob,He thrust the knife into the man’s shoulder with his right hand,Loosen the knife,Take advantage of the thug’s hand that has not released the gun,With inertia, it is a burst of fire。
An instant,The mob standing in a basically symmetrical position with that person was shot several times,And all the bullets he hit went into the body of his teammate。
The last person feels that things are not good,But it’s too late,Less than two seconds,Two teammates died one after another,He is the only one left“Polished commander”,You can’t escape,After all, he has penetrated into the church’s territory,Then I just have to fight hard。
Take a step back,He still has a gun in his hand,Hit a Yu Zhe who only has a knife in his hand,Isn’t it easy??
However, it turns out,He thinks too much。
Yu Zhe at a speed that he can’t see clearly,Suddenly appeared in front of him,He wanted to fight back but found his body suddenly weakened,Secretly weird,I felt a rush of heat in my abdomen,Then came the pain of tearing。
The thug fell to the ground unwillingly,The last picture left in his eyes is Yu Zhe’s hand shake,Throw the blood from the knife to the ground,Looking down at him with blood and expressionless face……
Deathly silence in the yard,As if opening the barrier,Even the gunfire outside seems to be much smaller。
The hands of a few soldiers holding guns trembled slightly,Even produced a“IXXWhat’s the use of this gun?!”Wonderful feeling,They don’t dare to look down on the person they laugh at in their hearts.,After all, if the situation just now changed to them,Has long been a dead soul under the gun。
Yu Zhe doesn’t agree,I don’t feel any difficulty in the battle just now,Habitually squat down to confirm that all opponents are dead,By the way reclaim their equipment,Keep for your own use,
“What are you doing?Everyone is dead。”Yu Zhe yelled to the soldiers behind the bunker,Speak out,I just remembered that they didn’t understand,So I went straight forward,Hand them the seized gun。

An unknown premonition hung over my heart,He wonders if Shi Muluo said something to Qi Xianwei,That led to the result,After all, he had seen Shi Muluo struggling before.

Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Two ready
Zheng Ye brought a few trusted men,In this depressed room,Simply wipe the blood on Yu Zhe,
Although I want to make the other person look miserable,But just take it away directly and bloody,Easy to make the car too dirty,It’s better to deal with it a little bit。
The methods of those relatives are very rough,For ordinary people,The process of disinfecting the body is similar to torture,But Yu Zhe didn’t say a word,With a smile on his face,Keeping eyes on Zheng Ye。
It’s exactly the same behavior as Shi Mu Luo,Zheng Ye doesn’t want to complain anymore,But it’s different from looking at this strange look before.
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three Ten thousand years at a glance
See the light of the car lights,Everyone here knows who is here,So those subordinates spontaneously speeded up their movements,Finally, before Qi Xianwei arrived, the scene“Layout”carry out。
A group of people standing together,Control Yu Zhe in the middle,Greet Qi Xianwei’s arrival with a serious face,Actually everyone is praying silently in their hearts,Don’t make any trouble today,Hurry home and rest。
More than one car came,But a row of teams,Neatly lined up in front of them。
Except for a car headed by,Every car after that came down to four Qi’s in the same clothes.
Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Four Corpse disposal
The sky is drizzling,Rustling on the leaves。
LCity andXIn a forest at the junction of the city,Suddenly heard a few intermittent minor tunes。
Seems like someone is singing,But I can’t hear the specific lyrics,Just hum a few short melodies。

Looking longingly at Chen Limu’s words,I hope I can stay for a while。

I hope Chen Limu can answer,And can answer,Language like you live here,If the relationship goes further, just say,Ke Lan likes you so much,It would be better to stay as my daughter-in-law。
But this is Xie Lisu’s imagination,Chen Limu didn’t rush to answer,Just the corners of the mouth rise slightly,A fixed pattern with a smile。
See Chen Limu silent,Break the silence。Xie Lisu continued to say that the room was reserved for her before Chen Limu。
When she turned her head, her hair was flowing up,Very charming,Asked with a bright smile:“really?Can i live?”Soft and soft babble,In the empty hall,Like a wonderful trickle,Cleanse people’s hearts。
A world away from the truth inside。
“of course!”Chen Limu smiled Kendi’s strengthening language。
With Chen Limu’s words,Xie Lisu was relieved。Excited like a child,Facing Chen Limu and walk back,When I think of it, I will meet with Ke Lan, who is in my heart.,The face can’t restrain the yearning for a better life。
Chen Limu told Yang Zi to wait a while and help Xie Lisu organize her luggage after dinner.。
After meal,Chen Limu went to Futang to meditate,I don’t know when every day at this point she will recite the Heart Sutra,This has become a habit。
Yang Zi followed Xie Lisu to the room,Yang Zi asked softly:“Sister Lisu,Is there anything I can help?Although inform。”
Yang Zi, who also has a beautiful face and figure,Different lives,But it’s a profession of serving people。
Yang Zi’s heart is not convinced, this kind of low voice work。Long time,Already compromised with life。
Will you fly to the branches one day?,She also looks forward to,Higher spirits,But hide your true self very deep。
Yang Zi knew that the room had been cleaned regularly by a housekeeper,Already packed up,Just the placement of items。