28 november, er is geen nieuwe Coronaire Virus Pneumonia in de provincie Guizhou en vermoedelijke gevallen

Op 0-24, 2021 was er geen nieuwe vermoedelijke zaak zonder onlangs toenemende gevallen.

Vanaf 24 uur op 28 november heeft Guizhou provincie 158 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen gemeld, 1 geval in diagnose in het buitenland, cumulatieve behandeling van 157 gevallen, 2 gevallen van overlijden. Er waren 0 gevallen van lokale bevestigde gevallen, 0 gevallen van vermoedelijke gevallen en 0 gevallen van asymptomatische infecties.

Guizhou Provinciale gezondheids- en gezondheidscommissie herinnert eraan: de huidige binnenlandse en buitenlandse epidemische preventie- en controle-situatie is nog steeds serieus en gecompliceerd. Iedereen moet de eerste verantwoordelijke persoon van hun eigen gezondheid worden. Blijf alsjeblieft een hoge mate van bescherming van bescherming handhaven, de epidemie vastdraaien om deze snaar te voorkomen, geen geluk bespaart, onthoud het gevaar van gevaar. Houd u aan het wetenschappelijke slijtagemasker, handwas uw handen, altijd geventileerd, verzamel niet, onderhouden, onderhouden een veilige sociale afstand en ontwikkel goede gezondheidsgewoonten.

Blijf aandacht schenken aan de dynamische veranderingen in het binnenlandse bestaan ??en bevestigde gevallen en niet-symptoom ge?nfecteerde mensen, redelijke regelingen, zoals niet-noodzakelijk, gaan niet naar het gebied met risicovol.

Consolidatie van de onpratestabiele preventie- en controlesultaten, het delen van een beter leven, hebben we ons nodig om samen te werken. Volgens de app-aanpassing van de "State Council Client" wordt de nationale epidemische situatie aangepast, 28 november 2021, nationaal, geen hoog risicogebied, 11 in het land.

Medium-risk gebied (11) Liaoning (6): Dalian City, Ganjingzi District, Zhonghua Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, Yaoxing Community, No. 25 Yao North Road, Yaoxing Community, Yao North Road, Jinpu New District Advanced Street Shuquan Community Wanke City Community du District Building Dalian Jinpu Nieuwe District Station Qianlian Nangu Community Nangotang Road No. 358 Dalian Zhuanghe City Chengguan Street Financial Community Changsheng Street, No. 91, Gebouw, 2e, Toren, Dalian Shanghai Lankou Township Jinshu Village 18:00 Shanghai (3) Pudong New Area Huayu Street Jinxiu Road 1650 MEI Xiangmei Garden Fase I Zhuang Pudong New Area Sanlin Town Haiyang Road 1080, Xiangxiaggyuan Community QingPu District Zhaoxiang Town Industry Line 189, Xiubusia, Jinlu Community, Yunnan (2): Dehong Dai Jingluo Autonome prefectuur Ruiyi City, Town Village, etc. Bron: (Editor: Li Yongxin (stage), Chen Kangqing) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

ASUS 2021Proart Vision Creation Competition announced, rich prizes compelling

A professional display that can also excellent is an ASUS Proart Creative country PA279CV. This display is also a 4K resolution HDR high energy special. With a 27-inch IPS panel design, 100% SRGB and 100% color gamut override and ΔE2 were also supported, and the original calibration report and Calman color certification were used.

Equipped with a Type-C interface that supports 65W fast charge. At the same time, PA279CV and PA329CV are equipped with many color adjustment techniques for easy creators to perform color management. The ProartPalette technology can easily access tones, color temperature and gamma adjustment, etc., six-axis color adjustment function provides superior color adjustment flexibility. And these two professional displays are also compatible with mainstream chromatograms, such as X-Rite, Datacolor and Klein. And can provide shortcut color calibration with Calman and LightillusionColourPacecms professional hardware calibration software.

The intimate low blue is not flashing, providing help and guarantee for the creators. Can creative host. Another prize ASUS Proart Creative Country Pa90minipc is a specialized partner for professional displays.

This PA90 creative host uses Intel’s ninth generation of Core processors, with two versions of I5 and I7, and the graphics card uses NVIDIARTX2060 and P2000. Whether it is the operation of creative software or graphic display and video creation, it can provide very powerful support. Equipped with high-speed lightning TM3 interface, large file data transmission points for minutes. In addition, PA90’s innovation is designed, and the top cover will be automatically moved according to the CPU load and system state, add 38% of the airflow to achieve better heat dissipation, sufficiently improve energy and stability.

Taiwan to show your creativity and talents, stimulate everyone’s enthusiasm, and promote the development of the field of creation.

Editor in charge: kJ005.

Deeply grasp the sense of spirit of the great party spirit (the idea)

  At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech and made a great founding of "adhering to truth, sticking ideals, practicing the initial heart, the mission, not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle, loyalty to the party, and is not responsible for the people". Spirit. The great foundation party is growing, continuing, inheriting, and development in the party’s hundred years of struggle. It is the spirit of the spirit of the Chinese Communist Party. Carry forward the spirit of great Justice party, asking us to understand and grasp the scientific connotation of the great website. Adhere to the truth and stick to the ideal. Marxism deeply reveals the universal laws of nature, human society, human thinking, is the theory of science, the theory, practice of the people, and the theory of continuous development, which has huge truth and powerful vitality. The fundamental guiding ideology of the party is the soul and flag of our party.

The revolution is ideal than the sky. The Centennial Party has been in a thousand years of harm, and a fundamental reason is to persist in communism and great ideals of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Carrying forward the spirit of the great party, we must adhere to the guidance of Marxism, and adhere to the combination of Marxism’s basic principles, combined with China’s excellent traditional culture, constantly open up new China’s new realm; doing communism far more ideals Socialism with socialism with Chinese characteristics and faithful practitioners continue to capture new and greater victories. Practice the initial heart, the mission. For the Chinese people, it is the initiality and mission of the Chinese Communists to renew the Chinese people. It is the fundamental power of the Chinese Communist Party. The initiative, the mission is on the shoulder. In the past 100 years, the Chinese Communist Party has always practiced the initial mission. It has grown in weak circumstances. In the hurricane bloody rain, it is hidden in the difficulties, and it is always not intended to practice the initial mission.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is never easy to easily, and it can be realized in this key, you can’t stay, hesitate, wait and see.

Carry forward the greatness of the great borders, but must be more determined, more consciously remembering the initial mission, put the unforgettable, remember the mission as the eternal topics of strengthening the party’s construction, as all party members, cadres, continue to modest and cautious, arrogance Continue to struggle with hard work, forge ahead, and push the great career to advance.

  Not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle.

The party’s 100-year history is magnificent, magnificent, full of pride, is a strong epic in the Chinese Communists are not afraid of sacrifice, and heroic struggle.

No Party in the world is like us, have encountered so many difficulties, and have experienced so many life and death tests, which have paid so many tragic sacrifices.

The history of the party is a big fear of the people who are not afraid of sacrifice. It is the history of our party group leading the people to "have a strong sacrifice, dare to teach the sun and the day", not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle.

Carrying forward the spirit of the great website, must always practice the vow of the Communist Party members "ready to sacrifice everything for the party and the people", keep the enemy, not afraid, dare to fight, dare to win the courage, enhance the awareness of struggle, enrich struggle experience , Improve the struggle, don’t arrive, not proud, one drum, make persistent efforts, and work together. Loyalty to the party, no people.

Our party has come, experienced countless hardships and hardships, but no difficulties did not crush us, any enemy fails to defeat us, relying on the loyalty of thousands of party members, relying on us, we will never live up to the people Trust in us. For the party’s loyalty, never rebel party, this is the basic requirements of the party constitution to party members; if they are not negative, with the people, they will live and die, which is the lofty pursuit of the Chinese Communist Party.

Carry forward the spirit of the great borders, asking us to do absolutely loyal to the party in the new journey, strengthen the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", keep in mind the "big people", always in politics The position, political direction, political principles, and political roads are highly consistent with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We must always adhere to the fundamental purpose of the people wholeheartedly, thinking that the actual action of the Minhe Fu, interprets the lofty feelings of the Communists "I will not be me, don’t bear the people". (The author is deputy director of the Ministry of Education of the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration).

China TRGT ZUR Weltweiten Reduzierung der CO2

DieLuftaufnahmezeigteinenSolarparkineinemIndustrieparkfürnachhaltigeEntwicklunginderAutonomenTibetischenPrfekturHainaninderProvinzQinghaiimNordwestenChinas, (Xinhua / Zhanglong) GLASGOW, (Xinhua) – AlsgrtesEntwicklungslandderWeltstrebtChinaeingroesZielan: denHhepunktderCO2-Emissionen, dassChinadieweltweitdrastischsteVerringerungderCO2-IntensitterreichenwirdunddenWegvonHchststandanEmissionenbishinzurCO2-Neutralittinderkü, dasschonimmerseinenWortenTatenfolgenlie, miteine: SCHNELLSTERWANDELINDERWELTGESCHICHTEDieinternationaleGemeinschafterkenntimweitenTeilenan, dassdieIndustrielnderdurchihrehemmungslosenEmissionenwhrendihrerIndustrialisierungindenletzten200JahreneineunausweichlichehistorischeVerantwortungfü, kumuliertderweltweitgrteEmittentvonTreibhausgasen, stoenproKopf3 ,, einerHochburgderFertigungswirtschaft ,, Frankreich, DeutschlandunddieEuropischeUnion (EU) erreichtendenSpitzenwertinden1970erJahren, Dassalledieselnderdenhhepunktdesco2-AusstoesaufnatürlicheEreiserreichthaben, UNDZWARDURCHDURSDURCHLAUFENVON Entziele, diedaraufausgerichtetsind, denHhepunktderCO2-Emissionenvor2030zuerreichenundvor2060kohlenstoffneutralzuwerden, woürdieEU71Jahre, fürdieUSA43JahreundfürJapan37Jahre. "BeimKlimawandelgehtesnichtnurumdenKlimawandel, sondernerstehtinengemZusammenhangmitderWirtschaft, derGesellschaft, derUmwelt, derBeschftigungundanderenBereicheneinesLandes", sagteXieZhenhua, ChinasSonderbeauftragterfürdieKlimawandel-Angelegenheiten, übereinkommensüberKlimanderungen (COP26) .DieLuftaufnahmezeigteinenWindparkinderGemeindeLuduodesKreisesBaoyinginYangzhouinderProvinzJiangsuinOstchina, (Xinhua / Libo) HLFTEDERWELTWEITENENERGIEEINSPARUNGENChinahatseineZusagenzumHhepunktd, dieLnderaufderganzenWeltzurVerringerungvonEmissionenergriffenhaben, gehreninderRegeldieVerbesserungderEnergieeffizienz, dieOptimierungdesEnergiemixes, DIENTWICKLOGERNEUERBARERENERGIEN, DIEANAANPASSUNGDERINDUSRIETRUTTURUNDDIETWICKLUNGDERKOHLENSTOFFINDUNGINWLDERNN. "CHINASBITRAAGINDENGENANTENBEICHENMACHTEETWA30BIS50PROSTENTDESWELTWITEGESAMTWERTSAUS",sagteXieundwiesdaraufhin, dassChinasBeitragzurReduzierungderweltweitenEmissionenunü, umdieRichtlinien, dieManahmenunddieFortschrittedesLandesbeiderAbschwchungdesKlimawandels, einglobalesGovernance-SystemfürdenKlimawandelaufzubauen, dasfair, vernünftig, kooperativundvorteilhaftfüralleist, undleistetdenihmgebührendenBeitragzurBekmpfungdesKlimawandels, indemesseinegrtenStrkenundwirksamstenLsungeneinsetzt, heitesindemWeibuchmitdemTitel "ReaktionaufdenKlimawandel: ChinasRichtlinienundHandlungen" .ChinasCO2-IntensittlagimletztenJahrum48,4Prozentunterdervon2005, wasbedeutet, dassdasLandseineVerpflichtunggegenüberderinternationalenGemeinschaft, dieCO2-Intensittbis2020um40bis45Prozentgegenüber2005zusenken, mehralserfüllthat, ückgangderCO2-IntensittentsprichtlautdenDateneinerGesamtreduzierungvonetwa5,8MilliardenTonnenCO2 -Missionenvon2005BIS2020UNDZEIGT, DASSCHüBERHINAUSSCHENCHINASNVEKERSIENENINERNEUERBAREERGYGIESIENSENSENNERNEUERBARENERGIENENENEITVIELENJAHRENWELTEWITANERSTELLUNDDIEKOSTENFü, SOHATCHINADASWANSTUMDERWALDFLCHEUNDDESWALDBEST andesin30aufeinanderfolgendenJahrenaufrechterhalonFahrzeugenmitneuerEnergie (NEV), 78Millionen, davonsind5, aninderProvinzShaanxiimNordwestenChinas, (FotovonQiXiaojun / Xinhua) KOORDINIERTEENTWICKLUNGIndenJahrenzwischen2005und2020, indenenChinagroeFortschrittebeiseinenKlimaschutzmanahmenmachte, stiegdasBruttoinlandsprodukt (BIP) desLandesummehralsdasVierfache, unddieZahlderinArmutlebendenLandbewohnersankumfast100Millionen. "Dasbedeutet, dassChinaeinenWegderDekarbonisierungeingeschlagenhat, dersichrelativgutmitseinerwirtschaftlichenundsozialenEntwicklungvereinbarenlsst", sAnstrengungenbeimErreichendesHhepunktesderCO2-EmissionenundderCO2-NeutralittwillChinadenAnteildesnicht-fossilenEnergieverbrauchsbis2025schrittweiseaufetwa20Prozent, bis2030aufetwa25Prozentundbis2060aufü8ProzentgegenüberdemStandvon2020undbis2030ummehrals65Prozentgegenü, 5Prozentgegenü, 1Prozenterreichen, WhundwordaldTeckungsRatedEetWa25Proz, EmissionsArmes, SicherenesundeffizienergiesystemetAnierthaben,IndemdieenergieeffizienzeenfortgeschritenesInternationalesniveauerreicht. (GemdernachrichtenAgenturxinhua).

The forestry responsibility system will be fully established before the end of Hebei

Original title: Before the end of Hebei, the full establishment of Lin Chang-system responsibility system will fully establish a forest long-term responsibility system before the end of Hebei Province, and the forest has a human management, Lin has artificial, trees have a guard, responsible for the Hebei Forestry and Grassland Bureau July In the province, the province held the province’s promotion of the Work Dispatching meeting, Hebei Province will ensure the full establishment of forest long-term responsibility system before the end of this year. Since the April, the Provincial Party Office, the Provincial Government Office issued the "Some measures to fully implement the forestry system", and all over Hebei Province shall, in accordance with the requirements, time development, to ensure the implementation of the forest-based system, establish an organization and ensure improved The supporting system has achieved phased results.

The meeting requires that the main leaders of the party and government in all parts of the party are engaged in the provincial settings, township (town, street) by the party committee and the government by the party committee and the government, and the village (residential) by the party committee and the government. The Director of the Civil Council is responsible for the forestry to ensure the progress of the forest’s work. The party committee government in the consolidation of the party committee of all levels protects the land responsibility of the development of forest grass resources, and establishing a responsibility system with the party and government leadership, building the forest grass resources, refined management system, and truly realizes the mountains and people, forest Some people have made, and the trees have a guard, responsible.

Integrate the functions and resources of the various departments, the management is the integrated policy, the same direction, to solve the difficult pain point block in the work of forest grass, and truly realize the governance of the grassland grass system.

Establish and improve the forest head meeting, information disclosure, work supervision, investment guarantee, work assessment, social participation and other systems, and formulate a forestry work regulations. The meeting requests, to strengthen the organization leadership, accelerate the establishment of the Forestry Office, introduce the forestry implementation plan in the region, and ensure that the forest long-term responsibility system is established before the end of this year.

Formulate an inspection and assessment method to use the forest long-term assessment results to cadres, patrol, patrol, and audit. (Reporter Cao Zhi correspondent Wang Tiejun) (Editor: Zhang Xiaobo, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

The WTO said that global goods trade slows in supply and demand cooling

On November 16, according to Reuters Geneva, the World Trade Organization (WTO) local time said that global goods trade slows down due to production and supply interruption and the demand for imported commodities.

Global trade trade has rebounded a substantial rebound after the initial impact of new crown pneumonia. The latest goods trade bargaps released by the WTO showed that the index in November fell to the point, close to the Global Trade Jingsi index 100 points, August.

The WTO Domestic Trade Barometer is a data portfolio to predict the medium and long-term trend of global goods trade. The WTO believes that the impact of supply, such as the harbor congestion caused by the surge in import demand and production interruption in the first half of this year, resulting in the decline in goods trade.

The decline in the number of export orders suggests that the demand for trade commodities is also slowed down. The report noted that all ingredients of the barometer have fallen.

Among them, the car product index has the greatest decline, only the air freight index is higher than the trend. The WTO said that the latest index is roughly in line with its growth of goods in goods trade this year, and growing up to% in 2022. (Compiling / Shen Jian) ??Reference Information Network November 16 Report According to Reuters Geneva . Global trade trade has rebounded a substantial rebound after the initial impact of new crown pneumonia.

The latest goods trade bargaps released by the WTO showed that the index in November fell to the point, close to the Global Trade Jingsi index 100 points, August.

The WTO Domestic Trade Barometer is a data portfolio to predict the medium and long-term trend of global goods trade. The WTO believes that the impact of supply, such as the harbor congestion caused by the surge in import demand and production interruption in the first half of this year, resulting in the decline in goods trade.

The decline in the number of export orders suggests that the demand for trade commodities is also slowed down.

The report noted that all ingredients of the barometer have fallen. Among them, the car product index has the greatest decline, only the air freight index is higher than the trend.

The WTO said that the latest index is roughly in line with its growth of goods in goods trade this year, and growing up to% in 2022. (Compilation / Shen Jian).

Shanxi Province Housing and Construction Office "to send France into the enterprise," to help businesses return to work legally resume production

  Xinhua Taiyuan, April 16 to promote electrical Shanxi Province Housing and Urban Construction industry companies resumed production complex, Shanxi Province, Housing and Urban Construction Department recently issued "Housing and Urban Construction companies deal with the new crown pneumonia epidemic legal risks guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "" guidance opinions ""), calling on the relevant authorities to actively market the initiative to help construction industry enterprises to effectively prevent and mitigate legal risk prevention and control of epidemic caused and to restore the normal order of production and economic activity.

  "Guidance" on the risk of Construction Contract Compliance construction industry enterprises are facing the risk of legal construction unit construction permit extension, the sale of real estate lease contract performance risk, employment risk companies, epidemic prevention and control of personal information leakage risk, to participate six legal risk litigation activities conducted in-depth explanation and detailed analysis, the professional legal advice on different issues to deal with.

  "Guidance" is to live in Shanxi specific measures "to send France into the enterprise," the hall was built, is to implement the "Who’s Who of law enforcement popularizing" an important measure of accountability.

Next Shanxi Province Housing and Construction Office will continue to organize public lawyers, legal advisers and other legal professionals for the industry to return to work smooth and orderly resumption of production provides a comprehensive and detailed legal services, and actively promote corporate income v only fight, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises for enterprises to create a favorable legal environment protection.


Passing the study of Xi Jinping General Secretary in Commemoration of the 110th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary of the 190th Anniversary

  On the afternoon of October 20th, Wang Lixia, deputy secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, presided over the executive meeting of the government of the autonomous region, conveying the important speech at the 110th Anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, and the research deployment of the central 2020 pollution prevention and control. Implementation, the high-quality development of new energy equipment manufacturing industry in autonomous regions. The meeting pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping was an important speech at the 110th Anniversary of the 1911th Anniversary of the Revolution of the 1911th anniversary, and provides fundamentally following the historical mission. Be deeply "two big governments", deeply understand the landmark of 1911 in the great revival journey of the Chinese nation, and better work for the cause of the party and the people. To take responsibility mission, fully accurately grasp the valuable history of 190 years of 190 years, transform the history of China’s revolutionary history, the party’s 100-year struggle history transformation into conscious action.

To implement political requirements, do a good job in Inner Mongolia in Inner Mongolia under the guidance of the Party Central Committee, and firmly move the implementation of the strategic positioning and program of the Director of the Top Secretary and the Party Central Committee for Inner Mongolia. Unswerving service and guarantee the national development overall situation, the security overall situation, write a new chapter in Inner Mongolia to develop a new chapter in the new journey. The meeting emphasized that the prevention and control of pollution is a major strategic decision made by Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is the major political responsibility that Inner Mongolia must resolutely lift.

All local departments should be derived from the central decision-making deployment of the Parties. The comparison of the problem and work requirements, improve the station, focus, consolidate responsibility, dig the root from the system, from the implementation of the gap, from the responsibility to the rules, and go all out Do a good job in rectification.

  The meeting emphasized that the development of new energy industries and its equipment manufacturing are the inevitable choice of Inner Mongolia to adjust the energy structure and industrial structure. To enhance the awareness of opportunities, give full play to the plan and lead the role, and promote the development of new energy base construction and equipment manufacturing.

To follow the laws of development, accurately grasp the direction of the planning, insist on the equipment around the energy, and support the main business, the project is turned to promote the new energy equipment manufacturing industry. We must insist on key grasp, effectively implement planning target tasks, concentrate strength to attack hard, build industrial collaboration, product supply and demand platform and innovative achievements, research and development products, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and create innovative chain advantages. The meeting also studied the implementation of further deepening budget management system reform, and deepening the implementation of physical education and promoting the implementation of the healthy development of adolescents, and the "14th Five-Year" Sports Development Plan for the Autonomous Region.

(Reporter Dai Hong) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Wang Youcai finished,Just withdraw。Chen Feng followed two steps up and said:“Boss Wang!Xia Jian in your village is back to Pingdu,Do you know this?”

“I really don’t know about it”Wang Youcai whispered,Actually he lied on purpose。He participated in the election for the mayor of Xiping Village,How could he not know if Xia Jian came back??
Chen Feng laughed as soon as he heard it:“I can tell you,Our chance is here,Now in Pingdu, my brother Chen Jiang has the final say。And the mayor of Pingyang Township,Privately, our relationship is also extraordinary。So as long as we two join hands,Isn’t it a trivial matter to clean up Xia Jian?”
“That’s a good relationship!Think about it first,Wait for a plan,Let’s work together again”Wang Youcai said,Just take two steps。As soon as he heard Chen Feng say that Pingdu City is now his brother,I can’t help but get confused。What happened to this??
Wang Youcai came out of the TV station,He couldn’t help but slow down。He couldn’t believe this Chen Feng,If he calls the police,Isn’t he a turtle in the urn?。
Wang Youcai, this thief,He walks a few steps,I got into an alley in a flash。Then drilled two more horizontally,Found no one behind,Only then slowed down。
For Wang Youcai, Pingdu,He knows all the streets。These twists and turns,When he walked on the road, he found out,Go by yourself,Crossing half a flat city。
Stand on the side of the road and take a look,Found this place is not far from where Chen Xiaoju and Xu Lihong live,Thought for a while,Wang Youcai thinks this place is temporarily safe for him。
Tossing down this week,It’s ten thirty。Wang Youcai still dealt with two people at Yao Chunni’s house at noon,Until this time,He felt thirsty and hungry。
There happened to be a small shop on the side of the road,Wang Youcai looked around,I found no one behind me,Then I walked in gently,He bought two bottles of beer,Asked for a box of biscuits,And two chicken drumsticks。This is his dinner,The restaurant came too late for dinner,Secondly, he was afraid of meeting acquaintances。
I walked to the gate of Chen Xiaoju’s rental house,Wang Youcai reached out and pushed,Found a lock on the door。It seems that these two women are out。
This is really hard,I wanted to sleep in a place here,It seems bad luck,He just thought of another way。Suddenly Wang Youcai’s eyes penetrated the gap in the door,I found lights on in two houses just west of。This means someone is inside!Why did you lock the door from outside??
Wang Youcai is a little puzzled,He lay on the gap in the door,Whispered inward:“Xu Lihong!Xu Lihong…”Wang Youcai yelled several times。
I just heard the creak of the west door,A figure came out in a flash,She whispered:“who are you?”
When Wang Youcai heard it was Xu Lihong’s voice,He said very happily:“Xu Lihong!I am your king brother。how?Don’t even know me anymore?”

For this test machine,Also specially selected auspicious hours,10point58Start on time。

I don’t want to start the test machine earlier,The main thing is that a group of people arrive at the company at nine in the morning,Simple welcome ceremony plus visiting Xiaozhi,It took more than forty minutes,Then Wang Yufei responded to Pan Wenyue’s request,It took another hour to redesign the algorithm and program。
But the problem is not big,Absolutely impossible to delay lunch。
Although Xiaozhi is far from reaching the best performance,But according to Wang Yufei’s estimation,The factorization of integers above ten thousand digits may take a long time to calculate for classical electronic computers.,It’s a real problem,But for Xiaozhi,Just a little test,The first batch of results should be reported in no more than two minutes,It’s absolutely impossible to delay the sumptuous lunch that has already been prepared。
so far,For Wang Yufei, eating is still the most important position,A young and energetic body needs more nutrients to meet the needs of a strong metabolism。
Okay,There is still a while before eating。
Pan Wenyue standing in front of the transparent glass window,In the line of sight is Xiaozhi’s attractive figure wrapped in transparent,There are young people who can see from the corner of the eye。
There are only two of them in the room。
After all, he is most familiar with Wang Yufei,So you can enter the most confidential control room。
For Wang Yufei,He has a lot of emotion。
Science is simple to write,But it’s great to learn。
Even high-level talents engaged in scientific research,Ninety percent of the people in the middle have toiled for a lifetime,It’s only a lifetime that I can touch the threshold of the word science.。It’s incredible,A young man less than eighteen years old walked ahead of everyone。
But his performance has always been very indifferent。
This is not a humiliation?
“Cough……”Pan Wenyue subconsciously coughed twice,This is a habit he has developed during his years of teaching,Skills to keep the voice in its best condition before officially speaking,Can first use this method to attract students’ attention。