Westone (002268): Released Orange News Secure Instant Messaging China Netcom was formally established

Westone (002268): Released Orange News Secure Instant Messaging China Netcom was formally established

Event: Revenue for the first three quarters of 10.

430,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.

13%, net profit attributable to mother-6360.

420,000 yuan, a year of loss reduction of 13.

42%, deducting non-net profit -6620.

740,000 yuan, 11 years to reduce losses.


Key investment results remained stable, Q3 deducted non-high growth: Q3 achieved quarterly revenue4.

32 ppm, -2 in one year.

71%, net profit attributable to mothers is 18.87 million yuan, a decrease of 4 per year.

54%, deducting non-net profit of 18.72 million yuan, an increase of 1927 for the year.

79%, mainly because the company’s sales receivables increased from the same period of the previous year, and the ageing of the repayment subdivision, correspondingly offset the increase in credit impairment losses.

In terms of expense ratio, sales expense ratio and management expense ratio increased by 1 in the first three quarters.

62 points, 1.

13pct, R & D expense rate is reduced by 0 every year.

90 marks.

The gross profit margin in the first three quarters has increased by 1.

40pct, while development expenditure increased by 59 compared to the beginning of the year.

31%, mainly due to the increase in R & D expenditure that met the capitalization conditions during the reporting period.

China Netcom was established to build a state-owned state-owned enterprise network security defense line: On October 19, China Netcom was formally established. It was jointly created by China Electronics and China Energy Convergence, China Telecom, and China Unicom. It is currently the only professional in ChinaState-owned and state-owned enterprises’ network information security technology is a central enterprise that serves the reform of state-owned enterprises and promotes the development and expansion of traditional network security enterprises.

China Netcom mainly locates state-owned and state-owned enterprises for online supervision and security, and innovations in the system and mechanism of conventional internet companies. By establishing strategic cooperation and resource integration between telecom central enterprises, security central enterprises, and resource central enterprises, the use of state-owned enterprise network security big data resources to build a national networkThe main entrance of state-owned enterprises for major projects and national cybersecurity information sharing platform.

As a listing platform of China Cyber Security, a subsidiary of China Electronics Technology Corporation, Westone is mainly engaged in providing overall security services for central enterprises. It is expected to launch the establishment of China-funded Internet Credit, which will strengthen the construction of state-owned state-owned enterprises’ cyber security defense lines and accelerate the acceleration of the company.Landing of security operation and maintenance business.

Cut into the IM security track and release Orange News Security Instant Messaging: On October 20, Westone released the “Orange News Security Instant Messaging and Mobile Office Solution” at the China Telecom Wuzhen Scientific and Technological Achievements Conference.

The mobile data security of government and corporate officials involves national cyberspace security. If it is illegally obtained and duplicated, it will threaten national security.

In this release, Orange News released by Safestone is a secure and trusted software that is targeted at government and enterprise users and has both social applications and mobile office requirements.

Relying on years of accumulation in domestic business secrets and network security fields, based on the “User +, Security +, Mobile +, Application +, Service +” scheme, Orange News provides an integrated information security protection system for party and government users on the cloud management side.It solves the data security problems of its mobile Internet such as “abuse, misuse, and misappropriation”, and realizes effective management and control of sensitive data of mobile phone APPs for government and corporate official users, ensuring data standardization and harmless use.

At present, Orange News has been included in the Central 天津夜网 Discipline Inspection Commission, Cyberspace Office, Sichuan Provincial Government Office, Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, China Electronics Technology Corporation, CITIC Group, China Railway Construction and other government and enterprise units, successfully serving many major events and action guarantees.

Profit forecast and investment grade: Net profit is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.



310,000 yuan, EPS is 0.



63 yuan, corresponding to 164/70/45 times PE.

The state-owned enterprise network An Yunwei entered the stage of landing. Next year, the volume of domestic alternatives will enter the period of performance release and maintain the “buy” rating.

Risk warning: The information security market is lower than expected, and the construction of secure cloud platforms is lower than expected.

Yuyuan Stock (600655) Financial Report Review: M & A and Reorganization Accelerate Multi-industry Cooperative Development

Yuyuan Stock (600655) Financial Report Review: M & A and Reorganization Accelerate Multi-industry Cooperative Development
Investment Highlights: Event: Shanghai Yuyuan Tourism Mall Co., Ltd. released the “2018 Annual Report” and achieved revenue of 337 in 2018.77 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.20%; operating profit 46.32 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.79%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 30.21 ppm, a ten-year increase4.67%.Among them, Q4 achieved operating income of 139.35 ppm, a 291-year increase.73%; operating profit in the fourth quarter was 29.73 trillion, a decrease of 10 a year.04%; Q4 achieved net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies17.310,000 yuan, an annual increase of 674.34%.The company’s performance was in line with expectations. Revenue from the main business of gold jewelry increased in ten years.66%, all types of businesses accelerated the acquisition of market competitiveness. The revenue of gold jewelry’s main business maintained a growth rate, which was higher than the performance of the jewelry industry above the zero limit of society.26 points.As of the end of 2018, the company’s gold jewelry offline stores reached 2,090.The jewellery industry has two brands, Lao Temple Gold and Yayi Jewelry. The company enhances and differentiates its brands, strengthens product differentiation, re-establishes brand and market positioning, and expands market coverage. Mergers, acquisitions, mergers, and mergers across all formats performed well.In 2018, the company made mergers and acquisitions in jewelry, catering, and tourism businesses, and successively acquired Belgium’s IGI, Songhelou, and Japan’s Hoshino Hotel.After the merger and reorganization, the company’s main business growth has been significantly driven.Among them, the main business of gold has completed the acquisition of 80% equity in IGI, which is of great significance to the company’s main jewellery market.Reconstruction, IGI is located in Belgium’s main global diamond trading venue, and has a unique advantage in global diamond consulting.At the same time, IGI has an important position in the Indian diamond cutting market, and the company strengthens its ability to control the source of the diamond cutting market.M & A and restructuring drove the company’s resort / catering / leasing revenue growth, and its 2018 revenue increased by 41 in ten years.3% / 15.41% / 11.96%. The company firmly develops the “1 + 1 + 1” model, and the happy fashion brand starts again. The company has many established brands.Scale, the company upgrades through product iterations and brand optimization.The products continue to develop product lines based on market demand. Among them, gold jewelry and pharmaceutical industry are based on the popular Wuyun culture and the market’s healthy health needs to produce new nourishing health products.At the same time, the company acquired the Fosun system and coordinated development of multiple formats.During the reporting period, the company completed the acquisition of 20 companies in the Fosun system. The entry of commercial real estate provided a physical platform for the company’s happy fashion strategy.Further 四川耍耍网 accelerate the process of “industrial operation + industrial investment”. Profit forecast and investment grade: We maintain the company’s performance expectations. It is expected that the company’s Yuyuan shares will achieve revenue of 42/430/525 billion yuan in 19/20/21, a growth rate of 24.4% / 2.38% / 22.0%, while achieving a net profit of 35.61/38.0/44.2.2 billion, a 10-year growth rate of 4.06% / 6.70% / 16.36%, earnings per share are 0.92/0.98/1.14, the corresponding PE is 10.68/10.01/8.6.Cover for the first time, giving a “recommended” rating. Risk warning: market competition is intensifying, and business collaboration is less than expected.

Shennan Circuit (002916) 2019 Interim Report Comments: 5G continues to benefit from near-upcoming results

Shennan Circuit (002916) 2019 Interim Report Comments: 5G continues to benefit from near-upcoming results

The company is a leader in the PCB industry, benefiting from the explosive growth of 5G demand and domestic substitutes for substrates, and its performance in the first half of the year slightly exceeded expectations.

The high-speed board and IC carrier board generate a rhythmic release of performance growth base, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

The rapid growth of 2019H1 performance slightly exceeded market expectations.

The company realized in the first half of the year: operating income 47.

9.1 billion (47.7%).

90%), net profit attributable to mother4.

7.1 billion (68.

02%), the net profit is close to the upper limit of the notice.

The Q2 chain increased significantly: operating income was 26.

2.9 billion (compared with 21.

54%), net profit attributable to mother 2.

8.4 billion (52.


The company’s continued growth in performance is mainly due to three reasons: (1) strong demand for large-scale PCB boards from domestic 5G and Datacom; (2) company’s expansion of production capacity to drive revenue growth; (3) the industry’s environmental protection requirements improve the competitive landscape.

Printed circuit board business: Leading in 5G share, it is expected to continue volume in the second half of the year.

The company’s revenue in the first half of the year was 35.

2.8 billion (53.

44%), communication, server demand pulling significantly.

The company is the leader in the equipment PCB industry. It has the largest share in Huawei and the top three allocations by Ericsson and Nokia. Capacity reserve, process accumulation and business cooperation constitute barriers to competition. In the first half of the year, 5G communication products gradually entered the batch stage, and capacity occupied a relatively high level.
Gross profit margin in the first half of the year was 24.

48% (approximately 0 in 2018H1.

57 pct), contributing slightly to the increase in the proportion of high-value products.

Looking into the future: 5G continues to advance in China, and public information shows that Huawei issued 150,000 5G in the first half of the year, and plans to issue more than 500,000 shipments.
The number of 5G stations will climb rapidly in 2022, and the company will benefit a lot.

The company plans to start the second phase of Nantong project mainly for high-speed and high-density multilayer printed circuit boards. We estimate that the planned production capacity is 50?
600,000 square meters, is expected to grow long-term basis.

Package substrate business: Wuxi plant started production and production capacity continued to climb in the second half of the year.

The company’s annual income in the first half of the year 5.

01 billion (29% year-on-year.

70%), the company maintains the technology and yield advantages of MEMS packaging substrates. In addition, fingerprints, RF modules, and storage products have grown rapidly.

The company’s Wuxi plant connected to 佛山桑拿网 trial production in June and is currently in the climbing phase (expected climbing period 1?
2 years), with a full production capacity of 600,000 square meters, we expect to double the revenue of the substrate business. We expect the business to achieve a break-even in the second half of 2020.

Electronic assembly business: Operational capabilities continued to improve.

Company revenue for the first half of the year 5.

7 billion (42.

96%), mainly due to increased demand in the communications field, and the gross margin level of this business has decreased. It is expected that the scale will be controlled in the future.

Risk factors: 5G base station construction is less than expected; new capacity climbs higher than expected; package substrate prices fluctuate.
Profit forecast and estimation.

The company 杭州夜网 is a leader in the equipment PCB industry, benefiting from the outbreak of 5G demand and domestic substitutes for substrates, generating a rhythmically released productivity growth foundation.

Considering that the maximum production capacity exceeds expectations, the increase in 2019?
Net profit forecast for 2021 is 10.

1.3 billion / 13.
20 billion / 15.

85 ppm (previous forecast was 9.



29 trillion, change 6.

4% / 4.

twenty three.

7%), corresponding to an EPS prediction of 2.



68 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Top Group (601689) 2019 Interim Report comment: short-term performance under pressure growth path remains unchanged

Top Group (601689) 2019 Interim Report comment: short-term performance under pressure growth path remains unchanged

Matters: The company released an interim report, with 1H19 revenue of $ 2.4 billion / -21%, and 1-2Q19 were 12 respectively.

5 billion / -17% and 11.

9 ppm / -24%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

1 ppm / -52%, 1-2Q19 are 1 respectively.

100 million / -43% and 1.

0 ppm / -59%.

Comment: The revenue side is affected by the industry boom and the rhythm of downstream customers. The pressure in the second quarter is greater than that in the first quarter.

One of the company’s core customers, Geely 1-2Q19, sales growth rates were -5% and -25%, which were a drag on the company’s second-quarter 杭州桑拿 revenue formation; SAIC-GM was -13% and -13%, respectively. Quarterly fluctuations were not obvious.
In addition, the annual decline of some car company customers is often negotiated around March, and it is estimated that it will also have a certain impact on the company’s second quarter revenue.

In terms of products, shock absorption revenue was 9 in the first half of the year.

900 million / -15%, interior decoration 7.

900 million / -34%, chassis 5.

0 billion / -15%, automotive electronics 0.

500 million / -32%, the largest size of interior trim parts, the largest impact on total revenue.

The gross profit margin was mainly affected by the new depreciation brought by the conversion of automotive electronics projects.

The company’s gross profit margin for 1H19 was 26% in two years -2.

0PP, -0 chain.

9PP; 1-2Q19 are 26% and 26%, respectively -3PP and -1PP.

In the first half of the year, the company’s fixed assets increased by 7 compared with the end of December 2018.

3 trillion, of which 1-2Q19 +0 respectively.

100 million, +7.

3 trillion, combined with the changes in the construction in progress can be judged that the first half of the transfer to solidification occurred in the second quarter, and mainly for automotive electronics projects (first half of the smart brake project transferred to solid 3).

600 million, automotive electronics engineering turned solid1.

700 million, a total of 5.

300 million, accounting for about 70% of the solidified carbides in this period).

Finally, the depreciation / revenue reached 5 in the first half of the year.

7% for one year.

7PP, +0 chain.

7PP, roughly the same as the decline in gross profit margin.

In terms of products, the gross profit margin of the automotive electronics business after a large number of conversions was 32% in the first half of the year, which was changed to -7PP, which was -1PP from the previous month.20%, -3PP in a year, -5PP from a month-on-month, the largest range from a month-on-month, 17% of chassis business, -5PP from a decade, + 1PP from a month-on-month.

During the period of 1H19, the expenses are 16%, and the annual -1PP.

It was 16% in the second quarter of 19, and -1PP in one year, which was basically flat month-on-month.

Binding high-quality customers to grow together, and the growth path of category expansion remains unchanged.

The company continues to maintain R & D expenditures that account for more than 5% of revenue. At present, it has become one of the few domestic parts suppliers that can simultaneously develop with international mainstream car companies, and gradually formed three major business lines: 1) Traditional NVH: 2018Revenue of 4.5 billion US dollars (total shock absorption, total interior parts), future growth space comes from internal share increase.

2) Chassis system and lightweight products: 2018 revenue 11.

700 million US dollars, the company has a complete process category, and the product variety is constantly diversified. It is expected to form a stable advantage in large-volume products and customer scale in the future. At the same time, it will further expand to mainstream new energy vehicle companies and expand models.

The company’s mid-term target chassis is 50 ‰ + lightweight 50 ‰ / annual revenue volume, which is about twice the top revenue of 2018.

3) Automotive electronics: 2018 revenue 1.US $ 300 million, currently mainly for EVP, and smart brakes, smart steering, electronic water pumps and other products under development. It is expected that the value of bicycles in automotive electronics in the future is expected to exceed the current average value of bicycles in NVH, and the profit margin is also expected to be higher (higher grossinterest rate).

Investment suggestion: The company’s short-term performance is under pressure, and the three major businesses in the future are expected to gradually release new growth momentum.

Considering the recovery of the industry and new orders for mass production, we expect the company’s net profit for 19-20 to be 5.

5 billion, 8.

1 ‰, -28% for one year, + 49%, corresponding to 20 times and 14 times of the current PE, the first coverage, given a “recommended” rating.

The company’s PE is estimated to be 30 times the center in the past 4 years and 20 times in the past 2 years, with a target price of 11.

6 yuan, corresponding to 22 times and 15 times the PE in 19-20 years.

Risk warning: industry sales are lower than expected, new developments exceed expectations, and automotive electronics progress is lower than expected.

Women love and childlikeness that excellent men like

Women love and childlikeness that excellent men like

Women like good men, but good men like some kind of woman?

When looking for a partner, a man is just as entangled as a woman. He is entangled about what kind of woman can spend his life with him. It is worthy of his sincerity for her.

So, what kind of women do contemporary good men like?

All these seven points, maybe you understand!

What kind of woman does an excellent man like, a woman with thought and charm breaks herself and hurts, and also refuses to see her helpless and vast old.

Women who love will realize that they can improve the quality of life of their families and their personal quality of life and aesthetic taste.

Therefore, you must not underestimate her wisdom and strength.

  She will always have time to take time out of her busy work and housework to learn English, do SPA, and watch dramas. She deeply understands that no matter what a woman loses, she cannot lose her thoughts and pursuits, but a woman without herselfNot only is not cute, but happiness and love are lost.

Therefore, she must strive to cultivate and enrich herself, improve her quality, and advance with the times.

  Second, fresh, mysterious and smart, she knows that in the ordinary and boring marriage life, properly add some spices, inject some sparks of passion, and let the lover’s tension reignite.

  She also knows that sometimes it ‘s too easy to coexist with the relationship, and the attraction between lovers is more mysterious from the other side, so she knows to keep some personal secrets and has her own social circle.Know how to keep a proper distance from each other, if you are away, you will bring some unexpected surprises in this alienation, and you, as her husband, have to declare that you have to know her again and again, yoursAs a result, love has been continuously sublimated.

  Third, independence and strength. First of all, you have to believe that it is the power of love that has made her strong enough to let her bid farewell to the tender and helpless girl of her girlhood, and become the backbone of your family.

  Although she is not the kind of aggressive woman who is afraid of outsiders, she is independent and can deal with category problems independently. She is not accustomed to facing others, not to mention trivial matters.Call to cry to you and dissipate your energy.

  Fourth, although personality and temperament can not require every woman around us to be born beautiful and attractive, beautiful appearance is born, but elegant temperament is dependent on the acquired training.

Good temperament is the permanent charm of women attracting men.

If you speak softer, with a warmer and softer context, walk with your head upright, and consciously cultivate and shape your temperament, then even if your appearance changes over time and gradually fades, your temperament will make you feel better.Points for the overall impression.

  Fifth, carefulness and responsibility. Attentiveness is a certain quality peculiar to the female body. A careful woman always makes people feel kind and she has a keen observation.

She always hides her secrets and won’t help you with everything in one hand, but she often needs her care in some details.

A cup of warm milk handed over at the desk in the middle of the night, and an umbrella she quietly put in the bag on a rainy day. Once in urgent need, she can take out the money to survive the crisis.A trick is always convincing.

  Six, listening and sharing. In fact, men are sometimes very vulnerable. They bear more social pressure and responsibilities than others. Even the strongest men need someone to share with him and share the hardships in life.And fun.

  Seven, love and innocence The love here does not mean her love for you alone, but also for your parents, for the weak around her, and for all humankind.

A woman with soft and loving hearts is not too bad, and she with an innocent childlike heart can always bring you unexpected surprises and fun in the long days together.

With her, you will not feel the cruel years, because the innocent smile on her shoulders has left the footsteps of time.

  Everyone will age, and only those women who are caring and childlike will never grow old.

In general, a good woman knows how to withstand the hard work of her life, and maintains and renews the love that belongs to you from time to time, so that you can thrive in the love network that she has never leaked.

  After sharing a certain kind of woman above, it is worth letting men give all their tenderness and true love, female friends will have to work hard to improve their inner soul in order to meet a good man to spend the rest of his life.

Sophora honey, laxative osmanthus can honey to nourish the stomach

Sophora honey, laxative osmanthus can honey to nourish the stomach

Honey is considered one of the best health foods in the world: The “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” lists honey as a top grade that is good for people; the ancient Greeks considered honey as a “gift from heaven”; India’s “Vedas”Said that honey can prolong life.

  The world is drinking honey for health, but now there are many types of honey. How should we choose in order to make better use of health effects?

The “Life Times” reporter interviewed Gao Maolin, president of the Chinese Bee Products Association.

  Generally speaking, honey refers to natural honey. Due to the expansion of different nectar sources plants, it is divided into various single flower nectar, such as litchi honey, locust honey, astragalus honey, and rapeseed honey.

However, most honeys often contain pollen or nectar from several types of plants. For example, longan flowers are followed by longan flowers at the end of the period and rapeseed flowers are bloomed at the end of the rapeseed period. Therefore, longan honey contains the ingredients of litchi honey.Zuni honey has a small amount of rapeseed honey, but the pollen ratio of the nectar source plant in the single nectar still has the absolute advantage.

There is also a kind of nectar or hundred nectar, which is the honey obtained by many plants blooming at the same time. The pollen ratio of various nectar sources is even.

In addition, people also divide honey into spring honey, fu honey, autumn honey and winter honey due to different production seasons.

Spring honey (mostly nectar of acacia, orange blossom, pear flower, rapeseed, etc.) has a large viscosity, and has a clear fragrance, sweet taste, and good quality. Fu honey (mostly sunflower, nectar, and other nectar) has a large viscosity, delicate, and delicate fragrance.Sweet taste and average quality; autumn honey (mostly cotton, buckwheat and other nectar) is slightly fragrant, slightly acidic, sticky, opaque, and has the worst quality; winter honey (produced in the south, mostly laurel, longan, litchi and other nectar)) The best quality, among which the wild osmanthus nectar is the top grade and has the reputation of “the king of honey”.

  Because the sources of honey collected are different, the therapeutic effects of honey are also different.

Hundred flower nectar is collected in a hundred flower bushes. It gathers the essence of a hundred flowers and is a collection of a hundred flowers. It is usually transformed by mixing more than five types of honey. The fragrance is sweet and moist.

If you want to drink honey for laxative detox, the best effect is Huaihua Nectar, Lime Tree Nectar, and Date Nectar.

Those who are easy to get angry should drink Coptis lutea appropriately, and its anti-fire effect is very significant.

If you want to nourish your stomach, drink osmanthus nectar.

Osmanthus honey is known as the “king of honey” and has a good stomach nourishing effect. It can lose weight with vinegar and moisturize with milk.

Lung is bad, drink wolfberry honey.

The honey has a deep amber color and a fragrant fragrance, and has the effects of nourishing qi, nourishing kidney, nourishing lungs and aphrodisiac.

Middle-aged and elderly people can drink more ginkgo biloba.

Ginkgo biloba contains medicinal ingredients such as gingko ketone and ginkgolide, which can treat cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction and cerebral hemorrhage.

  In the end, Gao Maolin reminded that boiling water or boiling the honey at high temperature caused serious damage to the nutrients in the honey and the inactivation of the enzymes in the honey. Therefore, it is best to use warm or cold water below 60 ° C for consumption.

What to do with sore throat

What to do with sore throat

Click to buy throat pain refers to the pain caused by acute and chronic complications of the throat area, caused by a variety of reasons.

This disease is called “throat paralysis” by TCM, and TCM believes that it is related to wind cold, wind heat, lung and stomach heat, and lung and kidney yin deficiency and fire.

This disease is a common disease and frequently occurring.

What to do with sore throat?

Here are a few recommended recipes for food therapy.

  10 grams of plum, 50 grams of green fruit (olive), sugar.

Soak plum and green fruit for 1 day, then cook, add sugar to serve.

1 dose per day, 3 in a row?
5 days.

Indication of sore throat caused by tonsil redness.

  Three raw loofahs, sliced into a bowl and smashed, squeeze the juice with gauze, and serve once.

Use 2?
3 times.

Indications pharyngitis, sore throat kelp (water hair) caused by tonsillitis 500 grams, 250 grams of sugar.

Rinse the kelp, cut it into shreds, add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, remove it after cooking, place it in a small pot, and marinate with sugar for one day.

Take 50 grams twice daily.

Indications for chronic pharyngitis pain.

  Amaranth 150 grams, 50 grams of sugar.

Wash the amaranth, mash it and take the juice, add sugar and mix thoroughly, take 2 servings, 1 dose per day.

Use 3?
5 days.

Indication for acute sore throat.

  1 lemon and 10 crickets.

Slice lemon and coriander and decoction.

1 dose daily.
Indications of sore throat.

  Oleifera white fungus tea: Omelet, 10 grams each of black ginseng and 5 grams of white fungus.

Add the material to 600 ml of boiling water and brew, and it can be replaced after 10 minutes.

  Lily Fritillary Tea: Lily, Fritillary powder, 10g each.

Add the material to 600 ml of boiling water for brewing, and replace it after 5 minutes.

  Conclusion: Now that you know what to do with sore throat, in addition, avoid smoking and drinking when you have sore throat, do not eat fried barbecue or spicy food, so as not to irritate the inflammatory area, and every 2?
Drink about 300 ml of water for 3 hours to keep the throat mucosa moist and help improve throat discomfort.

Jogging like this will help you lose weight

Jogging like this will help you lose weight

If you want to lose weight, but a lot of sports running can not be sustained by yourself, then you can take a jog, and the jogging method can help you lose weight.

And this kind of jogging also has methods and steps.

For specific jogging methods, see the previous content.


Before exercising, you should stretch your body and make adequate preparations.


When you start jogging, the amount of exercise should be gradual, you can take the alternative of jogging and walking, the distance should not be too long.

After a period of practice, the body gradually adapted to jogging, you can reduce walking until all jogging.


After getting used to jogging, find the best running speed for your body without fatigue.


Before running, the soles of the feet touch the ground and transition to full feet.


Breathe rhythmically while running, inhale in the nose and exhale in the mouth.

Gradually transition to mouth and nose while breathing.


To expand the vital capacity, abdominal breathing was applied.

(The abdomen bulges when inhaled, and the abdomen is depressed when exhaled).


After exercising, you should stretch your body and do full relaxation activities.


After exercising, use hot water instead of cold water.


Drinking water and meals after exercise should be until the heart rate returns to normal levels.

  Exercise: 20-40 minutes per day.

  As the saying goes, the speed is not reached. When you start running, the amount of exercise must be gradually. First, you can use jogging and walking alternately.

After a period of practice, the body gradually adapted to jogging, you can reduce walking until all jogging.

Twelve small recipes for food therapy to drive away insomnia

Twelve small recipes for food therapy to drive away insomnia


Vinegar hypnosis: Some people are overworked and have trouble sleeping at night after a long journey. You can use a tablespoon of vinegar in warm boiling water and take it slowly.

Keep your eyes closed after drinking and soon fall asleep.


Sugar Hypnosis: If it is difficult to fall asleep because of irritability and anger, drink a glass of sugar water.

Because sugar water can be converted into a large amount of serotonin in the body, this substance enters the brain, causing the cerebral cortex to be inhibited and easy to fall asleep.


Milk hypnosis: Tryptophan in milk is one of the eight essential amino acids in the human body. It has the effect of inhibiting brain excitement and also contains the effect of making people feel tired.

It is one of the amino acids that are not medicinal in the body. The content in a glass of milk is enough to make people sleep, which can make people fall asleep faster.


Fruit hypnosis: People who suffer from excessive fatigue and insomnia, eat apples, bananas, and other fruits before going to bed can fight muscle fatigue; if fruits such as oranges are placed by the pillow, their fragrance can also promote sleep.


Bread Hypnosis: When you lose sleep, eating a little bread can calm you down and make you fall asleep.


Millet hypnosis: In addition to the rich nutritional content of millet, millet has the highest tryptophan content in cereals.

Chinese medicine believes that it has spleen strengthening, stomach and sleeping effects.

How to eat: Take an appropriate amount of millet, add water to make porridge, eat at dinner or before bedtime, you can receive the effect of sleep.


Fresh pupa hypnosis: pupa contains a large amount of carbohydrates and rich calcium, phosphorus, iron, and many vitamins, which has the functions of clearing heat, nourishing blood, and removing troubles.

Can cure blood deficiency and insomnia.

How to eat: Take fresh loquat and simmer with low heat, slice and add appropriate amount of honey, which can be eaten at will, which has the effect of soothing sleep.


Sunflower seeds hypnosis: Sunflower seeds take in protein, sugars, multivitamins, multiple amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids, etc., and have the effects of calming the liver, nourishing blood, reducing blood pressure and hypertension.

Handful of sunflower seeds every night has a good sleep effect.


Lotus seed hypnosis: The lotus seed is delicious and delicious, and has the effects of nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing the blood and soothing the nerves.

In the end, biologists confirmed through experiments that the sedatives and aromatic compounds contained in the lotus seeds have a sedative effect; after consumption, they can promote increased secretion and secretion, and the long tube can increase the amount of pentamidine, which can make peopleFall asleep.

Taking sweetened boiled lotus seeds every night before going to bed will have a good sleep effect.


Jujube Hypnosis: Jujube is sweet, sugary, protein, vitamin C, organic acid, slime, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., has the effect of nourishing the spleen and calming the nerves.

Use jujube 30 every night?
60g, add water to cook, help to fall asleep.


Hypnotic drink: take 100g slices of onion, soak in 600mL shochu, and take it out after 1 week.

10ml of onion wine, about 90ml of milk, 1 egg, half apple juice.

After reconciliation, include 30 minutes before bedtime.


Lettuce hypnosis: There is a milky white slurry in lettuce, which has a calming effect and has no toxicity. It is most suitable for those with insomnia and insomnia.

When used, slice and slice the lettuce and cook it for soup, especially before bedtime.

It is very effective to eat bananas to supplement energy on the first day.

It is very effective to eat bananas to supplement energy on the first day.

When the day is stuffy, people will sweat a lot, feel tired, limb weakness, loss of appetite, and even severe collapse.

However, eating bananas before going out can alleviate or avoid this phenomenon.


hzh {display: none; }  专家指出,这种现象多与缺钾有关。Potassium is an important nutrient in the human body and an important electrolyte in the human body.

Potassium is mainly stored in human cells. Its main function is to maintain and regulate the volume and osmotic pressure of intracellular fluids, maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids and the transmission of nerves, and play an important role in the normal metabolism.

Potassium can also enhance the excitability of the human nerves and muscles, reduce the excitability of the heart muscle, and thus maintain the normal function of the nerves and muscles, especially the normal movement of the heart muscle.

  The normal concentration of potassium is 3.


5 mmol/L, less than 3.

5 mmol/L is hypokalemia.

The most prominent manifestation of hypokalemia is the weakness of the limbs. Through the aggravation of hypokalemia, systemic muscle weakness, diaphragmatic muscles, respiratory muscle paralysis, difficulty in breathing, difficulty in swallowing, severe suffocation, and muscle necrosis, fiberShrinking and so on.

In addition, low potassium can cause damage to the digestive, nervous, circulatory, and urinary systems.

  Experts advise that there is more sweating in summer, and you should pay more attention to eating potassium-containing foods such as bananas, lean pork, squid, peanuts, kelp, etc.

Bananas also replenish energy quickly, and the sugar is quickly converted to glucose, which is immediately absorbed by the body and is a fast source of energy.

The concentrated magnesium in bananas also has the effect of eliminating fatigue.

  Bananas are good, but not for everyone.

People with acute chronic nephritis and renal insufficiency should not eat more bananas, limited to half a root.

Bananas are cold, and those with spleen and stomach deficiency should be careful to avoid diarrhea.

Diabetic patients must also pay attention to the limit, should be ingested from the staple food, remove a small amount, so as not to increase blood sugar.