First2696chapter Took reassurance pills
Wu Qiang rushed in in two steps,He asked for a key from one of the men,Opened the handcuffs for Xia Jian。Then gently tore off the adhesive tape stuck to Xia Jian’s mouth。
Xia Jian moved around,He quickly said to Wu Qiang:“They went to the joint to meet,They hung the cultural relics outside the window with rope。and also,This group is very cautious,You must be careful”
“fast!You two go get the cultural relics back。remember!Must remain the same,Including all the details in the room cannot be destroyed”
Wu Qiang asked two colleagues to pick up the cultural relics。He patted Xia Jian on the shoulder and said:“I’m wronged, President Xia,This time it happened suddenly,Multi-provincial joint action,In order to be foolproof,Can only make you scared。But don’t worry,We deployed a lot of police,Everything is under our control,So you are absolutely safe”
“You mean i can’t go back yet?”
Xia Jian asked anxiously。
Wu Qiang nodded and said:“Now you go back,I’m sure to startle the snake,Then this operation failed at the most critical moment”
“All right,Rotten head without an axe,You speak!What should i do next”
Xia Jian was happy too,He heard what Wu Qiang said,I know I can’t go back for now,Not so much nonsense,It’s better to ask about his next job。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“We exchanged real relics for fake ones,The next job is to arrest these cultural relics smugglers。When they trade,Our police will kill them all,This time, as long as it is arresting a few foreign cultural relic dealers。If not for them,Just these four guys,We have caught them long ago”
“In this case,Then you go quickly!It would be a big trouble if they come back”
Xia Jian said nervously。
Wu Qiang smiled and said:“Don’t worry,These four people are already under our control。Once they return,Someone will tell me right away。And i told you,Service staff on this floor,And the security in the lobby,All our people,So rest assured”
Xia Jian nodded,He suddenly said:“My car was still lost at the highway junction in Pingdu,do not know……”
“Don’t worry about this,Your friend calls the police,We will check your car in the whole city。And your phone was also found in a pile of weeds。As soon as you get on the highway,Your luxury car was dragged to our traffic police team,The police will show you,You still don’t worry”

at this place,People who came to drive,So no one wants to be troublesome。The police made a note,Let Xia Jian go。As for how to deal with these security guards,The police would definitely not tell Xia Jian。

Xia Jian could continue to line up to buy tickets,But he was not in the mood by what happened just now。So he turned and walked out of the hall。
“Big brother!Sorry,What happened just now hurts you。Where are you going?Why don’t I help you line up to buy a ticket?!”The little girl who was beaten just finished the transcript and chased it out,He said to Xia Jian apologetically。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“Nothing!Are you a student!”Xia Jian casually asked,I looked at the little girl。Thin body,He has a pretty face。
“Oh!My name is Feng Xiaoyun。Freshman in Bucheon Business School,Something at home,Need me to go back and see。Unexpectedly, I queued up early in the morning,But which two yellow hairs have been cut in line”Feng Xiaoyun said,A little helplessly shook his head。
When Xia Jian was about to speak,His phone rang。He took it out and took a look,Fang Fang called。He nodded at Feng Xiaoyun,Connected to the phone。
Fang Fang’s caring voice came over the phone:“how about it?Nothing happened, right!”
“No。The police rushed over in time,Now things have been resolved,thank you!”Xia Jian said kindly。
Fang Fangyi listen,Then he laughed and said:“Don’t be polite with me。I can tell you,The coach station is a bit complicated,You’d better not be nosy”
“Damn!Bucheon is also a big city,I didn’t expect the service at the coach station to be so bad。Every window is out of service,Only open one window to buy tickets。Deliberately make long queues of ticket buyers,Make trouble when it’s over,This is obviously problematic”
Xia Jianyi is angry,So he told Fang Fang all his unhappiness on the phone。Fang Fang listened,Said with a smile:“Don’t be like a bitter woman,Things in this world are like this。Actually we are the police,A lot of things look impatient,But I can do nothing like you”
“All right,I told you,Feel better。You’re busy!I am going back to Pingdu,Next time we have a chance, let’s sit down”Xia Jian said,Hung up。
“Hey!Big brother,Are you returning to Pingdu?!”Feng Xiaoyun approached Xia Jian,Asked softly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Why haven’t you left?Buy a ticket and leave。The police left,This group might come back”
“Since we are on the same road,Then I want to go with eldest brother”Feng Xiaoyun said,I lowered my head embarrassedly。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“This is too useless today,If it wasn’t for the police,,I might be beaten by them。So I don’t rush back,I have to think of a way to fix this place,Otherwise I don’t know how many people will be bullied by these guys”
“Brother said so right,It’s just that the police alone is useless。I have played before110,People say that the coach station is responsible for jumping in line,They won’t be police for this little thing。But think about it,Because the coach station itself has this responsibility”
Feng Xiaoyun sighed,Said helplessly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I still don’t believe it,Nobody cares about this?”

Looking at the tattered castle that was affected by the battle between two monsters,There are six eighth-level fighters still alive in the Blue Fort,Even these eighth-level fighters are indiscriminately attacked by Hydra,Some people’s hearts are floating。

Something like this,There will definitely be a group of idiots jumping out in the family,Clamor for revenge or fight for the earl title,He feels a little tired thinking about this。
“Next,I’m probably busy again,How about appoint a new earl?,Struggling to provoke someone who is not easy to provoke will cause trouble。”Aya·Horace thought so。
To Aya·For Horace,The scourge of annihilation escaped,But still busy。And it’s the same for Wright,Revenge is basically complete,Then wait for Leslie·Horace’s execution is just fine!but,He still has to meet his relatives!
of course,He is not in a hurry to rush to Fallen Dragon Fort,I need to know my sister Tina,Right now not far from the Blue Fort‘Blue Castle School of Magic’in,I picked up my sister first,Go to the Dragon Fort!
Blue Castle School of Magic,There is a beautiful young female magician,Released a wind acceleration technique for myself,All the way。
“Tina,Tina,come here quickly!”The young female magician was a little out of breath,Filled myself with a glass of water,Drink it slurpingly and then slow down。
A cute looking,The girl with a little fat baby poked her head out of the room,A little sad on his face:“Sister,what happened?”
“Your brother,Your brother went to the Blue Castle!”
“what!”Wright’s sister,Tina, who was only fifteen years old, was shocked,“What happened to my brother,Was he injured by the villain of Blue Castle??”
“I think should not be!”The female magician rolled her eyes,“I don’t know if your brother is injured,But it is true that the Blue Castle collapsed nearly half,It looks like you have suffered a lot from your brother。”
“Your brother is coming to our college now,May be looking for you。By the way, let me tell you,He rode a giant bear,Some teachers said it was at least an eighth-level monster!”
What the female magician said,But I admire my teacher more and more,As early as three years ago,When Wright’s reputation just spread in the imperial capital,Her teacher got the news,Insisted on accepting Tina as a disciple。Actually in her opinion,Tina is indeed a very good girl,But the magic talent is still worse,It is true,Tina has just reached the level 2 magician now。But I can’t hold my brother strong!
Most students and teachers in the Blue Castle Magic Academy are not clear,But as a disciple of the principal of the Blue Castle Magic Academy,She knows that there are ninth-level experts in the blue castle!Can defeat one or even more than one ninth-level strong,Tina got this brother really worthy of the name of genius!

“Come with me to Fukuyama,See the situation before you make a decision。”Li Tianchou briefly introduced him to the bug about opening a shop in Fukuyama。

“Just wait for Brother’s words,Where do I go。”Bedbug is excited,He is an orphan,Helpless。Growing up in a village in a city,Fortunately, I met Hongmao and others,Otherwise I don’t know what it looks like。Brother is so good now,Don’t forget the old love,There is no reason not to go。
“I have some brothers over there,It’s all deadly friendship,Won’t treat you as an outsider。”Li Tianchou nodded,“But I have something to say first,You have to work hard when you go,You must get rid of your sneaky problems。”
The bug nodded in embarrassment,“brother,What do i do?”
“Ok,Look again。Internet cafe、KTVof,Then you talk to my brother,Tell me if you are interested。But never pick and choose by my signboard。”
“That is,That is。”The excitement of bed bugs is beyond words,There are so many businesses,Brother is really a fierce man,Raise the glass quickly,“brother,I toast you, brother。”
“and also,Before leaving,You help me do things。”Li Tianchou pondered,“One,Find out where the prince went;two、What is the number of these people recruited by the demolition office;three,What does the person who beat the captain look like?,Best find out。”
“Absolutely no problem,I can get the letter by noon tomorrow。”Bed bugs slap their breasts,He is willing to do these things,I heard that I mean to avenge the captain and the neighbours,So fucking cool。
“Remember to keep confidential,After checking,Just tell me。”Li Tianchou reminded。
“Hey,Don’t worry, brother。”The bug scratched his head hesitatingly,“Big brother,Am I the only one to go to Fushan with you??”
“See everyone’s wishes,After all, Depp and Ah Jiu’s home is here。Ask them what they mean before leaving。”Li Tianchou raised his glass,“I also need to digest slowly,But if everyone is willing to go,Brother, of course welcome。”
“Great。Big brother,dry!”The bugs danced and grabbed the glass。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five Have to fight
The bed bug did not return to his kennel that night,But squeezed with Li Tianchou in the captain’s room all night,I went to work early the next morning。
Li Tianchou casually ate breakfast outside,Then I called Zhu Lei again,Get a rough idea of the situation at home,Everything is fine。Especially broad beans,I got acquainted with Huang Yaojun and others on the first day,Dedicated mess,Didn’t come back to sleep at night。Li Tianchou shook his head,Based on his knowledge of broad beans,Where is work here,It must be addictive to the game,Don’t care about anything。

Looking at the back of Yushi,Ji Wenchang feels。It seems,The son hasn’t told Yu Shi who his father is。Since he doesn’t want to say,He doesn’t know their relationship。

From Carnival Estate,Poetry is not easy,But feel more bored。
Although she is not sure who caused her father’s illness,But according to Ji Wenchang’s statement,There must be a ghost in Hengneng Real Estate。To this,She believes。Ji Wenchang can frankly face the doubts raised by her father,And told her his doubts,It shows that he is still a conscientious boss。
The sky in summer will change,When Yu Shi first entered the office building of Carnival Real Estate, it was still sunny,There are dark clouds in the sky right now,There is a sense of black clouds pressing the city and wanting to destroy the city。
The depression in Yu Shi’s heart made her breathless。She looked at the time,Started the car,Drive in the direction of Shenzhen Hospital of Southern Medical University。
Maybe it’s been too much trouble recently,Her heart is a little uncomfortable。
Chu Xichen wants to see Yushi most,I’m afraid to see Yushi。Because if it’s not for the heartache,She rarely finds him。Especially after seeing the live broadcast that night,Chu Xichen didn’t dare to think about her anymore。
After checking Yushi,Chu Xichen asked her while watching the film:“Have you been sleeping well recently,high pressure?”
Yu Shi nodded,I can’t hide anything from the doctor。
Look at her sluggish、Pitiful look,Chu Xichen couldn’t bear it,Persuade:“President Han,No matter how busy you work,No matter how much to worry about,Also note that the body is not?If your body breaks down,What about your mother,What about your company?”
Doctor Chu frowned,Open the broken thought mode with a serious face。
Although Yushi is not a meek girl,But with Dr. Chu,She has always been very scared。Especially when she is uncomfortable,She doesn’t pay attention to image。
Now,She is lying on the bed in the consulting room,Leave him alone。She knows he cares about her,And he was right,So she didn’t want to refute the idea。
“Your blood supply to the heart muscle is not good,I’ll prescribe some Chinese medicine for you,Remember to eat on time when you go back。In addition,Must pay attention to rest!”Chu Xichen repeatedly told,But he has a hunch,Most of this girl’s left ear goes into the right ear out,Good promise,But may not be able to do it。
He only hates that he is not her boyfriend,Otherwise, I must always look at her,Cure her problem。
Fortunately, Yu Shi is young,Just pay attention,After a period of recuperation, it will be fine。
“correct,Old Chu,Did you buy a house?”Yushi sit up,Asked suddenly。

Leo has two people here,Want to learn domineering,That’s double the military merit。

“Both domineering are five levels,The first level of 100 million military merits,Second level 200 million military merits,The third level 500 million military merits!”
Zefa looks at Leo,Smile on my face。
Leo couldn’t help his scalp tingling。
The first three levels are better,One billion is needed for the fourth level,And the fifth-level domineering practice method,The navy never tells。
Only generals above lieutenant generals can learn。
Actually the fourth-level training method is not spread out,Just because they are candidates in the elite camp,This is the qualification to study。
The same goes for the large life essence。
As for the super large life essence, only the lieutenant can exchange it。
Precisely because the cost is huge,So when he first met Hancock, he wondered if he could learn part from Hancock.。
Only then he gave up,This vital inheritance cannot be handed to him。
Didn’t you see Luffy and didn’t learn it??
“Hey,No amount of military power is enough!”Leo sighed。
Zefa smiled:“Mainly you are improving too fast,Otherwise military merit can be accumulated slowly!”

And the next moment,A kind of comprehension appeared in his mind。

This is the unity of man and sword?
Do not,It’s not a simple human sword,But something more advanced。
It’s just that Leo is too late to think,Because the giant claw is already present。
Leo didn’t continue to resist,If this blow is hit again,He might really die。
Even if he breaks through, he will die。
The limit of the body will not be improved by the breakthrough of the realm,This is not a game,Upgrade will restore state。
Surgical space appears,Leo flashed on the back of the eagle’s head again。
The eagle does not look back,Just attach the armed color domineering to the back of the neck!
Man and sword!
Surgical Fruit-Decomposition characteristics!
An instant,Three Leo’s strongest attacks combined into one,Put all the power into Daoyuege’s body。
The color of the Moon Song blade flashed brighter,Stabbed into the back of the giant eagle’s neck。
call out!

“You really want to hear?”Fu Xiaoyi asked with a smile。

“Isn’t it good to sell Guanzi?,This feeling,just like,Two people……”Qin Feng said,There was a pause,Looking at Fu Xiaoyi’s expression,I don’t seem to understand,So continue to say。
“When the woman was about to,The man stopped suddenly,You say it’s not uncomfortable?”Qin Feng finished,I observed Fu Xiaoyi’s expression again。
Although she drank a lot of alcohol,But Qin Feng could tell from her eyes,Fu Xiaoyi understood what he was referring to。
Looking closely,Originally due to the effect of alcohol,Already flushed face,At this time it is red and transparent。
“Qin Feng,you……”Fu Xiaoyi blushed,I don’t know what to say。
“I,What’s wrong with me?Am i wrong,This is very appetizing。”Qin Feng retorted。
“it is good,Don’t you want to know,I’ll tell you,Actually I’m talking about you。”Fu Xiaoyi pretended to be serious。
“What does it have to do with me?”Fu Xiaoyi’s seriousness,Qin Feng listened carefully。
“You look good too,Unfortunately……”Fu Xiaoyi lowered his head and glanced at Qin Feng。
“What do you want to do?”Watching Fu Xiaoyi’s expression and actions,Qin Feng subconsciously covered his lower body with his hands,Look at her with eyes wide open,Looks like a frightened little white rabbit。
“I said are you that place,Flawed?”Fu Xiaoyi looked at Qin Feng,Asked very seriously。

Yes,She suddenly wanted to get married!

The boss gave a wry smile,I’m at this age,I thought about getting married again,I don’t know my age anymore,I don’t know if anyone is willing to marry himself?
Thought of here,A figure suddenly appeared in the head of the boss,he,Will you still wait for yourself in place??
In the room。
Lin Yoona felt like Xiao Fan had returned,So not long after Xiao Fan sat beside him,I opened my eyes leisurely。
really,Lin Yuner opened her eyes,I saw Xiao Fan looking at him affectionately。
“Yoona,you’re awake?”Xiao Fan asked nervously。
“Ok,we,Where are we?”Lin Yuner asked weakly。
As soon as Lin Yuner woke up, she looked around her room,She found out that this is not a room in her hotel。
“This is the bride’s bridal shop。”Xiao Fan said。
Lin Yun’er frowned,Asked nervously:“Why are we in the boss’s bridal shop??Why not hotel,Is the hotel unable to go back??”
Xiao Fan frowned again when she saw Lin Yoona,Hurry up and reach out,Gently flatten Lin Yun’er’s frowning brow,Comforted:“Is not,Is not,Don’t be nervous。When i was just now,Went out to deal with some things,I’m not worried about leaving you alone in the hotel,and so,I put you here,Have her take care of you,I can rest assured!”
Lin Yuner listened to Xiao Fan’s words,Then he blinked clearly。
Subsequently,Drops of tears slipped out of Lin Yoona’s eye sockets without warning.。
Xiao Fan sees it,My heart hurts after another,Xiao Fan took a tissue,After drying Lin Yoona’s tears,,Asked nervously:“Yoona,Where are you uncomfortable?If you are uncomfortable,You tell me,Let me find a way!”
After Lin Yoona heard what Xiao Fan said,,First shook his head,Then he said to Xiao Fan in an extremely aggrieved tone:“Xiao Fan,do you know?I thought,I thought I would never see you in my life,You know when i was just now,How scared are you?”
“I know,I know,I know!Sorry,Sorry,It’s my fault,I came back late,Scared you。”Xiao Fan held Lin Yun’er’s hand tightly and said。
“Do not,Do not,Do not,it’s not your fault,Blame me,If i listened to you,If I go back to the hotel with you,Then I won’t meet Ma Binghao and Lan Yingying,Later, I will never meet the beast of Ouyang Jianfeng!”Lin Yuner cried and said to Xiao Fan。
“what did you say?This matter and Ma Binghao、Lan Yingying is related to these two people?”Although Xiao Fan said he saw Lin Yun’er cry,Somewhat emotional,but,But still caught the key words in Lin Yuner’s words。
“Yes,The two of them saw me alone,So come here to find me,But they said I’m fine,The two of them even said you in front of me,And you don’t know how bad the words of the two of them are,and so,So I couldn’t help but slap Lan Yingying!”When Lin Yuner’s words come later,,The sound has become very low。

Translated into the vernacular, everything starts from nothing,Born without possession,Do something but don’t hold on to merit,Only when facing deeds with a mentality of not being proud,Will not lose。

simply put,Just“Create without possessing,Success without pretension。”
The body in front of me,Unconscious,Muddled,Ignorant,Is actually“no”status。
Its heart rhythmically absorbs external energy,And then transmitted to the limbs,Until the Dantian Baodan,Is to create but not to possess,Precisely because of this non-possession,In return for the overall vitality。
And after holding Dan compressed,Refining and purifying energy,And then feedback to include the heart and the whole body,Is to succeed without pretending to be。
Swallow and suck,Between practice and vomiting,Contains the wisdom of life。
Lu Menglin understood this,That’s why I was so intoxicated,Can’t extricate themselves。
The energy movement and transformation in this divine body,Contains the big secret of life evolution,In the eyes of different people,Naturally have different interpretations。
The first person who came into contact with it was A Jianglong,He naturally looked at this divine body with the eyes of a practitioner,Think this is a perfect soul-changing body,Can give oneself a second life。
but,Although A Jianglong is proficient in head drop technique,But not a real warrior,He sensed that although this divine body can carry divine souls,Without any spell fluctuations,It’s like no mental power,If you change your soul,,All spells,So he is not a last resort,Unwilling to turn soul easily。
But in the eyes of Lu Menglin,This divine body is basically a top-level textbook,More useful than any famous teacher question bank,If you use the college entrance examination as an analogy,It’s simply missing questions in the college entrance examination,Let him see the nature of martial arts evolution。
In fact,If Ah Jianglong really uses the way of looting her soul,Transfer the soul into this body,But just lost“Create without possessing,Success without pretension”The essence of,When he injected consciousness into the divine body,It is tantamount to depriving the divine body of the divinity,Bring it back to human form,It won’t be so perfect。
now,A clear path has been simulated in Lu Menglin’s mind,This is an evolutionary path towards higher life。
He has cultivated Gang Jin to spread all over his body,Every inch of skin is extremely sensitive,Can be vigorous,The next step is to compress Gang Jin into the Dantian Qi Sea,Baodan becomes a saint。
But if this assumption is true,Then Master Li Shixing’s martial arts path is wrong,Or put the cart before the horse。
Wudang Unique Learning to Catch Toad,Gas into silk,Control by God,Endless changes,Of course it is extremely powerful,But this way of tempering energy is more of a combat technique,And it’s not good for your own life evolution,It’s going to be different,Practice further。
If the strength of the energy in the body is tempered and compressed,Successfully hold Dan at Dantian,Then stimulate the whole body with Dan Jin,Give back to the heart and brain,Moisturize the internal organs,It is possible to transform life,On the path of evolution to super life。
unconsciously,Lu Menglin stood foolishly between the cylindrical crystals for more than two hours。
Until he feels dizzy,Relax a little,Just released from this state of epiphany。
Completely absorbed thinking,It was originally a matter of extremely exhausting physical and mental energy。