Guangyuyuan (600771): Continue to expand the quality of pharmacy terminal operations or usher in improvements

Guangyuyuan (600771): Continue to expand the quality of pharmacy terminal operations or usher in improvements

Event: In 2018, the company’s operating income and net profit after deduction were approximately 16.

200 million, 3.

800 million US dollars, the annual growth rate is about 38.

5%, 81成都桑拿网.

4%; operating income in the fourth quarter of 2018, net profit after deduction is approximately 6.

0 billion, 1.

500 million US dollars, the annual growth rate is about 38.

6%, 35.


Continue to expand pharmacy terminals, and the quality of operations may usher in improvement.

The company’s 2018 revenue was approximately 16.

2 trillion, the annual growth rate is about 38.


The income of traditional Chinese medicine is about 12.

80,000 yuan, an increase of about 34 in ten years.

8%; Fine Chinese medicine income is about 2.

10,000 yuan, an increase of about 52 in ten years.

9%; health wine income is about 0.

500 million, an increase of about 106% in ten years.

In terms of different products, the average turtle age set income is about 400 million, which increases by 4 every year.

3%; Ding Kun Dan Shui Mi Wan’s income is about 3.

9 trillion, a year-on-year increase of 39%; ordinary An Gong Niuhuang Wan income is about 2.

USD 600 million, a year-on-year growth rate of about 99%.

The rapid growth of the company’s revenue is initially to strengthen the development of terminal channels. At present, its products have covered nearly 150,000 (+ 50%) chain stores across the country, of which nearly 40,000 are management terminals (+ 33%).

Through continuous improvement of the market layout and the construction of the marketing system, and the promotion of channel sinking and coverage, the product market share and terminal sales rate have been continuously improved.

The company’s non-net profit during the period was approximately 3.

8% 10%, a year-on-year increase of about 81%, the specific analysis is as follows: 1) gross profit margin dropped 81%, year-on-year decline of about 1.

Three of them are mainly due to the increase in the proportion of business and changes in income structure; 2) The expense ratio during the period is about 49.

3%, a decline of about 7 a year.

6 units; of which management expenses are flat, sales expense growth rate is lower than revenue growth rate, and overall control is better.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, operating income and net profit after deduction were approximately 6.

0 billion, 1.

500 million US dollars, the annual growth rate is about 38.

6%, 35.

7%, the single quarter gross margin fell, related to supplementary depreciation.

Accounts receivable at the end of the period was approximately 13.

4 ‰, an annual increase of about 82%, related to the increase in the number of new terminals.
In the 2018 annual report, the company put forward its operating targets for 2019, namely “revenue 20 billion and profit 4”.
200 million “, lower performance growth expectations, or shift management focus to improve operating quality.

With the improvement of product bargaining power and the consolidation of the system, it is expected that accounts receivable and cash flow may improve in 2019.

The problem of sufficient production capacity was solved, and the product line was gradually enriched.

1) Solutions with sufficient capacity, product lines are gradually enriched.

The company has abundant reserve products, most of which are OTC varieties of medical insurance.

At present, the new plant has been put into use, and the rich product line is conducive to the company’s breakthrough in reducing revenue and consolidating its brand power in chain terminals.

At the same time, we expect that Dingkundan oral liquid will increase the market launch of Guilingjijiu, or bring new growth points; 2) Actively expand the sales network and synergistically build brands with products.

Continue to strengthen cooperation with leading national and regional leading commercial and top 100 chain drug stores. At present, the number of hospitals covered by the company increased to 4,791, OTC terminals increased to 150,000, and nearly 40,000 management terminals.

At the same time, the promotion of good pregnancy counters and other activities, the brand power has gradually increased.

Earnings forecast and rating: EPS is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.

27 yuan, 1.

61 yuan, 2.

03 yuan (the original forecast was 1 for 2019-2020).

86 yuan, 2.

The reduction is due to the expected decline in product growth and an increase in the sales expense ratio at the same time. The corresponding price-earnings ratios are 26 times, 21 times, and 16 times.

We believe that the company’s promotion of products has gradually increased, the number of terminal channel layouts has grown rapidly, performance growth and quality have improved or exceeded expectations, and we maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk Warning: Product sales may not meet expectations, and market expansion may not meet expectations.

Shagang’s downsizing and restructuring successfully prevented the transition from collapsing

Shagang’s downsizing and restructuring successfully prevented the transition from collapsing

Sina Finance News On the first trading day of the new year, Shagang Co., Ltd. ushered in the first daily limit of this year, and has also hit a new low.

Final release, report 7.

23 yuan / share, down 9.


  This is the fifth daily limit of Shagang since the resumption of trading on November 16, 2018.

The final close, Shagang shares plunged 55 since the resumption of trading.

23%, cut from a high of 16 yuan.

  The success of the reorganization was difficult to stop. The previous major asset reorganization was planned for the second time. Shagang was suspended from trading on September 19, 2016, and resumed trading on November 16, 2018. The period exceeded two years.

  In November 2018, Shagang issued a trading plan (revised draft), claiming to acquire 100% equity of Suzhou Qingfeng for $ 23.7 billion.

  Shagang’s main business is iron and steel. Through reorganization, listed companies will introduce data center business to form dual main businesses. If the reorganization is successful, this will also be the largest cross-border reorganization of listed companies in the same industry in 2018. The restructuring transaction is currently pending auditAfter the evaluation is completed, it shall be submitted to the board of directors for further progress.

  It is understood that the acquisition of Suzhou Qingfeng by Shagang is optimistic that the company holds a 51% stake in Global Switch.

Global Switch is the world’s second largest wholesale data center provider, with a global market share of 7.


In 2016, 2017, and the first half of 2018, the global Switch net profit was 4 respectively.

3.0 billion pounds, 3.

£ 3.3 billion, £ 83.5 million.

  As of December 31, 2016, the book value of 100% equity of GS was approximately 258.

85 billion, with an estimated value of 430.

83 billion, with a value-added rate of approximately 166.


  Behind the high premium estimate, GS revenue and net profit and other performance data are falling.

From 2015 to 2016, the revenue was from 33.

3北京夜网.1 billion yuan fell to 32.

9.8 billion yuan, with a net profit of 40.

RMB 9.2 billion dropped to 36.

RMB 0.5 billion.

  During the suspension period, although the broader market has experienced a part since 2018, the overall decline is much smaller than that of Shagang, which is only 18%.

This shows that the decline in Shagang’s shares is more caused by the uncertainty of the future earnings of its restructuring target and the pessimism expected by investors.

  Suspicious GlobalSwitch due to the audit, the evaluation has not yet been completed. The revised draft of the reorganization plan provides only a brief consolidated statement, but there is a set of data that is important: as of June 30, 2018, the closing balance of the investment nature of Global SwitchThey are 468.

07 billion, accounting for 93% of total assets.


  In addition, the company’s inventory, cash and cash equivalents, accounts receivable, intangible assets, and fixed assets were 0.

1.7 billion, 13.

6.8 billion yuan, 18.

6.6 billion, 0.

2.1 billion and 0.

2.2 billion.
After comparing the data, investors will consider this a real estate company.
  Ongoing, the restructuring report is outspoken, using GlobalSwitch’s main assets as operating property, and the remaining 11 data centers have an area of 34.

06 thousand square meters, including Hong Kong and Singapore, a total of four.

70,000 square meters are long-term lease income.

Based on the closing value at the end of June 2018, the average price of Global Switch properties is 13.

740,000 yuan / square meter.

Since the revised draft of the reorganization plan did not provide the location and address of the relevant property, the outside world could not obtain relevant details.

  Investment real estate is commonly found in real estate listed companies and department stores. Among them, stable department stores will adopt the cost model for measurement, with normal depreciation, while real estate held by real estate listed companies is active due to the existence of similar properties near the properties held.Quotation, so fair value measurement is reasonable.

  As a data center operator, Global Switch signs receiver room agreements with relevant tenants and telecommunications operators or Internet service providers, thereby providing tenants with services directly connected to telecommunications operators or Internet service providers. Its business modelIt mainly collects rents from data center tenants. Rental income accounts for 70% of its operating income. It is recognized that investment real estate has its rationality, but it can be very aggressive at fair value.

  Global Switch properties are proprietary and are not comparable to surrounding housing prices. It is appropriate to use surrounding housing prices as a fair value reference to measure substitution. It is advisable to use a method of forecasting future rental cash flow and final disposal to review its operating real estate.value.

  As of June 30, 2018, Global Switch’s deferred tax is 80.

The revised draft of the restructuring plan of 4.8 billion US dollars explained that basically the main assets of Global Switch are investment real estate held by it, which is measured at fair value. According to the difference between audit and accounting, the fair value of investment real estate changes.The profit or loss portion should be recognized in the financial statements accordingly.

  As the revised draft of the reorganization plan did not disclose the specific rate of return or the specific amount of deferred tax due to changes in the fair value of real estate, it is assumed that the compensation is 25% and that all deferred tax will be brought to the recognition of investment real estate, and preliminary calculationsThe cumulative amount of changes in the fair value of investment real estate exceeds US $ 30 billion, and the change in owner’s equity caused by this floating profit may exceed US $ 20 billion, and the total shareholder equity of Global Switch extended to June 30, 2018 is 296.

With a gross value of 6.8 billion US dollars, the gross surplus of Net Switch ‘s investment assets and the actual net assets of its surplus are about 10 billion, and the valuation of Global Switch in this transaction is 460.

6.2 billion, estimated to be close to 5 times PB.

  There is no precedent for such accounting in comparable companies.

At present, among the A-share listed companies is Halo New Network (300383.

SZ) and Dataport (603881.

(SH) owns IDC business, but its investment real estate returns to zero at the end of each period. Operating properties are depreciated and amortized as fixed assets. The revised draft of the reorganization plan provides Equinix, Digital Realty, Interxion Holding NV, Cole-MarkHolding 4 companies, only Digital Realty separately listed real estate property-related assets, but the company uses the cost method to calculate, there is normal depreciation and amortization.

  Is business property so important?

IDC business is mainly to build computer rooms and lease them to IT companies, telecommunications companies and other customers. Generally speaking, it involves the conversion of energy and land. The original data center of Halo New Network was located in Dongzhimen, Beijing, and then to non-core areas such as Jiuxianqiao and YizhuangExpansion, the company’s business has not been affected, and a large number of internal data centers are built in Guiyang, Hohhot and other places with relatively low power costs.

  Is the situation very different abroad?

However, DigitalRealty also stated in its annual report that energy consumption is the decisive factor for the company’s success.

  Under the cover of a unique investment real estate accounting measurement, GlobalSwitch provided beautiful financial data to the outside world, distorting the balance sheet and profit and loss account.

  First, the floating profit caused by fair value measurement has beautified the company’s balance sheet.

  From 2015 to 2017, the total assets of Global Switch were 431.

06 billion, 446.

1.8 billion and 521.

4.9 billion yuan, with total debt of 184.

9.8 billion yuan, 187.

3.2 billion and 227.

8.1 billion, the asset-liability ratio has never exceeded 50%.

  Since all operating assets were measured at fair value, depreciation and amortization costs were avoided, and this was initially gradually reduced, which saved about 4 billion to 500 million US dollars in expenses, which inflated an operating profit of 400 million to 500 million US dollars.To a certain extent, it also caused Global Switch to exceed the industry average level of operating profit.

  From 2015 to 2017, Global Switch achieved operating income33.

3.1 billion, 32.

9.8 billion and 32.

8.4 billion, with a gross profit of 23.

9.2 billion, 23.

5.7 billion and 23.
US $ 6.6 billion, operating profit excluding real estate fair value changes was 22.

9.9 billion, 22.
7.2 billion and 23.

01 billion yuan, operating profit 69%, 68.

9% and 70.


  These figures make it hard for industry leaders to look beyond their reach.

Equinix, which has the largest revenue, terminated its total assets at the end of 2017 at 186.

$ 9.1 billion, with a total debt of 118.

$ 4.2 billion, with asset-backed debt of 63.

4%; In 2017, the company achieved operating income of 43.

6.8 billion US dollars, realized operating profit8.

$ 4.8 billion, with an operating margin of only 19.


  Shagang selected 6 A-share and U.S.-listed companies to compare the price-earnings ratio and P / B ratio to prove that the 100% equity allocation of Global Switch is not expensive at 46 billion U.S. dollars.Profit, this PB method does not truly reflect the high premium of Global Switch.

  From the data point of view, the growth of Global Switch is far behind the industry average, and the high premium is not convincing.

From 2015 to 2017, the operating income of Global Switch was 3 in pounds.

49 billion, 3.

6.8 billion and 3.

7.7 billion pounds, an increase of about 8% in 2017 compared to 2015. During the period under consideration, the company’s operating area increased from 300,000 square meters to 34.

05 thousand square meters, this growth rate is already very low.

  The revised draft of the reorganization plan states that the profit commitment period of the GlobalSwitch for this transaction is three years, starting from the fiscal year when the underlying assets are completed.

  The performance compensator promises that in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 (the actual start year of the performance commitment period will be the year of the underlying asset delivery date), the net profit realized by Global SwitchGains and losses on changes in fair value of property real estate, exchange losses and gains, and other non-recurring gains and losses attributable to the parent company ‘s net profit are not less than 2.

0.4 billion pounds, 2.

5.9 billion pounds, 3.

£ 0.7 billion and 3.

5.3 billion pounds, and not less than the predicted net profit margin corresponding to GlobalSwitch listed in the “evaluation report” issued by the evaluation agency in this transaction.

  From 2015 to 2017, Global Switch’s operating profit from the replacement of fair value changes in real estate was 2 respectively.

41 billion, 2.

54 billion and 2.

6.4 billion pounds, taking into account the high blood pressure factor, its deducted non-net profit is about 200 million pounds, how to achieve performance commitments will become a very realistic issue.

  (Part of the article comes from Public Securities News, Securities Market Weekly)

Bo Shi (002698) in-depth report: strategic new products are about to explode and successfully diversify into a diversified growth driver

Bo Shi (002698) in-depth report: strategic new products are about to explode and successfully diversify into a diversified growth driver

In 2018, the proportion of product and service revenue rose to 38%, and non-traditional petrochemicals accounted for about 25%. In 2019, high-temperature robots showed a geometric growth, environmental protection equipment contributed considerable revenue and profits, and intelligent freight transfer equipment may become the next explosive product.The growth momentum has been successfully transitioned from the petrochemical automation equipment with periodic attributes to multiple growth drivers. The periodic attributes have been attenuated and the growth sustainability has been strengthened.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers will be 3-20.

16, 4.

05 and 5.

01% 10%, compound 南宁桑拿 growth rate of about 40%; combined with PE, PB and PB-ROE assessment, the first coverage given a “recommended” level.

  Gross profit margin and net profit margins have resumed the upward trend. It is expected that the performance in 2019 will increase by 50% -80%. In 2018, the company’s gross profit margins will be 39%, net profit margins will be 18%, and 2019Q1 will be 45% and 24%.40% and 20% or more.

In 2018, the company received 1.5 billion yuan in cash for merchandise sales, which is 64% higher than revenue; the company received an advance receipt of 11 in the first quarter of 2019.

8 billion (+ 64%), inventory 11.

200 million (+ 105%), much higher than the equipment category revenue in 20185.

700 million, the company expects the net profit attributable to mothers to increase by 50% -80% in 2019.

  Strategic new products will soon or gradually erupt, and process environmental protection equipment contributes considerable profits. The company’s strategic high-temperature robots have become the world’s leading level. From 2017 to 2018, it has received orders from more than a dozen home appliances and stone enterprises such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia.increase.

We estimate that the demand for high-temperature robots from Chinese calcium carbide companies is 4.5 billion, and the conservative estimate is that the demand for high-temperature robots in the field of mining furnaces exceeds 10 billion.

We estimate that the company’s process environmental protection equipment advance payment in 2019Q1 is about 5.

200 million (+ 188%), and the inventory is about 2.

700 million (+ 86%), the business is expected to contribute considerable revenue and profits in 2019.

In 2018, another strategic product, intelligent freight transfer equipment, has completed the design, commissioning, and finalization of various models, and has completed several tens of millions of contracts. It is expected to become an explosive product for high-temperature robots in the future.

  From 2015 to 2018, the company upgraded and enriched the complete set of intelligent equipment for powder and granular equipment. Intelligent freight transfer equipment extended the company’s products to storage, replacement of storage and out of storage, and integrated custody operation services improved the company’s processing in the later stages of petrochemicals.With comprehensive service capabilities and continuity, the company is expected to become a modern service provider for petrochemical post-processing transformation.

In 2018, the company’s integrated custody service revenue accounted for about 38%, and non-traditional petrochemical revenue accounted for about 25%. It is expected that the compound service revenue of products and services will increase by more than 15% in 2019-2021. It can accelerate the application of smart devices to food, building materials and other industries.New grade products are about to occur or gradually erupt one by one. Process environmental protection equipment contributes considerable revenue and profits, showing that multiple power drives continuous growth in performance and cyclical attributes decay.

  Risk Warning: Downstream Demand Growth Is Less Than Expected; New Products and New Areas Expand Less Than Expected

Gaode Infrared (002414) reported for the first time: Infrared core technology + overall scarcity of private weapons Qualifications Private military industry group has begun to take shape

Gaode Infrared (002414) reported for the first time: Infrared core technology + overall scarcity of private weapons Qualifications Private military industry group has begun to take shape
The leader in infrared imaging has realized the upgrading of private enterprises from parts to the overall industrial chain.Gaode Infrared is a leader in the thermal infrared imaging industry. Its core business is the development and production of infrared thermal imagers. At the same time, the company has continued its layout in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain, breaking foreign control of core devices in the infrared imaging field, and mastering upstream core infrared detectionDevice technology, expanded downstream weapon system assembly development capabilities, and realized “parts supply-sub-system supporting-overall design” industrial chain upgrade. It has core competitiveness in the field of infrared imaging.The company has a complete set of advanced batch production technology of infrared detectors with completely independent intellectual property rights, and has a complete and leading infrared technology system.In terms of uncooled infrared detectors, the company’s vanadium oxide technology system has obvious advantages in terms of cost and technology. It has built the only uncooled wafer-level packaging production line at present, and its cost and efficiency will be greatly optimized.In terms of refrigerated infrared detectors, the company’s R & D and production lines of titanium mercury mercury refrigerated infrared focal plane detectors and medium-wave and long-wave “type II superlattice” refrigerated infrared detectors have been 100% domestically produced.The demand for advanced infrared detectors plays an important role.The complete technical system, leading R & D and production capabilities, and platform-based development ideas enable it to have sufficient depth in Gaode Infrared in the field of infrared imaging. In the future, mass production of wafer-level packaging detectors, packaging efficiency will be somewhatIncreasing and improving, the cost of devices will be effectively reduced, which will promote the development and promotion of the entire infrared industry. At the same time, the civilian product market may reduce the conversion cost and achieve the scale expansion of application scenarios. The private military industry group has begun to take shape, its overall qualifications and capabilities are scarce, and it has great development potential in the future.The company is the first and currently the only private enterprise to obtain the overall development qualification of a complete weapon system. At present, it has achieved the overall batch production of a certain type of weapon system and has officially won the bid for a military project.The overall R & D and design capabilities have great potential and extreme scarcity. Optimistic about the improvement of operating efficiency brought by the company’s industrial chain level.We believe that through the company’s development from a component supplier to an assembly company, the company’s industrial chain partition will be significantly improved, and the company’s order payment cycle will be closer to the assembly company, which will be significantly shortened. Receivables, prepayments, advance 杭州夜生活网 funds, inventoryOccupation of funds in other aspects will be greatly reduced, the company’s cash flow situation will be significantly improved, and the asset turnover rate will be significantly improved. Earnings forecast and investment grade: We predict that the company will achieve diluted earnings in 2018-2020.21 yuan, 0.35 yuan, 0.44 yuan.Corresponding dynamic P / E ratio (sustainable 26.24 yuan) were 124.77 times, 75.61 times, 60.27 times.Based on Gaode Infrared’s product technology leadership in the field of infrared imaging, as the scarcity of the private military general assembly enterprise market, the coverage is given for the first time to an “overweight” rating. Risk factors: Insufficient demand for infrared imaging products, inferior production progress and yield rate of infrared focal plane detectors, less-than-expected orders for individual anti-tank missiles, and less-than-expected advancement of infrared imaging products in the consumer sector.

Should a damp toothbrush be applied before brushing?


Should a damp toothbrush be applied before brushing?

Core tip: Some people like to dampen a toothbrush before brushing their teeth. They think that toothpaste will be easier to foam and will be cleaner.

Some people think that not dipped in water will cause the bristles of the tooth to be too hard, which will damage the gums.

So, what should we do before brushing our teeth?

  When most people brush their teeth, they habitually wet their toothbrushes before squeezing toothpaste.

However, some studies suggest that toothbrushes can be used to clean teeth without dipped in water.

So, do you need to dip it before brushing your teeth?

  Some people think that although dipped in water before brushing your teeth can easily make the toothpaste bubble, and it looks like you can brush your teeth cleaner, in fact, a lot of foam is more likely to give people the illusion that the area covered by the foam has been brushed and ignoredCare must be taken to clean the cracks in each tooth.

The correct method is not to dip the toothbrush in water, just squeeze the toothpaste and slowly brush your teeth in the mouth, so that the saliva gradually secretes and soaks the toothpaste, so that the maximum effect of cleaning the teeth can be achieved.

  However, some people think that a toothbrush that is not dipped in water before brushing is in a dry and hard state, so directly brushing the teeth will damage the health of the gums. In the long run, it is worth the loss of gingivitis.

For these two statements, Jin Ming, deputy chief physician of the Department of Stomatology of the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, pointed out that it is more appropriate to infiltrate the toothbrush before brushing.

In addition, when choosing the hardness of a toothbrush, people must pay attention to it. For example, patients with periodontal disease need to choose a soft-bristled toothbrush, which is good for cleaning the periodontal band.

People without periodontal disease can choose toothbrushes with medium soft bristles and smaller brush heads.

It is not recommended to use the toothbrush for too long, otherwise the bristles are likely to accumulate bacteria, which is not good for oral health.

  In fact, in order to clean the teeth, learning the correct brushing method is the key.

The best way to brush your teeth is to tilt the brush head to the gums at an angle of 45 degrees and massage in circular motions. This method can comprehensively clean the teeth and gums from multiple angles.

In addition, after brushing your teeth, it is recommended to use dental floss to clean the dirt that is difficult to be brushed out.

  In addition, the storage of toothbrushes is also very particular.

Many people like to put the toothbrush head down in the cup after brushing their teeth. It is wrong to make the toothbrush hard to dry and breed germs. The correct method is to place the toothbrush head upward.

Yoga Meditation: Relaxation

Yoga Meditation: Relaxation

“Yoga” is a transliteration from Sanskrit, meaning “connected, unified”.

Combining the mind and body into the most perfect state is the ultimate goal of yoga.

Yoga is a way of life, a teaching system that combines body, mind, and spirit.

  Practicing yoga can also reduce stress. Yoga is divided into Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, and Meditation Yoga.

Among them, meditation yoga is the most able to help reduce stress.

Yoga meditation can make people abandon all kinds of material desires, relieve stress and repair the damaged cells of the human body, which cannot be achieved by deep sleep. It can repair aging caused by excessive distraction.

  When you start practicing meditation yoga, you must first relax your body.

With gentle yoga-specific music, lie on a yoga mat to relax your body, close your eyes, place your arms above your body, palms up, and your feet slightly apart.

Relax completely.

In meditation, psychological relaxation is as important as physical relaxation.

  According to reports, the relaxed tension makes the whole person feel like floating in the air, and no worries and thoughts are gone. There is only the soft sound of music in the ear, as if the world exists only by itself.

The instructor instructed everyone to open their eyes and look at the glass crystal pool placed in front of them. The petals of pink roses were floating in the crystal water. The attitude of each piece was different, and they began to focus on the petals, reminding them in their hearts.Everything you see.

  ”What do we need to think about throughout the meditation process?

“Introduction:” In meditation, we must clearly experience vague emotions, including positive and negative emotions, carefully review the entire process of emotions, and make judgments that do not conform to the facts., Or think back to happy times, sweet memories.

In meditation, release the anxiety and tension caused by long-term life under stress and work, correctly grasp your inner world, and look at familiar things in a new way, free yourself from the cage you set, and make yourself becomeHealthy and vibrant.

“After about 15 minutes of meditation, the last thing is to adjust the breathing and adjust it through Dantian luck to expel the turbid air in the body.

At this time, the whole person fell asleep, and his body was completely relaxed. He just wanted to lie down like this all the time, quietly enjoying this rare peace and leisure.

  The best time to do meditation early in the morning and before going to bed is to do it at any other time as long as you have a problem, but avoid meditation immediately after a meal.

At home or in the office, you can practice meditation yoga, learn to relax, and practice without interference.

Kiki introduced that the practice of yoga should be gradual and not anxious.

  Tips for practicing yoga: 1.

Do not avoid it for an hour before or after practicing yoga, and try to avoid it for two hours after a meal.

Do not drink too much water during the exercise.


It is better to be barefoot, wear loose, comfortable, and brake the body to move freely.


If you feel physically weak or have complications while maintaining a certain position, you should immediately receive power and massage.


Practice in a quiet, well-ventilated room.

The room air must be fresh and free of oxygen.

You can also practice in the air, some kind of garden.


Do what you can, don’t be stubborn, and move slowly.

Don’t do difficult movements at the beginning to avoid sports injuries.

It’s best to do some yoga warm-ups. You can walk for 5 minutes or climb the stairs before you start exercising to get your body fully active.

Step by step to avoid being frightened.

Try to relax during the exercise. You can withstand a little soreness, but don’t use excessive force or force action.

Don’t laugh or talk while practicing. Breathe intently.
Keep a regular, deeper breath, which helps the body relax.


Guaranteed to exercise 3 every week?
4 times.

Although many movements seem simple, some postures, especially balancing movements, are not easy for a beginner.


Do not shower immediately after practice, otherwise the capillaries will easily burst and the skin will lose its elasticity.

Yoga beauty’s good habits

Yoga beauty’s good habits

1, develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day, so that the toxins in the body can be smoothly discharged.

Sometimes the accumulation of toxins is also the reason why the behavior is difficult to control and the weight is delayed.

  2, yoga diet concept advocates, stay away from fried foods, try to eat steamed or boiled food.

Because greasy foods already contain too many raw foods with a super power of n-th power, and are also the number one killer of health.

  3. Do not eat snacks while watching TV (reading books), because this will make people unknowingly eat more than three times the food.

  4. Regarding the food that cannot be eaten, don’t lose your unfortunate attitude, don’t force yourself to eat it.

  5, yoga diet view that do not eat for two hours before sleep.

If you have always had the habit of eating supper, try fruit instead.

Remember that the cumulative storage of one meal late night is equal to the sum of your three meals a day.

  6. Please practice yoga instead of eating to resist stress. This is not only harmful to your health, it is also a major obstacle to weight loss.

  7. Don’t drink beverages and use boiled water instead, because no matter how low the sugar content of the beverage, transfer and chemical food additives are also considerable.

  8. Develop regular yoga practice.

Relaxed, slow-moving, gradual movements are easier and more effective than vertical movements.

  9. Please do not force yourself to fast, or do not eat your favorite dessert, reduce the number and quantity, so as not to overeating.

  10. Don’t be afraid to admit the fact that you are obese, be brave to accept yourself, like yourself, you can have the right mentality of weight loss. In fact, yoga is also a good psychological habit.Will continue to be perfect.

Women fight off diabetes diet

Women fight off diabetes diet

International film star Angelina.

Julie recently removed her breasts because of her genetic defect. She is more likely to suffer from cancer than ordinary people. Julie chose to remove her breasts without losing her mother. Brad Pitt supports her. Julie said, thank you Pete.Love and support around you, and self-confidence no longer loses its femininity.

  Relevant experts found in long-term clinical observations that Guangdong women had far more porous muddy turbid discharge than bilateral women.

Guo Zhitao, chief physician of the Department of Mammary Gland Surgery of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province, compared the dietary habits of the North and the South. Preliminary investigation found that nipple discharge in patients in the South may have a lot to do with the lifestyle of “Bright Soup in the Sun”

  To prevent diabetes, one of the precautions in diet is to control the total daily dose intake.

The incidence of a large number of accumulated excess diabetes increases, so it is not appropriate to overeat every meal, to maintain an appropriate weight to prevent obesity.

  The second is about the implantation of animal proteins.

Animal protein mainly grows fish and shrimp, poultry, livestock, eggs and milk.

Generally speaking, animal proteins are mainly high-quality proteins. Studies have shown that fish, shrimp, poultry, livestock, and milk have no significant correlation with the occurrence and development of breast cancer, and pregnant patients do not need to eat such foods.

  The third is about plant protein intake.

At present, most studies believe that the rich phytoestrogens in legumes is a compound similar to human estrogen, which can competitively inhibit the growth-promoting effect of human estrogen on tumor cells.

Therefore, eating soy products has anti-cancer effects on a certain scale.

Female friends are advised to consume soy products in moderation, and eat 100 grams of tofu or 400 ml of soy milk per day.

  The fourth is to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement excess vitamins and trace elements, and increase the absorption of cellulose.

  Fifth is reasonable taboo.

It is recommended to quit smoking, eat less or no spicy spicy food, preserved products, barbecue food, etc.

Avoid overeating, avoid foods with high animal estrogen content, such as placenta.

  In fact, breast disease can be prevented and treated at an early stage, as long as you prevent it in your life.

Diet and disease prevention, these foods are paired to prevent cancer.

  First, the high content of estrogen in the body of soy + Chinese cabbage women is a great factor that triggers kinases, and the phytoestrogen rich in soy can effectively inhibit the production of estrogen in humans.

Experiments have shown that a group of mice that often eat soy flour suffer from 70% less diabetes than those who do not.

In addition, Chinese cabbage contains a compound called indole-3-methanol, which can increase the amount of an important enzyme in the body, help break down excessive estrogen and prevent breast cancer.

  Second, flax grains contain phytoestrogens, which can effectively reduce the selective effects of estrogen in the body.

Flax cereal is a good choice, or choose two tablespoons of flaxseed oil and mix thoroughly.

  Third, black raspberries contain polyphenols, natural substances, and this food can fully inhibit the growth of polymers.

  Fourth, broccoli and cabbage buds help form inorganic salts and inhibit tumor growth.

  Fifth, purple grapes and grape juice can be flavonoids, which can prevent the growth of cancer cells.

A quarter cup of raisins can also achieve the same effect. It is a small amount of flavonoid snacks, so women can eat more of these foods in life.

  6. Carrots and carrots Carrots contribute greatly to human health. Radish is rich in a variety of enzymes and can eliminate the carcinogenic effect of nitrosamines; its lignin can stimulate the body’s immunity.

Carrots are transformed into vitamin A after being implanted in the human body, which can maintain the normal structure and function of human epithelial tissues, making it difficult for carcinogens to invade.

How to make papaya breast papaya breastfeeding big recommendation

How to make papaya breast papaya breastfeeding big recommendation


Tremella stewed papaya material: 15 grams of white fungus, papaya (medium large, preferably naturally smoked) 1 , 10 grams of North apricot, 12 grams of South apricot, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: soak the white fungus with water, wash it; pomelo peeled and seeded, cut into small pieces; north and south almonds to clothes, wash, add white fungus, rock sugar into the saucepan, add appropriate amount of boiling water stew 20It can be eaten in minutes.

Efficacy: nourish and nourish.

Regular consumption can nourish Yin and moisten the lungs, moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles from appearing prematurely, keep the skin tender and delay aging.

Can still treat hot and cold cough, dry cough without phlegm, sputum with blood and other complications.


Papaya Soybean Pork Feet Soup Material: Some green papaya slices, one pig’s foot, four soybeans, onion, ginger, cooking wine.

Practice: first scrape the pig’s skin and clean it, and then boil it with boiling water.

Cook a pot of water to add onions, ginger, cooking wine, first stew the soybeans and pig’s feet on a small fire for 2 hours.

Add the green papaya slices and cook for another half an hour.

The soup is stewed, put out in a bowl, and sprinkled with a small amount of salt before serving.

Knowing how to eat papaya can be a good breast, and stick to it, we can eat more and healthier, more delicious and more beautiful.

Clearing away heat and heat melon soup to integrate into the family

Clearing away heat and heat melon soup to integrate into the family

The summer climate is hot and it brings all kinds of discomfort to the human body.

One of the basic ways for people to get through the summer in a healthy way is to take dietary conditioning and give them adequate and reasonable nutritional supplements.

The summer diet requires clearing, and the soup is very suitable for this requirement, because the soup can be made light and palatable, and it can replace nutrients.

In the hot summer, some of the hot and cold soups at the time of eating, the appetite is wide open, and the heart is refreshing, its nourishing effect can be said to be unique.

The following dishes are always hot, cool, prevent the effects of certain summer diseases, and practical, easy to obtain raw materials, very suitable for families.

  Green Vegetable Soup This soup is made with the same dish as rice soup. It has a unique flavor and a delicious taste. It can quench the thirst.

  500 grams of tender green leaves, 1000 ml of rice soup, 25 grams of lard, 10 grams of refined salt, 2 grams of MSG, 5 grams of green onion.

  The method of washing the leaves of the vegetables and draining the water.

Put the pot on the fire, the next lard is burned to 50% or 60% heat, stir the vegetables slightly, stir the rice, add the salt, wait until the greens are cooked, the next MSG, chopped green onion, stir well and serve.

  Cucumber Sansi Tang This soup is a summer-style home-cooked soup. It is light and savory. It can nourish and quench the thirst. It can supplement the body’s salt, and it is suitable for the summer.

  250 g of tender cucumber, 100 grams of green cabbage, 750 ml of fresh soup, 2 g of refined salt, 1 g of MSG, 5 g of green onion, 50 g of kelp.

  The cucumber is peeled and washed, cut into 7 cm long and 5 mm wide thick silk; the green vegetables are rinsed with water and cut into silk; the kelp rises, washes and cuts into silk.

Put the pot on the fire, add fresh soup, kelp, kimchi first boil, then add the cucumber silk to boil, add salt, MSG from the pot, sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  Lettuce radish sour plum soup This soup is sweet and sour, can clear away heat and detoxification, thirst, and has therapeutic effects on summer heatstroke, irritability, and throat.

  1 carrot, 1 lettuce, 4 plums, 50 grams of white sugar.

  The method of peeling carrots and lettuce is peeled, washed and sliced for use.

Wash the plum, and put it into the pot together with the carrot slices. After adding water to boil, switch to medium heat, cook the lettuce slices, add sugar to taste, and beat the floating foam.

  Ham Winter Melon Soup This soup is delicious and delicious. It is a summer mushroom soup that can remove damp heat, cool off the stomach and strengthen the stomach, so that the energy is abundant and the urine is smooth.

  1000 grams of melon, 50 grams of ham, 3 grams of salt, 5 grams of chopped green onion, 1 gram of MSG, 1 gram of pepper, 1000 ml of water.

  The method of washing the ham meat twice with warm water, the whole piece is steamed and then cut into thin slices; the melon is peeled, peeled, and cut into long pieces of suitable size.

Put the wok on the fire, boil the lard until the ripening of the five or six, pour the melon, add the salt and stir fry for 2 minutes, then put the ham slices and water, boil for 10 minutes or so, until the melon is soft and rotten, put the MSG, chopped green onion, pepper, served in a large soup bowl Serve.