After completing thousands of disabled rehabilitation training within the year of Beijing Meitou

Original title: Menou Navy completed thousands of disabled rehabilitation training (Reporter Ren Shan) Yesterday is the fourth "National Disability Prevention Day", the fourth national disabled prevention date propaganda and education activity hosted by the Tunnel District Disabled Persons Yongding Building Cultural Activity Square was held. The reporter learned from the District Disabled Persons’ Association that Meitougou continued to carry out practical action this year, 1,000 people with rehabilitation training this year, training content involves rehabilitation policies, rehabilitation skills, etc. The theme of this event is "disability prevention, starting from early childhood intervention."

All hospitals and disabled rehabilitation institutions in the district have established a publicity experience booth. Prevention in advance can effectively reduce the occurrence of disability.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Disabled Persons’ Federation, in recent years, the doorgou area has been incorporated into the agenda of the disability prevention, forming disability prevention gridization mode, preventing birth defects, establishing a child’s early comprehensive development center, doing a good job of infectious diseases and slow disease Control, reduce the disability of disease, actively promote the service to enter the community, enter the family work, and fully implement the disability prevention.

  This year’s headgou area Disabled Persons’ Federation and related medical institutions will also carry out a series of practical activities, including the distribution of rehabilitation equipment for the warm homes, and conduct rehabilitation training for 1,000 people.

(Editor: Yin Xingyun, Bao Congying).

100,000 universities have become the "left sash right arm" in Sichuan Communist Youth League

Original title: 100,000 universities, Sichuan, China, China I always help the hospital "one arm". At that time, the hospital faced a great working pressure, and the university volunteers sent by the Group River District Committee assisted the medical staff to complete the first-month epidemic prevention and control task. It can be effectively active in this emergency, benefiting from the work foundation of the local tissue. At the end of 2020, the Group Sichuan Provincial Party issued an income to return to the residential township (street) group organization, and the Group Jinkou River District Committee took the lead in exploration of deputy secretary for the recruitment of college students, 2021 summer, they guided more Many students are involved in the prevention and control of the epidemic, caring for left-behind children. The joining of college students effectively alleviates the difficulties in the shortage of working strength of the county. In the promotion of the grassroots organization reform in the county, the initial formation of "college students in the cold and summer" of the township (street) group organizations – the work and activities of the participating group – publicly select the work of college part-time group cadres and work "" Enter "cultivate and work chain. The University Health District Hospital wins the epidemic prevention and control, the Golden Kouhe District is located on the bank, and the people living in the whole district are only 10,000 people. At the end of July this year, 8 visitors from Zhangjiajie arrived, so that the small city’s epidemic prevention and control system suffered a pressure test. At that time, the traffic situation of the infected person is reported to Zhangjiajie, and there is a crowd of Zhangjiajie activity trajectory into key investigation objects. Liao Minghua recalls that after receiving the information about these eight tourists to the Jinkou River area, the hospital quickly entered the battle state. In addition to the nurse, add the night clinic, strengthen the hospital inspection, the hospitalization department increase the ward management personnel, restore the infectious disease area … Jinkou River District People’s Hospital also sent medical staff to work in the local medical isolation point. "The task is aggravated, and the pressure is very large.

"Liao Minghua said, that time, more than 100 medical staff of the whole hospital fully loaded.

Because the nurses are constantly being dispersed to other posts, the outpatient nurses are crying. Liao Minghua also thought of emergency recruitment nurse, it could not come true.

  On the evening of August 4th, anxious Liao Minghua took the mood to try to see, and called Wang Xue, secretary of the Yuankou River District Committee, asked if there were unmanned reinforcement hospitals. It turns out that this phone is played. At that time, a group of college volunteers organized by the Guankou River District Committee "Xiao Jinling" was serving the epidemic prevention and control position in the region. The group commission will take four college volunteers to the hospital. After two days of professional training, four college students were governed.

They have become a medical staff’s effective assistant in the pre-inspection, medical doctors. Retrieve the "lost" college students come back According to statistics, this year’s summer vacation, only epidemic prevention and control work, the Guankou River District Committee sent more than 90 people from the college students reported, and the accumulated volunteer service was more than 4,500 hours. There are no universities in the Jinkou River area. After the college student holiday returns home, most of them are all busy at home.

The grassroots organization works more, people are tight, in township, and the work is more difficult. Why can’t these college students will organize the group of hometown? The situation of the grassroots lack of people is universal.

In Sichuan Province, the college team members of college students account for a large proportion. Due to the information asymmetry, supply and demand is not docked, many college students have interrelated contact with the school group in the holidays, and there is no connection with the hometown group organization, and the college student wants to do things but can’t find the opportunity.

  Wang Xue was inspired by college students’ social practice: Can you transfer the power of returning college students to participate in the grassroots work? Therefore, before the Spring Festival of 2021, the Group Jinkou River District Committee took the lead in to conduct an attempt to recruit deputy secretary of the part-time township group committee to promote the revitalization of the country.

  Announcement, the group district committee received more than 200 registration forms.

In 2021, the first batch of 8 college students took the 8 townships in the Jinkou River.

  During the Jinhe Town Service, Jinkou River District, Nankai University School of Economics, Liaohe Yang, in addition to participating in the preparation of the town resolution, caring for left-behind children, and completed a survey of local agricultural development, writing a research report " Not hurt. "

  For the universal assistant, Zhang Qing, deputy towers in Jinhe Town, did not praise.

He said that Liaoheyang not only completed the work of the Communist Youth League in the town, but also combined with the majors studied, a valuable proposal for the development of the agricultural industry in the town.

  Based on the good response during the winter vacation, 2021 summer vacation, the second batch of college students with deputy secretary of the township group committee. In addition, revolve around the epidemic prevention, flood relief, ecological environment protection, caring for left-behind children, etc., dozens of returning college volunteers to the Jintou River, township two group organizations. During the summer vacation, the group Sichuan Provincial Party Committee shall, in accordance with the requirements of the Mission’s Guidelines for the Progress of the Mission on the Grassroots Testing of the Counties and the Grassroots Testing of the Counties, I will have an important object of the school’s college students as the working strength of the township (street) group, deepen College students to organize the practice of the residential tissue.

  According to statistics from the Ministry of Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, the Statistics of the Ministry of Construction of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee showed that the 107th university’s annihilated college team members reported 158 counties (cities, districts), regularly, and summer vacation More than 10,000 college students will regulate the hometowns.

  The college team became "working object" into "work", more than 100,000 college students, organized to the residential tags, alleviated the contradiction between the county (district), township (street) group, wanted to work and lacking people It also promotes the work of the group is more active, and even the grassroots organization will improve the capacity and level of unity, condense, service youth; at the same time, the construction and work of foreign group groups, students are active, school support, and grassroots. In Guangyuan City, Lizhou District, more than 200 returning college students reported to the group of hometown this summer.

Duo Du, Secretary of the Division Committee, clearly felt that returning college students extended the common group of people to contact the youth’s arms and activated youth work in local aspects. Aba Normal University School of Education Major Guo Bin is a teacher at 4:30 during the summer vacation in Lizhou District. He and another four college volunteers, to carry out classroom counseling, safety education, etc., and solve many parents for left-behind children. Have worry. In August of this year, the governance of the Lizhou District Party Committee has organized a group of volunteer services such as returning college students to invest in environmental protection, safety first aid, caring for left-behind children. The Union Secretary-General, Heilongjiang Transportation Vocational and Technical College student Luo Qingwen, went home from his parents, and I was looking for returning college students, so I was committed to the group district. "I used to work before working, or at home." For this, Guo Bin also has the same feelings. He is looking forward to making something meaningful in the summer, but it is suffering from no channels and opportunities. Therefore, when seeing the announcement of the Jialian District Committee, Luo Qingwen and Guo Bin felt that you can use the summer vacation and college students to make some meaningful things for their hometown. Organization from the cold summer vacation towns (street) groups, to participate in various types of work and activities organized by the residential test, and then go to the minority of the township (street) part-time group cadres, college students become "work objects" Working force. Zhang Zhijun, Minister, Minister of China’s Grassroots Organization Construction, said that this provides a new revelation to the work of Sichuan County.

  Based on the status quo, Zhang Zhijun believes that it is necessary to grasp the "most" of the "most" members of the college team members, through the work design, let them better play and demonstrate advancement, and contribute to the construction of grassroots organizations. In many counties (districts), the number of college students in many counties (districts), the county work strength is greatly enriched.

Meishan City Pengshan District relies on the school’s construction, and four college students from the college students and the Youth Danities, and there are four college students to the district. The person in charge of the Joint Pengshan District Committee said that after the implementation of these measures, the strength of the group commissioning committee "is the strongest".

  According to incomplete statistics, Sichuan Province includes 32 counties (cities, districts), including 32 counties (cities, districts) in the pilot counties of the grassroots organization reform, returning home and jurisdiction, from nearly 20,000 people, 2370 people He is a deputy secretary of the group, township (street) or village (community) group organization, youth officers. Zhongqing report · Zhongqing Net reporter Wang Xinyi (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.

US Chinese scientists encountered robbery and was killed: the suspect is the highest sentence for 30 years when winning the computer

On November 10, local time, Chinese scientists once had a case in the United States, Alameda County, California, and the jury ruled that suspects were established by Rid robbery and second-level murder.

According to the Kron4 News Network of the United States, Reed will face 15 years to 30 years imprisonment, and Weidin will face 12 years of imprisonment.

The judge will make a decision on January 7, 2022.Zeng was an engineer and scientist. During December 31, 2019, it was his birthday that day.At that time, he worked in a Starbuck in Auckland, African suspected Wentins suddenly took his laptop and jumped to the car of the same man.When I was taking out, I grabbed the car and trying to go back to the computer.

At this moment, Wingks was slammed, causing the car to die after being crushed by the car.(Editor: 婉 宜, Jiang Jie).

China Office: Normalisatie Carrying te vegen

  Onlangs heeft het Bureau van de CPC-Centraal Comite en het Algemeen Bureau van de Raad van State afgegeven "adviezen over normalisatie op het bestrijden van het bestrijden van de strijd Sweep", en regelde de regels voor de ontwikkeling van normalisatie. "Adviezen" wees erop dat het noodzakelijk is om zich te houden aan de begeleiding van nieuwe tijdperk van de Chinese kenmerken Xi Jinping, volledig uit te voeren van de partij 19e Nationaal Congres en 19e Second Middle School, Sanzhong, vierde Middle School, vijf plenaire Section, stevig de mensen van -centered Development gedachten, versterken systeem bestuur, bestuur, uitgebreide management, bron bestuur, en nog steeds een hoge druk situatie tegen zwarte en kwade krachten schendingen te houden, vormen een effectieve schok. Houd u aan de combinatie van online en offline, accuraat inzicht de nieuwe trend van zwart-gerelateerde misdaden, verdere versterking van het toezicht en de speciale rectificatie van de industrie, en de combinatie van grassroots organisaties te versterken, te versterken grassroots organisatie, continu verbeteren van de partij commissie leiders, overheid verantwoordelijkheid, democratie Overleg, social collaboration, inspraak, regel van de bescherming van de wet, wetenschap en technologie ondersteuning van sociale governance-systeem, versnellen van de modernisering van de stedelijke sociale governance, voortdurend verbeteren van het evaluatiesysteem van de zintuigen van de mensen, geluk, op veiligheid gerichte, continue verbetering rechtsstaat, standaardisatie, specialisatie, en effectief te consolideren regerende stichting van de partij, ervoor te zorgen dat de mensen in vrede leven en het bedrijfsleven, sociale stabiliteit en nationale lange regels, met het oog op het socialistische systeem van de Chinese kenmerken blijven bestaan en te verbeteren, het bevorderen van de nationaal bestuur systeem en bestuurscapaciteit modernisering leggen een solide basis. De "adviezen" voorgesteld om vast te stellen en verbeteren van de anti-rectificatie mechanisme van de bron governance.

Continu uit te voeren speciale rectificatie, uitvoerig versterken van het toezicht op de industrie, gericht op de financi?le kredietverlening, engineering bouw, transport, markt circulatie, natuurlijke hulpbronnen, ecologische omgeving, cultuurtoerisme, gezondheidsvoorlichting, informatie-netwerk en de sociale zekerheid en andere industrie?n, enz. de chaos zijn symmetrisch en de symptomen van specimens, continu de grassroots organisatie, continue preventie en herstel van "dorp" en andere kwade krachten, en ernstige invloeden te consolideren.

Opzetten en verbeteren van intelligente openbare rapportage award mechanismen.

Changbong aanwijzingen melden kanaal, de uitvoering van het nationale scanning kantoor 12337 intelligent rapport platform normale werking, de unified shunt overdracht van de zwart-gerelateerde en kwaad lijnen gemeld door de massa’s, uit te voeren indeling verificatie en superieure beoordeling kantoor, tot oprichting van de provinciale county rapportage aanwijzingen verificatie Drie -niveau koppeling mechanisme om de algehele situatie onderzoek te versterken. Opzetten en verbeteren van de ministeri?le straf mechanisme.

Door middel van big data, cloud computing, enz., De nieuwe trend van de zwarte en kwaad misdaden, van belangrijk personeel, de belangrijkste plaatsen, belangrijke gebieden, enz, onderzoek en oordeel, onderzoeken en praten over zwart-gerelateerde throles, zich te houden aan het uiterlijk, elimineren van het probleem, het versterken van de dagelijkse begeleiding, en het versterken van discipline wet-en regelgeving, strikte uitvoering van wet- en regelgeving en de daarmee samenhangende juridische interpretaties, normatieve documenten, etc. Opzetten en verbeteren van accurate en effectief toezicht en controle-mechanisme.

De centrale overheid heeft regelmatig uitvoeren van de evangelisatie van de evacuatie van het kwaad begeleiding, de provinciale en steden en de drie-level koppeling dragen toezicht, de Nationale Vegen Office is genoteerd elk jaar een groep van zwart-gerelateerde en kwaad gevallen begeleiden, te behouden de nationale vegen kantoor speciale supervisor team en blijven optimalisatie structuur, de drie-niveau combinatie van de provinciale provincies en de stad provincies en de feitelijke toezicht commissarissen, de mobiele bijzonder toezicht, tijdige ontdekking, het probleem op te lossen, blijven aan het toezicht van het toezicht te verbeteren en toezicht werkwijze, zodat de grote kaders basis zet meer energie in het front.

Opzetten en verbeteren van de beoordeling mechanisme voor de opwinding.

Verwerk de anti-zwarte strijd in de Ping An China Construction Assessment System, als een belangrijke basis voor de oprichting van de Ping An China, de regio, eenheid en individuen die hebben beloofd de resultaten worden geprezen, en ze niet durven te vechten , niet slaan, niet diep. de sleutel kennisgeving beheerst, luistert naar de evaluatie van de massa’s, en streeft ernaar om de mensen te vragen om de oprichting en de verbetering van de zwarte en kwade krachten en misdaden te promoten.

Opzetten en verbeteren van de organisatie leiderschap mechanisme voor de voortdurende vooruitgang. In overeenstemming met de oorspronkelijke nationale anti-zwart speciale strijd, het leiderschapsteam van de bijzondere strijd, de centrale overheid heeft de nationale anti-zwarte strijd kopgroep en haar kantoor gevestigd, de partij commissies en de betrokken departementen op alle niveaus behouden ons het overeenkomstige leiding en office organisaties, en voorzien van de anti-zwarte strijd Economische en sociale ontwikkeling globale planning, te versterken uitgebreide beveiliging, het versterken van professionele teams, het versterken van positieve publiciteit en het vertrouwen en het vermogen van de mensen te verbeteren om juridische en kwade krachten te gebruiken.

  "Adviezen", benadrukte dat alle partijen en de politiek, de belangrijkste verantwoordelijke kameraden zijn de eerste verantwoordelijke persoon van de blackfighter, om persoonlijk de studie van de inzet, wees dapper genoeg is, durven aan te raken, is de banner steunde de zwarte en kwaad strijd, en verwerkt de zaak en aanverwante afdelingen van de politieke en juridische organen. Double taken in overeenstemming met de wet, graaf extrudalize uitsluiting weerstand van "protect paraplu" en bieden veel steun.

De belangrijkste verantwoordelijke kameraden van de politieke en juridische organen op alle niveaus zijn de directe verantwoordelijkheid van de blackfish, en de superieure politieke en juridische organen moeten het toezicht en de controle van het volgende niveau om het kwaad strijd vegen te versterken, te versterken begeleiding en co?rdinatie en ondersteuning hulp, ervoor te zorgen dat de verschillende werk correct is, vallen echt.

De hoofdverantwoordelijke takken van diverse industrie?n zijn de eerste verantwoordelijke persoon van de industrie in de industrie, en het management van de industrie met betrekking tot, de industrie zou moeten leiden tot het hele proces. Nooit palliatieve, verantwoordelijkheid serieus te ondergaan volgens de wet, en resoluut voorkomen de evolutie van de industrie van de evolutie in zwart en kwaad kwesties. (Editor: Cover pure, Zhang Wei).

SF sales service has an effect on risk and becomes an ideal choice for users.

According to the "China Economic Week" If you want to solve this problem as much as possible, you need to continue your efforts.

As the high-quality brand of domestic express delivery, SF is in improving the service sessions and minimizes the express accidents such as loss. It is also actively launched other services, providing protection for users, and the launch of SF sales service is the risk of such express accidents. Provide active help. With the rapid development of my country’s e-commerce and the express delivery industry, it is now increasingly moving items through online shopping and expressing items with express delivery, which brings a huge traffic to express businesses.

At present, my country’s annual total express parcel is very much, especially during the eleventh period, the traffic volume of express enterprises has increased, facing huge pressure.

In this case, there is a certain increase in the probability of losing, damage, and delays.

Once these conditions have, users who encounter courier accidents will suffer losses.

While minimizing express accidents, how to help users recover losses and safeguard users’ right to benefit, and all express businesses need to work hard. The launch of SF Cheap Services provides an ideal solution to solve the risk of expressing express accidents. According to the SF’s related compensation system, users only have to handle the protection service beforehand, once losses in the express accident, will be compensated according to the actual loss of loss. If there is no maintenance service, SF will not exceed 1,000 yuan depending on the value of the item, up to 7 times the courier fee. From these two compensation standards, you can fully reflect the value of SF price.

Therefore, the majority of SF users should actively use this service to develop a good habit of preparation for insurance preservation services.

Especially when mailing valuables, it is essential to handle SFR.

Only in this way can you deal with the possible risk possible.

SF passed the launch of the maintenance service, it can be said that it is the last piece of the company’s service system, which provides a perfect experience as much as possible. It is exportable service, SF has also become ideal for users to enjoy quality and low risk services.

In particular, many users who mail the valuables will give priority to SF to mail. In addition to the fast-time items sent by the enterprise, SF selling services are undoubtedly important reasons.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose to be cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.

Since November 4th invasion of cold air to cool parts of northern my country Zhi 15 ℃ up to 10

  BEIJING, November 1, according to the Central Meteorological Observatory website news, latest Central Meteorological Station forecast, beginning November 4, will have a strong cold air invasion in most areas, bringing a cool wind and rain and snow, the northern parts of cooling rate of up to 10 ~ 15 ℃, and is accompanied by 5 to 6 northerly winds, gusts of up to 7 to 8, northwest, north, northeast and other large scale rain and snow will appear.

The wide range of cold air, cooling severe, and more likely to occur this winter snow, the public should pay attention to add warm clothing, good cold-related measures. Source: Central Meteorological Observatory website yesterday, the northern part of northern Xinjiang, eastern Qinghai, significant rain and snow, Altay local rainfall of 10 to 18 mm.

The next three days, strong rain and snow will continue in northern Xinjiang, north of Tacheng, Altay in northern high altitude areas with heavy snowstorm blizzard, local, process the accumulated amount of rain and snow up to 20 to 50 mm.

  Expected this week, the southern most areas more than even the rainy weather, the sun is now less, north-central Guangxi, Hunan and other places in southern local heavy rain or rainstorm.

As the rain continued for a long time, humidity, cold body feeling, I suggest that you do a good job of health protection.

Source: Central Meteorological Observatory website Source: Central Meteorological Observatory website.

Three cities in Guangxi police uncovered narcotics joint cross-border drug gangs to destroy the whole chain

BEIJING, Liuzhou December 14 electricity (according to WANG Zheng-xiang Wang Qin Wei Yi) Recently, a drug through tissue from the border city of Chongzuo in Guangxi, Nanning to Liuzhou trafficking gangs were destroyed three cities in Guangxi anti-narcotics department, kilograms of heroin seized, confiscated drug money 660,000 yuan, car 15. December 13 afternoon, "2021-91" case conference was held in Liuzhou City drug detachment, drug control departments to disclose information related to the case.

Since the case in Nanning, Liuzhou narcotics department received a transfer of anti-narcotics department clues, there is a man named closed border from the drug organization was Chongzuo, Nanning, Liuzhou to trafficking.

For this case, Nanning anti-drug departments to immediately carry out preliminary investigation work, through the use of big data information application systems, information warfare platform combined with the traditional outside investigation, found a nearby Haijixing entrenched in Nanning, led to the closure of certain cross border drug gangs. Traffic in the way of the gang by gang members Chongzuo membership drugs will be transported to Nanning Haijixing parking nearby, to be gang members after receiving the drug Nanning, Liuzhou immediately forwarded to the next house in a remote road.

According to members of the group on trafficking habit of multiple Mopai Nanning anti-narcotics department discovered the remaining four gang members and six foothold, and develop the appropriate points to close multi-net programs.

March 19, Nanning, Liuzhou, more than 1,000 police Chongzuo police while 3 to 7 dens were 268 drug traffickers personnel to carry out actions to close the net, successfully destroyed the large suction drug gangs. In this case, the Guangxi Public Security Bureau Narcotics Corps efforts to solve the bottleneck problem many cities, multi-force, multi-sectoral joint operations, effectively break the regional barriers, fragmented nature of the problem, promote the formation of strike force, from the source, distribution, transportation , taking the whole chain to combat drug-related crimes.

In this case, the use of anti-drug departments at all levels of technical investigative techniques such as big data to help solve the case. "This year, Liuzhou Public Security Bureau Narcotics detachment take advantage of the overall data structure of the anti-drug intelligence database, shared high, strong data control features, combined with the platform judged quickly extract relevant data to expand the focus of judgments. To achieve precision-guided intelligence judgments, effective solution to regional drug offenses provided strong conditions.

"Narcotics detachment Liuzhou Liu Xiaojun said. After continuous digging and tracking, as of now," 2021-91 "drug-related cases and arrested a total of 268 criminal suspects, Guangxi" Most of the clusters hit zero "The number of cases arrested One case, prosecution, arrest 84, 184 administrative penalties for drug users, kilograms of heroin seized, confiscated drug money 660,000 yuan.

Guangxi Public Security Department since 2021, set off in the region to combat local drug distribution cluster, zero packet trafficking, mob shelter climax drug and other criminal activities to further curb the high incidence of drug-related crimes momentum, effectively inhibiting drug supply and demand, shrinking drug consumption . Drug criminal cases the region has uncovered more than 4,000 cases, of which drug cases cracked more than 28 kg, arrested drug suspects more than 6,000 gang cases and arrested more than 2,000 suspects and seized more than 170 kilograms of various drugs, drugs seized personnel 30,000 people, solve the case number, the number of arrested, pay and the number of drug addicts investigated several presenting a positive change in four declining, Guangxi drug control situation continues to improve.

Yes,This huge golden planet was once the God Realm,It was actually destroyed?Why is it destroyed?Li Tianzhen’s mind is blank,Speed up to catch up with that Venus。

Unfortunately,The speed of the planet is too fast,He tried his best but he could only watch it go away,In the end it becomes a light spot like other stars。
Li Tianzhen suddenly understood how the Huoyan Temple in his head came from,I also understand what happened to the magnificent ancient temple complex on the sky,Lost home,But ran into his head to avoid disaster,What kind of absurd thing is this,why?
Li Tianzhen, who was floating in the air, lost all his energy,The whole figure seems to be emptied of the body of the soul in an instant,sluggish、Godless,Wander freely with the wind of the void、Aimlessly,I don’t know how long it has been floating,His body was taken apart、Crush,Then re-aggregate,over and over again。
that’s it,Li Tianzhen is so numb that he can’t feel the pain of being cut apart,It’s also difficult to perceive the body after reuniting,That kind of reborn pleasure,Until I came to the invisible curtain again,A violent temporal turbulence hits from behind,Shattered his body again,His erratic consciousness easily passed through the curtain,And witnessed it shattered into body particles the size of fireflies,Like wild bees gathered together,Swarmed across the curtain。
Can’t care about such a magical scene,After the body reunited, Li Tianzhi felt a lot different from before,Haunted brain is also active again,I was shocked to find that my god hiding space has expanded to an incredible extent,The sea of vitality turned into a small poor lake,The colorful light field seems to be farther away,Already close to the bottom of the sky,This series of changes seems to enlarge the original space disproportionately,It’s hard to say what this means。
right now,Li Tianzhen’s gaze was attracted by the vast black hole in front of him,It’s like an extremely large black tornado,Big shocking,The center is as dark as ink,Still spitting out landing blocks、Impurities and stars,The black matter around is tumbling,Like a whirlpool,Slowly rotate counterclockwise,As if it could stir the entire universe on one side of the curtain。
On the other side of the black hole, you should be able to see the truth of the captured world,After Li Tianzhen suddenly had this idea,I couldn’t bear to move around,He doesn’t know if there will be a mortal world in these dead worlds in the future,I don’t know how to stop such a tragedy.,But he wants to see the truth。
Li Tianzhen approached the periphery of the huge whirlpool cautiously,Constantly use spiritual consciousness to perceive the pressure of the surrounding space、temperature,And the void storm that may appear at any time,The black matter rotates counterclockwise to exhale matter,Then from the front of the other end, it rotates clockwise,Should produce extremely strong adsorption,This is just his imaginary
His body is already very close to the black matter,On the periphery of the giant whirlpool,This substance is still very thin,Like a mist,But it has made him feel unprecedented pressure,The slowly moving look gave him a strong sense of fear,It contains an indescribable breath of death。
Maybe this way of observation is too hasty,The mass of unknown black matter is like the star beast that swallows everything in the legend,Too close,Still too dangerous。
Li Tianzhi just had this idea in his mind,The body is like being stuck,There is an invisible pressure all over,Forcing him to move slowly with the thin black matter,This surprise is not trivial,He immediately tried to break free,But the limbs and torso can’t move at all,Fixed by that strange pressure,No matter how hard you try, it’s no use。
The speed of movement is slowly increasing,Li Tianzhen’s body has been glued to the black substance,His body shook,Immediately there are countless black particles pouring in from all directions,Invaded his limbs one by one、Body,All the way to the sacred space,These tiny particles that are hard to distinguish with the naked eye are very sticky,Very aggressive,Where,Li Tianzhen’s body tissues were quickly assimilated,Even the sea of vitality has become a black liquid like ink。
Suddenly dark clouds over the sky,Thunder and lightning,The door of the ancient temple opened impressively,Suddenly golden light,Countless gods and men flew out of it,The colorful trajectories are like rainbows all over the sky,These trajectories quickly formed a very large formation,There is an ancient god sitting on each node,At last,There is a thick beam of colorful light rising into the sky,That is a huge god,He stood in the center of the huge formation,It seems to be the eye and central command of this formation。
Li Tianzhen saw through his spiritual sense,This large array is in the shape of a six-pointed star,Similar to the formation created by the gods of the Huoyan Temple,But the scale is much larger,Rigorous formation structure,Brilliant atmosphere,Before the formation is working, it bursts out a very strong Qi of Heaven。
Six-pointed star array is nested,Li Tianzhi glanced roughly,At least forty-eight floors,There are a total of 289 nodes from the inside to the outside,The ancient gods came out,‘Big white hand’Wait for several gods who have dealt with are also in the big formation,They must have felt a serious existential threat,Will have such a fierce reaction。

It’s hard to be difficult,Just spend time and heart。Not only Yang Su,Everyone in the city,It is very hard。

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This seat“Xiongcheng”,When I opened spring next year,Will ablation with ice and snow。But it will definitely leave a legend here.!
Because,here,It is the most critical pedal for Higao.!
Since then,He can be a sky.。
“Come from,Maximum military order。What commitments have Yang Su to give them,I doubled。Be sure to repair the city!”Gao Biyi said loudly。
NS1005Ice and snow(In the middle)
what?Where is this??
Section“Look back”Surrounded by,He knows this is a dream,But there is such a true。He can’t see yourself,However, the line of sight can pass everything,See everything。Duan Yu also know,Here is the mountain,East Wei West Wei,I have been a shocking place here.,Cry on the war。
Yutai,麾麾 精锐,Finally, it is broken almost all horses.!
Poor thinking,Finally, I started a vigorous national reform,Join the army to join the army to join the army,Eventually changed the political pattern。
It can be said,It is this war,Kuck open the prelude of the new era。For Duan Zhao,Everything here,Just like what happened yesterday.。
“He Xiu Hao Huan,I am breaking Huhe pulled win, I must kill you.!”
Duan Zhao saw a majestic armor,Riding a tall white horse,A middle-aged people who fled in front of the front。
he knows,That person is Gao Huan。
This back is very familiar with him.,then,As a good guard,Duan Yu is still like this,He is watching,Bloody battle,Finally, I became the column of the North Qi Qingtian.。
Seeing the long-awaiting of He Xiang Sheng to sprpen to the back of Gao Huan,Almost even the distance is not enough。If you are the horses below your ass slit slightly,It is estimated that it will be delivered on the spot.。
He is getting closer and closer.,Gao Huan killed the whole family,This hatred,Not both parties, it is so simple,Can“Meet a smile”。
That is a big hatred without dead,Two people,There will now be one person falling down。
And now,The person falling is very likely to be high.。
It is in danger,One member of the Yuanfang Camp,Merry,One arrow shooting the horse head!
The battle horse is actually very“Antipracball”of,It is easy to lose combat power because of an arrow.。However, this arrow is really too drilling.,But also vigorously,And in the middle!
The horse under the congratulations will not work immediately.,He glanced at the high joy in his eyes.,Helplessness。
Duan Zhao is far away,The young teenager is ourselves!Be right,It is myself。At that time, he Fenghua Zhengmao,Sharply,Almost more than Today’s Gao Biyi!
Since the life of life,Gao Huan will take him as the heart of the heart,Extremely trust,And entrust something at the end!
That battle,Should be the starting point of your own flying,He is the shoulder of the congratulation,Climbed up the initial,It is also the most critical step。
today,Destiny again,only,The position of the characters seems to be turned into the head.。
Today’s,More like a congratulatory winner that is doing his best but unable to achieve the purpose。Gao Bo Yi,It is like it’s a year.。
Do not,If it comes from the flower intestines,I didn’t match Gao Baoyi shoes that year.!
I woke up here.,Duan Yue slowly opened his eyes,He found that his cheeks wet,It seems to be tears。The oil lamp on the table is suddenly dark,Make people have a bad premonition。