“uncle,It’s not a gas now.,You think we can buy their farmhold fertilizer,Make money, they just earned thirty-fifty-five,But let’s make tens of thousands of people.,The interests of this are you can’t think of it.。”

Chapter 485 Zhao Jia Village
“If there is no farmhouse fertilizer,We grow vegetables to reduce production,When you say, who you said??”
Although Xu Laifu also understood the truth of Li,But think of this money to make Shenjia Village,He is not very comfortable in his heart.。
“alright,But you can say it.,In addition to farm,Other things are not。”
“Hey-hey,Row,Then I will find someone to ask.,By the way, you tell me.,Who is a relative relationship with Shenjia Village?,After all, relatives come to the door business.。”
I listened to Li Hui.,Xu Laifu is also immediately taking a head,Laugh:“Xiao Li,In addition to Shenjia Village, there is also a village home household,It is a bit far away,Do you want to try??
Our village, there is a little daughter in the village.。”
One heard this,Li Hui is also true.。
“uncle,You didn’t make a mistake.?
Every household raises pigs,Then, the village can say that it can take the vegetable greenhouse of our village.,The village is actually so powerful.。”
“Zhao Jia Village,Although it belongs to our town,But Zhaojia Village will enter some of Zhaojia Town,Generally, we really can’t see people in Zhaojia Village.,Because people are there, they belong to rich villages.。”
Xu Laifu said that this is a bit of emotion。
“Forehead,Who is the village of Zhaojia Village??”
“The daughter-in-law of the village accountant Liu Dafu,At the beginning, Liu Dafu can marry the wife of Zhaojia Village, but the road is very chest.,However, he can marry Zhao Xiaoli is also luck.。”
Say this,Xu Jiafu feels that he seems to say more,I will not say it now.,But laugh:“Now you don’t have to go to Shenjia village next door.?
You directly find Liu Dafu,And I see that Liu Dafu seems to be a speech to you.,I am right for him to find him.。”
Li Hui has not thought of this matter Xu Jiafu can find it.,Immediately, the old fox is the old fox,The eyes of people who see people are poisonous。
“Hey-hey,That line,uncle,I will go find him asking.,See if you can help。”
“Um,Go back,Go back。”
I immediately came to Liu Dafu’s house.。
Somehow,Although it is a day to come to Liu Dafu,But his heart is some virtual.,Because I saw Zhao Xiaoli, I was full of temptation.,Although he is not very moving,But in the face of the other party’s active embracing,He is still a little can’t eat。
But thinking about the hundred acres of greenhouses,There is also a greenhouse of the entire village.,He also drums the courage to knock a door.。
Awfully“Who is?
Liu Dafu went to the county,not at home。”
Zhao Xiaoli said,I have no restraint.,Continue directly to watch TV in the house。
General case,As long as Liu Dafu is not at home,Basically, no one is knocking again.。
“Scull,it’s me,Xiao Li.,I am looking for you something.,Don’t find Liu Shu’s。”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Zhao Xiaoli is also a glimpse。
She knows that Li Hui has been successful in several times.,Then Li will hide directly to their two, two months.。
Now Li speaks with the wind to find her.,Not looking for Liu Dafu,Let her heart accelerate some accelerated。
“Xiao Li.,You wait.,The scorpion will come to you.。”
Say,She also dragged the characters on the feet to the bed.,Then quickly set black stockings,High heels,By the way, take the mirror,It feels good after it is good.,Only the door opened to Li Hui Hui door。

Li Xiucheng is alone?Still have strong group support?This problem has troubled many gods and demons for a long time,Yuanjie suddenly pushed in again,For what?Is it only congenital?Variables appear,Make many gods and demons shrink,However troubled,It’s time for Li Xiuxing to kill。

Enemy with the gods,You have to take big risks,Who will pick the head?Who should take the lead?At that time the God Realm hit the heavens,Many gods and demons who survived and escaped to the mortal world are still fresh in their memories,Observing for so long, I haven’t found any other gods,Except for the remaining Jia Chou in the Temple of War,It was the ancient god who temporarily showed his ugly face,But this doesn’t mean you have to wait forever。
Great Shura was the best candidate,Unfortunately died,and‘Nirvana handkerchief’Is a total lunatic,There are no principles at all,Although this demon played a great role for everyone to come to the mortal world,But no one will thank it,No one will pin their hopes on it。
So everyone focused on Pan Mang, who had an inscrutable enemy with Li Xiucheng.,The once big boss of the Devildom,Has a cultivation base that destroys the world,But he was beaten to earth by Li Xiucheng,Cut the first level,And was finally suppressed,If you can convince it,Definitely the best choice。
Convincing Panmang is not easy,It is even more difficult to lift the suppression and ban on Panmang,Shen Wenyu and Xiao Yanda have to seize this opportunity firmly,Actively contact with Panmang,This is what happened later,But these two are blood,Had my own plan,With the help of the magic eye,Finding the Holy Blood Array is what they desperately want to do,As for killing Li Xiucheng,It depends on luck。
But luck is a contradiction,At the beginning,Xiao Yanda had bad luck,In order to hide,It is to find the Holy Blood Array and the space rift,They sacrifice,Incarnate into the mortal world,But no gain for decades。
During this period,They know about Panmang,I also know the Zhang family,So things seemed to turn around,Because of Panmang,It is possible to use the eyes of the demon to find the holy blood array,They began to actively prepare,But never found the legendary space rift,This is also a very critical issue,No space gap,Can’t break through the barriers of the world,Cannot summon companions with altar,Not enough companions,Everything is in vain,So luck is still bad。
Who expected,The legendary gap in space was not found,However, there have been three spatial rifts in a row in the past six months,Luck is immediately highlighted,Xiao Yanda is so excited that it is difficult to hold on,But calm down, it’s clear,The next step is to face Li Xiucheng,This guy sits in Wuming Mountain,Want to rescue Panmang,Can’t get around this once god of war。
Once God of War,It can only be once,Until that moment,Xiao Yanda still did not make up his mind to kill Li Xiucheng,Based on those complicated considerations,They want to throw this hot potato to other gods,At least before finding the Holy Blood Array,They don’t want to hold on to Li Xiucheng。
But today this situation,Obviously it won’t work if it is not hard,Li Xiucheng is very vigilant,Response too fast,The bloody incident did not hold him for long,So Shen Wenyu must go out in person,Although I was so sad,But he still has confidence,Still strong,And it only takes a while,Other gods and demons came to help,No matter what, Li Xiucheng can’t be allowed to return to Wuming Mountain before Panmang gets out of trouble。
For these twists and turns,Li Tianzhi naturally has no way of knowing,But the main reason is already clear,So I won’t give Shen Wenyu any chance to breathe,Screw the gun immediately。
Shen Wenyu shouted,Rapid change of blood body,A giant strange bird appeared in the clouds,Its appearance is like a eagle,Whole body purple,The eyes and the crown are blood red,A sharp long sound resounded through the sky,Facing the stabbing spear,Big wings flick,Body into the air,Simultaneously,Countless purple feather arrows shot at Li Tianzhi,Like locusts in the sky。
Li Tianzhi loosened his hands,The tail of the big black gun in the right hand punch,Simultaneously turn left palm print,A series of space magic,The speed of palmprint transformation is dazzling,And those feather arrows smelled of rust,Accelerate gliding with the help of airflow,Ignore the false space created by Li Tianzhi one after another,Long drive straight。

This middle-aged man seems to have nothing special,Li Tianzhen temporarily lost interest,Glanced instead12Shop No.,Unfortunately, there is still only a big travel bag on the bunk,Its owner is a fashionable young man who is not tall,Only met one side when getting in the car,Never show up again,I don’t know where to stroll。

Li Tianzhen himself is13Shop No.,In fact, he has always used the opportunity to appreciate the scenery outside the window to observe the passengers walking beside him。The scene of the attack against Quanxingguo at noon is vivid,Plus Xu Wen’s wonderful arrangement,Can’t help but raise his vigilance。
13The lower bunk is an old lady,She didn’t travel alone,Hard seat car and family,Not long after driving, I went there to chat。
And the left12The upper bunk is a young girl,Lying quietly on the bunk and reading,The upper bunk on the right is also a middle-aged person,Black and thin,I’m a smoker and talk,Seems to travel frequently,Run the train,Catch whom to talk to,I went to the car joint to smoke now。
There seems to be nothing special about this group of traveling companions,The only exception is the fashionable young man,Drove for more than two hours,I only showed one side and I was gone,but,Except for the travel bag,There seems to be nothing more to pay attention to。
Li Tianzhi suddenly felt hungry in his belly,Busy to his shop and took the backpack Xiao Song gave him,A faint fragrance comes,It reminds him that this navy blue flannel backpack is something that Xiao Song often uses,I see her on my shoulders every time I move house。
The bag is almost full of food and cut fruits,Pack them carefully in a fresh-keeping bag,There is a bulging envelope at the bottom of the bag,Li Tianzhi opened it and took a look,It’s a stack of hundred yuan bills,There are four to five thousand yuan。There is a line on the back of the envelope:Time is too rush,Buy something for the family with this little money。
Li Tianzhi’s eyes are hot,Warm heart,I feel I owe Song too much,I once promised Uncle Geng,Take care of her,But joined“Ranger“Involuntarily,This dilemma has been torturing him,This is why Li Tianzhen’s proposal to Wu Fang has been vague.,One of the important reasons why it is difficult to make up your mind。
But after the trip to Qingshui,Li Tianzhen found his heart hardened a lot,Pan Wenjun’s slightly shaking corpse is always lingering in his mind。and so,Treat Pang Rong,He is very determined,Even thought of killing it。
Especially the shot that hit Pang Rong in the head,Li Tianzhu paid special attention to You Shilong、Zhang Wen and others are full of horror、Surprised look。As if in that moment,The fierce, bloodthirsty devil is about to jump out of the blood in his body,This makes him very restless and anxious。
This kind of transformation was unimaginable a year ago,Li Tianzhen can’t find the root cause,Maybe since I met Uncle Geng by accident,Or maybe the fate that corresponds to that nightmare。But this is unfair to Xiao Song,He can’t give her minimum safety,And peaceful life,thus,He had to make a choice。
In a daze,The moving train suddenly quieted down,Li Tianzhen turned his head and took a look,Actually arrived。Under the car window,13The middle-aged man in the upper shop is bargaining in front of a mobile vendor,It didn’t take long to hug a lot of food,Got on the train with joy。
quickly,The middle-aged man sat opposite Li Tianzhi with his food。The table in the corridor is narrow,The food on the man’s hand spreads over the tabletop,Except for a box of steaming braised pork feet,Others are some food encapsulated in plastic bags,Chicken wings、Pickled pepper chicken feet etc.。
“Come come,come together。”The man enthusiastically handed Li Tianzhi a pair of convenient chopsticks,He took out a bottle of two or two bottles of white wine from his pocket quickly,Unscrew it and take a sip。
Li Tianzhi quickly thanked,Without moving the chopsticks,But took out a box of fresh milk and a preservation bag,Inside is a very attractive sandwich ham bread,The char siu in the middle should be made by Xiao Song himself。
“This stuff is full?come,You’re welcome,All hard dishes,Authentic Cantonese Roast Meat。”Middle-aged man invites again,The hands and feet keep running out of oil。
“Ha ha,Dude, you’re welcome,I just have something light to eat at night。”
“Away from home,Be worthy of the stomach。I run out all year round,Just fancy this,Eat and drink enough to sleep,Here today,There tomorrow,Time is easy to pass。”

Dong brother spoke now,He said loudly:“Your game has nothing to do with me,But I remind you,Although the road is smooth,But it’s the village road after all,There must be two people in each car“Xia Jian’s head gets bigger when he hears it。

First0154chapter The driven car god
This one can’t ride,Bring another person behind,Unless it’s Monkey King Possession,Xia Jian thought this way。
“This handsome guy,I said can you hurry up,How dare you like an old lady“Li Na has stepped on a red motorcycle,Chao Xiajian shouted。
Which men and women are Chen Sanqiang together,Listen to Li Na say Xia Jian,They followed up,The excitement in the pear garden suddenly turned the sky。
He Jing gently pushed Xia Jian and said:“go,Have me,You don’t have to be afraid of anything,Even ashamed,Can’t throw it here,You just need to do what I said”
at this time,Li Na has started the motorcycle,Whine,Turned around,The front of the car has fallen past。Chen Sanqiang glanced at Xia Jian,Stepped onto Li Na’s back seat。
My days,This woman had two accidents,No wonder challenging him。Xia Jian bite the bullet and walked to which Yamaha,This guy is so pretty,How on earth,He started to beat a drum in his heart。
“Insert the key and turn around”He Jing whispered,So he followed。
Xia Jian did what she said,Key in,Stepped on the support frame,Like pushing a bicycle,Pushed the motorcycle off,My darling,This guy is so heavy!I don’t know how much heavier than a bicycle,Fortunately, I am strong。
“Hahahaha!So you can’t ride?Where can I buy this for birds,It’s eight to fifty,Sister won’t wait for you,set off”Li Na turned around,As soon as he finished talking to Xia Jiangang in a mocking tone,Waved,Which group of them with,Roared wildly and disappeared into the night。
Xia Jian at this time,He’s anxious,I wish I had wings,Hurry up,Catch up with Li Na,Otherwise, this person will be lost tonight**Up。
“focus,I just tell you once,This is electronic start,Just twist the key to the right,Left brake,Right brake,This is to increase the throttle,The following,Step forward to upshift,Downshift backward,It’s that simple,boarding”He Jing said,While pointing to Xia Jian’s various functions on the motorcycle。
Xia Jian’s brain quickly turned,Just this step,An instant memory in his brain。Xia Jian took a deep breath,Quickly stepped up,He Jing immediately jumped up,The woman hugged him with her hands,Xia Jian obviously felt the softness on her chest。
“Ignite,Upshift,Come on”He Jing shouted in his ear with a commanding tone。
Too late to enjoy the tenderness of a woman,Xia Jian followed He Jing’s statement,Just finished,The motorcycle swayed out。
“Ride slower,Big deal we don’t want this car”Ouyang Hong’s anxious shout came from behind。

“Just look at the way he confronted the old pervert,But the realm of a proper second-rate master,Deeply understand the law of water element!”

“Xuanwu talent,More than 1,700 years of training is only half-step and second-rate。Could it be that Ge Hong can already cultivate to the second-rate realm in a hundred years??”
Chen Xiu is full of doubts,So that Xuanwu quietly summoned him several times, but he didn’t know it,I had to shout loudly:“Brother Chen!”
Just now Chen Xiu showed the truth、Means of unity,I even cut out a sword that I am ashamed of。Xuanwu didn’t dare to regain his heart,Even more so“Brother”Proportionate。
Chen Xiu woke up from the confusion,I also stretched out my hand to nest with Ge Hong,Just listen to Ge Hong smiled and asked:“Do you have a lot of doubts in your mind and want to know?”
Did Ge Hong take the initiative,Chen Xiu naturally couldn’t ask for it。
Ge Hong looked at Xuanwu,The latter knows,Is saying:“Zombie、Brother Chen,You talk,I’ll help you police!”I went straight to the forest in the distance。Love me ebook
“What do you want to know,Just ask。”
“Where have you been in the past thousand years?”Chen Xiu asked by himself。
Ge Hong gave Chen Xiu a playful look,Said with a smile:“As far as i know,You and Zhang Yuantu are very close,Didn’t he tell you,I was suppressed underground by his ancestor 1700 years ago?”
Chen Xiu shook his head and said:“Before I saw your method,I still believe,How did I not believe after seeing your second-rate master’s methods!”
“Haha……Really smart!”
Ge Hong laughed and said:“It’s okay to tell you。For more than a thousand years, I went to the Secret Realm of Supreme Taoism。”
Ge Hong said with a smile:“After I took the elixir given by the Supreme Taoist,I found myself becoming bloodthirsty,I thought I became a monster。Tao Tong by my side——Taiichi,I thought I was mad,So I stole the dragon jade pendant from the Taoist priest and escaped。
But as I practice《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》The above exercises,Later, I met some cultivators,I know the changes in my body。
So I want to find the One,Want to make things clear to him,Tell him I am not a monster。

Xia Jian nodded,He raised his voice and said:“good morning everyone!I am Xia Jian, a professional consultant of Dongsheng Group in Pingdu,Fortunately to sit with everyone for this meeting。Mr. Wang just said the theme of this meeting,So everyone will speak the language,Discuss and solve problems together”

“President Xia!The second phase of the Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort in Qingshan County has been completed,It is the trial operation period。But from the overall situation analysis,Business results are not ideal,I don’t know if Mr. Xia has any good solutions?”A familiar voice rang in the venue。
Xia Jian took a closer look,It was Ruan Lingna, the project leader of Hongchuan River Hot Spring Resort。When the venture group project was acquired by Dongsheng Group,A large part of the staff still stayed,Ruan Lingna is one。
Xia Jian was taken aback,He said with a smile:“This question raised by Manager Ruan has already appeared in my plan”Xia Jian turned on the computer。
He found the project plan for Hongchuan River,Clicked and said:“The second phase of Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort,Targeting high-end consumer groups。From the current point of view,Existing development in Qingshan County,Not enough to make this project immediately catch on”
“Then make a long-term sales plan。Laiping City Promotion,Handle member discounts。Waiting for the formation of the commercial circle of Qingshan County,You don’t need to promote elimination here,Business must be hot。of course,This is the marketing plan we did before,Share today,For your reference”
Wang Wei finished listening to Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“Mr. Xia just said so good,The most critical issues are mentioned,So Manager Ruan,A good summary,Form written materials and report to the group,If once approved,Execute immediately”
“Ok!I know Mr. Wang”When Ruan Lingna answered this,,But always look at Xia Jian。The expression on this woman’s face is a bit complicated,Can’t tell it’s happy,Still angry。
These projects currently done by Dongsheng Group,Xia Jianfei is familiar,And there is a whole set of information on his computer。Since I want to cooperate with Hu Huiru,Then he can only open his mind,What you know,Tell them all。
Although Hu Huiru is a typical businesswoman,In her eyes, money is not only money。But he has grown a heart!So Xia Jian is not afraid to cover her。
Next meeting,Very lively。Because of Xia Jian’s enthusiasm and knowledge,Plus others are prepared,So everyone at the conference likes to communicate with him very much。
One morning,It did solve a lot of problems。At the end of the meeting,Wang Wei happily grabbed Xia Jian’s hand,He smiled and said:“President Xia!Thank you so much。this afternoon,No matter what you say,We all have to have a meal together”
“This is my personal invitation,If you don’t go,Just look down on me Wang Wei”Wang Wei has said everything for this purpose,If Xia Jian speaks again,It seems that he is not on the stage。
Wang Chuan invites Xia Jian,He only invited Lu Xiuli,The other person to accompany is Feng Yan,This is something Xia Jian didn’t expect。
For convenience,Wang Wei booked a private room near Donglin Square。Xia Jian came to this place for the first time,But the private room environment is still very good。
A few dishes on the table,Xia Jian understood at a glance,The dishes in this place are quite tasteful,Small amount but very delicate。Every dish is like a work of art,Looks like you can’t speak。
Wang Wei suggested drinking two glasses,Xia Jian is not polite。Four people asked for a bottle of liquor,Take care of other people and go to work this afternoon,So Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore。
Full of wine。Wang Wei said with his wine glass:“President Xia!I won’t say anything extra,Talking too much is hypocritical。Manager Feng said she knew you,So I specifically asked her to come over”

Tsunami eagle wings cover the sky,Shocking the world and shooting towards the Dragon King!

Heavenly Fiend Dragon King raised his head,There is a silver energy surging in the throat。
Spit,Long Yan Mantian,The silver dragon flame rushed towards the tsunami shaped like an eagle,Turned this giant tsunami into a torrential rain。
Tiansha Dragon King doesn’t like fighting,But he killed the Sea Eagle Emperor straight away,Although it has no limbs,No claws,But it is good at fighting like wild dragons……
In ancient ruins,The most is Gu Long,Those survived for thousands of years、Tens of thousands of years old ancient dragon has extremely strong fighting skills,The Tiansha Dragon King learned a lot in the process of competing with them for territory。
Like strangling!
This is the close killing ability of most python dragons,But the dragon’s tail strangling of the Dragon King is different。
Its wriggling long tail,Can be turned into steel,Once the enemy’s sight is covered with wings,The tail was immediately wrapped around the enemy’s neck like a noose,Can be pulled at the moment,Break your neck!
Compared to fighting,Isn’t this a simpler and rude massacre?!
The blood of the Emperor Eagle,Must taste delicious,And it will be hot,The blood of the Holy Spirit is different from the strong stench of ordinary wildlife,Is sweet,With a sense of holiness……
Spread the wings,An agitated black hole suddenly appeared around。
In the black cave,The sharp eyes of the sea eagle king can only see the vague shadow of the dragon king。
It’s impossible to judge the movements of the Dragon King with the shadow alone.。
So it subconsciously thinks that the Dragon King of Tiansha will bite it,But I didn’t expect that the Dragon King of Heavenly Fiend deliberately rushed into the air,Then the noose-like tail instantly turned into a terrifying galaxy chain,It was cruelly twisted around the neck of the Sea Eagle Emperor。
The sea eagle emperor made a sharp cry,It burst out with a breath of ocean tide,Surging in all directions,You can see the woods of the earth being opened,Revealing a whole mud layer of skin。
Enough to knock the giant wheel over,The anger of the sea tide that destroyed the reef hit the body of the Dragon King。
The Dragon King of Tiansha also realized the power of this angry sea is terrifying,So one flips forward,The tail entangled the Sea Eagle Emperor and then slammed to the mountain ahead.!
The anger of the ocean tide released from the body of the Sea Eagle King rolled towards the mountain,The Sea Eagle King also barely escaped from the ultimate move of the Dragon King’s star river chain tail,Just this fall,Did not fall lightly,There are also many broken bones on its body。

That look is like the look from hell,I just looked at Xiao Fan just now,I was trembling with fright。

Lin Yang doesn’t believe in evil,I want to raise my head and look at Xiao Fan again,But I tried it for a long time,I didn’t lift my head up。
“roll!”Xiao Fan gave a light push,Lin Yang left Lin Feng’s side。
When Lin Yangai faced Xiao Fan’s sudden push,I thought I would fall to the ground after a while。
But Xiao Fan didn’t know what kind of strength he used,Lin Yang actually staggered after a few steps,I didn’t fall down。
After Lin Yang truly stands firm,Lin Yu has also come to Lin Yang。
Lin Yu has never seen Lin Yang so embarrassed,What kind of people in my family have never seen,But in Lin Yu’s opinion,Who saw his father,When it’s not at all, it’s polite。
but,It happened to be Lin Feng and his family,Not only dare to speak out to insult the Qiao family,Now he’s so bold enough to do it with Lin Yang。
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Six Sever relationship
This is how Lin Yu can bear this tone。
Lin Yu came to Lin Yoona,Said viciously:“Lin Yuna,This is your good husband,Inferior and inferior,I even dared to do something with my elders。”
“Or say,An illegitimate child is an illegitimate child,Child born,The in-laws I’m looking for are all such families without tutor。”
“Our Lin family has really suffered from blood mold for eight lifetimes,He’s actually related to people like you。”
“I bother!”
What Lin Yu said right now,Compared to what Lin Yang said just now,The degree of unpleasantness is even worse!

So he can’t take care of the love of these children,He must be righteous in the world,He must avenge his brother,Must fix their reputation,Must let those people know,The two words Xiao Fan are frightening names。

Xiao Fan called Gu Jin and told Gu Jin that he couldn’t be with you in these two days,Gu Jin said with a smile,We didn’t even want you to accompany you。Xiao Fan smiled and said:“I better have something to deal with recently,You guys have fun right here。”
Gu Jin didn’t ask anything,Because he understands Xiao Fan,If you need help,Xiao Fan will definitely speak,Besides, with Xiao Fan’s current strength, no one’s help is definitely needed。
Gu Jin didn’t say much when thinking about it this way,Just let Xiao Fan be careful,Xiao Fan smiled and said of course he would,But not a big deal,It will be solved in a while,Just a little far away,Going out for a few days。
Gu Jin said yes, then you go,Then Gu Jin went back to the house to play with Bai Chen and Xiao Nian Gao。Xiao Fan plans to deal with this matter by himself,After all, he alone can handle this matter very neatly。
There is no need for Yiming and Shen Lin to mobilize so much manpower, material resources and energy,Completely wasting resources,Xiao Fan didn’t tell them when he thought so,Went alone。
Of course he went alone,Why don’t you equip yourself well?,He opened that world,Only one silver sports car,Are bulletproof facilities,Even the glass is bulletproof。
And there are many top devices in the car,Are not seen by many people,Usually made by Xiao Fan himself,This modification can bring great power to the car,When necessary, it can reach speeds that ordinary vehicles cannot.。
Thinking about Xiao Fan this way, I feel a little at ease,Although even if you don’t drive such a car,,Xiao Fan can easily defeat them。Xiao Fan hasn’t been on a mission for a long time
Since the establishment of more and more bases,He needs to manage more things,So he usually sends his staff to solve some problems,Except for the one with Fan Lao and the one with Gu Jin, Xiao Fan made the shot himself。
Xiao Fan never did it himself,Three years of breakthrough has brought Xiao Fan a sense of accomplishment that he has never had before,Xiao Fan felt that he was managing the base,I should manage many things myself,After all, this is his own world,Must be in charge。
Don’t always delegate your hands to do many things,They also need to train themselves,And Xiao Fan is fine now,Busy at Lin’s house,All useless things,Why bother。
It’s better to come out and practice with those people,In fact, Xiao Fan feels that these people can’t practice with him,Maybe he fell to the ground without a trick,Thinking about Xiao Fan like that, I feel a little happy。
After all, the gap between people is so big,Xiao Fan moved their fingers, they might be dead,However, they are now persecuting others with their teeth and claws in another place,And they even persecuted Yiming with their teeth and claws。
Xiao Fan frowned when he thought of this,Yiming is a very sensible person,And since I followed Xiao Fan, the smiles on his face are more than before,Even if every time I go out on a mission, I am determined to die。
But he has always been positive and optimistic,Because those people cast a certain shadow on him,At that time Yiming was not strong enough,There is no such strong backing as Xiao Fan。
Thinking about Xiao Fan in this way, I feel that I must give Yiming a breath。Xiao Fan really helped him a lot over the years,This is what Xiao Fan should do,So Xiao Fan drove directly to the destination。
Xiao Fan received a call from Fan Lao while on the road,Fan Lao asked Xiao Fan why he didn’t come recently,Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Am I busy with something??”


Standing in front of Chen Geng,Dorothy smiled openly。
Looking at the eyebrows in front of you、Just write on the face“Praise me,Praise me quickly!”Dorothy,Chen Geng smiled:“Ok,Look at you,It seems that the bidding process went smoothly?”
“Not very smooth,Is very smooth!”Dorothy stood out proudly,Why did she come to Denmark from America so far?Isn’t it because I came here to ask my boss for credit?:“Because our purchases are huge,Compared to last year,Our prices are lower20%to35%Vary,And considering that the price of electronic products is falling fast,We can re-negotiate the price with the spare parts supplier in less than three months。”
Speaking of which,Dolucy can’t help it anymore,Laughed happily:“from now on,Our profits can increase at least15%。”
“15%?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows。
The price of spare parts has fallen,This means that data research companies have greater and more flexible space for pricing strategies and promotional methods,But it is guaranteed to increase15%Profit,Still make Chen Geng very happy。
“Is at least15%,”Dorothy corrected seriously:“In addition,We also successfully held Intel12.33%Shares of。”
Although before, Dolucy called Chen Geng to report and explain the situation as soon as he bowed to the data research company in Crawford.,But she doesn’t mind showing off her credit to the boss again at this time。
As for this share ratio,Is also the result of repeated consideration,Although Chen Geng said before that Intel would not take out20%I won’t even talk to them,But actually such a high share ratio is impossible,Meat can be cut,Just remove one leg and there is no way for the other party to accept it,finally,After integrating various factors,Chen Geng gave11%to14%Holding range,How much can I talk about,It depends on Lucy’s ability。
12.33%Not a lot of shares,But it can be regarded as cutting off a piece of meat from Intel.,But this is not the most depressing Intel,What depresses Intel most is,The data research company has not paid for this part of its own shares。
of course,It’s impossible not to give money,But Intel is very“Considerate”The allowable data research company is now in a critical period of development,and so“initiative”Lending money to a data research company,Then let the other party buy their own shares,This operation is really not ordinary coquettish,But who let Intel do it before?,Now and then,Now it’s Intel begging the data research company to play with it,Of course you can only play according to the rules drawn by Chen Geng。
“Not bad,”Chen Geng is very satisfied with Dolucy’s performance,Although there are data research companies that are already the world’s number one microcomputer manufacturer.,But Dolucy’s ability is absolutely indispensable:“such,Give you a vacation,One week,You and Gary take a good rest……”
Without waiting for Chen Geng to finish,Dorothy quickly asked in surprise and joy:“boss,You really want to give me and Gary a week off?”
“Is this still false?”Chen Geng smiled:“Speaking of,Your husband and wife haven’t had a good rest since you joined the company, right??”
“Great!I will call Gary,”Lucy was busy taking out her big brother,A short while,She happily said to Gary Kiridale on the other end of the phone:“Gary,Good news for you,bossGave us a vacation,Let’s have a good rest……Yes,bossBy my side……I never lied to you,Where do you want to go……Denmark?Ok,Then Denmark,I like Andersen,Like fairy tales……Ok,Then it’s settled。”
Seeing Dorothy who turned from a business woman to a little girl in an instant,Chen Geng couldn’t help but put on a smile on his face。
Speaking of,The Gary Kilidares are definitely models of American model workers,The kind that can get the May 1st Labor Medal,Since the couple was fooled by Chen Genglian,,Because the company is in a period of rapid growth、Because of too many things,They didn’t take a serious vacation and had a good rest,right now,The company’s development is on the right track,Also give these two a good vacation、It’s time for them to take a good rest。