Zhao Hong saw that he was almost ready,And said to Mo Yan:“Here it is,Go and close your own office,starting from tomorrow,Everyone is working in the new office building。

Mo Yan responded,Closed the door and left。
“Sit down!Experience the feeling of this new office“Zhao Hong smiled and sat down at her desk。Xia Jian took a seat here,Just two people face to face,Look at each other,Smiled knowingly。
at this time,Someone knocks on the door,Xia Jian shouted loudly:“Please come in“
Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu came in,Their faces,The same smile,Xia Jian greeted the two and sat down on the sofa next to him。
“President Xia!You see our new office building is also ready,Which fifty acres of greenhouses in Zhangwang Village are still needed,Can be put into production next month。Throughout Binh Duong Town,No village can compare to our Xiping Village,Just talk about this office building,And elementary school,They can’t compare”Chen Erniu gets more energetic as he speaks。
Zhao Hong glanced at him,Said with a smile:“Just say what you want,Abducted,I can’t understand what you are saying?”
“Ha ha!I mean to celebrate!”Chen Erniu said with a smile。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and asked:“How do you want to celebrate?”
“Let’s play a big one in Xiping Village,Let other villages follow,Let’s invite the West Third Group to come to our village to sing a big show,Let the people from all over the world come to see”Chen Erniu said,Stood up excitedly,Start dancing。
Zhao Hong took a deep breath and cursed:“You are so careless,Can we do such a thing?Don’t say anything else,This West Third Troupe is a famous Qin Opera Troupe,Whether they will come or not are two different things,Even if it’s invited,Can we cover the cost??”
“Will definitely come,As long as there is money,Why won’t they come,That’s the cost may be a bit high,Not just to be happy,Let our village get old,Let’s see what the West Third Regiment looks like?Or I just know how to practice it”Chen Erniu was still a bit unwilling to say。
When Chen Erniu first started,Xia Jian a hundred disagree,But when he said it was for the elderly in the village,I started some activities in my heart。
Xia Sanhu, who has never liked talking,At this moment, he also smiled slightly:“There are so many elderly people in our village,I haven’t even been to Pingcheng in my life,I only listen to others saying how the Xisan Group’s drama is so good,But where do they know。Actually what Erniu said,Is also the meaning of these people in the village,It’s just that everyone doesn’t know how much it will cost.”
“Ok!All right,I understand what you mean,This matter can be discussed“Xia Jian said with a smile。
Zhao Hongyi listen,Immediately unhappy,She said coldly:“They fool around,You followed nonsense,Spend such a large sum of money,You are not afraid that someone will sue again?“
“Nothing,Sue if you like!you tell me first,Does Murakami have money now??and also,Which loans,When can i pay it back?“Xia Jian looked disapproving。
Zhao Hong didn’t speak anymore,But to find the ledger from the data cabinet,I probably turned over and said:“Originally at the end of this year,All loans are based on current development status,It can be paid back completely,But not the village primary school,And this village committee,Later, another 50 acres of greenhouses were built,So this year is definitely not up“
“Oh!Has the vegetable supermarket at the township level started to deliver it??“Xia Jian changed the topic,Asked about this again。
Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“not yet,Because there are still several supermarkets in the town currently under renovation,Moreover,We don’t have such a large output,Have to wait till next month,After which 50 acres of greenhouses are put into production,We can deliver“

“A hundred years ago I found the magic weapon to deal with the second generation,I’ll use it for Chen Xiu,We are not without chance!”

Zhu Huiwei said in shock:“You mean that magic weapon!”
“It’s just that the thing is too restraining our zombie spirit,I have never dared to stay by my side。I have always been supervised by the three mortals on Australia Island。”
“We will return to Australia tomorrow night,I took that thing,Let’s go to Centipede Ridge together!”
“You leave such an important thing to mortals to take care of!”
Zhu Huiwei said in surprise:“You are not afraid that they will lose things!”
Zhang Haibao said with a smile:“Do not worry,Although that thing is important to us,No use for mortals at all。And I was desperate to protect the thing for the three of them。
Has given them great wealth for decades,Thirty years ago I promised to give them a chance to live forever,Lured by interest,The three of them will take good care of me!”
Next night,Chen Xiu originally practiced crane control skills in the garden,Suddenly there was a roar above my head,A military transport helicopter landed directly。
When he was surprised,Zhu Huiwei didn’t know when he arrived。
“Let’s go。”
“Hui’ao Island。”

then,Song Kaiyuan also discussed some other problems with Li Hui Feng.。

If it is not a big business,He said that he is willing to learn from Li Hui Feng for a while.。
I know that Li Hui has a few days.,His strength already has a sharp progress,If you practice more with each other,He even felt that it would impact it innate.。
Li Hui Feng did not know so much from Song Kaiyuan.。
If you know,He also feels that the other party wants to impact it innate.。
After all, this realm is,It should also be related to cultural practice.。
With the departure of Song Kaiyuan,Li Hui also strolled with Han Shanshan in the big bend market.。
Two people go to the park,Go online,Going to the bar, it is originally to handle business.,Buy growth line,But the two have become the same as those who visit the mountains.。
Don’t don’t want it happily。
And at the same time,Dai Changsheng is a busy focus。
“Wear factory manager,If this is the headquarters known,Let’s both have to go in.。”
Looking at Qiu Dawei’s face scared,Dai Changsheng also can’t help but think of Li Hui Feng said.。
Anyway, he is not doing this.,I am afraid I can’t escape the punishment of the law.,And now I don’t know how to send Li Hui with the wind.,Then, the road behind him will be very long.,very long。
“Qiu Director,You are also the director of the Technical Department,At that production line, you should know,Why do we eliminate?
Isn’t it because I can’t repair it again??
Otherwise, why don’t we continue to use??”
“And this time is directly close to the scrapped,Staying in our hands is also a waste,We sell it in waste prices above the market.,Why don’t you?!”
Qiu Dawei naturally knows that Dai Changsheng means this.。
“Wear factory manager,You don’t have to say this.,I understand,But the technical department,So many people in the factory,What happens to know more?,We have done it.,If you leave the handle”“Hey-hey,Qiu Director,I can solve this.,What you have to do now is to give me a waste.,Don’t think that your technical department is clean,Many things, I am all eyes,Close an eye。”
Dai Changsheng saw Qiu Dawei still hesitating,Directly。
really,Qiu Dawei heard this,Face a pale。
“Row,I will do it.,But you also know the situation of our technical department。”
“Um,knowledge,This thing you have repaired.,After more than one thousand pieces,got it?”
I heard Dai Changsheng“Repair”The sound of the two words is extraordinarily,How can he not understand?。
When I got it, I nodded.:“understood,Then I will go here.。”
Looking at Qiu Dawei,Dai Changsheng also felt a breath。
Just, I haven’t waited for him.,The small secretary lied his face and walked in a shrew.。
“Hoot”Seeing Anxin Moon crying,Dai Changsheng’s heart is a feeling。
But after watching the woman around the Moon,,Originally, his face has become a surprised,Then it is nervous,Be careful。
“Wife,What’s wrong with you?
How to shoot a small secretary so embarrassment??”
The voice has not yet lost,His face is also directly tied to a slap。
“Pooh,Do you think you are not exposed to her??”
“Who don’t know what you have broken??
As if the old lady I finally know。”
“Dai Changsheng,If you don’t want to be with the old lady,You said straight,Dare to bring me a green hat,You are three legs don’t want it.?”
Finish,The other party waves directly,Two strong men behind, add directly to Dai Changsheng。
Compared with small secretary,Dai Changsheng is directly hungry。

The torturer took out a vial and handed it to the woman,Said:“This is your salary for half a year,Ten Middle Grade Qi Gathering Pills。

let me tell you,The people who were with you,After a year, the salary is not as high as half a year。
Ten years down,If not undercover,Have enough Qi Gathering Pill,You can reach the fifth-grade cultivation base?”
The woman pulled off the bottle cap and smelled it,Now the anger is a little relieved,Take out a picture album from the sleeve,Open it,Above is a portrait of a thin middle-aged man。
“This is the fourth master of Qingfeng Village,Called Huang Zhiming。He used to manage the internal affairs of Zhaizhong,So the reputation is not obvious in the arena。Since Xu Wei was abandoned,Shui Qingfeng handed over the city defense task on the mountain to him.。
Huang Zhiming has a hobby——Gambling。
I go down the mountain several times a month and go to the silver hook gambling shop in the town to gamble,I went down the mountain with him this time,Tonight he will go to the Silver Hook Gambling Shop,Can you deploy more copycats?,Rely on yourself!”
The torturer glanced at the person on the portrait,Asked Chen Xiu again:“Remember not?”
“it is good。”
The torturer carried infurience,The portrait burned all at once,It turned into ashes in a while,Patted the woman on the shoulder and said:“Well done,This mission is over,I will transfer you back to six doors immediately,Mine head。”
“Stop it。”
The woman didn’t believe her torture head:“Didn’t you say that this time,That time is not the last time。”
Embarrassment,It seems like that,There is no way to refute,Suddenly came a while outside the window“Creak”Door opening sound,Chen Xiu looked out of the probe window,I saw two women walking outside the gate,Dressed up as a Tsing Yi maid,The other is a red dress and what surprised Chen Xiu is,This woman actually looks exactly like the undercover woman。
A rough male voice came from the undercover woman,This sound is Leide Chen Xiu Wai Jiao Lin Nen,Almost no old sputum came out。
“Ruyan came back early,You guys go quickly,I want to remove makeup。”
The undercover woman said while wiping off her makeup,Showing a rough face,Take off the women’s clothing,More of a man’s figure。

Terribly sinister。

If they are a little weaker,Or did not unearth the laws and secrets of losing dragons,I’m afraid it will be difficult to get out of this Yinling Village alive!
Its daybreak。
Lihuagou has gradually hidden under the horizon,They are rushing to Runyu City non-stop。
Although Runyu City is a chaotic place,Full of war、struggle,But it’s far less scary than Lihuagou Yinling Village。
This kind of magic,After all, all major forces have to fight together,The Shenfan Academy that is in charge here,It seems that I don’t even know that there is a clan of Yin Lingshi in Lihuagou,I don’t even know the tide of losing dragons,It’s what the Yin Ling masters who can communicate with Sanglong do。
Zhu Minglang thinks it is necessary to inform Shenfan Academy of this matter。
but,Mai Rou, a girl from the Yin Ling Master, also said,Several other villages in Lihuagou are very hidden,Especially the sixth and seventh villages,She has never been to her clan。
Lihuagou has complex terrain,In addition, the major stockades are showing a long snake defensive formation,People from outside can see the first village at most、Second village,No other stocks can be found。
Even if the Shenfan Academy is aggressively cruising,There won’t be much harvest in Lihuagou。
Back to Runyu City,Zhu Minglang doesn’t know what to do with this Yin Lingshi girl for a while。

“Thousands of years。”Zhong Sanpu shook his head。

“Maybe it’s still there。”
“Is meaningless。”
“Since it’s your ancestor’s natal sword,Should try to sense it with your mind。”
“That is natural,Tried countless times,Add trouble。”Zhong Sanpu’s eyes suddenly brightened,Dimmed quickly again。
“How does the old man understand the formation??”
“The formation is too complicated,I don’t know what the kid is referring to?”
“Such as being trapped。”Li Tianzhen recounted the Skynet formation composed of war puppets,Naturally, he will not conceal the blood gods and demons trapped in it,of course,According to the judgment of the black unicorn,This demon has quietly escaped,Long ago not in the ruins of the underground palace。
Zhong Sanpu immediately decided to take a look at the scene,Li Tianzhu gladly leads the way。
It’s afternoon,The ruins of the underground palace sparkle with gold,Many war puppets stand along the mountain,Rigorous,Ordinary people cannot see the puppet,I just feel that there is light everywhere,However, Zhong Sanpu, as a rare great practitioner in all life, still accurately captured the position and shape of each puppet.,Even the armors and weapons they hold,Can’t help but be amazed。
Li Tianzheng gave an order in his divine consciousness,Zhong Sanpu can walk and observe in the ruins of the underground palace at will,Then stand quietly on a high place,Don’t bother each other。
Zhong Sanpu is like everyone in the formation,Daomen’s formation is particularly broad and profound,Ordinary formations can’t help him,Skynet formation is tight,Great lethality,But not particularly complicated,Zhong Sanpu quickly found the eye of the formation、Life and death、Tian Gang Di Sha Position,Think a little,Immediately understood the movement and aggregation channels of Yuanli when the formation was activated。
But seeing Zhong Miura climbed up and down in the ruins of the underground palace,Walk along the outer edge of the ruins for a while,After a while, I got into the tunnel deep dug by coolie,It took a long time to crawl out,Finally stayed on the central side of the big formation and stood silently,Li Tianzhen was very nervous throughout the whole process,The sacrificial blade hovering in the hand,Whenever you encounter danger, it will preemptively。
Until Zhong Mipo stands still,Li Tianzhen’s eyes stayed beside him,A section of a huge rock,I can vaguely see the grand shape not long ago,Metallic luster in the setting sun,That is the eight-sided purple gold mace that broke into countless knots after the underground palace was completely destroyed,Without the Shaking Rune,Lost the support of the suppression formation,The mana of the purple gold mace quickly fades away,After standing for more than two hundred years, it is difficult to withstand the bombardment of Panmang’s great magic power,Collapsed。
“Come see,This thing is huge,Surprised the old man,Could it be that he was once a great soldier?”Zhong Sanpu waved towards Li Tianzhen。
“Not bad,Used to suppress the demon under the underground palace,Known as the Octagonal Purple Gold Mace。”Li Tianzhi didn’t elaborate,It’s a shame to secretly say this golden mace,Guangcheng Hall Cui Baigong’s famous weapon,I don’t know the other party。
“Great soldier!”Zhong Sanpu sighed,Again,“This mace is inserted obliquely between the eye and the gate,Although able to sense and rely on each other,But there are also great things,When the magic weapon disintegrates,Both effects are gone,But the mace is still there,The formation has a big loophole。”
“You mean that the blood demon head will hide in the mace,And then slip away?”
“Not bad。”
Li Tianzhi suddenly realized,Confronting Panmang,He released a puppet formation in a hurry,Is based on the Zijin mace,At the same time, I also want to take advantage of the remaining power of the umbrella formation,Only consider fast blocking,I didn’t expect the Zijin mace to collapse completely,He also took measures to repair the leakage afterwards,It might be too late。

However, I only heard the method of improving the golden core,Fuxi’s eyes are bright。

Chapter Thirty Four Win over
Fuxi,He is one of the three leaders of the human race,Hearing this news made him extremely excited。
Xiaoyao Daozu is a bit at a loss,However, Fuxi quickly told Xiaoyao Daozu。
Now Xiaoyao Daozu is also very excited。
Second-class golden pill conceived method,Means the future human race or Taoism,A batch of celestial beings will be born、True fairy、Ancestor。
The method to improve the grade of Jindan,It can make some of the top powers in the Three Realms better。
Xiaoyao Daozu’s realm is very close to the leader,Once Jindan is promoted to second class,Mana level to which level,You can become a leader directly(Comparable to the ancestors)Up。
Fuxi,Although it is a leader,But it’s not really good at fighting,But once the mana is increased,,The same deterrence。
Which is not very helpful to those ancestors。
“candle–Ming Daoyou!”Fuxi speaks suddenly,“Since you have also been reincarnated as a human race for me,Why not join my human race now,Waiting for you to realize the way of heaven,Can also become a human emperor。”
“Cough,Fellow Taoist Candle Dragon is one of the founders of my Taoist School,Naturally join the Daomen!”Xiaoyao Daozu glanced at Fuxi dissatisfied。
no way,Don’t talk about the opponent’s strength,This method alone is enough to give a qualitative increase in the strength of the Taoist or Human Race。
“Don’t rush me!”Li Ming smiled lightly,“Listen to me first,This is the strange thing that Jin Dan needs to upgrade。”

Maybe it’s the identity of Zhou Ziyi on this express train,Xiangyang and their team have also become strong and powerful under the control of Ling Yun,Several shareholders including Xiao Xiaoxiao and Zhu Shiyao,You can also see the share of the account increase every month。

It’s the same problem that makes Bai Lu at a loss,It seems that I haven’t used the knowledge learned,Ling Yun and Yan Xiaoyi fulfilled everyone’s expected amount,And still in excess。
Bai Lu can clearly realize this,After taking over,What height will the starting point be,So knocking at the library became Bai Lu’s daily check-in,Even if Xiang Chen repeatedly persuaded,There is no way to stop Bai Lu’s learning spirit。
What comforts Xiang Chen is that Bai Lu’s mother finally accepted Xiang Chen,Also willing to move into the apartment Xiang Chen prepared,This is also after Bai Lu’s father left,Bai Lu and her mother are not alone in a new year。
Warm spring after the Spring Festival,It seems that everyone has a different happiness。
Of course there is only one person who has been suffering from joy and loneliness,That’s Zheng Ziling。
Due to the stake in Xiangyang Studio,Originally, Yu Ling gave her son the money to pick up girls,Now also has interest,And it’s still an upward trend。
In Zheng Weiwei’s view,This is a good thing,But in Zheng Ziling’s heart,Not necessarily so good。
Invest in Xiangyang’s studio,It’s not that I have a unique vision,Zheng Ziling knows this very well,And he knows better,As long as Xiangyang hasn’t married herself one day,The one named Ling Yun has always been his underestimate,My rival is helping Xiangyang make money,But besides appearing by Xiangyang regularly every day,I can’t seem to do anything for her
Zheng Ziling is a bit lost,And this loss has been going on for a long time,So that Zheng Ziling would be alone in a daze every morning,As if not connected to this world,And this world is for Zheng Ziling,Also like a passerby,Just stayed in his sight for a moment,Nodded at him and left。
“Our pigs are a bit weird recently!”
As Zheng Ziling’s mother,Yu Ling, after Zheng Ziling liked to be in a daze every morning for a month,The first to find something wrong with his son。
The first day of a long holiday,My son doesn’t eat breakfast or go out,Yu Ling wondered if his pigs were upset when they gave the cabbage。Some worries,But still didn’t put down the chopsticks in my hand。

The quiet little boy slowly raised his head,At the same time, the teacher from Warm Heart explained from the side:“His name is Zi Qian,He didn’t know anything when he first came to us,I know my name is Zi Qian。”

I saw Qi Tianqi hugged the little boy with trembling hands.:“child,I found you,Do you remember dad?”
These words surprised everyone,Madam Qi is the most surprised。It turns out that the previous Mrs. Qi had a child,I don’t know what’s wrong,This child is lost,For this reason, Qi Tianqi has been searching hard for a long time and has not found it.。
I didn’t expect to find it in Nuan Xin Jia Yuan today。
“Mr. Qi?What do you mean?”Xiao Fan asked inexplicably。
Chapter Three Hundred and Six Frightened child
I heard Xiao Fan’s question,Qi Tianqi said to Xiao Fan very excitedly:“Tell Mr. Xiao,My child was lost five years ago,We searched for a long time,But didn’t find it,I divorced my ex-wife because of this,but,I didn’t expect that I would be in this place,Met my child。”
Qi Tianqi’s face is full of excitement,He never thought about his lifetime,I can even find my child。
You know when the child just lost,I found a lot of places,Used a lot of relationships,But this child seems to have evaporated from the world,I can’t find it anyway。
but,What Qi Tianqi didn’t expect was,For the sake of the Shen family,Just barely come to attend such a charity party,I was able to meet my lost child for many years here。
What Qi Tianqi didn’t even think of was,His lost child for many years,I have always been so close to me,But I never found him。
If I came into contact with the warm home one day earlier,Participate in public welfare a day earlier,Did he find out his lost child for many years?。
Qi Tianqi really hates that,He hates himself why when he lost his child,I didn’t put my love for my child on other same poor children immediately,If that’s the case,Have you already found your own child?。
Xiao Fan and Lin Yuner looked at a man as big as Qi Tianqi,Especially the head of the Qi Group,When I saw Zi Qian,Can cry like a child,The two of them didn’t know this time,What should I say to Qi Tianqi?。
It seems that both people feel that what they say at this time is superfluous,After all, they lost their children for so many years,Found it suddenly,but,Excitement should and should be,It’s reasonable too。
Qi Tianqi is here with excitement and tears,Madam Qi on the other side doesn’t know what to do。
Because just now,She still cares about that kid,I thought the other party was just an ordinary orphan,Just like her eyes are above the top,I want to clean up his orphan。
but,What Mrs. Qi never expected was,This child turned out to be his husband’s child,I really stabbed a hornet’s nest now。
How important is this child to Qi Tianqi?,Madam Qi knows that better than anyone else,But when I was just now,But scolded that kid,It’s really terrible!

“Hey,my girlfriend,Why call me free,Do you miss your boyfriend??”Qin Feng answered the phone,Said jokingly。

“Come out to drink with me。”Fu Xiaoyi is on the phone,Said lightly。
“where are you?”Qin Feng heard Fu Xiaoyi’s tone not quite right,He should have already drunk a lot。
Fu Xiaoyi finished,Qin Feng drove there immediately,The bar where Fu Xiaoyi is located。
Indulge in Utopia,Look at the name,Qin Feng shook his head,Walked in。
Don’t know if you don’t go in,When Fu Xiaoyi called,Qin Feng thought he had heard it wrong,The bar during the day,Will they be open??
But I only found out when I came in,Not only in business,And also very hot

On the dance floor, men and women are dancing with passion.,There are many single men and women,Looking for your own“prey”。
Although there are many people,But as long as Qin Feng wants to find,No matter how many people,Not hard to find,Next second,Qin Feng is in a corner of the bar,I saw Fu Xiaoyi’s figure。
“beauty,Is anyone here?”Qin Feng pretended to be a stranger and asked。
“roll。”Fu Xiaoyi didn’t recognize Qin Feng’s voice,So he cursed。
“Yo,The little girl has a good temper!”Qin Feng still teased。