It was the morning of the fourth day when the teenager woke up,Looking at the sun outside,Jumped up from the bed in surprise,The first reaction is that I don’t know how long I slept,Secondly, I remembered the explanation from Master Huo Tianzun,Go to the Holy Fire Palace to find him,Could this be a delay in this matter??

There are stacks of neat brand new clothes beside the bed,Juvenile careless,Dressed in a hurry and rushed out of the room,Seeing an old man in the courtyard was carrying water and watering flowers,It’s the person I called to help him arrange a residence,Then asked,“Old man,How long have i slept。”
“Three days。”
“Three days?”The teenager pats the forehead,Turn around and rush towards the courtyard door,But after two or three steps, I had to stop and ask,“Dare to ask how to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
This Five Elements Island is huge,Crater mountains to the northeast,Mountain peaks,There are many buildings on the halfway of these peaks,Find one by one,That will take a lot of effort。
The old man seems very confused,Overlooking the crater,Reach out,“Should be in this mountain。”
should?Boy rolls his eyes,It seems that this old man is also confused,It’s better not to ask,Time is running out,The teenager rushed to the discharge gate,And then jumped into the air with one step,This is the only body method he will use when he comes to the free world,I realized it under the pressure of the master。
The crater seems to be right in front of you,In fact, there is still a distance,Juvenile using imperial wind,Although still very clumsy,But the speed is not slow,Soon I found two peaks,But did not find the Holy Fire Temple,No one seems to exist in the two buildings。
Beautiful scenery along the way,But no clouds appeared,It’s hard to see people,The huge island is quiet,Young people can’t find anyone to ask,Can’t help but get anxious。
To the third mountain,The buildings here are much more magnificent than the previous two,And brought hope to the teenager,See from a distance‘Palace of Golden Wind’Three large gilded plaques,He seemed to pass by here when he left the hall with Wu Ju,The words on the plaque at that time were like tadpoles,Young people don’t recognize,I still don’t recognize it now,But familiar,Is the common square font in mainland China。
Don’t understand why,But presumably the Holy Fire Hall is so close to the main peak,Once the scope is reduced,At ease,The boy simply broke into the building in front of him,I don’t believe I can’t find a big living person。
‘Palace of Golden Wind’Someone is there,more than one,The fat blond man who met three days ago is in the courtyard outside the temple,Juvenile joy,Waved at it in mid-air,“I’m lost,Dare to ask fat brother,How to get to the Holy Fire Temple?”
“Holy Fire Temple?”The fat man looked confused,“The Holy Fire Temple has long been destroyed。”
“what?!”Teenager shocked,Thought I heard it wrong,Hurriedly jumped down from midair,“Fat brother,I’m talking about the Holy Fire Temple。”
“Yes,Holy Fire Temple has been destroyed。”

“Self-defense?Self-defense will seriously hurt people?”Officer Shen snorted,“You guy is very dishonest,I want to fool around with me on the construction site。What the hell is in your heart?what?Speak,What’s your motivation for making trouble?”

“Police officer,Am I assisting in the investigation or being questioned?”Li Tianchou also sneered。
“presumptuous!”Smiling tiger slapped the table,“it’s here,To assist in the investigation is to be interrogated,You’d better keep your attitude,Don’t play with me,Otherwise, don’t blame me for not reminding you。”
What do you mean?Is it possible that you still want to torture a confession?Li Tianchou is angry,But know that you must not be impulsive at this moment,He tried to calm his mind,After a moment he laughed,“Good police officer,I have a correct attitude。”
The smiling tiger’s face eased,Tapped the corner of the table with my finger,“Then tell your question honestly。”
“What happened is like this,At dinner,My colleague and I ran into two workers who were beaten by a gang of hooligans at the gate of the construction site,They are holding machetes and other weapons,My colleague is unarmed,Face covered with blood,Serious injury,Reminiscent of some time ago,Workers get beaten almost every week,We have all reported the case,But no results,So this time we are forced to defend ourselves……”Li Tianchou takes the trouble,Luo Li started to talk about what happened。
Police Officer Shen’s face becomes uglier the more he listens,I can’t help it in the end,He slapped the table again,“Are you correct attitude?Why did you bump into the gangster?Are you deliberately looking for something?I keep saying that I am defenseless,Why did witnesses see you carrying shovels、Pickaxe?Plan tomorrow morning,But full of lies and sophistry,Crime plus。Advise you,Lad,Stop playing。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Five Face kung fu
Li Tianchou suddenly understood that Officer Shen was not biased because of preconceptions.,Is actually intentional,As for the reason,still not clear。
He deliberately wanted to tease this smiling tiger,Although it is likely to suffer from immediate losses,But Li Tianchou doesn’t want to compromise,“shovel、Pickaxe is our tool for work,Take self-defense when beaten,What’s the problem?Didn’t the person who reported the crime tell you that the gangsters have machete in their hands、Murder weapon?”
Fatty Shen’s face is suddenly uglier than a hanged ghost,He stood up quickly,Pointing at Li Tianchou,“I’m asking your question,Why are you talking to me?You kid avoid the weight,Fabricate facts,I don’t think you can see the coffin or cry。”After he finished speaking, he winked at the young police officer beside him。
The police officer knows,One notebook,Take a peek at Li Tianchou,That means you ask for more blessings,Then quickly got up and went out。
Blink of an eye,The door opened again,Two round-waisted zone defense players came in,Looking at Fatty Shen without saying a word,Obviously waiting for instructions。
“Close the door。”Fatty Shen gave an order,Started to unbutton the shirt。Li Tianchou immediately realized what they were going to do next,Tengran on fire,But the ambivalence made him pressure and pressure the fire,Shook his head vigorously,Calm down and calm down。
Li Tianchou wonders if other workers have also suffered the same treatment,But he swears he will make this Fat Shen regret running out of his mother’s stomach。

“Gravitational space,Generate attraction in one’s direction?”Di Heron’s face is uncertain,He knows【Gravitational space】、【Repulsion space】Who does this trick belong to,That purgatory leader is definitely not something a powerhouse like him who has just reached the level of the palace master can handle,If that target knows this trick,Does it have anything to do with that Lei Jing??But think again,Not to mention whether the strong man in this message is the target【Wright】,even if,The strong in hell can’t control the life god realm。

Let’s talk about the target Wright,He has inquired very clearly,From the material plane,It should have nothing to do with Lei Jing。Let’s talk about that trick,Not necessarily【Gravitational space】,After all, with the eyes of a middle god,Misjudgment is normal。
Thought of here,Di Helong showed a slight smile,Hear the painful roar from the lower part of the castle,Become more pleasant。
One of his god clones was beheaded,He wants more than just kill those who do it。Relatives and friends related to them,He has to take care of the torture,Make them regret,So that the hatred。
“Humph!Those who practice the rules of death are really**Quotient,Soul leeches are so expensive。。。but,Good value for money。”
Chapter 21 Intelligence
Long Trip,At the flying speed of Wright Metal Life,Across the Yanyu Continent and the Qingkong Sea,And arrive at Linpu City at the northern end of the Qingkong Sea,It was expected to take more than ten years。And this way,There are a lot of bandits blocking the way,Although it won’t take much time,But it is also very,trouble。
Although there have been rumors that a master deliberately pretended to be a middle god,Fishing black and eating black robbers,But for the robber,The probability of encountering the principal is extremely low,Makes Wright annoying。
But when Wright passed over a certain sanctuary tribe,I grabbed a gratifying-looking giant white bear。
And then directly sign a soul contract with this white bear,Three more gods refine,With the assistance of Wright’s soul gold beads and some other treasures,In just five years, there was an extra subordinate of the upper god level。
Although this upper god is just a super parallel refining godhead,But after all, it’s an upper god,Deterrence is still there,If you really run into an enemy, Wright will do it himself。However, many ordinary bandit groups have no guts to attack metal beings with higher gods.。
But even so,Such a long journey took a full 15 years。
Fifteen years,It’s not too short for Wright who has lived for a thousand years。
Wright was very concerned about Elek’s comfort during the period,Anxious,Naturally, there is no way to settle down and practice。But the time is not wasted。In the long journey,Wright always carries his weapons on his back,Maintain the nurturing of divine power and soul power。
Wright’s three-line fusion power is stronger than the superior power,The ability to breed artifacts is also stronger。In the previous millennia, he had actually been bred a weapon stronger than the upper artifact,But after all, there is no sense of urgency。The artifact is only conceived to the upper artifact level。
And in these fifteen years,He also wants to improve,So I spend more time on gestating artifacts。Although the spear in Wright’s hand is of ordinary material,But after targeted reinforcement,But it also surpasses the upper artifact。

“what happened?

Mission progresses?”
“Um,But today I want to find the old principal, you know some things.。”
“whats the matter?”
I heard Li Hui’s words,The old principal is also a bit wonderful。
“I want to know why there is so many things that we have done so many things before Luzi.?”
“There is such a mouse,The whole school will be made of black smoke,The old principal should not know these.?”
Li Hui Rong said the words。
The old principal listened quietly。
After Li Hui said,The old principal is slow and long:“Do you feel I don’t want to turn it??”
“I want, too,But I can’t expel.,You should know that we are in the noble high school.,It should be more important to know that this high school is a profitability.,Not a public school。”
“Since it is interested,Then do you know why Lu Zi’s old man??”
“Is a person of the school board,The father of Wu Feiyang is also。”
“Now you understand why these people can Yaowu Yang Wei.?”
“Can you understand why the teacher has seen it??”
At the time of this, the old principal is also helpless.。
Li Hui listened to the straight frown。
“Don’t you reflect??”
You think this is a TV series?
this is?
This is a reality, Xiao Li。”
“The teacher of the rebel is lost, the rice bowl is lost.,Maybe it will be retaliated after it!”
“I also resist,But I resist my own thing.,my son,grandson,Daughter-in-law is threatened,You said that I am for my own justice.?
Still intend to integrate the whole family?”
The old principal said that this is also a helplessness.。
At the same time, there are some ideas that Li Failee.。
“You are the people inside the organization.,What do you want to do?,What to do,I do not care,I give you the biggest right.。”
“Old principal,I want to know if I set up a high school.,Can you convince most teachers to follow me??”
Li Hui Feng this time no sense of usage。
He understands that there is an expensive land,The existence of land cultivation is still coming back。
After all, there is a board of directors.。
I want to die for all,Then just screen all of these slags all directly。
Xiao Li is preparing to apply for public schools in the country?”

Pan Wenyue is really going to cry!

500 The concubine can’t do it!
Chen Xuyang never thought that he was almost 70,There is still a day to return to class,Or return to class in this way,It’s not the world’s famous scientific celebrities who teach him,Just a young man who is said to have just graduated from graduate school。
And according to the information he has,This young man has just grown up this year。
More terrifying is,He is not the best student in the class.,After all, what the teacher said is not well understood。
Chen Xuyang only felt severely hit by the back wave once。
Especially when Wang Yufei started to draw and explain in detail,He seemed to feel that Wang Yufei’s tone became a little impatient,The eyes of these students are full of disgust,Like a silent question:“I don’t understand it so simple?What do you eat?”
Yes,Chen Xuyang is sure of this,I think back when he brought doctoral students,If you encounter this kind of student who needs him to tell repeatedly to understand,That’s how he questioned silently。Even too dull,He will point out,Did you listen carefully?。
But now it’s him who doesn’t understand,Very complicated mood。
Happy for the successors of China’s scientific research,And sad because I seem to be really old。
“Everyone almost understand?”Wang Yufei confirmed。
Pan Wenyue no longer asks questions。
Although there are still eyes on him,But Pan Wenyue decided to leave it alone。
It’s difficult to understand these problems thoroughly,Now I don’t understand why everyone can go back and study slowly,What do you mean by asking him to ask。
“Cough。”Chen Xuyang couldn’t help coughing twice。
Wang Yufei’s eyes fell on the old scientist。
“Ok,I have a question,The constants introduced by the two equations are not the same,Does this mean that there is no third constant that can explain all of this。”Chen Xuyang asked。
Wang Yufei nodded approvingly,Then he explained:“About this question,My understanding is like this。First, we boldly assume that only three constants are needed to construct all the constants of the entire natural sciences。Now we are sure that the speed of light and Planck’s constant can solve many problems for us,So do we need a third fixed constant to build our universe?I think it does need,But before finding this constant,We can use a simpler method。”

One is derived from the most powerful existence of the practitioner civilization-Mystic prohibition created by the Supreme。

First, it is at least the highest realm mystery that can be created by existence in the world realm.
One is the realm of comprehension in the three realms。
Triple mysticism,Mutual reference。
A little bit of inspiration。
Water dissipates,Li Ming opened his eyes。
“Just a little bit~”
He can perceive,These three layers of mysticism echo each other。
Once I realize that he is‘Into one’The state of,Once it breaks through itself, a qualitative change will inevitably occur。
In the body of a true fairy,It’s completely comparable to Taoist ancestors。
but‘Two into one’Not so easy to do。
Nine-fold Chaos Restriction》Fifth level、The third realm of Tao Wu’s eighteen gods and demons、The artistic conception of Jiuchuanguihai in the Water Xing Tian Dao is just one of them.。
This step,Very difficult to step out。
Even Li Ming suspected,Even if you step into the Taoist ancestor, you may not be able to do it。
Unexpected,The eyes of this clone are bright。
Moon Lake,Fifth island,Falling Moon Island。

This is still the top,Pangu Chaos World can definitely rank in the top ten supernatural powers。

More supernatural powers!
but,These are the by-products of his method of creating reincarnation,Not worth mentioning,Not worth mentioning!
“or,I will be so biased towards the secret technique of killing《Blood world》Pass it to him!”
“but,Teach this bloody secret technique to a future monk,It seems a little bit too much。”
“or,Put mine again《Candle Dragon Eye》Pass a little bit to the monkey?”
Li Ming is not a bad guy,Or kneel and lick some people who have heard the legend。
joke,In Panlong universe、Eating the starry universe,His high status,Already passed this stage。
first,Is his little taste。
Second come,Invest in these members of the westbound team,Also entangled some cause and effect。This causal entanglement,Is the direction of his current enlightenment。
If you can comprehend successfully,The law of reincarnation will also be perfected,Then it will be his reincarnation time!
Chapter 22 Reincarnation
Outside Chang’an City,Jiang Liuer drank the wine with his native land,Farewell to King Tang,Bring Avalokitesvara to present three treasures all the way westward。
now,No one knows yet,The night before the Shamen monk, Jiang Liuer, left Chang’an,But had a weird dream。
Dream,The Lord Buddha taught him a method。
But don’t know,In fact, this is the powerful candle dragon secretly passing a method to this Sanzang mage。
The westbound road officially opened。
Second day,He embarked on the westbound road。

“Shopkeeper,Let’s burn the knife,What kind of fruit wine is too weak!”Tu Shanming fears that the world will not be chaotic,Tao。

Liu Wenzhang frowned slightly,Said:“Old paint,Just burn the knife!How can the girl drink such strong wine?”
Didn’t wait for Tu Shanming to answer,Xiaojuan said lightly:“What’s wrong with the girl?Can’t drink hard liquor?Can’t make a sharp knife?joke!Just drink and burn the knife!”
Liu Wenzhang helpless,Had to go with her,This girl Xiaojuan has such a big tone,Should also be a hero in wine,I don’t need to worry too much。
quickly,The shopkeeper of the inn brought three kilograms of good spirits and knives,There are also some side dishes for wine。
They want to drink,It’s hard to serve food!Because the Princess Huanhai has already packaged the entire inn,Chartered service,Isn’t that doing my best??
“Come,Come on!I will do it first!You are free!”When Tu Shanming saw a good wine,It’s like a bug in my belly,Alcohol addiction,Exclaimed。
He raised his neck,Poured a big bowl,There are enough small three-two burn knives,Red appeared on the face immediately。
Liu Wenzhang first poured a small bowl for Xiaojuan,Then I filled myself with half a bowl,Bumped with Tu Shanming,Drink it all。
That maid, Xiaojuan, really dare to drink,Not much to say,A neck,Drink a little bit of wine in the bowl。
then,Three people just like that, you toast me a bowl,I toast you a bowl,Drank three catties of burning knives very quickly,There is nothing left。
Maid Xiaojuan’s face flushed,Even more pretty。
“Miss Xiaojuan,You drink slowly!”Liu Wenzhang was born in a big family,Understand etiquette,And also think that the two big masters,In case the little girl gets drunk,What’s the matter then?!
“Don’t care about it!Mother-in-law!”I didn’t expect Xiaojuan not only to not appreciate,Gave him a white look。
Tu Shanming looks unexpected,Actually, I’m so crazy!He didn’t plan to do anything to the little girl,Because this place is not up to him at all,He is a little brother who follows others,How dare to do that ridiculous thing,He is pure good wine,As long as there is good wine,Someone to drink with,He’s satisfied,Whether you are a girl or a guy!
“boss,Another three catties!”Sister Xiaojuan really does not let her beard,The more I drink, the more vigorous!
The shopkeeper is of course happy,Then came a jar full of six-pound burning knives,Said with a smile:“Just have fun,This altar counts mine,No money!”
no way,They opened a shop,I like the store’s lively and popular,Don’t watch you guys book the venue,But the place is deserted,The shopkeeper felt aggrieved,Saw someone drinking and punching,Of course happy!
Three people have done a big bowl of stomach,The maid Xiaojuan suddenly lay on the table,Wow crying!

Many of them even regretted borrowing less pesos,If I could borrow more pesos before smashing it out,They can earn more after the peso exchange rate plummets!

Many of them started to take out“Big Brother”,Do everything possible to see if I can borrow more pesos,Before the peso exchange rate completely collapsed。
Just as everyone celebrates victory,Qiao Tianyu and Sato Junji received a message at the same time on their phones。
Qiao Tianyu’s message is extremely simple,Only one word,“do
At the same time they were fighting a currency war,Qiao Tianyu makes David,Has successfully rescued Lily。
Qiao Tianyu’s expression eased after watching,The heart that has been hanging is finally let go,He can finally finish this financial battle without distraction!
In contrast, Junji Sato,After reading the information,But his face was pulled down,Obviously he knew the same result。
He gave Qiao Tianyu a vicious look,But at this time Qiao Tianyu has closed his eyes,Brewing for the final blow!
“what happened?!”
Takuya Yuichiro stared at the computer screen,Suddenly yelled。
Everyone quickly look at the screen,The shadow of Huaxia Bank suddenly appeared in the foreign exchange market。
I saw Huaxia Bank suddenly replaced the role of Bank of Mexico,Started to eat pesos in the foreign exchange market。
HSBC Bank,China Franchised Foreign Exchange Bank,Representing the Central Bank of China in foreign exchange transactions in the international foreign exchange market。
The sudden intervention of Huaxia Bank,Like a sap,Hit everyone a little confused,Don’t know what happened。
And the market reacted in the same way,Single pesos in the foreign exchange market stalled.
First0058chapter Jedi strikes back
“Is China!”
Sato Junji responded extremely fast,Soon know what happened。

“Brother Long,Don’t panic!I Tu Shanming came to rescue you!”

On the entire battlefield,I heard Tu Shanming’s weird calls again and again。
This is his way of fighting,As if there was only constant yelling,Will make him full of power,I can’t use up my strength。
Long Zhanye is the opposite of him,Silent,Just know to kill,Continue to kill the enemy,As if taking a breath,Vow to kill all the dark races in front of you。
There are these two killers in front,Attract all the attention of those black maggots,Make the rear extremely safe,Not even a black evil maggot was released。
Seeing that the heat is almost there,Gao Dajin gave an order,Six experienced level forty-two veterans kill the insects together,Another concealment,Take Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye back。
Wait till they all return to the city,The four gate bridges are re-opened,Sandstorm City has become a closed fortress。
Just entered the city,Tu Shanming just sat on the ground,Fatigue,So tired that I don’t even have the strength to blink。
Long Zhanye’s image is a little better than him,Chose to sit cross-legged,Close your eyes and rest。
Two healing magic arts immediately enveloped the two of them,Help them regain their strength。
The six old warriors of the god nation,Including strictly guarding copper,They all looked at them with admiration。
Just hit the worm circle just now,They have already felt the tremendous pressure coming from all directions,If it hadn’t been for the team’s defensive skills to strictly guard the copper, it would be too good,The six may not be able to fight off the insect tide,Cover the two successfully retreat。
And these two guys,Can only attack but not defend,Kill all quarters in the worm tide,Supported for so long!
Such a brilliant record,How can it not be admirable?
This first battle against the dark race,Played the majesty of Sandstorm City,Played a morale boost,More importantly, thousands of light pattern equipment were returned,Able to arm the military and civilians in the city,Become a real combat power,This can be said to be the smoothest result。
And at the moment,Lu Menglin is alone,Sitting on the east wall,Look far,Did not participate in the cheering of victory。
He is in a spiritual dialogue with the King of Destruction Seed。