The best scheduling for the elderly is not suitable for morning exercise.

The best scheduling for the elderly is not suitable for morning exercise.

The ancients liked to “smell the chicken and dance”, and today people love to get up early in the morning.

But health experts believe that morning is not the best time for exercise, especially for the elderly, not only the fitness effect is difficult to guarantee, but even harmful to health.

  First, the morning is when the liver has the lowest sugar content.

Older people exercise at this stage, and the sugar that is the energy of exercise will be mainly relied on the decomposition of supply.

As impurities continue to enter the bloodstream as an energy source, the concentration of free fatty acids is greatly increased because the body cannot effectively utilize the free fatty acids.

Older people with reduced myocardial activity, the toxicity caused by excess fatty acids, often lead to arrhythmia, and even cause cardiogenic shock, and then life-threatening.

  Second, clinical medical research found that the incidence of morbidity at 9 am is three times higher than at 1 pm, and hours after getting up in the morning is the peak of high blood pressure.

Morning exercise is very unfavorable for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension, and patients with these diseases are mostly concentrated in the elderly.

  Third, due to the phenomenon of physical functioning in the elderly, the muscles, limbs and other sports organs are still in suspension for a short period of time in the morning, the heartbeat and breathing are slow, the body’s metabolic level shifts, and the sensitivity of the body reaction isThe help of the action is difficult to suddenly mention a higher level.

Exercise at this time is not a bad effect, but it is also easy to cause falls, bumps, sprains, etc., and hurt the body.

  Fourth, outdoor fitness needs to make full use of air temperature, airflow and other characteristics to treat diseases and enhance physical fitness.

In the early morning, the atmosphere is relatively static, and various exhaust gases are not easy to spread. It is a serious schedule of air pollution in one day, especially for elderly people with weakened immunity.

  Experts from the Guizhou Institute of Sports Science suggested that according to the human body clock rhythm, the best bid for the elderly exercise is around dusk in the afternoon.

At this time, a small number of people’s physical strength, response, adaptability, etc. are in an optimal state, the body’s sugar content increases to the highest peak, exercise does not produce energy metabolism disorders and overloading of organ functioning.

How to find out the false propaganda of weight loss products

How to find out the false propaganda of weight loss products

In order to attract consumers’ attention, some weight-loss health foods will be kung fu under the exaggerated false propaganda of the products, but it is really true after all, the fake is after all, as long as the consumers open their eyes and see the exaggeration of these weight-loss health foods.False propaganda is not difficult.

Then, weight loss health foods have some common tricks in exaggerating false propaganda. How do we know about it?


hzh {display: none; }  第一招:减肥保健食品大肆宣传疗效不可信  在保健减肥食品宣传中,“立即见效” “无副作用” “茶+胶囊,双管齐下,减肥真快,立显奇效”等Words are often seen. In fact, as long as it involves the promotion of therapeutic effects, the weight loss promotion of these health foods can all be considered illegal.

我国《保健食品广告审查暂行规定》指出,“保健食品广告不得含有表示产品功效的断言,或者保证和含有使用该产品能够获得健康的表述,不得含有无法证实的所谓‘科学或研究发现’、‘实验或数据证明’等方面的内容,不得含有与药品相混淆的用语,不得直接或者间接地宣传治疗作用,或者借助宣传某些成分的作用明示,或者暗示该保健食品具有疾病治疗的作用”。It can be seen that these weight loss health foods are not credible as long as the propaganda contains an introduction to the treatment effect.

  The second measure: Daxie publicizes the unreliability of fast weight loss in the promotion of health diet food, “one and a half months can reduce 48 pounds” “6 days can reduce 2 pounds and a half” “January weight loss 30 pounds” “every day is thin, every dayThere are changes, and so on.

As the director of the China Life Science Association’s China office, the head of the China Obesity Working Group, former director of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Sciences, Chen Chunming said that the slight burning of the body is determined by many factors of the body and is a complex metabolic process.It is possible to complete a large amount of “burning” in a short time.

“One and a half months can reduce 48 pounds”, that is, diarrhea can not diarrhea so fast, unless it is morbid.

It can be seen that the promotion of weight loss is fast, and it is not scientific in itself. Of course, it is necessary to make a big question mark for such weight loss health food.

  The third measure: Daxie publicity price is low, the weight loss health food is not credible. Due to fierce market competition, some weight loss health foods have begun to make a big fuss about price promotion, “10 yuan money slimming big verification”, “30 yuan experience weight loss miracle”,”One less than three dollars a day, one pound down a day” and so on.

Fighting low prices is a manifestation of self-confidence in its own products, giving people the impression of “cheat and run”.

Experts pointed out that these weight-loss health foods that are free to make a fuss about the price, the technology content is generally too much, or add some drugs that have passed the patent protection period, just use some ancient medicine Chen Fang, no new technology.

Therefore, the weight loss effect cannot be guaranteed at all.

In the diet health foods that have no effect, spending less money is awkward, and may also damage health.

Therefore, for weight loss health foods that make a big fuss about price promotion, consumers must also keep a clear head.

  For young and middle-aged women who love beauty and love health, weight loss is an eternal hot topic, but weight loss is also a complicated project. To truly achieve the purpose of weight loss, rational attitude and scientific methods are indispensable.