I heard this,The palace is even more hesitant.,Disgoes,If Liao Wenjie is to cancel the marriage,It is best to die this heart.。

He fights for life.,Death on the column,Will n’t let Liao Wenjie succeed!
Become a legend in Hong Kong
Chapter 467 I don’t want to come to a big sister.Pocky
“Tuang master,Come to you tonight,There is a very important thing。”Two cups of tea,Liao Jie put down the tea cup,Start enter the topic。
“It is really important”
Tongyong Yale looked at the luxury tea box,Sigh:“Mr. Kurosaki,I know what you want to say.,I also know that you don’t care if I agree.,But I still have to say that you are forgiving.!”
“No way,This important thing is refused,Thanks to your predecessor leader,There is no big view。”Liao Jieqi,Time to do so,Doubt this bad old man is a spy in Hellan inserted.。
“It is because of the predecessor leader of the demonstrator.,Departure from the overall situation,I will choose to refuse。”
The palace is ruthless:“Not just me,The current leader is also the same,Mr. Blackazaki doesn’t have to say,I can tell you very responsibly.,Retreat this thing is never possible。”
Liao Jie:`′;
It is also a big family that is inherited in the future.,Anuo gold,Say a few,So he doesn’t spit anything.。
Aiming on the tea box on your eyes,Liao Jie roughly understands what,Make a punch,Give yourself full of tea,Slowly:“Tuang master,Seven days no,Six days later is the whole eclipse,Regarding this matter,Do you have any wind??”
“I will listen to this.,Tomorrow, the magistrate family held an emergency meeting,The demonstrators of the decentralized neon areas will arrive at Tokyo headquarters,The specific situation is not in the phone.,Only mentioned the prophecy of the shallow witch。”
Speaking of which,The palace is ridiculous.,Test:“Mr. Kurosaki,What you mentioned,Is it about full-term etch??”
“What do you think?”
“Uh,I think this is never possible.。”
Two people have a big eye,Because the Tong Palace Yali is blinking,Born to occupy an advantage,Liao Jie’s eyebrows are so fast that,No-speechless:“seriously,Chatting with you, talking, you are really tired,A punctuation,You can write a reading understanding。”
“Mr. Kurosaki said。”
The palace is rushing to wipe the sweat name as embarrassing,Be very embarrassed。
Really Liao Jie belt gift,Monster,He can’t accept it for a while.,Think that Liao Jie is not well,This is only another place.。
“lets change a topic,Problem,The shallow witch who will predict”
Liao Jie is serious:“Is she pretty?”
“Very beautiful!”
Tongyong Ya Le nodded,Conscientiously:“When I was young,One thought she is the most beautiful woman in the world。”
“What,I will ask questions.,no other meaning,Don’t answer so serious。”
Liao Jie wiped the cold sweat on the head,road:“Seriously,No joke,What did this witch grandmother predict?,Meteorite?Cooperative universe pirate?Wang Dayin?”
The palace is unknown, so,Straightforward:“Phone says these unsafe,I am with Nair,See you in the headquarters as soon as possible,That again。”

That ripple is just a moment,But it made Li Tianzhen stare blankly for a long time,There are only faint ripples and undetectable tremors,It’s like a fly and a worm inadvertently hit a spider web in the dark,He wants to find the difference between the two space rifts,It’s not the difference in appearance that the eyes see,But to know the essence of the space,And what substance is on the other side。

The long stone is indeed missing,It never fell back,Except for the ripples at the moment of disappearance,Li Tianzhen hardly felt any obvious energy overflow,This is against common sense,Make him puzzled,Or that the stone is safe?Where did it go?
Li Tianzhi frowned,Obviously it doesn’t make sense from the perspective of formation,Although he is currently studying and selling,So-so,But inherited the memory of Li Xiucheng,After reading Yuwen’s collection,The knowledge of the formation is also considered an expert,Just be inspired,There is no formation that does not release energy,Whether it’s killing array、maze、Seal the Great Array and so on,The stone he threw in just now was inspired。
So Li Tianzhen found another smaller rock,Did not make any stay in that space,Shake your hand and threw it in,At the same time, my eyes widened and stared at the ripples,Sure enough,Very like a formation,But still too short,Not really,The rock passed through the space without accident and never returned。
Li Tianzhi is shocked,He can almost be sure,Outside the space rift is another relatively stable world,Not like the outside of other rifts,Usually extremely unstable,Or simply tyrannical void,in other words,The mirror-like surface above the head is like the door of the legendary space!
Think a little bit,Li Tianzhen stretched out his right hand,A dim yellow ball of light appeared on the fingertip of the index finger in the fluctuation of the consciousness,The ball of light rolled off the palm,Keep spinning,Soon became a cute rabbit,This is a creature with his mental strength,Tangible but insubstantial。
He sent the rabbit into a rift in space,After the same ripples,The rabbit looked around on the other side of the fissure,Then he bounced away,The rabbit jumped a long distance,suddenly,The spiritual power in the consciousness is broken,Although I can’t see what happened,But Li Tianzhen speculates,Should be a sudden external force,Wiped out the mental creature in an instant。
This made him think of the space rift in Xinglong Mountain.,Not only unstable,And it’s a one-way channel,Can break into outsiders from the other side of the rift,But on this side of the world,No matter what goes in, it will be cut and die,What is the reason?
Li Tianzhen, who was meditating again, suddenly felt undetectable fluctuations above his head,Look up,The faint mirror surface is calm as usual,But he drifted away quickly,Because he seems to have captured the long-sought energy spill。
Li Tianzhen retreated to the corner of the pit,Eyes quietly staring at the gap in space,Energy has changed from dim spilling to fluctuation,And it’s getting more and more obvious,The mirror finally rippled,A huge guy broke in instantly,Hit the ground with a bang,It’s so direct。
This is a very irregular object,Or it can be called a rock,Black,But not ordinary,The surface is steaming black,Like being burned by fire,Same as the gas released by the undead army in the valley,It seems extremely heavy,Actually smashed the ground into a deep hole。
The black fog is getting thicker,Has flooded the entire pit,Li Tianzhen is not in a hurry,in contrast,He has already restrained his breath,Disguised himself as a rock in the pit。
The weird thing is,Obviously there are channels,But the black mist does not spread out,Even if the whole pit body is dark and sticky,Out of sight,is also like this,The black mist is indeed the product of the Undead Army,It has obvious suppressive effect on living bodies,such as,Frightening、asphyxia、Unimaginable gravity, etc.,But it doesn’t affect Li Tianzhen。
Under the Eyes of True Vision,Li Tianzhen found that the black mist was slowly rotating,Seems to be trying to find a direction,Inadvertently,Several black tentacles formed in the mist,Tentacles wriggling,Unanimously pounce on the one that has been blocked、Passage to the valley behind,With the constant sound of clicking,These tentacles are actually clearing the passage,The whole process made Li Tianzhen incredible。
The tentacles move extremely fast,I dug a few feet away in a short time,There is a long distance ahead,So those tentacles stretched longer,And the black rock-like object suddenly cracked with a bang,Shattered into countless pieces,Each piece grows tall as if it is inflated。
Then as guessed,A statue of undead rock formed,These weird guys look like human bodies,One by one, holding head-like stones in their hands, they began to line up,When the tidy steps sounded,Li Tianzhen is equivalent to watching the formation process of the undead army completely。
in this way,Almost certainly the other side of the space rift is the world of the undead,And this rift that connects the two worlds,Without the barriers of the world,Almost directly through,Can be called the gate of space,How it is formed,Li Tianzhi has no way of knowing。

Xia Jian sighed and said:“Sister Yumei!My last name is Xia,Called Xia Jian。You will call me Xiaoxia,Or just call my name。Stop calling the big boss,I heard a little bit”

“Ha ha!You are very talkative。That won’t work,The boss is the boss,This identity must have。Do you think Mr. Yao?”He Yumei and Xia Jian talking,Suddenly started teasing Yao Junli again。She is a lively person at first glance。
Yao Junli reached out and hit He Yumei,Then he smiled at Xiajian and said:“Warm up on the kang,Let’s cook lunch”Yao Junli said,And he walked outside the door with He Yumei。
He Yumei who walked into the yard looked at the sky and said:“It seems your approach is good,The fire is already burning”
“that’s great!”Xia Jianyi listen,Ran out quickly。Thick smoke billowing in the sky,Also mixed with wormwood that was washed up by the heat。Xia Jian looked at the sky with both eyes,Thinking in my heart,This fire should not be small。
It’s all said that it’s a play with three women,But Yao Junli and He Yumei went into the kitchen together,The laughter continued,Occasionally, there is also the noise of two people。
Xia Jian sat in the upper room alone,I was thinking when the merchant who came to rent this wasteland this afternoon saw a big black hole,What kind of thoughts will be in my mind。
and also,He Yumei arranged for someone to talk to the leader about this big hole,I don’t know if it can be done?Xia Jianyue thought,I think it’s a bit more troublesome。
He Yumei’s cooking level is really fast,Thirty or forty minutes,I rolled the noodles and brought it up。Xia Jian grew up eating noodles。So for him to eat noodles at noon,Is the best thing。
Xia Jian grew up in the countryside,So for the rural lifestyle,He accepted it from the bottom of his heart。He unceremoniously ate two bowls of noodles before putting down his chopsticks。
Yao Junli is a woman,She just ate a bowl and cried to death。But He Yumei is different,Although she is a woman,But her appetite is as good as Xia Jian。
Maybe Xia Jian kept staring at He Yumei for the reason,This woman smiled to Xia Jian when she put down her chopsticks:“To be a good farmer,First of all to have a good body。Where does good health come from?Skip eating,How does that work。Can eat”
“She is right,She can do farm work in her teens,The average man is not her opponent。At this point,I’m not bragging”Yao Junli looked at her good friend,Very seriously。

For Xiong Gu Tian Shen,This is a magical power that can change fate。

we can even say,For him, an ordinary god,The great opportunity that may be obtained when entering the universe,May not be comparable to《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》。
Naturally, this can’t be exchanged for being grateful to Li Ming。
Li Mingjiang《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》Passed to the bear,And Xiong Gu Tianshen made the oath of heaven,Follow Li Ming for hundreds of millions of years。
And this is already Li Ming’s great opportunity to compete for the universe,Had to find a way to improve the strength of these two gods,I’m willing to teach this method。
After all, if in the Three Realms,If you sell yourself for hundreds of millions of years, you can change this supernatural power,I’m afraid countless gods are willing to follow Li Ming。
even,In order to let Xiong Gu Tianshen practice this method,Li Ming and Yingtian God both use the immortal pill、I took out the Pure Yang Ling Pill。
All the belongings of the ordinary gods and gods are replaced with pure sun elixir,It’s enough for the gods to practice sixth rank。
Li Ming does not have many magic weapons,But there are still some elixir,In the end, Xiong Gu Tianshen became《Nine Turns Xuan Gong》Seventh turn。
Seventh turn,The body is comparable to the magic weapon of pure Yang Zhong,No longer afraid of attacks from the gods。
Even if it’s an attack at the threshold level of Dao Ancestor,It is also extremely difficult to break this body frontally。
So divine,It also makes Xiong Gutian God proud,Dare to fight against any god。
This soaring pride is an inspiration,A little insight,Directly broke through to the second state of knife power,Even all the way to the peak of the second realm。
Chapter Thirty One Three thousand years(under)
Compared to the bear,Yingtianshen is not so lucky。
Although he and Xiong Gu Tianshen thought the same,But after all, the swordsmanship that Xiong Gu Tianshen is good at is more suitable for melee combat,However, what Yingtianshen is good at is more inclined to detect life and save lives.。

Although in terms of clone,Li Ming is not as good as the star king,But it’s no less than Yu Yuehuang Daojun。

Li Ming can condense the six clones,Except that you can’t use the Three Forces in One Method,Each one can approach 50% of the strength of the deity—Li Ming Wucheng strength,At least comparable to an ugly king,It’s slightly stronger than the dharma body of the King Sparrow。
In the maze of strange stars,Li Ming’s clone walked along the passage of the maze,At the same time pay full attention to the surrounding。
There is nothing in the maze,The atmosphere is cold and weird,There is a sense of distorted flesh and blood。
Unexpected,On the ground with congealed flesh and blood,Two creatures floated up。
Is indeed a creature,Not a puppet,Even these two creatures are not the common beast-like creatures in Yu Xinghai,But a practitioner who can be measured by the practitioner system,Just weird。
It is a half-human monster with octopus heads on both ends!
“Two eternal emperors!?”Li Ming was slightly surprised,Although the breath of these two octopus heads is strange—But really,Are two eternal emperors。
That trace of eternal rhythm cannot be faked。
First21chapter Melee
Grumble~“The two octopus head monsters communicated in weird and vague language,I can’t even understand Li Ming。
I need to know that he is in this state,Thinking fast,You can learn a language almost in a moment,Normal language even if you have never touched it,At least know its meaning。
But the language of these two octopus head practitioners is strange and vague.,With some confusion,Li Ming only felt his hostility。
“Brush up~”
Unexpected,The two octopus head practitioners who were communicating glared at Li Ming,Four golden lights shined from those four orange eyes,Swept away by this golden light,Li Ming felt his body stiff。
Sixteen Tentacles,Each holding a black short spear,Roar out,Pierce into the void—Then appeared directly in front of the formation clone。
“Time and Space?Assassination escape!”Li Ming surprised,But it’s both hands and palm,The surrounding time and space are trapped in a large formation of the two instruments。
Doppelganger,No magical powers,Unable to combine three forces,You can get it right。

Dr. Lu said so in front of Julan,Wang Youcai is a little embarrassed,He laughed and said:“Wine and colorless,So it can only be excessive drinking”

Doctor Lu kept silent,He didn’t argue with Wang Youcai any more about this matter,But asked when the topic changed:“I heard there is new news from our hospital,Said it could be delivered one year ago,What happened?”
“The construction contractor can’t pay for another site,The boss stopped when he was angry,All personnel and equipment are pressed here。It can be said that there are two classes in black and white,So the progress has been greatly improved,So there is great hope for Jiao Gong”
Wang Youcai said,A little happily sat opposite Dr. Lu。
At this moment,Julan getting dressed,And started cleaning the small clinic。Julan, this woman is very diligent,And work very well。She takes care of the daily hygiene of the small clinic.。
Talking room,There are patients coming to see the doctor。Wang Youcai quickly got up and sat aside。
He thought for a while and asked:“Didn’t your son come to you recently??He should be closed soon, right?!”
“Don’t mention this wicked barrier。Where are they closed long ago,This can’t be mixed up,Came to me for money two days ago,You say he keeps going like this,When is the head?!”
Doctor Lu was taking the pulse of the patient,Said with a sigh。
Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“How about this!If he comes to see you again,You just notify me,I have a good talk with him,If he wants to be a man again,Then I will give him a chance。I can still make arrangements for him”
“I appreciate your kindness,I’m afraid this bastard will cause you trouble”
As the saying goes,Tiger poison does not eat seeds。Lu Monkey, this bastard always makes his dad worry,Logically,Doctor Lu doesn’t care about him,But the old man scolded,But he still couldn’t let go of his son。
Wang Youcai is not stupid,If he wants Doctor Lu to do something with him at ease,Then he must make up the relationship between their father and son。
There is actually only one way to ease their father-son relationship,That is to let Monkey Lu have something,Walk on the road,In this case,Doctor Lu will definitely work at ease。
Coincidentally,Just when Wang Youcaizheng and Doctor Lu were talking about Lu Monkey,This guy suddenly walked in through the door。
Doctor Lu saw his son’s desolation,His face changed immediately。

Here are all here,No matter how hypocritical it is, it’s meaningless。Xia Jian thought of this,Changed a pair of slippers and went into the bathroom。Looking at the high-end big bathtub,Xia Jian was in a moment of interest。He opened the hot and cold water faucets,He will be a rich man tonight。

Wait until the bathtub is filled with water,Xia Jian tried the water temperature,Then look around,And found a pot of dried roses。Doesn’t it often appear on TV to take a bath with roses??Thought of here,Xia Jian opened the bottle,I sprinkled a lot of roses in the bathtub,Then take off the last piece of clothing,Thumped and jumped in。
Rest your head on the edge of the bathtub,Smell the faint fragrance of flowers,There is an indescribable beauty in Xia Jian’s heart。No wonder rich people like this and that,It turns out that life is so enjoyable。
Just when Xia Jian was soaking vigorously,The bathroom door creaked open,I saw Yao Junli walking in wearing a translucent pajamas,She also brought a glass of red wine in her hand。
“I said why can’t it come out,I know how to enjoy it,You should have been like this long ago“Yao Junli said,He twisted his ass and sat on the edge of the bathtub。
Just when Xia Jian reached out to take the red wine in Yao Junli’s hand,His eyes inadvertently saw what should not be seen under Yao Junli’s pajamas。
The red blood soared in his body instantly,Xia Jian raised his neck,Finished the red wine in the glass in one sip。When Yao Junli reached out to pick up the glass,Xia Jianmeng grabbed her wrist,Then apply a little force,Yao Junli screamed,The person slipped into the bathtub with his clothes。A splash of water,The two of them rolled over together。
First0757chapter Know well
the next day,Xia Jian slept in,The strange thing is that it’s time for work,No one called him,As if everyone knew what he did last night。
Yao Junli got up very rarely,She washed Xia Jian’s clothes from the inside out,When Xia Jian wakes up,The clothes have been dried and put on the bedside。
Smell a faint fragrance on the clothes,Xia Jian suddenly felt,It’s nice to have a woman。
A dish of pickles lined up on the coffee table in the living room,A bowl of soy milk,There is also a cage of steamed buns。These are Xia Jian’s favorite things to eat,It seems that Yao Junli also has his appetite。
“Hurry up!I will take you there“Yao Junli smiled and said。Xia Jian saw Yao Junli’s sweet look,The whole person is stupid。
Once he came back,Yunjuan can’t kill all the food on the table,Then he wiped his mouth and walked out the door。Tell the truth,He really doesn’t want Yao Junli to send her,Did not return all night last night,Let Yao Junli send him there at this time,Isn’t it the yellow mud falling into the crotch,It’s not shit, it’s shit。
Yao Junli doesn’t care about this,He followed Xia Jian as soon as he left。People are so enthusiastic,Xia Jian is not easy to refuse,Just like this, Yao Junli drove to Donglin Square。
sometimes,Come whatever you are afraid of。Xia Jiangang got off the car,He Jing came over,She glanced at Yao Junli who was going away,Asking Xia Jian with a smile:“President Xia hasn’t returned all night,Have gone through the world of two?“
“Talk business,How is your business going?“Xia Jianyi,Randomly asked。
He Jing sneered:“What else?take it easy!“Turn around,Went into her shop。Seeing He Jing so unhappy,Xia Jian couldn’t help but think,Is she jealous too?
Meeting room,There were dozens of people sitting together,Guo Meili is having a meeting for everyone。She saw Xia Jian coming from the glass window,So Xi Zhen came out and invited Xia Jian to attend。

Leo also took a deep look at Gantt。

As a general-level strength Gantt is not surprisingly domineering。
And it’s not just armed,Able to cover the armed color on his bird feathers in an instant,It can be seen that Gantt has also awakened to see and hear domineering。
Maybe the level of domineering is not high,But absolutely exists。
Gantt stared at Leo,Didn’t talk much,Although surprised at Leo’s displacement ability,But the devil fruit has countless abilities,Devil fruits with displacement ability are not uncommon。
just,This displacement speed is a bit fast。
Even relying on seeing and hearing and being domineering is just a reaction,If he hadn’t seen and heard the domineering,I’m afraid Leo will pierce the armed color before it can be used。
Gantt looks around,Enough for hundreds of bubbles floating around。
“This guy seems to use these bubbles to move,Such a fast displacement speed,The distance should not be too long!”
There is no unsolvable ability,Since the speed of displacement is fast,Then the use interval or displacement distance must be limited。
The sea is fair。
Ok,Because in front of the sea,Everyone is brother。
First44chapter Moshang Yuege(Ask for a recommendation ticket、Request collection)
Took a closer look around,Gantt quickly discovered,Actually he is surrounded by a huge bubble。
“His ability should be within this range,Otherwise this displacement ability will be invincible!”Gantt secretly analyzes Leo’s ability。

Once in Xia Jian’s ward,The old man rushed to Xia Jian’s hospital bed with a panic expression.。Xia Jian has a look,Sat up in a hurry。

“Lie down!”Grandma Luo lay down Xia Jian,Then after carefully inspecting Xia Jian’s wound,Just sat down。
Luo Yi and Wu Qian hurry over,But the two of them saw Grandma Luo’s angry face,Two women dare not say a word。
“Wu Qian!You tell me honestly,Did you send someone to do Xiaoxia’s injury??”Grandma Luo’s voice is small,But it sounds very harsh。Okay,This is a single room where Xia Jian lives,Otherwise, the words will let others hear,Wu Qian’s face will be very dull。
Wu Qian is not angry,But said with a smiley face:“mom!I really don’t know this。Luo Yi said in the afternoon that Mr. Xia wanted to see me,We made an appointment with a teahouse,But we waited for a long time,Mr. Xia has not come yet,I knew something was wrong when I called”
“I have seen Xiaoxia’s skill,Ordinary people are not his opponents”Grandma Luo’s suspicion。Xia Jian wants to explain,But Grandma Luo didn’t ask him,So he dare not talk nonsense
Luo Yi glanced at Wu Qian,Whispered to grandma:“grandmother!How can people think this way?,You don’t believe what we say,Then let Xia Jian tell you”Luo Yi finished,He took Wu Qian out of Xia Jian’s ward。
This is really one thing drop one thing,Luo Yi is very cowhide,But I still respect Wu Qian。When Wu Qian saw Grandma Luo,There is no spirit in the body,Respectful,A very obedient wife。
Wait for these two to leave,Luo Nai turned her head and said to Ali:“You go out and close the door,Standing at the door and not letting anyone in,I have a few words with Xiaoxia”Ali answered,Hurried out。
Seeing Grandma Luo’s prestige,Xia Jian couldn’t help but reminded which scenes on TV。Luo Yi called Grandma Luo the old queen,It seems that the description is a bit like。
“What is silly?What exactly is going on,Tell me”Grandma Luo gently pushed Xia Jian,Said with a smile。
Xia Jian recovered,Took a breath,And take what happened this afternoon,I told Grandma Luo from start to finish again。
“Really lawless,Such a thing can happen in broad daylight。Did you call the police??”Grandma Luo asked very angry。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Sister Wu said she will handle this,Don’t care about it”“Humph!She will handle。Do you know why I don’t recognize her now?!”Grandma Luo sighed and said。
First2037chapter Brother grudge
Winter in the north,Colder earlier。Wee hours,A bit relieved, Wang Youcai walked out of a small hotel next to the hospital。
My good!Why is it so cold this day?Wang Youcai secretly said,I can’t help but shrink my neck。When he walked to the gate of the hospital,A black car drove towards him,Stopped right in front of him。
Damn it!Road so wide,Not good to stop,Stop at Lao Tzu’s feet。Xia Jian cursed secretly,When I was about to bypass this car。I saw the window glass snapped open。Wang Youdao stretched his head out of it。
“Rich!What’s our dad doing now?Call me if you have something!”Wang Youdao said with a serious face。

He doesn’t want to return home!

in China,He is treated very well,Back home,Can you continue to university,Is already unknown,It is impossible to have this kind of enjoyment。
For a time,This Vietnamese boy finally couldn’t help suffering,Tearful。
The Vietnamese Embassy under pressure,Can only declare,Yuan Hongwu is purely personal,Dealt with him,Will be repatriated soon。
National Universities,As long as there are international students,Started to be cautious。
High profile at this time,That is death,Even the top universities in China,I don’t dare to sing the opposite at this time。Did not see,Did the leader who said that more than 100,000 scholarships for foreign students are too few??Has been sprayed too hard to come out,The eighteenth generation of ancestors has been greeted countless times by netizens。
If this is dead,How to meet the eighteenth generation of ancestors?Won’t you be choked to death?
They are Populus,Did not expect,One of my own actions,Actually caused such a big storm。of course,This is all funeral。
at this time,After Hu Yang handed over the matter to Jiangnan,Continue to stay with Huazai and they visit the antique market,What happened just now did not happen。
Mainly Populus euphratica is assured of Jiangnan,Something like this,If he can’t figure it out,I’m not embarrassed to say that I am the super rich second generation of Demon?
Sexy boss,Learned about the second-hand Chanel perfume that was sold,Actually worth tens of thousands,Mentality is a little broken。
She finally understood,This guy who keeps calling her sister,Is a master of appraisal。That bottle of perfume is of course worthless,Valuable bottle,Is custom made by crystal,Has artistic value。
Hu Yang told her,Collection of glass products,Not popular in China,But abroad,That is one of the mainstream collections。
“Brother Hu met before,Custom glass wine bottles,Also very valuable。”Wah Chai Open Road。
still remember,The bottle that wood can get,The value is also very high,Much taller than this perfume bottle。At that time,Many viewers in the live broadcast room are lamenting Mu Yi’s luck。