COFCO Biochemical (000930) 2018 Annual Report Review: Asset Integration Completed, Fuel Fuel Ethanol Market Space Increases

COFCO Biochemical (000930) 2018 Annual Report Review: Asset Integration Completed, Fuel Fuel Ethanol Market Space Increases

The event company released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report. In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 17.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 11%.

40%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

8.3 billion, with a basic budget benefit of zero.

26 yuan / share.

The company achieved operating income of 46 in the first quarter of 2019.

50,000 yuan, achieving 5793 net profit attributable to listed companies.

460,000 yuan.

Opinion fuel ethanol is expected to accelerate initially, the market space is huge.

Fifteen departments including the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Administration, and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the “Implementation Plan on Expanding Biofuel Ethanol Production and Promoting the Use of Vehicle Ethanol Gasoline”, which states that by 2020, vehicle ethanolFull gasoline coverage.

In June 2018 and March 2019, Tianjin and Shanxi successively released alternatives.

Taking into account the expansion of the basic coverage of ethanol gasoline nationwide in 2020, the promotion and implementation policies of other provinces and cities will accelerate.

According to the plan, the demand for fuel ethanol will reach 1,200 tons, and the existing capacity of fuel ethanol will be less than 300 tons, and a supply and demand gap of 500 tons may appear.

After the reorganization of the company, the market share has increased significantly, and progress has benefited first.

The company’s asset reorganization was completed and its market share increased.

The company passed the issuance in 20188.

8.3 billion shares were purchased in the form of a 100% stake in Biochemical Energy, Biochemical and Huali Investment by the holders of the biochemical investment at an issue price of 9.

38 yuan / share, has been listed on December 19, 2018.

The successful completion of asset reorganization has gradually consolidated the company’s level in the domestic corn deep processing industry.

Revenue from the fuel ethanol business increased, and product gross margins further improved.

The international crude oil price was at a high level in the first half of 2018, and the international crude oil price dropped in the second half of the year. The company’s fuel ethanol products achieved continuous profitability.

In 2018, the company’s fuel ethanol operating income was 81.

740,000 yuan, up 8 before.

74%, gross margin is 20.

31%, an increase of 6 per year.


Maintain Overweight rating is expected to be 0 for 2019-2021.

31, 0.

36, 0.

49 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of 7 on May 6.

52 yuan, PE is 24, 21, 15 times, maintaining the level of overweight.

Risk reminders: disease risk; prices fall short 南京夜网 of expectations; market demand is lower than expected.

Noon review: the index surged back down and the Shanghai index fell 0.

39% of the agricultural sector performed strongly

Noon review: the index surged back down and the Shanghai index fell 0.

39% of the agricultural sector performed strongly

News from Sina Finance News on February 10, the index fluctuated in the early morning, then the stock index continued to strengthen, the Shanghai index turned red during the session, 杭州夜网论坛 the index rose more than 1%.

On the disk, the virus deposits began to differentiate, and the capital fled in advance. Tesla’s cement concept continued to strengthen, and the market’s profit-making effect was poor.

The three major stock indexes are about to close in the morning, and the individual stocks in the sector are clearly differentiated. A large number of high-end stocks in the concept of masks and disinfectants in the early stage have fallen, and the concept of securities firms and semiconductors has plunged.

Looking at the disk, the agricultural, cement, and non-ferrous sectors are relatively strong.

In general, the fried plate rate is slightly higher, and the market’s profit-making effect is still poor.

The final release, the Shanghai Stock Exchange reported 2864.

63 points, down 0.

39%, Shencheng Index reported 10588.

32 points, down 0.

22%; The Pioneer Index 2009.

95 points, down 0.


  From the perspective of the disk, the agricultural planting, pork, and cement sectors are at the top of the list.
Masks, disinfectants, and cloud office sectors were among the top decliners.

  Hot sectors: 1, cement Fujian Fujian Cement, Sichuan Jinding, Shangfeng Cement (right protection), Qilianshan, Sichuan Shuangma, Huaxin Cement, Jidong Cement and other stocks continued to perform strongly.

  News: BOC International believes that the short-term cement plate is relatively less affected by the pneumonia epidemic, and the recommended configuration is: in the medium and long term, there must be certain improvements in the separation of building materials. Among them, the certainty of the improvement in the performance of consumer building materials and fiberglass is higher, and the glass boomGradually reached the top, cement is expected to decline slightly.

  2. Agriculture Dabei Nong, Wanxiang Denong, Denghai Seed Industry, Dunhuang Seed Industry, Honghui Fruits and Vegetables, Jinjian Rice Industry, and Tsuen Yin Hi-Tech followed the rise.

  News: On the afternoon of February 5th, the “Central Document No. 1” was released, entitled “Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Doing a Good Job in the” Three Rural “Areas to Ensure a Comprehensively Well-off Society as Expected”.

This is the 17th consecutive year of “Central Document No. 1” since 2004.

  News: 1. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the CPI has increased by 5 over the years.

4%, an increase of 0 over the previous month.

9 averages.

The previous increase has been affected not only by the factors affecting the Spring Festival and the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, but also by the year when the Chinese New Year was staggered from the previous year, and the factor in which the comparison base was reduced last year.2 According to the Xinhua News Agency, WHO has led the establishment of a new international group of coronavirus experts and sent them toChina.

A team of pioneers led by Dr. Bruce Aylward, the leader of the expert group, arrived in Beijing on the evening of February 10, Beijing time.

This international expert group will include international experts in various fields.

International experts will work with their Chinese counterparts to increase understanding of the epidemic and guide global responses.

  3. Shentong, Zhongtong, Yunda, Best, Debang Express and other companies stated that the courier service network starting on the 10th has gradually resumed normal and started effective measures to ensure epidemic prevention and control and production recovery.

Yuantong has resumed normal operations on January 28.

China Post, SF, JD Logistics, Suning Logistics have been operating normally.

By the middle of this month, the express delivery industry will return to more than 40% of normal production capacity.

  4. In order to promote the development of entrepreneurship for homecoming, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People’s Bank of China, the Securities and Futures Commission and other 19 departments jointly issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Development of Homecoming and Returning to Hometown”.

Nineteen departments jointly issued a document to promote the development of the scale of returning home and starting a business, and will actively use the methods of listing and issuing bonds to broaden financing channels.

  5. It is learned from the State Post Office that by February 8, postal companies and courier companies will transport and deliver 10552 tons of epidemic prevention and control materials, 47.51 million parcels will be shipped, 3331 vehicles will be shipped, and 120 cargo flights will be effectively relieved.The situation has played an important supporting role in fighting the epidemic.

  6. Zhu Qinhao, director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, introduced at the Shanghai epidemic prevention and control conference. At present, the whole city1.

Most of the 30,000 residential residential districts have achieved “closed management” and adopted entrance and exit management measures, such as: strictly controlling the number of entrances and exits in the districts, and strengthening the strength of gatekeepers, so that personnel must be checked, registered, and tested.temperature.

If the body temperature is abnormal, it shall be reported in a timely manner in accordance with the established “full chain disposal mechanism” and transferred in time.
  Market View: Jufeng Investment Gu believes that the slash window caused by irrational killings has been closed, and the market will return to calm after continuous upward attacks.
This week, the stimulus policy will be gradually implemented, and the market is expected to run smoothly.

In terms of operation, it is recommended to focus on tracking 5G and Tesla’s industrial chain; in the short term, you can pay attention to the blue chip bottom-up opportunities.

The large-scale ups and downs of the environmental protection sector at the end of Friday may be a clear indication.

Asahi shares (603305): deeply bound Tesla’s stable growth in performance

Asahi shares (603305): deeply bound Tesla’s stable growth in performance

Event: The company released the 2018 annual report, the report was consolidated, and the company achieved operating income10.

9.6 billion, an annual increase of 48.

27%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

twenty three%.

Tesla, a major customer, is deeply bound, and the company’s performance has achieved rapid growth.

At the core of the report, the company achieved operating income10.

96 ppm, an increase of 48 in ten years.

27%; realized net profit attributable to mother 2.

0.94 million yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

twenty three%.

The main reason for the rapid growth of the company’s reported revenue and profits is that the company deeply restrained Tesla, a major downstream customer, fully benefiting from the rapid growth of Tesla’s vehicle sales.

In terms of sales volume, Tesla delivered a total of 24 vehicles throughout 2018.

50,000 vehicles, an increase of 137 in ten years.

89%, of which Model S and Model X delivered a total of 9.

90,000, Model 3 delivered 14.

60,000, and Model 3 vehicles in the early stages of production capacity problems have gradually been resolved, and successfully achieved 6,000 weekly production.

Benefiting from the significant increase in Model 3 production capacity, the company’s sales revenue to Tesla has achieved rapid growth, and in 2018 Tesla achieved growth.

69 ppm, an increase of 60 in ten years.

43%, the subsequent gradual commissioning 青岛夜网 of the Tesla Shanghai plant and the launch of the new model Model Y, the company’s revenue scale is expected to further increase.

Short-term pressure on gross profit margin and effective cost control.

In the total reported, the company’s main business gross margin was 39.

22%, 4 less than the previous year.

77 levels, of which the gross profit margin of the automotive business was 41.

59%, a decrease of 7 from the previous year.

39 units.

The increase and decrease in gross profit margin were initially reported by the consolidated company to supplement the plant, increase the depreciation expenses for equipment, and change the structure of automotive products.

In the future, the scale of Tesla’s production and sales will gradually expand. In order to control the cost of the supply chain, the price of the products supplied by the company still has downside risks, and the gross profit margin may continue to be under pressure.

In terms of expenses, the company injected 8 expenses in 2018.

12%, a decrease of 1 from the previous year.

89 units, the cost control effect is obvious.

Customer expansion + product category expansion, opening up the company’s medium and long-term development space.

In addition to binding Tesla, the company has officially cooperated with Ningde Times, Great Wall, Eaton, Polaris and other customers, and the expansion of new energy vehicle customers has continued to accelerate.

In addition, the company successfully issued 4.

200 million convertible bonds, and is planning to issue non-public stock in 2019 to lay out the high-end casting and forging market in the automotive suspension system, which will help enrich the company’s product structure and improve the company’s overall profitability.

Earnings forecast and rating: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 3 respectively.

9.8 billion, 5.

20 billion, 6.4.7 billion, EPS is 0.

99 yuan, 1.

30 yuan, 1.

61 yuan, the price-earnings ratio of 32.

33 times, 24.

75 times, 19.

89 times, maintaining the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: Tesla’s sales are less than expected, and new projects are progressing less than expected

Hongxin Securities Zang Jun: Bonds reduce space, limited securities, temporary shortfall in profit support

Hongxin Securities Zang Jun: Bonds 佛山桑拿网 reduce space, limited securities, temporary shortfall in profit support

Bonds reduce space and stock market temporarily loses profits to support China Securities Journal reporter Wang Zheng “Overseas macroeconomic environment in 2019 will not cause too much pressure on the country. The core contradictions of current macro fundamentals are still focused on the effect of wide credit can be sustainedWe believe that the overall credit repair efforts will not be too strong, but under the wide currency and wide credit layout, the room for bond market yields to increase and fall is also relatively limited.

“On the 8th, Zang Jun, head of research of the Asset Management Department of Hongxin Securities, said in an exclusive interview with the China Securities Journal reporter that in the future the probability of capital will remain tight and moderate.There is no obvious upside, and the direction of investment transactions still has a negative catch. Multiple long-selling entities should pay attention to profit only in the trading order.

At the same time, considering that it is difficult to see the profit growth of listed companies in 2019, the growth rate of the stock market is expected to decline after it is estimated that the repair is completed.

  China Securities Journal: The recent loosening of the monetary policy margins of major global economies has any impact on the domestic capital market?

  Zang Jun: The overseas macro environment in 2019 will not exert much pressure on the country.

First of all, the US and European economies have experienced a decline, but they have gradually decreased. The Fed suspended interest rate hikes and expected to end its contraction plan during the year. The European Union gradually adjusted forward-looking guidelines and restarted long-term refinancing operations in response to economic substitution.

The global business cycle still stands in favour of risk-free assets.

In fact, the economic cycle of the euro area is half ahead of that of the United States. Once the rapid decline of the euro area economy in the middle of the year has the benefit of marginal stabilization, the dollar is likely to be under pressure, and the future trend is difficult to be optimistic.

  Therefore, under the international macroeconomic mix where the monetary policies of major global economies remain loose and the US dollar is relatively weak, the impact of external factors on emerging economies will be significantly alleviated.

For China, the pressure on the depreciation of the RMB exchange rate may be eased, the pressure on the capital account is not great, and the independence of the exchange rate and monetary policy is enhanced, which is conducive to further strengthening the goal of “internal priority” of monetary policy.

  China Securities Journal: From a fundamental point of view, where is the focus of the current market on macroeconomics?

  Zang Jun: The core consensus of the current macro fundamentals is still focused on the sustainability of the wide credit effect.

Although there is no possibility of continued decline in the growth rate of social financing in 2019, the probability of a significant upward pulse will not be too great. The actual GDP data will inherently fall back in a quarter to maintain an interval oscillating layout.

The main factor for the upside cycle comes from real estate.

The biggest variable in real estate investment comes from the shed reform and monetization resettlement. After completing the historical mission of destocking in third- and fourth-tier cities, there is little room for third- and fourth-tier city residents to increase leverage again.

At the same time, most third- and fourth-tier cities still have a net population, and it is difficult to obtain effective demand to support price increases.

The relaxation of real estate policy may be difficult to proportion to previous cycles. It is expected that the real estate’s pulling effect on the national economy may be relatively poor, and the overall credit repair will not be too strong.

  China Securities Journal: What is your opinion on the direction of the subsequent monetary policy?

  Zang Jun: Generally, under the wide currency and wide credit layout, although the bond market will not have much interest rate risk, the room for further decline in yield is relatively limited, especially in the current round of gear shifting efforts to restrain the “flooding flood” situation.Down.

The rebound of the credit cycle determines the recovery of fundamentals. Once the economy picks up and gradually starts to rise, monetary policy will most likely tighten marginally.

In other words, the credit pulse will determine the relative prosperity of the bond market before monetary policy tightens.

Based on the above-mentioned fundamental judgments, we have not seen the possibility that monetary policy can be tightened in the short term, and the overall interest rate risk is relatively controllable.

  China Securities Journal: How to judge the future trend of large-scale assets?

  : There is a high probability that funds will remain tight and moderate, and the desirable level of the 7-day repo rate is still 2.

6% -2.

8%, 1-year CDB bond yield is expected to continue at 2.

Around 6% remained oscillating.

Long-term interest rates do not have significant upside given the relatively excessive spread protection.

The direction of investment trading is still to capture the bearishness, and multiple longs are the main ones. Pay attention to the profit in the trading order.

In terms of asset allocation of pure debt accounts, the leverage strategy of medium and high-grade credit bonds is more certain than the duration strategy. The type of urban investment is still the first choice. Under the replacement of limited net price reversal, you can enjoy high coupon and low return.Arbitrage space between purchase costs.

  In terms of the equity market, the main driving force of the current sharp recovery in the stock market is the estimated repair caused by the rise in capital risk appetite, but we believe that it is difficult to see the profit growth of listed companies in 2019. After the estimated repair is completed, the growth of the equity marketThe speed will weaken, and the excess returns of specific industries need to be further explored.

Learn how to judge the hunger of a newborn baby

Learn how to judge the hunger of a newborn baby

It is incorrect to judge whether a baby is full only from the length of time the baby has been breastfeeding.

Because some babies will continue to inhale for 10 minutes after inhaling milk, and some babies just like to suck and play.

It is not possible to accurately determine whether a baby is crying or not, because babies often cry for other reasons.

At least, the baby’s pregnancy can be judged from the following aspects: 1 It is more reliable to use the baby’s weight gain and daily behavior to determine whether the baby is full.

If the baby is awake and in a good spirit, happy, and gains weight day by day, it means that the baby is full. If the baby continues to grow slowly and excludes the possibility of certain diseases, then it usually means that the baby is not considered to be fullFull.

2 When breastfeeding, the baby is pregnant and does not leave the breast. After breastfeeding, the baby is crying, which is a sign that he is full.

3 The baby can sleep quietly after breastfeeding and will not cry until the next breastfeeding.

Or sometimes sucking for a while, spit out the nipples and cry, without gaining weight, this is a manifestation of the baby’s insufficiency.

4 If you are struggling with milk, you will fall asleep soon after sucking, less than 1?
Waking up and crying for 2 hours, or sometimes sucking milk, this is a sign that the baby is not full.

5 Stools are abnormal, and constipation and diarrhea appear.

Normal stool should be yellow ointment.

When the milk is insufficient, the stool will become secretive, thin, green, or increase in frequency with less discharge each time, which is a manifestation of the baby’s insufficiency.

Little apples fight seven diseases

Little apples fight seven diseases

“One apple a day keeps the disease away from me” is a well-known health slogan.

70% of the diseases occur in people with acidic constitutions, and people are mostly acidic constitutions. Apple can improve the acidic constitutions to maintain the acid-base balance of the body.

Apples are alkaline foods. Eating apples can quickly neutralize excessive acidic substances in the body (including acid produced by sports and acidic metabolites produced by acidic foods such as fish, meat, eggs, etc.), thereby enhancing physical strength and disease resistance.

Research analysis shows that eating apples can directly resist the invasion of the following seven diseases.

  Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome: A study in the United States has made new discoveries about the health mechanism of apples. With reference to other vegetables and fruits, the “quercetin” contained in fresh apples is the best.

Quercetin is a type of antioxidant that resists chemical damage caused by sunlight, chemical reactions, and daily stress.

This is the best food for people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s syndrome.

Red apples contain more quercetin than yellow and green apples.

  Hyperlipidemia: Apples can lower blood lipids.

When apple pectin enters the body, it can bind with bile acids, absorb excess syringes and triglycerides like a sponge, and then excrete them.

At the same time, apple-decomposed acetic acid is beneficial to the catabolism of these two substances.

In addition, vitamins, fructose, and magnesium in apples can also reduce their content.

  Hypertension: Excessive sodium is an important cause of high blood pressure and stroke.

Apples contain a large amount of potassium, which can be combined with excess sodium in the body and excreted from the body, thereby lowering blood pressure.

At the same time, potassium ions can effectively protect blood vessels and reduce the incidence of hypertension and stroke.

The polyphenols and flavonoids contained in apples can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  Cancer: The polyphenols in apples can inhibit the growth of tumors. The flavonoids in apples are a highly effective antioxidant. It is not only the best blood vessel scavenger, but also the killer of cancer.

If someone eats more apples, the chance of getting lung cancer can be reduced by 46%, and the chance of getting other cancers can be reduced by 20%.

Proanthocyanidins in apples can prevent colon cancer.

  Osteoporosis: Apples contain boron and manganese, mineral elements that strengthen bone.

Medical experts believe that if menopausal women can ingest 3 grams of boron every day, their calcium loss rate can be reduced by 46%. Menopausal women eat more apples, which can help calcium absorption and utilization, and prove osteoporosis.

  Obesity: Apples can increase satiety. Eating before meals can reduce food intake and achieve weight loss.

Infants and children’s bedrooms should not be planted

Infants and children’s bedrooms should not be planted

[Introduction]The stems, leaves, and flowers of flowers and plants are rich in toxins. The proportion of infants and children who are sensitive to flowers and plants (especially certain pollen) is much higher than adults.

  First, the percentage of infants and children allergic to flowers and plants (especially some pollen) is much higher than adults.

Stems, leaves, and flowers of flowers and plants such as magnolia, hydrangea, evergreen, and jasmine can cause skin allergies in infants; cacti, prickly pears, tiger thorns, and other plums are covered with spikes, which can easily hurt infants and young children.The skin and even cause edema of the skin and mucous membranes.

  Usually, the stems, leaves, and flowers of certain flowers and plants contain toxins. For example, the branches and leaves of evergreens contain certain toxins, which directly stimulate the oral mucosa after entrance. Severely, the throat mucosa will be congested, edema, and swallowing or even breathing difficulties.

If the oleander is ingested, infants and young children will experience vomiting, abdominal pain, coma and other acute poisoning symptoms.

Another example is the bulb of a daffodil, which is very similar to fruit, and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other acute stomach burns occur immediately after eating by mistake.

  Thirdly, many flowers and plants, especially famous flowers and plants, emit a strong and fragrant fragrance.

And letting infants and young children suffocate in the fragrant environment may reduce the infant’s olfactory sensitivity and reduce appetite.

  Last but not least, in general, flowers and plants exhale carbon dioxide while inhaling oxygen at night, so indoor oxygen may be insufficient.

  Beware of mosquito repellence in babies. Parasites are a common disease that seriously endangers the health of children. Some parents rush to take deworming medicines when they find that their children often have stomachaches. In fact, it is often counterproductive to rush medicine for this disease.

It is still necessary to choose the appropriate time to take the deworming medicine, so as to be beneficial to the health of the child.

  As we all know, children with parasitic diseases are mainly infected by unconsciously eating some spider eggs (such as roundworm eggs, roundworm eggs).

Especially in summer, the stool of parasitic disease patients contains a large amount of eggs. This kind of stool will pollute the environment after being inadvertently discharged after being excreted, and the eggs will stick to vegetables, fruits, and soil.

  In summer, people generally like to eat cold vegetables and cold drinks, because these things have been sterilized at high temperature, so the chances of eating insect eggs are relatively more than in other seasons.

Children often touch their fingers with unclean items, and sometimes they eat without washing their hands, and worm eggs may inadvertently enter the mouth and cause illness.

In the fall, these parasitic eggs that have been ingested into the belly just become small bugs after about 2 months of development, parasitizing in the child.

At this time, insect repellent is the best, because the climate is mild and the environment is pleasant.

Parasites such as worms have the habit of “when they meet the warmth”, and when children receive anthelmintic treatment in the fall, they are more tolerant and adaptable to adverse reactions caused by drugs, and it is easy to restore health.

Do you do basic beauty care everyday?

Do you do basic beauty care everyday?

Proper daily skin care steps are very important, so female friends must pay attention.

Let ‘s take a look at the daily beauty care . One, makeup removal Many people think that the steps of makeup removal do not need to pay too much attention to moisturizing, but for people with dry skin, it is best to replace the makeup remover with a natural pure oily makeup remover.

Because the surfactant added in makeup remover oil can make the skin dry, choosing a friction replacement makeup remover cream or gel can solve this problem and is the most suitable solution for extremely dry skin.

  Second, the time that the moisturizing ingredients in the cleansing and cleansing milk on the skin is reduced, so the moisturizing effect is also limited.

However, it is still recommended that you do not use cleansing products containing scrubs or special deep cleansing ingredients. Instead, choose a moisturizing cleansing milk with a fine and rich foam. The rich and fine foam will increase the contact surface with the skin and pores, thereby bringing out dirt and oil., And gentle will not hurt the skin, while deep cleansing the skin, slowly increase the vitality of the cells themselves.

  Third, the lotion uses makeup to capture the wave of cat water to bring a comprehensive nourishment to the skin. It can pave the way for the following moisturizing work while quenching thirst and dry skin. It is a key step in daily maintenance of thiothiazine waste.

  When choosing a lotion, you need to change the astringent toner containing alcohol to a rich type with moisturizing effect.

If you have mixed skin or have acne impurities, you can try using two types of lotion, the first layer uses cleansing and soothing type, the second layer absorbs moisturizing and moisturizing type, or apply lotion in partitions, this can be used in non-irritatingUnder the circumstances, the skin will be moisturized moderately, so that the subsequent moisturizing work will be more effective.

  Fourth, beauty essence essence essence has always been one of the most “quality” steps in the skin care process, as well as moisturizing care.

Especially for the skin that is easy to dry or the surface is oily and dry inside, it is necessary to use a moisturizing essence to further replenish the moisture, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, and make the skin change to the ideal state.

Because the moisturizing molecules in the essence are smaller, they are more easily absorbed by the skin, and the moisturizing effect is very significant.

  Fifth, eye cream The skin around the eyes is most prone to fine lines and desquamation due to dryness, and it will be prolonged if it is not good, so you must choose an eye cream with super moisturizing power. If you do not want to replace the eye cream that has been used regularly, the best wayIt is an eye serum with moisturizing effect. It can be used together with eye cream to make eye care hydrated.

  Six, lotion (cream) beauty liquid is to adjust the skin state for the sake of stability, can not fundamentally maintain the skin’s moisture, in this regard, really professional also need to count the lotion and cream.

Moisturizing cream not only locks the skin’s moisture, but also prevents the skin temperature from falling and improves the phenomenon of poor blood circulation.

  At the same time, the moisturizing cream, which has multiple functions such as whitening and anti-aging, is more suitable for mature skin, and achieves multiple maintenance purposes.

When applying, pay attention to putting the lotion or cream on the palm of your hand and covering it with body temperature before applying, because the warm lotion is easier to be absorbed by the skin than the cold lotion.

  Seven, concentrated moisturizing care-any additional objects on the skin mask will produce a tender touch, so we recommend that you apply 1 weekly?
Moisturizing mask twice to regenerate and moisturize the skin.

  The focus of the moisturizing mask is that its ingredients contain a “moisturizing” effect, which can really increase the accumulation of skin and rejuvenate tired skin.

In addition, remember that you still need to do a good job of “water locking” after applying the face, and apply moisturizing lotion or cream to achieve moisturization.

How can the elderly survive and retire after retirement?

How can the elderly survive and retire after retirement?

Wang Bobo is 76 years old and retired from cadres.

I am healthy when I retire, but I can prevent colds because I feel less contact with people. I often stay at home and don’t want to move around.

Three months after retiring, Wang Bobo began to feel his legs weak and stubbornly believed that weakness in his legs was a sign of serious illness.

As a result, Wang Bobo became the hospital’s long-term illness, and gradually gradually increased to the extent that he needed someone to feed him, dress, and get on the bed.

  Old people who are retired, if they can’t adapt to a new life as soon as possible, passively stress, it is very likely that they will be surrounded by danger because of “psychological cold.”

Wang Bobo is a situation in which the retirement of “soft landing” failed.

  The retirement period of the elderly is at the maturity of the transition, and the juniors are no longer dependent on themselves as they used to.

This not only brings the family’s empty nest, but also the feeling of loneliness and loss.

Modern society is changing with each passing day. The speed of knowledge update of the elderly is no less than that of young people. The channels for obtaining information are relatively narrow. At the same time, the concept of “self-aging” is strengthened, and it is easy to feel that the body function is declining.

To face a new social environment, integrate new social interactions, and reposition the social roles that have long been used to, so retirement is also called another major turning point in people’s lives.

To truly achieve a safe “landing”, it will inevitably require a certain psychological preparation and adjustment time.

  In fact, retirement does not mean the end of a temporary life, but can be seen as the beginning of another wonderful life.

The children left their own space to give them a free life. In the days when they regain their freedom to control their lives, they will locate new life points, find interest, and avoid excessive attention to their old and weak in the value-added of self-worth.Provide a powerful buffer for a smooth “soft landing” after retirement.

These bad habits can make the elderly live more and more young.

These “bad habits” can make the elderly live more and more young.

I often see the elderly in the street and talk about each other’s age. At this time, I will find that some people will look older than the actual age, and there will be old people who are younger than the age, causing this difference.The reasons are complicated, but the differences in living habits can not be ignored. Which habits can delay aging has become a topic of great concern for the elderly. Today, we will summarize some living habits that seem to be “bad habits” but beneficial to the health of the elderly.
  1, often eat meat In most people’s concept, after the age is large, should follow the dietary habits of food, high-fat high-protein meat food should be avoided.
In fact, this is not healthy. According to the data, there is a large proportion of the elderly population in China, which is malnourished, leading to a series of diseases such as anemia and osteoporosis.
This is inseparable from their eating habits, and long-term vegetarianism does not guarantee adequate intake of nutrients.
It is necessary for the elderly to eat meat properly. It is a healthy eating habit to ensure a balanced diet.
  2、多动症  许多老人都闲不下来,一刻也不能在家里闷着,不是去广场上跳舞,就是去公园下棋,这看似不符合中国传统观念中的静养,但老年人喜动在科学山It is more beneficial to your health.
Do more physical exercise can promote blood circulation, help eliminate fatigue, reduce the burden of heart and lungs, but also regulate endocrine, promote metabolism, relieve aging, and enhance body resistance.
Brain exercise can stimulate brain vitality and delay brain aging.
  3、自娱自乐  当前社会,很多老人都没有家人的陪伴,成为了空巢老人,在这种情况下,不少老人都有自娱自乐的习惯,喜欢自言自语,每天歌不离It’s a good habit to sing two sentences.
Self-speaking can regulate one’s emotions, dispel unaccompanied sorrow, and let the inner depression have proper venting channels; singing can promote the production of dopamine, help relieve physical and mental stress, and maintain a pleasant and comfortable mood.
  4、退而不休  老人到了退休年龄之后,很多人却不希望过平静闲适的退休生活,仍然选择继续工作;这一方面可以让他们的大脑和身体保持在极强的活跃度,可以起到延缓On the other hand, the social circle formed by most of the life, if you withdraw from it, will have a strong sense of loss and loneliness. Therefore, if the elderly are willing, they can choose to live retired.
  5, lazy Old people feel less, if the elderly have the habit of sleeping late, this is a good thing, to ensure adequate sleep is an effective means of resisting aging.
In addition, after getting out of bed, don’t rush to stack the quilt. Open the window first, turn the quilt over, and disperse the exhaust and debris in the bed and stack it up.
These seemingly lazy habits are actually scientific practices.
  Practicing these “bad habits” will definitely make you live younger and younger.