Blow the open spring breeze to share development opportunities

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 5th, China, China Newsletter reporters reported: President Xi Jinping attended the 4th China International Import Expo at the opening of the 4th China International Import Expo and published a chair.Overseas people said that Chairman Xi Jinping deeply summed up the experience of China’s 20 years of joining the World Trade Organization, showing the determination and responsibility of China’s unwilling to share market opportunities in the world, promoting high levels of openness, etc., to build an open world economy,Maintaining the world’s common interests into strong energy, in order to promote the recovery of the world economy and growth.

  French Chinese expert Lai Yasi said that the speech of President Xi Jinping made the world to see the determination and initiatives of China’s unswerving maintenance of true multilateralism and promoting high levels of openness.

President Xi Jinping emphasized that "China has always spent the letter, the routine" passes a clear information, and China has implemented the development and opening commitment in actual actions, and actively helps other developing countries while speeding up the green transformation. Malaysia Santoro, director of the International Relations Department of Brazili Region University, emphasized the "China’s expansion of the company’s determination to change" in China. " He said that China will open the new era background, and higher levels of openness means that China will contribute more to common interests in the world. The editor-in-chief of the "Kazakh Industrial News" said that this year is the 20th anniversary of China’s joining the WTO, China has become the world’s second largest economy, and China has become an important part of the global industrial chain supply chain. The Chinese market has also become a big market in the world.

The organizer of the Expo is another important initiative and proof of China’s expansion. The Expo has become an international procurement, investment promotion, humanistic exchange, and open cooperation platforms, and become international public products worldwide.

  Kenya International Scholar Kenz Adehir said that the President Xi Jinping once again put forward strong Chinese claims in the maintenance of true multilateralism and building an open world economy, causing the international community to resonate.

China overcomes new crown epidemic, promoting the development of foreign trade innovation, and simultaneously enables more countries and people to develop opportunities and benefits through the establishment of "a belt all the way".

China Program and Action In order to ensure the stability of the global industry chain supply chain, it promotes the important contribution of the world economic recovery.

  Li Yuxi, the Secondary School of International Trade, South Korea, believes that the speech of President Xi Jinping showed the world to expand high levels, strengthen international trade cooperation, and transferring China and other countries to develop together, mutual benefit. Unprincing, I believe that China will continue to provide development opportunities for overseas companies to create a stable and high-quality business environment. Sri Lanka International Business Council Chairman, Roquikler Marena, said that the speech of President Xi Jinping stressed that China will pay more attention to the import, believe that the Expo will allow more developing countries including Sri Lanka companies, Sri Lanka companies. SMEs Benefit.

  Faibrai, President and China’s Chief Executive Officer, and China CEO, said that the world has become unparalleled overall, open tolerance, mutual benefit, and cooperation is a long-term development of Kangzhuang Avenue.

Building a "double cycle" pattern, promoting international innovation and cooperation and global sustainable development, is a proof of China’s promotion of high levels of opening up, and world sharing opportunities.

  Europe’s largest software company thinking about the Global Executive Vice President, Greater China President Huang Chenhong’s impression of Xi Jinping’s discovery of international cooperation between China and participating in green and low-carbon, digital economy, and believes that digital technology will play in these areas. Great role, "We feel excited to the development opportunities in the Chinese market." Professor Bo Gemir Kovac, a professor of the University of Economics, Slovenia, said that China is becoming a major supporter of multilateralism. China has promoted world economic cooperation with practical actions to promote commercial openness and investment, and won the international community.

  Wamer A Blaimov, Chief Researcher, Institute of International Economic Relations, Finance and Economics, the Russian government, said that the global economy is a very active signal to the global economy, which is the Chinese market and expanded in China. Opportunity, the demand for high-tech products will further promote innovative development and create new prospects for the global economy. Huang Weixiong, Dean of New Zealand Business School pointed out that the new crown epidemic is a three-fold, the global economic recovery road is bumpy, this year’s entrance, the exhibition is held as scheduled, reflecting China ‘s China to be responsible.

China shares market opportunities with the world, in one-wayism and protectionism, and economic globalization is precious.

Into the Expo attracted all countries including New Zealand companies to participate actively, which will help promote the Asia Pacific region and the entire world economy. Tunisian political analyst Jama Jazimi said that the global business activity and logistics service began to recover, significant.

The Expo will force trade exchange between countries to provide important and diverse opportunities for many countries.

  Greek scholar Pellagia Cabasi Otaki said that Xi Jinping Chairman’s speech showed China’s responsibility and issued an important information to the world to achieve a win-win situation, and hit the world economic recovery. Brunei Senior Media Man Bay Renlong emphasized that "China will firmly maintain the world’s common interest", "thinking that China advocates and action boosts the global market confidence, and provides more development opportunities for the world, promoting the formation Global development pattern of mutual benefit.

  Oxus Demir, Associate Professor, Istanbul Business University, Turkey, said that President Xi Jinping suggests that China has further strengthened multilateral cooperation, and the determination of market opportunities with the world is very important to promote the recovery of the world economy.

A number of initiatives announced by President Xi Jinping will attract more foreign companies to China. Sande Encard, director of the University of Zambia, "One Belt" Joint Research Center, said that President Xi Jinping stressed that China will firmly move the market opportunities with the world, unwavering high level open, showing China’s determination and responsibility. China’s claims and actions will further invest strong kinetic energy in the world economy, and promote humanity to a better future.

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Beijing: Strive to 2025 years aggregate global financial science and technology leader

Original title: Strive for 2025 years ago, gathering in the Global Financial Science and Technology Leading Enterprises Yesterday, at the 2021 Financial Street Forum Annual Meeting, "The Development Plan for the National Financial Science and Technology Demonstration Zone of Xicheng District" is released.

Our reporter said the newspaper (Reporter Pan Fuda) Yesterday afternoon, at the Global Financial Science and Technology Summit held during the 2021 Financial Street Forum, "the" 14th Five-Year Plan "Demonstration Zone Development Plan in Xicheng District" release. According to the plan, "Jinke New District" will strive to become a global financial science and technology leader aggregation, global technology research and development and application scenarios, global financial science and technology supervision systems and system standard strategies, and the world’s top innovative person is preferred.

  In the Xicheng District Deputy Director, the "Jinke New District" will gather high quality development, accelerate the development of digital industrialization, build regional digital industrial clusters, and seize the high digital economic system; will achieve innovative development level Increased, the average annual income growth of high-tech enterprises strive to reach 8%.

  According to the plan, "Jinke New District" innovative R & D and scene application capabilities will strive to lead the world, in artificial intelligence, big data, interconnected technology, distributed technology and other financial science and technology underlying basic technology and application technology research and development, annual average More than 50 high-quality invention patents and 10 domestic and international standards; "Jinke New District" industry synergy will basically form it, by 2025, newly added financial technology enterprises and professional service agencies Not less than 50; "Jinke New District" development environment will further optimize, continuously improve the policy environment, market environment and business environment, speed up digital infrastructure construction, promote the construction of "Jinke New District" theme building, and strive to provide 2025 High quality industrial space above 500,000 square meters. "Jinke New District" will create a space development pattern of "one core two wings".

"One core" is the north exhibition area as the core, key layout financial supervision technology, financial science and technology core business and support financial technology innovative professional services, actively serving the supervision experiment of financial supervision departments, striving for financial supervision and application pilot policy " Jinke New District "first try;" two wings "is the development of innovative and innovation, innovative platforms, and promotion of organizational model innovation, business innovation, and service innovation, and demonstrations through professional services to promote organizational model innovation, artistic innovation and service innovation through professional services. District construction provides space support; "more" includes multiple specialty parks and theme buildings dominated by the financial science and technology industry, providing a wide range of business and space support for the development of the demonstration zone.

  Promote innovative ecological coverage will become a key task of "Jinke New District" during the 14th Five-Year Plan. "Jinke New District" will accelerate financial science and technology innovation elements, increase the intensity of key enterprises and project pilots, and accelerate the introduction of international professional service agencies, strengthen the construction of financial science and technology talents, and build financial science and technology supervision innovation "Beijing Brands".

"Jinke New District" will also enhance financial scientific and technological innovation and strengthening financial science and technology innovation support system, strengthen regional collaboration and characteristic industries. Nie Jie Ying said that Xicheng District will set up the Beijing Stock Exchange, accelerate the promotion of industries, and fully serve the development of financial technology enterprises, professional service institutions, technology research institutions, standard creations development, promote digital industries, and seize standard creation and supervision. Innovation pilot, grab the original innovation, integrated innovation, and application innovation. Xicheng District will continue to strengthen the linkage development of Financial Street and Zhongguancun, promote the synergy of urban center and Xiongan region, form a good pattern of complementary advantages, collaboration, and joint development.

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De twee grote stukken worden genoemd, "arrogant" Hollywood verloren China?

  Na Xie Ruolin, na "Dune", "007" Series Movie "007: onwetend" in de Chinese markt vorige week, de doos Office-prestaties en "Sand Dune", het eerste weekendkaartje, is niet 100 miljoen yuan wordt ook niet verwacht. Word of Mouth, deze twee films zijn niet "Rotten". In het Douban-platform zijn er duizenden mensen om te spelen, duizenden mensen "007: onwetend voor de dood" speelde 7 punten, vergeleken met de twee hoogwaardige binnenlandse film "Changjin Lake" en "Hallo, LiAnying", Douban score kan worden omschreven als of niet. Dan, op de achtergrond van de nieuwe film van hetzelfde seizoen, "Dune" "007: 无暇 赴" wordt het nog steeds genoemd, echt het Hollywood Big Piece? Twee opeenvolgende Hollywood Blockbusted Zhang Yuan (Pseudoniem) die verantwoordelijk is voor de vermelde 3e ondernemingen, vertelde verslaggevers dat ze onlangs "knippen": wanneer ze het werk opende, zullen ze "zandduinen" 007 zijn: onschuldig tot de dood " geprezen; en het contrast hiermee is er een eerstejaars in de Wechat, maar sommige mensen vermelden deze twee films. "Het lijkt erop dat alleen mensen in de cirkel zelfvoorzienend zijn." "Duinen" is een epische magische film, dezelfde naam, ik heb de Dakout Award en de Nebula Award. De film werd geregisseerd door de Hollywood Giant Legend, Danny Vilres (ooit begeleide "zilveren vleugelmoordenaar 2049") om te worden geregisseerd, het is een standaard Hollywood-film industrieel product. Vanaf de laarsopname naar de release-tijd, zijn de wereldwijde scient-fiction-enthousiastelingen vrijgelaten na de release, maar hun eerste weekendbox-kantoor is slechts 100 miljoen yuan, de uitvoering is lang niet zo goed als het "Changjin Lake" voor een lange tijd. En "007: 无 无 死", dezelfde "leraar is beroemd", de film is de Hollywood Giant MGM, de beroemde "007" -series van de wereld, maar ook het beste in 2014 gewonnen. Kerry Fuyong gericht.

  Praten over de verwachtingen van de branche van deze twee films, senioranalisten van een ticketplatform dat is ge?ntroduceerd in de "effecten dagelijkse" verslaggever, "in" Duinen "en" 007: onwetende tot de dood "(hierna" 007 "genoemd) op de Eva , China De filmmarkt wordt "geperst" en de nationale dag is alleen "Changjin Lake" geweest.

Op dit moment ontstond de opstelling van de twee Hollywood-huizen, vooral van tevoren en de universele opmerkingen van tevoren, de industrie het vertrouwen aan, en zelfs het box-kantoor bedraagt ??respectievelijk 600 miljoen yuan en ongeveer 10. miljard. "Dit ‘vertrouwen’ is nog steeds koud water met de markt. Het eerste weekend van "Duin" wordt niet verwacht. In die tijd werd iedereen toegeschreven aan het type film en overwogen dat Sci-Fi-film smal was in China, en de film ook het eerste deel is, heeft geen fan fundament. Na de prestaties van "007", is de uitvoering van deze film volwassen, en de kern is volwassen en het Hospitalline heeft gemiddeld meer dan 30% van de fracties. Het kan populair zijn.

"De bovenstaande analisten zeiden. Vanaf 16:00 op 3 november," Dune "uitgebracht 13-daagse miljard miljard yuan," 007 "vrijgegeven 6-daagse bill 100 miljoen, Cat Eyes Professional-versie van de app voorspelt het totale vak Office of Slechts 100 miljoen yuan. "Hollywood is met trots betalen" Dit is niet de eerste keer in China voor de eerste keer in China. Het vak Kantoor van de afgelopen vijf jaar is jaar bij jaar gedaald. 2016-2020, ge?mporteerd (inclusief import) Het aandeel van de film, importbatchfilm) is respectievelijk 42%, 48%, respectievelijk 38%, 36%, 16%, van de hoofdfilm, 2016 tot 2020, China Vrijgegeven Movie Box Office in TOP10, ge?mporteerde bladen bezetten 4, 5, 5, 2 en 0.

In het Hollywood Blockbuster uitgebracht in 2021, brak alleen "Snelheid en Passion 9" en "Costra Wars King Kong" Box Office door 1 miljard yuan. "Hollywood is niet veranderd, het is een Chinese publiek." De oprichter van een film en televisie bedrijf zei dat aan de ene kant, veel Hollywood verhaal routines in de "het zien van de grote wereld" Chinese publiek waren nog, een ander Aan de ene kant veel ge?mporteerde stukken niet echt aandacht te besteden aan de Chinese markt. zelfs als ze zijn ook een enkel te verklaren, de film mond-tot-mond kan ook langs de "self-come water" (spontaan fans), zelfs degenen die in een mondvol, zelfs die super Hero-serie is ook moeilijk om box office resultaten te krijgen.

"Hollywood betaalt voor zijn arrogant.

"In 2020," de magische prachtige brigade "" Magic Women 1984 "" Flower Mulan "Three Hollywood Big Pieces. Onder hen, "Magic Tribute", "Magical Women 1984" is bijna nul-promotie, "Hualan", de promotie van "Hualam", de eerste is dat het publiek heeft over het algemeen aangenomen dat de film begrip van de Chinese cultuur en de vorm van China’s image stroomt op het oppervlak Meer standpunten die de posters in China zijn blijkbaar ofwel volledig in vergelijking met andere regio’s. "Yuedong Culture CEO, East gelooft dat" Hollywood’s box office in de Chinese markt weerspiegelt: En de behoeften van het bekijken zijn veranderd.

"De industrie gelooft dat Hollywood arrogant is voor het Chinese publiek, maar ook in de zogenaamde" China speciale editie ".

Bijvoorbeeld, op de inhoud, "Iron Man 3" wordt uitgebracht in China, "China Special Edition" met Chinese acteurs, maar ook in andere regio’s zijn Chinese acteurs zijn verwijderd.

  Bovendien, in de vorm, een aantal Hollywood-film bedrijven hebben ook geproduceerd "China Special 3D-versie", zoals "5" in 2015, met inbegrip van de nieuwste "zandduinen" en "007".

Volgens China Movie Channel, "Dune", "007" Dit is om te schieten op basis van 2D-standaard, alleen 2D-versie wordt uitgebracht in Noord-Amerika, maar lanceert het "Pseudo 3D China Special Edition" in China naar 3D. Dit soort bekijken gevoel is ver van "true 3D", en is ook geboycot door een aantal Chinese publiek. Leraar Dong vertelde verslaggevers dat 3D-filmtarieven meestal 20% tot 30% hoger zijn dan 2D, zoveel films zullen 3D worden gedraaid.

"Dit is ook de wortel van ‘China speciale 3D-versie’ dit prachtige fenomeen." De Chinese filmmarkt van vandaag heeft nog steeds Hollywood nodig? "Het antwoord is zeker. Maar wat moet ik diep na te denken dat Hollywood nog steeds behoefte heeft aan een Chinese kijker? Als ze willen nog steeds de voordelen van de Chinese ticket te genieten, moeten ze arrogant zijn, respect voor het Chinese publiek, en volg de regels van de Chinese film markt..

"De oprichter van de bovengenoemde film en televisie bedrijf zei dat uit de ge?mporteerde film, afhankelijk van de Chinese film markt, een keer serieus beroep op Hollywood. In 1994 heeft de National Film Bureau naar voren het concept van de ingevoerde zetten" sub-rekening", waardoor De middelgrote schaduwgroep om 10 films per jaar te importeren.

Voorafgaand hiervan werd de invoer van China uitgegeven in de vorm van "ge?mporteerde kopers". De zogenaamde "sub-rekening", dat wil zeggen, is de eigenaar film auteursrecht niet de uitgevende instelling te kopen, maar alleen de opdracht agent agentschap uitgegeven en is het eens op voorhand, volgens de film box office inkomsten, om de productie partner te maken, kwestie agentschappen en prolets, aandeel, risico Shalling, "Import te kopen een disc slice" verwijst naar de Chinese bedrijf om een film en reflectie rechten kopen in een vaste prijs, en buitenlandse boek neemt niet deel aan box office in China. In november 1994, de eerste wordt ingevoerd door de Zhongxing Group, en de Hollywood "wanhopige end" uitgebracht in de vorm van buitenlandse box office wordt vrijgegeven, en de box office is meer dan 25 miljoen yuan. Zoals het komt, "Hollywood Blockbuster Effects Binnenlandse film" "Hollywood Wolf komt eraan", het heeft de film van China bijna 20 jaar geplaagd.

  In 2001, China officieel toegevoegd aan de WTO, en het aantal ge?ntroduceerde boekjes werd verhoogd van 20 per jaar tot en met 20, en het aandeel van de boeking 13%. In het tweede jaar, in de binnenlandse jaarlijkse box office TOP5, behalve "helden", de resterende 4 zijn kaskrakers uit Hollywood, met inbegrip van de "ring koning: om de ring te beschermen", "Harry Potter and Magic Stone" "Star Wars Prequel 2: Clone De overtreding van mensen "en" spider-man ". In februari 2012 heeft de twee kanten van China en de Verenigde Staten ondertekend "Medische Memorandum van de WTO-film-gerelateerde problemen op te lossen" in Los Angeles. Het bedrag van de sub-account is verhoogd van 20 tot 34, terwijl de nieuwe 14 plaatsen kan alleen worden Imagata en 3D-film formaat, op hetzelfde tijdstip, de invoering van grote films in China wordt verhoogd tot 25%; 2015 heeft China Shadow Group de "Hoofdstad invoer samenwerkingsovereenkomst" ondertekend, hoewel de specifieke details zijn niet bekendgemaakt, echter, in De komende jaren neemt het algemene aantal ge?mporteerde stukken toe.

  Sinds de open film markt, de hacker imperium uit Hollywood, de Heer Rings, Harry Potter, Transformers, snelheid en passie, en de Waito Universe, het veroveren van een groot aantal van de "portemonnee" van de Chinese publiek. Natuurlijk bieden Hollywood-films ook belangrijke ondersteuning voor het Chinese ticket. "In de eerste jaren, is er een ‘binnenlandse bescherming film maand’, dat wil zeggen in een maand van de zomer bestand (juni-juli of juli-augustus augustus), wordt de import film niet vrijgegeven." Een ketting lijn The general manager vertelde de "Securities Daily" verslaggever, nu lijkt het erop dat er geen zorg, zelfs wanneer het wordt gereflecteerd, kan de binnenlandse hoofd film meer winnen, " ‘Wolf is gekomen, maar we’m niet bang voor Wolf’.


Shangluo: Chef Changshang Tour, you will be less

Original title: Shangluo: Chef’s long tour, people, you will lose less this news (Reporter Zheng Fei) On October 26, Wang Dong, who is Shangluo, is just finished in the Shangluo Wao Hotel, holding Benon and pen, the head of the Head of high chef hat came in: "Hello, I am the hotel chef long. Do you satisfied with the rice? This is a lot of burning chickens, is it not too delicious?" Wang Dong did not I am so intedicated and said: "The taste is good. Because there are two friends who have not come, the vegetables are more.

"Zhang Yukui remembered on the book, and he looked back and told the waiter:" Please pick it up to this gentleman. Can take away, don’t waste it.

"On May 20 this year, the Shangluo Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Party Committee Civilization Office, the City Hotel Catering Association and other departments jointly issued the" civilized dining table "practice action with civilized consumption, saving meals as the main content, promoting" CD Action ", Leftovedrove leaves.

As a chairman of the Chairman of the City Hotel, the Shangluo Tiandi and Catering Co., Ltd. will take the lead in acting in the world and two hotels.

  "We respond to the ‘CD Action’ to launch the chef long tour system.

"For more than ten years ago, I came to Shanglukui from Hanzhong to Shangluo. It was familiar with the taste of the local people. Every time he patrol him, he will be invisible to the view of the guest to taste the taste of the meal.

"I found that there is much more vegetable, I will ask if it tastes it or other reason. If it is a taste problem, it is necessary to improve; if it is more, you will provide the package to take the service free of charge.

Zhang Yukui said.

  For 6 guests under 6 people, Tianshi and a small dish of the normal dish volume of 60%. The seats also pushed six cool and six hot, try not to have leftovers, no waste. The Fuhua Hotel on Binjiang Road, a "civilized dining, saving food", "CD action, saving" on each dining table, and the waiter will suggest that the waiter will suggest "many less points", enhance the benefits of guests. consciousness.

  "We prompt for guests, some dishes, not enough. Guaranteed that it is full, never waste.

"Fu Lihua Hotel Food Manager Ji Rong said," Promote the ‘CD Action ", the appointment cost is reduced, and our hotel staff packs the table, and the tray is easy. It’s really a lot of money. "On September 7, Shangluo City Hotel Catering Association held a special seminar" to stop the catering and waste ", 50 hotels in the city of 6 counties, 50 hotels in the city, 70 people, 70 people participated in the discussion, and to the whole city, institutions, units, The canteen issued the "About" Initiative "," Initiative "," Proposal ".

"It is understood that 50 members of the Association have all been implemented by the chef long tour system. Li Hong, president of Shangluo Hotel Catering Association, General Manager of Shangluo Tiandi and Catering Co., Ltd., said:" As a catering practitioner, Body, starting from me, starting from one drop, resolutely stopping the meal drinking fees.

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As of 16:00 on January 1, Taiyuan Metro passenger traffic exceeded

  Original title: Taiyuan subway passenger flow breakthrough million January 2nd Taiyuan China Railway Traffic construction operation company, Taiyuan’s first subway line opened, after steadily increased, as of January 1, 2021, Taiyuan Metro Line 2 accumulatedThe passenger traffic exceeded 1 million.As of the end of the year’s day, the total traffic of the total passenger traffic in the subway line 2 has exceeded 10,000 traffic, and the highest record of the single-day passenger flow.

In the station along the way, Changfeng Street Station reached 23,986, and Da Nanmen Station reached 18,285, and the Kaifeng Temple Street reached 16699, and the dazzling score was shown.

It is not difficult to see that Metro Line 2 is changing the way of travel of Taiyuan citizens, more people choose green, efficient, and convenient subway travel.Since the opening, the relevant departments have jointly guarantee the overall safety, steady, orderly, orderly, and the day’s operational graph of 100%, 100% of the train is 100%, providing a reliable travel guarantee for the general public.(Reporter Li Tao correspondent Zhang Xiongfei).

Refuse "Political Traceability" China Bright Attitude and Program

Recently, the WHO Secretary has proposed the so-called second-stage traceability work plan to abandon the authority, scientific conclusions of China – WHO traceability joint research report.

In this regard, not only the Chinese side is not accepted, and the international community also has more politicized politics to new crown viruses. China has consistently adhering to the principle of open, transparent, scientific, and cooperation. It advocates that the next stage of traceability should respect the first phase of research results, adhere to scientists as the main body, oppose the politicalization of traceability, and appeal to the international community to actively launch multi-country traceability investigation and research. .

The media and experts in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines are frequently voiced, called for the development of the corresponding traceability of the United States. China has two invited WHO experts to investigate in the traceability issue. At the same time, China actively submitted the WHO to China’s China Program: Take scientists based on scientists, conduct scientific traceability based on evidence; non-repeated development of traceability research has been carried out, especially for clear Conclusion The work; fully borrowed from the first stage of viral traceability work practice, mechanism and method, promoting the order of traceability, success; the expert group should be based on the first phase of the source research expert, fully respect the professional level of the expert group member, International reputation and practical experience. In addition to opening and transparency, China also actively maintains the scientific and impartiality of virus traceability.

New crown virus traceability is a scientific issue, and can only be studied by scientists to find viral animals and to human communication pathways, thereby better preventing future risks, protecting all human life. Health.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the scientific research work of virus traceability. As of July 19, 225 papers related to the foreign teams and other foreign teams such as the United States, the United Kingdom, 352 papers published, and the Chinese and American medical research experts also have epidemic. Prevention and control has carried out 6 video exchanges. China actively strengthens scientific research data and information sharing, relying on the National Biological Information Center to establish a global new crown virus information base.

China also advocates investigations in multicast multi-point traceability in the world.

Recently, Professor Dr. Yan Liya, Dr. Yan Li, Professor, Dr. Yu Liya, a Pastel Research Institute, is pointed out that from the perspective of new crown virus traceability, from the overall situation of new crown pneumonia, multiple sources, multi-outbreaks are already obvious objective facts.

The study of "European Epidemiology" shows that new crown viruses have emerged in Europe in November 2019; US CDC research report shows that new crown viruses have emerged in the United States in December 2019; Italy Milan National Cancer Institute Studies have shown that new crown viruses may have spread in Italy in the summer of 2019 … All of them are sufficient, and there are more descriptions of new crown epidemic.

The United States is actuated by the international public opinion speculation "laboratory leakage" and will trace the politicalization of the issue. However, so far, the staff and postgraduate students in the Wuhan Virus Institute do not have a new championship. The Wuhan Virus did not carry out the study of coronavirus gain function, and there is no so-called artificial virus.

According to the resolution 73th World Health Assembly, the next phase of the traceability work will be publicly transparent and should not be dominated by a few countries. Recently, the deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that when the Chinese side stated that there were no traceability of the virus traceability, China has never refused to carry out traceability cooperation, always support and will continue to participate in scientific traceability.

China is going to implement the relevant recommendations of China-WHO traceability joint research report, actively promoting reports involving subsequent complementary reunification in China. "We oppose political traceability, against the traceability of the resolutions of the WHW General Assembly, against the traceability of China – WHO traceability joint research report, supporting scientific traceability." China-WHO traceability The research report has gone recognized conclusions and recommendations of the international community and scientific community, and must be respectful and implemented by the parties including the WHO Secretariat.

The future global traceability work should only be further carried out on this report, rather than "other stove."

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Tan Yunlong: Children’s youth psychological problems need health, education, management department linkage

Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Vice President, Chief Physician Tan Yunlong.

Wang Yuyi recently, by the Health China Action Promotion Committee Office, People’s Network · People’s Health, the 2021 National Second Session "Health Chinese" series round table forum held in Beijing. On the afternoon of February 27th, in the special forum of the "Quality of Psychological Health", Beijing Huilongguan Hospital Vice President, Chief Physician Tan Yunlong said that children’s adolescent psychological problems require joint operations such as medical system, education system.

Tan Yunlong said that the cause of mental illness is very complex, and the research of the pathological organizational organization required by the research and the difficulty of the model animals constrained the etiology of mental illness. Despite this, biological-social-psychological medical model is used to explain the occurrence of mental illness and development is equally applicable. In this regard, Tan Yunlong put forward three suggestions: First, multi-departmental joint action. Mental illness is a disease caused by the interaction of genetics, the environment, and both.

Existing technologies are difficult to prevent and intervene from genetic perspectives, but there are many jobs that can be done from social and psychological factors. In recent years, the incidence of children’s youth and psychological problems has increased increasing trends, in this regard, we need joint action such as medical, education and management system. The second is to carry out epidemiological investigation. Large-scale epidemiological surveys reveal the occurrence, development law of the disease, discovering the possible risk factors of diseases; can provide scientific basis for the prevention and control of various mental illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the streaming work based on mental illness classification. The third is to carry out health education for ordinary public.

At present, the treatment rate of mental disorders is low, and a large number of patients missed the best treatment window, mostly because the public lacks lack of mental illness and mental health. Therefore, in response to the general public, mental health education, early intercourse of disease, early treatment, and reduce social problems caused by diseases.

Prohibition of operators from concentrating according to law! Tiger’s teeth fight fish combined

People’s Network Beijing July 10 (Reporter Yang Yupo) reporter learned from the official website of the Market Supervision Bureau that according to Article 28 of the "Anti-Monopoly Law" and "The Interim Provisions on the Centralized Review of Operators" provisions, The Market Supervision State Council decided to ban the merger of Tiger (hereinafter referred to as Tiger Teeth) and Fighting International Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as fighting fish), which prohibits this operator according to law.

It is reported that on January 4, 2021, the Market Supervision Administration declared the combined case of Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent) and the Fighting International Holdings Co., Ltd. According to the "Anti-Monopoly Law", the Market Supervise Law, comprehensive analysis of the market share of the participating business people in the relevant market and its impact on the market’s control, market concentration, concentrated on market entry and technical progress, focusing on consumers. And other factors such as the impact of the operators, and the effectiveness of the additional restriction commitments proposed by Tencent.

During the review process, the Market Supervision State Administration widespresequenially relevant government departments, industry associations, experts scholars, peers competitors and downstream customers, and listened to Tencent statements.

The review shows that the relevant markets of this case are China’s online online game operations market and game live market.

Tencent has more than 40% in the upstream online game operation service market, ranking first; Tiger teeth and fighting fish in the downstream game live market share exceeds 40% and 30% respectively, ranked first, second, and more than 70%. Currently, Tencent has a separate control of Tiger tooth and the co-control of fighting fish.

If the tiger’s teeth and fighting fish will make Tencent’s separate entities, further strengthen the dominance of Tencent’s dominance in the game live market, while making Tencent’s ability to implement closed-loop management and two-way longitudinal blockade in the upstream and downstream market, or may have Excluding, restricting competitiveness, is not conducive to market fair competition, possibly damage consumer interests, which is not conducive to online games and game live market regulations and sustainable development.

After assessment, Tencent’s additional restriction conditions commitment plan cannot effectively solve the aforementioned competition.

R & D expenses plus the new government: ready to pay

Kabbu Baby Company is busy in modern production workshops. He Chunxia was informed that in order to implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council incentives increased R & D and investment, optimized the deployment of the R & D cost plus deduction policy implementation, the State Administration of Taxation recently released the "issues related to further implementation of R & D expenses] Announcement (hereinafter referred to as "announcement"), clarify that enterprises enjoy the additional deduction discount in October 2021, just fill in the name and adding deduction amount in the prepaid declaration table, other related materials are retained.

Introduction to the relevant person in charge of the Guizhou Taxation Bureau, the "Announcement" further simplifies the retained preparation information, which is adjusted to "1 auxiliary account +1 sheet summary table" by the original "4 auxiliary account +1 sheet summary table". The accounting information of the aided account and summary table, the taxpayers can also design aidedrate style according to the actual and habits of self-designation, and the amount of work will be greatly reduced, and the preferential policy will be more convenient.

The "Announcement" also adjusts the calculation method of "other related fees" limit in the R & D fees, and carries out a number of R & D activities in a tax year, and by the original calculation of "other related expenses" limit in accordance with each R & D project. Change to unify all R & D projects "other related fees" limits, allowing the use of "other related expenses" limited by the research and development projects to make companies maximize preferential policies. According to preliminary measurements, the policy will help Guizhou Province to enjoy the company’s income tax billion. Tax bonus is more timely, taxpayers have more feelings.

Zhang Jun, a finance staff of Guizhou Kab Baby Products Co., Ltd., said that "" In recent years, enterprises are affected by factors such as epidemic, the funds are large.

According to the new policy, the research and development cost plus in the third quarter of this year is expected to release the fund stream of around 4.4 million yuan. This is really a ‘timely rain.

With such a good policy, enterprise technology innovation and confidence in research and development is more enough! "(Wu Xue Ming, Sun Zhongpie) (Editor: Li Yongxin (Internship), Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

The people on the deck suddenly panic——This top,I am afraid of being stranded,And your own big ship is a sea boat、A spools,It is possible to thoroughly report on shallow water.!

“Overcoming anger!We are a giant whale……”
“The boat is the Queen’s birthday,Too late。”
“I、I am a giant whale to help the old old Li Tiande,Please be too old、Chu Hexia,Moving boat!”
A panic shout,The Chu Deiren has left the room.,Just push it into slight strand、Not thoroughly anchoring the extent,Then lightly lift your foot,So on、Falling on the deck of the big ship。
Giant whale,This is a little bit of swing from panic,But but didn’t notice,The white woman in a half step,Light job seems to……Not weaker than the Chu Deirers too much。
Chu is a beautiful woman with a beautiful woman,Not a new thing is nothing。
Li Tiande, doing the Lord on the boat,I am busy playing forward.:“I am gangster and the old life.,Protecting the birthday,I don’t want to coll myself.,Rude……”
Although it is clearly a Chu Deirers,still is“Collide”Special force,But Li Tiande dares to distinguish。
By the way, Li De Tian also looked at the white woman.,Polite asked:“I don’t know, but I practice fairy.?”
Pity star,Li Tiande has already felt murderous……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 529 Bother
“Birthday?What do you want to send??”The Chu Deiren asked very much.。
Just being killed by pity,I have thrown Li Tiande,Immediately answer:“Benevolence,From last year,I took a batch of cotton,300,000 sets of winter clothes,Send to Fuyang Guo Taxia,Now we take back,It is the thin winter coat of the Yuxian Shoujun.。”
Chu Deiren heard,Looking at him surprised——Even if the Chu Deirers don’t understand this,It can also be some perceived.,The giant whale is helped to do this.……
“Ignorant”There is a bought, do not say,and……You“Thin winter clothes”bring back,Be the department of the soldier、Household is dissatisfied?
Li Tiande also saw the surprises of Chu Deirers.,I quickly explain:“Chu Hexia may not know,Recently, the household order,Encourage folk luxury labor,And these thin winter clothes,This is the tension of the court last year.,This is only,The official and too much worry is very worried about this matter.,Even officials,Last year, we will not wear thick cotton clothes.。”
Chu Deman:……
Chu Deirers suspect,This is also a god.——Can’t wait to want to want to do three thousand,Play a bigger role?
But this is no wonder the ship of giant whales.,Will be here。
The original Chu Deirers are still strange,Shouli of the giant whale,I want to come to the overseas talents,How can I get down from the big river?。
It’s going to go to Yangyang Laojun.,The so-called birthday,Be“Solve the winter problem of Yuxian Shoujun”!
“I heard that you are colluding with you.,Still assassination of officials and too late,Now it seems that the giant whale is helpless,There is no such thing.!”Chu Deiren a rural lake rumor、Insufficient material。
Li Tiande was shocked——Is this incident in a big internal sensation??How have you been in the rivers and lakes?“It is said that”Extent?
“Jiang、There are always some scheduling rumors in the rivers and lakes.,hehe。”Li Tiande laughs very embarrassed。
Chu Deirens look at him,Unlike a strange collusion,What is it is like a surprised you will know that he has colliled?!
And since Li Tianyi is still alive,I want to come to the ruling mountain villa’s investigation to giant whale to help but continue……
“Your ship is good,I don’t know how to chef on the boat.?”Just asked if the Chu Deiren didn’t have a purpose.。
Li Tiande Wen Yan said that although he is willing,But the mouth is still said:“The old man on the boat can be cooked for cooking crabs.!Meet the chance,I am now calling the people to prepare the dishes.,Drink in this river,Don’t have a taste,I don’t know if I will seek face.?”
“Hahaha,German is old here.,What to do?Since the old is a craft,After the Chu, I walked with you.!”Chu Deirers said,Also patted Li Tiande’s shoulder。
Li Tiande:……
This giant whale helped since ten years ago,Anchored ship,After that, I will put it on Shenhou.,Essence the internal traitor,I have always believed that outsiders,Nowadays“Family gang”,Helper、Associate,Most of the old age,All are Li surname relatives。
So usually call,Not called“Li Chang is old”,Otherwise no one is。
Chu Deirers are cool“German”After the invitation,I also called the little fish.,During the time, the little fish and Jiang Yulang were locked.,Let Li Tiande are curious。