“General Gu!Maybe you misunderstood,What am i,I can still distinguish clearly,As for participating in your housework,Really didn’t say that“Xia Jian said frankly。As the saying goes,Don’t do bad things,Beat the door in the middle of the night,Maybe this is the reason。

Gu Changlong snorted coldly:“You did not participate?Why did you come,Lianchuang began to develop such a large project as Donghu Park,and also,Gu Yue wants to separate from me,Doesn’t this make people laugh out loud“
“dad!I said it before,This matter has nothing to do with Mr. Xia,If you have to pull on this,I don’t want the leading company,Send someone to take over“Gu Yue stood up fiercely,Doesn’t give Gu Changlong any face。
Gu Changlong lowered his voice and asked:“Yue Yue!Are you threatening me?Don’t forget,Where your mother and child live,Gu Changlong’s all the food,If you push me in a hurry,I can take it all back“
“Hahahaha!You finally said what you were saying,it is good!Mom and I will move out for you today,You villa, I really don’t hesitate,Remember,Send someone to immediately lead the handover,I only give you three days,Don’t blame me for being late“Gu Yue said,Picked up her little bag on the sofa。
Gu Changlong never thought that his daughter would be so strong,He chuckled angrily:“Really individual,You do not want,I’ll take it all back,I see how you go down”
Gu Yue has tears in her eyes,She shouted at Xia Jian:”What are you doing standing?I have fired you“
Since Xia Jian came to work,,Gu Yue has never made him such a big fire,Not even a strong word,She looks really hot today。
Also,Gu Yue is out of work,What is he standing doing。Xia Jian hurriedly turned around,Follow Gu Yue and walk outside the door。Gu Changlong suddenly shouted:“You stop!“
“Gu Dong!What else do you have?There is no employment relationship between us,So i don’t have to listen to you“Xia Jian turned around,Say word by word。
Gu Changlong said with a straight face:“young people,I think you are quite capable,Why not stay in Yunmao Group,Maybe there will be something in the future“
“Thanks Gu Dong,Disagree,You should take back your sincerity!“Xia Jian finished,Follow Gu Yue to stride away。Behind him was left a puzzled look of Gu Changlong where he was sitting and sulking。
Once out of the elevator,Gu Yue has adjusted her mentality。She laughed and said:“sorry!I didn’t expect this to hurt you too“
“It’s nothing,If not for you to stay,I left here long ago“Xia Jian said with an indifferent look。
Xiaoting drove the car over,She glanced at Gu Yue nervously,Speak softly:“General Gu,Get in the car!Auntie called just now,Let you go back to the villa“
Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian,Can’t help but shook his head and said:“You go back first!Let’s talk in the company tomorrow,I’m moving tonight“

“But you have to say is Korean,That will still be crushing。”

Li Hui Hui listened to this, and the frown was not frown.。
“Why is it to crush Korean??And why do they look at Korean??”
This is that Li Hui is a bit wondering.。
“N’t why,I can only say that Han’s luck is not good.,It is not working in their development,Then the persimmon picks soft pinch。”
“If this time it works with Han Jia,So very obvious thing turned into,Korean,Golden house,Li Jia is together,Then the emperor Li Jia must transfer anger to our side.。”
“So when you say this, we hesitated.。”
Li Hui said this,Still feeling an incredible。
“Li Jia wants to acquire Korean?”
“Um,It should be the medical company I want Korea.,After all, Li Jia also has a large company in this regard.,Especially many medicines are from Li’s hand.。”
“Even Li Jia also has a ancestral school,It seems to be a life-saving,But there is no one in the currently learning。”
“certainly,These are also rumors,What is going on?,I am afraid that only they know themselves.。”
Li Xianer said this,Don’t say more,Before she was suspected that Li Fah is a person who is the emperor Li Jia.。
Later, after a multi-point investigation, it was not found.。
Otherwise, she will not say so much.。
“Fairy sister,That Li Jia is so strong,You still dare to let Han family in shares with me.?”
“Yup,Why don’t you dare??We are not weak.!”
“it is good,Thank you, Jin Da Ge, Fairy Sister,I won’t let you down.,If Li Jia is really coming,I personally。”
Li Hui’s words gave Li Xianer and Jin Mingwu。
I feel that Li is like Li Jiazhi.。
“Lee brother,You have a relationship with Li Jia?”
“It’s ok,But I feel that I should have a relationship with me.,These things don’t say it first.,I am going to go to Han Jia.,Ask how do they think。”
When I heard this time, Li Hui is going to Wen Han.,Li Xianer is a speechless。
“You are crazy,At this time, ask,Han in the native fox must know what you know.,When you come, you cry in front of you.,You are your heart.,Don’t say it will help him。”
“Maybe he sold you and will help him。”
Jin Mingwu is also completely standing in Li Xianer.。
“Yeah, Li’s brother,I think,Let’s develop yourself first.,Then help him too late。”
“Fairy sister,In fact, there is a thing you have never understood。”
Looking at Li Hui’s confident smile,Li Xian was stunned.。
“Lee brother,whats the matter?”
“You are not curious, how can I develop so quickly?,Not curious about my medical skills,I am in all kinds of people?”
“I am going to Han Shu now.,Even if you really want to pit me,Do you feel that I am a good person??Things I feel soft, I feel that the golden brother should know what I treat some things.,Is there a soft。”
Have Li follow the style,Jin Mingwu also couldn’t help but think of some things。

Isn’t this guy blind,How to find your position accurately,This eyeless evil dragon should also have no eyes,But I really want to see myself clearly。

I wish Minglang raise my sleeves,A flash of red sword light broke through the air,It quaked like a dragon and a phoenix crying。
The red sword light slashed towards the claws of the eyeless evil god under the control of Zhu Minglang,I saw those claws like giant earthworms scattered on the bloody ground,Then twisted like crazy,Worms have grown,Pounced on Zhu Minglang again。
Fortunately, I wish Minglang met the Hirudon before,Knowing that once it is separated from the subject, it will evolve into a living thing。
I wish Minglang retreat,Finger move,Leading the sword spirit dragon back。
The process of sword spirit dragon flying back to Zhu Minglang,Chop,Sword light crisscross,In front of Zhu Minglang intertwined into a red sword net,The claws of the leech dragons were immediately cut into meat foam!
Jian Wang is still,The sword spirit dragon has been suspended in front of Zhu Minglang,Its sword is straight,Sword fluttering,Like a fairy sword standing beside his master,Even if the owner closes his eyes,It can also kill all the threats around!
“Zhu Minglang!”Hao Xingsheng’s eyes are burning with anger like torches。
He is riding a purple dragon,Passing through the blood waves churning from the furnace,Pounce straight to where Zhu Minglang is。
“Hao Commander,You came just right,Cut this evil,This world is rewarded!”I wish Minglang see you,Hurriedly shouted。
Guo Chang on the evil dragon,I immediately laughed gloomily。
“Just rely on you,It’s so underestimated that we have no eyes to teach,I will kill your men first,I will skin you cramps!”Guo Chang suddenly pointed his finger at the commander of Hao who was riding the purple dragon。
The purple dragon is also a dragon,Fairly burly,But the eyeless evil dragon in the furnace pool raised its body fiercely,Bloody,I saw the sight of hundreds of blood scorpions taking off,The Eyeless Evil Dragon is completely an evil creature made up of thousands of leeches,With blood sucking and living body,It keeps changing,Constantly strong,Eventually incarnate as the evil dragon!
Its body is bigger than expected,The whole furnace pond is more like a crypt,And the cave is full of evil dragon leeches,When these leeches support at the same time、Swell、When dancing,Eyeless evil dragon is more like a towering castle made of leeches,Standing in this monument city,Even the monument wall looks small!!

Jin Hetai is the first。

Her plans,Only a few people know,Most of the Wang family did so many things,But actually I don’t even know who I’m working for。
Qi’s response is also in Cheng Yunxiao’s plan。
Qi Xianwei really restrained his actions in other places,Quietly watching the show as a crowd eating melons,And send Qi Jingming to express“Condolences”,Talk a lot of empty talk,Express the meaning of helping Cheng Yunxiao share,Intend to move her。
But this has no effect,So they secretly spread some rumors,Attempt to put pressure on Cheng Yunxiao from another aspect。
Cheng Yunxiao saw this in his eyes,But I feel ridiculous for Qi’s arrogance。
The time is not yet ripe,Wait for the event to continue to ferment,She will also take advantage of this time to strengthen her power,When she has the ability to control everything,The third step plan is about to begin。
She won’t let too many people known by the Wang family have the opportunity to betray her。
But this is only her plan,As far as the call she heard in the car just now,The details of this plan may need to be changed。
Cheng Yunxiao took Li Hao into the restaurant,Seemingly casually found a place to sit down,But these actions were actually planned by her in advance。
Zhang Zhengwen seemed to bring only one subordinate,That person is young,But the eyes keep dodge,I dare not look directly at Cheng Yunxiao。
“What do you want to say when you ask me out?”
See Zhang Zhengwen sit down,Cheng Yunxiao doesn’t plan to waste time,Ask directly。
“Miss Cheng……It’s been almost a month,Should we stop too?”
Zhang Zhengwen speaks cautiously,Cheng Yunxiao can hear him with a trace of guilty conscience,This is a bit abnormal。
“No hurries,Where is this??Moreover,What I let you hit is my place,It’s mine,Without being held accountable,What are you afraid of?”
Cheng Yunxiao speaks easily,Li Hao,Keep staring at Zhang Zhengwen’s action,Tight nerves,No moment to relax。
“But within a month……So many murders……Even if not held accountable……The police……”
“You can rest assured,I have ordered someone to deal with the aftermath,Just do what I explained,I will not treat you badly after it’s done,Besides, it’s been so long,Didn’t your organization lose??”
Cheng Yunxiao’s first step plan,Gave the Wang family two or three assassination orders,But for the weak,Naturally, there is no way to hire a professional killer。

Xu Feng hesitated and asked:“You live in Baiyun Hotel?What big business is so hideous?”

“You just come,I’ll go back to my room and wait for you”Xia Jian finished,Get up and go。Going back to the hotel anyway,I don’t eat the rice here。Because the environment of this small shop is so bad,Xia Jian was afraid that he could not eat the noodles。
So as not to cause trouble,When Xia Jian left,Let Bai Li pay the money。The boss didn’t even say Daoqian’s words。Such a long time,Guest asked for something,I only served a plate of fried chili for a long time。
Three people in a van,Go straight to Baidong Hotel。It’s this time,Really hungry。on the car,Bai Li said with a smile:“Mr. Xia seems to want to instigate you, fellow,I don’t know if he wants to do things for us?”
“This is really hard to say,But according to my observation,Xu Feng shouldn’t be a fool,Persuade,Shouldn’t be a big problem”Xia Jian said,Happy smile。
Arrived at the hotel,The first thing is to eat。After eating, they went back to their rooms,Everyone is waiting for Xu Feng to find him。
Waited till five o’clock in the afternoon,When Xia Jian felt there was no hope for this,,Suddenly there was a knock on the door。He walked quickly to the door,Look out through the cat’s eyes,Here comes a hat,But Xia Jian recognized it at a glance,He is Xu Feng。
Hear a knock,Bai Li and Zhang Yong also opened the door,It seems everyone is waiting very anxiously。Xia Jian let everyone into the room。
Xu Feng took off his hat,I looked up at the room where Xia Jian lived,Very surprised:“Fellow!It seems you are not a simple character”
“No,Hurry up and sit down!”Xia Jian greeted Xu Feng and sat on the sofa。Bai Li sees it,So I started busy making tea。
Xu Feng stared at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“I understand,Both of them are your assistants,You are a big boss。Because people who can stay in this hotel,Not rich”
“Overrated。Just a place to live,If the fellow likes to live,I’ll let you open another room”Xia Jian laughed and said。At this time, Bai Li brought the brewed tea,Zhang Yong also went to the door with interest。
Xu Feng picks up tea,Take a sip。He asked Xia Jian quietly in dialect:“Fellow!What’s the matter with you looking for me?Actually, I’m just a little bastard”
“I seem to listen to you,You are ganging up with Huang Qiang?”Xia Jian said,And winked at Bai Li,Bai Li knowingly took out paper and pen。
Seeing Xu Feng,Looks a little nervous。He stuttered:“Fellow,You are?You won’t be the police!If it is,I don’t dare to do such a thing,They got it,Will kill me”

Eighteen gods and demons are divided into yin and yang,Each has nine ancestor gods forming a nine palace formation。

The two sets of Yin Jiugong and Yang Jiugong are even more integrated,The combination of yin and yang is more powerful。
An instant,Li Ming’s head is a little confused。
Eighteen ancestors?If it is 18 ordinary ancestor gods, he can still fight。
But set up such a big array,The leader is at least the top ancestor god,The pinnacle ancestor god is more likely。
The power of the pinnacle ancestor god has increased by more than ten times,He is definitely not an opponent。
“Incomparable,Normally performing tricks must not be opponents!”An extremely crazy look flashed in Li Ming’s eyes。
This is considered to be reincarnated into the wild universe,The most dangerous time he encountered!
at least,His regular strength is difficult even to resist。
“fortunately,I have the power!”
Li Ming flies out of the flying boat,Body surface【Robe of Ten Thousand Worlds】Turned into one hundred and eight thousand spars,As if to completely tolerate a void in front。
“What is he doing?Are you sure to head to head with us?”A trace of doubt flashed in the eyes of the five princes of Cangxue Kingdom。
“Suppress him with a formation,Don’t kill him!”
“kill!Candle Dragon Kaitian Great Array!”
Without any hesitation,Li Ming directly used his strongest ultimate move。
Effort,A natural fit,Open up illusory space,Leading the formation of a world of thousands of squares。

Chen Xiu let out a sigh of relief,I thought it was the biggest secret in my body that he pierced through。

Although they know that the dragon jade pendant is one of their exorcism,But the dragon jade pendant is also the foundation of one’s own foothold。
Chen Xiu never thought of handing over the dragon jade pendant,Besides, except for the zombie who attacked him last night,He also has no hostility towards zombies。
In his eyes,Zombies are just another way of living humans,Although it sucks blood for a living,But human beings eat meat, except for monks。Especially Chinese people,Almost all of them have been eaten to extinction!
Humans are at the top of the food chain,This is just the law of nature。
The emergence of zombies,It’s just that they treat humans as food again。
Sounds like this,Chen Xiu may be indifferent to humans。But since zombies have existed for almost two thousand years,Still living with humans,His existence naturally has his reason。
And even if it is really a disaster,In fact, there is no need for him to come out to defend justice。
The war between mankind over the past two centuries has resulted in continuous upgrades and advancements in weapons。
Chen Xiu believes that Ge Hong is even better,It is estimated that it can not withstand the explosion of a missile。
Humans can always dominate the entire planet,Naturally there is his reason。
But for this《One Exorcism Sutra》Chen Xiu is still interested,After all, the person who created it was also the holder of the dragon jade pendant,Maybe you can learn more from the dragon jade pendant that you haven’t mastered yet.。
Turn to the first page,Above is the preface written in dense small letters,Mainly tells the origin of oneself and the purpose of creation。
“It turns out that the Tao Tongdao number next to Ge Hong is‘Taiichi’,No wonder this book is named《One Exorcism Sutra》。”

“I only have time on weekends,Best be able to come back on Sunday night,So I can’t go too far,Alas, it seems to travel far away with everyone。”

Of course Wang Mengmeng does not go to shopping countries like Japan and South Korea.,It’s just that I can’t find like-minded companions every time,I feel a little lost,the most important is,Every time her father accompanies her to travel, he will leave early before half of the time.,Because the Wang Group’s affairs can’t be left behind。
It’s Su Rou’s side,Very few trips abroad,But she also has her own passport and can go abroad anytime。of course,This was done by coincidence when participating in foreign competitions,Otherwise, she really wouldn’t be able to walk around。
“Then where are we going?”Su Rou has no idea。
In fact, when a bunch of women get together, they feel helpless,Because women don’t like to make their own ideas as long as they are not strong。But the same,If your advice is not good,They won’t accept,Women are such a strange creature。
“that,Or go camping?”In the end, Wang Mengmeng was the most positive speaker,“I read the news yesterday and said,Tonight atGCity has a meteor shower,And it’s a rare meteor shower in a century。”
To know,Even if there is a meteor shower,That’s not something you can see in any city。butGThe city is also in Jiangbei Province,It takes about two hours to drive there。
Going to that city is not a problem,The issue is,After going there?Which place to choose?
And the most troublesome thing about camping is to set up a tent,These girls certainly don’t,In other words,This burden will eventually fall to Qin Feng’s side。
The latter is somewhat depressed,Because he is a fellow male,Must be betrayed。
Su Rou nodded and murmured,“It seems not bad,GAfter all, there are many famous mountains and rivers in the city,Let’s find a mountain that is a tourist attraction as a camping site,Then bring some barbecue tools,In this way, you can visit the mountains and play and get close to nature,Seems good。”
“Sister Yan, what do you think?”Wang Mengmeng and Su Rou both looked at Jiang Yan。After all, Jiang Yan made the final decision on everything before.,Naturally now is no exception。
“I can do it!”Jiang Yan’s mood is out of the child’s age,So playfulness is actually not that heavy,But she would not dislike hanging out with people who live with。
Besides,She felt that after a week of staying up all night,She needs to relax。
“Ok,Then you go shopping and prepare,I can lie down on the bed and rest。”
Finished,Jiang Yan yawned and went back to her room。Although she got up very early today,But for work,I can only get up。

And Liuyun Cthulhu’s punch hit the sky,Fist as sword,In fact, it is not weaker than《Open Sky Slash》stunt。

Only the few top powerhouses present can understand the level of his punch,Surprised Mo Ming。
Because in this punch of Liuyun Cthulhu,It actually contains one of the strongest combat skills in the warrior profession.《Swordsmanship》Jiantian Jianyi,Power is not inferior to《Open Sky Slash》Magic。
Sun Sword Skill vs. Open Heaven Slash!This is the ultimate showdown of fighters’ strongest skills!
I saw a fire dragon rising into the sky,Tooth and claw,Hit the huge ice blade that fell in the air head-on,Two energy hedging bursts with completely different attributes,Earth-shattering。
Sun Chasing swordsmanship is based on fire energy,Main attack damage,But Open Heaven Slash is the path of cold energy,Has an action to block the enemy,The miraculous effect of direct attack。
These two are rare warrior skills,No one thought that they would shine in this seed contest,Exposed in front of everyone。
The faces of the seeded team players present are as earthy,They finally saw Wu Hao’s true strength,Won first place by such a guy,Indeed deserves its name,It’s hard not to be convinced。
Just seeing that he can fight a forty-third level fighter like Liuyun Cthulhu without showing defeat.,Has surpassed all the younger generations present。
One ice one fire,The two energies are still in fierce confrontation,Ice melted into fire,Produces a lot of vapor,The fog is getting bigger and bigger,Gradually enveloped the ring。
Liuyun Cthulhu maintains a stable energy output,A calm and relaxed look,But I was shocked。
What he marveled was not Wu Hao’s Open Heaven Slashing power,But it feels a little weird,Because only maintain this high intensity energy output,In order to maintain the power of magical skills,But this intensity,For the body itself,Will have an extremely heavy burden。
Liuyun Cthulhu is already at level 43,He even stepped into the legendary forty-fourth-level sanctuary,So this kind of physical burden is for him,Not much。

Adhering to the idea that leaders are stupid,Yao Yao interacted with the girls on the wine table again,Girls have different minds,But talk to Yao Yao about some fashion gossip,It’s always better than being with grandpa。

So there are only Xiang Chen and Han Fulai who skillfully beat each other,But this situation did not last long,There is a person,Directly bring the atmosphere of Xiang Chen’s table to another height。
His name is Wu Weihua,He has an industry in Wanghai called Home from Home。
Chapter Ninety Nine Wu Fei
The place where Zhu Shiyao was at the wine table was the most deserted at first,But when Han Fulai brought in his grandson Han Genji,,The gaze projected in the air looks a little different。
Although many people still don’t know how sacred Han Fulai is,But watching him sit at the main table with the protagonist tonight,Identity is not easy。
In this land of China,The front waves are often chased by the back waves,But this never meant that the so-called front wave was really suppressed by the back wave,most of the time,The front waves chased on the sea swallowed the back waves,Then it became its own heritage。
and so,The old people on the theme all look amiable,But everyone knows,The existence of cannibalism in those stories,Is the real experience of these old people。
The old people with Zhu Ruzhi and Han Zhili will inevitably slander,Everyone has reached a tacit understanding before,The success of the younger generations depends on their respective chances,But what do you mean by Han Fulai,It’s more than just pulling down his face to show his grandson as a beacon,And went to talk in person。
I’m afraid it’s everyone present,Except for the few people on Zhu Shiyao’s wine table and Han Fulai,No one knows the true identities of those two weirdos。Contempt for Han Fulai’s shame,I can’t hold back my face and do the same thing with him,Besides, the identities of those young people are unclear,Everyone still chose to watch the changes tacitly。
All the old people still have smiles on their faces,This land under your feet,Most of the plots are strong dragons can’t beat local snakes!
But some people’s pride did not last long on their faces,As someone came to Xiang Chen’s side,Rao the old people are used to the storm,Still can’t help but let out a surprise。
The old people on the theme are so,People in other positions are even more curious about the identity of Xiang Chen, Yao Yao, and Xiang Yang。
“My name is Wu Weihua,I don’t know if I can have a drink with you。”
The middle-aged man standing in front of Xiang Chen doesn’t seem to be special,But this does not affect his dazzling。
His name is Wu Weihua,His appearance is not the same as his name,There is no look that makes life feel scared,Just that feminine temperament,It won’t make people comfortable to go there。
When Wu Weihua was talking,Han Fulai looked up at him,And Wu Weihua looked back at Wu Weihua with a smile。
“As you please,On this table,The old man himself is a guest。”
Han Fulai smiled,At the same time, there are some doubts in my heart,It seems that there are still some errors in some links,Some people noticed Xiang Chen’s identity,Even if these people don’t have many,But still not optimistic。