Also includes a Tingatlin machine gun、TenAK47,There are five military fire-breathing launchers,There is also a diesel generator,Makes Miao Village no longer need to light candles at night。

Nine p.m,Chen Xiu and Tang Ren are discussing plans for going up the mountain tomorrow,Li Lilith is wearing a white coat、I wear goggles on my face,Walked in before taking off the disposable experimental gloves。
“The test result came out,Compared the giant wild boar and the common wild boarDNALine up comparison,This giant wild boar is likely to be mutated by radiation!”
Everyone already
533 Enter the mountain again
Early next morning,Chen Xiu and the others set off towards Centipede Ridge neatly equipped。
Different from last time,This time, Chen Xiu and the others had a total of 12 people going up the mountain together,Everyone is equipped with aAK47、A hundred bullets,It is also equipped with five flamethrowers,Specially used to deal with flying centipedes,Like Chen Xiu and Ye Zicheng, they each brought two grenades,Even if you run into the giant ape that can’t be shot by a pistol, you don’t need to be afraid.。
“There are flying centipedes in the mountain col in front,Everyone be careful!”
Chen Xiu walked in front of the team and raised his arms,Everyone has heard Qin Xun talk about their last time going up the mountain,I know the terrible flying centipede,They are all cheering up。
534 Secret room
Wei opened a little and said:“Eight、Nine inseparable ten……Chen Xiu is out!”
While speaking, Chen Xiu had already come out of the Taoist temple, standing by the Taoist gate and waving to everyone。
Ye Zicheng brought everyone cautiously over,Asked in a low voice:“What’s the situation in Taoist temple?”
“Got a good new,A bad news。Which one do you want to listen to?”
“What time is it,Still in the mood to joke,Say it!”

Such as Yao Junli、Feng Yan。Even Wang Youcai,And Xiao Xiao, who has worked together,Xia Jian didn’t find these people said Hu Huiru was good。Even Wang Youcai,Also scolded Hu Huiru as a treacherous businessman。

“what are you thinking about?”Hu Huiru who ordered a good dish gave Xia Jian a little push and asked。
Xia Jianmeng recovered,Smiled and said:“I’m thinking how many good friends Hu has?”Xia Jian just opened his mouth,It’s just what he thought and said,It’s really not the same thing。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Many friends,But all friends。There are really few real friends。Not like me,Maybe you too”
“Yes!Mr. Hu is right。Oh!Hu always has something to tell me?If there is,It’s better to say before dinner。Once I’m full,Just like to sleep”Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。
Hu Huiru smiled and said:“President Xia!Your mind is like glass,So smart。So i’m afraid to talk to you,Because i feel,You can see through the speaker’s mind”
“President Hu wins the prize,I’m not as good as you said,So you can rest assured”What Xia Jian said is serious,Looks a bit serious。
Hu Huiru asked with a smile:“President Xia should be in his thirties this year, right?!Why keep being single?Could it be that among so many girls around,There is no one you can see?”
Hu Huiru, this woman is really an unreasonable master,She changed the topic,Suddenly I am concerned about Shang Xia Jian’s lifelong affairs again。
“Oh!Hard to say。In a word,I am a non-marriage,I don’t want to get married”When Xia Jian answered this,,Embarrassing。
Hu Huiru shook her head and said:“You are not honest,I rarely care about other people’s matters。So I can ask you about this,You should answer carefully。You don’t marry a ghost!Single pass for three generations at home,Do you still want to let the old Xia family quit in your generation?”
Ugly。Hu Huiru’s these two words speak of Xia Jian’s pain,It’s also something he has always felt very contradictory。But he doesn’t know,Why does Hu Huiru ask him about these things at this time??This doesn’t seem to be connected to business。
Xia Jian turned the tea cup in his hand,Did not speak for a while。Because he doesn’t even know where to start。
“I thought who in your heart was Xiao Xiao,But now it seems,It’s really impossible between you。if so,Should have come together long ago,Instead of now”Hu Huiru looked at Xia Jian,Whispered。

The former is now Magic,It is impossible to have this Yaxing,Huang Yi Youth Disciples,Also toolman,In addition to capable、Will not be fascinated by heaven and earth,One is no……

As for people who say no martial arts,Can’t be a happy master?
But now played,Obviously used internal force,And it is still high,How this Chu deer does not feel?
“I can’t think of the island.?”Chu Deee surprised。
“Chu League is actually available on time,That is to see several old people.,I believe that they will be very curious about two.……Them……Idle!”Zhang San said and shook his head.。
Chu Deirers wondered uncomfortable——Could this island,Normal person?
Then why didn’t they leave??
“go,Four brothers,Let’s go to see the insight。”Chu Deirers said,Greet the dog hybrid。
Zhang San is also followed behind,Anyway, he rewards the good, it is a nine——Working for a year、Rest for nine years,I am still idle now.。
Leave the stone sink,Going too far away,Behind the earth,Chu Deiren saw a group“Sunset”,More than a dozen old old lady,Blow up、Be all available,Even a gnome is accompanied by a song playing orangutan……
Not orangutan,Is a high horse,Middle-aged man who has a madman,At this time, I was played by a small elf.。
This little elf is not like a general gnome,It is like it is like Yu Huahai.,Dwarf figure,Only frequent people are half high,But the limbs、The scale of the skull is very well,No different from ordinary people,That is a few。
And the big man who is playing,Dance dance,Also known as“Extraordinary”,Seems to have no rules,Real definition high martial arts……
Although it is all different,But this style of Chu Deirers have seen!
Think more think about it.,This is not a coreland“Crazy one hundred and eight”NS?
exactly,This is not the trick of the coreland,But her is a mad lion warhouse……
Seems messy,And I have to fight.,However, there is a copy of it.。
Not only the offensive is like a river、Continuous,Let the martial arts are slightly lingering,Although it is more crazy,But the combat intuition will also be solemn!
Tiexinlan martial arts limited,Not completely suitable for this kung,So the level is limited。
At this time this person is used out,Although it is impressed by Chu Dee“Crazy one hundred and eight”To be more advanced,But the total style is the same,And make the sky……
Contact this person’s dress again,Chu Deirers also reacted——Ten eight nine,This person is Tiexinlan’s pit、Top ten wicked people’s mad lion battle!
《Double arrogance》In the original,The mad lion war is in many years ago,I heard that there is a group of martial arts in overseas.,So I decided to go to the sea to seek,Martial arts……
Ten wicked people in the iron level,This is because he is a“Mud”,Typical limbs developed、Simple-minded,Behavior is crazy,I have to compete for the opponent.,And often can’t stay,Cause people to disability!
Do so,The people who are 揍 揍 is all disasters,Naturally included in the top ten wicked people。
certainly,The iron war is often hiped by people.——After all, he is“Mud”,Not bullying,Forced to compete for objects,Also similar、Or is slightly stronger than your own master。
Before the sea,The iron war also knows how much you have,In order not to be disturbed,I will hand over the Treasures of Yannan Tian to the only daughter.,In this way, the attention of people in the rivers and lakes……
Say this behavior,Should be a cold and ruthless person。
But after he returns from overseas,But it is very moving to the daughter.、And the protection is very strong,Therefore, I can only say……This is really crazy,I haven’t worry about my head.,Do things also!
And he is in the original,The legacy of the iron war is also willing to pay,When returning from overseas,Martial arts,More than other wicked people。
Because he really found anhanka,Get the guidance of the hidden hidden people above one vote……
These high people,How much is?
More than ten people join hands,Can be jealous with the moon!
A group of people saw the moon of the moon nine,Don’t want to take the initiative to be difficult to,However, more than a dozen old guys join hands to discuss face to the moon.,Inviting the month, also scruples, no immediate shots——Invitation moon,If it is not very jealous,Can’t course it。
Although a bunch of old guys,Compared to the previous one“Young woman”,Some people do not have this matter,But if this person is inviting the month,Then it seems that these high people still have a colored!
Just the Chu Deiren did not think,Actually in the Heroes Island,Meet the madman battle,That……More than a dozen people around……
“Who is these old seniors??They have not been hiped by heaven and earth?”Chu Deirers curiosity to Zhang San。
“Charmed,But also adapt,At least once can coordinate eating every day、Sleeping and practicing,Also have idle energy practice instruments,Tao Yao。”Zhang San explained。

“You follow me to behave,Without my permission,Don’t hurt people at will,Don’t drink blood。”

The broken clothes Taoist reacted for a while,Finally understood what Zhang Zhiqiang said,Red eyes immediately,There is a threatening voice in my throat,The scarlet tongue goes around the lips,It’s about to happen。
Zhang Zhiqiang calmly took out his pistol,Step back quietly,He is also fighting、Betting,I don’t know that a shot smashed this thing’s head,Will the old demon’s consciousness be destroyed?,With his personality as the boss,If you can’t completely control the old demon,It’s better to give up all the ideas before,Left the border earlier。
The broken clothes Taoist did not seem to notice Zhang Zhiqiang’s change,The threatening voice in the throat grows louder,‘Snapped’A crisp sound,At such a critical moment,Zhang Zhiqiang actually slapped the other side badly,Then suddenly jumped out a long way,Flashing red,Zhang Zhiqiang didn’t even have a chance to shoot,The flesh beard suddenly appeared,Wrapped like a ghost in Zhang Zhiqiang’s hands,The trigger was blocked by the opponent,Can’t deduct。
Zhang Ziqiang’s head slammed,The secret call is over,Although he is vicious,But life has been rough and difficult,I like to spare everything to gamble every time at a critical moment,Always win,But this time I’m afraid I made a wrong bet。
Chapter six hundred and sixty four compromise
Nothing happened after a while,Zhang Zhiqiang suddenly felt a cold wrist,I opened my eyes furry in my heart,But found‘Daoist’Has retracted his tongue,Although extremely reluctant,But the ferocity in the eyes has faded a lot。
Zhang Zhiqiang took a long breath,It took a long time to ease the extremely nervous mood just now,While the heart is clear, evil grows from the gall,This is a great opportunity,Can’t control the old demon’s consciousness,It’s even harder to talk about controlling the old monster’s body,This means that all future plans are like a gamble,It’s impossible to win every time。
So he suddenly flew up and kicked on‘Daoist’On the lower abdomen,Then ride on the opponent,Raising your hand is a super loud big mouth。
‘Daoist’Furious,The scarlet tongue sticks out suddenly,Sprays out an extremely foul smell,This time the whiskers became thin and long,Wrapped around Zhang Zhiqiang’s neck,Head twisted slightly,Just dumped Zhang Zhiqiang,Gu Lulu got out so far。
Although I was smashed,But Zhang Zhiqiang thought a few times,find‘Daoist’Dare not really kill him,Otherwise I sucked up his blood earlier,Figure out this section,Zhang Zhiqiang struggled to stand up,Screamed and rushed over again,I saw a flash of red light,Slap,The slender meat strips directly pumped Zhang Zhiqiang into the air,Fall further,I fell too hard this time,Battered,Struggled for several times and didn’t get up,With Zhang Zhiqiang’s skill,Actually in‘Daoist’Vulnerable in front of you。
‘Daoist’Retract your tongue and scream at the sky,Seems to be venting something,Or the old demon’s divine consciousness used this body to warn Zhang Zhiqiang seriously,Don’t want to fight for control,But turned around,Found that Zhang Zhiqiang stood up again,The opponent didn’t rush over this time,But raised the gun in his hand far away。
‘Daoist’Finally felt the crisis,Never doubt that Zhang Zhiqiang really dared to shoot this time,But helpless,The distance exceeds three feet,Slightly reluctant to launch a flesh-beard lightning attack,Moreover, the flesh body that has just been seized has not been refined,There is always some delay in action and response,Rao is so,The old devil will not compromise,It’s impossible to sit still,A moment of red light,Gunshot,The bullet hit‘Daoist’Between the eyebrows,The Ling Gai was lifted for half a day,And the attacking flesh beard is only less than half a foot away from Zhang Zhiqiang’s face,Even branched into three,But no longer able to move forward。
Puff,The meat strips are blasted whole,Blood Rain,‘Daoist’Fall on your back,All this happened in an instant,Bloody and tragic,But Zhang Zhiqiang was unmoved,Staring at the blood rain landing,Suddenly a small blood clot began to move fast on the ground,Its target seems to be the nearest bush of weeds ahead,Zhang Zhiqiang raised his gun without hesitation,Pull the trigger continuously at the monster the size of a walnut,Bang bang bang a series of gunfire,The blood clot was beaten to pieces。
“Wailing!”Scream,Sleeping deep in Zhang Zhiqiang’s mind、Blood Lord’s other consciousness clone was awakened,Then furious,Onset,Crazy attack on the host’s Tianguan,Zhang Zhiqiang’s head suddenly seemed to be exploded, and the pain was unbearable,Throw away the pistol and roll continuously on the ground。
The so-called Tianguan,Is the most important pass to guard the sense of autonomy,Every cultivator can detect where he is,Ordinary people can’t,Even most people don’t know that there is an important node in their minds that controls autonomous consciousness,The pons in modern medicine、Different brainstem。There has long been a secret method of locking in the notes of the Zhang family’s ancestors,The Improvement and Development of Wuyouzi Later,This method is by no means inferior to the so-called orthodox high-grade method,And it’s more unique in terms of preventing deprivation,Zhang Zhiqiang started practicing before he got the Amethyst Profound Ring。
The secret method begins with the same picture of the ancestors,And it is rumored to have mastered a weakness of the old demon,It’s a pity that the notes are just an understatement,But there is no description of the method,Otherwise, how can you allow this old monster to make trouble,Zhang family as the guardian of the royal treasure for generations,There must be his uniqueness。

This guy did not succeed enough,To discourage him here。

The members behind them suddenly became worried,It’s all caused by Si Keen。
Although the morale of the kids is not important,But this will have a bad effect。
“Watch the battle,Later you will know that Boll is nothing,Since I dared to come and meet him directly, I have full confidence!”
Leo speaks to comfort,The people immediately breathed a sigh of relief。
They all think Leo is pretty good,Chamber of Commerce’s welfare is good,And there are life essences for cultivation,This is a good thing not elsewhere。
If they can, they are not willing to give up following Leo。
On the field,Boll, who found that Leo hadn’t shot, stopped the offensive just now.,Look at Seun with pity。
“Your boss treats you as a castaway to test me,I think you look good,Why don’t you come and do things under my hands?,I give you the identity of a cadre!”
Seren pouted,An underground force actually wants to recruit me, a world-class scholar?
If it wasn’t for Leo’s broken ship,,He as a world university,How can you be with these rough people。
and so,Seun doesn’t want to talk nonsense with this person,Just looking at him。
Boll saw Seren expressionless,Can’t help but frown:“If you don’t want to die, be my subordinate!”
Seren remained silent。
Boll felt that the man in front of him seemed to look down on himself。
And Seren really looked down on him completely。
So Boll has no patience:“In that case,Then let you know the gap between you and me!”
First74chapter Seren’s values

Yuxin was speechless for a while,I think how boys are all this logic?

Seeing Yuxin not speaking,The arrogant knight and others thought that Chu Chen really asked Yuxin’s phone number,I thought this guy was with Yuxin at the moment,Trying to take advantage of her,Immediately angrily:Girl Yuxin,Hurry up and leave that Selang,Don’t let her take advantage of you because you are afraid of him,Know you belong to the boss,Which kid dared to beat the boss,See I won’t kill him!
Yuxin is completely speechless:What are you thinking?I’m now outside the gate of the monster furnace,Fortunately, the monsters that we brushed off have not refreshed,I’m going back to meet you。
Because I’m afraid these classmates won’t believe me,Talking nonsense in front of your sweetheart,Affect how he looks in his mind,The immediate image shows your location,Outside the gate of the Monster Forge,Hundreds of disdainful players guarded the door,Any players who are not from the gang are strictly prohibited from entering。
Arrogant chivalry:Then you don’t have to come back,Right there,The boss has learned vocational skills,Building equipment in the smithy,We will rush over in a while,This time we must let that kid taste our greatness,Make him regret appearing in this world!
Where do I know they still have these careful things?
Right now in front of me is the closed gate of Huangquan ghost cave,I asked Buster what’s going on?It said that in most cases the gate of the ghost cave is closed,Because the prisoner is being interrogated inside,Spies sent by other races。
I faintly heard the sound of whip beating from inside through the thick iron gate,Think of the evil spirit,Holding a long whip,I immediately think of the sound of a whip hitting a person,Then who would it be?Is it Yawen?
According to Buster’s judgment,Yawen’s strength should be able to be singled out by the fiery elf,Did he fail to challenge and get caught?But is there any secret in Yawen worthy of the evil god to interrogate??So the one being interrogated inside should not be Yawen。
I said:Buster,Can I break into a ghost hole with your strength?
Buster:Laozi and the master’s strengths add up to challenge at the most10Cthulhu,Plus2You can’t beat a Cthulhu King。
I:The general interrogation is to the Cthulhu or Cthulhubossdeal with?
Buster:It depends on the level of the spy,CthulhubossGo to trial,But the high-level spies are composed of fire elvesbosstrial,No matter how high it is, it can only be handled by the Demon King himself。
I know this game,The higher the level of the monster, the stronger the collaboration ability,The most terrifying thing is when their unified leadership is there,Because the group of monsters are under the command of this supreme commander,This will increase the difficulty of attracting monsters。

“I only ask about your relationship with Xie Dabao,Don’t talk about anything else,You are smart,What is the purpose of him and An Yongxiang in Yuxing?,I know one or two,Don’t waste so much。”

“Uh,Maybe you have listened to others’ misleading,Misunderstood me……what!”Duan Guinan is still waiting for sophistry,Attempt to confuse,But Li Tianzhi doesn’t have that patience,I reached out and caught the opponent’s broken leg,Before I tried hard, this guy almost fainted in pain。
“You better recognize the situation,Don’t imagine what I know。”Li Tianzhen’s face is cold and can drip,Shen Yingjie didn’t stop him this time,Unspeakable reason,Maybe Duan Guinan is not a good bird in the first image。
“I just want to know Xie Dabao’s foundation,How did you use Yuxing’s name to launder money??”
“I really don’t know,What do Mr. Fu and Mr. Xie let me do?,What i do,I am an ordinary part-time worker,Don’t know the boss’s foundation?”
“It should be Xie Dabao instructed,Instead of Fuld,He is not so bold!I’m most annoyed of planting the villain。”Li Tianzhen is no longer nonsense,Hit the opponent’s injured leg with one punch,Poor Duan Guinan can’t resist,I fainted with a shout。
“Don’t do this。”Shen Yingjie doesn’t know how to persuade Li Tianzhu who is already angry,“Anyone who carries it like this,There must be a life gate pinched by the opponent,Even if you die, you won’t get results。”
Li Tianzheng turned around in the hut with a green face,Even though he is very capable,With all kinds of abilities,And learned Taoist mentality,But the heart is separated from the belly,How to spy on the other person’s mind,He really has nothing to do。
At this moment, the bug knocked on the door violently and came in,“Big,Big brother,Brother Hua calls you over,Have something to tell you。”
Chapter 576 Make a deal
Inside the cabin,Peng Weihua tilts Erlang’s legs,Although the left side of the face is swollen like a pig’s head,But it seems to have returned to the old cynicism、A little bit of publicity。
“What do you think of,Just speak straight。”Li Tianzhen took a deep breath,Moved a chair and sat opposite Lao Peng,Shen Yingjie and the bug are just standing aside。
“Let them all out。”

Arrived4month,McDonnell Douglas officially announced theirMD-12Super Plane Project,With the announcement of the entire plan,The entire global aviation community was shocked:In such a bad financial situation,McDonnell Douglas dared to push this super risky model,The confidence of this mystery is really……Simply!

But the insiders watch the doorway,Layman watching the excitement,Aviation fans and the media are quite excited:Because this is the world’s first super aircraft with a complete second-story all-pass cabin!
Boeing747Is it a two-tier airliner??
Do not!
Boeing747Can only be regarded as a layer and a half,Layout with the upper and lower two full decksMD-12compared to,Already have20Boeing for many years747Just like an ugly duckling,Many media began to clamor“The owner of the Jumbo jet needs to change!”
under these circumstances,The media and aviation fans naturally ignoredMD-12The global investment plan released with the project:McDonnell Douglas plans to take outMD-12aircraft49%Ownership,To replace67%R&D funding……
Although McDonnell Douglas has packaged this fundraising plan very well,What kind of global resource allocation is something that people feel inexplicably tall,But something embarrassing for McDonnell Douglas:inMD-12One month after the plan was released,McDonnell Douglas did not receive oneMD-12Orders!
Don’t talk about the confirmed order,I don’t even have an intention order……
As for the intended partner,Little McDonald’s previous reverie“Wan Youlai Chao”Did not appear,only4VTaixiang Aerospace Industry Group expressed interest……
This is really embarrassing!
Reminiscent of what Chen Geng said to him before,Little Macdonald doesn’t knowMD-12The plan is really suspended?For alwaysMD-12For the young McDonald who planned to see McDonnell’s turnaround,This situation is absolutely unacceptable to him,and so,Little Macdonald can’t sit still anymore,Personally rushed to New York to ask Chen Geng for advice。
But the insiders watch the doorway,Layman watching the excitement,Aviation fans and the media are quite excited:Because this is the world’s first super aircraft with a complete second-story all-pass cabin!
First1018chapter Take the opportunity to eat meat
“This one……”

A person who can be recommended to everyone by Chai Jinxiong,How could he be a simple character??

At this moment,Chai Jinxiong laughed,Shook his head:“Liang Tsai,You don’t know that!Xiaojiang join us
,Old guys like us support him,A legendary film,Wouldn’t it be easy to get it??”
Liang Tsai was Liang Chengshuang’s mixed number when he was young,When he was a young man,Often follow Chai Jinxiong,I was called by Liang Zai Liang Zai for most of my life,Old age now,I heard this name suddenly,Inevitably bring back memories。
“That’s true!It’s rare that Lao Chai can afford him,We all contribute together,It’s not easy to want to fly?”He Saizhong smiled and joked。
“Ha ha,It depends on whether young people know how to seize opportunities。”Chai Jinxiong grinned,Patted Jiang Qizhi on the shoulder。
Jiang Qizhi doesn’t talk much,Skilled start shuffling,Stack of cards,The style of a veteran country gambling。
This person is neither arrogant nor rash,At first glance, it is determined,Unshakable。Several old rivers and lakes present commented on it in their hearts。
Mahjong played a few laps,Four people win or lose each other。They are not betting big,In other words, these people’s minds are not on the bet at all,But by playing cards,Chat with one another。
Jiang Qizhi is very stable on the poker table,Also seems very comfortable,In the meantime,Not obtrusive,Easy to blend in。
suddenly,The phone on Chai Jinxiong’s hand rang。
Chai Jinxiong picked up the phone and looked at it,Threw it to the son aside。
Chai Shao holds his father’s phone,Walked to the corner of the room to answer。
quickly,Chai Shao’s face changed drastically,Stride to Chai Jinxiong’s side,Bowed his head and said something in his father’s ear。
Chai Jinxiong frowned suddenly,The 80,000 in hand hovering in mid-air,Can’t fight。
At this moment,Lai Shengchao, who was sitting in the hall tasting wine, suddenly stood up,Headed towards Chai Jinxiong。
“Lao Chai,Stop for a while,problem occurs。”Lai Shengchao said。
What he said,The big guys at the scene stopped the activities at hand,Cast his eyes on him。
To know,Can tell from the chief of police“problem occurs”Three words,Know without thinking,It must be something big。

Chief Engineer Cheng Xingming gave a light cough:“Mr. Chen,In addition to motorcycle cooperation projects,Our Jialing factory has another project we want to cooperate with you。”

“Another project?”Chen Geng was a little surprised:“Tell me。”
“Can you use that one350ccParallel twin-cylinder engine,Design a tiny car?”
Chen Geng thought hard for a while,I understand what Cheng Xingming’s remarks mean,Suddenly surprised:“Your Jialing plant is planning to start the car project?”
In my own memory,It seems that Jialing Factory has never planned to launch a mini car project, right??
“Is a mini car,”Without waiting for Chen Geng to ask,Cheng Xingming took the initiative to explain:“When my grandson and I went to Yugoslavia to inspect motorcycles,I saw a very small car on the streets of Yugoslavia,The appearance and structure look a bit like our jeep,But much smaller,The length is just over three meters,The width is only about one meter four,Although there is an engine cover,But the engine is not there yet,But is installed at the back of the car……”
Without waiting for Cheng Xingming to finish,Chen Geng knew what car he was talking about:Fiat126P!
Fiat126PIt is a model with considerable influence in the history of private car development in my country,From84my country introduced the first batch of Fiat from Poland in the form of compensation trade in126Pafter that,until87year,Our country has successively introduced more than 30,000 Fiats from abroad126P,Because this car is too small,Not suitable for leadership,So this batch of Fiat126PIt was the only car in China that encouraged private purchases,It can be said to have created a precedent for domestic private purchases of cars。
And these Fiat126PAlmost without exception are the socialist countries in Eastern Europe(Mainly Poland)produced,This car is very popular in many countries in Eastern Europe,Cheng Xingming and Sun Shoupeng came across this car during their inspection in the socialist country of Yugoslavia,It’s normal,but,Why did they suddenly think of wanting to launch this kind of mini car project??
Chen Geng is curious。
“Because your engine is more powerful than the one we used in the car we saw in Yugoslavia,The car we saw in Yugoslavia,Use is one23Horsepower594CCDisplacement gasoline engine,We just wondered,Since that23A horsepower engine can drive a car,This one350CCEngines with displacement35Horsepower,Bringing a body of the same size will definitely be even more okay。”Cheng Xingming’s reason is very strong。
PS:First more,Now start to write the second more。