China @ 四 川 | Agriculture can also be very new

  Drone sowing, cattle house automatic feeding, fruit and vegetable greenhouse water fertilizer integrated irrigation … More and more high-tech agricultural technology, bringing traditional agriculture to the earth-shaking change. "Dry Agriculture" broke through the traditional impression of "facing the rope of the loess" in his mind, or it can become more relaxed, even full of fun.

  At the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, visitors visited the "Fruit Factory" (photographing November 14).

Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, this is "Fruit Cuisine Factory" (photographed on November 14) in the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, photographed the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and staff inspected the growth of vegetables in the "Vertical Smart Plant Factory" (photographs November 14).

Xinhua News Agency, Li Mengxin, this is "Fruit Cuisine Factory" (photographed on November 14) in the Urban Agricultural Research Institute in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

In the "fruit vegetable factory", water-soluble fertilizers are injected into the "base soil" through the water fertilizer integrated device to supply power to the plant.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Mengxin photo.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Line Expressway is open to traffic

Original title: Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Ring Expressway is open to the Car Dugu Expressway Yutang South Hub. Sichuan Daily full media reporter Wu Yu photo "three wind" small file ● Handed by Chengdaoji Senior from Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan 3 City, 3 cities (city) counties ● All-line cloth set 46 interoperability, and 13 have been opened to traffic radiochem expressway, Chengdu Metropolitan Ring Expressway is open to traffic activities in Germany Dubway Dujiangyan Service Area was held. On the same day, with the construction of the G0511 line Deyang to Dujiangyan Expressway, the Chengdoji raised, and the Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway in Chengdu, the Chengdu Metropolitan Ring Expressway was fully closed, and the whole line was implemented.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway is the third ring highway in Chengdu Metropolitan Circle, commonly known as "three windings" in Chengdu. High-speed service with the top two ring lines in Chengdu, the Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway "Circle" is larger, the node city, which is connected, covers the service area. The highway is 443 kilometers long and the two-way six lane standards are divided into 4 paragraphs, forming a first-end ring high-speed, serial in Chengdu, Deyang, Meishan 3 city 16 districts (city) counties.

The full line of 46 is interoperable, and 13 have been intersected from 13-way radiochumic highway, such as Chengdu, Mianmian, and Chengnan, which can be conveniently transported.

Chengdu Metropolitan Circle Expressway is a high-quality promotion of the development of Chengde Mei, supporting the landmark project of Chengdu Urban Circular Breakthrough. After the highway passed the car, the "3 winding" "3 winding" in the "3 winding 18 shot" highway network, plus the 13-way ray highway built, Chengdu Metropolis Expressway The network is basically formed, achieving a 3-hour commutation, take a key step to the infrastructure with the same city.

Deputy Governor Cao Lijun attended the event and announced the entire line of Chengdu City Circle Ring Expressway. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wang Yuling) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

China @ 四 川 | Some section water quality decline, the number of indigenous fishs is reduced – Jialing Jiangnan filling the ecological environment is threatened

  Xinhua News Agency, September 30, September 30: Partial section water quality decline, the number of indigenous fishs is reduced – Jialing Jiangnan filling the ecological environment is threatened Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua View" reporter Kang Jinqian, Yin Heng, Wang Wei, Liu Kun illegally continued to sand Contaminated the environment, mining sandstone in the anti-fishing area and banned fishing period, occupying the disassembly and maintenance of the old ship … All this happened in the top tour of the Yangtze River. Recently, the "Xinhua View Point" reporter followed the central fifth ecological environmental protection inspectoric to visit in Nanchong City in Sichuan, there was a long-term outstanding ecological environment in Nanchong section of the Jialing River Basin. The ecological environment has threatened biodiversity. Reducing the standard relaxation time limit illegal pier sand sand control environment On August 30 It can be seen that the sandstone factory hastily withdrew the traces left. As early as 2018, Sichuan Province was clear in the formulated central ecological environmental inspector and reform plan, we must push into the illegal terminals such as Jialing River, illegal sand remediation.

The Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation requires that the dismantling and ecological complement is completed on the minimal dock that does not meet the plan, completely takes up the shoreline.

  However, the inspectors of the inspectors found that Nanchong City reduced rectification standards, relaxing the rectification time limit, 阆 阆, Jialing, Gaoping, Peng’an and other counties (city, district) rectification work lag, invading the shoreline problem is not solved for a long time, most of the sandstone The stacking field is until this inspect is held before completing the rectification.

  Among them, there were 30 berths in the Jialing District Hexi Sand Staple Store, which covers an area of ??523 mu, which invaded the shoreline 1500 meters, and according to the provisions, it should be banned.

However, during the rectification period, the new 12 households in the company, the amount of gravel mining did not drop, and the super-descent rate was as high as 192%. Up to 2021, the stacker field stopped production. The inspections were held before completing the ban and ecological restoration.

  The investigation of the Inspector Group shows that in recent years, the ecological environment of Jialing Jiangnan is destroyed, and some section is water quality. Since 2018, the chemical demand for chemical demand in Jinxi Power Station has risen year by year, and the intersection of the national examination cannot stabilize the II water quality standards required by the water environment function.

  In non-fishing area and banned mosa-desomination, the River Ecosystem was revised in November 2016, the implementation Measures for the Implementation Measures for the March 1st to June 30th each year. Natural waters from March 1 to June 30th. Digital quarry is prohibited in prohibiting fishing and banned and banned districts. In February 2020, the Agricultural Rural Department of Sichuan Province further clarified that the aquatic germplasm resource protection area was prohibited from all-year-old fishing zones and banned sand quartes. However, the inspectors of the inspectors have found that Nanchong City did not implement the above provisions when preparing river sand production planning and annual implementation, only 7 can be harvested in the national-level aquatic germplasm resource protected area in Jialing Jiangnan. Not only that, the Sino-Chongzhong City, Jialing District, which is located in Nanchong City, even the ban on fishing period from March 1st to May 31, leading to the rules of the river infection in the Jialing River, and the river violations were banned.

  In May 2021, the Inspectigation Group was discovered that there were camourage boats in the core area of ??the new government power station in Jialing Jiangyi.

  A large number of illegal sand production leads to the damage of the Jialing River bed, the water is self-cleaning, and the fish survival environment is destroyed. According to the data, the number of indigenous fish in Jialing River in recent years has been significantly reduced.

  Outlooks, disassembling, discovery, Outstanding inspectors, in May 2021, in May 2021, Jialing Jiangsu, Peng’an, Shunqing Section illegal occupied beach dismantling, maintenance of waste ships is general, no pollution prevention during operation Measures, the resulting waste is randomly discarded, and the risk of environmental risk is very highlighted. On August 31, the inspectors were randomly checked in the Southern County of Nanchang, the vessels were temporarily parking in the flood season. The reporter saw that the riverside oil flooded under the light, and the water was floated on the water, and the plastic can Bottle and other domestic garbage.

  A local cadre told reporters that this is the oil left by the anchor chain, they will process quickly. A few minutes later, a business haircut hurriedly came to salvage the garbage floating on the water. my country’s Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidance Catalog (2011) "has long been clear, the waste ship beach is dismissed as the elimination process, should be eliminated immediately.

  However, the inspectors of the inspectors have found that Nanchong City attach great importance to it, the promotion is weak, and the supervision and management is not in place, and it is not possible to effectively stop the role of the Old ship in Jialing River. In addition, there is also a large amount of gravel stacked coda in the gravel pile field, invading the water, direct sandstone processing wastewater pollution river water and other ecological environment illegal chaos.

  The Inspector Team will further investigate the relevant situation and do subsequent inspections as required.

[Editor: Jiang Yan].

Take a live broadcast, behind the "only traffic"

"There is no guard on the road to walk, the other party suddenly grabbed the milk tea in my hand, I scared it.

"Miss, Beijing, recently told the reporter to the reporter, and grabbed her milk tea is a short video platform anchor, which is only to pursue picture effects and sensory stimulus in live broadcast, reaching the" rising powder "purpose. Previously Mr. Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, when he passed the road, it was called the new red sneak shot. He was inexplicably became a "online love" story. This incident has triggered a wide concern. (December 9 "Workers Daily") Network live broadcast as an internet Entertainment, the form of change has a rich live mode, according to the form of live broadcast according to the aest, some games eat, some more than "shake the head", face thousands of "old iron" in live broadcasts, the anchor seems to be given A "energy", as if you can control everything in the network, and even an anchor has created an outdoor broadcast, with the natural "social cattle" to win the milk tea, smash the WeChat. Along with the number of people, the number, the barrage, praise The more, this energy will increase, unconsciously, the anchor has crossed the "red line", but he is completely unknown, still immersed in "Carnival".

Whether the "Live Broadcast" is friendly, the dimension of civilization, discusses from the field of live broadcast, "only traffic" accounts for the spirit of the anchor. The "everyone is anchor", for the premievous psychology, in order to be "" traffic and old iron, the anchor is waiting for the young women, and the proofing professionals should be contacted, or the limb contact, etc. Such behavior has long been uncommon.

Take the recent popular "Zhang Classmate", the visitor coming in the name broke a burden, I wanted to borrow the jump of myself through the "Zhang Classmates", and I have a similarity in "Zhang Classmate" "Home near home is living. In addition, Sun Haiyang and the death son Sun Zhuo reunited, became a "wind direction" that he had a lot of anchors, when the night, the anchors did not dissipate, still broadcasting the heat of the sky, still don’t forget to ask Sun Haiyang: "We Didn’t bother it? May wish to change the thinking, I will compare my heart, should you ask a few words? Everyone wants to get a "cake" in the wind tone of the live broadcast, then "the gentleman loves money, take it."

At the moment, more and more an an anchor is in the form of beauty, teaching, and science. While bringing knowledge for the audience, the anchor has also obtained the reward through his own related skills. Since the revitalization strategy, "Internet + agriculture" live broadcast The birth of the model, for example, Guangxi screw powder and many other rural brands have been born, and they have got the "old iron".

Why do you take a risk to play the "shock", constantly challenge the bottom line of the law, according to relevant laws, if you sneak shoot, taking the passerby, unauthorized use of passers-by, whether or not the purpose of profit is, it constitutes a portrait right infringement. It is true that the traffic is not necessarily "hunting", and it is necessary to pick up the hat of "only traffic", you need to understand that the hat is not "lifting gold stone". Imagine what is the rest of the "flow" bonfire? Among the dim lightless ashes, the remaining is only a "sad" that is filled in the air after the carnival. ().

China releases medische institutionele staf-integriteitsrichtlijnen uitgegeven niet-commissionen om rode enveloppen te ontvangen

China Net 18 november, volgens de National Health Community, om het gevoel van verantwoordelijkheid, missie, eer, standaardizing Practice te verbeteren en de professionaliteit van medische en gezondheidspersoneel in het nieuwe tijdperk te bevorderen en de oprichting van een geventileerde industrie te leiden Milieu. Garanderen van de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de gezondheidszorg, het nationale gezondheids- en gezondheidscommissie, het staatsmedische verzekeringsbureau, en het National Chinese geneeskunde-bureau formuleerde de "negen richtlijnen" (hierna "negen criteria" genoemd). "Negen criteria" is van toepassing op het personeel van de medische instelling, inclusief maar niet beperkt tot gezondheidsprocessetechnici, managers, logistiek personeel en andere sociale beoefenaars die in medische instellingen hebben beheerd en andere sociale beoefenaars hebben geaccepteerd die worden beheerd door medische instellingen. "Negen richtlijnen" houden zich aan de positieve belangenbehartiging, waarschuwing tegen parallellisme, is de integriteit van integriteit van alle medewerkers in medische instellingen, is een ethiek van de industrie, het beoefenen van norm, en de aantrekkingskracht van het beroep van de mensen, "Wie is verantwoordelijk voor" Wie is Verantwoordelijk "De industri?le managementvereisten van" het beheer van de managementindustrie "hebben het basisgedrag van het basisgedrag aan de meerderheid van medisch personeel gewist.

Elke richtlijnen in de negen criteria zijn bepleit en het verbodgedrag wordt vermeld. Specifiek: wettelijk volgens arbeidsvergoeding, accepteert geen commerci?le commissies.

Streng aan het beginsel van integriteit, neem niet deel aan fraudefraude. Het wordt niet ge?mplementeerd in overeenstemming met de voorschriften en buitensporige medische behandeling wordt niet ge?mplementeerd.

Voldoen aan de werkprocedures en schend de voorschriften niet om donaties te accepteren.

Houd u aan de vertrouwelijke richtlijnen, onthult geen privacy van de pati?nt. Heren de diagnose en behandelingsbehoeften, niet winstgevend voor de pati?nt.

Behoud de volgorde van de diagnose en behandeling, beschadig de eerlijkheid van medische behandeling niet.

Een harmonieuze relatie opbouwen en accepteert de "rode enveloppen" niet.

Houd u aan de onderste regel, accepteer de korting van het bedrijf niet.

De "negen criteria" is een verklaring van de specifieke prestaties en connotatie van het verbodgedrag door de "negencriteria" aan het gedrag van de medische instelling.

De "negencriteria" benadrukten de verantwoordelijkheid van het onderwerp van medische en gezondheidsinstellingen over het beheer van reizen en de toezichtverantwoordelijkheid van de afdeling Gezondheid en Gezondheid op alle niveaus. Het wordt vooral benadrukt dat de administratieve afdeling van "negencriteria" en de verantwoordelijke persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de medische instelling in rekening worden gebracht en de overeenkomst van de discipline wordt weerspiegeld en de beleidseffici?ntie is verbeterd.

Na de implementatie van de "negencriteria", werd "negen niet toegestaan" verdisconteerd in december 2013, en het voormalige comité van de National Health Status en de National Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration heeft gezamenlijk de "kennisgeving van" negen "" uitgegeven door de print uitgegeven en distributie van medische gezondheidswerkzaamheden. "(Het volgende wordt" negen niet "genoemd), bij het versterken van de stijl van medische en gezondheidsindustrie, de ernstige industrie-discipline en het resoluut corrigeren van medische en gezondheid bij het schaden van de belangen van de massa’s. "Negen richtlijnen" is gebaseerd op de strikte censurele kernels van "negen niet", en de "negencriteria" wordt ge?mplementeerd na de uitvoering van de aankondiging "negen criteria". "Negen criteria" dekt alle vereisten van "negen niet qi" en verhoogde nieuwe inhoud, zoals "niet implementeren van buitensporige diagnose", "neem niet deel aan frauduleuze zwendel", "non-profit-gerelateerde pati?nten"; en koop medicijnen voor Het aanbevolen ziekenhuis, verkoop nieuwe prestaties van "oude problemen" zoals medische goederen en medische zorg, in "negen criteria", "mogen geen bedrijfscommissie accepteren" en maximaliseer de mogelijke verschillende categorie?n mogelijk.

De "negen richtlijnen" verhoogden de basis voor schendingen van de "negen criteria".

Voor degenen die partijdisciplines schenden, worden het indienen van discipline-inspectie en toezichthouders, de discipline-inspectie en toezichtorganen worden overgedragen aan partijdiscipline; verdacht van criminaliteit, breng de gerechtelijke organen over om strafrechtelijke verantwoordelijkheid te onderzoeken.

Voor de persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de medische instellingen die het gedrag "negen criterium" schenden of een slechte sociale impact, enz. Veroorzaken, in overeenstemming met relevante regelgeving, verantwoording.

(Editor: Peng Yao).

The national examination registration deadline is close to "20,000 choices"

Original title: 2022 National Examination Registration As of this position, the competition is close to "20,000 choices" on the 24th, 2022, the central government and its direct institution civil servants officially closed registration channels.

On the eve of the end of the registration, this registration competition is higher than 20,000 people through registration qualification. The hottest position from Tibet this national examination has a total of 75 departments, 23 directly affiliated agencies, plan to recruit 10,000 people, start registration, on the 15th, on November 28.

According to the "Civil Service and its Direct Authority 2022 Announcement" Ten thousand people.

At the beginning of the application, the "first-class director of the Tibet Ali District" First Level (the following ", the following", due to the unlimited professional, unlimited grassroots work experience, unlimited political looks, attracting many candidates.

As of 18:00 on the 24th, the position exceeds 20,000 people.

Among them, 19,236 were reviewed, and 1366 were investigated. In addition, the China Machinery Metallurgical Building Materials Trade Union under the National Federation of Trade Unions has 4409 over-trials, and the competition is fierce.

In addition, the national tax system is still a large number of people, and the number of posts have exceeded 3,000. "Every year, these hot positions have appeared, but they also have some common characteristics. These posts often have less conditions for candidates, grassroots working hours, etc." Huatu Education Research Institute expert Zheng Lany said. It is worth mentioning that "cold and unnecessary" is also a feature of the national examination registration. In this registration, there are still multiple posts without being able to review while hot positions.

These unmanned jobs are mostly restricted conditions or for the western and long-distance regions. "Candidates choose to engage in civil servants, will definitely consider the comprehensive factors such as the application, unit functions, treatment, and rise space, to reduce the appearance of ‘cold and unburned’ phenomena, more importantly, the recruitment organs must be more accurately scientifically Set the conditions for the post, and strive to be appropriate, the person is appropriate. "Professor of the Central Party School (National Institute of Administration) was previously analyzed by the media. The number of applicants in 2009 in 2009 has exceeded 1 million in 2009, and after more than 10 years later, the number of applicants in the national examination was more than 10,000.

From the nearly 3 years of registration data, the 2019 national examination registration is nearly 1.38 million people, and the 2020 National Examination will pass the qualification examination, and in the 2021 national examination, there are thousands of people to review, and the number of applicants will increase year by year.

Since this national examination registration qualification review will last until 26, the final registration data is still still needed, but experts analyzed that the heat of the civil servant exam will continue.

"On the one hand, the civil servant occupation has high professional stability and social sense of public service due to its work, will attract many candidates to apply. On the other hand, the state also needs to select through the civil service exam, let more excellent Talents entered the civil servant team to enhance the level of public service and quality.

"Zhu Lijia said. These points of time should pay attention to the qualification examination results after the registration of the candidates. The national examination registration qualification review will last until 26. After the registration is deadline, the candidates who have not passed the qualification examination can be 10 During the 24th to 26th period, log in to the test results website inquiry qualification examination results. Qualification review throughout the process.

In the recruitment of each link, it is found that the applicant does not meet the qualifications of the applicant, and the recruitment organs can cancel their qualifications or hire qualifications. Query the registration number. Through the qualification examiners, you can log in to the exam questions after 8:00 on October 28, and you need to provide this serial number when registering and downloading and printing, please keep in mind. Online payment.

Through the qualification examiners, you can log in to the test special website on November 1st to 24:00 on November 7th to register and pay the online registration. If you have not completed online registration confirmation and payment, it is considered to automatically give up the qualifications. Print admission ticket. Registration confirmed the successful applicant, can log in to the examination team to print the examination on November 22nd to 12:00 on November 28th.

If you have any problems, please contact the local test agency to resolve. written examination.

The national examination public subject pen test time is November 28th, from 9:00 to 11:00 am to the administrative professional ability, 14: 00-17: 00 in the afternoon is the application. (Reporter Wang Qi Ren Jing) (Editor: Lin Yu (intern), Wen Wei) Share let more people see.

Take wisdom and strength struggle to fight the new article

Take the history and create a future.

In the past few days, the city’s major party members and cadres learned in-depth study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Session of the Communist Party of China.

Everyone is unanimously expressed, we must deeply grasp the major achievements and historical experience of our party’s 100-year struggle. Vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice party, and don’t forget yesterday’s suffering. OK, from the history of the 100-year party history, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great revival. Hundreds of years, the wind, the struggle is justified.

Zhang Yong, secretary of the Party Committee of the Kingjin County Tea Township Township, said that the tea shop hometown will be combined with the work, and set off the spirit of learning and implementing the spirit of the spirit of the whole town; around the "four new" main attack "four", do 500,000 Sinopec Ton / year PGA project, Hongjiadu water-collected complementary project construction service work; do a good job in expanding the effective connection of the rural revitalization and the village revitalization, strictly implement the "four do not pick" requirements, implement normalization monitoring, resolutely prevent scale Return to poverty; strengthen the grassroots party building, in accordance with the requirements of "four left" requirements, and pay for the work of the "two committees".

Lu Jing, director of Dafang County Government Service Center, said that the Government Service Center as the window unit service department, pays more attention to service awareness, improves service quality, and familiar with business knowledge.

Specially around the 2021 annual business environment assessment "government service" index system, improve the six-type administrative power matters and public service online, according to the "one window reform" "2 + 2" mode set department "window", classification "One window", comprehensive "window" and package "one window", carry out no differential business; improve the "five-way" to handle the satisfaction of government service. "The Chief Party of the 19th Central Committee is a milestone in the" two-year-old "two-year-old" struggle, the historical meeting of the intersection of the "Hymbiance," said Jinya, the Secretary of the Herbiongun Township Committee, said, will be serious Learn to understand, implement the spirit of the plenary session, promote the glorious tradition, continue to renew the red blood, and continue to strengthen the Chinese people’s ambition, bottom gas, qi, irreparable era, not loaded, The times together, and grow together with youth. "The Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee is significant. For our future work." Chen Enheng, director of the Taojin County People’s Court Trial Office, said that as a party member cadre of a grassroots court, the current most important task is to put a plenary meeting. The spirit is good, good, do learning to understand, learn to use; continue to improve political judgment, political understanding, political law enforcement, strong cultivation, strong direction, strong implementation, strong implementation, strong enhancement The concept of service development and ecological construction, integrates the implementation of the trial implementation and ecological protection, social security, contradiction and resolution, and implement the spirit of the 19th National Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Director, Director, director of the Government Office of Guzhang County, said that we must vigorously promote the spirit of great Justice Party, whispering the red heart to the party, the pounds of the new era, and the ambition of the strong, in order to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, realize the Chinese nation The great revival of Chinese dreams are unremitting.

Guo Jing, the head of the party and government party and government office, the head of the Township Township, He Zhuang County, said that he will keep in mind the tenet of the people of the people, worry about the party, for the people’s syndrome; play the pioneering model of party members, do their jobs in the grassroots position.

Huang Wei, member of the Party Committee of the Grasshai Town, Weining County, said Huang Wei, deputy mayual, will continue to work in conjunction with the work, continue to do a good job in preventive and control, education and support, medical and health; Transform the results of learning into work. Wang Qun, Director Wang Qun, Director of Xingfa Township Culture Service Center, said that as a grassroots cultural worker, will fulfill his duty, preaching the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party; pioneering and innovating, striving hard, and be a qualified party member, Write a new chapter in an ordinary position. · The reporter reported by the reporter · Source: (Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session at the grassroots Shu given Zhongrui seven teams ranked female Swiss living standards rising

Recently, the reporter in the Swiss town of Ding’an Hanlin seven teams ranked female Swiss residents to see Qiong United States, she was holding a few beds clean bedding, ready to get their own room B & B on the second floor paved the way cleaning, "I have pay close attention to guests a will to. "followed, the reporter went to a double room Qiong US home upstairs.

I saw about 30 square meters of light-filled rooms, television, air conditioning, furniture and other necessities, across the window you can see the gray roof and white walls of the small Western-style patchwork, but also saw the mother Rui Shange life not far from base Memorial Park. Swiss mother seven teams remoteness of old revolutionary base areas, by natural conditions and geographical constraints, the team is almost no industry in the past, the team 50 people, nearly half of all poor people, many young people had to work outside the home. But in recent years, the situation has changed – thanks to the rapid development of red tourism mother Seosan, mother Rui seven teams at the gates of many residents continue to eat the "food tourism" Back to Business young faces increasing. "Now we do B & B, but also stable income it" reporter curious.

"Affected by the epidemic this year, we have too few tourists than in the past, but also earn a couple of thousand dollars a month.

"Qiong Mei smiled and continued to make the bed," to be in the past, where I think he would one day be able to live in small houses, it can also run B & B "" Why do you say "a reporter asked.

"Because in the past seven teams in the Swiss mother living in 37 settlements in Switzerland are the poorest." Qiong said the United States, in the 1980s he lived in a unified team even built town house, with an area of ??less than 20 square meters, a time to cook, they have lined up other public kitchen.

"Thanks to the mother Seosan 1996 Red Tourism completed, year after year seven teams mother Rui flow of people, our living conditions got better and better." Qiong US and reporters recalled, since then when on, the team who have built tile-roofed cottage, "but at that time we still use firewood for cooking, boil water, often the room was divided into two with life now far less convenient.

"In the United States Qiong mind, the Swiss parent change seven teams today began cooperation in 2017 Ding’an County Commission and the Sea Ken Group, the two sides decided to build the beautiful countryside of seven teams Swiss mother and the mother Seosan education base construction Manpower planning, integrated propulsion. With the support of Ding’an county Commission, Ken Hai Group invested 4,000 million Swiss seven teams on mother unified transformation, 34 two-story houses have Qiongbei characteristics have been built in the Swiss mother seven teams. each home households out of the area except for their own use, seven teams participating in the mother Swiss B & B building, the mother Seosan service to tourists and students involved in the training, each household can earn 150-200 yuan per day.

Qiong US House Bed and Breakfast is run from that time up.

Today, changes in the mother Rui seven teams everywhere: the team Surrounded by greenery, roads and clean.

Walking the meantime, civilized slogans, dotted with red cultural elements, to revive the dilapidated simple microscopic traces. Change more than that.

Wang Qiong said the United States, thanks to the national emphasis on education, in recent years, more and more children in the mountains there is a school, can receive good.

More high-quality medical resources to sink to the remote mountainous areas, so that people at home can be optimistic about the disease. Whenever there is a typhoon, heavy rain and other inclement weather, there are cadres first time on-site care …… "In the past we low income, can not save some money throughout the year. Now you can see, we are open seven teams on the cars of residents also less "Qiong US says cheerfully. "Resolution of the Party Central Committee on major achievements of years of struggle and historical experience" that support the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas to improve production and living conditions. Wang Qiong said the United States, as the residents who lived in the old revolutionary base areas, they are more looking forward to the future of a better life.

People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch held a news ventilation meeting

People’s Network Harbin October 27 (Yang Xue Nan) On October 26In-depth advancement of "I have practical activities" for the masses "practice activities.

Since this year, the People’s Bank Harbin Center Branch puts the service entity economically in a more prominent position, give full play to the precision orientation of structural monetary policy tools, driving more credit funds to the small and micro enterprises, manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, rural revitalization andKey areas and weak links such as green development, create a suitable financial environment for the province’s economic high quality development.

At the end of September, Heilongjiang Provincial Financial Institutions, foreign currencies, balances, year-on-year, year-on-year.

The province’s financial institutions, foreign currency deposit balance, 33.755 billion yuan, year-on-year growth.

From the data, the total amount of loans in the first three quarters maintains a smooth and reasonable growth, and the advantages of small micro loans "increase, face expansion, price", the high-speed growth in the industrial medium, the growth of infrastructure construction is rapid, farmers The loans grow rapidly, the loan structure is continuously optimized, and the rhythm is flexible and moderate, maintaining the continuity, stability and sustainability of the entity economy.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch was based on the provincial and love of Heilongjiang Province. He actively applied to the People’s Bank of China to apply for the focus of Heilongjiang Province, meeting the manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, accommodation and catering, cultural tourism and foreign trade. Microcongges and individual industrial and commercial households financing needs.

In the first three quarters, the province’s accumulated loan billion yuan, a year-on-year growth rate; at the end of September, the province’s remannium has a balance billion yuan, a year-on-year growth.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch took me more and promoted the financial benefits. Since 2021, the policies have been released for the province’s financial institutions to release the loanned funds for about 100 million yuan.

From January to September, the province’s legal person agencies have issued a large amount of deposit orders and the peer deposit orders from 100 million yuan. Further play the industry’s self-discipline management role in the price of self-discipline mechanism of the second-level market, the province and city, and increase the management of deposit innovation products, and provide strong support for loan interest rates.

Promote the unified conversion of bank deposit interest rate quotation, further promoting the actual loan interest rate downward. In September, the weighted average interest rate of newly issued loans in the province decreased a percentage point in December 2020. Among them, the newly distributed Puhui caliber micro-enterprise loan weighted average interest rate decreased by a percentage point in December 2020, which was significant.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch continued to promote the financial services of small and micro enterprises, promoting the implementation of financial support for small and micro enterprises to implement the implementation of landing, and practically taking advantage of business. Organize the implementation of financial institutions in the province to promote the work of "resident financial liaison", and create a "one entry and one member" to help the support mechanism, providing "one-on-one" "hand handle" "all-round" financial services for enterprises.

Since the beginning of the work, since the end of September, the province selected 3,345 financial liaisonists and 6,162 in the enterprise.

In-depth "lend small merchants, service big people’s livelihood" financial support for individual industrial and commercial households and small-and-medium-sized enterprises in the province, and increased the main credit loans of individual industrial and commercial households and small- and minimal enterprises.

In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank Harbin Center Branch combined with the development needs of the manufacturing industry chain of the province, fully promoted financial institutions accelerated product innovation, improve financial services to manufacturing industry chain supply chains, and promoted the growth of long-term loans in manufacturing. . Focusing on the company, aerospace and new intelligent equipment manufacturing, the dragon river key manufacturing industry chain builds a fund chain, promotes the establishment of 14 supply chain financial demonstration lines, and the supply chain core enterprises are entitled to design personalization of the industrial chain upstream enterprises. Integrated financial services products to help build advanced manufacturing industrial clusters. In-depth implementation of the 100 major project decision-making deputies in the provincial government of Heilongjiang Province, organized political and silver companies, and fully guarantee key enterprises, key project financing needs.

In the first three quarters, 4393 key lists of financing demand in the 8 industrial chains in the first three quarters were collected. The cumulative loans were 200 million yuan. Under the promotion of various initiatives, the growth of long-term loans in the manufacturing industry in the province is obvious. At the end of September, the province’s manufacturing loan balance billion yuan, a year-on-year increase. Among them, the long-term loan of the manufacturing industry is 100 million yuan, a year-on-year growth. In the first three quarters of 2021, the People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch fully promoted the revitalization of financial services. The joint Heilongjiang Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau launched the 2020 annual financial institution serving rural rescue assessment assessment and guiding financial institutions to do a good job in the transition period, continuously enhance financial services rural resulinage. Focus on improving the quality of new agricultural business entity financing services, enhance financial services coverage and convenience. Carry out the "one county and one product" rural financial product innovation activities, guide the province’s financial institutions around the financing needs of all kinds of agricultural subjects, explore various rural and reclamation areas such as mortgage, living livestock poultry collateral, agricultural industrial chain, and land trusting areas. Featured credit products have effectively promoted the improvement of farmers’ credit innovation capabilities. In the first three quarters of 2021, the overall operation of the foreign exchange market in Heilongjiang Province was generally stable, and the foreign exchange market was expected to be stable and orderly.

The People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Sub-branch, the Heilongjiang Provincial Branch of the Forex Bureau launched the "Spring Action", collecting 4,424 foreign-related enterprises and individual business appeals, coordinating 215 issues through electronic questionnaires, and coordinating the resolution of 215 issues.

The People’s Bank of China Harbin Center Branch, the Forex Bureau Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau supports China (Heilongjiang) self-trade test area accelerates development, formulates 32 financial support policies and 9 foreign exchange innovation measures, and organizes financial institutions to introduce 110 惠 企 配. Those 35 high-quality enterprises in the trade-inspinement area are identified, and 3,963 cross-border RMB business for quality enterprises, and actually charge 200 million yuan.

Promote the pilot business of block chain service platform, 24 banks in the province, nearly 300 branches, joined the pilot ranks, and the service time is shorted from the line for 15 minutes.

The guidance of 6 capital is introduced, establish a resident counselor system, organizing a silver-enterprise symposium, a policy preaching, and carrying out policy coverage investigations, and continuously promotes the development of facilitation policy.

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Zhang Yunfei is very angry at this time,this matter,He already knows very well。

So while seeing here,Zhang Yunfei was even more angry,Look far away,I can imagine the excitement in my heart。
“Humph,People are coming to our door now。”
“result,You only know now?”
When Zhang Yunfei’s words are finished,In the hearts of those around you,In fact, it is very wronged。
in fact,Such a thing,They don’t want to。
But what’s next,Such a thing,But invisible,Looks pretty bad。
See these,Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth and said。
“Since this is the case,Then next,Let’s solve them all。”
“Wang Teng,I really want to see,How much do you have!”
When Zhang Yunfei gritted his teeth and said here。
Where are the people around,They are also looking towards this side one after another。
After all now,For them,Next,What should I do,Actually this,Already here is quite important。
And looking at it all,Now,The people around,Is also very direct。
“makes sense,So next,Actually, there is no need for us to continue to consume like this at all。”