Shanxi Fenjiu (600809) Performance Express Commentary: Q4 Performance Accelerates to a Beautiful End

Shanxi Fenjiu (600809) Performance Express Commentary: Q4 Performance Accelerates to a Beautiful End

Event: The company released the 2019 annual performance report, and the company achieved operating income of 119 in 2019.

1.4 billion, an annual increase of 26.

57%; realized net profit attributable to mother 20.

24 ppm, a 37-year increase.

64%; basic profit return 2.

33 yuan.

Blue and white accelerated significantly, Bfen continued high growth, Q4 performance accelerated again.

In 19Q4, the company’s revenue and profit growth rate was 13.

03% / 61.

84%, the performance exceeded market expectations, and the profit growth rate further accelerated from the first three quarters, the quarter Q1-Q4 profit-side growth accelerated quarter by quarter, mainly due to the acceleration of blue and white, Bofen continued high growth, the market outside the province continued to perform well.

In terms of different products, the company continued to adhere to the “grasp the middle of the two heads”. The Q4 blue and white series continued to accelerate, mainly due to the rapid volume increase after the end of the volume control. We expect that the growth rate of the blue and white series will gradually reach more than 40%.The quarter’s high growth momentum is mainly due to the company’s full liberalization of Bofen, which will be introduced to the country and sold quickly. We expect the growth rate of Bofen to exceed 50%; the old Baifen and Panama series products are expected to achieve double rankings.More than a few years of growth, the growth rate is relatively slower than the overall level.

In terms of market, we expect that the contribution of the markets outside the province will increase, and the proportion of the markets outside the province is expected to increase further. Among them, the markets outside the province outside Shanxi will be connected by dots. It is expected that the high growth momentum will continue in 2020.Flooding continues to accelerate.

If short-term fluctuations do not change the long-term growth momentum, blue and white will become the main growth point.

Judging from the impact of the epidemic, it is expected that the blue and white series will be affected to a certain extent due to the reduction of party banquet seats in the short term.

We believe that short-term fluctuations will not affect the expected positive momentum. According to channel feedback, it is expected that more than 30% of the scheduled tasks will be completed in the first quarter. The company is still expected to achieve steady growth 南京桑拿网 in 2020. From a gradual perspective, the increase mainly comes from blue and white.Blue and white in 20 years, 30 years to achieve double billion growth (sales caliber), Bofen is mainly based on volume control, the goal has risen steadily.

In terms of specific operations, the company’s expansion of the blue and white series will complete the core market separation, that is, the Qing 20 will focus on 100 markets across the country, and the Qing 30 will focus on 50 markets; and the core terminal separation will be achieved. The Qing 20 and Qing 30 will have long-term contracts, respectively.More biased towards group purchase operation.
Qing 30 is more inclined to group purchase operation.

The potential of the brand has continued to expand, and internal and external repairs have helped Qingxiang’s originator return.

The 杭州桑拿 company’s 2020 strategy was adjusted from “pulling the two heads to the middle” to “pulling the middle and high control bottom”. We believe that this strategy is correct and effective. It can enable the company to use the growth of blue and white to eliminate the problems caused by the rapid growth in the past three years.The aim is to focus on the company’s brand power and drive the return of brand value. Blue and white will become the main driving force for the company’s sustainable development.

Although the company defines 2020 as the year of deep adjustment, the adjustment of Fenjiu is the adjustment of product structure, the adjustment of the market, the adjustment of strategic and tactics, and not the adjustment of the obvious decline in performance.

In the medium and long term, we believe that the advantages of Fenjiu brand continue to expand, the market outside the province is accelerating, the blank market needs to be further developed, and the future development potential is still accumulated. With the improvement of China Resources Synergy and internal distribution incentives, the company is expected to become a successful breakthrough in the countrySub-high-end brand.

Investment suggestion: Maintain “Buy” rating.

We slightly adjust our profit forecast for 2019. Due to the unpredictable characteristics of the recent epidemic, we will not adjust our profit forecast for 2020 for now.

We estimate the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 119.



970,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

57% / 18.

62% / 17.

43%; net profit is 20.



420,000 yuan, an increase of 37 in ten years.

64% / 24.

33% / 20.

86%, corresponding EPS is 2 respectively.


51 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.
Risk reminders: San Gong’s consumption restrictions increase; the epidemic continues to spread; food quality accidents.

Zhonghuan shares (002129) important event comment: set to increase the speed of semiconductor wafer leader smooth expansion

Zhonghuan shares (002129) important event comment: set to increase the speed of semiconductor wafer leader smooth expansion

Matters: Central Shares issued the “Preliminary Plan for the Non-public Issuance of A Shares in 2019 (Revised Draft)”, and the “Implementation of Listed Companies’ Non-public Issuance of Stocks” revised on February 14, 2020, the “Decision on Amendments”According to the relevant provisions of the “Outline”, the board of directors of the company revised the issuance time, the number of objects to be issued, the issue price and pricing principles, and the sale restriction period arrangement in the preliminary plan for the non-public issuance of A shares.

The preliminary plan for the non-public issuance of A shares (revised draft) has been approved by the 34th meeting of the fifth board of directors of the company.

Comment: The revised draft of the fixed increase plan has come to the ground, and the expansion of semiconductor wafer production is on the string.

The company’s board of directors has revised the issuance time, the number of objects to be issued, the issue price and pricing principles, and the sale restriction period arrangement in the preliminary plan for the non-public issuance of A shares. All the issued shares are issued in a non-public manner to specific objects.The China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the issuance in accordance with relevant regulations within 12 months. The scope of non-public issuance is no more than 35 specific investors. The pricing benchmark date is the first day of the issue period. The issue price is not less than 20 trading days before the pricing benchmark date.80% of the average price of stock transactions; the number of shares in this non-public offering does not exceed 20% of the total share capital of the company before this non-public offering, that is, no more than 557,031,294 shares (including the number of shares), and the scale of funds to be raised does not exceed RMB500,000.

1 million yuan; the non-public offering of shares subscribed by the issuer shall not be transferred within 6 months from the end of the issuance.

The fundraising budget is expected to spend 45 trillion U.S. dollars on the 8-12-inch semiconductor silicon wafer production line project for integrated circuits and 500 million U.S. dollars to supplement working capital.

Expansion of semiconductor wafer capacity is expected to open up new growth space.

The company seized the opportunity to fully recover the downstream prosperity and industrial transfer, speeded up the semiconductor wafer business layout, and raised funds for the use of integrated circuits.
The 12-inch semiconductor wafer production line project, if the additional issuance is successfully implemented, will help the company’s semiconductor wafer production capacity expansion to proceed smoothly. Yixing ‘s 8-inch and 12-inch semiconductor wafer production capacity will reach 750,000 wafers / month and 150,000 wafers /By combining 300,000 wafers / month 8-inch silicon wafer production capacity and 20,000 wafers / month 12-inch test line production capacity in Tianjin, the company is expected to form 1.05 million wafers / month 8-inch silicon wafer production capacity and 170,000 wafers by 2021.The 12-inch wafer capacity per month has gained an absolute leading edge in the domestic semiconductor wafer field.

The 8-inch silicon wafer entered the heavy volume period, and the 12-inch silicon wafer was successfully verified.

The acceleration of the development of new energy vehicles & the start of the 5G cycle have brought about a great prosperity cycle for semiconductors and sensors, and the 8-inch production capacity is tight. Overseas manufacturers are cautious about the expansion of 8-inch silicon wafers, creating a rare opportunity for domestic 8-inch silicon wafers.Period of localization.

Zhonghuan’s 8-inch wafers have mature and stable supply capacity. Yixing’s 8-inch production line was also partially put into production last September. It is expected that the design capacity will be reached by 2021. By then, the company’s 8-inch wafer demand is expected to directly benefit from the downstream 杭州桑拿 boom.The high flexibility brought by the company; gradually, the company’s 12-inch silicon wafer production line is actively under construction, downstream customer certification is steadily progressing, it is expected to start volume in the third quarter of this year, is expected to become the core force of large-size silicon wafer import substitutes, the company’s semiconductor businessThe development potential will initially be released.

Earnings forecast, estimation and investment rating: We maintain our expectation that the company will realize net profit attributable to its mother in 2019-2021.

38, 17.

75 and 24.

620,000 yuan, taking into account the change in share capital after the additional issue, for EPS 0.

41, 0.

53 and 0.

74 yuan (based on the company’s current sustainable calculation, it is expected that the actual number of non-public offerings will be separated from the upper limit, and the EPS here is for reference only), corresponding to PE 47, 36 and 26 times, due to the company’s photovoltaic and semiconductor wafer businessEPS, which is in a period of rapid growth and increased equity, is given a target price of 23 within 12 months.

57 yuan, corresponding to 32 times PE in 2021, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk warning: fluctuations in downstream demand; fluctuations in photovoltaic and semiconductor wafer prices; customer certification advances less than expected

Jidong Cement (000401): Weather Factors Cause Q3 to Exceed Expectations, and Mid-term High Prosperity Sustained

Jidong Cement (000401): Weather Factors Cause Q3 to Exceed Expectations, and Mid-term High Prosperity Sustained

Event 南宁桑拿 Overview The company released a three-quarter report on October 9th. The first three quarters are expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers.


800 million, a 33-year increase in comparable caliber.

76% -36.


Weather caused Q3 sales to decline, but the net profit per ton remained stable.

The company achieved sales of cement clinker in the third quarter of 2,838, twice a decade.

2%, resulting in lower-than-expected results. We judge that the rain and weather conditions in August in Shaanxi and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region in late September cooperated with the National Day celebration to limit production activities to some extent.

However, benefiting from the overall high prosperity of the northern cement industry, the company’s 2019Q3 ton net profit is still 55-60 yuan / ton, which is basically stable compared with Q2.

Acquired mangrove environmental protection and entered the environmental protection industry.

In October, the company announced the acquisition of 100% equity of Jinyu Mangrove Environmental Protection, and officially entered the environmental protection industry.

Considering that the gap in the supply of industrial waste disposal cannot be overcome, we believe that its high prosperity can still be maintained, and the environmental protection business is expected to become a new growth point for the company’s performance.

At the same time, if the company can replace co-processing with more of its own production lines, the company will also try to obtain more peak-shift exemptions.

North China Cement’s mid- to high-level boom is expected.

As the construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Shaanxi urban areas accelerates, we believe that infrastructure in North China will gradually recover and lead to a steady increase in cement demand. This translates into the majority of cities still requiring PM2 for the heating season 2 + 26 in 2019-2020.

5 Concentration improvement is improved by 3% -10%, which reflects the state’s efforts to replace the environmental protection supervision of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei instead of relaxation.

Therefore, we believe that the cement supply and demand pattern in North China in 19Q4 and China is expected to remain good, and the high prosperity can be sustained.

Investment Advice.

Based on a more cautious cement sales price forecast, we lower our 2019-2021 net profit forecast19.

6% / 6.

7% / 4.

6% to 30.



5 ten percent, an annual increase of 103.

6% / 25.

5% / 6.


Reduce target price by 1.

8% to 19.

RMB 67, based on 7x 2020E PE, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest weaker-than-expected infrastructure recovery and systemic risks.

Mingyang Intelligent (601615) released a comment: the success of offshore wind power is on track and the company’s future performance is expected

Mingyang Intelligent (601615) released a comment: the success of offshore wind power is on track and the company’s future performance is expected

Successfully won the 500MW offshore wind power project, consolidating its leading position at sea.

The company won the bid for Phase III and Phase V of the Three Gorges New Energy Yangxi Shaba Offshore Wind Power Project. This project will install 78 MySE6 units.

45-180 semi-direct-drive fans with a total bid of 32.

9.5 billion, accounting for 47 of the company’s 2018 operating income.

74% will have a positive impact on the company’s operating performance.

The company has a sustainable competitive advantage in offshore wind power. On December 18, 2019, Guangdong Zhanjiang Wailuo Offshore Wind Power Project had 36 Mingyang Smart MySE 5s.

The completion of the installation of 5MW units is the first domestic scale application of domestic wind turbines above 5MW, which has realized the market leadership of large-scale offshore wind power. This successful bid will further consolidate the company’s leading position in offshore wind power.

  200MW wind farm project transfer, which will increase 2020 performance.

The company will sell 85% equity of 4 wind power project companies located in Heilongjiang, with a total capacity of 200MW. The transaction is expected to be completed in 2020 and it will realize a profit before tax of 52 million yuan.

The company’s “rolling development” strategy adopted by the wind direction operator has achieved obvious gains. In Q2 2019, the company has successively sold the shares of Datang Gongcheng and Dachaidan Mingyang Subsidiary, resulting in 2.

Investment income of 9.2 billion US dollars; the company transferred four wind farms this time, thereby making the high growth performance of 2020 more certain.

  The smooth conversion of convertible bonds helped the company’s development.

The company issued an announcement on the listing of convertible bonds. The convertible bonds will be listed on January 7, 2020, and the total amount of funds raised will be USD 1.7 billion.

The three wind farm projects launched with the convertible bond raised this time have good wind energy resources in Inner Mongolia, which is expected to further increase the company’s wind energy operation scale and increase revenue from power generation business.

In addition, the raised investment will invest 1,000,000 to MySE10MW offshore wind power plant and key component development projects to further strengthen the company’s research and development capabilities.

  Investment suggestion: Considering that there has been no substantial transaction for the time being, we maintain our 2019-2021 profit forecast and expect the net profit attributable to the mother to be 6.



8.4 billion, with EPS of 0.



86 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Risk reminders: 1. Policy risk 2. Wind 四川耍耍网 turbine sales volume is less than expected 3. Wind turbine delivery is delayed

Shanxi Coking (600740): China Huajin will continue to make important contributions to profit growth in coking

Shanxi Coking (600740): China Huajin will continue to make important contributions to profit growth in coking

This report reads: The profit performance in the first half of 2019 was slightly lower than expected, but the investment income of the coking coal sector is expected 杭州龙凤夜网 to continue to maintain high growth in the second half of the year, thereby promoting performance and maintaining an overweight rating.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

The company’s operating income for the first half of 2019 was 34.

4.0 billion, down 2 every year.

98%; return to mother’s profit 7.

67 ppm, a decrease of 6 per year.

78%, the performance is slightly lower than expected, but considering that coking coal investment income is expected to continue to grow, we maintain EPS 1 in 2019-2021.



40 yuan forecast, maintain “overweight” rating.

Environmental protection and production restrictions increase the cost of raw materials, dragging down profits in the first half of the year.

In the first half of the year, due 南京龙凤网 to factors such as environmental protection and intermittent production restrictions, the company’s coke production and sales dropped by 8 respectively.

7% / 8.

5%, the price of blended raw coal is relatively high (the average purchase price of cleaned coal in 2019H increases by 13 each.

1%), limited increase in coke prices (2.

6%), leading to a decrease in the company’s coking business profit, and the coking gross profit from 3 in 2018.

26 percent to zero.

460,000 yuan, the company’s overall net profit attributable to the mother is 7.

67 ppm, a decrease of 6 per year.


The contribution of China Coal Huajin’s investment income may improve its performance.

The company’s acquisition of a 49% stake in China Coal Huajin in 2018 is fully conducive to improving raw material supply capacity, and at the same time bringing high investment income to the company.

The investment income of China Coal Huajin in the first half of 201911.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 79.

7%, it is expected that investment income in the second half of the year is expected to continue to grow, thereby improving expected performance.

During the period, the expense ratio increased slightly, and the overall control was still under control.

Estimated the scale of Shanxi Coking’s interest payment debt in the first half of 201949.

95 ‰, an increase of 17 per year.

US $ 5.8 billion, due to the company’s increase in short-term expenses, and at the same time led to an increase in financial expenses in the first half of the year.

1.1 billion / 8.


However, the company’s period expense ratio is 8.

47%, still relatively high at the end of 2018 (8.


risk warning.

Impact of environmental protection and production restriction policies; macroeconomic risks.

The same goes for fitness

The same goes for fitness

Core tip: walnuts, flaxseeds, especially deep sea fish may be л-3 fatty acids, a fatty acid that is good for the heart and brain.

It can promote circulation in the body, provide more oxygen to the brain, and increase brain cell membrane function.

People who eat fish often suffer from depression and dementia.

  Do you occasionally feel your brain is not working?

I have a headache when I see the numbers, can’t I remember a lot of phone numbers?

Sticky notes filled the table, but still almost missed attending with customers?

The most terrible thing is, you forgot your password before the cash machine?

Don’t worry, take a look at the brain health solutions we provide, and don’t let your brain “jump” you.

Text / Gaoyuan brain is used more and more. A good reorganization is that people with certain skills have more neural bonds that store corresponding information between brain cells.

The neurons responsible for vision and direction in the taxi driver’s brain are more sensitive, and the number of brain cells in the pianist’s brain responsible for music is also greater.

For ordinary professionals, in addition to vocational training, you can also consciously use some of the following methods to strengthen the brain.

  People who exercise your body and keep physically active every day are also better.

The experimental results show that the mice that move daily have a brain cell arrangement in the area responsible for learning and memory. They are a pair of idle mice.

Exercise can relieve stress in life and is therefore good for brain health.

  Anti-slippery plan: Find a fun sport or fun partner and develop habits such as jogging, cycling, swimming.

  Exercise your brain to make more use of those areas that are not commonly used in your brain, which will help to keep the brain cells and the lumps of crystals that receive and process information.

Just as muscles that are not commonly used in the body require special attention, the brain also needs unique thinking and stimulation.

  Anti-slip plan: try new tastes and smells; use your left hand (left-handed vice versa); go to work often take different routes; travel to new places; read novels in South America or Africa; design your own birthday card.

  Eat fish to brain walnut, flax seeds, especially deep-sea fish can tolerate л-3 fatty acids, a fatty acid that is good for the heart and brain.

It can promote circulation in the body, provide more oxygen to the brain, and increase brain cell membrane function.

People who eat fish often suffer from depression and dementia.
  Anti-slip plan: Eat fish at least three times a week. Marine fish are better than river fish because they are less affected by artificial feed.

Similarly, you can also take fish oil instead.

In addition, eating walnuts is a good idea.

  Slimming the brain Saturated aunts in meat and dairy products can affect brain memory, sense of direction, and other functions.

  Anti-slippery plan: replace it with lean meat, low fat or skimmed milk.

Replace hamburgers and fried foods in the recipe with fish, chicken, and vegetables.

The main source of body physiology should be converted into fish, vegetable oil, walnuts, etc.

Refuse cookies, snacks and fast foods-they can cause brain cells to fail.

  Allowing the brain to quit drinking alcohol will destroy memory and response ability. Experiments have shown that replacing a large amount of alcohol at one time can lead to zero growth of brain cells in rats for nearly a month, which indicates that alcohol not only damages brain cells, but also prevents them from regenerating.

One or two drinks in the dining room will not hurt. A small amount of red wine will be beneficial to dark beer, but drinking too much will affect thinking. Any alcohol will affect rationality, so do not drink before doing business.

Two medicated diets are recommended for more effective dehumidification

Two medicated diets are recommended for more effective dehumidification

Click to buy it is still winter, cold weather, the air blowing through makes people feel trembling.

For people with heavy body moisture, although the winter air is dry, it also needs to be dehumidified.

The moisture in the body is reduced, so that the body can be healthy, so do you know which medicated diet is better for dehumidification?

Let ‘s take a look together.

  How to focus on household dehumidification medicated diet: Use yam to cook medicines and use yam as a prescription. It can be used as food or Chinese medicine. It has a very good spleen and dampness effect., You can use yam and other ingredients to cook together, and some can refer to these family medicated meals.

  1. The main raw materials needed for lettuce mountain: 1 large yam with skin, 1 lettuce, preparing the right amount of onion and garlic.

  Cooking method: A. Wash the lettuce, cut it in half and cut into thin slices.

Then the skin of yam is scraped off and washed, because the larger root is recommended to be cut in half, and then cut diagonally into slices for use.

  B, select the root and whisker of the shallot, and cut it into small sections after washing. It is recommended to smash the white part of the onion before cutting it. It will be more fragrant after stir-fry.

Smash the garlic with the back of the knife, remove the skin and set aside.

  C, after the ingredients are ready, put the oil in the pan, heat up, put the shallots and crushed garlic into the pan and stir fry, and stir fry a few times before putting the lettuce slices in the pan.After a few times, pour into the mountain again and fry together.

  D. After continually frying for one minute, sprinkle a little water in the pot, cover the pot and simmer for two minutes. Finally, uncover the salt and continue frying for a while. After the ingredients are cooked, you can put the chicken seasoningAfter you have adjusted it, you can start to eat it in the pot.

  2, the main ingredients required for yam soup: 1 yam with skin, 50G of barley kernel, 40G of barley.

  Cooking method: A. Wash the coix seed and osmium separately, then put them into different pots, add water and soak for two hours for later use.

  B, then the yam is scraped off the skin, washed and cut into sections.

(It is recommended to buy skinned yam. The skinned yam often dries and is not fresh enough. Of course, if you do n’t buy skinned yam, you can use skinned yam instead.

) C. After the renren and tangshi have been simmered, put them into the pot separately, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook on the hottest heat, and then boil for half an hour on a low heat.

  D. Finally, put the cut yam pieces in a pot and cook them together. After all the ingredients are cooked, you can add salt to season and serve them out of the pot.

  The above two yam medicated meals are essential for families. Friends who want to dehumidify can learn how to do it.

Then insist on cooking and eating. After insisting on stopping, it will help you remove the moisture from your body and help you to strengthen your body.

Rose flower tea helps to treat hypertension coronary heart disease

Rose flower tea helps to treat hypertension coronary heart disease

Rose flowers open for many years, almost fragrant, and even used medicine to treat diseases.

  The rose flowers are sweet and warm in nature, and have the effects of promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, and reducing swelling and detoxification.

Take 10 grams of rose flowers daily, and drink water for frequent tea replacement. It can treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea caused by Qi stagnation and blood stasis.Drink to treat hypertension; take fresh rose flowers 15?
30 grams, the right amount of rock sugar, boiling water for tea, can suffer from coronary heart disease.

Single woman black men most afraid of psychology

Single woman black men most afraid of psychology

1. The tail of youth cannot live in this youth-loving society and make itself look younger. It has become the tireless pursuit of every woman. A market survey shows that more than 70% of women are most worried about wrinkles.Climb up to Pang without knowing it, losing weight, beauty, bodybuilding, SPA aromatherapy . all of this is because we are afraid of leaving marks and losing charm.

  2. The family of feared babies is afraid that Dangdang will no longer only have the meaning of succession, will it be born?

When will you have children?

With whom?

These problems have become a problem that disturbs modern women. Many women are afraid of having a child at an inappropriate time, and they are afraid of becoming a yellow face when they have a child. They are afraid that everything will change when they have a child: appearance, body, work, Husband, and hope for life.

  3, how far is it forever to “find love to the end” is the voice of all women, therefore, women are afraid of being truly disappointed.

However, in this material age, love will be impacted by many things, rewritten, and encountering an affair is a direct consequence.

In short, the paradise of marriage’s “fire” requires men and women to rescue them together.

  4. A marriage without money is like root grass. If you are not a woman pursuing success, you may put your life poker on a man. “Marrying a rich man” is actually the dream of every girl. Who does n’t want toMaterially rich life?

Therefore, women are afraid that they will marry a junk stock instead of a stock of superior stocks or potential stocks. The so-called “loveful drinking” is just a narcotic drug to comfort themselves!

Rich marriage is treasure.

  5. There must be no independent fulcrum. Although the era has become more likely for women to develop independently, women are still afraid of losing their independent fulcrum: career-type women are afraid of career difficulties, and there is no fair competition rule; womenThey are afraid of losing their career, fear of occupational pressure, age, the impact of growth on their careers, harassment and difficulties of their boss, and fear of becoming a numb housewife after 35 years old.

  6, lonely high heels Zhu Deyong called them “astringent girls”.

“One person is afraid of loneliness, two people are afraid of disappointment.” This is their dilemma. They both have their own lives and careers. They no longer depend on men. They modify the definition of home to: “Buy a house, justIt is equivalent to having a home.

“However, as Yang Lan said,” Life is more important than success. “What about success in the workplace?

  7. Do n’t let disease knock on you. “Do n’t suffer from what you eat, do n’t have any disease.” Although the world is changing too fast, the blood relationship will never be broken. We do n’t want to be attacked by the disease ourselves, or to watch.To bear the pain of my loved ones, I am more afraid of losing my loved ones. On the other hand, as the only child, we must bear both parents. In fact, we are responsible for the health of the family.

  8. I am most afraid of being asked . I don’t want to ask, I start thinking about everything .

Insulin pump brings convenience to sugar friends

Insulin pump brings convenience to sugar friends

The insulin pump is a shape that is only the size of a BP machine and is continuously infused into the body through a hose connected to the human body.

It mimics the physiological pattern of human healthy starch-secreting insulin.

Commonly known as “artificial starch.”

Inside is a drug dispenser with a short-acting insulin, a display and buttons for setting up the pump, and a sensitive drive motor that slowly pushes the injection from the reservoir through the infusion catheter into the skin.

  Infusion catheters vary in length and permanently connect the pump to the body.

  The basic use of the insulin pump is to simulate the secretory function of starch. The insulin is continuously injected into the skin of the user according to the dose required by the human body, and the blood sugar is stable throughout the day to achieve the purpose of controlling diabetes: (1) simulating secretion function,Good control of blood glucose, improve HbA1c levels; (2) use short-acting insulin, continuous infusion of small doses in the same site, overcoming the conventional injection method.

Many people choose the abdomen as a part of the high blood pressure. This part has complications, and the insulin absorption is stable. It can also replace the chest, the outside of the thigh and the deltoid muscle.

  Advantages of Insulin Pumps Director of Department of Endocrinology, First People’s Hospital of Foshan City, Department of Endocrinology, in the interview with family doctors, pay attention to: First, you can precisely control the dose of injection, if the injection hit the skin, too much dose, it will lead to low blood sugar,If the dose is too small, it will cause excessive blood sugar. Now, if the amount of insulin can be precisely controlled, the blood sugar level in the body can be well controlled.

  The second advantage is to avoid the pain of the skin of the patient who has multiple subcutaneous injections of insulin.

The insulin pump is connected to the skin through a hose for continuous injection, avoiding the need to inject insulin once before each meal.

  The third advantage is that the drug solution is saved due to the precise control of the amount of insulin injected.

In the past, if the blood sugar is too high, a needle will be taken, but if it is excessively high, it will lead to hypoglycemia. If it is used less, it is not enough. Now, with the continuous input of the syringe pump, the dose can be precisely controlled, and the amount of control per hour can be controlled.In general, it can save more liquid than injection injection.

  The insulin pump also has shortcomings. The first one is that although it can be carried around, it is not convenient in some sports, such as swimming, or once sports. Second, the injection site will have redness due to long-term needles buried under the skin.The third possibility is that there is a problem with the microcomputer program, the motor stops working, or the hose is clogged. At this time, the liquid medicine cannot be input, and the patient may cause a deficiency without knowing it, causing some complications.