Not to mention,Three people running around,I forgot to eat at lunch。Together they replenish some urgently needed department stores for Jia Lina’s shop,When all this is done,It’s night。

The three of them dragged their tired bodies into a Sichuan restaurant,This is Zhao Wuyi’s request,He said to treat。
The dishes are ordered by Xia Jian,But he knew,It is not easy for them to make some money,So he not only ordered less,And just pick the cheaper ones。The owner is a woman in her thirties,She glanced at the menu,said laughingly:“All vegetarian,Don’t add a halo?”
“Where’s another green pepper twice cooked pork,And Duo Jiao Fish Head“Jia Lina didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She rushed to say。
Lady boss smiling,Satisfied with the menu and left。
Jia Lina is sitting directly opposite Xia Jian,She smiled and said:“City people,Although we don’t make much money,But a meal is still endless,Busy day,Besides, you played a decisive role today,We can also make you go to bed hungry?“These few words of this woman,It’s very gentle and pleasant,Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at her more。
dish6Continued,The three of them ate。Eat with Jia Lina these days,Let Xia Jian be restrained to death。Today with Zhao Wuyi as company,He showed his nature,Gulping,I ate without consideration。
“Oops fellow,I think you are not young,Do things so well,Same words,The same reason,But how come out of your mouth seems a little different,It’s really hidden!“Zhao Wu said with a smile。
Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“People are a big dragon,I’m afraid the water in Wuying Town is too shallow to keep him?“
Xia Jian did not speak,Thought,What does this woman mean,Do you still want me to do small jobs for you forever?。
Just when they were talking and laughing,Four men came in from outside,The one who walks in the front is the 35-six-year-old,And the three people behind him,Are probably in their twenties。As soon as they come in,They sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at the person reflexively,I feel that these people are a bit wrong,But what’s wrong,He can’t tell。
The older one called the lady boss as soon as he sat down,Randomly ordered two dishes,Then I ordered another bottle of liquor,Four people drank,Not between them,Speak very little。
Maybe it’s the reason why you met the accent in a foreign country!Zhao Wuyi has a lot of words,He eats,Said with a smile:“Xia Hao!Wuying Town is not big,But the water is deep,Follow Boss Jia,Some things have to be careful,For example, you played five camps and three wolves this time,Most people in town cheer for you,Don’t you know what storms can be in private“
“Okay uncle,I know。Didn’t you tell me when I first came,Are the people in Wuying Town very nice??“Xia Jianyou couldn’t help but ask, did you ever ask?,In fact, Jia Lina has already answered this question,He just said it smoothly。
Zhao Wu sighed and said:“I didn’t say anything,I’m afraid you left early!I don’t think your situation was so good at the time,If you don’t find a place to rest for a while,I’m afraid there will be a problem“
“Damn!Don’t talk about these missing,There will be no sun tomorrow,I’ll know by tomorrow,You are unfounded worry,Worry about,Think about my business!“Jia Lina interrupted Zhao Wuyi’s words suddenly,Changed the subject。
As the saying goes,Wealth is not exposed,Especially in public。When Jia Lina is talking about business,Xia Jian found the four people who came in just now,Always look at them。
They definitely don’t look at Jia Lina’s beauty, There should be a problem。Away from home,It’s better to have multiple minds。Xia Jian thought of this,Shouted immediately:“Lady boss checkout“
“Which beauty with you guys has already ended“The lady boss said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Zhao Wuyi asked in surprise:“When did you knot,Didn’t you say that I will invite you?“

The waiter was really surprised by Chen Xiu’s drinking method,Not talking for a long time,Chen Xiu thought he was afraid he had no money to pay the bill,Directly take the bank card。

“Bring a box first!”
As a fine dining restaurant,The basic service quality of the waiter still has,It will never be like a third-rate bridge section,Looking directly at the male protagonist’s clothes and clothes, Yunyun asked to pay first,Then the male lead dumped 1.8 million at a time,Slap in the face。
“Mr,That was not what I meant。”
“I know you don’t mean that,But we just want a box,A bottle of Portuguese juice,Not enough to drink。”
Portuguese juice……
Ok,Portuguese wine is past Portuguese juice,There is nothing wrong with it。
In a while,The waiter really brought up a box of wine。
“All opened。”
“Really open!”
The waiter’s eyes widened:“Can this be finished?”
“You can’t drink the best grape juice,Still a man!”
Good guy,Really don’t treat wine as wine。
Anyway, I have already paid,Open on!

These words are too sturdy,Let yourself be so。

O Sheng didn’t say start,He just raised his leg and kicked into Chen Xiu’s face。
She didn’t fight against Chen Xiu before,Even though Chen Xiu allowed himself to be in the Centipede Ridge Stone Room,No effort,But according to Chen Xiu’s usual combat power, he has at least a hundred moves to win against himself.,Now Chen Xiu must be prevented by his own sneak attack,Beat him in a hurry。
I don’t know when the kick is one centimeter away from Chen Xiu’s face,Chen Xiu leaned back a little and he easily avoided it。
Although O Sheng was surprised that Chen Xiu was able to dodge his attack so lightly,But thought he was lucky,Missed,Is a series of seven feet,Every kick is the key to kicking Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu dodges again and again,To the seventh foot,This kick is kicking under him,He is already inevitable,With a copy of his right hand, he grabbed Osheng’s calf,Said with a smile:“Can’t let this trick,The ancestral hall of my old Chen family who was kicked will be demolished!”
“I am a mandarin duck chain leg,Do you think it’s over!”
Support leg of Osheng’s left foot,Stand up,Spin up,The whole person is in the air,Sweep to Chen Xiu’s right face。
The change in this trick was unexpected by Chen Xiu,If it turns out, he would have to resist this kick,There is no other way。
He practiced at this time《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》,The body was crushed again,power、Reaction and speed take another step,I can see at a glance that the flaw in this spinning kick is on Osheng’s waist,Its power point is all supported by the waist。
But next is not retreating but advancing,Buckle Osheng’s waist,She lost her strength in the air and immediately softened,Chen Xiu even held her calf and pressed her whole body on the lawn,Said with a smile:“Not convinced!”
Chen Xiu even more squeezed forward,His face is less than ten centimeters away from Ou Sheng’s face:“Not convinced,I was sentenced if I didn’t accept it!”
“He is not going to kiss me forcibly?!”
Ou Sheng was ashamed and surprised,With some expectations,Still shouting:“Dissatisfied!”
Chen Xiu is an old sputum pouring to his mouth,Spray it on Ou Sheng’s face。
This is completely different from the strong kiss scene I expected,O Sheng quickly shouted:“Impressed,Impressed!”

Qin Cheng left after breakfast。

The company’s internal security is the site of the black rabbit security,Naturally, he doesn’t need to follow。
What he said,President Wu arranged a special rest room for him on standby,When Wang Yufei needs to go out,Naturally someone inside will inform him,I have to say that the service is very caring,You don’t even need Wang Yufei to remember that there is a driver and bodyguard beside him。
“President Wu,Your company’s service has been upgraded again?”Wang Yufei asked with a smile。
Although I’m not used to having people around me suddenly,But Wang Yufei knows that Old Wu is also very embarrassed,Naturally, it won’t be like that on TV。
“no way,We also need to adjust our mission scope at any time to adapt to the situation。During this period of time, I have troubled Mr. Wang to cooperate with us。”Wu Guoqiang still has that serious expression,Answer stubbornly。
“Situation needs?Not so much?I can’t really be clamoring to assassinate me?”Wang Yufei asked suspiciously。
“Is this enough。But Mr. Wang, you really didn’t realize the seriousness of the problem.。Nothing else,Don’t you know the news of Bitcoin’s plunge?”Wu Guoqiang is more serious,Ask directly。
Wang Yufei nodded,Smart people don’t need to say much,A rhetorical question made him probably understand what Wu Guoqiang meant。
The emergence of quantum computers has moved too many people’s cheese,It may even ruin some speculative players,And people in extreme anger,God knows what will happen,In order to ensure that things that no one wants to see happen,Wu Guoqiang specially arranged a bodyguard beside Wang Yufei。
Not to mention the quantum computer itself is an anti-sky technology。
God knows how many coveters,In this situation,In case someone really wants to take the risk……
Think so,The bait thrown by Lu Yuxin,The effect is not as simple as dividing money,Maybe it helped him share a lot of pressure。I just don’t know if this girl did it intentionally,Still didn’t expect this。
But in Wang Yufei’s opinion,80% of this girl thought of it,Billy Yuxin’s mind is always meticulous。
“I know what you are worried about。But this is in China,And we have long banned various currency circles from operating in China?”
“There is never a shortage of speculators where there is interest。Can not fry domestically,There are many people who go abroad to speculate。Who can say good?In short, be careful to sail the ship for ten thousand years。These services are not within the scope of our previously signed contract,It’s a free gift from our company。After all, we must not smash our famous black rabbit security sign on Mr. Wang。”Wu Guoqiang once again offered his unbeatable reason。
In short, the service is free for your own reputation,Don’t say too much。

As for the large and super large Neptune Life Essence, it requires military exploits and merits in exchange for it.。

Understand in Leo’s way,That is, the elite camp has enough resources,In addition to the essence of life,There are also various experience guidance,Including but not limited to swordsmanship books、Domineering、Six types and so on。
“If only these,Our navy is not enough to dominate the sea!”Zefa’s statement is straightforward,Dominate the sea。
“In our navy,Set aside the above conditions,Our navy still has something under the pressure box,It’s up to you to get it!”Zefa suddenly sold a pass,Drive Leo crazy。
“Don’t think too much!”Zefa shook his head。“The Navy is an organization,Naturally, there must be something to attract the strong,Otherwise, why should others join the navy?,Just shouting for justice is not enough,Those who are accustomed to the bloody wind,How can I be deceived by two words!”
“Teacher Zefa meant that I became an admiral and I was qualified to know?”
Zefa nodded:“Just become a general,You can get a chance,Can you quickly enter the general level?,Just look at this opportunity!”
Leo’s pupils shrink,Is that so?!
Next,Zefa told Leo and Green Bull about the training plan。
This training plan and ordinary people understand to do push-ups、How many distances are completely different。
In fact,Zefa doesn’t care how Leo exercises,Run or lift weights,Zefa doesn’t care。
“What I want to tell you is your current ability,Enough to exhaust one’s energy in 134 minutes,So all you have to do is to do this step,I don’t care how it is done,It is your thing!And after exhaustion,You take two small life essences,Rest for about thirty-seven minutes,Then continue to exercise!”
Zefa’s statement is very simple,His request is to meet the physical strength time and time again“collapse”with“restore”Medium growth。
“My requirement is this cycle at least once a day,If you want to grow faster, you can do it a few more times,According to my estimate, your limit is six times,If more than six times the body will be permanently damaged!”
Six times!
Leo chewed carefully,One cycle is about 171 minutes,Tentatively count as three hours,That means he can exercise for 18 hours a day,Then sleep for six hours。
“of course,The effect of six cycles is not six times that of one,Actually only three times at most,So how to increase your strength efficiently still depends on your arrangements!I am only responsible for making your life level breakthrough as soon as possible,understand?”
Leo nodded,That’s enough,What is more important than the level of life。
If he has a body like Zefa,It’s useless even if ordinary people cut him crazy,The vitality of the white beard is still vivid,What kind of attack,As long as you can’t die, you are invincible。

Ten each other is ten years old.。

And Liu Mei feels that his skin is the same as the girl of the 17th year old.。
Zhao Tiezhu feels as strong as the 178-year-old boy.。
I can even make a feat of seven langs.。
Two people wrapped in a bath towel back to the house to replace new clothes,It’s all looking at each other.。
Du Rulan is also preparing to cook in the morning.,When I saw Liu Mei and Zhao Tiezhu,The whole person is stunned.。
“Sister,Iron column,You are still a man or a monster?”
“How are you so young??”
I heard Du Rulan,Liu Mei and Zhao Tiezhu did not laugh.。
They feel that the two apples that Li will follow the wind are too worth it.。
“Lan sister,We are definitely people.,It’s just a little bit.,Those people in Lianhua Village you also know,Many people have younger,We also asked Li Boss to buy an apple.,So will be like this。”
Du Rulang also suddenly realized this。
Congratulations,I have a little bit,Will you like your husband?
But I thought about it.,She still gave up,After all, she doesn’t have so much money.。
“Congratulations.,New Year’s new weather,Your people have also changed。”
“Lan sister,The same to you,Let’s go to Shenjia Village to burn to worship.,After all, we are also doing business.,As for your home,I advise you still don’t go back.。”
“By the time,No one cooks their grandfather,Let me see that they are not coming to you.。”
I heard Liu Mei’s words.,Du Rulan is also nodded.。
soon,Zhao Tiezhu also pushed the motorcycle out,Then let the two get on the bus。
Originally Du Ru Lang wants to sit behind,The result is Liu Mei to open a position.,Let her take the center。
Du Rishlan refused,Eventually sitting in the middle。
All the way,Road flat,Du Rilan wanted to hug each other’s waist?,But there is no truth action。
Until Shenjia Village,Have a bump,She is only shouted, and she quickly holds Zhao Tiezhu.。
Zhao Tiezhu also found Du Ru Lan’s small action,At first, he thought it was unclear.。
But when he drops the car speed,I feel that the hand in the lower abdomen is still there to slide there.。
How can he don’t understand this obvious action?。
Immediately speaking a reminder:“Lan sister,Let’s stop in front of us.,The road to the mountain is not good。”
I heard Zhao Tiezhu reminder,Du Rulan also quickly gave up the thoughts of the evil just now.。
Three people burn incense together,go home together。
All the way,Zhao Tiezhu and Liu Mei Xi’an,Hand drawn,Some other thoughts of Du Ran in the heart。
New Year’s Eve,Li Hui Feng is a few women returning to the family.。
First send Zhao Xiaoling with Zhao Xiaoli,Then send the willow sweet sweet。


Chapter One Hundred:Battle Fengle,Insidious Zhao Yu!
“Let me see which tortoise bastard dared to make trouble with me!”
A voice came,The guards in front of everyone are divided into two teams,Ding Junhao appeared with a playful look,Looking at Cui Zuo with a slightly cold look。
“Humph,Who dares to make trouble in your duel city of Lord Ding?,It’s not bad for us to be beaten to death by your guards!”
Cui Zuo saw Ding Junhao coming,Not only did the anger in my heart not go out,But become more vigorous。
Ding Junhao turned to look at Cui Zuo,A smile at the corner of the mouth。
“So you are blaming me?”
A rhetorical question,Suppress Cui Zuo。
Ding Junao stepped forward,Sudden gaze,A strong breath spreads。
“My subordinate,All came down from the battlefield,Each one has survived nine deaths,They are all rough guys,Never know how to nod and bow to compliment others。”
“I received you this time because of my order,They will bend over in front of you rubbish,Otherwise, do you think you are qualified to make them bend over to you??”
Ding Junhao’s words hit Cui Zuo’s heart straight,Every word is like a sword!
Cui Zuo was speechless,Pointing at Ding Junhao,His face is extremely red。
Ding Junhao raised his hand and pressed Cui Zuo’s hand down。
“I can tell you clearly,Today, you must smash your teeth in your stomach,Or now you go to the hall,I want to see if your rubbish is enough for me to be punished!”
“Ding Junao!!!How dare you treat me like this!”
Cui Zuo’s eyes are red now,There is no match yet,I was stomped on the ground by Ding Junhao,But the bottom of my heart is also very weak。

Xu Wan smiled lightly,“I didn’t ask you how many rolls of bamboo slips are。”

Dealing with smart people,Don’t be too blunt,Li Hongyan immediately understood what Xu Wan meant,I have to see Zhujian to share her food。
“But i’m still hungry。”
“I can advance a pack of compressed cookies for you。”
This is a portal similar in shape to the underground entrance discovered by Gan Yifan,But much smaller,Two women have to bend over to get in,I can straighten up inside,Walked a dark and narrow aisle,Came to an underground yard。
This yard is also small,Probably only one-third as large as the one Gan Yifan found,No pond,There is only a small puddle full of green algae,No pavilion no tree,There is a small piece of soil like a vegetable field,But only weeds on it。
Xu Wan can calm down,Carefully studied the surrounding environment,Then followed the impatient Li Hongyan into the stone house。
“Is that wall,There is a hole,Now blocked by slate。”
Xu Wan glanced,Did not speak,His eyes fell on the dusty stone table,There are traces of something being taken away on the stone table。
“You took a lot of things,This should be bamboo slips,This trace……And this one,Is it a hairpin??what about this……”
“You don’t need to care about these,Xu Wan,Mingren don’t speak secret words,Only open this slate,You can get half of what’s inside。”
Xu Wan did not state,Walk to the wall and observe,Knocked on the slate,The voice is extremely dull,Can imagine the thickness of this slab,She frowned slightly。
“I only need one thing inside,But I have to choose。”She turned around and said。
“That’s impossible。”Li Hongyan refused on the spot,“I choose first,One piece per person,But i can promise you,If there is one extra piece for you。”
Xu Wan disagrees:“I think it is necessary to remind you,Compressed biscuits,The remaining half can only last one day at most。So the decision is mine。”
Li Hongyan was taken aback,airway:“Here is what i found,I brought you here,I have already said it in the above,What’s inside divides you half,You suddenly change your mind now,Threaten me with food,Really,I didn’t expect you to be such a person,I knew it,I’d rather be angry with Gan Yifan than bring you in。”
Xu Wan was silent,It may be that Li Hongyan’s attitude at this time is very similar to Gan Yifan’s that day.,She touched her heart,Open the backpack,Take out all the food from inside。

The guard will not let go,Zhang Yong went to negotiate。When Zhang Yong reported that Xia Jian came to the curator Niu,Which middle-aged man hurriedly shouted to the guard:“Hurry up”

The car drove into the gate of the museum,I found a spot by the wall and stopped。Xia Jiangang got off the car,The middle-aged man greeted me。
He asked with a smile:“I’m Mr. Xia who called me, right?!I am the curator Niu here”Middle-aged man laughing,Chao Xiajian stretched out his hands。
Xia Jian hurriedly reached out,Shook his hand and said:“Curator Niu!I think you understand what I said to you on the phone?”
“Fully understand,Let’s go to the meeting room first,Fill in some relevant forms,Media reporters will be there in a while。do not worry,This time tomorrow,Guarantee to letGZThe vast majority of people know,You donated your baby to the city museum”Curator Niu said,Made a gesture to someone in his body。
Everyone immediately gave way to Xia Jian,Let him go to the forefront。Can receive such courtesy,Xia Jian’s heart is still somewhat balanced。
When going up the stairs,Zhang Yong caught up from behind。He asked softly:“Should I pick up Ali??I don’t know where she is now?”
Xia Jian stopped,He thought about it seriously and said:“no need,You just wait in the car,Ali comes,Bring her to see me immediately”
Zhang Yong is very professional,I went without saying more。Xia Jian followed Curator Niu into their reception room。Immediately someone came over to give him tea,In short, everyone is very enthusiastic about him。
Xia Jiangang drank two sips of tea,Curator Niu suddenly lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Mr. Xia!Can you let me see it first?”
“Curator Niu,I was watched,They followed me all the way。For safety reasons,Those who really bring the baby will rush over”Xia Jian lowered his voice and told curator Niu truthfully。
Curator Niu stared at Xia Jian and asked:“Mr. Xia!A bit presumptuous to ask,This baby really belongs to you,still is…?”Curator Niu hesitated but stopped。
Xia Jian glanced at this person,Whispered:“It’s my own,Don’t worry about this”
“Mr. Xia is so bold!How can you give such precious things to others?just in case。I said in case I was taken away,then you…”Curator Niu felt unimaginable about Xia Jian’s approach。

To know,When more than 10,000 Guards soldiers expedition to a foreign world,When I just entered,The sixth-tier powerhouse is worth more than a hundred,How long is this,It has soared to five or six hundred people,This kind of training speed,All staff are brave and diligent,It can only be on the side of the foreign world,It’s so brilliant without the interference of monsters

Similar to the original tactics in the Eastern Kingdom,Mao Yongfei divided the 600 people into several formations,Concentrated fire,Fight with team strength,Combine the weak and the strong。
It was the third day in an instant,Outside the city of steel,Calm and calm。
Above the vast wasteland,Quietly,All the movements are clear at a glance,There are only half-human bushes outside the city,Can’t hide the enemy,Topography of Yimapingchuan,Make it easy to see the distance。
“It looks like,The teacher’s information is inaccurate!There is no ghost outside this city?Not even a beetle,Let alone monsters siege the city!”Wei Xiaoxing talks about an unknown weed,Lying on the wall,Looking around,Said with a smile。
He Buze sat cross-legged on the city wall,The long knife is by her side,His chest fell together,Breath also fluctuates,Obviously you are practicing a profound skill。
Although possessing the mysterious light pattern power,Moreover, the teacher taught a very powerful knife technique,But He Bu is not complacent,He wants to be like a teacher,Cultivating a pill martial artist,Recently, I learned the technique of refining and breathing with Ms. Haruhi.,Practicing hard,Reluctant to relax all the time。
“Maybe the teacher judged by intuition!I believe in the teacher’s warrior intuition!”He Bu shook his head,Said with a serious face。
“Are you stupid practicing!Warrior’s intuition?The facts are here!I also admire the teacher,But most of the people in this city slipped away,There are only less than a thousand people left,If there is no monster attacking the city,That’s a big joke。”
The voice has not fallen,Wei Xiaoxing suffered a strong thump on his forehead。
“Ouch!Old man,Do it lightly!I have to rely on my face to eat!Knocked out this handsome face,How many girls are sad!”Wei Xiaoxing shrinks his neck,Smiled bitterly。
Of course it was Liu Niu’er who shot,His old man was assigned a glorious task of touching the body by his boss,Now it looks,It seems to have become a child,These two boys are very smart,Is the boss’s personal disciple,Liu Niu’er loves from the heart,Especially the kid He Bu,Dedicated and hardworking,Rapid progress,It’s really a rare good seedling。
And Wei Xiaoxing, this little bastard,Except for the broken mouth,There is nothing wrong with it,Just too stinky,Don’t know the word youth,For the elderly who are no longer young,How destructive is it??
“It’s you kid!The dog can’t spit out ivory!Just wait,There must be monsters siege the city!”Liu Niuer said vowedly。
“You also know?”Wei Xiaoxing touched his forehead unconvincedly and shouted。
Liu Niu’er smiled,Made a move,Said with a smile:“This one,Don’t you understand!”
“What do not you get?Do you have inside information?Hurry up and talk!”Wei Xiaoxing turned over and got up,Blinked and asked。
He is suffocating,No more monsters to let him move,It’s really boring。
“I have no inside information!But I know,The boss can’t be wrong!”Liu Niu’er said with a smile。