Artificial intelligence technology innovation to accelerate and promote the construction of large scale intelligent model of industrial ecology

November 8 to 11, the party’s ninth plenary session held sixth in Beijing, which is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China an important moment in history, is the realization of a century-goal victory in the party and the people, building a moderately prosperous society , an important meeting is moving towards a critical historical juncture fully completed modern socialist country’s second century of struggle for the goal of the meeting. Beijing Zhiyuan Artificial Intelligence Research Institute (hereinafter referred to Zhiyuan Institute) president Huang Tiejun, told Technology Daily reporters when talking about the learning experience of the spirit of the Ninth Plenum of six, ninth plenary session should be based on six proposed new development stage, implementing a new development concept, building a new development pattern to promote the development of high quality, promote scientific and technological self-reliance, 2035 among the forefront of innovation-oriented country’s strategic goal of important guiding significance to promoting my country. At present, the profound and complex changes we face in development of domestic and international environment, technological innovation has become the main battlefield of international strategy game, economic and social development and livelihood improvement solutions more than ever the need of science and technology. Accelerating scientific and technological self-reliance, the ability to determine the basis for the survival and development of our country, is building a new pattern of development of the most essential characteristics. Huang Tiejun said Zhiyuan Institute as a new R & D organization in the field of artificial intelligence Beijing, and actively practice the new era technological self-reliance development of ideas, the freedom to explore the establishment of scientific management mechanism and the combination of goal-oriented, and actively explore new era of centralized power to do big research organization model, adhere to talent development model to support young talent play the leading role when the main character, forming a pattern Zhiyuan China and Africa new type of R & D institutions, artificial intelligence technology to accelerate and promote innovation. On the one hand, keep a keen eye on major scientific issues in order to demand-oriented and problem-oriented layout of the major research tasks to build a large demonstration projects fast start mechanism, the formation of inter-agency, collaborative large, high-intensity research team, contains information and promote life model very large scale artificial intelligence model train platform construction, including, enlightenment large model made a number of leading international technology innovation, independent research and development and a cornerstone of the framework of the open source algorithm FastMoE trillion model, develop algorithms to enhance the small sample learning ability, R & D graphic generation pre-training model used to generate a clear picture and profile, performance is better than similar foreign models. By holding the top innovative application of competition enlightenment, enlightenment establishment of research funds, Zhongguancun Innovation Union initiative launched enlightenment intelligent models, etc., to promote large scale model of intelligent industrial ecological construction. On the other hand, not seniority on the use of personnel, do not look hat, dare to let young scholars led by ultra-large-scale intelligent model project, by allowing young talents experience in large projects, help its rapid growth. Huang Tiejun said the next step we will seriously study and understand the spirit of continuous ninth Plenary Session VI, for a new era, a new journey, show a new atmosphere, a new, not forgetting the beginning of the heart, remember our mission, hard thinking and innovation, constantly optimize the sound Zhiyuan mode research management mechanism to promote large scale artificial intelligence model training platform for the implementation of the core research tasks, nurture more original research and outstanding scientific personnel for my country’s scientific and technological self-reliance make an important contribution.

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Chengdu Jinniu District: Government service is more comfortable to speed up the enterprise

"Let’s do a good job so soon, this efficiency is too high!" Recently, at Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center, Mr. Zhang, who took a new enterprise business license, like an outward. He told reporters that he originally thought that he had to wait for a few working days, and he didn’t expect to finish less than two hours.

Optimize the business environment and comprehensively improve the approval efficiency.

In recent years, Jinniu District promotes government service standardization, enhances online government service capabilities, and deepening "maximum reform, focusing on" Building a first-class business environment "and" approval and accounting ", continuous improvement of government service quality, continuous launch All approval reforms and convenience services have received the masses and enterprises. 2 hours of receipt 3 hours to complete the "Convenience Office" to shorten the waiting time in October 2019, Jinniu District Administrative examination approval bureau is the most concerned about the people of the company , The difficulties will start, vigorously simplify the process, compress the company to start. At present, Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center has realized a new business "2 hours to take care of, 1 hour engraving, 3 hours". In Chengdu Jinniu Citizen Center, "Comprehensive Window "Service is fully implemented. According to the declaration needs of enterprises and natural people, the center will integrate the window to the integrated window, and then divide the functional service class, tax service engineering construction project, food medicine, personal affairs Integrated window, social affairs, economic affairs, etc. The seal is engraved, tax registration, corporate social security registration and tax invoice are integrated, providing packaging services to enterprises, allowing businesses to complete all procedures. Promote "Up to Running a Reform" "Golden Gold Supply" precision Service companies have high efficiency, and service is also intimate.

In order to shorten the company waiting time, Jinniu District Administrative Approval Bureau took the lead in introducing the bank account, free mail, gift seal, etc., maximizing the company’s processes, simplifying the procedures, improving the efficiency, cracked the company, operate After exiting the "pain point" "difficult point" "difficult point" "of the whole process," difficult "to achieve the" zero run "of the masses. In response to the needs of corporate demand, the Golden Niu District Administrative Apprarge and Appraisal Bureau plans to "Enterprise Service Guide" to create a "Golden Gang" government service brand. According to the "one thing" standard, the enterprise government service is involved, integrated optimization of the application requirements, village materials list, processes, processes, documents, matters, comprehensive construction, "," Precision service, linkage service suspected time-oriented service "excellent service system, enhance the convenience of enterprise work. Cloud Platform Helps Promotion Equipment Business Online Can operate 100% Focusing to focus on time, promote wisdom services.

In recent years, Jinniu District has advanced "Internet + Government Service" to approval intelligent, service self-help, and mobile phoneization, relying on the provincial integrated government service platform to promote government service platform to the street, community extension, improve online handling effectiveness.

Promote data fusion, wisdom application of each business system.

At present, Jinniu District has effectively integrated government microblogging, WeChat, innovation "smart leading" service, develop mobile phone number and personalized custom push service. At the same time, expand the "Tianfu City Citizen" Jin Niu online government affairs hall function, realizing "Pocket" "fingertips".

During the epidemic, the Golden Niu District Administrative Approval Bureau completed 26 topic, the system entry and system entry, built online and offline acceptance processes, relying on government service ‘Rongyi Office’ platform, providing "online office for office and the masses, immediately , In recentate, office "online processing services, enhanced the sense of enterprises and the masses. Focusing on the new time of Jinniu’s "three steps" strategy, constantly improve service quality, create temperature, efficient Taurus government service brands. The reporter learned that the Jinniu District will continue to be guided by the needs of enterprises and mass needs, launch Huimin Hui Entero, focusing on the problem of difficulties, slowing things, and the problem of work, so that the company and the masses are more convenient, faster, more Efficiency, activation market entities, optimize business environment, and promote high-quality development in the whole region.

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CCB Sichuan Branch launched the "incubation of cloud loans" in Pu Hui Financial products in Kobiography

  "As a light asset company, I have been in the Biological City for less than 3 months, I have received a $ 1 million credit loan support from CCB, which is indeed." Recently, Chengdu Chi Chuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. won the first loan after the establishment. It is reported that the loan is also the first floor of the "hatching cloud loan" in the CCB Sichuan Branch.

"For small and micro enterprises in the initial stage, far more financial data cannot effectively support the company to obtain full credit finance, but CCB ‘incubation cloud loan can be done." CCB Sichuan Branch Pu Hui Financial Division Puru Financial Division Person.

  As the construction bank in the Sichuan branches, the construction of the Sichuan Branch of the CCB, the implementation of the general commission of Puhui financial strategy, actively carrying out financial services research and business innovation in the field of science and technology, and tailor-made financing products "incubation cloud loans" for technology innovation enterprises.

The product broke through the evaluation model of evaluating the financial indicators of the enterprise, according to the characteristics of high-tech enterprises, focusing on the future development trend, innovation launched "Patented Quality Pumps" and other eight fixed loans models Combine government scientific and technological innovation support policies, integrating financial resources in the internal and external financial resources, focusing on providing financial support for technological innovation companies in incubation. This time, Chengdu Case Medical Technology Co., Ltd., is a key investment in Chengdu Tianfu International Biological City. The company has high-power, low-cost core advantages. Introduction to Chengdu High-tech Branch, CCB, introduced: "The company and its shareholders’ intellectual property rights, the government subsidies and industrial housing support policies, the actual controller entrepreneurship experience, the team stability, business normative, etc. ‘Incubation of cloud loans’ score requirements, and enjoy the benefit loan interest rate, low capital cost, effectively responding to daily expenditure funds for the purchase of small and micro enterprises in early founding period.

"The person in charge of Chengdu Tianfu International Biological Platform said that the landing of the product is of great significance to the cooperation of CCB and Biological City." CCB Sichuan Branch Innovation launched ‘hatching cloud loan ", both effective to empower light asset high-tech enterprises Development, also provides important financial protection for the future investment in Biological City.

"At present, Chengdu High-tech Zone collects more than 50,000 technology companies.

The relevant person in charge of CCB Sichuan Branch pointed out: "Depth of the Construction Bank ‘three strategies" Important content of practical activities.

CCB will continue to strengthen the docking of government agencies, industrial parks, colleges and campus, and the venture capital fund. ‘The credit products such as credit products, providing financial support and full-cycle services in the early development of development, and has a beautiful future in Handling’ technology innovation centers.

"(Li Chao, Chen Hanzhen).

Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu

  Op 5 juni, "Meeting Happy Chengdu" 2021 National Volleyball Four uitnodigingsoernooi De tweede ronde van de zesde en 7e sessies werd gehouden in Qingyang District, Chengdu.

Als een van de belangrijke competitie-locaties van de 31e World University Summer Games, voltooide Southwestern Finance en Economics Guanghua Campus Stadium ook de "eerste show" na de voltooiing van de herbouwd. De korrelwaarde verbeterde "harde" faciliteiten en "zachte" service dubbele voorschotten in het nationale toernooi van het volleybaltoernooi, het zachte serviceniveau van het niveau van de harde faciliteit en de organisatorische organisator van de Southwest Finance Dapu Guanghua-campus, die de verbetering van geavanceerde toestand toont.

  Om de harde verbetering van het faciliteitsniveau, juli 2020 te bereiken, lanceerde het bouwoppervlak van 12.000 vierkante meter, het bouwgebied de renovatiewerkzaamheden, en de renovatie werd voltooid aan het einde van februari 2021. Volgens de relevante persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het centrum van de zuidwestelijke financi?n, de persoon die de leiding heeft over het centrum van Financi?n, de stroomlijn van de atleet, technische offici?le stroomlijn, auditor stroomlijnt, enz. Het verzamelpunt van de groep, voor zover mogelijk, de Onafhankelijke locaties binnen en buiten de stroomlijn, "Na zeven maanden van transformatie, is de faciliteitenniveau van de locatie verbeterd, in april van dit jaar, met succes doorgegeven het sportproces, en ontving ook relevante experts. Consistente lof, in overeenstemming met de vereisten van internationale evenementen.

"Volgens rapporten, in het geval van het hoofdgebouw ongewijzigd, heeft de transformatie veel functionele behuizing verhoogd, waaronder een laag warme-uplocatie en functionele computerruimte, een laag atleet lounge en een gerelateerd personeelsbureau, twee- Verhaal De wedstrijdsite en de VIP-lounge en de etiquette zijn voorbereid en het gelamineerde doelgroep.

Bovendien is er ook verhoogd de functionele kamers zoals atleetlounges, wedstrijd Offici?le lounges, stimulerende detectiezalen en reporterslounges. Om het serviceniveau te verbeteren, heeft de organisator een openbare kennisgeving ingesteld die informatie, fotografiepunt, weersinformatie en maaltijdrichtlijnen voor de media biedt. De groep Medical Support en Logistics ondersteuningsgroep zijn op de grond gerangschikt. Meterachtige service.

  De nationale fitness is in het bouwproces van Soki City in het bouwproces van "World Evenement Famous City" en het Qingyang-district blijft innoveren en blijven de giek van de nationale fitheid voortzetten. Wat betreft verschillende activiteiten introduceerde de relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over het Qingyang-districtscultivary-toerisme dat "Qingyang-district op het 296-tekst" team, actief de nationale fitnesssportbijeenkomst, het districtsevenement, enz., Het continu verbeteren van de schaal En niveau van de Qingyang-district. Versnel de creatie van merkevenementen om te voldoen aan de toenemende nationale fitnessbehoeften van de mensen. "Op 25 april, hield Qingyang District de 20e China Go, Southwest Chess King and Memorial Celebration van Southwest King, in Du Fu Caotang. Chess "" "op 21 mei, Qingyang District gehouden Chengdu Tianfu Green Road International Fietsfans Fans Fans (Qing PU Station) … Sinds 2020 wordt Qingyang District actief ge?ntroduceerd en gehouden internationaal binnenlandse grote evenementen, landing" Love Chengdu Welcome To The Dado "Series, inclusief de 8e National Fitness Sports Games, Qingyang District, Tai Chi Competition, 2020 Chengdu" World Bike Day "en Tianfu Groene Road Health Bicycle Fietsen Activiteiten Qingyang Branch Event, 2020 Chengdu" Nationale "fysieke oefening" Bereikte de Standaard, 2020 Uw 8e National Fitness Sports Zwemmen Competitie, 2020 Qingyang District Greenway Fitness Plaza Fitness (Dans) Niveau 3 Sociale Sport Guide Training Cursus, 2020 Chengdu Marathon, etc.

  Het gebied klinkt ook voortdurend het sportservicesysteem. Op dit moment zijn 348 nationale fitnesspaden gebouwd, waarbij de volledige dekking van 67 communautaire sportfaciliteiten in het hele district bereikt, waardoor de "15-minuten fitness circle" -kwaliteit effectief verbeteren; vanaf de Eind mei, Qingyang District Public Sports De locatie is gratis (low-fee) open persoon-tweede persoons-tijden, de sportschool, zwemlocaties Veiligheidsinspectie 33, en streven ernaar om wetenschappelijke en fitnessbegeleidingsdiensten te bieden, waardoor het gezonde leven van de hele wijk. Om een ??moderne sportindustrie te ontwikkelen, moedigde Qingyang-district ondernemingen aan om deel te nemen aan de ontwikkeling van nationale fitness, en ondersteunde ondernemingen om een ??evenement op hoog niveau te introduceren en te organiseren. Tegelijkertijd waren er 7 nieuwe scènes zoals Xucun Affairs en "WooPark Community Football Park". "De toekomst zal de ecologische keten van Yangyang Sports + industrie blijven verbeteren, de diepteontwikkeling van de Chinese reizigers van de Qingyang-district bevorderen." De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over Qingyang District introduceerde dat district Qingyang Hecht aan het concept van "Werken in de stad", aan de ene handige merkuitharding en innovatie-uitgestrekte effectieve combinatie, verder optimaliseren van de interieurgebeurtenissen, actief introduceren van internationale binnenlandse merkenevenementenactiviteiten, verdere verbetering van de frequentie van bestaande sportlocaties in de regio, Versterk de nationale fitnessactiviteiten en grote internationale sportwedstrijden. Aan de andere kant zal Qingyang-district de mogelijkheid gebruik van de nieuwe stadsconstructie, wetenschappelijk plan en bouwen van sportlocaties, het draagvermogen van grootschalige sportevenementen in Qingyang-district verbeteren en ernaar streven om te voldoen aan de verschillende sportbehoeften van de massa’s , en verbetering van het nationale fitness openbare serviceniveau in de regio.. (Jiang Yan).

De zaak is de hulppolitie die frankeerde aan de casino-organisator

"Ik wil een paar gesprekken spelen, de hulp van familieleden geven," zei dat informatie niet noodzakelijk accuraat is, ik heb geen uitgestuurd werk … nu besef ik de ernst van mijn gedrag, ik zal dit lage niveau niet langer in de toekomst. Maar serieuze fouten, zorg ervoor dat ik me neem.

"Na 90 na het Sichuan Leibo County Public Security Bureau" 90 ", werd de oorspronkelijke Hulppolitie Cai Yanqin beoordeeld door de Raybo County Commission voor Discipline Inspection Commission, en het proces van" niet oplossen "" is geluk "aan de verspreiding van misdaden . September 2021 Op de 14e werd Cai Yanqin onderzocht en ondervraagd door de regio van de Commissie voor discipline-inspectie. Na onderzoek gebruikte Cai Yanqin de drie hulppolitie van het Police Station van Leibo County Public Security Bureau Jincheng, en zal vele malen een casino maken Persoon om te communiceren, helpt de boete te evapen en het accepteren van onroerend goed, het bedrag is groot, en het gedrag ervan wordt vermoed dat criminelen een boete evalueren en het accepteren van steekpenningen.

De zaak kwam uit de gokkoffer dat het County Burebureau van Leibo County barstte. Op 7 september 2021 sloeg het County Bureau van Leibo County een gaming-jurk in Xiaocan Street, Jincheng-stad en arresteerde meer dan 30 personen die betrokken waren bij het gokken.

Na het zien van de informatie die vrijkomt door de openbare veiligheidsveiligheid van Leibo, werd Cai Yanqin onmiddellijk ongemakkelijk. Vanwege veel mensen die in beslag werden genomen, maakten ze zich zorgen dat hun crimineel vroeg of laat, en ze hebben de ideologische strijd ervaren om te kiezen voor Leibo County. Investering van openbare veiligheidsbureau. Na onderzoek, is Tsai Yanqin en Casino Organizer Du Mou een Brother-relatie. Du Mou zal Cai Yanqin leveren om gemak te bieden voor zijn casino, beloven het normaal te openen, geef Cai Yanqin 1500 yuan "goede vergoeding", laatste periode tot 3.000 yuan. Onder invloed van de telefoon, met de invloed van geld, genegenheid, qi en gezichtsconcept, plaatst u het principe, gaf de hechten aan, afgesproken met het verzoek van DU.

Vanwege de plaats van het opzetten van een casino, is het Jincheng-politiebureau in Leibo County jurisdictie. Het Jincheng-politiebureau werkt in drie klassen. De hulpspolitie is verdeeld in drie groepen. Om ervoor te zorgen dat elke shift intelligence-informatie, Cai Yanqin biedt De drie speciale politieteams van het politiebureau werden gevonden. Omdat Cai Yanqin op het politiebureau werkte, waren mensen gezond, het bedrijf vermogen en de drie mensen konden Cai Yanqin’s overtuiging niet helpen, overeengekomen om te onderzoeken en omgaan met de politie-informatie vertelt Cai Yanqin.

"Ik begon ze drie rode enveloppen te geven, ik heb me heel moeite, ik heb een wechat-groep gebouwd en ik zal elke dag een rode envelop in de groep sturen.

Vanaf juli tot het geval, onze totale openbare krant 5 keer, laat Du met succes het openbare veiligheidsorgel ontsnappen om 2 keer te bestrijden. Met de eerste succesvolle ervaring heeft er niemand gevonden dat ik mijn hart van mijn hart zal hangen, en ik denk erover na omdat ik het geluk heb met hebzucht. "Cai Yanqin die diep betreurd is.

Wang Moumou, Moumou, Moumou, hoorde het nieuws van Cai Yanqin aan het openbare beveiligingsbureau, 3 mensen wisten dat Oost-venster incident was, de volgende ochtend nam hij het initiatief naar het County Public Security Bureau van Leibo, en toen door de County Libo Public Security Bureau De zaak is overgedragen aan de regio Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission.

Na onderzoek, sinds 2021, heeft Cai Yanqin een totaal van 10.000 yuan ontvangen in de gokleider, en de "goede vergoedingen", en door de Wechat Red Envelope naar de Jincheng Police Station Auxiliary Police Wang Mou, Guik’s betaalde "goede vergoeding" 6400 yuan, betaal de "voordeel vergoeding" 7.800 yuan aan ma mou. In oktober 202, Cai Yanqin, werd Wang Moumou uit de positie van de partij verdreven; het Comité van Leibo County Comité overgebracht Cai Yanqin, Wang Moumou en andere vier mensen die vermoedden van het vervolgen van officieren van het vervolgen om vervolging te herzien. Tegelijkertijd werd de voorkruiber van de zaak, DU, die vermoedde van omkoping en de officier van justitie aan de aanklager overgedragen. (Correspondent Wan Yuano Zhang Dan || Verantwoordelijk Editor Xu Menglong) (Editor: Peng Xiaoling, MA Chang).

Shenzhen released road traffic forecasting in Mid-Autumn Festival

Original title: Traffic Police issued a road traffic forecast for Mid-Autumn Festival, and the traffic police in the eastern car will continue to be in the Peak Status. The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau. The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, the road traffic "moon cake blocked" is approaching, the traffic police department reminded Citizens pay attention to traffic safety. Combined with the previous traffic flow data and the traffic situation of Mid-Autumn Festival in previous years, traffic police forecast this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, affected by weather, epidemic prevention and control, and the public is based on a depth, but travel vehicles will continue to grow.

According to predictions, starting from September 18th (Saturday, the day before the day) started, each mainly out of the city, the depth direction starts to appear, to 19, congestion to peak, multi-vehicle congestion status continues until 22 o’clock .

The deepest speed of easy congestion is mainly the high speed of Shenhai Expressway, Long Da Expressway, Pearl Ring Road, Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway. The main roads and main roads in the city are expected to have a vehicle slow-driven state from 16:00 on September 18, especially the bamboo shoots, the two sides of Shennang Road, the two sides of the mudgang, the direction of Nanhai Avenue, along the river The direction of the road, the direction of Wenjin Road, will continue to present road high pressure state to 22. "The city’s traffic flows will have a small decline in total daily flow, the surrounding roads of the attractions and malls will have congestion, especially in the parking lot." Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau Information Information Science Police Li Huiming introduce. According to reports, Mid-Autumn Festival holidays can go to the city, and the enthusiasm of the scenic spots in the province will be very high, and the foreign travelers may have decreased from previous years. The public travels mainly in the province’s short-distance self-driving tour and the city scenic spots. host. In particular, it is necessary to remind traffic to the eastern scenic spot will continue to be in a peak state, especially from 14:00 to 22, departing from the vehicle to the Yuedong district, in parallel, traffic flow is very large, forming a congestion slow condition . During the holidays, it is expected that 8:00 per day, the traffic flow of the eastern road car is close to saturation, and the driving speed is slow and the duration is longer. Eastern return traffic is expected to gradually increase at 14 o’clock daily, and the car has continued until 22. Dapeng Film District still implements an appointment, and the citizens of the people who plan to go to Dapeng Flaw area can complete the appointment through the "Shenzhen Traffic Police" "Shenzhen Traffic Police Authority" WeChat Public Number. (Reporter Senson) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Share more people see.

Van Jing Mountain Scenic Area Development and Ecological Same Protection

Guizhou Daily Heavenly Eye Journalist Jiang Tingting "The environment is clean, planning is more reasonable, the scenic spot is big!" Shanghai tourists Chen Honglea arrived in Van Jing Mountain 5 years ago, "At that time, the ladder of the scenic spot was very steep, the road narrow, did not start yet Climb, look at your feet.

"" This year, Wanfang Yun ladder has a new name – Van Jingshan fitness trail.

"Chen Hongliang said," many roads have widened, reinforced, rest, supply, medical rescue site, also renewed, and more tourists’ sightseeing platforms, add a lot of identification signs.

"The" Green Road "of persistence and nature, the economy and ecological mall, the Fanjing Mountain Scenic Spot will develop and have the same plan. In July 2018, it was successfully included in the World Heritage List, the heritage area square square Kit, including the Van Jingshan National Nature Reserve, the core area of ??the northern part of the northern part of the Yinjiang Yangxi Provincial Nature Reserve, and the national public welfare forest in the northeastern part, form a piece of film, the boundary is completely coincident. There are also periphery of the heritage Square miles of buffers. "In order to strengthen the Ecological environment, natural resources and biodiversity protection, standardize resource utilization, promote the construction of ecological civilization, January 1, 2019," Tongren City Fan Jingshan Protection Regulations "officially implemented , Propose ecological priority, green development, unified management, grasp protection, scientific planning, and sustainable utilization principles, and clarify the implementation of partition protection management, divided the first-level protected area, secondary protected area, and three-level protected areas. "The relevant person in charge of the Van Jingshan National Nature Reserve Authority introduced the" Tongren City Jinjiang River Protection Regulations "and other local laws and regulations, and further built the Fan Jingshan ecological civilization construction legal bottom line. It is understood that Since the Fanjing Mountain Shenchu ??5a, the "Full Net Real Name Temporal Ticket System" and "Face Recognition System" have been fully enabled, and the first "dual security" system has been established in the province, and the purchase efficiency of tourists is improved.

At the same time, strictly implement the principle of "district in-district, district live", prohibiting tourists from staying in the scenic spot overnight, and the garbage is cleaned up, and the mountain is going out.

In addition, it is also based on the maximum carrying capacity, instantaneous carrying capacity of the Van Jing Mountain Ecotourism, and provides a basis for more scientific management of Van Jingshan ecological tour.

In the Spring Festival 2021, the Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area received more than 40,000 visitors.

(Editor: Gu Lanyun, Chen Kangqing).

The total economic volume of Xinyu City has doubled the goal of realization as scheduled

People’s Network Nanchang October 9th (Li Tui) 9th, this website learned from Jiangxi Province’s "comprehensive construction of a well-off society" series of press conferences in the news conference, in 2020, the new year’s economic total economy is 100 million yuan, realization The 2010 development goal; the per capita region is produced in total US dollars, ranking third. Xinyu Steel, there is 551 industrial enterprises, and the two major leading industries and photovoltaic, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, and tenet have been formed. Steel production accounts for%, and the production of lithium salt production Global%, national%, is a veritable industrial city. The urbanization rate of the city is as high as%, the province’s second, higher than the average level of%. 174 of all kinds of scientific and technological innovation platforms, and scientific and technological research and development intensity ranked third in the province for 3 consecutive years.

"Yingshan Red Action" has achieved remarkable results, and the leader of the lithium industry is more than 20 billion yuan in the city’s first place. The operating income of the steel industry exceeded 100 billion yuan, and the Jingdong Group was jointly completed into Jingdong (Xin Yu) Digital Estate Industrial Park, and the number of car lithium battery positive raw materials production base is the largest. All 17 provincial-level poor villages in Xinyu City exited, and the 8870 households were set up.

In the past 5 years, the new degree has been added. The reform of public hospitals has become a national pilot city, and the medical resources are more balanced. The service is more convenient, the per capita housing area of ??urban is above the national average square meter, with an average of 17 cars. In 2020, he was rated as a healthy city in China, and two years were selected in China. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.

Tibet’s origin certificate application to achieve full process electronic

  The reporter learned from the Customs of Lhasa, recently, Tibet Nonjf Current Co., Ltd. successfully applied the first "intelligent audit" + "self-service print" origin certificate in our district in Lhasa Customs. Collar implementation electronic components. "After implementing intelligent audits and self-service printing, you can submit a visa application in the company, self-service printing, no need to go back to the company and customs, saving a lot of time, it is really convenient.

"The company’s customs clerks said. The origin certificate is the" nationality "of the goods, especially the preferential origin certificate under the self-trade agreement, and the importance of the goods in importers enjoy the important voucher in international trade". " The reputation of paper gold.

  It is understood that in order to further optimize the business environment, promote the certificate of origin certificate "Intelligent Audit" + "Self-service Print" reform, Lhasa Customs combined "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, actively contact the company, the "one-on-one" guidance Enterprises completed electronic signing maintenance, customs clerk signed handwriting, self-service printing equipment configuration, etc. pre-preparatory work. According to the person in charge of the Comprehensive Business of the Lhasa Customs, the company can effectively feel the convenience of the origin certificate intelligent audit "Self-printed" + "Self-Service Print" reform model. efficient. Next, Lhasa Customs will in-depth in combination with "I do practical things for the masses", and further publicize the guidance of enterprises to use all kinds of tax collection and management intelligent reform, and further enhance the sensation and satisfaction of foreign trade enterprises in our district.

(Editor: Tieren Luo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Not to mention,Three people running around,I forgot to eat at lunch。Together they replenish some urgently needed department stores for Jia Lina’s shop,When all this is done,It’s night。

The three of them dragged their tired bodies into a Sichuan restaurant,This is Zhao Wuyi’s request,He said to treat。
The dishes are ordered by Xia Jian,But he knew,It is not easy for them to make some money,So he not only ordered less,And just pick the cheaper ones。The owner is a woman in her thirties,She glanced at the menu,said laughingly:“All vegetarian,Don’t add a halo?”
“Where’s another green pepper twice cooked pork,And Duo Jiao Fish Head“Jia Lina didn’t wait for Xia Jian to speak,She rushed to say。
Lady boss smiling,Satisfied with the menu and left。
Jia Lina is sitting directly opposite Xia Jian,She smiled and said:“City people,Although we don’t make much money,But a meal is still endless,Busy day,Besides, you played a decisive role today,We can also make you go to bed hungry?“These few words of this woman,It’s very gentle and pleasant,Xia Jian couldn’t help but look at her more。
dish6Continued,The three of them ate。Eat with Jia Lina these days,Let Xia Jian be restrained to death。Today with Zhao Wuyi as company,He showed his nature,Gulping,I ate without consideration。
“Oops fellow,I think you are not young,Do things so well,Same words,The same reason,But how come out of your mouth seems a little different,It’s really hidden!“Zhao Wu said with a smile。
Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“People are a big dragon,I’m afraid the water in Wuying Town is too shallow to keep him?“
Xia Jian did not speak,Thought,What does this woman mean,Do you still want me to do small jobs for you forever?。
Just when they were talking and laughing,Four men came in from outside,The one who walks in the front is the 35-six-year-old,And the three people behind him,Are probably in their twenties。As soon as they come in,They sat diagonally across from Xia Jian。Xia Jian glanced at the person reflexively,I feel that these people are a bit wrong,But what’s wrong,He can’t tell。
The older one called the lady boss as soon as he sat down,Randomly ordered two dishes,Then I ordered another bottle of liquor,Four people drank,Not between them,Speak very little。
Maybe it’s the reason why you met the accent in a foreign country!Zhao Wuyi has a lot of words,He eats,Said with a smile:“Xia Hao!Wuying Town is not big,But the water is deep,Follow Boss Jia,Some things have to be careful,For example, you played five camps and three wolves this time,Most people in town cheer for you,Don’t you know what storms can be in private“
“Okay uncle,I know。Didn’t you tell me when I first came,Are the people in Wuying Town very nice??“Xia Jianyou couldn’t help but ask, did you ever ask?,In fact, Jia Lina has already answered this question,He just said it smoothly。
Zhao Wu sighed and said:“I didn’t say anything,I’m afraid you left early!I don’t think your situation was so good at the time,If you don’t find a place to rest for a while,I’m afraid there will be a problem“
“Damn!Don’t talk about these missing,There will be no sun tomorrow,I’ll know by tomorrow,You are unfounded worry,Worry about,Think about my business!“Jia Lina interrupted Zhao Wuyi’s words suddenly,Changed the subject。
As the saying goes,Wealth is not exposed,Especially in public。When Jia Lina is talking about business,Xia Jian found the four people who came in just now,Always look at them。
They definitely don’t look at Jia Lina’s beauty, There should be a problem。Away from home,It’s better to have multiple minds。Xia Jian thought of this,Shouted immediately:“Lady boss checkout“
“Which beauty with you guys has already ended“The lady boss said to Xia Jian with a smile。
Zhao Wuyi asked in surprise:“When did you knot,Didn’t you say that I will invite you?“