Fujian took the lead in seeking change, and included Taijiquan in the high school exam!

Parents started to be healthy at the age of 16

Fujian took the lead in seeking change, and included Taijiquan in the high school exam!
Parents started to be healthy at the age of 16

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Fujian took the lead in seeking change, and included Taijiquan in the high school exam!
Parents: Have you started to be healthy at the age of 16?
Speaking of these two years, a very hot topic – the college entrance examination reform.
Indeed, education has always been called “the basis of people’s livelihood”, and it also affects the hearts of many parents.
However, many people may not think that one day “Tai Chi” will be included in the college entrance examination.
This time, Fujian Province took the lead in announcing that it had included “Tai Chi Chuan” in the high school examination subject, and the score was really small.
So, what is the matter?
Originally: Recently, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education announced the instructions for the high school exam, the first time the “simplified twenty-four style Taijiquan” as a mandatory subject of physical education subjects, accounting for 10% weight, the results of the examination will determine whether students can get a diploma.
The introduction of this new regulation can be said that many students and parents have not thought of it.
Some parents have said: In fact, Fujian, for a long time, is still favored for this kind of Chinese traditional martial arts culture.
Didn’t there be any rumors that I would like to include the “five ancestors” in the middle school test?
It seems that this high school exam is really “grabbing first.”
Some students also believe that this “Tai Chi” was included in the high school exam.
He feels that the classmates in the class have always paid too little attention to sports.
Many students basically sit for one day.
In the future, we will be able to “play Tai Chi” if we have nothing to do. It is really a matter of learning health.
However, some students think that now, even if they can’t finish their homework, how can they still have time to play Tai Chi?
In Xiaobian’s view, the Fujian Province took the lead in seeking change, and included “Tai Chi” in the scope of the high school examination. Such innovative measures are still very worthy of recognition.
After all, the physical fitness of children is also an indispensable aspect of our high school education.
However, some parents have said: I started to learn health at the age of 16?
It’s too inappropriate, let’s say that the children’s learning burden is so heavy, how can they think about “playing Tai Chi”?
In the end, Xiao Bian felt that the practice in Fujian Province was still very innovative.
After all, “Tai Chi” is a very important part of Chinese traditional culture and is very beneficial to children’s physical and mental health.
However, Xiao Bian also hopes that the school can reasonably arrange the time for students to “teach Tai Chi”. After all, the college entrance examination is the most important thing for high school children.
What do you think of “Fujian Province’s inclusion of Taijiquan in the high school exam?”
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Happiness is determined by yourself, isn’t it?

Happiness is determined by yourself, isn’t it?

Spiritual Messages In any case, if you choose to find positive aspects of things, you will feel happy; if you choose to focus on negative aspects, you will suffer.

Because happiness itself depends to a large extent on the decisions you implement.

I was not a very happy child before. Like most teenagers, I am always immersed in my troubles.

However, one day, I suddenly became more and more open: no one is likely to be unhappy. It does not require any courage to work hard. The real challenge is that you try to make yourself happy.

Perhaps many people have never heard of it, and happiness requires hard work.

We usually think that when the good things that we have difficulty controlling come, the happiness will follow.

However, the truth is just the opposite: in part, we control happiness ourselves.

Happiness is the result of trying to lead, not the result of waiting.

To make life happier, we must sweep away some stumbling blocks. Here are three of them: women are happy with balloons.

Compared with others on the wooden floor, most people like to compare with people who think they are more happy than themselves – relatives, acquaintances, or people we don’t know.

I have met a young man, and his great success and happiness make me envious.

He said that people love their beautiful wife and daughter very much, and they are happy to be a radio talk show host in their favorite city.

I remember thinking that he was one of the few lucky ones, and everything was so easy.

Then we have cancer, he told me that he is grateful for its existence, because a lot of information about sclerosis can be found online – his wife has been suffering from this serious disease.

I still remember now that I was foolish enough to think that his life was not unpleasant.

Happiness and Free Perfectionism Almost everyone has some predictions about their lives, but the problem is that people’s work, spouses and children rarely achieve the desired situation.

Take my personal experience: I have never been divorced in my family before, and I also think that marriage is a lifetime.

So, when my wife and I divorced after my son was born three years later, I also felt that the whole world had collapsed. I decided that I was a loser.

Later, I complained to the remarried wife Fran: I think that my family life has failed, and this feeling has not been solved.

She asked me, is there any problem with my current family (including her and her ex-husband’s daughter, my son)?

I must admit that except for only half of my time with my son, I feel painful (my share of custody with my ex-wife), and our family life is very happy.

“So, why are you not lucky?”

She asked.

I am deciding to do this, and it must be that I have to clear the “perfect family” on the subject.

The “missing bricks” syndrome is staring at a flaw that can greatly ruin happiness, just like looking up at the ceiling, paying attention to only the place where a tile is missing.

As a bald man told me: “Whenever I walk into a room, all I see is hair.

“One of the most important examples I have spent studying a few years of research is that people feel happy and have little to do with their living conditions.”

Just contact the reality, this name will be there.

We all know that some people’s lives are relatively comfortable, but they are not happy: we also know that some people have stepped on great pains, but they are still very happy.

The first secret is the heart of gratitude.

All happy people are grateful, but those who are not grateful do not feel happy.

We believe that unhappy people will repeat it blindly. In fact, it makes people unhappy.

The second secret is to realize that happiness is a by-product of other things.

The main root of happiness is the pursuit of the purpose of our lives – from studying insects to playing baseball.

We have more passion and we will realize more happiness.

Finally, I believe that some eternal will transcend us, and our existence has greater significance, which will help us enjoy more happiness.

We need spiritual or religious beliefs, or a philosophy of life.
Your philosophy of life should include this accepted truth: if you choose to find positive aspects of the facts under any circumstances, you will feel happy; if you choose to focus on negative aspects, you will suffer.
Happiness itself, to a certain extent, the decisions you make.