Guan Yun also didn’t expect Ye Shuangzhou, and now I started to take the way.。

Two people talk about it,Ye Shuangzhou, Li Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui, I will find the leadership.。
Although he has a background,But the high emperor far,His background is not really unable to use it.。
I sent away the Ye Double Boat,Li Hui Hui also arranged the house to Guan Yun and Cui Yongan.。
Others also gave it up.。
Day night,Li Hui Feng received a phone call。
As a question, Li Hui is in the courtyard,Ye Shuangzhou came directly。
And there is a peach roll of Taohua Village together with Ye Shuangzhou,Zhao Jiacun’s Zhao Pengyu。
There is also a Li Hui’s wind and doesn’t know.,But Xu Jiafu met a clear look that is very angry.。
Introduction to the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui said that the other party is the village head of Shenjia Village.。
There is also an acquaintance with Peni to come together.,That is the Taoist in the mountains of Shenjiacun.,Zhang Qi Ling。
How did Li speaks from the wind?,Zhang Qiling will follow the village head of Shenjia Village.。
It seems that it should be a pork processing plant.。
Li Hui Feng originally thought that only Ye Shuangzhou is coming.,I didn’t expect that the big night came so many people.。
This makes him very difficult。
“Leaf big brother,what’s the situation,How is it??”
Take advantage of no one’s attention,Li Hui quickly pulled the leaves to one side,Ask。
For tonight,I didn’t expect the leaves.。
He just let the secretary under the hand to inform the peach volume of Taohua Village.。
I didn’t expect so many people.,He knows that this secretary is definitely notified others.。
“Lee brother,I didn’t expect this.,I originally wanted to pull the peach volume with you to build the pork processing plant in their village.。”
“This is now,I am also the beginning.!”
Just in Li Hui, I want to open the mouth asked the leaves of the sect of the other villages.,Zhao Pengyu came with Pens to look at each other.,Also hurry to find it。
“Lee brother,We bother you this evening.,You won’t blame us.?”
“Mainly you are busy during the day.,If we come to find you during the day, it is not necessarily to find you.,So come to you at night.,Just have time,I didn’t expect to be so clever tonight.,All come。”
I heard Zhao Pengyu’s words.。
Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Zhao Da Ge,Where,Let’s hurry into the house.,Drink tea first,Drink while drinking。”
It is also to give people to everyone.。
After everyone left,The scene is also a silent,Some is just the sound of Li Hui’s falling water.。
After all, everyone to find Li Hui’s goal this evening is a good thing.。
But if this is, if you say it first,Then, whether it is to give Li Anti-style or give the leaves, there will be a not good impression.。
So everyone is waiting for someone to pick this mouth.。
Ye Shuangzhou is finally indulgent。
Face a group of old fritters,He can only open it first.,Otherwise, I will take it in the middle of the night.,These people are afraid that they will not say anything.。
“Coune a few old village heads,If you come to Li, I haven’t guess the wrong.,It should be a matter of pork processing plant.?”
It’s so born directly by the Ye Shuangzhou.,What are the other village director?,Xu Lai Fu is a bit an emergency。

“Shao lousy,No matter whose call,You have to give me a sigh of rejection,Otherwise I really won’t invite you to dinner again”Qin Xiaomin said with a serious face。

Xia Jian did not speak,But hurriedly took out the phone and took a look,The call was from home。Xia Jian couldn’t help but hesitated,This family rarely calls him,Not to mention that he came out of home in the morning,Could it be that something happened??
Xia Jian’s little heart beat wildly,He whispered to Qin Xiaomin:“Home phone,I take it”Xia Jian finished,Then put the phone through。
I heard the panicked voice of my old lady Sun Yuejuan:“Jianer!You come back quickly,High fever in the morning,Situation is a bit bad”Sun Yuejuan finished,So he took the phone。
Xia Jianyi listen,I was in a hurry。Although Chenchen still cannot prove whether he is his own son,But his parents have regarded him as a member of the old Xia family。Not to mention that Zhou Li stayed at their house,Yu Qing Yu Li, Xia Jian has the heart.。
“Sorry,Something happened at home,I have to go back right away”Xia Jian finished,Got up and left。
First1481chapter Medical ethics
The night is like ink,It’s too dark to reach out。Only the cold wind screamed across the earth,Make people feel the cold of this winter。Xia Jian drove the Big Ben,Fast all the way。
The car stopped at the entrance of the village,Xia Jian ran into the house。
Sun Yuejuan held the unconscious Chenchen in her arms,Dad Xia Zecheng has packed a big bag。Zhao Hong is here,She also carried a small bag in her hand,The three of them saw Xia Jian,It’s like seeing a savior。
Xia Jian reached out and touched Chenchen’s forehead,I found the little guy’s burning badly,All a little hot。He dare not neglect,I took Xiao Chenchen from Sun Yuejuan,Moye ran towards the entrance of the village。
Zhao Hong helped Sun Yuejuan to catch up from behind。Wait for everyone to get in the car,Xia Jian couldn’t help telling his father Xia Zecheng:“dad!Otherwise you don’t have to go,Let’s watch the house!”
“What do you mean?You are afraid to spend money?Tell you,This morning visit,I won’t let you pay a penny”Xia Zecheng roared angrily。
Sun Yuejuan said anxiously:“move!Don’t waste time here,You let him go back。It’s weird he can fall asleep tonight”Although Zhao Hong didn’t speak,But Xia Jian can feel,She meant to let Xia Zecheng accompany to the hospital。
Country night,There are almost no pedestrians on the road,Not to mention such a cold day。Xia Jian raised the speed of the car very high,But he is engrossed,Dare not distract。
Even at such a fast speed,But the people in the car still feel a little slow。Chenchen kept talking nonsense,He was a little burnt。Sun Yuejuan’s voice was already crying。

Because of the lion’s madness in the arena, the entire arena is heating up sharply,The lion stared fiercely at Fuming,Then rushed directly to Fuming,A heat wave is coming。

No way,So fast,I haven’t waited for Fuming to respond,A sharp claw shimmering with icy light came oncoming,Fuming raised the God of Judgment Halberd to resist in a hurry,Block is blocked,But the tremendous power made Fuming a few steps back。
“So strong!”Fuming gritted his teeth and desperately resisted,A huge force came,Fuming was beaten out,Suddenly rolling in the air,Put the Godbreaker Halberd on the ground before stopping。
“Long Yuan,Do you know what happened to this guy?”
“I think someone moved their hands and feet,That made the lion’s power so strong!Kid,Don’t you really want to know where your power limit is?,Indulge yourself today!”
Fuming heard this,Smile from the corner of the mouth,Stand up and point the halberd to the lion“Hey,Today, I will try my limit with you!”
The lion seemed to be irritated by the act of ambush,Roar up to the sky,A burst of flame energy condenses in the mouth,Call directly at Fuming,Fuming directly deceive him,Easily avoided the attack。
“You just can?”
The lion roared and rushed towards his life,One man and one lion fight together,The whole ring is full of two guys,Sparks。
Fuming raised the broken god halberd and bumped into the claws of the lion,Suddenly the lion’s tail swept towards Fuming“Combat skills-Blast speed”Fuming directly activated combat skills and left the attack range,When it takes off,Fuming will get rid of the Divine Halberd,Just nailed the lion’s tail to the ground,Lion eating pain and roaring。
Hey,Fuming and continue to bully“Combat skills-Real Dragon Hand-Turn over the clouds”Hit the lion’s head with a punch,The lion fell to the ground。
Wang Yukun is still unlocking the program urgently,Seeing Fuming on the ring suddenly had an idea“This kid might really be able to defeat the fiery lion”
The lion’s face is full of blood,With the hideous expression on its face, it is even more terrifying,The breath of the lion shrank suddenly,Convergence of energy in the mouth,Fuming can feel how terrifying this energy is。
sudden,A beam of light rushed towards his life“Combat skills-Hurricane Dance-Eye of the storm!”Fuming dance with the broken halberd to launch combat skills“boom”Broken halberd collided with energy beam,The whole ring is facing a broken situation because of this huge energy。
Fuming not only has to face the impact of this energy,The heat is like melting him completely。
“Ah ah ah”Roar,The energy in the body pours out,With the dance of the halberd,Like an aperture around Fuming“Bang”The whole ring is broken,Dust and smoke,Make it hard to see what’s going on inside。
Everyone outside the ring is watching the ring nervously,But dust and smoke are everywhere,Can’t see what happened,a long time,A figure appeared,It’s Fuming!
At this moment, Fuming’s body armor has been completely shattered,The hand holding the halberd is also fighting slightly,A few blood on his face。

“Silly boy!We can meet,This is chance。Since fifty years ago,I saw that since Hongchen returned to this mountain forest,I haven’t had much contact with outsiders,Seeing I am leaving this world,Can’t you let me take these things”Dao Chang Ziyi looked at the dark night sky with his eyes,Said emotionally。

Why did he return to the mountain forest,And stayed for more than fifty years,How can this kind of loneliness be endured by ordinary people?,Talk to the lips,Xia Jian swallowed again,he knows,Things people don’t want to say,He asked for nothing。
Daochang Ziyi suddenly got out of his pocket under the placket,Took out two books,Although the lights in the room are not very bright,But Xia Jian could tell at a glance,These two books are a bit old。
“child!These two books,One is the martial arts I taught you and how to use this steel dart,By your ingenuity,Not difficult to learn,And this is a selection of prescriptions,Can be considered as passed down from the ancestors,I hope I can shine in your hands”Mr. Ziyi said,Put the book on Xia Jian’s bedside。
Xia Jian is dumbfounded,The experience of these two days feels like a dream,He feels a little dazed,I’m afraid this is really a dream,Everything is empty after waking up from the dream。
Ziyi Daochang walked to the door,Suddenly turned around,Smiled and said to Xia Jian:“Although you and I don’t have the name of a master or apprentice,But there are real masters and apprentices,If fate,We can still meet。Tomorrow you will descend from here,Follow the mountain road to the edge of the Tao River,Wading past,Go west for more than ten miles,Where is a small train station。No need to call me in the morning,I’m afraid of parting”
Daochang Ziyi finished,Then turned and left,Xia Jiandong,He knelt on the ground,It’s late at night。
Morning light,Xia Jian was up,He changed into his own clothes by the bed,I carefully collected the things that Dao Master Ziyi gave him,Put it in a cloth bag,Then I left a few banknotes under the pillow,Although I heard that Daoist Ziyi doesn’t go down very much,But what he can do now,Just that。
Out of the room,Xia Jianchao knelt in the bedroom of Daochang Ziyi,Knocked his head,Bite,Get up and go。Chaos on the mountain road,Extremely hard to walk,But I can finally recognize the traces of the road,It seems that almost no one has come to this Ziyang View。
Take the morning to cool off,Downhill again,So Xia Jian went so fast,About an hour later,He heard the rushing of the river。
Take a few steps,A turn,Xia Jianxian has gone down the mountain,The front is the river beach,Taohe at this time,The ferocity of the previous two days is gone,Becomes like a narrow belt,Slowly leading the river to flow through。
Xia Jian took a breath,Strode over,he knows,At this time, the house may be a mess。
The entrance of Xiping Village,Lots of vehicles came early in the morning,In town,I heard there are still cities,Because Xia Jian’s memorial service is scheduled for today。
Yesterday at noon,When Heiwa and seven or eight exhausted security personnel returned,The only hope in Xia Zecheng’s heart was completely shattered。It’s been three or four days,No news,The probability of Xia Jian being alive is zero。
The old man’s very strong decision,Today is Xia Jian’s funeral,No one found,He wants Xia Jian’s clothes instead。As soon as the news spread,Almost everyone who knew Xia Jian came。
A mourning hall has been set up in the yard,There is also a coffin pulled back from the city。Directly above the mourning hall,There is a photo of Xia Jian that was washed out quickly,The corner of Xia Jian’s mouth is smiling in the photo,Good eyes。
Ouyang Hong,Fang Fang,Zhao Hong,And Guo Meili,The four of them stood in the mourning hall with solemn faces,Greeting people who came to mourn。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“how much is it,Make a price!”

“This is the medicine for my brother,Very expensive,This bottle of medicine costs more than 10,000 yuan,You give us cash,We won’t overcharge you,You can leave for 10,000”The tall thin man said coldly。
People passing by on the overpass saw something happened here,And walked around,No one dared to come over and ask,I’m afraid it will provoke them。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but laughed and said:“You want too much,I don’t have so much money。Don’t wait for you to get there, I will burn you more?”
“Your uncle dare to scold Laozi”Tall and thin,I punched me coldly。
Xia Jian was prepared,Side of body,An uppercut hit this guy’s temple。The tall and thin one was beaten by Xia Jian and flew straight out。He slapped on the flyover。
First1409chapter Trapped grove
People don’t offend me,I am not a criminal,If anyone commits me,Must be returned several times。Xia Jian is such a character,So he sometimes impulsive,Irrational,It caused a lot of trouble to myself。
Tall and thin,His accomplice turned around,In a few seconds, Mrs. Gong ran away without a trace。Xia Jian wanted to give this guy who fell on the ground a few kicks。But he changed his mind,Forgive and forgive,What’s more, he has to give Qin Xiaomin a supper。
Xia Jian endured,So I walked down the sky bridge to which Guilin rice noodle shop。Suddenly more than a dozen young lads holding wooden sticks rushed over to the other side,According to Xia Jian’s body, he hit him indiscriminately。
Even though Xia Jian said his skill is extraordinary,But so many people beat him alone。He was a little messy for a while。Xia Jian hides,Step back。But what didn’t make him think was that a group of people came over behind him,In a hurry,Xia Jian could only get into a small alley beside him。
When he ran a few steps,Only then found out that he was caught in the trap。This is an old alley,The alley is narrow and old,And the road is bumpy,Even the houses on both sides are low and old,This may be the famous village in the provincial capital。
The two groups of people who chased him came together,Turned into a piece of black black,There are more than 30 or 40 people,And all of them have belongings。No matter how good Xia Jian is,But he is still a physical body after all。
This situation,Don’t let him think about it,Can only run backward。Mobile phone,But he didn’t even have a chance to take it out,Because I didn’t pay attention,He will be caught。
Xia Jian ran back,While observing where you can get out。It seems that he was really bad this time,Because the back of this alley,Getting narrower,And even the street lights are gone。

“it is good!You know,You go down immediately,Say hello to your little boss,Let everyone leave here first,This time tomorrow,Make sure everyone gets the wages owed“Xia Jian stared at Li Papi and said。

Li Papi rubbing his hands,I’m a little worried“No proof,I said I’m afraid they won’t listen“
“Tell you the truth,ANo. Landmark Our Venture Group Acquisition,Remaining project,Completed by our venture group,If you still want to stay and contract the project,It’s better to get this done first“Xia Jian said,Took out a business card of myself,Into Li Papi’s hands。
Li Bapi looks flattered,He hurriedly stood up,Keep talking:“I will go down right away,Must persuade everyone to go back,But don’t forget Xia,Must work for me“
Xia Jian responded,Watching Li Papi running outside,I don’t mean to be happy。
Li Papi really has two brushes,For a while,The crowd at the door retreated like a tide,He Wei’s face,I slowly became happy。
She said with a smile:“Thank you, Mr. Xia!Otherwise, this matter really can’t be received today“
When Xia Jianzheng wanted to talk,The phone on He Wei’s desk rang quickly,Electric display,He Wei’s face is covered with dark clouds again,She gently picked up the phone,Whispered:“Hey!Hello there!Beiwei Group He Wei“
Who is this?Can be so powerful,Let the boss of Beiwei Group be so low-pitched,Just when Xia Jian was full of doubts,He Wei said with a smile:“Sorry mayor lan,This is bothering you,The key is that our overseas business capital chain is broken,That’s why the current situation,Okay,CEO of a startup group,Right here,They want to take over“
Xia Jian was taken aback,It turned out to be the deputy mayor of Bucheon.,No wonder He Wei sighed,He seems to be the master,Just when Xia Jian was muttering in his heart,He Wei passed the phone over,And whispered:“Mayor Lan,He asked you to answer the phone“
Ouch mom!Call the mayor,Really the first time,Xia Jian will inevitably feel a little nervous,He answered the phone,Lowered his voice and said:“Hello!Mayor of Lan,I’m Xia Jian from Venture Group“
“Hahahaha!Young people can!ThisANo. Landmark Your Venture Group takes over,I’m relieved,Please mention if you have any difficulties,Where our policy allows,Will definitely support you,Your Manager Xiao,We are familiar,Have a chance to sit in my office,Let me know you young man“A loud baritone voice,It came from the microphone very nicely。
Xia Jian hurriedly said:“Thank you Mayor Lan for your concern,I must visit you if I have the opportunity“After hanging up,Xia Jian has an unspeakable beauty in his heart,I can talk to the mayor,If you say it in Xiping Village,Would envy a large group of people。
“How about this!President Xia,You helped me a lot today,I invite you to dinner,Let’s eat and talk“He Wei smiled and said to Xia Jian,People stand up。
Xia Jian looked straight,Busy talking:“No no no,Eating is a small matter,Let’s talk about big things,Or the money won’t be available,They will come tomorrow,It will definitely be worse than today“
“Also good,Then you offer a price,Let’s get together,If appropriate,I notify the person to sign the agreement immediately,I’m He Wei, too”He Wei said,Sat down again。

Since ancient times,Sanctuary rarely holds actual positions in the empire,Whether it’s the Magnolia Empire or the Puang Empire,Even before the Magnolia calendar。

Give Sanctuary an official position,Unless it’s the Generalissimo who took over the entire empire during the war,Or court magic consultant、Worship such a false job,Otherwise it would be considered an insult。Sanctuary’s status does not require official positions to reflect。
As for helping the Sistan family?Not to mention that this kind of outsider is not easy to help,His relationship with the Sistan family is not that good。Charlie·Sistan is indeed a good friend,But the relationship is not too deep,After all, I’m really familiar with it only these few days。
Of course if my teacher wants to help the Sistan family,It doesn’t matter if you help yourself,After all, his strength now,Even slightly stronger than the founding emperor who fell unlucky。
But the most important thing is,It’s not about resigning before the empire becomes a mess and bringing your family to find a safe place,But to divide the spoils。
The wealth left by the Dark Sage, Hamlin,But there is something very special。
In the hall of the Gaskell family,There are five people sitting on each side of the long table。
William the Sacred Magister。
New Sanctuary Peak Power,Wright。
The second generation dragon blood warrior Cecilia。
And the one sitting on the main seat is wearing cyan long-distance running,Man with sad expression,Koland。
And lifted the curse,Restored his youthful appearance,The original Duke of Mermaid Castle,Gaskell。
Except for the royal family、Outside the sanctuary,Charlie·Sistan carries the bald-headed weak chicken sanctuary Luther who has just been canonized as a duke、And the Sword Saint of the Iron Wall who was rescued but trained for at least a year has returned to the capital。
The fall of Optimus Prime of the Sistan family,He must inform the other two sanctuary powerhouses of the royal family,Even discuss with some staff, think tanks and even contemporary emperors,Where does the Sistan family go。
It’s not the same as the desertedness before departure,There is a banquet in the hall right now。
The specifications of this banquet are extremely high,Many of the ingredients are from the ninth level or even the holy warcraft。
“Hey,The battle I didn’t expect was so cruel!Fortunately, none of me met that Hamlin!”Wright also sighed。

Looking at Ding Haijun,Chen Gengdao:“Did you pass the ditch with the minibus this time difference??The minibus can accept to wait four to five years or even longer?And I’m clear about it,The trainer we cooperated with the Soviet Union,The final price is definitely higher than this trainer produced by Hongdu Factory。”

“Brother,What you said,Hongdu Factory told the minibus,You think Hongduchang doesn’t want to eat alone、They really want to cooperate with you so happily,”Ding Haijun smiled and shook his head:“But after knowing that I had the opportunity to get in touch with the latest jet trainer of the Soviet Union,,The minibus ate the support,I would rather use the current air force training for a few more years,Also cooperate with you,and so……”
“understood,”Since Hongdu Factory and the country have all the conditions、The pros and cons are explained to the minibus side,The minibus still eagerly wants to participate,What else to say,Isn’t it good that there are customers before the project has started??He nodded:“Since they know everything themselves,Then I have nothing to say,I have no objection in principle,But can we achieve cooperation?,It depends on the results of the communication between the two parties……I’ll put the ugly words first,The minibus wants to get the same conditions of cooperation as the Hongdu Factory,It must be impossible。”
“understand,Who made your boss Chen not short of money?,”Ding Haijun breathed a sigh of relief:“Have money in your pocket,The waist is hard……correct,I read the media reports in the US,The cash reserves of several companies in your hand add up to more than100One hundred million U.S. dollars,seriously?”
Ding Haijun can’t imagine that the cash reserves of Cheng Yin’s industries exceed100What is the concept of billion dollars,How much is China’s foreign exchange reserves?How much did China’s military spending last year converted into U.S. dollars??
When I saw the report from the American media,Even the senior leaders were terrified:Know that Chen Geng is rich,But is this guy so rich??
The first reaction of many comrades is“American media brag”,or“Chen Geng sprinkled money,Let the American media help him brag”,As for why Chen Geng did this,Isn’t the reason obvious?,In such a severe stock market crash,Tell investors that I have money in Chen Geng’s hands、Have a lot of money,In fact, it is stabilizing investor confidence——It turns out this is useless,AMCcar、The stocks of data research companies and other listed companies under him still fell sharply。
But Ding Haijun thinks this situation is not right,I have known Chen Geng for so many years,I have known him since the diplomatic relations between China and the United States were the liaison office.,What kind of person is this guy,I know very well in my heart,With Chen Geng’s pride,He should disdain to do such a thing,just……
That’s100Billion dollars,Ding Haijun can’t imagine a company……Ok,Several companies……How could I have so much cash in my hand,If the bank knows that Chen Geng has so much cash in his hands,These banks must not go crazy?
Chen Geng smiled slightly:“Actually a little more。”
Ding Haijun was stunned。
“Probably120Billion dollars,”Chen Geng continued:“In addition, this time I also made a little profit during this economic crisis,and so,The funds in my hand are probably260100 million dollars。”

Long Zhanye single-handed with a sword,Holds Tu Shanming’s knife,But a leg is flying underneath,Go straight to the other side’s third road。

Tu Shanming’s kicking action at the sight of the dragon battlefield,Back quickly,Yelling:“Ouch!I’m a good boy!It’s really Boss Long, this old pen is back!”
Dragon Battlefield Closes Legs,Frowned:“What happened just now?”
The voice has not fallen,Everyone felt a violent shaking of the ground under their feet,Then I saw the ancient pan evil god in the middle of the lake moving again。
Know without thinking,It must be the will of the ancient pan evil god returned to his body,It has to use its own power,Kill all the ants underneath。
At this moment,Mi Xiaochong holding Gao Dajin,Tears gushing out,Crying so much。
Gao Dajin’s face is white,There were countless blood openings all over the body,Even the internal organs are all cracked,His life is dead,The gods can’t be saved。
“Don’t cry!Don’t cry!You should applaud me!Lao Zi Gao Dajin,Finally won the guy in the sky once!”
“Hehe!You all heard clearly,I am tall,Jail yourself,Imprisoned the avatar will of the ancient pan evil god in the body,Die with it!I’m much better than Wuhao this time!Haha!Finally beat him once!”
The laughter stopped abruptly,Gao Dajin is soft,The swinging arm fell feebly。
This fat businessman,Has always been with,He Shengliang to describe the relationship between himself and Wu Hao,Since I met Wu Hao,He was crushed everywhere,No matter what,None can compare to Wu Hao’s peerless style。
until today,He just raised his eyebrows,Jail yourself,Wiped out part of the will of the ancient pan evil god。
Although at the cost of life,But he did,By contrast,Tu Shanming and Long Zhanye were invaded by the evil spirits,Almost became an accomplice,But Gao Dajin, the fat man, actually killed the evil god will,Have to admit,He won!
but,Mi Xiaochong would rather never have been to this plane,I would rather give people a smile for the rest of his life,Grandson,I don’t want to see Gao Dajin die in my arms.。
Until now,The crowd of grassroots gang waiting,He died so that only Mi Xiaochong was left。
Huang Shaotian leaned down in silence,Patted Mi Xiaochong on the shoulder。
“do not Cry!He doesn’t like you crying!He always wants you to be strong,Become a real man!”Huang Shaotian doesn’t know what words should be used to comfort Mi Xiao Chong,She can only borrow Gao Dajin’s wish,Hope Mi Xiaochong can cheer up,Don’t be so sad。Love Book House

Pause time,Many people can’t help but turn their eyes back to Master Wuhao。

“These three pieces of equipment,Master Wuhao traded it to us!”Zhao Liezhu shouted。
There was an uproar in the audience!Sure enough!Master Wu Hao already has the magical ability to change equipment attributes,This is the true meaning of Dragon God’s favor!
The Jialuo priest has ashes,He couldn’t think of it anyway,Wu Hao has created miracles,Or,He himself is a miracle proof!
Ability to change the attributes of equipment,Such miracles will undoubtedly change the historical course of the entire God nation!
In front of such miraculous facts,He no longer needs to provide any proof。
Priest Jialuo put his head down,Not say a word,Head down and walk outside the hall。
“Guard,Take Garo!I declare,Deprived of Garo’s priesthood,Send him to the guillotine,The charge is blasphemy!”Priest Lei Jiji finally spoke。
He couldn’t tolerate any grit in his eyes,Seize the opportunity,Condemned Gallo as a blasphemer,And the priest Garo was found guilty,The great priest behind him,Reputation will be damaged,Under the circumstances,He will soon be ineligible to be a competitor to the priest Lei Jizhi。
now,All the giants present have surrounded the Wuhao masters,Everyone can’t suppress enthusiasm,Asked him all kinds of questions。
“Master Wu Hao,What kind of top equipment do you have?We want it all!”
“Master Wu Hao,Will you accept equipment customization?How long does it take?”
“Master Wu Hao,His Royal Highness wants to invite you to dinner,Then you can talk about cooperation。”
I saw many giants surrounded by Wu Hao,His Highness the Sixth Prince just sat in the table with a smile,Did not come forward,But showed a satisfied expression。