China and Old Mynchmate started the 111th Mekong River Joint patrol law enforcement

Original title: China and Old Mynch Thailand launched the 111th Mekong River Joint Patrol Law Enforcement November 16th, participated in the 111th China Old Myanmar Thai Mekong River Joint patrol law enforcement in the Chinese law enforcement boat in Yunnan West Double version of Natha, China Airlines, the 111th, the old, the old Myanmega Mekong River joint patrol law enforcement officially launched.

Before the action, Zhongxiao Thai four parties held a joint meeting of information exchange meetings and commanders in a video form. Common analysis of the prevention and control of epidemic situation in the Mekong River basin, and continued to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and strengthen strike all kinds of transnational violations. Specific cooperation between crimes will conduct consultations and reach a consensus. It is reported that in order to cope with the current epidemic situation, the four-party law enforcement department of the joint patrol law enforcement will continue to adopt non-contact joint action, Laos, Myanmar will send a law enforcement boat in Laos Meng Mo, Myanmar Tennam Landscape Form, jointly carry out joint patrol law enforcement actions. During the period, the Quartet will take a combination of segment patrols and cruise in the whole line, and jointly conduct joint patrol law enforcement actions in the key waters of the Mekong River, and fully ensure the safety and stability of the Mekong River Basin.

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Chongqing will do a good job in the normalization of normalized epidemic prevention and control from five aspects

  On November 17th, the four small complex classes in Panyan District, and the students watched the epidemic prevention and control of small knowledge. Special Photography Zhong Zhi Bing / Visual Chongqing November 17th, the Municipal Government Information Office held the 96th new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference, Li Lan, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee, said that the whole country’s epidemic has always been a good situation, but The overall input pressure is large, the overall situation is still serious, for the general public Epidemic prevention measures, comply with epidemic prevention requirements, cooperate with epidemic prevention, and do their own health "first responsible person". Lee said that after the 3 medium-risk areas are adjusted to low-risk areas, the city will adhere to the total strategy of "external prevention input, internal defense rebound", and persevere, the Ten Wending Tiki Divide, Prevention and Control Network, caudentially do the normalization Epidemic prevention and control work. First, insist on doing a good job in the "character of the characters".

Strictly implement the closed-loop management and centralized isolation requirements of returning to returning, strengthen imported cold chain food, import non-cold-chain cargo control, and insist on preventing preventive disinfection, regularly conducting nucleic acid detection for relevant practitioners, environment, food and outer packaging. Reduce overseas input risks.

  The second is to strictly implement the management of key people. While fully utilizing the "yellow code" to promote the investigation of the investigation, the investigation and management of the foreign 外 渝 and the provoke staff of the city and the provokes of the foreign provokes will be carried out in a timely manner to carry out nucleic acid testing, health monitoring, and effectively implement isolation management measures. The third is to continuously strengthen the epidemic monitoring warning.

Continue to strengthen the entrance health code of key places, body temperature testing, increase the frequencies of the normalized nucleic acid detection of relevant personnel of medical institutions, isolation places, etc., strictly enforce drug sales registration management system for drug housing, cough, etc. The consultation, first consultation is responsible for the system, effectively strengthening the role of fever, give full play to the "sentinel" of medical institutions, pharmacies, etc., and found potential infection. The fourth is to continuously strengthen the construction of prevention and control.

Focus on the construction of teams, nucleic acid testing teams, and layered professionalization, and standardized teams.

Regular exercises, standardize workflows, and continuously improve the construction of grassroots organizations, improve the orderly, accurateness of on-site organizations, and effectively improve the ability of the epidemic.

  The fifth is to actively promote the vaccination of new crown virus vaccine. From the perspective of research on domestic and foreign research, new crown virus vaccines have completed the whole process, and the effect is significant in preventing severe, lowering death. In addition, Lee said that the case where the local clinical diagnosis diagnosis of public health treatment center in Chongqing is 6 cases, and the invisible infection is 5 cases, which will continue to follow the principle of "one person and one policy". The way, the optimal treatment plan. At the same time, it also strengthens the patient’s psychological counseling, scientifically effectively carrying out fine, personalized diagnosis and treatment, and has a humanistic care, and makes medical treatment work and let them recover soon.

  According to reports, as of 24:00 on November 16th, the city has vaccinated the new crown virus vaccine. Among them, the first dose of vaccination reached 10,000 people, completed the whole process, 3-11, people aged 10,000, completed Enhanced immunity has reached 10,000 people. Next, the city will be prioritized to ensure that the vaccination of 3-11 people aged 3-11, including customs, airports, and enhanced immunization, including cold chains, medical staff, and promote other eligible populations to accept strengthening immunization. (Reporter Li Wei).

China Dollar Dollar Meets issued a strong signal (Wanghai Building)

  On the morning of November 16, President Xi Jinping held a video meeting with US President Biden.

The two sides have fully, in-depth communication and communication between the strategic, global, fundamental issues, and the important issues of common concern in Sino-US relations. This is a major event in Sino-US relations and international relations. The heads of the two countries believe that this meeting is frank, constructive, substantive and effective, which is conducive to the promotion of the two sides to understand each other, increasing the frontal expectations of the international community to Sino-US relations, and issued strong to China and the United States and the world. Powerful signal. President Xi said that when the President of Biden was on September 10, the Chairman was pointed out that Sino-US relations were not a good choice, but a must-answer question.

At present, China and the United States are in a critical stage, and human "earth village" is also facing many challenges. The international community hopes to see the stability development of Sino-US relations and look forward to China and the United States to inject positive energy for the world peace development.

In this context, the President Xi is an important interpretation of the necessary answers to Sino-US relations in this video meeting.

  In the face of this must-answer, China takes an initiative and demonstrates confidence. Since September this year, China’s senior officials have exchanged with US officials. Since the United States for a while, China and the United States will conduct heads of the heads of the heads, "Creating", grabs the meeting, can see the emergency of the US invitation and promotion. It has proved that the United States has never been able to work in the United States. It is difficult to continue to work, and the US government is facing Chinese and external difficulties need to cooperate with China. The victory of the sixth plenary meeting of the Ninth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, which has improved the confidence and bottom gas of China’s response to complex international environment. In the video meeting, the President Xi Xi’s three-point principles should adhere to the new era, highlight the position of the perspective of the inner and American squares.

  In the face of this must-answer question, China is courageous and showing the pattern.

President Xi stressed that China and the United States must not only do their respective domestic things, but also assume the international responsibility to promote human peace and development. This is the common desire of China and the United States and the people of the world, and it is also a common mission of leaders in China.

The Sino-US, which is proposed by the President, to promote the priorities of the four aspects, but also the strategic design and lead for Sino-US relations.

China appealed to Sino-US to show the act of great powers, leading international social cooperation to prominently challenge; strengthen coordination and cooperation on major international and regional hot issues, providing more public products for the world.

China Initiative reflects the feelings of the world sincerely integrity. China knows that it is not easy to do this must answer.

Especially for a while, the US policies adopted by the United States have caused serious difficulties in Sino-US relations.

Although the President of Biden is clearly reiterated when meeting, the US does not seek to change China’s system, and does not seek to oppose China through strengthening the alliance relationship. It has no intention to conflict with China. set.

The first video meeting of the China Dureestural Dollar plays a positive role in the stop loss of Sino-US relations. More importantly, the future two countries must be in the same way, and the important consensus reached by the heads of meetings is implemented.

  China and the United States are two huge rounds sailing in the sea.

Today’s video meetings are the heads of the two states on Sino-US relations, and the development of the development of Sino-US relations in the lower stage is significant. The most important thing in the future international relations is China and the United States must find the right way. It is expected that the two giant wheels of China and the United States welcomes the wind and waves, not yet yet, no stalls, and can not collide.

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Cangzhou City is in the obstacle and Chengzheng name "Communication"

  Original title: Zhangzhou: "Communication" in investigation and clarity is the political ecology that protects party members and cadres and universities and creating a political ecology.

In recent years, the Supervision Committee of the Cangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection will investigate and decline and put it in a report of the report of the report, and the work of the disposal will be handled. Result. Strengthen closed-loop management to ensure that the investigation and punishment clarify the correct name "grasp the fine".

The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission continued to pressurize the report on the application platform, continuously strengthening the interview with the closed-loop management, and the letters and visits will master the acceptance, shunt trajectory, real-time supervision disposal, feedback, and the focus on the unimplement report requires the case department. The suspicion is needed, whether it is necessary to make an opinion, and have a sustainable work, truly investigate and discontinue and clarify the integration of the famous work into their daily.

  Comprehensive screening investigation to ensure that the destroying is trapped to report the "Clearance Clearance".

Since 2020, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has taken the lead, the supervision and inspection room of the Commission of Discipline Inspection and Commission, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission, the review and investigation room, the implementation of the dry supervision room, the focus is from the lost inspection It has been conducted 3 rounds of centralized investigation and screening, identified 3 pieces of suspected accusation and complaints, and after reviewing, they could not constitute a false accusation, and they truly accused the report "Clear".

  Seriously verify the checkup, ensure that the rupture of the rupture of the identification "reasonable". In carrying out the identification work, we insist on whether the result of investigation is true as the primary task of review, and focus on whether there is a fabrication of materials, forged facts, and whether there is a poor reporter The intent of the political impact, reputation loss or accountability. In actual work, we found that the masses were highly recognized by the work of the discipline inspection and supervision, and we would like to promote the effective solution of individual interests in violations of laws and disciplines. We don’t do it without malicious reports. The rupture of the accusation, truly embodies the emotions and inclusion of the party to the people. Timely clarify the correct name to ensure that the cadre feels the organization "rustle".

During the treatment of the daily clues, it is necessary to clarify the lack of renovation and affect the entrepreneurial cadres who are not realized, and make the cadres to truly feel the organization. Warm and rely. For example, in the first half of last year, during the epidemic prevention and control, a village cadre was not reported by the exhibition of the epidemic prevention and control. In this regard, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission attaches great importance to the first time of the county discipline committee to meet the representatives of the regional two cadres and some mass representatives, and the issue of the problem is notified, and the real report of the village book It is clarified that the work of the grassroots party members and cadres have encouraging the work of the work, so that the party members and cadres who have been reported have both felt the law enforcement of the discipline inspection and supervision, and feel the "temperature" supported by the organization.

At the same time, the explanant and ideological education have been explained with the reporter, and the reasonable legal reflection of the reporter will play a good effect.

(Zhangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission).

The Securities Regulatory Commission released the "Securities Market Banning Regulations" further clarified the market ban

People’s Network Beijing June 18 (Reporter Wang Zhen) Securities Regulatory Commission Recently issued a revised "Securities Market Banning Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as "provisions"), further clarify the type of market, the trading is forbidden to apply rules and market Forbidden objects and applicable situations. "Regulations" will be implemented from July 19, 2021. The Securities Regulatory Commission introduced that this amendment follows the idea of ??"limited objectives, problem-oriented, respect history, stable expectations", and perfect the content according to the upper leg. The main revisions include the following three aspects: First, further clarify the market ban.

According to Article 221 of the new "Securities Law, the branch of the securities market is divided into" not engaged in securities business, securities service business, and may not serve as a directors, supervisors and senior management personnel of securities issuers "(hereinafter referred to as identity ban) And "Do not allow two types of law enforcement units, the law enforcement units can be combined, and the law enforcement unit can be combined, the law enforcement unit can be combined, and the law enforcement unit can be applied or combined. Match the type of ban. The second is to further clarify the trading class to ban applicable rules. Fully learn from domestic and foreign regulatory experience, combined with the reality of my country, clarifying transaction banning refers to activities that prohibit direct or laissers in securities trading places or listing all securities (including securities investment fund share), prohibiting the duration of trading is the most No more than 5 years long. At the same time, do a good job in policy connection and risk prevention and control, except for the seven cases, avoiding different policies overlay and triggering the risk of law enforcement.

The third is to further clarify the market tobach object and applicable.

According to the reality of market development in recent years, the coverage of banned objects is improved. In terms of applicable cases, it is clear that the information disclosure seriously violates bad impacts, and the transaction is identified to ban the illegal acts that apply to serious disturbance of securities trading order or transaction fairness. The Securities Regulatory Commission said, considering that the transaction is banned from the new "Securities Law", it has a particularity of identity ban, and the relevant application rules have been prudent on the basis of the domestic and foreign experience. .

For the trading, only the 5-year period limit is set, in the 5-year period, the law enforcement unit can adopt the problem of matching in the actual illegal situation to deal with complex and diverse violations, ensuring stable starting . Next, the SFC will strictly crack down on all kinds of capital market violations in accordance with the law, and the "strict" law enforcement main tone will continue, and the simultaneous integration of coordination with the judiciary, comprehensive use of civil, administrative and criminal accountability Improve illegal violations, and better serve the capital market to build a new development pattern to provide strong law enforcement protection.

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Quantum computer simulation of heavy homs for the first time! Discover quantum computers more revolutionary potential

According to physicist organization, Canada and British scientists simplified basic quantum particle heavy homs on quantum computers, and the latest research enables scientists to study neutron stars with quantum simulation, understanding more universe, and discover quantum computers more Multi-revolutionary potential. Cristina Musk, a research institute, a Sub-Calculation Institute, Canadian University, said: This is the first time the scientists simulates the grass on the computer. In the future, the quantum computer may allow us to simulate the interaction between these particles. By then, scientists may not need to let the particles collide in the accelerator, they can simulate these interactions on the quantum computer to study the origin of the universe.

The quantum interactive group of Musk leader mainly studies the quantum simulation of the lattice norm theory. These lattice specification theories are mainly used to describe physics theory, including particle physics standard models.

The more the field, force, particles, spatial dimensions and other parameters of the normative theory are more complicated, the more difficult to model the classic supercomputer. In the latest research, Musk’s IQC team works with Randy Levi, York University, developed a high-efficiency quantum algorithm, allowing them to have some basic physics on IBM’s cloud stamp computers and classic computers. Simple simulation with substances.

They first simulated basic particles.

The hen is composed of quark, and quark is a basic particle, proton and neutrons that scientists believe that the proton and neutrons are heavy. The researchers pointed out that through this milestone step, they are opening up a road to simulate the theory of standardized theory, and this simulation is far exceeding the current power of the world’s most powerful supercomputer.

After the Physics Department and Astronomical Department of Waterloo University, Zhang Jinglei (transliteration) said: For us, these results are exciting, in the future we can consider simulating substances at higher densities, which exceeds the classic computer. The researchers pointed out that as scientists continue to develop more stronger quantum computers and quantum algorithms, they will be able to simulate more complex physical phenomena, revealing the secret of the universe that we have the best supercomputer so far. (Reporter Liu Xia) Responsible Editor: KJ005.

The 25 key projects of the "cloud signing" of the two rivers and the new area were 46.3 billion yuan.

"Cloud Sign" site. Zou Lewen People’s Network Chongqing August 18th (Chen Qi, Liu Min) 2021 Zhishui will open on August 23.

On the 18th, Chongqing Qijiang New District held a key project "Cloud Signing" activity in Zhibo, with a total of 25 total contracts, with a total amount of 46.3 billion yuan. According to reports, 25 projects involve electronic information, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, new energy, biomedical, high-end service industry, etc. Big data intelligent innovation has a deep development, and it is better to make a chain of industrial chain. Chongqing Daxie Microelectronics Co., Ltd. took the lead in successfully developing a COP process in the global video chip package industry, and the packaging efficiency was 3 times compared to traditional processes, and the test efficiency was increased by 4-20 times. The desired manual decreased by 4 times. The COP project landed in the two rivers and new districts will invest 1.2 billion yuan, build 30 COP seal test lines, form an annual output of more than 1 billion camera chip production capacity, and the largest image sensor high-end optical chip package of exceeding 10 billion yuan. Further improve the Chongqing chip industry chain. Focusing in the industry chain upstream, deep excavation enterprise potential, Guanjie, Jingdong and other leading enterprises also add code two rivers and new districts, new investment billions of backlight modules apply hot press light guide board projects will build production bases in the new district. Eight-dimensional Southwest Wisdom Parking Industry Table Project will revolve around the city-level parking resources in Southwest China, build a wisdom travel ecological industry ecotry circle, etc. in the two rivers. It is understood that in this signature project, it is not lacking the landmark leader projects such as headquarters base, regional center, and research and development center. It can play the leading industry chain gathering effect in the leading lead. For example, Sinwes, Southwest Center, will establish an operation center and R & D center, in the deployment of industrial Internet platforms in the two rivers, electronic, equipment manufacturing, combined with industrial enterprises, iterative development intelligent analysis, intelligent prediction and process renovation upgrade The ability to apply, relying on the self-developed video super resolution, image content creation and other technologies, providing intellectual ecological support for HD industrial development. In addition, Zejing Electronics will invest 800 million yuan, set up Zejing Electronics Southwest Region Headquarters and wearable product business in the two rivers New Zone; Oufes Group Headquarters project will be empowered for the procurement needs of the market entity; Investing 400 million yuan to build the Southwest Center, through the development and application of enterprise-class twins, integrate into Chongqing industrial Internet ecosystem; focusing on educational information system research and development innovation technology, Yunqi will set up headquarters in the two rivers New Zone. "This Zhibo will sign a project is a centralized display of our industrial chain investment." The relevant person in charge of China New District Merchants Group said that the two rivers and new districts will continue to focus on the development chain of the new district industry, constantly forging the growth plate, make up the short board, closely combined with the new area industry The ribbon, "chain long system" deployment, focusing on industry chain tricks, continuously promoting high quality development of industries towards depth.

Review the second Abe regime major measures

Abe’s Economics Abe has implemented a series of economic stimulus policies after the end of 2012, known as "Abe Economics", and the Japanese media summarizes "Abe Economics" as "three arrows". The first arrow: monetary policy, quantifying loose; second arrow: fiscal policy, stimulus policy; third arrow: structural reform.

Up to April 2014, it can be said that the first two arrows have begun, Japan’s GDP has a growth trend in 6 consecutive quarters, but these two arrows are "stimulants" in the "third arrow". "Today, the end of the economic effect is also huge, the negative impact of the top two arrows is also huge. Japan’s domestic price increases the increase in consumption tax, which greatly hits Japan’s personal consumption, trying to use the yen to depreciate to promote the idea of ??exporting Also basically, the Japanese trade deficit continues to expand.

Japanese scholars said "Abe Economics" just raised people’s heart expectations. More Japanese comments have been unfair to "Abe Economics".

Abe announced that after the improvement in advance, "Abe Economics" became the focus of the self-owner and the argument of the wilder party. The US media said that this election is a referendum of Japanese people to Abe’s economics.


“Pure consciousness bombardment!”Li Ming shook his head,Not disdain,It’s the instinctive reaction under the attack of the invisible consciousness。
Fantasyland,The test is consciousness and will!
After reaching the tenth floor,Although Li Ming’s will can still easily break the illusion。But the consciousness bombardment had a big impact on him。
That consciousness bombardment,It’s like a big mountain hitting my consciousness,This is purely a contest of consciousness intensity。
Of course the eighteenth fantasy island,Even if many immortal peak powerhouses,If your consciousness is hit hard, you will feel dizzy and confused,In the midst of vertigo, falling into a illusion, I have already lost without knowing it。
But Li Ming’s will is as strong as a rock,The bombardment of consciousness can slow him down、Can make him feel painful,But can’t hinder his footsteps。
Nineteenth floor,Twenty floors,21st floor。。。
If it is not for the Lord of Longxing to order the adherents of Fantasy Sea in advance, this information shall not be leaked.,I’m afraid that other universe masters in the human race have come out now and are willing to accept Li Ming as a disciple。
after all,A cosmic powerhouse,Will be comparable to the Universe。。。This is incredible。
Even said,The level of the Lord of the Universe even values those with strong wills more than those with quick comprehension.。
Strong willed,It means that they will continue to improve in practice,It also means that they will have the greatest chance of survival in any desperate situation。
Can keep improving,Not easy to die,This is more precious than the law of rapid perception。After all, as long as it becomes immortal,As long as you don’t die, you have unlimited life,The time for practice is unlimited,Faster, slower, the difference is not too big。
And represents the twenty-first level of the first step into the universe,Not Li Ming’s limit。

Guan Yun also didn’t expect Ye Shuangzhou, and now I started to take the way.。

Two people talk about it,Ye Shuangzhou, Li Hui Hui Hui Hui Hui, I will find the leadership.。
Although he has a background,But the high emperor far,His background is not really unable to use it.。
I sent away the Ye Double Boat,Li Hui Hui also arranged the house to Guan Yun and Cui Yongan.。
Others also gave it up.。
Day night,Li Hui Feng received a phone call。
As a question, Li Hui is in the courtyard,Ye Shuangzhou came directly。
And there is a peach roll of Taohua Village together with Ye Shuangzhou,Zhao Jiacun’s Zhao Pengyu。
There is also a Li Hui’s wind and doesn’t know.,But Xu Jiafu met a clear look that is very angry.。
Introduction to the leaves of the leaves,Li Hui said that the other party is the village head of Shenjia Village.。
There is also an acquaintance with Peni to come together.,That is the Taoist in the mountains of Shenjiacun.,Zhang Qi Ling。
How did Li speaks from the wind?,Zhang Qiling will follow the village head of Shenjia Village.。
It seems that it should be a pork processing plant.。
Li Hui Feng originally thought that only Ye Shuangzhou is coming.,I didn’t expect that the big night came so many people.。
This makes him very difficult。
“Leaf big brother,what’s the situation,How is it??”
Take advantage of no one’s attention,Li Hui quickly pulled the leaves to one side,Ask。
For tonight,I didn’t expect the leaves.。
He just let the secretary under the hand to inform the peach volume of Taohua Village.。
I didn’t expect so many people.,He knows that this secretary is definitely notified others.。
“Lee brother,I didn’t expect this.,I originally wanted to pull the peach volume with you to build the pork processing plant in their village.。”
“This is now,I am also the beginning.!”
Just in Li Hui, I want to open the mouth asked the leaves of the sect of the other villages.,Zhao Pengyu came with Pens to look at each other.,Also hurry to find it。
“Lee brother,We bother you this evening.,You won’t blame us.?”
“Mainly you are busy during the day.,If we come to find you during the day, it is not necessarily to find you.,So come to you at night.,Just have time,I didn’t expect to be so clever tonight.,All come。”
I heard Zhao Pengyu’s words.。
Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Zhao Da Ge,Where,Let’s hurry into the house.,Drink tea first,Drink while drinking。”
It is also to give people to everyone.。
After everyone left,The scene is also a silent,Some is just the sound of Li Hui’s falling water.。
After all, everyone to find Li Hui’s goal this evening is a good thing.。
But if this is, if you say it first,Then, whether it is to give Li Anti-style or give the leaves, there will be a not good impression.。
So everyone is waiting for someone to pick this mouth.。
Ye Shuangzhou is finally indulgent。
Face a group of old fritters,He can only open it first.,Otherwise, I will take it in the middle of the night.,These people are afraid that they will not say anything.。
“Coune a few old village heads,If you come to Li, I haven’t guess the wrong.,It should be a matter of pork processing plant.?”
It’s so born directly by the Ye Shuangzhou.,What are the other village director?,Xu Lai Fu is a bit an emergency。