Listening to the deer people talking about her daughter,Mao Dongzhu also loosened,Originally she is expected,Although my daughter is very likely to be ruled,She also can’t say it.,But it will definitely be persecuted after the fake……

After the time being saved,I also heard that Jianning Princess is married to Pingxi Wangfu.,Mao Dongzhu is still worried,But these obviously can’t talk to Kangxi。
Now listen to this deer,Mao Dongzhu put a lot of half,What is afraid of Pingxi King and the court,See this relationship,It will not be difficult to build.?
Chu Deer did not think,I saw a good play I have.,Fool“Pick”To the red flag《Forty-two chapters》。
Now there are five fragments in your hands.,Just like Murong Jiu,You can put together the fragmentation of eight!
Chu Deer did not think,Just May 12,Murong Jiu has arrived at Beijing——Originally on May 15th,It is the estimate of Chu Deirers.、Murong 9 after the message,Days coming at full speed。
Looking at the Murong, the dust servant,Chu Deirers also feel,Human potential is really unlimited……
“With red flag,Is it found??”After Murong, I saw the Chu Deirers.,The first sentence asked the book。
“Clue,Sheepskin debris I have found it.。”Chu Debans truth。
“Why haven’t there a clue?……what?found it?”Murong Jiu Wen said with a highlight,I am busy making the Chu Deiren.,She wants to start fighting。
Chu Deirers will give her fragment first.,After that, Murongjiu is fighting,Chu Deirers asked:“if……I am saying that if,You got the Northeast Dragon,What can I do??After the clearance,The overall situation is from,Outside people don’t hide,Almost all are Manchurians,The family of Xiangbei people will not buy。”
“In the future。”Murong Nine does not lift,Simple and rude reply。
“Cough,In fact, I have a good way.。”Chu Deer said with temptation。
“any solution?”Murong nine did not take a sentence,Take a look,Afterwards:“Don’t touch my legs,Fight!”After the end of the finish and bowed。
“If the Dragon is successful,Can give me a big brother to absorb!”Chu Deiren’s tone is very constructive。
“Oh。”Murongjiu started not to pay attention,After that, he fierce:“what?”
“I think,If you can get a dragon pulse,That is still handed over to my big brother,Can play the effect……Side, even if you got the Dragon End,It is impossible to be invincible——Human time,If you are not convinced by Manchu,Even the enemy,Cannot be called outside。”
“Instead of you……When Nan Shaolin,You will go to your big brother,Now you still……no!”Murong Jiu resolutely opposed。
“I haven’t finished it yet.,Treasures in other dragon veins,We are definitely pulling it back.,And wait for the big brother to take the town of Manchuria……In fact, I still have other ideas.。”
Sure enough, Murong Jiu is the least admiring——In fact, if the Chu Deirers say they want to absorb themselves,Murongjiu may just be troubled,But let the outsiders can’t accept this.。
Chapter 1,192 Converge
May 13,Eastern unbeaten and invited month、Pity star has also arrived。
Sure enough, what is the unbeaten?,Otherwise she is close to,From the black wood cliff to the Man Beijing,Why shouldn’t you be with an invitation?、Pity star。
“So what have you do in these days??”Inviting the moon to see the sheepskin puzzle that has no contour,Can’t help but frown。
“This thing is even more beautiful than imagination.。”Chu Deirers are very serious and distressed。
These days, the Chu Deirers are not dry.,It’s hard to fight!
Nurhachi didn’t think,Is the possibility that the poster can’t fight??
“Humph。”Murong 9 snorted。

Fang Yu refused to accept the hard work tonight,How will he explain to the director tomorrow??

“I’ll go now!”
Fang Yu said goodbye to them。
Come downstairs,Fangfang came to Fang Yu,“Doctor Fang,Let’s go to the supper shop near the TV station!I am familiar with!”
“I’m just kidding!”
Fang Yu did not expect,Fangfang took it seriously。
“Fangfang……You’re off work!”
The two are talking。
Suddenly a man came over with flowers。
“I want to have supper with my friend……Goodbye!”
Finished,Fangfang quickly took Fang Yu away。
“Who is that person?Why are you so scared……”Fang Yu said strangely。
“Someone who likes me……Said it was nice to watch my show。I began to think that it was just an ordinary admirer……As a result, give me this every day,Send me that……I can’t help it!”
Fangfang helpless。
“You are so pretty,There must be many people who like you。normal……but,That kid seems unusual!”
Fang Yu reminded。
“Just be enthusiastic……Isn’t he the rules for me?!”

“Don’t worry about this,My teeth are good,Hard bones,I can also chew。But I will say hello to you in advance,I am now cleaning up the village road in Donglin Village,There is a man named Xu Sanniu,I heard that his uncle is Deputy Mayor Han”Xia Jian stopped here when he said that。

Qin Xiaomin is on the phone:“Oh”Asked:“how?Did this person become an official through someone in the city?,Want to hinder your work?”
“Almost what it means。I brought people from the police station today,If he dares to fool,I’ll let him be detained。Donglin Township is not making heavy moves now,Really can’t rectify”Xia Jian said,Sighed。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“You have to be careful。Most of the villagers are good,Only a few black sheep。Mayor Chen also said,For Donglin Township,Special affairs,It is necessary to take some drastic measures。Don’t care whose relatives he is,Don’t listen, just grab,I’ll take care of the problem”
“it is good!Mayor Qin,With you,I can do it boldly。But can you remind Deputy Mayor Han,This can be regarded as giving him a lot of face”Xia Jian hung up the phone here。
Secretary Wang, who was standing by, also listened,His frowning brow stretched slowly。He glanced at Xu Sanniu,Deliberately said to Zhao Dahai:“Chief Zhao!start to act。listen,J,If we dare to hinder our work today,Do whatever you want”
“it is good!Everyone act according to my arrangement just now”Zhao Dahai waved,Took a shovel and took the lead and walked out。
Who are squatting in the corner and smoking?,Xu Sanniu stood up so suddenly,Throw the cigarette butt in your hand to the ground,I stepped on my foot and said:“You guys don’t be afraid,See me Xu Sanniu”
This guy finished,Just walk out quickly,Several other people followed him。Can see,They are in a group,I have negotiated and wanted to work against the village committee。
Just for a while。When Xia Jian and Secretary Wang walked around to the door of those people who had not cleared the village road just now。Originally more than ten households,There are only four households left now,And it’s a neighbor。
Zhao Dahai trot to Xia Jian’s body,Whisper:“Chief Xia!These four families,Xu Sanniu and the others。Not just cleaning up the village road,Any decision of the village committee,He would stand up and make a fuss”
“Don’t worry,I just want someone to stand up and make noise。Which Chen Meihua’s house was cleaned up??”Xia Jian asked as soon as the topic changed。
Zhao Dahai smiled and said:“Chen Meihua is strange this time,She is very cooperative。Her house is cleaned the fastest,So the neighbors follow suit。If she objected, It’s hard to carry on this work”
When Xia Jian and Zhao Dahai were talking,Xu Sanniu came over with a shovel,He shouted to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia!I said it before,My family’s problem is not resolved,No one should think about cleaning up the village”
“I also said,These are two different things。Clean up the village road first,Ask me to respond to your questions。If you insist on obstructing the work of the whole village,I don’t know the consequences”Xia Jian’s attitude is very tough,I don’t mean any relief。
Secretary Wang is old after all,He saw something wrong with the situation here,Immediately shouted to Zhao Chunling:“Director Zhao!Send someone to clean up from the two east side first,If anyone dares to stop,Catch whatever”
Zhao Chunling immediately understood what Secretary Wang meant,Wave her hand,The two policemen and the deputy village chief led a few villagers around Xu Sanqiang,I used to clean up the two houses in the east。
Which two families see this posture,I recognized it in an instant。They shouted to clean up by themselves,And guarantee the fastest speed。Four households in total,Two households give up,The other one does not wait for everyone to act。Who has run out with the whole family,The action is cleaned up frantically。

For example, they Lingxiao City-state……

The city was trampled,Family slaughtered,Even their Ling’s big family,Finally became a slave,Was transported to the Polar Continent like a livestock。
Experienced this great change,The Ling Family in Lingxiao City already regrets extremely。
Why did you stop Lai Yunzi from establishing a country in the first place?。
If Li Yunzi unified the entire Lichuan land,They won’t end up like this。
Their main body Ling Luotian died tragically,The master of the clan was slaughtered,The sister who stays at home、Sisters,I don’t know which predators turned it into a plaything,Think of these,Ling Tu’s almost dry eyes were once again moist and flushed。
“General,Let’s beg her。”
“How does that work,We somehow……”General Ling Xun wanted to say that they were the Ling family of the Lingxiao city state anyway,But took a look at this cage,Take another look and suffer and suffer together,People who are waiting for sale like livestock,But the words choked。
Sighed,Ling Xun knows very well,They are nothing now。
Just to survive。
Just to give these people a way out,Instead of being a slave without dignity。
“Her Royal Highness,Save us!!”
“Her Royal Highness,Save us!!”
A pedestrian walked by,Zhu Minglang suddenly heard someone calling a female monarch。
The female monarch should be the unique title of Lichuan Dadi for Li Yunzi,Many people outside the Zulong City State also call it this way。
I wish Ming Lang look around,I saw a group of slaves in cages。
Because one of the men screamed loudly,The man was severely beaten with a whip by the slave owner,The skin was cracked。
“Just ask。”Li Xinghua said softly。

This is not just referring to the yin and yang of the three realms,But a division of everything in the world。

Yin and Yang are two instruments,Light and dark,Minghui too,Turbid!
Divide everything,Is the two instruments。
Comprehend with your own yin and yang,with《Light and Dark Mandala Collection》Fusion of light and dark array,Li Ming finally found his own way of life and death。
and,Still quite powerful,Daojun is divided into four classes,From the strongest way of integration,The ordinary way,But Li Ming’s Liangyi formation can be ranked third,Second only to the strongest way。
In the chaotic space of Li Ming’s deity,Above a road tree,representative‘Minghui’‘Light and dark’The branches and branches related to the two instruments have all disappeared,But it merges into a particularly strong branch,The top pieces of leaves on this stem change from yin to yang。
“My two ways!”Tap between Li Ming,The chaotic airflow is divided into four groups。
“Can also be divided into Minghui formation、Turbid formation、Virtual reality、Light and Dark Array,Any thorough completion can step into the Taoist level,The combined two yi formations can be considered small,But it’s not complete enough。”
“If complete,These two yi formations should be able to reach the strongest level!”
“It seems,Still have to go to the chaotic world,Learn more about yin and yang,Make your own foundation more solid,Some insights into the Tao of the unity of opposites between the two instruments!”
Comprehend the Tao of this life and death Taoist level,Make Li Ming’s strength extremely strong。
The clone of the second soul drifting outside,Re-cultivation and recovery of clones during the break。
Every additional clone is integrated into,Li Ming’s clone is not only more powerful,Stronger mind,The more complete the true spirit makes the blue and white mist stronger。
Clone now,Mana、Sixteen quilts with mental strength reaching the normal world,And the power of the blue and white mist is close to Daojun,Plus many territories,I have the opportunity to buy some god sand,Also make this《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Mystery practice has been getting higher and higher。

“Dong Hui……But it’s already folded in,Pang Rong。”Noble scratched his head to calculate,Suddenly whispered,“Isn’t it Pang Rong??”

“not sure。”Xue Monkey frowned,Gave an ambiguous answer。
“My grass……This opportunity……”Noble was disappointed,Look at Xue Monkey’s expression,Ask again,“The two people you just mentioned,Who else is?”
“Li Tianchou of Yuxing。”Xue Monkey almost blurted out without even thinking about it,He was extremely impressed with this man。
“he?!”Noble opened his mouth and couldn’t believe it,In his impression,Even if Yuxing doesn’t break up this time,Is basically half disabled。Not to mention the murder in the bar,Even the Xilinmen gun battle is enough for them to drink a pot,The police force’s Zhou Nan was appointed to be from heaven and earth looking for this group of people。In this situation,If Li Tianchou is safe and sound,That’s a miracle,At least in Noble’s mind,Yuxing should say goodbye to Fushan,“brother,You think too much。Yuxing’s venues are all closed,No one left,Where is there any spare time to intervene in Wang Fan’s stall。”
“Don’t underestimate him。”Monkey Xue shook his head disapprovingly,“Yuxing is just unlucky this time,But it may not fall down,I didn’t even hurt my vitality,Think about it,How did Geng Laowu mutilate Sun Kaizi when he was there??That’s when they didn’t even have a foothold in the county seat。So i always have a feeling,Yuxing will get up again soon。”
“That note won’t let them go so easily, right??Killed。”
“Say you have no brains,I can speak well,Say you have a brain,It’s almost like a pile of shit now。Except for the bar,Who can say that other things have something to do with Yuxing?You have to tell evidence,You can only catch the registered Li Tianchou and the boss,Nothing else has anything to do with Yuxing。The consultant’s title counts as a few hairs?And the bar is fighting,Yuxing is still a victim,I want to knock Yuxing down with this.,Do you think it is possible?”
Noble’s mouth is wide open,Want to say something,But for a while, I couldn’t find a more suitable reason to refute。Xue Monkey sneered,“Think about it,Yuxing often shows up on the counter,Which one is not pretending?Who can you find?And their business is also upright,Grab a hair?”
“Even if it can’t fall,Does it really dare to eat Wang Fan’s site??”
“Don’t he also eat Dong Hui’s site??Still eat so delicious,So Yuxing people can’t use common sense to think。”Xue monkey smashed his mouth,“But I really want to see the oldAWill you feed him,It’s going to be lively behind。”
The phone on the table rang,Xue Monkey glanced at the number,Can’t help but frown,He fiddled with the phone twice in his hand,Finally pressed the answer button。
“monkey,Haven’t slept yet?long time no see。”The voice of a middle-aged man on the phone,Slightly hoarse。

It’s all dotted.。

This is a matter of doctors on duty.!
And I can do a little doctor.
Zhou Ye is very politely trying to leave,“Focus on duty doctors,I just came,Don’t understand。”
Supervisor nurses:“Is your group of patients?,Weekly can call,No doctor in the department。”
Is there such an unlucky??
Zhou Ye I know that I can’t get it.,“Several beds?”
Supervisor:“17bed!The pneumonia that has just been received today。”
Zhou Ye suddenly like a pot of cool water。
How can it be17Bed。
Isn’t this Li Sifeng??
NS8chapter Emergency shock
Zhou Ye went on white and rushed to the two-duty nurses.17Ward of bed。
“Hey Hey hey,Li Shufeng,Are you listening to me??”Zhou Ye shouted in a coma on the bed.。
How can I just signed a word for a while??
Is it an angry infarction??
But there is no history of heart disease before.,And so young,Can’t。
Zhou Niwu’s eyes fell in the hands of Li Sifeng,Hung up,He saw a lot of rash。
Be unreliable!
“Did you fight at night??”Zhou Ye looks at penicillin that is infused.。
The hydrant bottle has played one-fifth。
“beated,Aboriginal antibiotics just on a batch of nurses。”The supervisor nurse has the record time in his hand.,Very certainly。
Is it because……
Zhou Jixi seems to have an answer,“I am an antibiotic in the afternoon.,When starting to play,Does this patient say that you are uncomfortable??”
Nurses looked at the cross-handed record。
I saw the nurse who overtakes to change in the top.“Patient v. Skin itching。”
Zhou Ye I saw these words,Completed,He affirmed:“Is allergic shock。”
The little nurse is like a complaint.:“Penicillin skin test is clearly negative。”
“Leather test negative can eliminate allergic shock。”Zhou Ye recalled the treatment method of allergic shock。
He thought for a while,Turn on the spiral button on penicillin infusion bag to the lowest position,Stop penicillin continues to enter Li Shi’s body。
Then he immediately sent a sign.:“Patients consider allergic shock,Immediate skin injection01Adrenaline hydrochloride1Milliliter,There is also hydrogenated loose200Mg and dexamethasone5Milligram,join in50Glucose solution40Milliliter,Intravenous injection or。”
The little nurse heard out the ward immediately,Prepare for rescue items。
“I hope not to cut away,Otherwise, this patient is troublesome.,It is estimated thatICU。”Zhou Ye watched his supervisor。
The supervisor nurse is a high-income nurse,Similar to the title of a physician,She looked at Zhou Yixiang actually diagnosed the patient as an allergic shock.,The inner heart is also a five-body cast of this young man.。
“Then I will also prepare it.,Qingqing is a person who is busy。”
Qingqing is the name of the little nurse.。
Zhou Ye“Um”A sound,Also I haven’t forgotten the guest:“Hard work,I will make a doctor for a while.。”
I saw that the supervisor nurses were sorry to smile and walked out of the ward.。
This is not the responsibility of Zhou Ye。

Not only Li Tianzheng was taken aback,The surrounding gods are also shocked,Could it be that the bottom formation of this scroll has been inscribed by the old palace lord in Li Tianzhu’s soul?I knew it,That’s a fart?!

Chapter 832 Whip of Enlightenment
To verify reality,Li Tianzhen’s right hand volleys and grabs,Another black roll appeared,It’s the hollow shaft,The left hand is full of treasures but the female shaft,There are two spatial treasures,And how did the female shaft return to my own hands,Li Tianzhu didn’t know。
Now hypocritical、Waiting for a bunch of hats, I’m afraid they will be detained again,Li Tianzhen can’t manage that much,Take out a bunch of colorful porcelain vases from the scroll,They are all rare drugs collected by Yuwen Qitong over the long years,He found out all the miraculous effects on the nourishing soul,Immediately aroused the exclamation of several people who know the goods。
Where does Li Tianzhi know medical skills?,Grab a vial and uncork,So I poured the pill inside into the fire pig’s mouth.。
“Not used like this。”A god can’t help but speak,He really can’t see Li Tianxi be so violent。
“You will heal?”
“A little bit。”
“through,Come to help。”Li Tianzhen is anxious,Raising his hand, he put the small porcelain bottle in the hand of the god,And busy checking the fire phoenix’s injuries。
At this moment,The gods exclaimed,Li Tianzhi got up when he heard this,Another black spot appeared on the sea,He quickly urged the eye of insight,Can’t help but rejoice,Venerable Huo Xing is still alive,Not only alive,He actually dragged a giant from the water,Very strenuous。
That body is huge,Venerable Huo Xing grabbed the horns of the head,Li Tianzhi quickly urged the Eye of Insight again,I couldn’t help but suck in air,That is the palm print master who was trapped in the Huoyan Temple,I almost forgot this guy,Tiangong collapsed,Venerable Palmprint may be extremely injured,Even if it shows the original shape,It also looks like a braid。
This half-dead Huanglong came ashore,Nearly a hundred feet long,Occupies most of the beach surrounded by gods,Everyone has no time to continue suspicion and hatred,Li Tianzhen quickly took out many small porcelain bottles from the space treasure,Hand it over to a few volunteers、A god proficient in medicine。
Venerable Huo Xing’s injury is not serious,Taking advantage of everyone’s busy schedule,He grabbed Li Tianzhen and sprinted far away。
“After imprisoning Venerable Palmprint,You never come to heaven,Actually have been planning traps、Intentional destruction,Is it so?”Venerable Huo Xing is anxious,The ferocious eyes almost swallowed Li Tianzhen。
“Don’t understand,I have no harm to you。”

Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Three Boring“story”

It’s been another half month since that day,Everything is calm。
Qi Xianwei does rarely come again,Shi Muluo can only see Qi Jingming。
Judging from the attitude of Qi and his son,Zheng Ye seems to keep his promise,Did not tell them that her body had returned to normal activities。
of course,Even if you tell it, it doesn’t matter much,After all, this is just a trivial matter,It doesn’t matter if it is known。
Her real purpose is no longer,I just want to test the relationship between Zheng Ye and the Qi family。
At least the results now tell her,Zheng Ye is not completely loyal。
Although she can’t think of it now,What can be achieved with this information,Besides, given the current situation,Even if she resumes activities,It’s hard to leave here,This information can only be written down temporarily,Use it when it’s useful。
These few days,Qi Jingming always appears next to her instead of Qi Xianwei,
Logically,This man is about a year older than her,There seems to be nothing to fault in his behavior,It’s just that he looks very real in details,The time to enter the room is accurate to the second,Attitude is also a bit routine,with“punch card”There is no difference。
Qi Jingming continued to talk about the past,But Shi Muluo was a little absent-minded,Always look out the window intentionally or unintentionally,Even if you listen to it as a story,What the man next to me said is really boring。
“Take a break,You come every day,Too hard。”Shi Mu Luo said with a gentle smile,“It doesn’t matter if you take a break,I won’t tell Mr. Qi。”
She really doesn’t want to listen anymore,I can only try to stop the opponent in this way。
“you are like,Don’t care about these things……Do not,It’s just that I’m boring……Sorry,I still can’t reach my father’s level。”Qi Jingming saw her thoughts,Speak bluntly。
Although the other party is not a person who is overjoyed,But Shi Mu Luo can still feel the loss in this man’s tone。
She seems to feel something,But still to be confirmed,So he quickly explained。

The more he speaks,The others are confused,That Lei Jiji priest became more convinced,This is the will of God!Because only oracle,Is so obscure,Unpredictable,Mortals need to understand the voice of God,Of course it takes time to digest。

“Temple guard!From now on,You must do your best to protect Lord Wuhao!Even if you dedicate your life,!Understand!”The priest Lei Ji shouted loudly。
“understand!”The temple guards on the side shouted in unison。
Chapter one thousand and ninety seven Customer level
Tianzun God City,Hualixiang Inn。
A whole team of temple guards guarded outside the inn,The dazzling armors on their bodies and the brilliant swords in their hands,Successfully attracted many passersby to stop and watch。
The news that Wu Hao became the favor of the Dragon God went away,Quickly spread among the Tianzun God City,Various forces,All after learning the news,Can’t help but be speechless,Amazed。
To know,The clergy of the Guangming Dragon Temple,Always aloof,Never talk to anyone,The kind that doesn’t even need to give face to the royal children,There were even rumors,Theocracy over imperial power。
of course,People who say this,Should soon disappear within the god city,Never disappeared。
and so,Wu Hao can be the number one seed team,Enter the Temple of Light,And won the title of Dragon God Lovers,This seems to many caring people,This wave of operations is too slippery,They even suspect,All this was planned and arranged by Wu Hao in advance,otherwise,Where did he come from offering sacrifices to the Dragon God,How can you get such an important title?
If all this is unintentional,So there are too many coincidences。
but,This seed race,Wu Hao and their Bai Rimen team,Undoubtedly the biggest winner。