375 Chengdu City, 4 quarters in this year, open recruitment

Original title: 375 Chengdu City This 4-quarter institutions openly recruited, Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau, according to the public, the annual plan arrangement, in accordance with the municipal institutions, in the fourth quarter of 2021, Chengdu Municipal Committee Propaganda Department, Municipal Committee Netition Office, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Sporting Bureau, Municipal Sports Bureau, Municipal Government Research Office, Municipal Federation, Municipal Public Resource Trading Center 9 Markets, Sichuan Tianfu New District, Longquanyi District, Qingbaijiang District, Qucu District, Jianyang City, Dujiangyan City, and the city, 7 districts (city) intended to organize 375 staff members of the public recruitment (examination, assessment, selection).

  Applicants can be used to visit the official website of Chengdu Human Resources and Social Security Bureau (http: //, service → personnel service "business unit recruitment information platform" column) and regional (city) official website to view information on the recruitment unit announcement and position conditions. Appropriate attention should be concerned about the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control requirements in our city, ready to prepare. (Chengdu Daily reporter Wang Xueyi) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Share more people to see.

Carbon-Carbon Carbon and Entrepreneur Forum

  On December 11th, the 2nd Poyang Lake International Watching Week The first forum – Carbon-Carbon Carbon Middle and Entrepreneur Forum held in Nanchang, the theme "to create a green Poyang Lake to promote zero carbon Yangtze River". Participants from the government authorities, research institutes, enterprises, industry associations, exchanged and sharing in the exploration of dual carbon roads on their respective fields.

  This session issued the "Yangtze River Ecological Protection and Repair Green Paper", established the "Alashan See Yangtze River Protection Project", established the "Zero-Carbon Yangtze River Qianlong Action Network", aimed to further promote and strengthen the Yangtze River Basin Ecology Environmental protection, stimulating and promoting multi-party actively participating in the protection and repair of Yangtze River, forming "policy lead, science and technology support, industrial transformation, enterprise development, project floor land" green low-carbon development pattern.

  On the forum, Qiu Shuo Wen, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Forestry Administration, said that Jiangxi has consolidated and enhances forestry carbon removal volume, and fully promotes forest head system, continuously carrying out special actions of violations of forestry resources, strengthen forestry disaster prevention and control, and strengthen forests , Wetland, grassland resources, stable existing forest, wetlands, grassland ecosystem solid carbon effects; carry out land greening operations, implementing forest quality improvement projects, promoting water ecological repair, and continuously enhances forestry carbon supply capacity. Realize low-carbon development, innovation is the core, and companies are the main force.

The representative of the meeting believes that realizing the high-quality development of the Yangtze River economic band, the core of promoting green transformation is through technological innovation to promote energy structure reform, promote the upgrading of industrial structure, and high quality development path. The Forum also released the "Declaration of Poyang Lake", called for more social forces to join the Yangtze River protection, boost the realization of zero-carbon Yangtze Rivers, and greater contributions to the high quality of the Yangtze River economy and sustainable development.

(Wu Yawen reporter Yang Biyu) (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Qiu Wei) Sharing let more people see.

China @ 四 川 | Sichuan Mianyang found a case of new crown pneumonia confirmed diagnosis of Nanjing

  Xinhua News Agency, July 24 (Reporter Dong Xiao) Notified on the 24th, on the afternoon of July 23, in the afternoon of Nanjing City, the high-risk area (return) Mianfang people investigate nucleic acid detection, 1 case of new crown pneumonia The initial sieve of nucleic acids is positive by the Sichuan Mianyang City CDC. The clinical diagnosis is a diagnosis of new crown pneumonia (light type).

  The diagnosis of cases Yang, female, 26 years old, a financial personnel of a company, Huike Road, Wujia Town, Wucheng District, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province.

The case was taken from Nanjing on July 17, arrived in Mianyang on July 18, confirmed on July 23. Mianyang City has launched an emergency plan to implement various prevention and control treatment measures, organize fast streaming, rapid control, and quickly detect.

As of 6:30 on July 24, 191 people have been investigated in close contact, 194 secondary contacts have been implemented, and the management measures have been implemented according to procedures and related prevention and control requirements. At present, 12,345 nucleic acid detection sampling are carried out. 12,345 test results were negative.

  Sichuan Disease Control Department reminded that since July 5, 2021, from Nanjing (returning), the person who has an intersection with Mianyang City confirmed case itinerary, and actively report the relevant situation, and actively cooperates with local Epidemic prevention and control work.


Blessing for technology changes due to innovation (decoding, urban taste)

  Above: Mianyang City scenery. Pu Yue photo: Two marchings of Dun Jiaxian old home. Chen Guangming took Changhong Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park. Pu Yue core reading the yam of the Yangjiang River, the light smoke, the pale tree is Mianzhou.

Historic Sichuan Mianyang City, there is a loud city business card: National Science and Technology City. Here, it was a place where the Republic forged "two bombing a stars" and other weeks, technology newspaper, scientific innovation integrates into urban development genes, strong innovative atmospheres, tolerate open city spirit, release lasting city charm. Open the map, the transition zone of the Northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the transition zone of the Sichuan Basin, the altitude is reduced from 5,000 meters to 300 meters, the Alpine Canyon is getting worse, the hilly flat dam is stretched, and the south of the Lunang River is located. The second largest city in Sichuan Province.

  Mianyang Ancient called "Yixian" "Mianzhou" is the "rich place" that the ancient Shuiguo connects the water and land transportation, history books. As a modern city developed after the founding of New China, Mianyang’s most loud business card is the only national science and technology city approved by the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

  Looking at the science and technology city construction at home and abroad, it is unique to the midian yang in the hinterland of the western region. It can be called unique from geographical position to development.

Here, technology is integrated into the hot newspaper country, and technology is condensed with the heart of the heart.

  Technology newspaper the country, the city’s northwest, the mountains, the mountains, and heavy. Among the mountains, they used to hide and name.

  During the "One Five-Year" period, the country has been laid out in Mianyang, a number of important electronic industrial projects; three-line construction period, a large number of national defense research institutes and backbone enterprises in this land root, including "two bombs" Deng Jiaxian, "Father of Hydro" A group of research workers in Mini is coming.

  Under the Changqing Mountain of the county, the flat Panshan Road will visit the vehicle to bring a quiet courtyard, sunshine, and the wind is low, and only the five big characters of the door quietly tell the past: China’s two bouces. Here is the old site of the China Academy of Engineering Physics Research Institute, the big auditorium, library, Deng Jiaxiang, Wang Yichang’s old home, etc., is a simple red brick building. The exit of the exhibition hall, brushed the eye-catching red slogan on the white wall: dry the sky, and make a hidden surname.

  "Hongyun rushing, shakes the nine, the thousands of nucleus, after the 20 years, the second generation of high boat has passed the bridge", the red writing is strong, deeply embedded in the stone monument, and the deposit is Deng Jiaxian. A team of middle school students who came to visit, in the show, holding the computer, tensile calculation ruler, the aromal showcase, listening to the explanation, stopping the meditation.

  Come to the two bombings to better understand Mianyang. Today, here is the Sichuan Provincial Patriotism Education Base, the national primary and secondary school student research practice education base, there is a large number of visitors every day.

I love the motherland, selfless dedication, self-reliance, hard work, vigorously synergy, and bravely climb the "two bombing" spiritual integration into Mianyang city development. After the reform and opening up, adhering to "Technology is the first productive" concept, Mianyang rely on scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial development, science and technology, Xingki, emerged, and emerges in Changhong color TV products; in 2000, the Party Central Committee, the State Council made a construction Mianyang Science and Technology City Major decision, further release the huge energy of science and technology.

In recent years, Mianyang held an 8th China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City International Science and Technology Expo.

  There is a set of data that is reminded: Mianyang, the total population, all kinds of professional technical personnel, 18 national scientific research institutes, 10 national key laboratories, 5 National Engineering Research Center, national enterprise technology The center has won 64 national scientific and technological progress awards since the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan". Encourage innovation, the city is active. Valid of a strong year.

"Things that have been made abroad" in his mouth are high-end nuclear medicine imaging equipment for tumor screening, medical rounding accelerator.

  Hard work pays off.

On April 24, Mianyang Science and Technology City Nuclear Medicine Summit Forum and the first domestic medical cyclone accelerator Zheng Electronic Drug Preparation Center have been held. After researching research, technology transformation, the results have been incubated, and the state-owned participation, the main team shares Emotion Particle Technology Co., Ltd., the domestic medical cyclotron device produced by the company has been put into clinical use.

The aspiration of scientific researchers in 14 years ago became reality.

  In Mianyang Science and Technology City, there are still many similar innovation stories. Science and technology innovation is considered to be urban development lifeline.

Mining innovation potential, spare no effort; accelerate the transformation, do everything possible.

  According to statistics, Mianyang City Science and Technology Innovation Comprehensive Horizontal Index reached 74%, ranking forefront in the western city. In 2020, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises in the city is 1375. According to the relevant person in charge of the Mianyang Science and Technology Bureau, Mianyang relying on the technical transfer demonstration institution and platform to carry out results transaction conference and innovation activities, forming the scientific and technological achievement docking mechanism of "publishing monthly, quarterly docking, annual competition", nearly 3 years Realization of technical contract registration amount is nearly 4 billion yuan, and nearly 300 scientific and technological achievements have been transformed. Mianyang Wo Si Sikong Co., Ltd. is a national technology-based SME.

Tang Hao, head of the company, is impressed, and in an innovation competition organized by the Science and Technology Bureau, he put a trial-see-see-seek technical problem, and did not expect to come from Southwest. The team of Science and Technology, a team of research institutes "unveiled" and submitted a detailed solution. He experienced a "judge" feel.

  Continuation of innovative genes for the importance of science and technology, Changhong’s Board of Chairman of Sichuan Aiji Technology Co., Ltd. has a deep feelings.

Duan Enchians, 2011, Changhong Group’s electronic tuner shipments ranked forever, but due to the iterative change of industrial technology, the entire team was in the dilemma of the market. The core scientific research team is determined to work hard, win the battle of life and death, and realize the transformation of cable RF technology to wireless radio frequency technology, which has become a global INT network module supplier. Legend of Duan En: "Entrepreneurship is the result of day, land, people and common roles. In Mianyang Science and Technology City, we have deeply understand that technological innovation and change are the lifeline of the company.

"Accessible opening and release of the city’s charm, Jiangjiang water hill flow, light smoke tree is Mianzhou. Mianyang scenery is beautiful, since ancient times is a humanistic gathering place. The Turtle Mountain on the sideline of the Qijiang River, the landmark architecture, the knot, more than a thousand years The literati Yashi will be a poem.

Fighting Turogit, today’s Mianyang Science and Technology City, with a strong innovation atmosphere, tolerate open urban spirit, release lasting city charm.

  Walking on Mianyang, will meet with the history of Science and Technology. From the exit of Mianmian Expressway, there is a red sculpture in the roadside. The middle empty pattern is just the shape of the mushroom cloud when the atomic bomb is exploded. It is also like a key to open the door of science and technology innovation; in Mianyang People’s Park , Deng Jiaxian Memorial Square, Deng Jiaxian bronze statue quietly 伫 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 立 涪City, the lush phoenix tree on both sides of the road witnessed the years of hot years, and the red brick factory has said that entrepreneurship is open and sequel in a city.

Since the 1950s, Mianyang successively implemented projects such as Changhong Machinery Factory, Lishui River Machinery, Huafeng Radio Plant, Lishui Railway Power Plant. After the reform and opening up, he walked from here for well-known enterprises such as Changhong and Jiuzhou. With industrial transformation, some companies start relocation, the original factory has now become a historical and cultural street area showing industrial heritage.

  Mianyang City Cultural Radio and Television and Tourism Bureau, Deng Shizhong, said: "Third-line construction period, a large number of builders come here from Tian Nanhai, from now on, landing roots, while building this city, cast this Spirit of the city: dedication, open, inclusive, equality.

Such a city spirit continues to deepen, enriched, both brilliant past, and unlimited aesthetic future.

"On the Jiuzhou Avenue, located in the city of Jiuzhou, the star building consisting of the white architecture is designed with the star building, which is distributed in Mianyang Science and Technology City Innovation Center, Science and Technology City Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, National High-tech Achievements Release Center. Wait, provide one-stop innovation service for researchers and entrepreneurs. In March this year, Mianyang Science and Technology City New District officially unveiled. At the moment, Mianyang is relying on the high-standard planning construction of Science and Technology City. One way, "Mon," The color back of the word is also like an integrated circuit chip, meaning "the ancient innovation" – as the city identification of Mianyang, cultural inheritance, scientific color, innovative vitality, is this anguang with honor history. For your own awareness, it is also a long time.

(Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing More people see.

China’s iron reservation industry "two learning one to do" innovation party courses to strengthen learning effect

China’s China Iron Real Estate in the process of studying "two students" learning education, the party courses are important ways and ways of "learning to promote", and all units are generally implemented by the Party Organization of the Group’s Party Committee. Speaking, leading cadres take the lead in "unified requirements, combined with their respective actual, innovation, and teaching methods to maximize the learning effect of the educators.

Take advantage of the Internet, Zero-distance teachers Tengzhou, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China Party Courses, putting a courseware in the training column, publishing a training column, laying after class, cadre employees can learn online, regularly check party members’ learning records, pay attention to learning and effect; Beijing company will "learn Do "key content, overall requirements, to solve the various problems, etc. The convenience, interactivity, accompanying characteristics of the emerging media, expand the traditional party class teaching model to mobile phone mobile phone, turn the scene "photo announcement" to "electronic palm", through the "China Rail, Shanghai Party Member" WeChat group, each Weekly pushed "two studies and one" learning education knowledge; Shanghai Investment Corporation "project implements" 100 micro-class "projects, with the Internet, give full play to the advantages of micro-party classes, breaking through learning time and space limitations, with modernization Characteristic enhances education attraction. Teaching and learning position interaction, teaching, the teaching of China, China’s China Railway home is encouraged, organizes ordinary party members to contact itself, use the circumstances, appearing to talk about party courses; Guizhou Company Party Committee organized general party members to talk about party classes, explain their own participation "two learning one" Feelings, understanding of the party constitution, awareness of party members responsible for the first line of the project; Changsha Company’s ordinary party members talked about the party class, combined the essence of "two learning and one" demanded with the job responsibilities, and made a qualified party member and a qualified Combining employees; Xi’an requires all party members to participate in party courses, and score from the four aspects of teaching content, language expression, teaching skills, and on-site effects, and evaluate, and select outstanding party classes. The interaction between teaching and learning, prompting the speaker to take the initiative to learn the party constitution and active learning of the series, and close to the distance between teaching and learning, the atmosphere is more relaxed, the effect is better. Introduction of foreign affiliates, improvement levels, in view of the limited level of internal leading cadres and employees, the limited level of teaching, China’s China Iron and Iron Industries, or the introduction of experts, or cooperate with local party and government organs to carry out partial lesson education.

Shanghai Investment Company Zhangzhou Project is jointly located in Zhangzhou City, Zhangzhou City, Town Construction Headquarters, Zhangzhou Evening News, a total of more than 40 party members and cadres held the "two studies and one" party class, invite local CPPCC leaders to explain the General Secretary of the Popular Secretary on "Mass Route", "Four Winds" Remediation and "Strictly Administer the Party" series of speech, let the party members and cadres who participate in the study further understand the "two studies and one" "learning is the foundation is the key"; Shanghai Investment Company Tengzhou Project All Party members participated in Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province in Tengzhou City "Two Learning and One Do" study education in Dongshahe Town "Sending Party Class to Grassroots" Special Report; 蚌埠 Company invites the Party of the Party School of the Municipal Party School to join all employees to "learn the new party constituency, qualified party members"; Changsha Invited deputy principals from the Party School of Hunan Provincial Party School, enjoy the special analysis of the special allowance expert of the State Council, detailed analysis and interpretation of the revised background of the "Chinese Communist Party ‘s Clean and Self-Lord Regulations", top-level opinion, main content, new change And learning the key links that need to be grasped by the new "Guidelines" and "Regulations". (He Laoxin) (Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).

State Council Education Supervision Office: Establishing a Half Month Notial System for the Implementation of "Double Reduction"

People’s Network Beijing August 11 (Reporter Sun Jing) reporter learned from the Ministry of Education today that in order to urge all localities to implement the "Opinions on Further Reduce Students’ Workload and School Training in Compulsory Education", The Office of the Supervisory Committee has issued special notices, and it is intended to implement the progress of the "double mining" work in various provinces.

"Notice" clearly, from August 30, 2021, before the 15th and 30th, the province was submitted to the implementation of "Double Reduction" work, and the Office of the State Council’s Education Supervision Committee formed a special supervision and half a month after aggregation analysis.

The report focuses on the time of operation time, the post-class service time reaches the school, the discipline training institutions, the violation training advertisement and the investigation and the people’s reporting problem clues. "Notice" emphasizes that in order to increase the efforts of work, the issuance of the issue, the Office of the State Council will establish "double minus" exposure platform, the implementation, implementation, not implemented, or rectified by multiple notifications The typical problem in place is directly exposed directly, and the relevant accountability procedures are launched according to the Education Supervision Accountability Measures. The reporter noted that "double reduction" rules have been released in the near future, and the "double minus" process has been promoted around the training of the school and promotes the quality of the school. As a national pilot city, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Zhengzhou and other places have clearly requested that the training institutional training for summer training institutions will no longer approval the new disciplinary school training institutions for the compulsory education stage.

(Editor: Hao Mengjia, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see.

The 40th Anniversary of the Economic Reference Report is held in Beijing

On October 21, the 40th anniversary of the "Economic Reference News" was held in Beijing.

  On October 21, the 40th anniversary of the "Economic Reference News" was held in Beijing.

The theme of this symposium is "starting from the age of the world."

Xinhua News Agency, He Ping, the Party Secretary, attended the symposium and speaking, the summary of Xinhua News Agency, Fu Hua, deputy secretary of the Party Group, presided over the meeting. He Ping pointed out that "Economic Reference News" is a national comprehensive financial newspaper founded by Xinhua News Agency. In 40 years, it has launched a group of forward-looking, exploratory, reference reports in 40 years. The construction of socialist modernization has provided strong public opinion support.

Since its establishment, the Economic Reference Report has always been reforming the tide head, sang the strong sound of the era; always adheres to the truth from facts, promoting social progress; always courage to pioneer, stand in the frontier of the innovation. He Ping emphasized that as an important part of the Xinhua News Agency, "Economic Report" should adhere to politicians, strengthen "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", learn, Propaganda Xi Ping New Times Chinese Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Posing in the first place, explaining in-depth disclosure of the economic thoughts as the top priority, strengthening political leadership, adheres to entrepreneurship; focusing on the central overall situation; Transformation and upgrading; increase reform, grab the development opportunities; strengthen the construction of the team, cultivate first-class talents, and further strengthen the party’s grid, national and social quality, and better play the main position of the main military main channel.

  Fu Hua pointed out that in 40 years, the new orientation of Huawei, 40 years of spring, standing in the development of the party and national undertakings, "Economic Report" should always follow the socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s new era, propaganda, explain Xi Jinping Economic Thoughts , Enhance the "four awareness", firm "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", firmly grasp the focus of the party and the national economic work, faithful to perform, reflect the act of acting as, strive to create a new situation in the economy, High-spirited, struggle and struggle to open a new journey of building socialist modern countries. The Party Secretary, Chairman of China Changjiang Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Board of Directors, Zhou Yubo, Secretary of the Board of Directors and Directors, and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

They said that "Economic Reference Report" can have more more valuable reports in strengthening technology self-strengthening, green and low-carbon development, and state-owned state-owned enterprises during new historical periods, jointly work together to promote economic and social development. To build a socialist modern country and strive to struggle.

  Zhang Zhanbin, Dean of the Marxist College (National Administrative College), National Development and Reform Commission, said hearmis, said he made a statement. They said that in 40 years, "Economic Reference" has been fully highlighted by its authority, professional, high level, fully highlighting the "World of Welfare People", continuously enhances communication power, guiding, influence and credibility.

In the new journey of the "14th Five-Year Plan", in the new journey of building a socialist modern country, I sincerely wish the Economic References can be based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, and help to build a new development pattern. High levels self-improvement, realizing high-quality development of China’s economy, and constantly satisfying the people’s needs of the people’s needs to create greater glory. The Party Secretary of the Economic Reference Newspaper, the Chief Editor-in-Chief Zhang Chao Text said that "Economic Reference News" has been established in 40 years, and the students who have been brave in the "Red Gene" "National Society", forged the "Shu Bang Ji, high-end reference" " Dare is the characteristics and experience of the public, brave to speak.

In the future, the Paragraces will continue to adhere to the reform and innovation, transforming development mission, and struggling to create new brilliance of the participants in the development of the industry with the mental state of never-offset.

  From the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Transport, the People’s Bank, Audit, the Taxation Administration, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Street: Party Members "Five Course" lights up the masses "mentally"

Original title: Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Street: Party members "Five Course" lights up the masses "Wish" in Kang Jian Street in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and party members are docking the community residents a "mental wish". There is a "mental wish" in the Xinyuan residential area: It is best to monitor your blood pressure every day. After the party members of a Biotechnology Enterprise Party Branch in the community, they donated a new electronic sphygmomanometer for the elderly. Helped the old man said excited: "My wish I didn’t expect to be so fast, I feel very warm!" This is a common street in the central city of Shanghai in a common street in the party members "learning + practice" in the event. A small case.

Cheng Wei, secretary of the Congxian Street Party Work Committee, said "two studies", it is necessary to combine learning and thinking, practical and work, really reflecting "the foundation is learning, the key is doing".

The street party Working Committee combines the upgrade, design and development of "Leisure Engineering", the "Five Course", the "Five Course", the "Five Course", the "Five Class", the "Five Course", the "Five Class", Practical Class and Evaluation Class, and Educational Class. First of all, "micro-party class".

Party Working Committee Center, organ, residential area, "two new" organizations, strive to work hard from the retired party members to create a form of learning.

Short, small, fine "miniature" party classes say people think about it. At the same time, use the "WeChat" party class to "innovate", in WeChat public account, WeChat multimedia, WeChat group, learn to exchange. It is also necessary to "open lessons". At all neighborhood committees in the street, the experienced old secretary started from the case, explaining how to combine theoretical guidance and work practice.

At the same time, open the "Open Class" at the same time, organize party members to visit good experience, good practices, and communicate. It is more important to "demonstrate class", organize the demonstration point of the special organizational life meeting, revisit the party’s swearing ceremony, enhance party’s understanding in the party group meeting, and the party branch meeting to understand the development process. However, more critical is good "practice lesson."

In the street, the party members can say "courses, lessons, classroom homework", which can be said to be both specific and vivid in the "practice class". For example, in the impairment of the base, the "practice lesson" of the contradiction, Enhance the understanding and understanding of the people’s position; in the community family, there is a "practice lesson" in communication and coordination, enhance the responsibility consciousness of "walking hundred doors, solving the worries". "Two schools is doing" is not a wind, and the practice class does not have a result, but also "long-lasting results" on a long-acting platform. In Kang Jian Street, the party members know that "two students do" "five lessons", the last class is "Speaking Class", reviewing party members, reviewing the rectification situation, the purpose is to strengthen "position" Practice, improve the long-term platform of party members "Pioneer Action". At present, the street team leaders, the party members and cadres, and the district party representatives form a team, the monthly timing, the order, and the residential area "Resident Office", master the social situation, solve the social contradiction, and guide the grassroots autonomous, form a "resident point Practical position of direct linkage. In the residential group, the residential party members set up a service team, regularly convene the building committee, the public living office, strengthen the neighborhood communication, directly serve the masses, and do "small things do not go out, do not go out of the building", Form a "building group practice position". Building 29, Building 29, incorporates the elderly in the key service, and established the "Help" team. The 97-year-old residential people Zhu Apo, although I lived in the nursing home, but I was not alone, the party members and neighbors were taken 3 times every month, and chat with her, they sent them to the fruits, pastries, and Meat. The old man said, this kind of concern, I have forgotten my life. The public welfare of party members is further facing the demand for residents. It is condensed with the "nerve endings" in "Lightning and Wish".

(Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai October 17 TV Reporter Li Rong) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Chang Xuemei).

People’s Daily Talk today: Let the city and talents achieve each other

  Recently, two news about talents have triggered a hot discussion. One is, a good express brother is a "Hangzhou High-level Talent"; the other is that a "net red" live broadcast is settled in Shanghai as "special talents". Don’t learn from the degree, and the ability of the hero, just as a netizen said, no matter what kind of occupation, you can use the talent, you can build a job industry.

  Successful standards and the path of completion, never been single. As long as you do a row, love a line, a dedicated line, and a good line, even if it is an ordinary position, even if it is the career of the cold door, you can also fight out a different wonderful.

Express Xiao brother with quality service, winning the user trust, who can say this is easy to achieve? Live anchor is a professional explanation, let more people know if the item is what the goods are what they need, who can say that this doesn’t need the next hard work? They have made their own efforts, both create social value, and achieve the value of life, and get the "courtesy" of the city, and it is also reasonable. There is a saying, "the best relationship between urban and talents is to grow together." Today, the new state is constantly emerging, the new profession has emerged, and the demand for talents is more diverse. We should have more inclusive, and the urban should continue to broaden the road of talents.

This not only allows more people to achieve colorful life, but will also inject more vitality into the city, add more kinetic energy to the development.


When Jingpu stared at the sky in a daze,The lady boss in front of me suddenly looked at Jingpo Road in front of me curiously:

“Son,what happened?”
Fortunately, Jingpu’s Dao heart is stable,After knowing this fact,I didn’t faint without a black eye。
No matter how,I wrote the promised words first.。
Jingpu smiled bitterly:
“Nothing,What word do you want?”
Looking at Jingpu’s sad look,This lady boss feels a little distressed for no reason,But after thinking about it, I’ll talk about business first:
“Pray for peace。”
No matter where it is,Ordinary people,What mortals think of first,Still safe。
Jingpu nodded slightly,Grab the brush,Start writing。
at the same time……
Ling An Anzheng and Chen Pingping rush back to the road of Shen Jianzong。
Chen Pingping is now looking excitedly at Ling An’andao, who has a cold face next to him.:
“Sister An An,The one-hundred-year Wanzong Grand Ceremony is chosen to be held in Our Excalibur,This is such a great thing。”
Ling An’an frowned slightly:“It’s a good thing,But there are many sects in the southern state,The strength of the Divine Sword Sect is just hovering in the middle,If you can’t get good grades,This time I was embarrassed at the door……”
Chen Pingping was taken aback,He pursed his lips and smiled:“No way,Didn’t there be Brother Yeolsun this time?,If Yeolsun is there,,At least 50 people,Still no problem。”
Ling Anan sighed slightly:“Let’s talk about it then,This kind of thing is not something I worry about……”