Zhao Hong smiled and said:“You’re such a fool。When a child grows up,So go to bed and get up early,And you must ensure enough sleep time every day,That looks like you!It doesn’t matter if you don’t sleep for two or three days“

Xia Jian knew he was late,So I took the initiative to talk to everyone,The atmosphere slowly eased。Zhao Hong is eating,Secretly glanced at Xia Jian,Whispered:“What exactly is going on?Don’t you just arrange work??Just a few hours“
“Hi!“Xia Jian sighed helplessly,So he went to Zhangyang Village and told him from beginning to end。Zhao Hongyi listen,But said with a cold smile:”It seems that Ma Chuntao intends to oppose your work“
“I think this is a question of her ideology,Intentional confrontation?Why she did this?“Xia Jian asked a little puzzled。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Think about it yourself!Isn’t the lice on this bald head obvious??You still pretend not to know,Is this interesting?“Zhao Hong finished,And began to clean up the dishes。
Sun Yuejuan glanced at Xia Jian,Lower your voice and say:“You better stay away from this Ma Chuntao,She is not a peaceful woman at first glance。A woman in her thirties,Not guarding a home,And live apart from her husband。Who does she think she is?Really a drop in price“
Sun Yuejuan was a little angry and said to Ma Chuntao。Xia Jian looked blank,He can’t figure it out。How could my mother complain so much to Ma Chuntao,It stands to reason that this doesn’t match up。
Some things are better to say less,Xia Jian glanced at his tired father Xia Zecheng,said laughingly:“dad!are you tired!Then rest early,I have to go up the mountain tomorrow!“
“Damn!This is really not forgiving of age!Why did you want to climb this mountain back then?!okay,Talk slowly,I have to rest early“Xia Zecheng finished,Got up and left。
Sun Yuejuan glanced at Zhao Hong, who was packing up the dishes in the kitchen,I lowered my voice and said to Xia Jian:“Jianer!Don’t be annoying。We can’t do things like this,You and Zhao Hong can’t do this forever!I have to give someone an explanation。I understand the child’s mind,But we can’t do this“
Mention it,Xia Jian was in a mess。Anyway, he still doesn’t want to get married,He doesn’t want marriage to restrain him。Although it’s 30 people,But he always feels that he hasn’t played enough。
“child!Male big married,Women’s University,Everyone has to experience this。You said Zhao Hong has such good conditions,It’s not very casual to want to marry。She has been so single,Mother is embarrassed to see people when she goes out“Sun Yuejuan said,Took a long breath。
Xia Jian thought about it and wanted to ask:“mother!What do you mean?My son listens to me“
“Hi!Mother is not a naive person。Marriage matters are not the same,Once together,Be responsible to the other party to the end。Mother doesn’t understand what love you young people are talking about,But mother knows,If you have this person in your heart,Then you are responsible to her。Understand?”Sun Yuejuan left after saying this。
Xia Jian sat quietly for a while,Until Zhao Hong turned off the light in the kitchen,He hurriedly stood up,Follow Zhao Hong out。
Do not know what is the reasons of that,Black in the sky,What is even more undesirable is that the street lights in the village are not on.。in the dark,Xia Jian took two steps,He gently grabbed Zhao Hong’s hand。

“I feel like being drugged”Captain Dong said solemnly。

His voice just fell,Shouted another policeman scouting the living room:“team leader!Here is a letter”
Captain Dong listened,Yelled:“bring here”
Captain Dong is in front of Wang Lin,Opened the letter,See it says:“Mr. Xiao, we picked it up,No one is looking for。I wanted to take Mr. Xia with me,Can think again,He is worthless,Bringing him will add a burden。Tell Xia Jian,We can only negotiate with him about this,Don’t involve the police,Otherwise disadvantageous,Li Xiaolu”
On a page,Just a few words,Once Wang Lin finished reading,I was paralyzed on the sofa,She muttered involuntarily:“Manager Xiao!I killed you”
Captain Dong sat down,Asked quietly:“Who is this Li Xiaolu??”
“I got a babysitter from the housekeeping company”Wang Lin said weakly。
At this moment,Another policeman came in and said:“team leader,Camera on the door,The shooting time was fixed at ten o’clock yesterday morning,And there is a black dog in the backyard,Seems to have been drugged,Sleeping till now”
“it is good!Look for more useful clues in which nanny’s room”Captain Dong said,Stood up。
Wang Lin took a breath and said:“Captain Dong,What should we do next?”
“Don’t worry, Mr. Wang,This case can now be characterized as a kidnapping case,Mr. Xiao is not in any danger right now,What we have to do now is,Wait for them to show up,The other party will definitely ask”Captain Dong said with a serious face。
Wang Lin thought for a while and said:“Since they left the letter to not let you participate,You can only act in the dark,And also block the news of Mr. Xiao being kidnapped,I’m afraid that others have other intentions”
“understand,We know what to do,But you must stay calm,As if nothing happened”Captain Dong finished,And took the police away。
Fang Fang just came here,She asked quietly:“President Wang!Is Xiao always kidnapped by Li Xiaolu??”
“She should be right,Let’s take Xiao Hei to the pet hospital,Then go see Mr. Xia!remember,I can’t tell the task person about this”Wang Lin said coldly。This is a strong woman,For a while,She has adjusted her state back。
When Xia Jian opened his eyes,Found myself lying on a hospital bed,And also put a needle,He hasn’t recovered for a long time,What’s wrong?
Is it dreaming?its not right!The sun is shining outside the window,And from time to time there is the sound of car horns on the road,Xia Jian slowly recalled,When he remembered the scene last night,The whole person is stupid。
Is it true that Li Xiaolu gave me something??Seems something wrong,But he can’t tell what’s wrong,He doesn’t remember anything anyway。

And the man practicing boxing,Very common name,Last name Li,A single name。

Sixteen years ago,Li Ming failed the college entrance examination,Enter a college。I thought this life would just pass,But had no intention of being discovered by a teacher of his talent in fighting。
Li Ming was introduced to a boxing master。And this grandmaster damn it,Mr. Zhang Ruoyuan from the Southern School of Xingyi Quan。
He followed the teacher to practice boxing,Suddenly five years have passed。
Li Ming five years later,But already reborn,Fist and fight to achieve the so-called‘Dark energy’level,If this strength is placed in the folk martial arts circle, it is quite powerful.,If you go further, you can be called a master。
Since he is already a master in boxing,Li Ming is also more arrogant to challenge masters around the world。However, in an accidental encounter,He clashed with some masters in the U.S. military,Unfortunately he was seriously injured,Had to stay alone in Australia。
Finish boxing,Had breakfast,Li Ming is thinking about going outside,See if you can have a girlfriend like the old chief said—Now discharged,I guess the country can’t count on sending a wife,Still think again?
But a dribble interrupted his thoughts。
Li Ming took the gun and put the notebook on the table,Click on a chat icon,One resemblesQQpenguin,But just similar software—This is specially written by a programming expert in the martial arts circle,Instant chat software for internal communication。
Open the software icon,A line of text appears on the display
“Xiao Ming,reply received”
“Xiao Ming,Reply to urgent matters”
“Xiao Ming Xiao Ming,Isn’t it already killed?,Reply without dying”

Xia Jian looked back at this small courtyard,I have a lot of emotion in my heart。What kind of person is this Lin Sanniang??Xia Jian still couldn’t let go。Is it because they have a love in bed??Xia Jian didn’t know clearly。

The ice on the road is melting faster,The speed of the car has also increased。Xi Zhen suddenly looked back at Xia Jian and said:“President Xia!Does boss Lin know that we are leaving?,She arranged for the waiter in advance,As soon as i go in,They didn’t count,Gave me the order directly”
“may be!You didn’t see her?”Xia Jian asked softly。
Xi Zhen shook her head and said:“No,I also asked,The waiter said she didn’t know,It feels like no one。Did you go out in the middle of the night and didn’t come back?“
“should be。Han Juan can speed up,Wait tillHS,Xi Zhen went to give us some food。Han Juan find someone4Sshop,Fit this car with a pair of snow chains“Xia Jian said,I closed my eyes。Westbound this time,He always feels uneasy,I don’t know where the problem is,He can’t tell。
Where the Big Ben passes,Splashes flying with ice cubes,Xia Jian sitting in the car,Tight nerves,Such a road,It’s a bit dangerous to run so fast。
“President Xia!You can sleep peacefully for a while! I have experience in this area,When you wake up,We’re thereHSUp“Han Juan may have seen Xia Jian’s anxiety in the mirror,She said with a smile。
Xia Jianyi listen,Then I closed my eyes reassuringly。Because the heating is on in the car,So in a short while,Xia Jian really fell asleep,In a trance,Xia Jian don’t know how long it has been。
“President Xia!We have arrivedHSUp“Xi Zhen’s cheerful cry,Woke up Xia Jian from his sleep。
The car has parked downstairs in a big hotel,Xia Jian suddenly felt like he was in another world。
A few hours ago,At a glance, there are all bare mountains,It’s the adobe house,And now it’s all a building,And the people passing by,The mental outlook is also very different。
Xia Jian stretched,He opened the car door and jumped down。Arrived at the lobby,Xi Zhen opened two rooms first,Then I went to the restaurant on the third floor with Xia Jian。When they go down,Han Juan is already sitting there waiting for them。
Xia Jian ordered several hard dishes,Then I ordered red wine。Three people ate very happily,Stay in town these days,Regardless of living,Still eating,Somewhat undesirable,Arrived in the city at once,They became excited all at once。
“President Xia!It seems that this heavy snow has never arrivedHS,There is no ice on the road,So I guess there should be no snow on the way to Melanz”Han Juan is eating vegetables,Whispered。
Without waiting for Xia Jian to speak,Xi Zhen knocked on the table and said:“remember!Xia Ge,Stop calling Mr. Xia”Han Juan spit out her tongue,Then I remembered that she made another low-level mistake。
“So much the better,Everyone have a good rest tonight,Let’s leave tomorrow morning。I believe that tomorrow’s day will be a very hard day。How about this!I’ll drive as soon as I get out of the city,When the road is bad,You two rotate again“Xia Jian was eating and drinking,While arranging work。
As soon as the meal is finished,Xi Zhen and Han Juan went to work separately。Xia Jian looked at his watch and it was only three o’clock,Then left the door,He wants to go out and see this western city,Is there any difference。
Tall buildings,Some are still in semi-finished state。Street is very spacious,Seems to be newly repaired。It’s a pity that there are few vehicles on the road,Make this spacious road look a bit empty。

NS151chapter:Before speaking,Think about the consequences first

Blue Xin laughs:“Mother,Yes you can,Xiao Jun is very sensible,I’m going to work,He will be very embarrassing alone at home.。”
“That line,Waiting for Xiao Jun,Mom is telling you time,Blue, you go home early,Drink less wine,Mom is not around you,You have to take care of yourself。”
“it is good!Mother!”
immediately,Receipt,Blue Xin is very happy,Xiaojun is coming with her first.。
Lan Xin is going to go anywhere to walk,She is just right,A cup of wine is stunned in her body。
“what!”Su Seiming, not far away, suddenly。
That people splashing,Is the daughter of Wang,This woman is usually arrogant,Tonight, this is to pull your teeth in the tiger.?
Blue Xin’s side,Looking at the enchanting woman,A charming wavy curly hair,Draw a delicate makeup,A pair of light looks at Blue Xin,It is disdain and contempt!
“This lady,You put alcohol on me,What means?”Blue Xin is cold,Bright eyebrows,Hidden hidden anger。
Several women around the surrounding fashion,Slowly。
Jiang Jing is also in it.,Looking at Blue Xin。
Yi Tianqi, not far away,I saw this scene.,Also get up to Blue Xin。
Wang Hao satirically:“Pilot is your happiness,Sacross,Don’t look at what weighing yourself?”
Blue Xinyi,Also cold and smile,It is Lu Haozheng that she has suffered her.。
She slightly,Looking at Wang Wei,Between the eyebrows,Haunting a cold,Tone is more sarcatic than Wang Wei:“Then what is your goods??In front of everyone’s face,Don’t share the shame of the green soap?You can only be this kind of goods.。”
“you”Wang Wei was instantly suffered a red neck,Anger and embarrassing。
This woman is not a background in front of the background,The courage is so big,Dare to humiliate her?
“I warn you,You’d better give me a little bit,Otherwise I have your good look.。”Wang Wei is more and more arrogant,Wait, then,She must make Blue Xin look good。
“I have no breakdown,I have no sin you,Instead, you are splashing a wine。
This lady,In front of everyone’s face,You are saying,Where did I miss??”Blue Xin knows that the other family is certain,But she is not afraid。
“Humph!shameless,You hook the total,Sin of sin,Your low woman,What qualifications are with him??”Wang Hao high-spirited,A arrogant warning is Blue Xin。
“hehe”Blue Xin suddenly laughed,Silvely light,A flash。
She smiled and asked:“This lady,I am not eligible,You are eligible,Then you stand with him.?
but,You are the director of the invested Lands Group,Also in the shame,Is this really good??”Cold tone is not big,But can make everyone listening。
She kicked the ball back to Lu Haozheng,Not afraid that he does not pick up。
Wang Wei’s face change,Fright,A face,Anger:“When will I insult land??Don’t be able to buckle your hat?”
“Yes?I as the design director of the Group,Trouble in a banquet with the land,It’s normal.。
Then,People in Jiangyou understand the total,I can easily seduce?
Miss,Before speaking,Think about the consequences first。”Blue Xinye is cold,Low calm,Although every word is just stepped on Wang Hao’s heart.。
NS152chapter:This child,Not easy

NS152chapter:This child,Not easy

Jin Yimei sighed and said:“Just be fine when you come back,So much work is all on Mr. Xia alone,He will really collapse”

“Nothing,I think he was a famous steel man back then,A well-known workaholic in the industry。But the current situation is more complicated than before。Especially our competitors,One is stronger than one。This bidding,Fortunately, Xia always came up with such a good strategy for joint bidding,But I always feel that we are not strong enough”
Wang Lin whispered to Jin Yimei。
Jin Yimei nodded and said:“On strength,If we separate, we really have no advantage at all,But united together,From the current situation,Our bidding advantage is still slightly obvious。But not the last step,Others won’t show their cards”
“you’re right,Especially Zhou Li’s Lilong Group。It has an overseas back,We can’t investigate the ins and outs of some funds”
Wang Lin was talking,I wrote a big week on the paper with a pen。
Jin Yimei sighed and said:“If we can unite with an overseas qualified company to form three joint companies,The odds of winning are greatly increased”
“Your idea is really good,But for a while, I couldn’t find such a company.。Moreover,Once united,Let’s drink this cup again,Really reluctant”
Just when Wang Linzheng and Jin Yimei were talking about bidding,Xia Jian cleaned up and walked out of the bedroom。He smiled embarrassedly and said:“I made a plan last night,Sleep too late”
“I urge them to clean up faster,When the new office is ready,Let’s hire people immediately,Continue like this,Don’t say it’s us meat people,You steel guys can’t support it”
Jin Yimei laughed。
Xia Jiangang sat down,Wang Lin first poured him a cup of hot water。Xia Jian took a sip and said:“How about this!Before the bidding is over,Our unanimous tone to the outside world is that Wang Lin was invited by me to help,This will paralyze the opponent”
“it is good!Actually I think so too。After getting these two bids,Let’s reorganize,Do whatever you want,This matter is currently handled as Mr. Xia said”
Jin Yimei immediately expressed her opinion。To know,Jin Yimei is now the vice president,What she said also has a certain weight。
Wang Lin nodded,She has no objection to this。After Xia Jian arranged some important tasks for Jin Yimei,Then I went downstairs with Wang Lin。

Everyone was finally persuaded by Ma Chuntao and Li Xiangye,Then they dispersed。Xia Jian saw that it was more than five o’clock in the afternoon,I still eat instant noodles at the Xiping Village Committee for my lunch,I’m a little hungry now,He has to go home and eat a full meal。

Xia Jiangang walked into the yard,Li Xiangye chased up from behind,She whispered:“Mayor Xia!Take a step to speak“
Xia Jian was taken aback,Then stopped,Followed Li Xiangye to a house next to the village committee office。The moment Li Xiangye pushed open the door,Xia Jian was a little surprised。He remembered that it was like a utility room,But now it’s pretty clean,And also put a bed。
The bedding on the bed is neatly arranged,At the corner of the bed,Xia Jian also saw some women’s clothes。This means that someone lives here,And it’s still a woman。
The big iron stove in the house is steaming,There are pots and pans on the small table next to it。Just when Xia Jian was watching,Li Xiangye closed the door gently。
“Mayor Xia, please sit down!“Li Xiangye said softly。
The fog in Xia Jian’s head,What does Li Xiangye want to do??Wouldn’t it be here to invite him to dinner?!Xia Jian thought this way,Twisted and sat on the edge of the bed。
“what do you mean?What brought me here?You live here?“Xia Jian asked very puzzled。
Li Xiangye sighed and said:“not me,Is our village head Ma Chuntao,She has lived here for two months。You see the new year is coming soon,What do you think of her living here,After all, there are children at home“
“wait,Can you be more detailed,I was stunned by you“Xia Jian shook his head and smiled。
Li Xiangye lowered his voice and said:“Chuntao had a fight with her husband two months ago,I moved here when I got angry。Later, many of us persuaded her,But she just doesn’t listen“
“Damn!There shouldn’t be much trouble between husband and wife,As the saying goes,Just move back to live,Can still live here for a lifetime“Xia Jian sighed and said。
Li Xiangye glanced at Xia Jian,Whisper:“Don’t you know how much Ma Chuntao hates her husband,I don’t know who he heard from outside,That Chuntao can be the village head,Is the place to sleep with someone“
“Bastard stuff,How can you doubt Ma Chuntao so much?。You said you cadres,Don’t persuade this bastard thing,This and that。Who do you sleep with?!Is there evidence?”Xia Jian angrily questioned。
Li Xiangye glanced at Xia Jian,Whisper:“Mayor Xia!It seems that you alone do not know this,Don’t be angry when I tell you!”

A nurse left and cleaned Chai Jinxiong’s body,Another nurse pushing a wheelchair,Follow Tu Qinqin,Out of the ward。

It seems that they have become accustomed to the grassroots lives here,Used to it。
The wheelchair was pushed out of the ward,The air outside is fresh and humid,Full of the unique breath of vegetation。
Lu Menglin looked at the scenery that appeared in front of him,Can’t help being stunned。
“What the hell is this place?Am I no longer on Hong Kong Island?wrong!It doesn’t seem to be domestic!How long did I faint in this coma??Where was it taken again?”
No wonder Lu Menglin will have repeated questions,Because what appeared in front of me was a jungle,Typical tropical jungle。
The presence of this large piece of rubber forest in front of us is very telling。
Now Lu Menglin finally knows,Why did you hang coconut water for yourself in the ward?,This place is in the deep mountain and old forest,Birds don’t shit,Off the beaten track,Simple conditions,Where’s the medicine?
Even the so-called small hospital behind,It’s just a temporary ward built by a few slab houses.。
The three followed the path,Through a rubber forest,A huge hole about ten meters in diameter appeared in front,A few dilapidated mine carts piled up at the entrance of the cave,A group of ragged workers are gathering at the entrance of the cave,Ready to enter the hole。
It looks like this is a big mine,I just don’t know what mine was mined,And Lu Menglin can clearly see it,The mining conditions here are very bad,Not as good as domestic black coal kilns。
Except for a very simple wooden bracket at the entrance of the hole,To prevent cave-in,Hardly any modern machinery can be seen here,There are only tools such as mine carts and the spade in the hands of workers。
This scene,It reminds Lu Menglin of mining in the legendary game,And the famous mining song。
“Noon on hoeing day,Mining is really hard,Planed all copper,Purity is five。”

At eleven noon,Lord Chen is here,As soon as I entered the Nakato room, I found someone on his seat,It’s Chen Wenjin,Just ask strangely:“Why did you run here?Wasn’t it a new seat opened yesterday??”

“It’s a little closer to getting water and going to the bathroom。”Chen Wenjin said。
Father Chen saw that beauty in Sanshui City,Said hello with a smile:“Xiaohong,How about the stock these two days?”
“Good Brother Chen,The stock I bought hasn’t improved,I just came to have a look and left。”Xiaohong answered and said:“Your son really looks like you,Very handsome。”
“child,Don’t understand,Said he was interested in stocks,It’s okay to think about letting him exercise,I’m idle during holidays,I simply gave him a seat。Xiaohong teaches him more when he has time,He won’t,I haven’t bought a share yet,Isn’t that a waste of money when it is idle??”Lord Chen finished,Meow,Look inside, the seats next to Xiaobai are still vacant,Just say:“I look inside。”
Chen Wenjin casually agreed,Keep sleeping,Can’t wait to sleep till tomorrow morning,You don’t have to endure the pain of spending the same day repeatedly。
So squinted till half past eleven,Lord Chen came over and called him to eat together,Say hello to Xiaohong:“Market closed,Have lunch together??”
“No more,Brother Chen, you go first,I will see,I have nothing to watch this afternoon。”Xiaohong just finished,Xiaobai comes out,Just say:“What did Uncle Chen eat for lunch??”
“Nothing good for two,Xiaobai go together?If we are together, let’s go to the side for lunch。”Master Chen’s invitation, Xiaobai directly accepted,So Lord Chen called the first brother of technology:“Technology brother,Let’s have noon tea together,The three of us can’t eat much,Crowded。”
“I’m not welcome to treat Uncle Chen。”Technology One accepted the invitation。
Chen Wenjin feels speechless,Master Chen has no such plan,Obviously a temporary intention。
Chen Wenjin sees Lord Chen’s polite appearance in front of others,It’s all about being tolerant,Peace of mind,Never get angry,Understand others……Chen Wenjin couldn’t help thinking that his father was noisy at home,The couple had a little quarrel for three days and a loud quarrel for five days.,Can’t help but feel that this is a true portrayal of boasting,but,It’s impossible for Master Chen to expose its shortness outside……Think about,He has nothing to say,Just eat his chicken feet。
Xiaobai sees Chen Wenjin wiped out six chicken feet alone,Can’t help but say in surprise:“Xiao Chen, you like chicken feet so much?I haven’t seen anything else how you move your chopsticks。”

When Xiang Chen spoke,Put his thumb on Zhou Ziyi’s throat,The serious expression has not diminished。

“I’m not good at strategizing calculations,I don’t know much about business wars,But I am very good at beheading!”
Xiang Chengzymt.Speak very calmly,No exaggerated display,But it makes people afraid to question whether what he said is true or not。
Looking at Xiang Chen now,Cai Kunpeng really wants to tell him that you are bluffing!But recalling Zhou Ziyi’s evaluation of Xiang Chen,Cai Kunpeng did not dare to bet on the authenticity of his own judgment。
It suddenly occurred to me that there was a bodyguard arranged by myself,It stands to reason that Xiang Chen should not be allowed to come in so easily,Think carefully,Cai Kunpeng had to warn Xiang Chen in a soft tone,“Don’t mess around!”
“Are you trying to use me as a sharpening stone for your girl?”
Zhou Ziyi’s face doesn’t change,Even though it seems that his life is already in Xiang Chen’s hands,He still doesn’t mean to be soft。
“Not a girl!My daughter is also the shopkeeper!Is a wife!”
Xiang Chen smiled and patted Zhou Ziyi’s ass again,Then before Qu Tianyi falls into his position,Already jumped to the door。
Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Five arrangement
Xiang Chen jumped to the door,Looking back at Zhou Ziyi, who was still lying on the bed,The smile on my face seems to be saying:Qu Tianyi can’t protect you,It’s not easy to take your life?
“Remember to be honest,Don’t play tricks,Otherwise, the three old men will gather together,I can’t protect you!”
Hearing the voice, Xiang Chen has ran far away,The voice floats far away,Let Zhou Ziyi hold the sheet in front of him。
The last slap left by Xiang Chen,So Zhou Ziyi’s painful tears came out,Uncontrollably raised his head and chased Xiang Chen to curse the street,But look around,Where is Xiang Chen’s shadow?
Silently cursed an international common language,In the end, Zhou Ziyi resisted all the pain alone。
Qu Tianyi stood beside Zhou Ziyi,The old man’s face is ashen,I have my own seat here,Was also taken advantage of by this Xiang Chen,How can we not make people feel indignant??