The Emergency Management Department approved Comrade Chen Jianjun as a martyrs

People’s Network Beijing November 17 (Reporter Hao Ping, Li Yihuan) Journalists learned from the Emergency Management Department Comrade the firefighters Chen Jianjun as a martyrs. At 10:14 on November 12, there was a woman in the fourth floor of the old farm Basketball Basketball Basketball Farm, and the Shengshan Road Fire Rescue Station of the Mengcheng County was present. Comrade Chen Jianjun took the initiative to ask and responsible On-site rescue.

At 11:4, the generous woman was very excited. Suddenly there was a jumping, and Comrade Chen Jianjun did not care about personal safety, and quickly implemented emergency rescue. During the rescue process, the rescue was invalid and sacrificed. After the sacrifice of Chen Jianjun, the Emergency Management Department mainly responsible comrades demanded a good job of pensioning, and said condolences to Comrade Chen Jianjun, and sent a working group to Mengcheng County, Zhangzhou City, and guided the good post. Chen Jianjun, male, Han nationality, born in July 1997, Huainan City, Anhui Province, the CCP preparatory party members, participate in fire protection work in September 2014, three-level firefighters fire rescue, have won 2 times of excellent soldiers and 2 times, participate All kinds of fire fighting rescue battle more than 1,300 times, and nearly 100 people in evacuation rescued trapped people.

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