Strengthen the power of the Far East, the Russian Pacific Fleet will receive 4 new nuclear submarines

955A strategic nuclear submarine According to the "Today Russian" website The 955A strategic nuclear submarine and 2 885m-type attack nuclear submarines responsible for the intercontinental ballistic missiles.

These four new nuclear submarines will be deployed in the Kamchatka Peninsula Victory, which is used to strengthen the power of Russian navy in the far East, strengthen the deterrence of the United States.

"The God of the North Wind" dispatched the 955A strategic nuclear submarine was the latest model of the gods strategic nuclear submarine family in the north wind, and the cornerstone of the Russian strategic nuclear force.

In the event of Yeltsin, Russia re-confirmed the important position of nuclear weapons in national security strategy, and the strategic nuclear submarine responsible for nuclear counterattacks was re-received. In 1996, Russia started to build a god-level strategic nuclear submarine of the North Wind, a code 955. Russia plans to build eight nuclear submarines, and after the first three buildings, the ranking is improved, and the model is also changed to 955A.

At the end of 2019, the 955A strategic nuclear submarine took service.

Compared with the top three 955 strategic nuclear submarines, the 955A strategic nuclear submarine adopts more new technologies and new equipment, known as "the real ‘north wind". This level of boat uses digital electronic technology equipment to replace the early analog electronic technology equipment, improve work efficiency; use improved pump spray promotion technology, improve overall mute performance; adopt new muzzle materials and improve the laying method, further reduce the boat noise Horizontal; resetting the sideboard passive sonar arrays, enhances submarine information perception.

The maximum change in the 955A strategic nuclear submarine is to cancel the back full flow cover (commonly known as "turtle back"), while it is completely placed in the boat originally covered by the intercontinental ballistic missile covered by the rectifier cover. According to Russian "Red Star TV Station", the 955A strategic nuclear submarine is 10,000 tons of water drainage, more than 955 strategic nuclear submarines, and 16 "round hammers" intercontinental ballistic missiles are equipped.

This is a solid fuel-three-level ballistic missile that can carry 6 to 10 specified nuclear warheads with a range of more than 8,000 kilometers.

Due to the design of the derived multi-warhead design, and the meniscovers have a strong sense of overactive performance, which is extremely difficult to prevent defense. Russia attaches great importance to the north wind god-level strategic nuclear submarine. Russian President Putin has made it: "Even if the Kremlin is sold, it will create a new generation of submarines in time. Except for the first rider, the current 955A strategic nuclear submarine is at least at least 955A strategic nuclear submarines. There are four ships, and the nuclear submarine for the North Fleet and the Pacific Fleet will be deployed in the future. "Deep Sea Killer" escorted reported that there were 2 885m attack nuclear submarines with 2 955A strategic nuclear submarines. The 885m type is Russia’s 4th Agency-level attack nuclear submarine family main, and Russia is a silent submarine designed for the US Virginia-level attack nuclear submarine. The boat fully exceeds Russia other attack nuclear submarines in the sustain depth, mute performance, and sides of the strait. According to Russian "shipbuilding" magazine, the 885M type attack nuclear submarine is 121 meters long and the drainage is 10,000 tons, and the titanium alloy double (withstand voltage) housing is designed to penetrate the polar ice layer. The biggest subtleties of the taine exceed general attack nuclear submarines, making the enemy detection equipment difficult to track positioning.

The 885m attack nuclear submarine mainly assumes anti-submarine, anti-ship and landing of landing tasks.

The main anti-submarine weapon is the 8 most common tilapia launcher on both sides of the hull, which can transmit the UGST-80, UGST-90 model torpedo and anti-submarine missiles.

UGST-80 fish thundermach, launch weight ton, 300 kg of warhead, 30 sections of speed, 25 kilometers to 40 kilometers, 500 meters depth of war.

UGST-90 torpedo the largest combat depth of 650 meters. In addition, there are 8 missile vertical emission devices after the housing of the podium, up to 3 missiles in each transmitting device, the maximum installation of 24, mainly used to transmit anti-ship missiles, land attack cruise missiles and high speed missile.

At present, the 885m type attack nuclear submarine is already served in the "Kazan", and completed the test test of new cruise missiles such as "zircon" high supersonic missile and "caliber" "缟 agate". The second boat "New Siberia" will be delivered to the Russian Navy this year.

In addition, there are 6 ships that are being built. Creating 4 nuclear submarines of "Far East Barrill" will greatly enhance the underwater combat power of the Russian Pacific Fleet.

Analysis believes that these four nuclear submarines will be deployed in the Kamchatka Peninsula Wei Liu Shi Chile Base.

Here is the largest submarine base built in the Cold War during the Cold War, and dozens of submarines are deployed at this time. Wihuchnesk submarine is built, and the Su Jun chisted the granite hills on the island, and reinforced with reinforced concrete, internal construction of the cave dock.

A series of jobs such as submarine repair, bulk, and sailing are completed in the cave, from the water, and the concealedness is extremely strong.

Russian media reported that the base number 825CTS, the relevant command, residence, training and accessory facilities deployed from 50 meters to 100 meters, and 7 nuclear submarines can be deployed at the same time, store a large number of food, and have a perfect ventilation and purification system. For the relevant personnel to live for 3 years.

Around the Wei Liuchnsk submarine base, the Russian Navy has also built a number of "fortress waters" for ensuring strategic nuclear submarine launch tasks.

In order to ensure the safety of these waters, the Russian army sent a large-scale anti-submarine that sent a self-attacking nuclear submarine to prevent underwater escaping, and responded to the penetration of the enemy’s attack nuclear submarine. With the joining 955A strategic nuclear submarine and the 885m attack nuclear submarine, the Russian Pacific Fleet will be more focus on the US strategic nuclear deterrence, and its attack nuclear submarine can even be out of the Pacific, with the US nuclear submarine.