Sichuan Temple Temple

Lavender planting base harvest season.

The Songpan County Committee Propaganda Department is a long history of Tugawa. It is known as the northbest crossroads of Chuanchuan. Red culture, folk culture, religious culture, Jiangyuan culture converging this, is a township town in the country in the country, is a national 4A-level tourist scenic spot, Sichuan specialty town and Sichuan Provincial Wenxi Town.

Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan, "Zhuo Tang Gongba" is the first area in Aba Prefecture. In the first 263 BC, the Qin and Han dynasties were settled in this period. Dam Village. The Sichuan Temple has passed the name to commemorate the Temple of the King, Liu Wei, was named here.

The Temple Town, Sichuan, is located in the north of Songpan. This intersection, Sichun Airport, Sichuan Province Second Port Airport Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport is located in the town area. The town is the "Northeast Tourism Economic Zone" determined by the "Aba Prefecture City System Plan", which is also the "Northeast Boutique Cultural Tourism Demonstration Belt", which is the first five conferences of the State Committee, which is an important town along the Nine Ring And the State Tourism Service and Airport Logistics Center, is also an important tourist aviation port and tourism service base. At present, Chengshilan Railway Construction Project (Chengdu-Huasheng Guan Duan) enters the comprehensive sprint phase, "Chuawen Expressway" opened, "Highway" "Iron Road" "Aviation" three-line upgrade will firmly laid the Lord The status of the traffic in the temple in the northwest of Temple Town. (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see client downloads.