Listening to the deer people talking about her daughter,Mao Dongzhu also loosened,Originally she is expected,Although my daughter is very likely to be ruled,She also can’t say it.,But it will definitely be persecuted after the fake……

After the time being saved,I also heard that Jianning Princess is married to Pingxi Wangfu.,Mao Dongzhu is still worried,But these obviously can’t talk to Kangxi。
Now listen to this deer,Mao Dongzhu put a lot of half,What is afraid of Pingxi King and the court,See this relationship,It will not be difficult to build.?
Chu Deer did not think,I saw a good play I have.,Fool“Pick”To the red flag《Forty-two chapters》。
Now there are five fragments in your hands.,Just like Murong Jiu,You can put together the fragmentation of eight!
Chu Deer did not think,Just May 12,Murong Jiu has arrived at Beijing——Originally on May 15th,It is the estimate of Chu Deirers.、Murong 9 after the message,Days coming at full speed。
Looking at the Murong, the dust servant,Chu Deirers also feel,Human potential is really unlimited……
“With red flag,Is it found??”After Murong, I saw the Chu Deirers.,The first sentence asked the book。
“Clue,Sheepskin debris I have found it.。”Chu Debans truth。
“Why haven’t there a clue?……what?found it?”Murong Jiu Wen said with a highlight,I am busy making the Chu Deiren.,She wants to start fighting。
Chu Deirers will give her fragment first.,After that, Murongjiu is fighting,Chu Deirers asked:“if……I am saying that if,You got the Northeast Dragon,What can I do??After the clearance,The overall situation is from,Outside people don’t hide,Almost all are Manchurians,The family of Xiangbei people will not buy。”
“In the future。”Murong Nine does not lift,Simple and rude reply。
“Cough,In fact, I have a good way.。”Chu Deer said with temptation。
“any solution?”Murong nine did not take a sentence,Take a look,Afterwards:“Don’t touch my legs,Fight!”After the end of the finish and bowed。
“If the Dragon is successful,Can give me a big brother to absorb!”Chu Deiren’s tone is very constructive。
“Oh。”Murongjiu started not to pay attention,After that, he fierce:“what?”
“I think,If you can get a dragon pulse,That is still handed over to my big brother,Can play the effect……Side, even if you got the Dragon End,It is impossible to be invincible——Human time,If you are not convinced by Manchu,Even the enemy,Cannot be called outside。”
“Instead of you……When Nan Shaolin,You will go to your big brother,Now you still……no!”Murong Jiu resolutely opposed。
“I haven’t finished it yet.,Treasures in other dragon veins,We are definitely pulling it back.,And wait for the big brother to take the town of Manchuria……In fact, I still have other ideas.。”
Sure enough, Murong Jiu is the least admiring——In fact, if the Chu Deirers say they want to absorb themselves,Murongjiu may just be troubled,But let the outsiders can’t accept this.。
Chapter 1,192 Converge
May 13,Eastern unbeaten and invited month、Pity star has also arrived。
Sure enough, what is the unbeaten?,Otherwise she is close to,From the black wood cliff to the Man Beijing,Why shouldn’t you be with an invitation?、Pity star。
“So what have you do in these days??”Inviting the moon to see the sheepskin puzzle that has no contour,Can’t help but frown。
“This thing is even more beautiful than imagination.。”Chu Deirers are very serious and distressed。
These days, the Chu Deirers are not dry.,It’s hard to fight!
Nurhachi didn’t think,Is the possibility that the poster can’t fight??
“Humph。”Murong 9 snorted。