“Don’t worry about this,My teeth are good,Hard bones,I can also chew。But I will say hello to you in advance,I am now cleaning up the village road in Donglin Village,There is a man named Xu Sanniu,I heard that his uncle is Deputy Mayor Han”Xia Jian stopped here when he said that。

Qin Xiaomin is on the phone:“Oh”Asked:“how?Did this person become an official through someone in the city?,Want to hinder your work?”
“Almost what it means。I brought people from the police station today,If he dares to fool,I’ll let him be detained。Donglin Township is not making heavy moves now,Really can’t rectify”Xia Jian said,Sighed。
Qin Xiaomin said with a smile:“You have to be careful。Most of the villagers are good,Only a few black sheep。Mayor Chen also said,For Donglin Township,Special affairs,It is necessary to take some drastic measures。Don’t care whose relatives he is,Don’t listen, just grab,I’ll take care of the problem”
“it is good!Mayor Qin,With you,I can do it boldly。But can you remind Deputy Mayor Han,This can be regarded as giving him a lot of face”Xia Jian hung up the phone here。
Secretary Wang, who was standing by, also listened,His frowning brow stretched slowly。He glanced at Xu Sanniu,Deliberately said to Zhao Dahai:“Chief Zhao!start to act。listen,J,If we dare to hinder our work today,Do whatever you want”
“it is good!Everyone act according to my arrangement just now”Zhao Dahai waved,Took a shovel and took the lead and walked out。
Who are squatting in the corner and smoking?,Xu Sanniu stood up so suddenly,Throw the cigarette butt in your hand to the ground,I stepped on my foot and said:“You guys don’t be afraid,See me Xu Sanniu”
This guy finished,Just walk out quickly,Several other people followed him。Can see,They are in a group,I have negotiated and wanted to work against the village committee。
Just for a while。When Xia Jian and Secretary Wang walked around to the door of those people who had not cleared the village road just now。Originally more than ten households,There are only four households left now,And it’s a neighbor。
Zhao Dahai trot to Xia Jian’s body,Whisper:“Chief Xia!These four families,Xu Sanniu and the others。Not just cleaning up the village road,Any decision of the village committee,He would stand up and make a fuss”
“Don’t worry,I just want someone to stand up and make noise。Which Chen Meihua’s house was cleaned up??”Xia Jian asked as soon as the topic changed。
Zhao Dahai smiled and said:“Chen Meihua is strange this time,She is very cooperative。Her house is cleaned the fastest,So the neighbors follow suit。If she objected, It’s hard to carry on this work”
When Xia Jian and Zhao Dahai were talking,Xu Sanniu came over with a shovel,He shouted to Xia Jian:“Chief Xia!I said it before,My family’s problem is not resolved,No one should think about cleaning up the village”
“I also said,These are two different things。Clean up the village road first,Ask me to respond to your questions。If you insist on obstructing the work of the whole village,I don’t know the consequences”Xia Jian’s attitude is very tough,I don’t mean any relief。
Secretary Wang is old after all,He saw something wrong with the situation here,Immediately shouted to Zhao Chunling:“Director Zhao!Send someone to clean up from the two east side first,If anyone dares to stop,Catch whatever”
Zhao Chunling immediately understood what Secretary Wang meant,Wave her hand,The two policemen and the deputy village chief led a few villagers around Xu Sanqiang,I used to clean up the two houses in the east。
Which two families see this posture,I recognized it in an instant。They shouted to clean up by themselves,And guarantee the fastest speed。Four households in total,Two households give up,The other one does not wait for everyone to act。Who has run out with the whole family,The action is cleaned up frantically。