This is not just referring to the yin and yang of the three realms,But a division of everything in the world。

Yin and Yang are two instruments,Light and dark,Minghui too,Turbid!
Divide everything,Is the two instruments。
Comprehend with your own yin and yang,with《Light and Dark Mandala Collection》Fusion of light and dark array,Li Ming finally found his own way of life and death。
and,Still quite powerful,Daojun is divided into four classes,From the strongest way of integration,The ordinary way,But Li Ming’s Liangyi formation can be ranked third,Second only to the strongest way。
In the chaotic space of Li Ming’s deity,Above a road tree,representative‘Minghui’‘Light and dark’The branches and branches related to the two instruments have all disappeared,But it merges into a particularly strong branch,The top pieces of leaves on this stem change from yin to yang。
“My two ways!”Tap between Li Ming,The chaotic airflow is divided into four groups。
“Can also be divided into Minghui formation、Turbid formation、Virtual reality、Light and Dark Array,Any thorough completion can step into the Taoist level,The combined two yi formations can be considered small,But it’s not complete enough。”
“If complete,These two yi formations should be able to reach the strongest level!”
“It seems,Still have to go to the chaotic world,Learn more about yin and yang,Make your own foundation more solid,Some insights into the Tao of the unity of opposites between the two instruments!”
Comprehend the Tao of this life and death Taoist level,Make Li Ming’s strength extremely strong。
The clone of the second soul drifting outside,Re-cultivation and recovery of clones during the break。
Every additional clone is integrated into,Li Ming’s clone is not only more powerful,Stronger mind,The more complete the true spirit makes the blue and white mist stronger。
Clone now,Mana、Sixteen quilts with mental strength reaching the normal world,And the power of the blue and white mist is close to Daojun,Plus many territories,I have the opportunity to buy some god sand,Also make this《Wanjie mixed cave sand》Mystery practice has been getting higher and higher。